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Amaya Kuromaru

20191226_120240.jpgIt's early in the morning, the sun is rising beyond the horizon, birds begin to chirp and the sounds of morning start to envelope the village as people start to get on with their days. The graduation exams concluded the day prior, but the true graduation test, the hidden exam would begin today. The students had been informed the day prior to what room they needed to wait in for their new sensei to arrive. Now all she had left to do on the matter was to inform the last 3 Jonin who their squads were and where to meet them.

Hotarubi Hyuga, Zaki Nakamura, and Makoto Koma, she had something special in mind for him. These were the last 3 Jonin sensei, all new to the role but she had faith they would all perform wonderfully...eventually for some or one if she were being totally honest about.

She sat in her office, with Juzo her bodyguard and her advisor Kanzo as she completed the bulk of the paperwork she had, typically she liked to have these things done in the morning and didn't like being backed up on forms from months ago and did her utmost best to make sure the work was caught up and current.

"Hotarubi Hyuga, the Hyuga heiress, remarkably open-minded for that lot, hopefully, she'll be able to break through to her students. Takahiro Sarutobi, Kanon Ametsuchi, and Deki Hyuga will be placed with her." She said placing their files in a stack meant for Hotarubi when she picked up 3 more files and looked them over "Zaki Nakamura, a laid back fellow albeit a bit blunt. Aragi Onikage, Brock Kirishima and Ichigo Goru shall be placed in his care. I hope he has the patience to teach children, if not he'll have to learn." She said placing the files in a stack intended for Zaki when he arrived but Juzo and Kanzo were more than welcome to look them over in the meantime. Lastly, she sighed a little looking at the last 3 files "Makoto...Koma, skilled enough...lazy as shit, but he's strong. Likely only signed up to get paid and thinks this is like babysitting...if the babies could watch themselves. Oh, but that's fine I will most certainly get my money's worth out of him. Yumei Uchiha, Hikaru Kaneshiro, and Eiichi Sekiguchi will be under his care." She said putting their files in a stack for him, although it seemed an odd choice to give someone she clearly knew was lazy 3 Genin with Kekkei Genkai, but she had her reasons for doing so. She leaned back in her chair and waited for them to arrive.

"So...any thoughts before they arrive?" She asked, waiting on the two in the room with her.

Brea the Brave
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Kanzo takes up one of the folders with his free arm and skims through it "Yes, Lady Amaya. I have but one question: Is it a wise course of action to use good war potential such as these genin, as a teaching method for their mentors?" Kanzo was always weary on Amaya's choices but only because she was still young in comparisson to the last Hokage he served under. Though that's not to say he doesn't think she's capable of leading a village, granted it is different than how he's known it to be, but she is apt for the position. But a village leader must always think critically before he acts and he knows these jonin well. Their characteristics and their capabilites. And judging by the team of genin each of these particular jonin were given, it seems as though there was room for failure and Konoha cannot have that. Not when their enemies await the day Konohagakure slips up. All he wants is for Konoha to succeed and prosper and for that to happen, it's Hogake and it's shinobi must too, succeed and prosper. As the Hokage's advisor, he's responsible for being sure the Hokage is always of a sound mind when making decisions on the behalf of the village and to give viable options to do so. But it's not only that, but to fix the mistakes made by the Hokage and its shinobi. He only hopes this is not a mistake. But since him serving under Amaya for the past 7 years, she has rarely given him a reason to doubt her judgement, regardless of his own suspicions. He supposes skeptiscm has always been his second nature."Or perhaps this old mind of mine is worrying too much." Kanzo smiles before placing the folder back down on the Hokage's desk. "What say you, Juzo Mazishima?"
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A sound mind lived in a sound body and a sound body could cut anything with a good sword. These were the words that Juzo Mazishima had lived by for all his years as a shinobi, ever since the first day he picked up his first practice sword. These words were scrawled in black ink right above his bed so that he would see them every morning and that he would never forget, something he had no intention of doing. Guarding the Kage of Konohagakure was always a daunting task but as long as he had his sword by his side, he was never worried. Speaking off which, were was his Razor Leaf? The large man crawled his way out of bed and yawned for a moment before making his way over to his weapons room. It was truly a glorious sight to behold, how his collection had bolstered from its humble beginnings. He remembered when all he had were simply kunai but now he could boast having a legendary saber at his side and the skills to keep it that way. In any event, he would get nothing done but just standing here so he got to polishing...every single weapon in his collection. It was a ritual that he did before the start of every day that he believed made the bond between his collection and himself ever so stronger so that he could continue to cut down anything.


After getting himself situated for the day, Juzo found himself in Lady Amaya's office earlier than usual where he would remain by her side until she ushered him otherwise. This woman had acknowledged his skills as a shinobi and changed his life for the better and he would rather see every piece of metal he owned be stolen from him before she came to harm. Not that she couldn't handle herself or anything but it was the thought that counted after all. This year's graduates had a very high potential with the varying skills and Kekkei Genkai they boasted but it would take more than their past achievements to push them forward into the world of real shinobi. With his hand resting lovingly on his blade, he listened to the last squad pairings before raising an eyebrow. A squad made of three powerful Kekkai Genkai as this were being placed in the hands of some lazy shinobi? How could something like this be? While he usually didn't agree with the old man, he found that they were on the same page as of right now. "There are hundreds of thousands of ninja who wished they could have the opportunity to sleep on their talents as Makoto Koma has. What if his attitude were allowed to purge the genin's minds of what they have been taught and they become weak? This would only make them susceptible to their specialty being stolen from them and placed in the hands of Konoha's enemies." Juzo narrowed his eyes for a moment as he looked over lady Amaya once more with a sigh. "You must have a plan for this squad then, if this is what you wish." The swordsman searched her for any type of answer to this plight of his and found none.
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Makoto was tired. Tired was actually a standard. The Jonin was more exhausted than anything else. A dark discoloration found its home underneath his crimson red eyes. The smell of sand and dust wafted off his body. Grains fell from his curly, silver locks. A yawn escaped from his lips. He barely made it on time for his briefing with the Hokage. Last night's escapades took him far from home. Although waking up in Sumo brought Koma some excitement, he still had a job to do. A job hopefully easy and bountiful was lying right at this moment on the Hokage's desk. He licked his lips, tasting the money. Briefly glancing into a nearby pond, the algae laden water reflected something even more disheveled as itself. "I look like a mess," the young man frowned. His robe was wrinkled, undershirt stained, and boots scuffed. He smelled his breath and recoiled. "Maybe she likes the smell of soju," he reasoned, waving off his worries.

His thoughts were now filled with genin babies. Makoto expected them to be competent enough to handle, teach, and provide for themselves. He was like that when he was a genin, so they should be like him. That Hyuga heiress was a pain though. "Hopefully, I don't get any Hyugas," he murmured. Kekkai Genkai, in general, sounded like a bother. He had none that he knew of, so how was he to relate. Exactly, he couldn't. A wave of nausea racked his body as he relieved his pain in a nearby potted plant right next to the Hokage's door. Knocking swiftly three times, Makoto warned of his coming and opened the door. "Ah, Chief, Old man, and sword fetish, how are you this fine morning, afternoon?" he greeted, strolling in and standing at attention. "I was told that my application to receive a genin squad was approved. Who shall be receiving the pleasure of being taught by me?"
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Hotarubi had gotten up early, did some morning exercises and...got ready again. She met with the elders before she went off. "Are you sure this is what you want? Becoming a Genin was worrying enough but a Jonin sensei? I have no doubt you can do it but is it truly worth your time?" Her father asked.

"I believe so, it would be a great contribution to the village as a whole to help guide our future, " Hotarubi answered calmly and politely with a smile on her face.

With that her grandfather cleared this throat of non-existent phlegm in the back of his throat clearly wanting to talk about something that her father seemed slightly uncomfortable with and she immediately knew where this was going "Speaking of the future, were wondering when you were planning on meeting-"

"The Hokage? Yes, it would not be wise to keep her waiting it would not serve the Hyuga name well if I were to be tardy now would it. So I suppose I'll be off then, wish me luck, father, grandfather." She said bowing respectfully in farewell to each of them before she got to and put on her shoes before proceeding on her way, truthfully she knew that wasn't what her grandfather was getting at, she knew he was about to bring up marriage, meeting with the man he no doubt had intended for her and making an heir of her own. Honestly, she hadn't even taken up the mantle of the head for the clean yet, didn't he think it was a bit early for that? Besides she wasn't really into the whole arranged marriage situation. Sure it worked for her parents and grandparents, and maybe when she was a child she saw no particular issue with it but now that she had grown, she no longer wanted that, she no longer wanted a lot of things.

She sighed thinking to herself, she knew Makoto was going to become a sensei. Why did she bother talking to him anymore? The first thing he asked when she mentioned applying was how much it paid. Not congratulations, not oh that sounds nice just how much does it pay? That no-good lazy bum, she ought to have kicked his butt...oh wait she did...like literally, she kicked him in the butt for that and he called her a pain in the ass. She wasn't sure if he was making a pun or being extremely literal. He'd changed since becoming a Jonin.

She took arrived at the Hokage's office and...smelled something foul as she neared the door, it smells like vomit and shame. She opened the door and to her surprise, Makoto was actually early, she looked out the window to see if she could spot the Blue Moon but alas it was morning and there was no moon. "Lady Hokage, Kanzo, Juzo, " She greeted politely and then narrowed her eyes at Makoto and turned back to the Hokage "...Makoto, " She grumbled.

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"That's fair, if I wanted a yes man, I wouldn't have picked you for my advisor in a million years, you're supposed to question me Kanzo, " Amaya smiled softly and listened to her Advisor and her bodyguard, she understood their concerns very well, but she knew what she was doing. Still, she felt she we'd them some sort of answer. So she put it in the best terms that she could. "How will we get the best out of our genin if we aren't getting the best out of our jonin? Do you remember what the 3rd used to say before he retired? You never stop learning until the day you die, we'll these jonin still have some learning to do. I believe that by realizing their potential, they can help bring out the best in these genin and the genin, in turn, will bring out the best in them. In the end, the village gets what it deserves all around which is the best." She explained. "Idealistic I know, but you know my ideals don't come without some form of viable logic to them...there is a method to my madness." She says.

Sometime later Makoto was almost surprisingly the first to arrive although she was more than sure it was a coincidence. He greeted them with a smile and an eager attitude that betrayed his appearance, disheveled, reeking of alcohol and she was almost certain he'd thrown up in her office plant...again. That is when Hotarubi arrived, polite as usual although she seemed done with Makoto's shit for today from jump and the day hadn't even started yet.

"Good morning Makoto, Hotarubi. I'm glad you're here I'm done compiling the files for your future wards. Today you will be performing the hidden exam...I believe you are both familiar with the bell test and its meaning. So without any further delay, Makoto, since you seem so eager and arrived so bright and early. I can tell you're serious about taking this task on to the best of your ability so I have carefully selected these genin to have the privilege to learn under you." She smiles and hands him the files for his new team, seemingly genuine when she spoke to him, and to an extent she was, but at the same time, couldn't have been more sarcastic if she tried. "Meet your new squad Yumei Uchiha, Hikaru Kaneshiro, and Eiichi Sekiguchi, I could trust no one better with such talented prospects than you." She said.

She would then turn to Hotarubi and hand her her files "For you, I have selected these three genin. I know you will do your very best for them and guide them as best you can, your squad is Takahiro Sarutobi, Kanon Ametsuchi, and Deki Hyuga. I know I can trust you to lead them well." She said, sincerely meaning every word.

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Zaki had been up walking about the village almost all morning. He enjoyed nice, mostly quite walks in the mornings when not many of the villagers are up and about. Also lets him get his early joint in. He usually walks until the blunt is basically gone as he doesn't like going to any establishment with people around. Zaki personally finds it rather rude and a fire hazard, reason why he hasn't gotten to the Hokage's office sooner. Now he was going to be late, and he never likes being late but 'oh well'. Atleast he got his breakfast smoke. A few more minutes pass and he finally finishes his cigarette just as he was walking up the stairs to the Hokage's Mansion. Zaki enters the Hokage's office along with his fellow jonin aswell as the guard, the consultant, and the Hokage herself. "My apologies for being late, Lady Amaya. I was--"

"Save your excuses, Zaki Nakamura. You ought to know better than to be late when the Hokage summons you." Kanzo interrupts "Besides, I can smell it on you anyway..."

Zaki's heart sinks abit. He forgot that cigarette smells linger. Well this was certainlyembarassing. He bows to them "Yes Grandmaster. My apologies again. It won't happen again." Zaki staightens up "What is it you've summoned us for, Lady Amaya?" Zaki looks down at the folders on her desk
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Have you ever wanted to do something so badly but you know that if you did, that it would spiral out of control for you and your family? This is the condition that Juzo found himself in when Makoto adressed him as sword fetish. It wouldn't be an easy battle against a fellow jonin but all he would need is one good slice to get the job done. Nevertheless, he found himself letting out a chuckle. He was right after all. Everyone had their coping mechanisms to get through life. Some people drank sake to ease the pain, others smoked themselves silly and his just happened to be a fondness for cold steel. It was just the way things were and there wasn't really anything the world could do about it. He didn't run him through with his sword but instead, offered a simple nod when he was addressed. Karma would return to him when he realized just how much of a handful these genin were. For the time being, he just hoped that he would take his assignment and leave because the stench of alcohol was starting to betray his nose.

As the other two jonin arrived, Juzo looked over them with a careful eye. He was their senior if only by two years in some case and in a different life, he might have been in a squad with them or something of that nature. Mediocre shinobi were as plentiful as the sand in Sunagakure but to rise to the level of jonin, there had to be something about you that caused you to press on whether it be natural talent, powerful Kekkei Genkai or some reason to prove yourself. Maybe he had been too hard on them? He dismissed the thought out of his mind as quickly as it came and decided that he would just wait to see what would happen. This would probably be a learning opportunity for everyone involved and would evaluate the jonin to a level never seen before as they taught the next generation. "I thank you all for coming here and I trust that you will be able to take our village to new heights through the training you will be giving the next generation. The expectations are high as usual but I firmly believe that you will get the job done." A rare smile crept its way onto his face as he fought off the smell of alcohol and smoke.

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Despite the confident greeting, Makoto was inwardly surprised. He was actually early, or the other Jonin were late. 'Doubtful,' he thought, examining his fingernails for dirt. His pet peeve was dirty hands. The young man didn’t particularly care for the cleanliness of his body, but he wanted to keep his hands clean. Shaking his mind from his thoughts, he reasoned that he had to be early. The Hyuga heiress was too stoical of a character to be late, and he couldn’t recall any other Jonin which had a habit of being late like he did. No, he had to be early which left him alone against the Hokage and her lackeys. The young man parted his lips to speak when he heard the creaking of the door.

Glancing back, he noted the entrance of a familiar face. She greeted the Hokage, Kanzo, Juzo, and lastly Makoto. The irritation clear enough for him to hear. “How’s the foot?” he asked, whispering in a hushed tone. “I’ve been rather sore since the assault.” A grin grew on his face but was quickly squashed as the Hokage spoke up. Her words were slathered in sarcasm yet held a sense of truth which confused the jonin. Sarcasm was understandable; he made his intentions clear from the start with his reputation, but the genuinity was uncalled for. However, no matter what her intent was, he grasped the files with both hands. “You’re too kind,” he complimented, a tight smile on his face.

Flipping through the information, the scent of smoke signalled the entrance of another sensei. He crinkled his nose at both the smell and the files. All his genin had kekkai genkai. “Tch,” he clicked, placing the folder into his flack jacket, “what a pain.” He had half a mind to drop the whole thing, but that would’ve certainly resulted in some type of punishment. Perhaps, genin with kekkai genkai were stronger and needed less training. “Thanks for the confidence boost,” Makoto murmured, swatting away the formalities. “Is this all we need Chief? Or can I go meet the brats?

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Hotarubi looked to Makoto clearly done with his shit this morning and answers him in a hushed tone as not to be rude to the Hokage. "My foot is fine, but I see yours is still in your mouth," she said. Hotarubi looked over the files and there was nothing wrong, not really but she couldn't help but pause at the name Deki Hyuga. She wasn't sure how to feel about it. She didn't dislike the girl, she didn't particularly care that she was from the side branch but if she were, to be honest, she was both eager and absolutely terrified to teach this child. She wasn't merely from the side branch she was her family was a special case to put it politely, they had a passive yet...tense relationship with the main household, especially when it came to Deki's mother.

"Oh, father is just going to love this, " She sighed under her breath but she dare not protest. First, she didn't want to upset the Hokage, she also wasn't going to allow Makoto to say a word about him actually doing more work than her. Lastly, she couldn't pass this up, this was a chance to make things right, the start of it anyway. "Thank you, Lady Hokage I'll do my best" She replied, sensing she had complete faith in her which was...also terrifying.

That is when she smelled the familiar scent of smoke and Zaki came in not long after, she supposed smoke was a far better smell than the vomit she had to pretend not to smell right now. Kanzo seemed to be having none of his tardiness and chewed him out immediately. He was old but she dare not take him lightly "Uh...good morning Zaki, " She said awkwardly, not wanting to talk too much when there was clearly more to be said.

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Amaya looks to Zaki as he arrives and asks what she needed to see them for and picks up the files before explaining "Yes, you three are going to be Jonin sensei, and I've called you here to give your team assignments and directions to take afterward. You will be teaching Aragi Onikage, Brock Kirishima and Ichigo Goru. You are to meet them at the academy and administer the hidden exam. I believe you are familiar with the bell test." She said then turned to Makoto to answer his question "Why yes Makoto, you can go and meet your squad at the academy they are in class 111. Hotarubi you will find yours in 212 and Zaki your class is in 183." She said "Oh and Makoto...you will be compensating me for that plant you assaulted in the hall, I will make the payment in the equivalency of quarters, " She said, seemingly entirely serious which would make it all the more hilarious for her advisor and bodyguard as she no doubt only wanted the quarters for the sole purpose of playing the claw machine. Even if Makoto was guilty of constantly assaulting her office plants. "Now, are there any questions you have before you go? If not then I suggest you be on your way, you wouldn't want to keep them waiting too long now, I know they must be excited to meet you." She said smiling.

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Zaki's mind was running n circles. He just heard he was going to be teaching...Genin? Him? He coldn't hold the urge to chuck one brat walking down the street off a roof and he was given three of them to train and be responsible for? Zaki takes up his designated folder and looks through the info on his team. Zaki guessed he was a logical choise as for the most part, he's a competent shinobi and has a decent record. But kids? Zaki was swearing up storm, having a mental breakdown over his whole flow being messed with. But maybe he was thinking about this all the wrong way. He just needed to go about this like he would any other mission: With poise and rationality...And maybe a blade to the throat for good measure. He sets the folder on the desk

"Remember that this is the upmost important task you all have been given. More important than any mission you've had in your entire career as jonin. You three will be training the best potential of this decade and we expect them to be beyond exceptional for if the day comes where Konoha is threatened, they will be the best we have to offer to counter whatever that threat may be. To fail your respective teams is to fail your village. And failure doesn't exist for us. Understood?" Kanzo asks the jonin firmly, staring them all down at once.
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Squad 1:

Jonin: Salvagers Salvation
Genin 1: Brea The Brave
Genin 2: iseelight
Genin 3: The Regal Rper

Squad 2:

Jonin: Kameron Esters-
Genin 1: Gypsy Fae
Genin 2: Spiderverse
Genin 3: The Good Doctor (4 Tails Jinchuuriki- Son Goku)

Squad 3:

Jonin: Coco Adel
Genin 1: Anthropoltergeist
Genin 2: Beski
Genin 3: Brii Angelic

Salvagers Salvation

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"Well, at least my foot isn't up my-" the jounin paused. He didn't want to be so crass in front of others. The fact that he threw up just outside the office evaded him. "We should grab drinks later," he murmured, turning his attention back to the Hokage. "Room 212? Got it, thanks," Makoto said, making his way towards the door. Already he was planning some way to ease his burden of administering the hidden exam. However, he froze in his tracks the moment he heard compensation. If Makoto ignored her comment, Amaya would certainly assume insubordination. No, he had to make sure that there was a high chance that he didn't hear her. Taking a deep breath, "What did you say chief? I couldn't quite hear y-" he grasped at his chest. "Ah, my chest it hurts!" he moaned, feigning pain. Just as soon as he took a knee, two earth clones burst into the room and took him by the arms. "I'm going to make sure what I have isn't infectious to the kids!" he shouted as he was dragged out. "Ask my good friend Hotarubi if you need anything!"

Within seconds he was out of earshot. One of the clones turned into rocks as Makoto stood on his two feet. "That was ingenious, quite the master plan I say myself." Directing the clone to room 111, he made his way towards the training grounds to prepare his next plan. The clone, a near-perfect copy of Makoto, made his way towards room 111 with unparalleled swiftness (for convenience we'll call him Mak). Mak leaped from rooftop to rooftop, gaining proximity to the academy by the second. It wasn't long until he reached the building. The clone could feel his chakra reserves slowly draining, so he had to act fast before his existence poofed before his very eyes. Finding room 111, he slammed the door open and peeked inside. "Are my brats here?"

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Amaya sighed knowing full well he heard her. I mean seriously? A heart attack he couldn't have tried something more original? However, she supposed it wasn't important as long as he did his job.


Meanwhile, Hikaru got ready for...well she wasn't in school anymore, but still. She tied her sash around her waist and her new headband around her neck, brushing most of her long white hair behind her shoulders before she went on her way. She'd passed the graduation exam as if there was any doubt? Clone Jutsu was easy, but unfortunately, she was now on a team with Miss Perfect Uchiha. I mean seriously? She aced her ninja training 100% of the time and they worshipped the ground she walked on just because she had a fan on her back? What pissed her off more is that she knew it, she never really talked to anyone like she was too good to converse with the common folk.

She wasn't sure what to make of Eiichi, he seemed alright. She sighed "Having Takahiro would have been way more fun," She said and made her way to class 111. She opens the door and twirls into the classroom like a performer on stage, her arms outstretched as she presented herself to the world or in this case her squadmates. "The fun has arrived🎶 thank you very much!" She sang and took a bow before hopping over the desk and taking her seat.

Sometime after a man came in asking if his brats were inside...he wasn't their sensei, was he? She tilted her head, observing him with a very skeptical look as she crossed her arms "How should we know? Maybe they're with your manners." She said. "You got a name? We're kind of waiting on someone, " She said.


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yumei card 1.pngIt was a deceptively still morning. The shrine was filled with the scent of incense and the delicate notes of the windchime on the porch. If she concentrated, Yumei could hear those deep tones. They often lulled her into a pleasant dreamlike, meditative state, the vibrations tickling at the back of her head. But today was not a day for dozing off.

After finishing her duties at the shrine, Yumei returned to her family’s house in the clan’s compound. All was undisturbed here, too; her parents had since left for work, and her grandmother and brother remained asleep. A prickle of disappointment surprised her; no one would see her off to her first real day as a shinobi. What a silly thing to be disappointed about. Her father had left breakfast for her, and she made quick work of two onigiri before hurrying to her own room to change.

The clothes were simple, but effective; a rather plain gray two-piece, save for the Uchiha crest proudly emblazoned on the back of the shirt. Long black bracers for her arms. The first hint of butterflies in her stomach fluttered as she buckled her tool pouch securely around her left leg. And then, of course, the forehead protector. Still folded neatly, the plate shiny-new and polished; she’d been too nervous to touch the metal with her fingers yet, much less tie it around her head since she’d received it at graduation. A flush colored her cheeks as she remembered the short but sincere words of praise from her parents at the ceremony. Reverently, she bent to tie it on.

When she straightened, she was almost surprised to find her own reflection in the mirror mostly unchanged. She didn’t look more like a shinobi than she did before. The forehead protector was unexpectedly natural on her. A good thing, she reminded herself. Her focus shifted away from her own reflection to see her brother, Hajime, standing behind her in the doorway, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Neesan Yumei saw him speak before he sluggishly remembered to sign supplementarily. Why didnt you wake me up? Me and Baachan can still walk there with you today, right?

She couldn’t suppress a tiny fond smile. No one in the world was as cute and thoughtful as her little brother. But she shook her head and stood up.

Im going by myself this time. I need you to stay and watch Grandmother. Keep a good eye on her. She charged him very seriously. Though she was partly serious; their grandmother was a handful. Hajime nodded, his lip poking out a bit in ill-concealed disappointment. Yumei tapped the center of his forehead with two fingers and moved swiftly past him before he could swat her away.

Im off. She announced, pulling her sandals on, and trying to ignore the nerves alighting now in her chest and stomach. She gave Hajime a tiny wave, which he returned, before hurrying outside.

It felt strange walking to school without her school bag, and on a day school was out. In the past, classes would be postponed after that year’s graduation ceremony, so that the new genin could use the classrooms to meet with their jonin squad leaders. They’d seemed impossibly grown up and capable to Yumei. She’d trained hard for the high rank she graduated with; but would her team shape up?

She didn’t know either of her assigned teammates very well. But Eiichi Sekiguchi had always seemed like a slacker, and Hikaru Kaneshiro was a bit of a class clown. Both of them had always been too flashy for Yumei to feel comfortable approaching. Their grades, however, had been nothing to sneeze at, she supposed.

As she slid open the door of classroom 111, Yumei saw that she had arrived second. Hikaru was already here, with a look on her face and a spring in her step that made Yumei wonder if she was humming or singing. Tiresome. Weren't they supposed to be adults now? Ignoring Hikaru for the most part, Yumei took a seat at one of the desks and sat collected with her hands and eyes in her lap. A sudden muffled thud along with a heavy vibration startled her; she immediately raised her gaze to a man with unruly white hair, and if not for the flack jacket, she would have thought a drunkard had stumbled into the academy building by accident.

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The task was simple. They were supposed to get there together but like a goofball she had to wake up late and with no one home to toss her out of bed she had to rush. The sad thing was if she had woken up an hour behind the time he was supposed to then that meant-- Damn it! "Guys go on ahead!"

"What? Are you crazy Minori?! We should've gotten to our rooms half an hour ago! I'm sure Eiichi's fine!"

Minori merely answered that reply with a scowl, already turning and making a beeline for said fellow idiot's home. "Just go! We'll catch up!"

There was a brief pause behind her, but she didn't look back, already rushing off towards a shortucut. It was soon enough she heard footsteps behind her. A simple glance and she saw it was Yuya, catching up with grim determination. "Let's hurry! It'll be easier there's two of us. Who knows maybe he'll even figure a way to get us there faster" goggled fool joked.

He was lying at this point but she didn't feel the need to acknowledge it. After all if it had been Eiichi he most likely wouldn't leave his friend behind, maybe. She just really hoped he was actually at home and this wasn't a big waste of time. "Kira, do you have his scent?"

With a loud reassuring bark the wolf pup running by Minori's side yipped as the three leaped over a fence, using it as a booster they leapt onto a roof and then made their run down that to jump over another. "Good boy! Keep on his scent as we get closer so we can track him easier!"

Kira barked in reply and immediately the three runners changed positions as the pup now took the lead. "Tch," Yuya's scowl deepend as he got the faint glimpse of his friend's house in the distance, "at least be awake by the time we get there you idiot..."



"SON OF A--" with a crash Eiichi landed backwards, his chair tipping him from his seat with a thud, desk kicked, table contents spilling. Wincing in pain he clutched his head and rolled off his wooden study chair and found himself being glared at by...

"What are you guys doing here?" the idiot sitting crosslegged on the floor asked while rubbing his face and pushing back his hair. "What time is it?" He asked immediately after his first question.

"We're late," was Yuya's flat remark. "You need to get ready, I'll go get you some toast or something while you get cleaned up."

"Ah- hey!" but it was already too late before Eiichi could repeat his last question, Yuya had gone out the door and now it was just Minori and Kira who both stood together almost frowning at him.

Eiichi sighed. Rising up to his feet with a simple hop, he walked past his frowning comrades in arms but not before bending down and giving the dark red coated wolf pup a headpat and little scritch. "Thanks by the way" he said as he walked into the bathroom. "I really appreciate it."

"Just..." she sighed and then began rubbing a temple, " hurry up you dolt."

"Yeah yeah, aunty-" slamming the door quickly the moment he saw Minori pick something up, Eiichi chuckled loudly--


"AHHH, put a sock in it Yuya!" Eiichi's voice echoed from the bathroom.

"Just hurry up! We've got, like eighteen minutes to get there, quit talking and start dressing!" Minori snapped.

That seemed to silence the whole bicker. One moment of silence later and a squeak could be heard as the faucet was turned on. "You can be so mean sometimes you know? I wonder if my teammates are gearing up to yell at me also?"

"Yeah grumble all you want but just be happy I came back for you."

"THAT WE CAME BACK FOR YOU!" Yuya corrected from downstairs; the sound of plates moving and clanking sounding up through the open door from the household kitchen.

Rolling her eyes at the laughter as Eiichi got to work Minori picked up the chair that had tipped over, then the desk, then the sheets of paper that had fallen off it all and finally went to gathering two books that had both fallen over with the rest of the stack. Glancing over the cover of one it showed a hand forming not a seal but a sign. "Advanced Sign Language: A Edition In Combat?" she echoed the title and raised a brow, glancing in the bathroom's direction. "Why's he reading this stuff?" skimming through the pages, Minori found the bookmark to be nearly at the end of the book. Somewhere on the last chapter. "Huh..." her thin brows furrowed and a gloved hand pushed a strand of black hair out of the way.

Feeling something bump her leg she looked down to find Kira holding another book in his mouth. Taking it and patting him on the head she rose back to her feet and looked at the cover. "Ming's Study on The Eight Gates: The Ultimate Taijutsu." Now curious, Minori glanced around to make sure no one except her faithful pup was around and proceeded to look at the four books Eiichi had had on his desk when they found him. One involved ninjutsu concepts, a second was the sign language book, the third was the taijutsu concept to the eight chakra gates, and the fourth wasn't actually a book but a journal entry on studies done relating to elemental kekkai genkai. When she looked at the notes she saw it varied greatly. Scribbles really, small bits and pieces that seemed to be written from memory. Conceps relating to chakra natures they seemed to be. Pondering just what it was the dolt was getting into, Minori decided to peek into his collection. Stepping away from the small study she slid open the side door after a glance back at the bathroom door. The bookshelf was built into the wall and the assortment of material that were stashed in each shelf was crammed in a surprisingly neat order in comparison to the mess that had been Eiichi's desk where they had found him. Scrolls and books and journals were neatly arranged and they covered various topics. Some things relating to the history or legend of one clan or place, others relating to topics regarding various jutsu.

"I thought we were going to be late?" Eiichi's voice whispered right next to her. Yelling in surprise and jumping away Minori covered her mouth and then scowled bitterly as the blush took over.

"You jerk! Why aren't you dressed yet?! Do you want us to get in trouble because of you?"

Without saying a word, Eiichi jabbed his thumb at the open closet that had a hanging set of clothes waiting. "I'm already ready."

"Well then get changed already idiot! We've probably only got ten minutes to get back!"

"I can't--"

"Eiichi!" Minori raised her gloved fist and shook it as she advanced on him. "I swear, you better stop playing around because if I get in trouble and miss my test because of you I'm going to--"

Feeling a flick on her forehead Minori paused, stared in utter surprise, and then felt her face flush red again but this time not out of embarrassment.

"I can't get dressed with you still in here." Eiichi stated in as gentle, calm and innocent a voice she had heard but somehow also sounding humorous, as if this whole scenario was funny.

Just as she was about to yell at him, that sentence finally clicked in her head and Minori just said "...ah..." she glanced at Kira who sat a distance away behind the two watching them with a confused head tilt as a sign of wonder. "...r-right, um, I'll go downstairs then."

Smiling calmly Eiichi nodded and didn't say a word. Somehow that just made this a little more infuriating and embarrassing and she wasn't sure why it made her feel that way. She'd seen the dolt in nothing but jumpsuit pants before. Changing clothes here should've meant nothing but then again, privacy and all.

"Kira, come. Let's go." Without glancing back the two were gone and Eiichi smiled a bit wider once they were officially gone. Shutting his hidden bookshelf and then locking it behind its door, he swiftly moved to his clothes. Wrapping gauze around his forearms to the wrist, shins to the ankle and then wearing his clothes with surprising speed and grabbing his waiting gear he was out and down stairs in less than two minutes.

" Toast!"

"Vnka you Yuya!"

"Finally! You do know a shortcut to the school right? I was supposed to meet my team in class 304 forty minutes ago."

Inhaling his breakfast and chewing it quickly as they all edited the front door Eiichi grinned. "Not to worry my lovely- ow!" pouting he rubbed his shoulder. "Alright fine, no pet names, jeez. Yeah I know the way. Follow me ya chuckleheads-- whoa! Haha missed me that time!"

Grumbling under her breath as she followed Minori gave chase after Yuya and Eiichi who were being tailed by Kira the wolf pup. "I hope you get chewed out when you get there!"

"Knowing my luck I probably will!" Eiichi shouted back without concern or worry. In fact after saying this he started laughing.

Snickering while Minori groaned behind them, Yuya patted his friend on the back as they landed then took off to another building, traversing avenues and routes in a gamble to close the distance to their intended destination.

✿ ✿​

A fist bump, a high five, and one last beaming smile goodbye. Eiichi knew he was late judging by the time. He was certain that Yuya, Minori and Kira would be late to their respective official team meetings as well. If they were lucky perhaps their team and sensei wouldn't hold it against them, and if he had to, he would vouch for them. Right now though...

His jaw tightened. "Well this probably isn't going to make a good first impression at all. Buut..." he nodded as he stared at the floor just above him, where his class would be located. "Might as well make an entrance. Cut things in half."

Taking a different approach instead of going through the hall and going up the stairs, Eiichi decided to do something different. He took a position on a nearby tree adjacent to the school. Leapt up on to one of its sturdier branches and pulled himself up.

There in the cover of foilage and shadows he watched silently as already, both members of the team had arrived. Yumei and Hikaru, well well well he couldn't help but smile. "Things ought to be interesting in this group. Even better, I'm the only guy!" he chuckled, although that last part didn't really matter he knew about four other guys that would give up their year's allowance just to have the spot he had. He didn't much care for their reasons why, even if it was obvious, he just found it funny he'd gotten them as squad members and they hadn't.

"Well- oh, looks like sensei's arrived. Guess it's showtime!"

✿ ✿​

It started when the windows began to turn black. Smoke poured down from the windows, covering them in a greyish black screen, blocking the outside and leaving only strange and distorted shadows.

For several seconds the smokescreen that blocked out the view of outside continued undisturbed.

Then a boy came bursting through the closest window to the instructor's board.

Glass exploded around him into hundreds of tiny pieces as he broke through with his clothing protecting him, the blonde haire boy flew forwards over the window sill, showered in hundreds of tiny particles that reflected light as the wisps of smoke clung after him from behind through the broken screen of darkness. He landed on a desk directly beneath him, turning that unstable land into a flip that he performed off the desk and onto the ground, he came to skid, arms open out for balance as his motion brought his hood over his head, casting a shadow on his features that pieces of glass clinging to his sleeves, jacket and hood, rejected by glittering with the artificial light or sun rays from the slowly fading smokescreen.

When the pranktologist finally stopped skidding and came to a halt- it was directly in front of the jonin he was to call his sensei and in the same instant as he slowed, Eiichi took a knee and did a bow. Arms still outstretched.

"Sorry for being late everyone!" Eiichi declared loud enough for the next classes over to hear. "I wanted to surprise you all with a dazzling entrance and I hope I've succeeded!" lifting his head up and flicking both hood and bits of glass off with the motion he smiled a bright cheerful grin at the jonin then eyes flicking to the side to his classmates Eiichi said: "I look forward to working with you, let's give this test our best!" he rose, turned, and then flicking his arms behind him as he spun on the balls of his heels to face his two teammates, he bowed.

"Eiichi Sekiguchi! Pleasure's all mine!"

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Zaki leaves the mansion making his way towards the Academy. He couldn't help but keep thinking about the fact he's been given a team. Not only that but a team of genin. He doesn't hate kids or anything and again it probably wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be but... Zaki flings his head back in frustration "Damn it! Kids?!" He might aswell take the loss and his life right now. Anything to keep from facing the Grandmaster's wrath. All this worrying has messed up his whole flow. He digs into one of his front pouches and takes out another cigarette and a match. Zaki lights up the match, lights up his joint, and begins his second helping nicotine. And the day hadn't even begun.

Just as he's walking down the street, a kunoichi with eyes as green as grass and tanish skin comes out from another street out on tho the one he's walking.. She's wearing a Chunin-vest, a pair of baggy pants, and head protector. This was Midori Yamanaka, a Konoha chunin and is commonly refered to by most as 'The Ghost of Konhoa "Damn Zaki, you look like shit. Did you get too hammered last night or something?" She asks

"Please, I'm not that hard a smoker." Zaki respond passing her by

"Yea, well it's the only explanation I got as to why you look like you're in such distress."
Midori walks with Zaki "I won't ask you 'how's it going?'."

Zaki exhales some smoke "But you know I'm gonna tell you anyway."

"Ofcourse you are..."
Midori rolls her eyes

"You might aswell make yourself useful while your walking with me as I explain my plight: I've been given a team."
Zaki explains

"That doesn't sound that bad."

"Of genin." Zaki finishes

"Of--What?!" Midori turns to Zaki in shock

"Exactly what I was thinking!" Zaki exclaims

"But you practically hate kids. Didn't you literally slap the shit out a kid for throwing a huge-ass rock at your dog's head, basically killing it?...And didn't you beat up that kid's mom when she tried to defend him for killing it?" Midori asks,recounting the event

Zaki looks up to the sky "It's okay, Mr. Hibana... That bastard kid wont hurt you any more..." Zaki sniffles "I can't guarantee that I'll spare these kids, Midori. But in the event I can't feel free to take my life."

"Okay." Midori shrugs casually

"Well damn, Midori. I didn't expect you to take me up on my request." Zaki says kind of surprised and slightly hurt

"It's either that or you deal with Grandmaster Kanzo, and I'd rather not have to hear your screams of agony for the next few months until you loose your voice." Midori explains casually "Also, you mind if I hit that?" Midori points to his cigarette

"Very true. Here." Zaki gives her the blunt, letting her take a good intake before she lets out the smoke

"Damn Zaki, you always have the good stuff." Midori hands the blunt back to Zaki

"That's the power of growing your own green." Zaki smiles proudly

Midori puts a hand behind Zaki's back. "Zaki, I haven't had a team since....Last year or the year before. But trust me and trust Lady Fourth, you're just being a drama queen."

"Ah whatever. Let me go about my business. Check up on me to be sure I haven't strung up these kid's head on a flag pole." Zaki picks up spead as the Academy is just in view

Midori turns down another street

Zaki enters the Academy and after a few minutes, finds the room that his team is in. Without wasting anytime, he opens the door and enters the room. "Alright, you little burdens I'm gonna keep it real with you all. I'm probably not gonna like you and having said that, do know that any slip-up that causes me mental stress will increase my urge to want to cut your damn heads off. And I'd very much would not want to have to do that. Not because I'll be racked with guilt for the rest of my life but because I would still like to draw breath on this chaotically beautiful world. So to summarize, try not to fuck up and I won't chop you up. Understood?"

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It was morning and her family was having breakfast with her family, the Goru was not well known and were not a very large clan, but they were close and it never seemed to bother them. The main thing that mattered to them was family, Ichigo could say for a fact that she knew her entire family on a very personal level, she knew their entire names, their ages, birthdays and sometimes it was hard for her to remember her cousins were not her siblings.
She sat at the table eating miso, natto, sunomono, salmon and rice. The family was having their usual morning conversations trading stories about current events and mission but mostly they seemed to be making sure she remembered all her gear. Like it was normal for her mother to remind her not to forget her books when she was attending the Academy, she never did but she always felt it was mostly out of habit. The same went for this she never forgot her gear and they reminded her anyway, it never bothered her but today they seemed to be doing it more than usual, like between every story they'd say something like "Oh and speaking of shuriken, don't forget to pack your tools, " or "You have enough bubblegum don't you?" and "remember to focus when you want to lock on."

These were all things she knew and yet today they were constantly reminding her, she kind of needed a break so she quickly finished her food, gave thanks for the meal and got ready to meet her squad at the academy. She was just about to go up to her room to get her supplies when she noticed that everything she needed was conveniently right by the door. She sighed and shook her head placing her hand on her face in embarrassment, but she can't help but smile and laughs a little. Running her fingers through her hair she looks back into the direction of the kitchen and calls back to them "Hey, guys you won't believe this my stuff is all conveniently next to the door, lucky right!?" She said poking fun at them.

"Oh, yeah, that's super lucky, uhuh, right guys?" Her father said only for the rest of the family to agree with him as if they had no idea how the stuff got there. She then proceeds to equip all her gear and packs everything away, before walking out the door and immediately greeted by a fragrant springtime breeze, warm and smelling of flowers. The Goru compound was nowhere near as big as any of the more well-known clans but it was a decent bit bigger than any standard single-family homes in the village and covered from end to end in cherry blossom trees.

"Don't take it personally, you know how they get, they were the same when I graduated too." Says a girl with red hair and strawberry colored eyes like hers. It was her older sister Mitsukai.

"I get that, but I'm a ninja now, they don't have to treat me like a kid anymore, " Ichigo says.

"You are a kid, dummy, " Mitsukai laughed.

"Technically I am a teenager, " Ichigo says in a matter of fact way.

"Your height seems to disagree with you," Mitsukai says placing her hand on top of her head to emphasize her short stature.

"H-hey, that's not my fault, I'm cursed I tell you, cursed!" Ichigo said frantically when her sister put her sister hugged her.

"Don't worry about it, you'll grow...eventually. Now get out of here before they build up the courage to follow you to training." She said with a sort of uncomfortable look that suggests they did this to her when she was a genin.

She shuddered at that thought and didn't need to be told twice before making her way, but ran back really quick for a moment to hug her big sister before leaving again. She had a spring in her step, a bit excited to meet her new team and sensei. She remembered what room they were supposed to meet in but unfortunately, she was so excited she passed she kind of didn't hear who was supposed to be on her team. Oh well, that was fine it made it all the more genuine for introductions. When she made it to the Academy class she heard someone inside kind of being a little hostile. When she entered the room the first thing she saw was a big tall guy, about 6 feet so she assumed he was the sensei. She looked at the clock, she a little early, so sensei must have come even earlier. She supposed she should expect as much from an experienced shinobi.

"I apologize for being late sensei, I didn't think you'd be here so early!" She said bowing her head respectfully to apologize, even though she wasn't actually late...and she was apologizing to the wrong person. She was apologizing to Brock Kirishima, one of her squadmates, a very tall boy who's existence amongst their class had comically and alluded her for all this time...all whilst not even noticing the stoner who was actually their sensei standing in the room.


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It was finally the day for Aragi Onigake, his first day as an official genin, and he was going to be meeting his whole team! According to some old journal entries that his dad had left behind, it seemed as though these teams would be together for an extremely long time, and they would grow so close to the point of being like family! At least that's the treatment that his dad seemed to have with his team, some of the other members, many of them being regular customers to Onigake Ramen. Immediately hopping out of bed, the young genin went straight to the bathroom, making sure to do all of his morning routines before getting dressed. Now, unlike most kids his age, he was getting up at 5:30 in the morning, putting on an apron and setting the tables around the shop before his mother would wake up. Looking over at the kitchen, the dishes from last night are still unwashed, and the boy lets out a tired sigh. One more thing to do before mom wakes up and we open! With swiftness and vigor, he continued at his task, and just as the creak from their house door can be heard from the kitchen, the teen turns around. "Hey mom! I'm just finishing up this stuff before I have breakfast. All the tables are set and the ingredients are laid out n' ready for you and Shigechi!" The rather short woman, rubbing her eyes as she is beginning to finally awaken smiles at her son, "Don't push yourself too much Aragi! Save all your strength for when you meet your team leader!"

"I know I know..." Aragi had replied,just finishing up the final utensils before everything was ready for opening. Flipping the sign outside that let everyone know they were ready for business, the young genin sat at the stool in front of the counter, quickly getting his fill of breakfast ramen before he had to leave. The first customer was one of the regulars, old man Otsuchi, who immediately waved down the young boy as he was putting his plate down in the sink. "Same order as usual?"

"Yup! You know the drill by now sonny!" The old man walked over to one of the slightly large side tables, with a shogi set already prepped and ready to go atop it. "I may not have many days left in this ol' machine o' mine so I better take a win from ya before I pass!" The young genin began to chuckle, getting a small bowl of ramen and green tea ready for the geezer, bringing it over to him and promptly sitting across the table with his own cup of green tea. As they began to play, the geezer smirked at Aragi, "Where's your forehead protector?"

"Oh that? It's on my scarf. Mom attached it for me."

"Ahhhh... You know. You should probably keep that on ya at all times. Gonna need the whole world to now you're not just some kid anymore. You're a real shinobi!" Aragi began to chuckle, the game quickly coming to a close as there were only a few pieces left on the geezers side aside from his King, and the young shinobi had already begun working on trapped him with his Lances cutting off any retreat on the sides, his Bishops preventing any diagonal movement, and the Knights keeping Otsuchi's other pieces away from aiding the King. "Not yet. I still gotta become a chunin, and then a jonin, and then Sannin." The old man began to laugh, raising his hands in defeat, "You're not shooting for Hokage list most of the other kids? I thought that was the REAL dream." Just at this point, Aragi's mother entered the shop through the back, watching the game from behind the counter. With a focused and completely straight face, Aragi merely stated: "I don't want that title. I have better things to do than be stuck managing the going's on of a village." The two onlookers were quite shocked, as the genin stood from his seat, bowing to thank Otsuchi for his game and walking to the back to get changed for his meeting with his team.

Just as he went running out the entrance, Otsuchi couldn't help but laugh, turning to his mother. "That boy's a handful eh Arami? What're ya gonna do when your boy comes back as a man?" The woman smiled at the geezer, walking over and refilling his tea. "Same thing I did with my husband. Let him know I'll always be here."

Just as Aragi had arrived at the Academy, he had sat down with Brock and was messing around with a really worn out Shogi piece, tossing it between his hands while telling the much taller boy about his most recent match, when suddenly, their team leader Zaki had arrived. Looking at the guy, the young shinobi recognized him from some of the descriptions the old geezers would give about a lot of the chunin and jonin getting into trouble and to 'Stay away from those addicts'. As soon as the jonin opened his mouth, it became pretty darn clear why that was. "Goooooot it!~" Just as that happened, he had seen Ichigo burst through, apologizing to Brock of all people and mistaking him for their sensei! "Oiiii. Ichigooooooo..." The genin pointed toward Zaki, as to alarm the girl of her mistake. This was going to be a fun team.

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Our clan has been one of the pillars in this village in terms of pure taijutsu. Everyone has their place to rule and our claim has always been developing the most physically demanding but efficient taijutsu techniques. The ninjutsu that you perform is a disgrace to your mother, myself and your ancestors! You probably won't even finish training in the academy with what you are doing. While you live and even after the day you die, you are no son of mine!

Brock woke up in the middle of the night sweating profusely and panting heavily. It was one of those nightmares again. No matter how far he tried to push it back into his head, the suppressed memories would always come surfacing back. He thought it would change now that he was an official genin but it seemed as though nothing would change how his father and many others felt. All he wanted was love and someone to guide him but he only received ridicule, shunned by his own people for circumstances that weren't under his control. If it weren't for some of the more sympathetic members of his clan, he would have died from a number of means inclusive of starvation, sickness or being weak in general. His parents didn't care for him and refused to do anything for him besides give him a bed in the shack behind their house. He tried to do what he could with it, but it only resulted in crying and more pain on his part.

"I need a drink." The tall lad put on some black clothing and his sandals before dashing off towards the local bar. It was very late and they were closed but that didn't stop him from getting what he needed. He didn't call it stealing but it was kind of weird. All he did was sneak into the shop, take a few bottles and leave the money in their place. Technically he wasn't supposed to do it but as long as nobody caught him it was fine right? Its not like he had people that cared about him enough to tell him that he shouldn't be doing this or anything.

He was sure that he had bought some of the stronger sake but he didn't feel anything when he drunk it. He pressed on still, using the alcohol to ease the pain that he felt for so long. He had trained in the taijutsu his clan boasted off, gaining proficiency with the strong fist and some of its applications but there was a stain on him that couldn't be removed. Brock took his fist and rammed it into the wall of the shack, creating a large hole within it. It never hurt when he did that but it served as a starting mechanism for the crying...and cry he did.


When the morning light broke through the window of the shack, he woke up with a start. The alcohol had worked its way out of his system and he was doing fine besides a slight headache. After washing himself and making sure he looked as clean as possible, the young genin donned his altered uniform. The Kirishima clan was known for their preference for black and white clothing with the insignia of their clan on the back but Brock's uniform had the insignia on the arm...a mark of shame. Along with the weighted bands around his arms and legs, black combat pants, white shirt and black coat, Brock took a mask with him when he left. This mask was not a conventional one that was manufactured by companies but an emotional wall built from his own mind. This mask suppressed his emotions until he became a stoic, unmoving lad who walked towards the academy with a nonchalant look. Deep down there was a child who was scarred with no real friends but he couldn't let anyone else in...it would only cause more pain.

It didn't take him long to find his assigned room and while he didn't speak himself, he was listening intently to his teammate Aragi's story. He immediately recognized this man as their leader since he had seen him around a few times. He didn't sound too pleased to be their leader but he would try his best to work with him for the good of his family. They wouldn't respect him until he proved to them his worth as a shinobi and this man wouldn't stop him from becoming stronger. He looked towards the door as a rather cute girl came strolling in but he wasn't ready for what was coming next. His dark features and red eyes assumed an expression of shock when he realized what she was doing. She was mistaking him for the sensei?!? He didn't speak much and usually hung around the outskirts of everything so it was no wonder why she didn't recognize him as one of her squad-mates and not the teacher. He sighed as his face took the familiar look of stone once again and he pointed to Zaki. "That is our sensei."

This was going to be interesting.

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Hotarubi I made her way to the Academy, she didn't stop off at the Hyuga compound as she didn't feel shad time or that bit would be particularly wise to do so. By the time she got there, the slight nerves she had were gone and she readied herself for the task ahead. After all, it wouldn't be becoming someone in charge of genin to be visibly nervous just do meet them, Deki was on her squad and she'd just have to come to terms and deal with it. She went in and made her way to class 212, sliding open the door before she walked and good before her new squad of Genin, looking to each of them without flinching, she crosses her arms. "Hello, my name is Hotarubi Hyuga and I will be your squad leader or sensei as the common term goes." She said and leaned against the clean black chalkboard. "So, why don't you tell me about yourselves. What are your names, what are your likes and dislikes and what are your goals for the future?" She asked. Of course, she already knew their names but this was more so an introduction for them to at least get to know each other a bit, perhaps they'd be more willing to cooperate with one another if they knew each other just a little better. Of course, she couldn't outright tell them what was to come or how to pass, as the goal of the bell test it's yo capture the bells but to work together and aid your fellow squad members. She looked around the class at them observing every single one of them. " Well, let's start with you, " She said pointing to Deki and then Takahiro and then Kanon.


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Deki Hyuuga
「Genin | Squad 3 |⚡

A low droning roused Deki from her sleep. She silenced the alarm with a slap- accurate despite the predawn gloom. A smile danced on her lips as she stretched her arms over her head. I’m one step closer.
Invigorated, she hopped out of bed to began her morning routine. Her mind wandered as her hands began the busy work of making her bed. Kanon Ametsuchi. The kunoichi's grades weren’t the best, but her ninjutsu was excellent. Ametsuchi might even be the best in the class in that regard.
She refocused as she started dressing. She pulled on her dove gray sleeveless yukata style top, black bracers, black capris and tied her red obi around her waist. Ametsuchi could certainly hold her own, but that might end up being detrimental to the team. She came off to Deki as fiercely independent- to the point of arrogance.
She secured her mother’s former tachi to her lower back, humming idly. Last was her headband. She pushed back her bangs, pausing to stare at the teal curse mark emblazoned on her forehead. It was an eyesore and reminded her of everything she hated about the family. She covered the curse mark with her new headband and smiled widely at her reflection. She wasn't going to let Hyuuga bullshit ruin her mood. She padded downstairs to get on with her morning.

❃.✮:▹  ◃:✮.❃
She reveled in her familiar stretch of her muscles as she moved through her forms as the sun rose. She moved across the dew covered grass with her father, striking the air in unison.
Daichi Hyuuga interrupted their traditional silence, “So you meet your squad today. How's morale?
Teammates have.... interesting personalities. Both trouble makers. The attention seeking type. Neither were slackers, at least,” she punctuated her words with punches and knee strikes as her brows furrowed, “Takahiro doesn't play nice with Aragi. Not the biggest fan.
You'll make it work,” they launched a palm heel from a low stance “Your squad will become your closest friends. If all goes well, they may even become family,” he pushed her shoulder and she widened her stance to compensate.
The sun crested the walls of the compound as they finished in unison. "Thanks Pops. I really hope so." she said, lightly winded from their morning work out.
The two headed back in to find Ryokou Hyuuga finishing breakfast. Deki rushed to her mother's side and pecked her cheek as she grabbed a plate to help set the table.
"Morning!" she chirped
Ryokou smiled in response, "Well good morning. In an even better mood than usual I see."
"She's excited to meet her squad today. Careful though, she's pretending to be pragmatic about it." Daichi ruffled her hair as he moved past to kiss his wife and help with breakfast.
Deki wasn't pouting. Ninja didn't pout. She smoothed down her hair. Okay, maybe she was pouting a little. "If my teammates are fools I won't let them hold me back!" she proclaimed
Ryokou snorted in response and gestured towards her with a serving spoon. "See how far that attitude gets you. Deki, you are a nice girl and that is just fine. Don't go changing now, sweetheart."
Deki began stuffing her face rather than responding. The family shared a quiet breakfast punctuated with the usual small talk.
"Ma, do we have leftovers?"
"Yes, are you still hungry?" Ryokou began making her daughter a bento box with leftover omurice.
"I'm going to take some with me. Just in case I get hungry later." she responded.
Ryokou handed her the bento and a whetstone, "Come sit with me for a minute. You still have some time."
"Sorry, Ma can't. I have to make a detour," Deki took the items and stuffed the whetstone into her pouch. "Breakfast was great, thanks!" She slipped on her sandals and waved as she headed out the door.
"Alright, have a good day. We'll see you tonight," her mother called after her.

❃.✮:▹  ◃:✮.❃
Her worst suspicions where confirmed as she stared up at the apartment, the veins around her eyes prominent. Any guilt she would have felt for spying on her squad mate was absolved as she saw he was still sound asleep. She tensed and sprung up to his balcony. He's gonna be late on the first day? Does he even care?
Annoyed, she banged her fist against the glass until he roused from his slumber, clearly confused. She met his eyes and gave him the dirtiest look she could muster. Then she left the bento at the glass door and leaped off towards the academy as her cheeks burned.
She arrived at the academy minutes later, finding room 212 without trouble. She was a little early, but she filled her time with sword maintenance. Her squad mates eventually filed in. She shot another mean look at Takahiro as he made his entrance.
Last to arrive was their squad leader. She halted her small talk as the Hyuuga heiress entered the room. This was her squad leader? This had to be some kind of joke.
"Hello, my name is Hotarubi Hyuuga and I will be your squad leader or sensei as the common term goes." She leaned back against the chalkboard. "So, why don't you tell me about yourselves. What are you names, what are your likes and dislikes and what are your goals for the future?" she gestured towards Deki "Well, let's start with you,"
Deki felt her mood curdle like sour milk.
"My name is Deki," she spoke with an edge to her voice. "I like reading and kenjutsu. I don't like-" she paused to look Hotarubi up and down "...surprises." Hyuuga bullshit had officially ruined her mood. "I'm here to become a ninja," she finished, leaning back in her chair and looking to Takahiro to signify she was done.
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The sound was background noise. When Takahiro had shut his eyes to fall asleep, he was well aware that he would wake up as a part of a team of Genin trained by an elite Jonin. It was all he had ever dreamed of, an opportunity to prove himself. His excitement was too much to contain, so much so that dreams of defending the village and deflecting shuriken with his bare hands had drowned out the only thing more annoying than himself, his alarm.


Takahiro's eyes flicked open in panic, throwing the blankets from his body as if they were trying to kill him. He rose from his bed, still in his underwear as he made eye contact with Deki, who seemed rather unimpressed with his dedication to waking up early. Without so much as missing a beat, Takahiro began scrambling around his one room apartment, tossing aside clothing on the floor looking for his forehead protector. "Where is it?! Where is it?!" He panicked, lifting the mattress from his bed, only to drop it, sliding off of the bed-frame. The young shinobi grit his teeth, his hands flicking between various hand signs.

"Summoning Jutsu: Monkey Prince Hozi!" Takahiro's hands slapped the ground, and in the same instant, a large monkey shinobi poofed into his room, coated in dark brown fur and large black mane of hair.

"Ahh!" The ape squawked, rubbing his eyes. "You better have a good reason for waking me up at this hour, Sarutobi!"

"Where is it?!" Taka demanded, clenching his fists at his summoned companion.

"Where is what? A pair of pants? I swear, Master Sarutobi should have never let you live on your own!" The monkey chirped, scanning Takahiro from top to bottom.

"My forehead protector, you melon! ...And since when did you start caring about wearing pants?"

Hozi blinked a few times. "The forehead protector...on your head?" The Monkey Prince pointed a long finger down at Takahiro's forehead. The young Sarutobi had been so excited for this day, he'd fell asleep with his forehead protector on.

Taka ran a hand to his hand, grazing the forehead protector and his messy bedhead. "...Shut up and throw me a shirt." Taka quickly dressed himself, wasting little time for things such as brushing his hair. This day was too important to be late. After a quick tie of his sash, he raced for the door.

"Sarutobi, wait! Take this with you!" The monkey screeched, pulling a long wooden staff from his back and handing it to the shinobi. The rod was about five and half feet long with a scarlet wrapping in the middle and a golden notch at each end. "Just don't break it, you hear me?" Takahiro took the staff in hand, staring at it for several moments in hushed awe. "You can drool over it later, just go before that little girl in the window kicks your ass!"

"Hey! She couldn't k-"

"Go!" shouted Hozi, with a shove out the door before the poofing back to where he had been summoned from. Takahiro wasted no time racing outside from the balcony and on his way to the academy, spinning twirling his new staff, giving it a toss and catch each time a villagers eyes focused on him. In a matter of moments, he arrived at the academy, stowing away his present onto rings at his back. As he made it into class, he took a seat next to Deki, propping his feet onto the desk.

"See? I'm on time. A true ninja always pushes their limits." He spat matter of factly, sarcasm oozing from each word.

By the time Hotarubi sensei entered the room, Takahiro grew quiet, listening to the uncomfortable exchange between Hyuuga's. "...Yikes." He whispers, then clearing his throat for his own introduction. Takahiro sinks further into his chair, folding his hands behind his head. "I'm Takahiro Sarutobi and I like...." His eyes flick to Deki, "Sleeping in." He taps his chin a moment, "And I dislike losing. So I don't." His eyes then move to beam to his other squadmate. "My goal is to be the name on everyone's tongue. Like a war hero or a guardian of the village.... Who knows? One day, you might call me Hokage!" His eyelids shut as if daydreaming, a smirk smearing across his face as he concluded his introduction.


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    ~ Classroom 212 ~
    Between Worlds || Kanon's CS File

    Kanon woke up far earlier than she had to. In retrospect, she’s lucky she got any sleep at all. She’d been so pumped that she pass the exams but it still wasn’t good enough. She hadn’t taken first place, third was no place for an Ametsuchi. She came back to the clan compound and trained for hours. In fact, that’s the only thing that let her get some decent sleep in. Her training wore her out enough to quiet her mind.

    Her taijutsu held her back, in a real fight if they ever got that close she’d give them a spray of her blood and stab them as they flinched in pain. Still, it caused her to fail to pass properly. Her only relief was that both of the coveted positions weren’t any Ametsuchi’s. To fail to a relative would be the biggest setback she could possibly have at this point. Her beating her cousins wouldn’t gain her any favor with the ones that lost but she’d won a bit from the branch family, even if she hadn’t done enough for the main branch to take note. She had some bruises on her knuckles from the training but she woke up feeling better about her loss. After all in a fair fight she would obviously be the winner.

    Even though the sun wasn’t up yet she was. There was no point in trying to delay the day. She slipped out of her bed and went to the bathroom grabbing some of the wrappings they left in the cabinet. She had barely gotten it out of the cabinet before she heard footfalls coming closer. She jerked up and looked at the door seeing Naoki, her uncle, standing at the doorway.

    “Did you need help with that?” He asked as he squatted down to her level as she sat on the floor of the bathroom.

    “No way I- Ow”

    Her lie couldn’t hold up as the moment she started to furiously wave her hand she banged it onto the cabinet. The pain wasn’t horrible but it’d be a detriment if she waited any longer to wrap them properly.

    “Here let me”

    Before she could even object again he took her hands into his and wrapped them up tight giving them a little pat to make sure they were well protected. Even though she knew he could do it with his eyes closed Susumu and her had given him more than enough practice, let alone when he had to wrap her dad’s injuries.

    “Thank you”

    “You know you should take it easy you’re meeting your team today, right? Your dad was up nearly the whole night worrying that you’d be too tired to do your be- I mean well you know your dad worries.”

    He was? Now that was news to her, while she had realized that he was watching her train when she came home she didn’t expect that he would continue to stay up when she had given in to the call of sleep. Now she felt bad, he didn’t need to worry about her she needed to do better. He’d already done so much for her, she wasn’t giving back in their investments. This must have shown in her face though as Naoki frowned and continued on.

    “I didn’t say that to use against you. I just want you to release that you’re doing good. A great ninja isn’t born overnight you’ve taken the first steps.”

    She nodded not knowing what to say. She didn’t believe him but she couldn’t very well say that. She wasn’t going to get emotional. She wasn’t! Luckily enough she didn’t need to worry as her cousin came down the hall whining all the way.

    “Daaaaaaaaaadddddddddd where are you?”

    “Susumu’s up”

    It was rather obvious but stating it gave her a nice out to the conversation. She stood up and gave her uncle a smile.

    “It’s fine Uncle Naoki, I’m going to get ready for meeting my team. After all I gotta go meet the people I’ll be spending the year with, just watch me I’ll be a chunin in no time! ‘Sides they’re only gonna hold the rookie and kunoichi positions for now cause I’ma surpass them all.”

    She put away the bandages and tried to run past Naoki.

    “Susu bathroom, but quieter hon Uncle Akira didn’t get a lot of sleep.” She didn’t get far before she heard her uncle call. “Oh and Kanon your father made you a bento be sure to remember it! It’s enough to share with your team so be sure to make friends.”

    She stopped and nodded before turning back down to run back to her room. She stopped by her father’s room and peaked in. He was out like a light and usually, he was up so much earlier than her. Her uncle must be right he must have been worrying again. She went in and patted him on the head, yup completely asleep. She left and went back to her room.

    Today was the first day she’d get to wear her ninja outfit outside of when she got fitted for it. Every part was meant to help her in her training, a gift from her father. She put on the shirts and shorts checking to see that she could still move as easily as usual, perfect. She hooked on her weapons pouches belted to her shorts. A little twirl to check how it looked on her proved that it was just as cute as it looked off her. Good, good.


    Well, breakfast was next then? She got up and went to the kitchen, her uncle was still occupied with trying to get Susumu to be quiet, her dad wasn’t going to be up anytime soon, and her Auntie was probably still out on her mission. She could cook? Maybe? At least she could do something simple. She grabbed the rice cooker and prepped it all leaving it off. Rice, that was a staple. Now vegetables? Well she could boil and slice some daikon? Yeah that should work. A few fish and that was a meal! Not a good one but she never claimed to be aiming for a chef. After she’d gotten about halfway into cooking she’d heard a low “wow”. She turned around to find both her uncle and her cousin leaning on the table staring at her.

    “Wha- when did you guys get there?”

    “Twenty minutes ago.”

    “Shush Suzu don’t tell her.”

    “But she asked!”

    Oh had she been struggling that much?

    “I wanna help! I wanna help!”

    She didn’t know how much help a seven-year-old would be but considering how much she was struggling it would be better than continuing alone.

    “Okay. You can start the rice cooker.”

    “Yay! Dad you help too!”

    “Of course, I will.”

    Suddenly what started as her wanting to do something for her family ended with her being the one helped, as usual. Yet she couldn’t be dissatisfied with this outcome she had Susumu singing on her side and her uncle laughing on her right. It only got better as she heard her dad chime in.

    “Oh did I miss the memo? It must be a great morning if we’re all cooking.”

    “Uncle Akira we’re helping Kanny cook!”

    She could see the grin on her father’s face grow as he came in to join the trio in the kitchen. Without needing to question he took out some of the tofu from the fridge and started to create a stock to make the miso soup.

    “Aww is Kanny growing up and getting too big for her Dad and Uncle to cook for her.”

    “No. I mean yes but that’s not why. You were worried about me earlier right?”

    She hadn’t wanted to bring it up she had intended to start breakfast and run to meet her team before anyone woke up. That required being good at cooking though. If her plan had run its course she’d likely have left them a burnt breakfast. She had caught the quick side-eye he’d given Naoki. Oh right maybe she should have waited.

    “I mean. I just wanted to be able to do something for you guys.”

    The for once was left unsaid but clearly heard. It seemed to be just as bad as if she had said it as she saw her dad’s face scrunch up just like it did any time he argued with that woman. He didn’t say though. Luckily Uncle Naoki steered the conversation into smoother waters bringing up her team.

    “At least you know them right?”

    “I guess” she played with the rice in her plate before responding “I mean Deki’s Aragi’s friend more than mine. I just kinda know her and not even really well. Taka’s pretty okay. I mean he was fun to hang out with in class but I’m not sure he’s the best ya know.”

    Even as she said it she knew she was finding excuses to not like them. To apologize if she wound up associating with people who wouldn’t be going anywhere. She didn’t think that Her dad and her uncle would care but the rest of the clan would, so they would have to care. That’s okay though! She just needed to make sure that they were all winners. She couldn’t know much about her sensei yet, and she couldn’t control that at all. She just had to make the most of it.

    She got up as she finished her breakfast. It didn’t interest her as much anymore. She felt a bit anxious as the sun rose higher and higher. She should get going right? She still had some time but she definitely didn’t want to be late. Besides if her dad really wanted her to make nice with her team then he’d encourage her speaking with them early on right? She grabbed the giant bento from the fridge and went to check that she had everything she needed.

    “I guess I should get going now.”

    “Give em hell little firecracker.”


    She’d arrived at the academy way too early. She did a bit of a look around the grounds and quickly found the room she was expected to be at. Rather than sit alone in an empty classroom she planned to duck into a couple of other rooms first. While some had interesting combinations, for the most part, they were empty still. She was getting bored with walking around and went back to her classroom. She noticed that Deki was already in the classroom and put down her bento plopping down on her left. She hadn’t known how to start a conversation with her and by the time she did Takahiro had already arrived followed by the Sensei mere minutes later.

    As introductions started she only got confused. She could be mishearing but there was a noticeable edge in Deki’s voice through hers. Beyond the fact that she’s heard the girl speak more in response to Midori-sensei’s questions than an entire prompting for an introduction. Luckily Takahiro’s was a breath of fresh air in response. When it came time to her turn it was either the choice of outdoing Takahiro’s enthusiasm or Deki’s stoicism. She couldn’t so she chose to do it her way. She stood up and curtsied to her new sensei.

    “My name is Kanon Ametsuchi of the Ametsuchi Clan. I like… Well I like singing, I like my little helpers.” At this she did some signs as she called out her smallest mouse. Nezumi crawled up her shoulder and sat down getting comfy. “Fashion is something I like as well, Aragi and Eiichi are in that list too, Deki and Takahiro are pretty okay too. Oh yeah and ninjutsu! Ninjutsu is the best!”

    Well there was more too but she shouldn’t go on too long.

    “Dislikes, well I dislike losing. I’m a winner okay. I dislike crybabies, i don’t have time for silly niceties. I dislike people who harm animals and those that believe life is handed to them. As for my goal? Well I’m going to be the strongest Ametsuchi Clan Leader there ever was and bring the name up to becoming a major clan. I’m going to be the absolute best Kuno- no best Shinobi there ever was.”


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