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"Onigake Ramen? Very well, it's a very nice establishment, as I am to understand one of your classmate's mother owns that place don't they?" She asked thinking on it, Aragi Onigake was assigned to Zaki's squad, she had no idea if the boy was done or if they passed, but she didn't want to make them worry. After all, now was a happy occasion, they had passed their exam they were now well on their way to become fully-fledged shinobi and she would do everything in her power to make sure that they didn't have short-lived careers.

"Well, then, shall we be off?" She said and began to leave the training ground to take them to get some food, after all, they were probably hungry after all that and while sometimes the situation may call for it, she couldn't expect them to do their best, weak and tired from hunger. She made sure the Genin were still behind her as they made their way there, laughing a bit as she listened to Takahiro's assumptions of what their first mission would be "I think, you should probably manage your expectations a little on that one, but you'll get there...eventually, definitely not today but...eventually to be sure." She said.

She looked up at the sky thinking to herself...Makoto was also signed a squad, she wondered...if they passed, she wondered if he took is seriously or if he even cared. Well at the very least she supposed she could count on him caring about compensation enough to do it right, but truthfully she wished he had more motivation than that.

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Takahiro folded his arms at the mention of Onigake Ramen. The food was delicious, that was for sure, but it was no secret that Takahiro and Aragi had their differences. "Yeah yeah, the one always playing that nerdy board game." Taka said, rolling his eyes. "He better have passed his sensei's test. We still have to break our tie!" Taka recalled his scraps with Aragi in the academy, their styles being almost entirely opposite and constantly stalemating one another.

The thought of food though soon alleviated his competitive thoughts and snapped Takahiro back into celebration as he followed his sensei out of the training grounds. "Ahh, so we can save the Hokage escort for tomorrow after we heal up." He grinned, this time though the sarcasm was more apparent. He hung back a few steps, catching up with Deki and Kanon. "So I heard my sister the other day talking about these bandits a few miles out of the village. Apparently they're packing some weird chakra and nobody is taking the mission." Takahiro said, his loud voice carrying and not caring who heard. "I bet we could take 'em! Or...at least figure out what their deal is."

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Deki Hyuuga
「Squad 3 Training Ground |@Coco Adel @BriiAngelic @Beski

"Of course he passed," Deki glanced in Takashiro's direction with a slightly annoyed look. "There's no way he would trip up at genin." She had complete faith in the young shogi player. If his sensei didn't think he had what it took to be a shinobi, they were insane.

A fond smile found its way back onto her face as squad 3 left the training ground. She listened to the jonin, pleased by her projection for 'eventually.' It seemed she saw a future for them. Nice. Takahiro joined her and Kanon as they trekked toward Onigake ramen, pitching a mission he had overheard. "Bandits, huh?" It would be an interesting gauge of their combat ability to go up against multiple enemies. 'Weird chakra' is what truly piqued her interest, along with the fact that the mission was a few miles out of the village. This would be her first opportunity to venture outside the village borders. All that combined with the thought of a mystery needing to be solved had her completely intrigued.
"We are uniquely equipped to figure out what their deal is," she continued, crossing her arms. Their squad had two Byakugan users and two shinobi with summoning capabilities. Information gathering could be a good fit. "It sounds interesting," she concluded, voicing her support.

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Hikaru carefully stretched her fingers out to slide her glove off of her arm to get a better look at the damage. She had felt it but never actually saw it for herself. It looked swollen as she instinctively held her hand close to her body, still trying her best not to move it. She was upset about failing and seemed irritated but, that's because it was easy...being irritated that was. It was better than confronting the crushing disappointment she felt. In her mind, there wasn't much she was good at, this is what she was good at and she failed at it. If she couldn't do this then what could she do?

No, it was easier to distract herself with anger or irritation, blame the strange yet painful feeling in her wrist, her throbbing headache. Anger was far more desirable than as far as she was concerned, much more unpleasant feelings. She turned to look towards her teammates. Yumei seemed...upset, why wouldn't she? For the first time she wasn't irritated with her, she actually felt bad for her, despite the fact that she couldn't apologize for a simple mistake. Yeah, she messed with her sometimes but never genuinely make her feel bad, not like this.

She bit her lip a little and before she could even see how Eiichi was doing he was already up...trying to make them feel better, enthusiastically telling them how great they did. It made her want to smile, but she was a bit too embarrassed to, although despite her best efforts she could feel one slowly creeping across her face when suddenly he mentioned her hand. She looked at him, a bit confused, he asked her to let him see, we'll more so he told her as it was clear it wasn't a question when he suddenly took hold of her arm before she could even think to protest.

"H-hey, careful!" She said, in reaction to the sudden action though it seemed to be unnecessary, as the boy seemed to handle her arm with firmly yet gently to get a better look at it. She blushed, feeling a little embarrassed as she wasn't used to anyone making any sort of fuss over her or examining her for any reason. She kind of looks away a little as he carefully albeit painfully poked and prodded at her wrist, telling her not to move, not that she was in any particular rush to be anywhere.

She didn't complain about the pain, merely wrapped her other arm around herself, half crossing her arms but with one hand, she winced and squeezed her side a little, but never complained, she didn't want to seem like a baby or make a big deal out of it. She wasn't used to people helping her or looking out for her, she wasn't entirely sure what was a big deal, but he clearly behaved as if this were...something of a big deal.

Again, for a moment she thinks she saw his eyes change color, but it was gone again in the blink of an eye. Was she just seeing things? No, not twice in a row even if her head was killing her right now. What was that man's cranium made of!? She was drawn out of her thoughts by Eiichi apologizing, but what for? It's not like he dislocated her wrist, was he apologizing for prying? It was painful but it wasn't that bad. She shrugged with the opposite shoulder still not wanting to move the affected arm. But before she could even think to say it wasn't a big deal he interlocked his fingers with hers, holding her hand...pretty tight, she looked down at his hand kind of confused and again before she could even get the words out to say he was holding her hand too tight or even to ask why or what in the ever-loving mortal coil was he talking about when suddenly she felt a really sharp pain for a moment accompanied by a bone snapping pop, the sound of her wrist being popped back into place.

She changed her mind, it was a big deal it was a very big deal! She didn't scream or cry, she never did, it was habit or hers, not because it didn't hurt, but she had a habit or never wanting people to know something was wrong, she didn't want to make a big deal out of it, she didn't want to bother people with her problems. She was used to doing things by herself and therefore never let on that she needed help, just powered through and figured it out herself...but that didn't change the fact that, that hurt like hell. Her pupils silvered out and she bit her lip holding her wrist, seeing that Eiichi has already wisely made some distance between them and she had about half a mind to extract his soul from where he stood but...she supposed he was just trying to help although she did almost smack the Jonin when he also decided to handle her arm again, but she decided against it...it didn't seem like it would be exactly smart to inflict violence upon him while he had a hold of her arm and it did seem like he was trying to help as well, but she did poke his head...cause she'd be damned if she left here today not knowing what that thing was made of. Although she was kind of confused about what he said to Eiichi...why would he be seeing a lot of him, she thought he said they failed? She took a look at her arm, thanks to the efforts of Eiichi and the man whom shall henceforth be known as the offender, it felt a lot better, it still kind of hurt but it felt better. "No...it feels fine, " She said.

His name was Hajime Koharu, he was a chunin but he was very observant and he had noticed something...strange recently. This woman Utsuwa Sarutobi had been acting very strangely as of late. He felt she might have been behind some odd going on in the village, nothing too big, nothing very noticeable, he couldn't explain it, he couldn't point and one thing and tell you what he thought but he knew he was right, yet he also knew and he figured he could handle this is he played this smart, don't let her.

He followed her from afar, but not too far, keeping his distance as to try not to draw her attention and keep the element of surprise. He knew she was up to something but what you knew and what you could prove we're two different things.

He stayed hidden behind a building peeking out to see what she was doing and adjusts his glasses, putting his fingers to the rims to push them back up firmly on his face. "Did she see me?" He thinks to himself, sweating just a little bit. Being a higher rank didn't necessarily mean she was stronger than he and strength wasn't everything in a fight but he did want to try and avoid combat he just needed proof and he'd go...or maybe he was wrong and he'd look like a fool in the end for nothing...wouldn't that be nice?
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    Enthusiasm! Now that’s what he wanted to see from his little brats. Well if he was being honest Chou was showing less than he wanted but he’d come to expect that, he knew the girl would perform perfectly. He’d wanted to drag them out to eat later because if he guessed right at least one of his brats had skipped breakfast so he’d just start light today. Which was for the best anyways if he through them straight in with no explanation of the theory then how could he expect them to do anything but exhaust themselves.

    “Good, good keep that mood in mind today’s training is a hard one. But luckily for you guys the first steps are easy.”

    He pulled out the chakra papers and handed one to each of his students. He debated on explaining first but he wanted them awake first. Instead, he demonstrated the process by throwing his chakra into his own paper. The paper blacked as shadows started to cross it, before becoming damp and finally cutting in two.

    “These papers are... well think of it like the psych evaluations you had to go through. They take the data you give it and churn out a reflection of yourself. In the Psych eval it was an academy profile, in this case these papers take your chakra and tell you more about your elemental affinities. I’m sure you’ve already noticed through the few jutsu you’ve begun to collect in your attack arsenal that some come easier to you than others. I can certainly guess what I’m expecting from ya guys, but sometimes its easier to accept when there’s proof. Typically most genin have one affinity, something about the malleability of the chakra and et cetra, but anyways chakra is a tricky mistress. By the time you’re a jonin it’s not unheard of to find that you have another hidden deep. Mine is a bit more unique... considering my base affinity isn’t quite elemental in the first place.”

    He looked at his brats making sure they were all listening well. He didn’t want them rushing headlong into these exercises without them getting anything from it either. He nodded to himself as he noticed them all looking a bit more alert. Good so now he was really getting their attention.

    “In fact the Jutsu I’ve had you guys practicing Yin Release: Body Scan Jutsu, It’s one of the first my own Sensei, Yuuto, taught me since it was in my first affinity. I made you learn it as your baseline because I can already tell none of you have Yin affinity. Each one reacts to the paper in a different way. Yin is an affinity that is genetic in almost all cases, as such, it reacts in the way the user expects it would since its a manifestation of Mental Chakra. Water, as you saw, will make the paper wet, Wind cuts it in two. Fire burns the paper to ash starting from where you hold it, careful you don’t burn yourself if you have it Hideaki, lighting will crumple the paper, uh oh yeah there’s earth too but I doubt any of you will have that. If you do it will turn to dirt in your hands. Yang’s a thing too but that’s also genetic I believe and I know jack shit on it so if you have that we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. And with that I guess we can begin. Channel it just like you guys did for the tree walking exercise.”


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    She knew it even their sensei knew they were going to be winners. Even if she did seem preoccupied at the second. She hadn’t denied they’d get their time to shine just said that it probably wouldn’t be just yet, which was as good as a yes in her books. She was already planning in her head the quickest way to get the most money in a day. If they wanted to get great they’d need to get some cash for weapons, especially since it seemed that Deki and Takahiro would both lean to them. At least that’s what she was doing up until Taka and Deki starting talking about Aragi’s test.

    “Hmm? Oh Aragi’s smart so it’s no doubt he passed. It’s the rest of his team you should worry about. Didn’t he have the giant and the pinkie on his team? I barely remember them heck I didn’t even know pinkie was in the academy for real til teams were being given out.”

    She could acknowledge a good amount of Kunoichi that went through the academy as proper rivals but even if she tried she couldn’t remember much of the girl on their team. Was she quiet? Or maybe she was just too meek. Oh well, at least she could sort of remember the girl’s face, as for the third all she could remember was he was huge and occasionally smelled odd.

    “Mmm poor Aragi, I think his team has some weirdos. But anyways those bandits, how’d your sis find out does she work admissions? Do you think she could get us in for it? Also what do you mean weird chakra? Do you mean Yang or Yin Chakra? My dad says those are kinda rare and that’s why even though our clan has some yang users most have difficulty with some special jutsu.”
Utsuwa can still tell that there's someone out there as they have been stalking her for a while now. She couldn't figure out their identity nor whether or not they are ninjas.

"Don't be shy, I won't hurt you," Utsuwa said as she is trying to encourage whoever is following her to come out from hiding.

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Hotarubi I continued to walk, listening to the Genin as they conversed amongst themselves, at the very least at least they seemed to get along. She sighed shaking her head a little with a smile on her face that said 'what am I going to do with you?' As the children didn't seem to be heeding her words about managing her expectations. She thought about it, a bandit base even for the purpose of recon would require some level of infiltration and while she believed they had potential she didn't think they were ready for that just yet, still they seemed determined.

"Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, the Hokage would never allow it. You are freshly graduated, Genin and infiltrating a bandit base is a C Rank mission at the very least." She explained but before they were completely discouraged she put her finger up to show that she wasn't done as she continued to lead them to the ramen shop. Of course, she was sure they knew their way, it seemed to be a place they knew very well, but she was paying, but that wasn't her concern right now. "If you do well in your training and complete the missions assigned to you I'm sure they'd find you worthy of a C Rank mission in no time and if no one has picked up that mission by then, then maybe they'll assign it to you." She explained.

She brushed her long dark hair behind her shoulders, thinking about the situation...it seemed a bit odd if the rumors were true. If bandits were in the area, why was no one doing anything about them, at the very least why was no one assigned to it? She understood there were far worse things than bandits out there to worry about, but she didn't get why no one had done anything about it, usually, Genin was eager to do anything over a D Rank, she'd have thought anyone who wasn't a rookie would have been willing to pick it up, but she supposed it wasn't something she should worry about, for now, she had to focus on her squad and making sure they were ready in the future. "If you remember anything, remember this...there are worse things out there than bandits, as a shinobi, you put your life on the line every day, especially when you walk out those gates, so I need you to be ready when we do." She said. Her use of the word when again showed the faith she had in their potential ability, she didn't say if, but when.

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Taking the offered paper eagerly and turning it between her fingers as if that would somehow glean the mystery from its smooth surface, Nami felt a frown tilt her lips as that brief physical analysis revealed it to be just what it seemed - a sheet of paper. There was probably more to it though, right?

The paper in Yosuke-sensei's own hand suddenly darkened, dampened, and separated itself in a matter of moments, that sort-of metamorphosis being enough to pull the brunette from her thoughts as her mouth dramatically fell open, brown eyes brightened with renewed vigor. Now she was paying attention.

At his encouragement, Nami threw herself into the task of focusing on pooling her chakra into the paper. Her reward came fairly quickly, with the paper crumpling in on itself into wrinkles around her thumb.

"That's... Lightning, right?"

Nami intoned, eyes eagerly seeking out Yosuke-sensei's mostly for verification purposes. Hideaki and Chou had yet to complete the little test, though Nami was sure Hideaki's would be fire. Most Uchiha had a dominant fire nature if she remembered that teaching from the academy correctly. Of course he could always be the dark horse in this test.

Chou was the real mystery though, Nami glancing at the paper contained within her best friend's finger's expectantly, curiously.


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Takahiro looked continually annoyed as his teammates rushed to Aragi’s defense. How did he get everyone to like him? He didn’t even do a single elaborate prank or show off anything. Why is he so effortlessly cool?

Whatever. Back to the bandits! “I mean it’s all just rumors I guess. Ami overheard the bit about the chakra. She couldn’t tell either though. I guess there’s not much intelligence on what it is and that’s why nobody’s taking it or getting assigned.” Taka shrugged, then stopped to listen to his sensei’s speech.

He nodded as she went along, thinking back to being ragdolled during the bell test. If any of the bandits were even half Hotarubi’s level, he and his squadmates were toast. “So a couple warmup missions first.” Taka piped up, his voice taking a more serious tone than normal. “I wanna see what’s up with those bandits and rub it in my sister’s face that we did it.” He cleared his throat, “So I guess we’ll have to adjust fast... what’s this first mission gonna look like, sensei?”


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Hideaki Uchiha
Hideaki would listen as Yosuke sensei would explain the concept to them. Hideaki had seen these papers before but had never used them. He figured that his chakra nature was fire like most Uchiha, and honestly since he already knew quite a few fire type jutsu he was pretty sure he wad right. Even Yosuke sensei made a joke about him not burning himself. Though Hideaki figured it would be nice to know for sure. Hideaki took the piece of paper that Yosuke sensei handed him and he started to channel his chakra into the bottom of the piece of paper. After only a few seconds the piece of paper in his hand started to catch fire from where he was holding it and slowly the flame started to make it's way up the paper until it completely burned itself out. "Well just like I figured I have a fire jutsu nature like the rest of the Uchiha." Hideaki looked over to his squad mates. He noticed that Kanami's paper crumpled into itself which meant that she had a lightning nature. Hideaki knew some lightning jutsu as well. He figured though that those jutsu would be easier for Kanami to learn than it had been for him. Now they were just waiting to see what kind of nature Chou would have.

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