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  • @Sherwood as i'm kinda unable to post in thread, I volunteer to carry the techie npc, my boy is kinda on the line of one anyways.
    Did so awhile back, haven't got an answer yet. But that said, can't post in threads but I can still bother people this way.
    Sorry for lack of answer. Looking into the problem now.
    It's all good, getting to the suggestions now.
    Seems I can see the post reply buttons now on the moble site, but still can't access that text box... So much to say, but left unsaid.
    It seems I can't access text boxes on my mobile phone? Shows the typical place holder text but the box doesn't show. Luckily, I can post here. If a wandering mod looks this way, consider this a ticket please >.<
    Internet is down all day, lovely as I need it for stuff. Phone is helpful, but pure trash for posting.
    11 am exam, came at 10, prof 46 minutes late. Good for studying, bad for wanting to get out.
    What we do in the shadows, a fun mockumentary that I'd recommend to anybody who has a sense of humor and likes vampires and stuff.
    You should totally mention it in Bound. ;)
    So, watching supernatural, got to season two episode 2, just gotta say. Ain't no kid opening a back door for a clown in the night. hell no.
    Good show. But personally, I thought it got stale by season 8. Can't get myself to watch past it.
    This story may, or may not be real, but either way it's still silly to me when I do remember it.

    I remember a long time ago, while I was riding the bus to college I was talked to by a young woman who apparently knew my name. 

    "Oh hey Kyle." she said, making my half awake self make a grunt that sounded somewhat like a greeting. It then occured to me to ask, as she was turned around to watch me in the seat infront of me. 

    "I'm sorry, where do I know you from? I'm at a loss." 

    And I swear to you not she says. 

    "We were In middle school, I bullied you remember?" 


    I didn't really give it to much thought, as I wasn't capable of it at the time, so I grunted and nodded, going back to whatever business my brain was off doing. 

    It's one of those things I questioned if it actually happened or not, I hope it didn't, because if so somebody out there has to deal with that embarrassment. Awfully specific to say you bullied a person, so perhaps it wasn't real... Or would she try and apologize? Whatever. 

    This has been another round of midnight ramblings with Orikanyo. 
    Your story reminds me of something that happened to me while sitting on the bus. 

    So, I have this cousin, who's a good ten years older than me, who decided to date this chick about my age. So, this fiance adds me and my siblings on facebook, and i pretend to like her because i want to be polite, mostly because she was friends with one of my friends. I wasn't even talking to the side of my family that she was gonna be on, nor were they on my facebook, so I'm kind of unsure how she found me. 

    Well, my mom found her profile, saw what she was posting (idk what it was, i think i had her blocked from my feed), and forbade my siblings from talking to her, and just kind of adviced that I didn't because i was 16 and would be friends with whoever i wanted anyway. I unfriended her, because I thought she was really annoying to begin with. 

    Two years pass, and ive forgotten about her. Ive forgotten about that entire side of my family, really. Im getting on the bus, walk past her, sit down, and am doing something when she realizes ive gotten on the bus and decides to be so loud i can hear her through my blaring music. Eventually, i realize that she's been saying my birth name for like, a whole minute. 

    I'm at least 99% sure she's no longer engaged to my cousin because shes on the bus instead of in his car, and really wondering how she recognized me. Still, I pop a headphone out, and say something along the lines of, "Oh, hey, you're.... My name is Locke, now."

    After this, for some reason, we're talking about my prom. I think that something came before this, but my memory might not be 100% correct. Whatever, the show must go on. We're talking about this, and the old person whom I assumed to be related to her asks what we're talking about. 

    "Oh, she wore a dress to prom"

    "Actually, I use male pronouns."

    The old person smiled pleasantly. On the other hand, she looked at me and just snapped "What?!"

    Great, another homophobe. 

    "Male pronouns. I transitioned to male."


    Alright, maybe she just didnt hear me, or was confused. Maybe i was jumping to conclusions. Her voice was actually decent. 

    I explained in words I cant remember at all. 

    But the response I got was "oh, well, do you remember Miss Lisa?"

    Now, ive never known a miss lisa in my life, but my cousins name is literally 'tennessee', and im hearing impaired, so i thought i was just hearing her incorrectly. 

    "... Who?"

    "Miss Lisa! You remember her, right?"

    Definitely not talking about my male cousin. 

    "I don't know a Miss Lisa?"

    Now, she looks angry, turns around, and refuses to acknowledge me anymore because i dont know miss lisa. Now, i was fine with her ignoring me, glad she stopped talking, really. But, to this day (meaning three months later tbh) i still wonder who this miss lisa was. All of my cousins are male, my uncles are male, and one of my uncles divorced a woman named angie, not lisa. I kind of wish she would have explained. 

    A bigger part of me is glad she stopped talking. 
    Ever have that one spot in the house the dog wants to get into without any real explanation why? 

    There's no treats there, no toys, just old clothes. 

    Why dog?
    Buddy, no one saw you off or said good bye in that Fire Emblem role play.  I saw you left so you can't post so I wanted to say good bye.

    I think its only polite that someone see you off.
    Do not think to much on me leaving, I have my reasons for such.

    Reasons that would not be kind to share. As such, I take my business elsewhere. 
    You need not explain yourself to me.  But regardless of reasons I think that when someone takes their leave its good to say good bye 
    As you will, have a good one. 
    I shall now use only avatars from games I've played that I fear nobody else has. Rune factory, such a shame in losing such a great series. 

    But now I have a smug avatar to tote around for awhile. 
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