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Multiple Settings Need a RP pal :D (Closed)

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New Member
Heyo all!
Im on a journey to find a RP partner, whether it be mid-term or long-term!! I have over 5 years of experience and am open to mostly everything and will change my post length to suit you!! (I avoid one-liners however) I mostly play female characters so am looking for someone who enjoys playing male characters!! Genres/topics that I adore include fantasy, fiction, medieval, romance, supernatural, monsters, apocalyptic, zombie apocalypse and many, many more! Im open to any ideas, so throw them at me and ill be sure to reply to those who tickle my fancy :3

Quick plot ideas/topics:
- Enemies to lovers
- Noble x guard
- Noble/royal x assassin
- A gang of thieves with a deadly mission
- A recently turned vampire learning the ways (probs rebelling)
- Two friends stumbling upon powers one way or another
- A hit-man/private investigator with a mission to kill grows to close to his target
- The government scrambles to find riders for their newly made weapons, dragons
- A fallen angel punished by being assigned to personal bodyguard for a human

I've got so many more but me mind is blank rn ahh!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!! I hope to RP soon!


One Time Luck
My name is Torin uWu and I think I'd be a good to partner for you. I've been roleplaying for about 4 years and I think we have some taste in rp in common. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to try your first or last plot? Please let me now as soon as possible what you'd think so I can begin preparing a character.: )


The Crystal Ghost
Hey! I definitely think we could be compatible, so I just thought I'd throw an idea out. For reference I am female, but have a few male oc's I'm hoping to put to use. A zombie apocalypse roleplay could be fun with our characters first starting out as enemies to friends/lovers with a slowburn. We could incorporate some different things as well, depending on if you're interested!


Ya boi
Hey I’d be down for the weapons one, noble x assassin, or angle. If this is still open or you’re interested then please pm me, have a nice day.

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