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Hikaru was on her merry way and quite pleased with herself...for a moment until she suddenly came flailing down at the hands of Yumei and a ninja feint. She laid there on the ground for a moment, flat on her face. She slowly reached forward with her hand and lifted herself up and looked up towards where the girl was running off to, seeing Eiichi not too far ahead of her. For a moment she had the calmest, serene expression on her face when her eyes suddenly became white and she let out a shriek of anger.

"You better pray to every God you have I don't catch you!" She roared and immediately got up and chased after them. At least she did for a moment when she got a better idea. She didn't need to chase after Yumei. She was faster and stronger. She knew where the training ground was, all she had to do was get there first and she could get a bell before her. Let's her clever tricks get her out of that one.

"The shortest distance between two areas is a straight line. Why take the main road when I can take the back road!" She said to herself and turned off into the nearby forest, running through to get to the training ground, but she was still pretty agitated at being embarrassed like that. "Who does she think she is, she started it, I was just getting even! Next time I won't be so nice about it!" She said pudding up her cheeks. She knew she was nearing the training ground and looked around for the red X. It had to be around here somewhere she didn't need to be a genius to find an X. That's when she found it and came to a sliding halt. "Ah, ha! There is it and no sign of little miss perfect either." She said looking around "Now where...is the desolate one?" She asked herself wondering there their sensei was so she could get these bells already. In the meantime, she applied her crystal armor, covering her body in a thin sheet of transparent crystal that increased her defense and physical attacking ability.


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Zaki leads his team outside in the middle of an expanse with trees surrounding them on all sides. Zaki stood in the center facing his team. Zaki takes another look over them a sense of guilt but excitement swells in his heart for what comes next. "Alright, kids. There's this mandatory thing the genin must do to fully prove themselves ready to venture beyond the gate and into the world of chaos. You guys ready to witness the chaos? No? Too bad!" Zaki reaches in his vest pockets and pulls out a string of bells. One small bell attached to both ends of the small string and dangles them. "You three must work together to take these here bells from me. Simple enough right? Three genin try snaggin' these here bells from a jonin-level shinobi. The whole point of this last exercise is to apply everything you've learned through-out your time in the academy to take these here bells from me. That includes the basics, your inert talents, and your overall teamwork/tactics/strategy. This will be a very strenuous challenge for I will not let you tikes take these precious bells so easily. Eleven times out of ten, you'll no doubt fail but don't feel ashamed if you don't manage to succeed as you can always blame Midori for your failures and I wouldn't think any less of you for doing so. Any questions before we commence?"
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As they were being lead toward the more open area where the secret exam would be taking place, Aragi stuffed his hands into his pockets and his gaze shifted between his two teammates. "Whaddya think this exam is gonna be? Something official like a miniature mission? Or maybe we have to go through some kind of shinobi obstacle course set up by the Hokage!" The genin's face was graced with a wide grin as he expressed his excitement, clearly happy to not only have made it this far but also being made to participate in this 'secret' exam. "Do you think we'd have to show off our skills to Zaki-sensei? Maybe he has us fight each other!" Absentmindedly thinking aloud, the boy couldn't help but snicker, "Ya know I might have a better chance against Ichigo rather than against Brock, but I know better than to underestimate my opponents."

Just when they had gotten to the expanse surrounded by trees, the young shinobi looked a bit dissapointed, nothing like his wild imagination led him to believe. But when Zaki-sensei began to speak, Aragi's eyes were aglow with excitement. As the explanation dragged on, the boy already began to stroke his chin, preparing some kind of pre-meditated approach in his head, but once the man was done, it was a much different story. Unlike one would expect from the brown haired boy, he simply crouched down, analyzing the area around him, absentmindedly nodding at his readiness.
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Makoto roughly estimated one person above him by the amount of dirt that fell and the subtle patters of their feet. Pushing off the stone pillar with his back, he stretched towards the ceiling. Feeling his rib cage expand and muscles loosen up, adrenaline began flooding the veins. His heart pounded his chest as it tried to burst out. "Ahhh, that's the stuff," he exhaled, relishing in the feeling. Unlike the clone, Makoto had more control over his body when dosed with adrenaline. The arms and legs slowly drained of heat as his fingers scrunched up into a fist. Rather than a steel sword by his side, he had a sturdy wooden stick. It hopefully wouldn't kill the genin if they got hit by it. Chakra flaring, the jonin felt rejuvenated after the nap. "3...2...1," he whispered, going through the hand signals. "Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon!" The ground ruptured from beneath him. The stone pillars formed from the previous jutsu crumbled back into dust. Gripping onto a foothold on the back of the slithering, stone creature making its way to the surface, Koma pointed his sword towards the sky.

Stones, minerals, and dirt flew into the air, crashing down into the trees and bushes. The head of the dragon rose another thirty feet into the air. Makoto rode on the base of the neck. It stopped right in front of the sun, casting a shadow on the crystal Hikaru below. Soon, two more serpents erupted from the ground. They swayed side to side like the heads of a hydra. The grinding of stone and earth drowned out one's thoughts as they flowed between one another in some bizarre aqueous form. "Makoto Koma! Sensei! Supreme Jonin!" the crimson eyed man shouted from atop. The wind blew his curly, silver hair and billowing patterned robe, sending chills down his back. He licked his lips, revealing one of his sharp canines. Almost immediately from his vantage point, he saw broken branches and twigs, the slight glint of a shinobi headband. Pointing towards the location, one dragon rushed towards the location, pushing trees out of the way. Strengthening his limbs and joints with Earth Spear, he leaped from the top of the dragon onto the ground. It cracked slightly as he placed himself a distance from the crystal armored Hikaru. "My joints," he groaned in his mind, gritting his teeth. The two other serpents began encircling the genin and jonin, attempting to trap both inside. "I assume the clone told you the goal? Where are the rest of your teammates?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Honestly, controlling three earthen dragons at the same time was draining. He wanted to wrap this up before he was completely drained. @Brea The Brave @The Regal Rper @iseelight
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Taka's eyes widened as his wrist was grabbed, what was he expecting? Probably nothing. The smokescreen would serve only as a display of jutsu capability. Drawing the staff given to him by Hozi, he managed to catch some of the dirt and land back on his feet. The landing was almost clean! 8/10, could use some slight work. As he regained leverage, he began to spin the staff as he had done that morning, clearing the smokescreen around him in a several foot radius. As the smoke cleared around him, he caught a glimpse of Kanon also recollecting composure. “DEKI TAKA THE BELLS!” was the last thing he heard before watching the girl poof from her location. The silhouette of the bells glimmered amidst the smoke and Taka ran after them without hesitation. He yoinked the bell before it even managed to hit the ground, holding it up by the end of the string. He's a Genin! "We did it..." He whispered, staring at the bell. "Or, she did it." He corrected, silently of course so that Kanon could not hear him admit it. He shot a glance over to where Deki would be, also likely retrieving her bell. As the scene began to calm down, the chakra smokescreen lifted. The choking sensation from the smoke phased out, leaving a crisp and burnt smell. A good cover excuse for the formations at the bottom of Takahiro's eyes as he frowned at his bell. The male shinobi looked up to Hotarubi sensei, straightening his frown out a bit. "Fair and square," he said with a wink, staring down the end of his arm at the bell for what felt like an eternity. The young Sarutobi gulped, then tossed his bell to Kanon as she had spawned on Hotarubi's hip.
Those seats were so uncomfortable. Takahiro hated nothing more than having to sit still for such a long time, regardless of learning the shinobi way. Another year at the academy felt humiliating to the self-absorbed ninja, but not nearly as embarrassing as getting his bell having only used his most practiced jutsu in futility and getting flung like a ragdoll. Takahiro's ego couldn't accept this bell. He beamed down at Kanon again. "Go ahead and make good use of this head-start on me. You'll need it if you're trying to claim my spot at the top." With a tug of the knot, the forehead protector fell loose from Taka's head, revealing his unkempt hair from his morning.


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Right on cue, Yumei landed on the sturdy bough of a tree just as Hikaru brazenly charged straight up to the X on the ground. Honestly, how many times did Yumei have to trip her before the concept of a trap stuck in her head? This one even had a huge red X on top.

What lay under the X, Yumei had no inkling. But their prospective sensei had proven he was comfortable with Earth release, so Yumei could speculate—and whatever it was, her Great Fireball Technique would be near useless against it.

A shower of foliage in the trees across the field caught her attention; and a flash of yellow hair. Eiichi seemed to have nearly fallen out of a tree. Yumei frowned, taken aback. Unusual, for him, and unfortunate timing—they really couldn’t afford such slip-ups today. She shifted her attention back to Hikaru, who had donned her crystal release armor; a.k.a. turned herself into a giant shiny beacon. But Yumei supposed that could be advantageous, as well. In the interim, she went ahead and outfitted her hiding spot with several more trips and a few exploding tags, taking extra care to guard her back. She utilized her full peripheral as she shifted her eyes between her two teammates and other potentially weak spots in the battlefield. A huge symbol like that was obvious, sure, but it was a little too obvious.

Turned out, she was wrong about that bit. Very wrong.

Yumei felt the vibrations rattle up through the tree and into her legs first; something huge. The shower of earth that blew skyward suddenly like a landmine had gone off was a shock, but nothing could have prepared her for the giant multi-headed stone dragon which snaked up out of the ground with a man riding atop it—the same man who had greeted them in the classroom. Or rather, the real deal this time. She was nearly too busy staring in shock to react in time to the dragon head which appeared to take notice of her—before coming straight at her.

Sometimes a blank state of mind was the right one to be in. Her instincts and memory carried her cleanly through a gap in her wire traps, away from the huge beast at first, then upward. The explosion that followed rattled in her teeth, and she could feel the heat from below. Splintered wood and small bits of rock flew in every direction; her little trap had done very little to the dragon, of course, and she could not be sure it had even slowed its pursuit. Deliberately, she came down to land on its rocky hide and, honing her focus in on the jonin like her life depended on it (it might), she raced down the beast’s back and toward the man, a kunai clenched between her teeth.

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The questions posed to him by his male teammate got him thinking and he took a bit of time to analyze the situation as they walked through a bit of trees. A part of him hoped that it was some kind of written or physical test because those where the areas he excelled in. Many days there was little for him to do but study or train his body in hopes of perfecting his taijutsu so recalling facts, solving problems and intense exercise meant nothing to him. However, if this test had anything to do with talking to people, a piece of bark would be more helpful than Brock. Talking to people simply wasn't his forte and it only worsened when he found the person he was communicating with attractive. It was almost like the part of his brain that was in charge of his common sense shut down every time he saw a pretty girl, adding to the reason he preferred to stay quiet lest he embarrass himself.

Another thing he said did cause the young Kirishima to raise his eyebrows though and it was the comment about them fighting one another. His fighting style was all about breaking bones and causing intense physical pain through overwhelming strength. He didn't know if he could bring himself to do that to either one of his squad mates. He always heard the phrase that Iron Sharpens Iron but he didn't want to be the iron that broke its fellow rod. What he wouldn't do was underestimate them however, since his fighting style could be countered with the right style. If he was up against a long range specialist with jutsu capable of keeping him at bay, there was only so long he could defend until they landed the hit they needed.

Zaki sensei's comments caused Brock's eyes to glare with a mixture of determination and confusion. He wasn't a simpleton and could do basic math and even its more advanced applications. If there were three of them and only two bells, that meant that one of them would fail no matter what. "Is this some kind of trick? There are only two bells..." Brock's eyes narrowed as he glanced over to Ichigo and then to Aragi. He held no ill will against either of them but he couldn't give his family another reason to call him a failure. Failure was not an option here and going back to the Academy was definitely out of the question.
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Ichigo Goru



Training Ground

Ichigo walked with her squad as Aragi started to go over his thoughts on what the test might be. When he suggests that maybe they have to fight one another, she thinks about how that would work. Would they face off one on one? No, there were three of them so it would have to be a free for all. She looked up at the two of them and wasn't entirely sure she could best either one, we'll not if she went at it like say, Hikaru. She wasn't that type of ninja, unfortunately, at least not so far. She could already tell if it came down to a first fight she wasn't going to beat Brock, Aragi was kind of a thinker, but maybe?

As they arrived at the training ground Ichigo listened to what their new sensei and squad leader had to say. Apparently, this secret test would involve them working together to take a set of bells from him. Part of her was relieved they didn't have to fight each other, but she still questioned how they were supposed to take on a Jonin. Then again, all he said they had to do was take the bells, he didn't say they had to beat him. Was this objective training? Like a mission, you don't have to beat all the goons, just get the scroll.

With that she reaches for her kunai case, pulling out a kunai knife, but pulls something else out of her pouch before asking "So, all we have to do is work together to get the bells from you? Do we need both the bells or just one?" She asked, trying to fully understand the objective. She also didn't think Midori sensei would appreciate him blaming her for genin not being able to beat a jonin but she supposed that was something to point out for another time.

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"To answer your question" Zaki points to Brock "No, it is not a trick but I'm glad you thought that. A ninja's greatest ability is deception. That can be lying or hiding. Deception is a common part of our lives as not everything is as it seems, so you need to keep a keen eye at all times lest someone or something gets the drop on you and it's over. Now to answer your question" Zaki points to Ichigo "The bells are attached to this single string. All you need to do is take them from me if you can and by however means necessary. A shinobi has his arsenal stocked and ready at all times and brings all his skills and knowledge to the table. To succeed in any mission, you need to give it your all the first time to achieve a true victory." Zaki explains to them. The true nature of a shinobi. In case they didn't already know it. Most genin are put through the academy with mass-delusions of grandeur and excitement. It practically makes him gag whenever some first-year genin speaks so highly of what he thinks a shinobi's life is like. Nothing short of disappointment and darkness. Makes him almost smile when he sees that very same genin meeting a horrible fate/realization.The look on their faces when their dreams crash into a hundred pieces by the hammer called 'reality': Priceless "Any other questions you all got?" Zaki asks one more time
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Eiichi had to admit even with the shift in stakes that this turnaround had made things significantly easier. It not only saved them-- or him, time from having to rush off and buy a shovel, but the jonin's appearance prevented the strenuous and time consuming task of having to dig him out as a team.

A feat that seemed more and more unlikely to happen the longer he watched things go on.

Honestly if that had been his plan, I doubt we'd even be able to dig him out in a hour.

It was around this particular reflection that the jonin jumped and landed in a way that made Eiichi himself wince. Those joints might be sore later but that honestly wouldn't matter if he couldn't think of a way to get things turning in his favor, which by extension, would be in Yumei and Hikaru's favor by simple association.

Hikaru, from this distance seemed to catch the light in a alluring way. Like her very skin had become a reflective surface. Staring at her in the same way one might mistake looked similar to the dazed looks what the guys he knew called 'The Hot 5' of the school, Eiichi realized she had used some variant of a release technique on her body, but whether she could perceive the sheer gravity of facing nameless sensei, would be something to see. Sadly, he didn't have time for that. Instead, Eiichi chose to trust in Hikaru's combative instinct and turned his attention to the dragon he could sense approaching his and Yumei's general direction.

Looking in Yumei's direction Eiichi could see that neither one had a good sighting of the other. Sign language was out, so he decided then to retract his steps. At least in a way that would give him a chance to warn Yumei if she didn't already know. Which, he hoped she did because it was really hard to miss.

Leaping through a tree branch to another, for a brief second he caught sight of the beastly dragon and was ready to flee when he thought it would easily notice him. But, to his surprise it paid him no mind and continued its charge towards Yumei. Landing Eiichi stared in surprise at this revelation.

Then he grinned.

Dipping hands into his pockets and pulling out paper-mache shuriken held between the fingers of both hands, Eiichi descended towards a lower altitude and reached it the same time Yumei's trap went off. In that same instant as she ran along the back of one dragon and Hikaru did whatever assault he couldn't see, Eiichi threw the paper shuriken. Seven flying northwest downwards, diagonally above Makoto.

In six seconds, whether they hit or were cut, those shuriken would explode and in turn provide assistance to both his teammates as they closed in on Makoto's side.

However the explosion wouldn't be destructive energy. It would be confetti. Beautiful confetti that reflected light in the most annoying of ways.

Eiichi was gone from that spot and on to the next, his shuriken ready to pop any second and provide a hilariously devilish distraction when they went off. Enough confetti to momentarily blind if they made contact and even more so if cut down.

Hope this works. With a single hand sign multiple clones, perfect copies, emerged. Moving with him as one, Eiichi and his clones scattered into a group of two. Arranging themselves across various branches along two different trees in groups of 6.

"HEY DIRT WORM!" The Eiichi's shouted, earning the attention of the two dragons as they turned to face both units. "I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU SO I'LL MAKE IT QUICK!"

xDog →Bird → Ratx

The two dragons charged. Eiichi breathed in deeply. Chest expanding, cheeks bulging, the copies of Eiichi performed the same motions at the same time, mimicking him perfectly as he did the motions. He sucked in wind as much as he could, then waited.

Branches shook. He could feel the vibrations growing stronger. A bead of sweat collected on his brow. The same bead appeared on the afterimages.

Counting. Eiichi closed his eyes, maintained the Rat hand seal, and moulded chakra in his diaphragm. He had done this over a thousand times since trying to develop his skill in control, he had practiced it in sparring against clan members. Now he was going to put it in practice officially. A test run that needed to happen if he ever seriously wanted to ensure a opponent that got hit with this didn't get back up on a actual mission.


Using his sixth sense, he felt them. He could sense Hikaru, Yumei, the Jonin, and the constructs. Locking his senses on to just two and leaving the others for background, Eiichi focused. Balancing chakra between himself, his afterimages, and his jutsu.


The vibrations had grown stronger now and at reaching his count, Eiichi opened his eyes, released his hands, and his copies followed the action perfectly.

Opening his mouth Eiichi screamed as loud and as hard as he could. Channeling every memory of bitterness he could recall from his youth to fuel his cry. A feat he knew was empowered by the density of the forest. It bounced off trees and was magnified by the distance between him and others, making it look like he had created shadow clones that were performing the same jutsu as he when in truth the only shadows these clones could cast were the ones the shade provided them from above.

The sound was not magnified by the afterimages but the illusion that they were performing the same jutsu as him magnified the appearance. He screamed a guttural roar, electric currents flying out of his mouth with the shout, vibrating the air and crackling it with the sound of thunder.

The afterimage group dragon 2 charged at appeared to be attacking, but it would soon realize if it didn't pull back to avoid getting struck that unlike dragon 1, the only thing awaiting it was a wall of trees. Not electricity.

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Hikaru nearly jumped out of her skin when he came bursting out of the ground, dodging falling rocks as their new sensei made his grand entrance. Show off, make Eiichi's entrance look irrelevant, but it did serve as good cover for her to make hand signs before he settled in to grace her with his presence and full attention. She stretched, getting ready as he asked her where the rest of her team was. Good question, wasn't that a laugh? Team, what a funny word. "Oh, you mean those two? Yeah, they ditched me. Took Yumei all of two seconds to do that. You know it's not so much that I was surprised she ditched me, I was just mildly impressed at the speed of which she did it. Oh, well, not like I was looking to be her bestie anyway." She said slightly irritated, but she brushed it off, she did everything by herself anyway. Why should this be any different, she hasn't needed any help so far and she didn't need it now as far as she was concerned. "Anyway, all I need is a bell and I pass right?" Asked. It was more of a rhetorical question since she already knew the answer and thinking on it Eiichi didn't exactly ditch her, but her first instinct was to smack the Yumei's face so...she kind of rushed off on that one.

He was an earth user, and that could work to her advantage. The crystal release could convert all solid matter into crystal, so maybe if she used his jutsu as a base for her own she wouldn't have to worry about them. Still, all she had to do was get the bells and she had a few tricks up her sleeve so maybe she could do this. She had to do this.

She slammed her hand on the ground performing Crystal Release: God's Crossing creating a long stream of sharp blue crystals that could be used to bind and pierce a target at the man standing before her. Of course, this was only a distraction he wouldn't just stand there and be captured, she was sure of that. She quickly made hand signs to perform Hexagonal Shuriken: Wild Dance, but unlike when she used it against Yumei, she was going to pull out all the stops with this. Focusing her chakra to make the shuriken spin to indexes their lethal power, aiming it wherever he tried to move after he no doubts dodged her first attack, but in reality, she was hoping to change his earth dragon to crystal so she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. If she could pull it off that is.

Speaking of the devil that's when she noticed Yumei herself running down one of the earth dragons, not that she had any delusions that she was there to apologize and help her whatsoever. This was less than what she could say for Eiichi who came out of nowhere, making what she assumed was supposed to be a distraction in his own special Eiichi kind of way, but she was thankful for the confetti, it instantly gave her an idea. Under the cover of confetti, she made more Hexagonal Shuriken, only she shattered this batch into shards to blend in with the glittering distraction that she would send in after the shuriken to try and cut the strings for the bells. "Hmph, well at least someone's looking out for me I guess, " the golden eyed girl thought to herself and for a moment the thought genuinely made her smile.

Not long after that, she heard what sounded like a cry of sorrow, more like a roar that echoed through the trees. For a brief moment, she was worried about the boy, thinking he might have been hurt badly by the reckless hobo's actions. That was until she realized he was the one who was on the attack, still, she wasn't sure if the attack would be enough. He was a Jonin after all. So his Jutsu was pretty sturdy, right? She sighed as much as stubborn as she was she wasn't heartless and despite her attitude and what she would have people believe she was a kindhearted person so she made hand signs [Horse → Monkey → Ram → Boar] "Crystal Release: God's Crossing!" She said releasing another stream of sharp blue crystals with intent to bind and pierce dragon 2.

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Makoto was unsure whether Hikaru was misleading him or telling the truth about her teammates. Doubt. His thoughts hitched. He was falling into a mental trap. "I see," the man commented, stroking his chin. "I suppose you're more than enough of a fight for me." Bending both knees towards her, Makoto gripped his sword with both hands. That was when the smell of burnt foliage and the crashing of various materials were sensed in the distance. Everything went to hell. The dazzling confetti, approaching Uchiha, screaming blondie, attacking orphan, and multiple dragons assaulted his senses. If he were a normal man, he'd certainly be either dead or overwhelmed, but he wasn't.

The first thing his instincts told him to do was close his eyes, ignore the confetti, and focus on his hearing. The crackling, piercing sound of a lightning jutsu. The rumbling, guttural sound of crystals rupturing the ground towards him. The faint slicing of shurikens through the air. The rapidly sprinting Uchiha scaling the back of his dragon. A perfect scene right in his head. RIght in no time. "Ah, it is so easy to kill, yet so hard to make one submit," he thought, relishing in the visionary darkness. The subtle lapses between the erupting crystal pillars' sound gave him a solid enough idea of the pattern, so he dove forward into God's Crossing between the gaps the crystals made. The shurikens whizzed by his body as he hid behind one of the larger crystals. At the same time, he dispelled the dragon in which Yumei was running on. Hopefully, it would make her stumble for a moment. The other two earth dragons were surely doomed. He would allow them that victory of destroying the serpents.

He did not allow himself to remain idle. God knows what Hikaru could do with her crystals. Finally, he opened his eyes having passed through the cloud of blinding confetti. "Cute," Makoto quipped, leaping away from the crystals. His muscles felt drained from last night's drinking and lack of sleep. "Let's try this," he grunted, pulling out the binding cloths from a seal. Offensively, Hikaru was the most threatening. Or, at least, the most threatening a genin can get, so he targeted her first. The binding cloth slithered around her as she focused on the dragon. Makoto tossed his wooden sword in front of her in hopes to distract her from the ensnaring cloth. @Brea The Brave @The Regal Rper @iseelight


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The “ground” falling from under Yumei’s feet was a momentary distraction, but there was plenty other things going on that pulled her focus back in. It seemed Eiichi and Hikaru were countering the second dragon head together—it looked and smelled like Eiichi had performed a lightning release jutsu against the dragons. All well and good, except they’d left the jonin with an opening, and it seemed he was fully planning to use it.

For a moment, Yumei was unsure how to get Hikaru’s attention—she couldn’t see her face from that angle, and Yumei was sure the noise level was nearly overwhelming for the others, since even she was picking up some of it. Much as she hated to admit it, being down a team member wasn’t actually going to help her out in a situation of this magnitude.

At best, she could destroy part of the binding cloth snaking towards Hikaru; at the very least, she’d force the jonin backwards and alert Hikaru to the binding cloth, maybe even in time. Yumei was quite fast at hand seals, of course, and had completed
Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger before she hit the ground.

One of the largest fireballs she’d managed to date hurtled toward the jonin—maybe even too large. Taking another deep breath, Yumei raised her voice in a rare display.
Hikaru, on your left!

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For Makoto to not notice the burning ball of gas hurling towards him would have been a miracle. For Hikaru not to notice would be slightly more believable. She was focused on the dragon and had just cast a jutsu. By the time she noticed, the fireball may have been too close for her to avoid. Surprisingly, Koma wasn't in the mood to see a charred genin today. A tad too far to substitute with the sword at her feet, he began sprinting towards Hikaru. Forming hand signals at the same time as he was running, he released a jutsu. "Earth Release: Earth and Stone Justu!" A dragon erupted right in front of Makoto's next step; but instead of flying straight into the air, the maw of the serpent acted as a backboard to launch him forward. The binding cloth had found itself sealed back into a scroll as he covered himself in Earth Spear. "3...2...1," he subconsciously counted, crashing into Hikaru the moment he hit 0. Bracing her head and neck, the young man felt a burning sensation surrounding his right side. A few scrapes and tumbles later, and the duo were out of danger.

Letting go of his young genin, Makoto stood and dusted himself off. There was a slight red tinge to the right side of his body, but the Earth Spear armor seemed to have protected him from major burns. Uchihas and their fire what a pain. He had to say something. This type of recklessness could've easily ruined a mission, hurt an ally, or worse. "Alright! Stop for a moment!" he yelled, snapping his fingers to dispel the dragons. The troubling stone serpents dissolved and fell apart with a crash. There had to be an easy way of reprimanding them without explicitly giving away to goal of the test. "I was very impressed a moment ago when you all attacked me at once. It seemed like you guys had some coordination. I was mistaken. You are all monkeys that just so happened to throw something at me at the same time. Uchiha try something like that again, and you all fail, got it? Now, try to take the bells from me again without hurting one another." @Brea The Brave @The Regal Rper @iseelight


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Aragi remained in his slightly crouched position, his eyes seeming to aimlessly wander around the arena that would house their test. Noting the distance between each of the trees, which specific ones seemed to have the large amount of foliage, as well as measuring the distance between the center point of the area and the beginning rung of trees. Doing so, he hadn't paid close attention to the words around him, instead only focusing his hearing on the words of his sensei. "All you need to do is take them from me if you can and by however means necessary. A shinobi has his arsenal stocked and ready at all times and brings all his skills and knowledge to the table. To succeed in any mission, you need to give it your all the first time to achieve a true victory."

Alright sensei... if that's the case...
Aragi's eyes then completely focused on Zaki, once again displaying that intense focus that he had been quite known for. All he began doing was drawing out the Shogi board on the battlefield, keeping in mind the pieces that he had assigned to his teammates earlier: his eyes glanced over at Brock, and then to Ichigo, "No questions here sensei... you heard him guys, the first strike has to be the best one." Slowly beginning to stand up, rather than taking any aggressive action toward the Gyoku (King), the genin placed his hands in the Bird Seal. If the first strike was indeed so important, he couldn't just jump in and expect the best results.
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Taking a second to catch his breath Eiichi surveyed his surroundings with a curious eye. With a glance cast through a fallen curtain of blonde hair, he looked at the dragon Hikaru had taken out for him. Crystals?

A Kekkai Genkai. He concluded. It really did pay well to be a history nerd. It was rumored but not to a clan he was aware of by name could be traced to it outside of vague rumors in forgotten historic tombs. He wasn't even certain if there was a clan, group or family that had such a release style here in the native lands of Fire. And that was saying something because Eiichi prided himself in his geographic understanding and nomen studies. He could name every surname from A-Z on a historical point regardless of geographic standing. So it wasn't hard to see crystals and notice the release a rarity.

At least it explains Hikaru's Miss Sparkle mode.
He would have to keep a mental note on this for later.

Now that he thought about it, she never did talk about her family, not like he was one to speak anyway but still. Then again he hardly really knew either of his teammates. They shared at most a few classes in the recent year or two and that was about it. Honestly he had hardly ever paid much attention to those outside his clique. Noticing tics, reading body language, they were things he picked up in his Kunoichi studies upon also improving his acting skills. Younger, Eiichi knew he had been a lot more self-centered and it had taken effort to erase most of that with discipline, goals, and the occasional beat down from his seniors. So in retrospect it made sense he never noticed or seemed to care before. With this in mind, it didn't take much to guess her circumstances once he put himself in Hikaru's shoes. Especially since they were almost similar or had been once upon a time.

At least that's what Eiichi would have felt if his family continued to neglect him like before. It didn't take much imagination to picture what it was like coming to a empty household when a few years back that had been his life everyday.

But that brought the question of who was watching over her if his hunch was right?

A certain Academy teacher came to mind and after a second Eiichi found himself silently eyeing the crystals in thought.

Perhaps, it was time he started taking a closer look at the others. Not just his squad...but all of them. The clan, the unit members, and even Miss Midori; they were all instrumental keys that altered his life for the better before he became too set in his impish and vile ways. In the past he only really gave another person's personal life attention if it played into his own gains or brought him satisfaction in some morbid display of pranking. But, he was a lot different now.

Or at least Eiichi liked to think so. Getting the shit beaten out of you in training when you thought being a Shinobi was easy, tended to change one's behavior in some way, of that he was sure. Paying closer attention to the others however, could in turn provide him some benefit. After all his uncle had said to cherish the small moments, even with the ones you hardly know. He would have to look into convincing Hikaru for a bit of training together later, along with Yumei. Providing of course the two didn't kill each other first. And if he ever saw them again if he or they didn't pass.

Rising to his feet he found that concept slightly funny. "What the guys of Math class wouldn't give to be in my shoes
" he chuckled, "stuck in a fight between two of the Hot 5, oh Akihiro how you must hate me right now.
" he snorted then turned his eyes away from the crystals and charred dragon bits of dragon one, just in time to see--

" A giant ball of fire went flying towards Hikaru and in that same instant Eiichi was already moving from tree to tree, putting his Taijutsu to full use. He moved from branch to branch like a Sarutobi's monkey doped up on caffeine or that gigantic Brock guy when he's not actually messing around.

Scowling Eiichi put his all into the run. Two thousand feet and closing, less than ten seconds till impact. Focusing on his senses Eiichi took on the world in a different light as the rush of trees, shade and light blurred his vision and the world became difficult to see.

The fireball technique Yumei had used was sure to hit but- Makoto was already moving to intercept the assault. He sensed the sudden shift in pressure around Makoto's chakra signature. A telltale sign of acknowledgement that a person was reacting to a situation. This reaction made his rush slow as he crossed the 370 foot mark at break neck speeds, at sixth second. He could see the two move, the fireball passing by, both Hikaru and Makoto landing on the other side with little harm.

When Makoto had issued his warning Eiichi had yet to fully rejoin, hitting the 180ft mark. At this point he had slowed considerably to conserve his energy, going into a walk. He listened to the jonin's warning with a neutral expression, at least till he heard the part about being failed if another blunder like this happened again.

The moment Makoto was done talking, Eiichi waited a single second then without warning, rushed towards the group. His speed shifted, went from a walk to a jog that looked like he was coming up to the jonin to talk. "TIME OUT! HOLD UP! HOLD ON EVERYBODY WAIT! HEY HIKARU, I SEE THAT LOOK ON YOUR FACE! HOLD ON EVERYONE, HOLD ON!
" the blonde repeatedly shouted to get as much attention as possible, waving his arms around as he jogged up. At first it looked like he was doing it to get some attention or maybe stop whatever else might happen in the literal few seconds it would take for Hikaru to get angry and maybe try and punch Yumei or chew the other girl out.

In truth Eiichi was making that noise to keep either one from approaching the other immediately and also to ensure that no one immediately jumped for the bells.

He aimed straight for Hikaru, running past the nameless jonin as he came up, skidded to a halt, then stopped. Immediately he began checking her for injuries but upon finding none, without saying anything and wrapping one arm around her waist then heaved her over his shoulder. "Shut up
" he immediately followed up, whether to the jonin or Hikaru it was hard to tell. "If you squirm too much and end up hitting me in the face I will not hesitate to spank you right here and now. And if you think I'm joking, try me.
" Were the next words to flow out of his mouth which made it clear who he was talking to this time and as if to show her he meant it, he used his free arm to pat her back. It was so ungentlemanly it might as well have been the worst thing ever in terms of etiquette but he came from a band of criminals and a band of mercenaries, so honestly anyone paying attention and knew anything about either of his clans shouldn't have been surprised.

If one thing was certain Eiichi had every bit of confidence that even if she did wail on him she wouldn't do anything to seriously hurt him. Not only would it possibly get her in trouble, but they would all fail when he was doing nothing wrong.

Besides he had her arms locked while he held her and even if Hikaru did struggle free she would find it would take a lot before he let go considering he was using only one arm to lift and keep her on his shoulder with what appeared to be little strain on his own body.

With a grunt he shifted his cargo a little, then moved towards Yumei, wondering if he could carry them both as he approached.

"Shut up
." He said to Yumei before she could say anything about his actions. He spoke in a way that ensured she could read his lips. "Come with me
", like a viper his hand shot out, grabbed hers, locked fingers like a vice grip or bear trap, and then with surprising gentleness that bellied the initial finger lock he had Yumei's hand in at the start, he pulled her to follow. Keeping a tight yet soft enough hold on her hand. "We'll be back sensei! I'll send a clone your way when ready!

Eiichi ignored anything either one would say to him after that the entire time. And any attempts at escaping resulted in him just picking both of them up and walking steadily towards a clearing. Though with some difficulty either if they struggled or due to combined weight.

✿ ✿​

Upon reaching the clearing Eiichi finally released both his captives. He let them both go in the least princessly manner anyone in the Hot 5 deserved. If he were surrounded by either of these oblivious girls unsuspecting fans, they would be screaming all manners of violence at him for handling gals of such beauty in such a rude and untoward way. The moment he released the two girls, he jumped away from both of them to gain some level of distance, taking cover under the shade of a tree.

Squat up on his perch, staring at the girls with a small smile as he looked at them Eiichi sighed and that reaction shrunk the smile he was using. The shade of the leaves and occasional ray of light illuminated his magenta eyes in a eerie way when he looked back at them.

"Ara ara...its like watching Kanon in a shogi match with that champ. But at least that's in good fun
" he muttered. "Alright
" he said louder. "You two need to get your shit together and work with me here.
" Then after only a second of silence he continued.

"I've been trying to work with you both here.
" He followed up with a shrug and small genuine smile. "You may not see it but I'm trying. Sure I may be the classic slacker to you both but believe me, if this continues we're going to all fail.
" He emphasized. "The problem is you
" he pointed vaguely in Yumei's direction "and
" he added after a pause "you.
" He said to Hikaru this time. "I don't know what exactly is your problem with her, but I can tell you don't like her. And Yumei
" he landed then using his hands he signed at her as he spoke, "you need to communicate with us and stop what you're doing, right now. So far your fighting style going into this has done nothing but been focused around your own advancement. I'm sure the fireball you sent wasn't intended to be as big as it was
," and at this he pointedly glanced in Hikaru's direction to get that point across "so I don't want to hear any moaning about her intentional attempt to barbecue you.Both of you need to communicate with each other. And you both need to stop whatever
" he rolled his hand, "this is.
" The hand signs stopped. "Because we're not going to win this if you two keep acting the way you are. Now, Yumei, my little flamethrower
" (which was ironic considering she was a little taller) "do you maybe want to help me out here?
" Then with a hand he signed for her to approach Hikaru and even did the eye gesture thing to add to it.

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Brock took his arms from his side and sighed. He had probably jumped the gun on his thinking and accidentally let a little bit of darkness slip from his heart. They wouldn't be trampling over each other but working together instead. If Zaki sensei could read his mind, he would have failed him without a doubt. He explicitly stated that they should work together and his mind still jumped to getting a bell for himself. This showed him that he still had a ways to go in terms of growth and this battle would be the first in a long line of teachable moments to him. A quick glance at both teammates called to memory that their jutsu were more focused on long range/support and trap styles and a hint of taijutsu so they kind of balanced each other out. It was finally time for them to begin this little exercise and Brock thought that the most logical thing for him to do was strike first so that his teammates could get set up. They couldn't exactly strategize in front of Zaki so he hoped his fellow genin would catch on to what he was doing.

Brock assumed the firm stance that he felt most comfortable with, spreading his legs a little and setting himself before placing an arm in front of him at a forty five degree angle. The wind blew around his black cloak and rustled his white hair, giving him a little emphasis when he spoke. "Lets get started then." A look of stone broke for the time being and turned into mild excitement as the large lad sped forward towards Zaki. "Let's see you tank this!" When he was within a few feet, he jumped into the air and span violently before placing the momentum behind a kick that was aimed for Zaki's head. It was vibrant and would without a question be dodged but that wasn't the point. His job as a front line striker was to get all the attention on him so his teammates could breathe in the back line and make it easier for him to land a good strike. He just hoped he would be able to stand up to the punishment he was about to receive.

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Hikaru sighed in relief that she was able to destroy the second dragon, even forgetting about the crystal shards she had in place amongst Eiichi's confetti explosion meant to be a trap for their new sensei so she could snag his bells, completely forgetting to use them to cut the string on his bells whilst she was worried about helping Eiichi. That is when she heard Yumei's voice admittedly in a much louder tone than she ever would usually she first jumped a little seeing the eccentric hobo's wooden sword followed by the radiant light of a giant ass fireball coming towards her. This girl was trying to deep fry her.

"Did she really just-" before she could finish her sentence she felt herself being grabbed by someone and moved out of the way when she realized it was him. He immediately stopped the exercise to berate them and talk about how he almost thought they were working together but realized they were all just attacking at the same time "Naw, you think so?" Hikaru said sarcastically as she could have sworn she all but told him that was the case when they got there, but she had other business to attend to, like why Yumei was trying to barbecue her!? She always took things too far, she gives her a playful glitter show, she trips her with a ninja feint, she beats her to the training ground she tries to broil her alive, she didn't even do anything to her this time!

She could hear Eiichi screaming something although she'll admit she wasn't particularly paying him any attention at the time. Something about looking and holding. He came over and examined her for some reason and then immediately wrapped his arm around her waist before heaving her over his shoulder. The golden-eyed girl blinked a few times confused as her long white hair fell over her shoulders, down Eiichi's back not exactly understanding what was going on here all of a sudden, but before she could even say anything she heard Eiichi telling someone to shut up, she wasn't entirely sure whom he was talking to until he said he'd spank her is she squirmed too much and or hit him before patting her back to make his point. She blushed and her fingers twitched. Did he really just? He can't do that! However, she was torn between the option of breaking free and smacking the high holy bath salts out of him and failing or staying her hand. She had no idea it would take so much will-power, not to do something. She growled at him the entire way there, it was like holding a very agitated cat set to claw his eyes out until he finally put her down and wisely put some distance between himself and her and she looked him dead in the eyes with a look that said if he ever 'patted' her like that again she'd eat his soul.

Almost immediately he began to scold them, explaining that he's been trying to work with them and whatever was going on between them needed to stop or they were going to fail. She shrugged, brushing her hair behind her ear and crosses her arms "Whatever, let's just get this over with so we can best the eccentric hobo please?" She sighed. She didn't feel like going into why she didn't like the girl, not would she keep pointing out that it was, in fact, she who bailed within 2 seconds of hearing about the bells.



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Quirking an eyebrow at Eiichi’s strange behavior, Yumei ignored him for the moment and opened her mouth to protest to the jonin that he wasn’t being fair—before her hand was grabbed unceremoniously and she was dragged off with the other two genin on her team. She had more than half a mind to kick Eiichi until he let her go, but something told her the boy had a plan. Maybe he was trying to get her far away from the jonin so he could get the bells first; maybe this was a clone and he’d concealed himself back there with the jonin. Yumei gave his hand an experimental squeeze—a rather hard one, admittedly, hard enough that it was likely to damage a clone. But all she felt were the bones in Eiichi’s hand protesting against her grip. The real one, then.

Still, she suspended her trust, watching him dump Hikaru gracelessly off his shoulder and dart up into a tree. Yumei scowled through his little speech; pretty words, but what if she couldn’t trust him? And besides, communication was… not her strong suit.

I dont need you to make excuses for me. Im getting one of those bells, she stated matter-of-factly, whether its as a team will depend on your plan. Besides, how are we going to decide who gets one and who goes back? Yumei glanced sidelong at Hikaru, who seemed generally undamaged, and let out a silent sigh. She had almost hurt her, accident though it may have been, and it only served as a reminder of how much training she still needed. Her chakra control was clearly inadequate. This was why she hated being on a team, it was so much easier to only have one person to look out for...

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Deki Hyuuga
「Squad 3 Training Ground |@Coco Adel @BriiAngelic @Beski

Almost faster than her eyes could track, the blast of air rocked towards her. Deki crossed her forearms in front of her to protect her vitals as the air pressure knocked her into to the tree line. Her back impacted with a tree, pushing the air out of her lungs with a weezing cough. She managed to land on her feet and maintain her Byakugan. She rolled her shoulders tenderly- that would bruise.
"DEKI, TAKA! THE BELLS!" Kanon's shout snapped her back to attention back to the unfolding scene. Deki's keen eyesight cut through the gloom of the smokescreen. Takahiro had cleared away some of the dark cloud with his staff and was grabbing wildly for the bells. More importantly, the woman's body language had changed. She was wide open. Without a second thought Deki bolted forward, closing the distance between her and the heiress.
Ash stung her eyes and lungs. With a single precise move she grabbed at the bell from her squad leader's hip. She trained her eyes on the woman as her fingertips brushed against the remaining bell, attempting to ready herself for a counter. But the counter didn't come. The squad leader didn't make a single move to stop her.
Confused and annoyed, Deki whirled to face the heiress. "What was that?!" she snarled as the smoke cleared. Is she making a fool of us? She watched Takahiro toss his bell to Kanon, disappointment clear on his face. Pity morphed into fury as he removed his forehead protector.
"This test is completely and utterly stupid. We're supposed to be squad mates and you want us to fight over bells? And even if we worked together someone would have be left behind? How can you condone something this wrong-headed sensei?" she raged, gesturing wildly. She threw her bell to the ground and glared at the older Hyuuga.

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Hotarubi looked at them and sighed, lifting Kanon off her waist by her collar and dropped her in front of her teammates after Deki took a bell from her and started to rage at her about how wrong she was for pitting them against one another and yet...with all their complaining and sacrifice...they still didn't get it. With that, she closed her eyes and sighed answering her question "You pit yourselves against each other...a ninja must see through deception and you 3 failed to do that." She opened her eyes looking to the 3 of them seemingly very disappointed "The point of the bell test is to see through deception and work as a team. Why do you think we put you on teams? To go it alone? Do you think we just go out into the field and leave our comrades to their own devices and let fate take the wheel? No, you're supposed to look out for each other, watch each other's backs, cover each other's weaknesses!" She looks at them a bit more sternly this time and turned to each of them.

"Takahiro, your sacrifice is touching, but it spits in the face of your teammate's efforts, you don't need to be the star of the show. If these bells were vital intel for the village, would you hand them back to her, simply because you didn't get them yourself? Would you give up that easily!?" She asked before turning to Kanon "Kanon I would say your efforts are admirable, but it's clear you were out to win for your own glory and not the benefit of your teammates. You rushed in with no coordination or backup plan, you would get yourself killed like that!" She scolded before turning to Deki "And you, not only did you not lift a finger to help your squad, but you were more concerned with antagonizing me than helping your squad or even getting the bells, you put your personal feelings against me before the mission. You could have come in the rescue Kanon, but you didn't, you took the bell and you ran. So don't lecture me about being wrongheaded, when you aren't even the correct headspace!" She said in a very strict and authoritative way before she sighed and returned to a calmer but still saddened and disappointed demeanor "Despite what you may believe, what any of you may believe...I really did want you to pass, but I can't pass you if you can't understand this." She said and looked at the clock they had barely begun so they still had plenty of time left.

"I'll tell you what? I'm going to give you some time to yourselves and when I come back, we're going to try again and unless you want to be the first team to fail this test in record time, you'll have yourselves together. Am I clear!?" She said.

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Takahiro’s attempt to divert attention was cut short as Deki lashed out at the concept of the bell test. He gulped quietly, eyes flicking between the two Hyugas before him. Ah yikes, we’re all about to fail aren’t we? At least there’ll be some familiar faces in the academy...
He straightened up a bit, tightening his stance when Hotarubi began to speak, especially as she addressed him.

"Takahiro, your sacrifice is touching, but it spits in the face of your teammate's efforts, you don't need to be the star of the show. If these bells were vital intel for the village, would you hand them back to her, simply because you didn't get them yourself? Would you give up that easily!?"

The words cut deep. Deep enough to seemingly strike a nerve, as he began to feel that charge in his body again, the same one he felt when the test was first presented. “A Sarutobi never gives up. They would die before surrendering!” Alas, Takahiro was the type to answer rhetorical questions. He raised the dangling forehead protector to his face, staring at his soot-covered reflection. I’m gonna pass this stupid test, and they’re gonna pass it with me.

After Hotarubi sensei finished her speech, he turned to his group, forehead protector still in hand. “I guess I got a little dramatic, huh?” He gulped, glancing over his shoulder to see if Hotarubi was within earshot. Once she was definitely unable to hear him, the fuse rekindled. “Alright, so I don’t know how how she expects three of us to split two bells, but if I hear the word deception one more time, I’m sending Hozi after the bells.” He chuckled at the thought, glancing between his partners to come up with their own ideas. “You think if I melted the bells down they could be shaped into three smaller bells?”

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Eiichi was beginning to see if this was really going to be his team, then he and Makoto would really need to work together to settle these two's issues with each other. Hikaru's response left him unsure but at least she seemed...open?

Yumei's didn't help things at all. Her response if anything gave him the idea that she was still seeing this as a competition.

The problem was he was dealing with two people who very much seemed to think of this as a competition and that was where the problem lied. He needed to fix that.

"I wasn't making excuses for you." Eiichi said plainly after dropping the weak smile. "You can call it what you want but if I ever defend someone for any reason you'll know the difference. Any idiot with working brain cells could see you didn't mean to attack Hikaru. Not apologizing anyway when I was giving you that opening, or just refusing to apologize in general in a obvious situation does not help! "

Sighing he rubbed the back of his neck. "Look, I don't know what makes either of you think we'll be getting anywhere without proper cooperation. I've got my tricks but they'll get us so far. We can both try doing this your way, attacking in coordination and then aiming for the bells for ourselves but you guys aren't thinking bigger. We'll still be fighting each other for a bell in the end plus fighting the jonin. If this guy wants to keep those bells away from us all he has to do is sink back into the ground or use one of those dragons. But since the only thing you two seem to have in common are your aggression, attractiveness, and focus on winning" he emphasized with a chuckle, "then I'll indulge you both and tell you my hunch."

"We fail if we don't work together." And then he raised both hands like a showman to silence his audience and said: "Us working together is the basis of this whole thing. How do I know that? It's a guess based off of what the jonin said. And before you say I'm spouting bull, hear me out."

Moving towards a tree trunk Eiichi jumped up onto a bough then climbed his way up. Using a clearing that would give them a good view of him from his perch."Alright, he's just waiting for us at the moment." Landing he continued. "Ever since we started this I've found things off" he signed and spoke. Hands moving to form words while mouth also did the talking. "Certain things don't make sense. If this is a competition and this is how all tests are conducted, why isn't this more common knowledge? It doesn't add up that two genin pass and one fails. If that were how things were done, someone would talk. I don't know about you two but I grew up learning how to listen to gossip. Rumors, backhanded talk, all these things would happen with a frustrated person venting or something- people talk and this would be something that someone would hear about. There's no way any genin who went through 4 years of what we went through would just take being dropped quietly, at least not the persistent ones. Yet" wagging a finger, "none of us have. Not even from the few people I know that have failed the test once or even twice.

"So" Eiichi grinned just a little as he looked at the girls, "I'm betting this is a trick. We're supposed to work against each other and figure things out on our own. It's a competition but that's where we're failing. We tried that, and I don't see anyone with bells here unless you and that jonin are working together and-" his eyes changed color for one brief second before going back to magenta, maybe a trick of the light- "I highly doubt that's the case."

"You want to get a bell for yourself be my guest, but it's a waste of time when you have 2 competitors and one strong defender. You want to avoid disgrace of having to go back to the Academy? Work with me if you won't work with each other and I'll cover for both of you." He said with a smile. "That's my offer. Sure I'm basing it on a hunch, but it makes sense if you think about it. This is a test. And we are being tested, but I doubt it's through a competition. Now, if you agree, here's my plan.

"Hikaru" Eiichi looked at her, "you're ideal to this. Your release style looks like it contradicts Earth nature, so you can easily go toe-to-toe with the jonin. Using your Crystal Release you can keep him on his guard and keep him off balanced. Yumei" he turned to her and instead began signing. "I saw that trap you set up. While Hikaru is busy keeping him off balance get s trap ready, and move in to support her. I'll be covering you guys and your blind spots so don't worry about that. So, what do you say? We doing this or what? Because the longer we talk the more time we lose. You either work with me and I'll help you both or we continue the competition and screw each other in the worst way possible. Your decision. And I want to hear you say you are willing to work with me. Phrase it any other way and I'll take that as a no. Now what is your answer? We're running out of time."

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Ichigo Goru



Training Ground

Ichigo watched as her teammates ran forward, there wasn't much she could do at the moment but attempt to lay a trap, but how was the question. She could try placing a glyph on him, but to what end? She supposed her only choice was to try and get him in position and give the others a gold crack at him, she was more than sure they could do something if they could get their hands on him, but both were too close to him to do anything rash at the moment so she focused on him and made a glyph on him. With this anything bearing her chakra would be attracted to it like a homing beacon so she infused her shuriken with chakra and threw about 3 of them at him before taking some gum and putting in her mouth, she would then prepare for her next move continuing to throw more shuriken at him for the time being.

She would then blow a large pink bubble and release it, the bubble would follow him and explode upon impact. The gum was also adhesive so if he got it on him he'd get stuck in it, still, she didn't know if this would work and was planning something else while she was at it.

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    ~ Training Field ~
    Lose You || Kanon's CS File

    Kanon had barely had time to land, once she got herself off of her sensei, before she saw them ruin her plans. She wanted to scream and holler that she had no intention of losing but she worried that they would all lose if they lost the bells. It hadn’t taken long for Taka to toss his bell to her and she had only barely caught it. She looked up to watch as he took off his forehead protector in shock. She didn’t know what to say, she knew that he wouldn’t give up on being a shinobi, but he was still willing to stall?

    In a way she wanted to thank him, she knew she couldn’t afford to go back, but she also wanted to hit him. Wasn’t it just yesterday the fool was making all types of declarations of victory? She felt her hands ball up in fists the bell ringing as it dug into her palm. She didn’t want some uncertain victory, if he was the one giving up the bell and Hotarubi-sensei accepted that then wasn’t it the same as losing? Relying on another to choose her fate had never been okay with her.

    After all if she gave in and accepted this incomplete victory then she was just proving her mother right, wasn’t she?

    She only vaguely was aware that Deki was shouting her head off. Even if they had just gotten the bells it seems that her teammates had agreed with her feeling that they had lost. Hotarubi’s cold facts answer only left her feeling worse as she confirmed indeed they had lost.

    She felt Nezumi slink up her sholder as Hotarubi turned her attention to Kanon’s fuck-ups. Well she couldn’t argue with facts. She felt her palms throb with the reminder of the pain from her self-inflicted injury. She unballed her fists as she gave Nezumi the bell.

    “She’s right you know, since you’re still a pinkie I’ll let it slide this time. Remember a fool will not make many allies in the nest. Naoki must have taught you this.”

    She wanted to crawl into a hole and hide her embarrassed flush she knew must be showing on her face. If her shyest mouse was speaking up in front of others then she really looked like a fool. She could practically hear her mother’s sighing now. She’d come to learn early on that she hated disappointment more than anger. If you get a person angry you’re still winning but to face disappointment well it showed in the silence left behind.

    As their sensei finished her speech she heard Taka speak up again. Dramatic huh? Yeah but that was a bit respectable in its own right. Once her sensei was out of earshot though she heard him continue and couldn’t hold back her laugh. How this idiot managed to come to that conclusion, she didn’t know but she appreciated it nonetheless.

    “Well first off. Lunch. I’d been meaning to say this earlier but my family packed enough for our whole squad.” She went to go grab the bento she had placed carefully out of their fighting space. She returned back and took each stacked apart showing that she had plenty.

    The box was given the works. Lots of Takoyaki, her favorite! Tempura, which she hated and presumed was only in there to get her to share. Salmon Onigiri, Anpan which was probably red bean, and fruits of every color. Everything that was quick and easy to just grab. Her dad really had been thinking of her. A small smile grew before she pushed it away laying out the box.

    “Eat up! ‘Cause we’re gonna win so we need our strength. And don’t tell me that it’s not something you like cause you gotta eat it anyways.”

    Besides if they did diss her dad’s cooking then she would probably deck them and that’s just not a conductive start to a healthy team. Uh-oh damn did this mean she had to introduce them to her family? She hated people other than Aragi visiting the clan compound. Bleh, she’d just have to tell them to watch out for some stuff.


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