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Hikaru stood there with her arms crossed and rolled her eyes as Yumei's response. Of fucking course, she'd say that and he wondered why she didn't like her? She couldn't even say two simple words. I'm sorry. Was that so hard? How much did you have to hate someone not to apologize for an accident? She was about tired of this girl constantly acting like she spit on her oranges while infected with the plague. She was tired of her always acting like she was better than her and why? Because she was an Uchiha? Was she supposed to be in awe and worship the ground she walked on just because she had a fan on her back?

She never understood why clans always felt so entitled because they had a name, maybe it was because she didn't have a clan, she didn't have a family so she couldn't understand something like that. So her name was Uchiha? It meant paper fan. If she were so entitled about her name she could point out that her name Kaneshiro meant golden castle, so her paper fan could suck it for all she cared!

As Eiichi pointed out to Yumei that not apologizing for something that was clearly an accident wasn't helping she interrupted "Forget it, I don't care and I wouldn't want or accept her phony apology for her happy accident anyway." She said. Eiichi may have been right, maybe Yumei didn't mean to broil her alive, but she highly doubted the girl would have lost a wink of sleep if she did, which was just fine with her.

The golden-eyed girl watched the boy from under the shade of the trees and it seemed for a moment his eyes changed color. She wasn't sure if she saw it right...maybe it was just a trick of the light. I mean seeing odd-colored eyes wasn't uncommon for her, Deki had no pupils and Ichigo's eyes were pink and purple and sometimes had crosses on them. A gentle breeze blew by, moving her snow-white hair for a moment. She moved her hand behind her ear for a moment to keep her hair from blowing into her face.

She listened to Eiichi's hunch and she had to admit it did make sense, why else would jonin be disappointed that they weren't actually working together? Why else would he chew them out for not working as a team and threaten to fail them if they didn't. I mean it was a huge contradiction from what he said in the classroom so why would he care if Yumei deep-fried her or not? "Okay, you may have a point." She said uncrossing her arms and placing them in her hips. Okay, she could admit she jumped the gun chasing after Yumei, but the next but was a bit harder to swallow. As much as she didn't like the girl, she refused to go back to the Academy a failure of any kind so she would work with her if she had to.

She sighed and nods to his plan "Fine, I'll work with you." She says looking at Eiichi and starts to stretch when she addresses Yumei, she didn't look at her but it was clear she was talking to her "As for you...you don't have to like me, you don't have to be my best friend or say hello to me when you walk by me in the street, but I will not be failing today and if that means I have to work with you then for one day only, I'll worship the stupid fan on your back if I have to. Rather you like me or not, I will have your back out there and against my better judgment, I will trust today. So let's just get this done okay?" She said as she thought over Eiichi's plan and shrugged "Okay, sounds good." She agreed.

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Deki Hyuuga
「Squad 3 Training Ground |@Coco Adel @BriiAngelic @Beski

Deki's cheeks burned as Hotarubi chewed her out. The heiress was completely right: she had been nothing but childish since meeting her team this morning. That earlier apology meant nothing if she wasn't going to do better. She took a deep breath, willing away her misplaced anger. The tension melted away, but the shame remained. Her squad was genuinely talented and at this rate she would be the reason they would have to repeat a year. Deki bit into her lower lip. She couldn't face her parents with a failure like this.
She blinked in surprise as the heiress continued, snapping her back to reality. She was giving them another shot? She pushed away the guilt for the time being- she would have time for that later. The gears began to turn as she channeled her inner Aragi. She was going to put on a good showing for the first time today.
Takahiro turned to address them as Hotarubi-sensei finished. She quirked her eyebrow at his assessment. Sure he had been dramatic, but he hadn't thrown a temper tantrum. He continued as the woman left ear-shot. Deki grinned as Kanon laughed outright. He might be on to something though.
Her thoughts were interrupted as Kanon ran off to grab the bento she had placed a safe distance from their sparring grounds. Deki let out a low whistle at the spread. It looked amazing. She sat cross-legged across from her teammates and helped herself to the anpan as her sweet tooth commanded.
"Thanks for the food. It looks great!" Deki said with a smile before digging in to the sweet roll. She took a second to savor it with a satisfied smile before getting to business. She started by listing all the capabilities of the Byakugan she was aware of, followed by the main branch-exclusive techniques. She didn't expect to see them but figured she'd share them, just in case. Anything to increase their chances of winning.
"And Takahiro, I liked where you were going with deception. There's not much we can do with our chakra to fool her, so we'll have to get creative," she took another bite of her anpan, considering her next words. Her idea was potentially dangerous and she wasn't sure if the Sarutobi boy would go for it.
"Maybe we didn't learn our lesson? Kanon and I could decide to team up and take the bells for ourselves. Then when Hotarubi swoops in to save you- boom. You swipe the bells," she said, gesturing with her half-eaten pastry. "You're the most agile one on the squad. You have the best chance of holding your own while we make it look convincing." she looked to her teammates for feedback.

mentions: Aragi @Spiderverse
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Zaki sidesteps Brock's attack. He was surprised that the three took the chance to attack at him when he was seemingly vulnerable. Unfortunetly for them, a shinobi must always be aware. Zaki planned on hitting them with a smoke bomb but they decided to strike first. Zaki shift his gaze over to Aragi and Ichigo. He sees that Ichigo has thrown a few kunai at his direction. He could counter by throw a couple of kunai of his own but he had this feeling he shouldn't try that. Aragi has the [Bird] seal activated. Either he's ready to cast a jutsu or still in the process of casting one. Aragi isn't doing anymore handsigns, so it's probably the former. Zaki skips back from the the three genin's to gain some more distance, as he does so, he sees the kunai Ichigo threw at him curve towards him. That's it, so his instinct was right. Ichigo used her Akigan on him to turn him into a homing target. Nice move. Barely a few seconds into this test and he already feels a smidge of proudness in his heart. Then he remembered he was gonna thrash them. Oh well. [Serpent] "Earth Style: Earthen Corridor!" The ground rises up around Zaki and cases him in a earth dome, which block the kunai just in time before they could reach him. He's shut himself off from them for a moment. That's good. He does better when no-one can see him anyway. Shinobi are masters of the unseen afterall. Now it was time to make himself scarce before they breach the dome.
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Takahiro took a moment to glance over his teammates, attempting to get a read on them. They were both obviously still frustrated, a feeling that he had shared, though was quickly being molded into motivation. It wasn't until Kanon uttered the magic word, 'lunch', that Takahiro realized that he had skipped breakfast, completely oblivious to the bento that Deki had brought him that morning. A loud rumble stirred from beneath his tunic and he placed a hand over his abdomen. "Easy big guy, she said it not me." Takahiro spoke aloud to his stomach, prepared for the next task at hand.

Not without his manners, Takahiro's eyes scanned both Kanon and Deki's reactions to the food as it was revealed, perhaps the most observant he'd ever been. When no hands were reaching for the tempura, he obliged himself, scarfing it down eagerly. Taka's eyes widened, smiling as he chewed. He sent a soft elbow Kanon's way to make his appreciation known without having to stop his consumption. He then helped himself to an anpan as Deki presented her plan. He nearly spit out a mouthful as she went on, "That's not bad!" He said, wiping his mouth off with the bracer at his arm. She was really buttering him up with the whole, 'You can swipe the bells,' and 'most agile' parts. "You could bust out the sword or really anything. Make her have to pull you both off." Taking a final bite of his anpan, he began to tie the forehead protector onto his head again, shooting looks to both Deki and Kanon. It was reminiscent of the pranks he'd been pulling since the academy, but for the first time, this one was productive!

Takahiro pulled the red-oak staff from his back, setting it on his lap and leaning backwards onto his hands. "Alright team..." He started, taking a deep breath and patting his cheek. "Whenever you're ready, do your worst." He gulped, preparing his lungs to scream bloody murder.

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Despite the immaculate strategies of his teammates, Aragi had still stood firm, wanting to witness the effectiveness of his old classmates' attacks on their new sensei. Of course, they hadn't been able to do much to the jonin, Brock's attack being misstepped quite easily while Ichigo's play had been guarded against by a barrier jutsu. Still holding the [Bird] Seal, the young genin smiled as he stared directly at the dome that would become his target. Once again their teacher's words had begun to make their way into his thoughts once again: Their first attack had to be their best. "Careful what you wish for sensei. Brock. Ichigo." A rallying cry for his teammates. When they were close enough, he would whisper: "Brock, I need you to put the prressure on him as much as you can, use the Decapitation Technique to try and bind him while Ichigo keeps throwing kunai at him. I'm going to break down the dome with one of my attacks so just as I do throw these at him." The teen hands the dark pink haired girl two paper bomb kunai. "Once I release my technique go for it."

With that, Aragi's eyes would grin wildly with excitement, his plans and backup plans from getting into scrapes with Takahiro would serve him well here. [Hare] [Ram] [Bird] "Wind Release: Air Sickle", but rather than simply launching the jutsu, the boy would strike it six times with hook punches before it flew off with a: SKADOOSH! The sound and pressure cutting slightly into the ground below before striking dead on at the earthen dome, hoping to cut through and decimate it. Whether it had worked or not, the follow up should do the trick. Infusing chakra into his feet, the genin would perform a body flicker, disappearing into the foliage with the [Ox] seal in place. Now to move onto the second phase. Your move sensei.
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As the powerful kick met nothing but smooth breeze, Brock landed on the ground and maintained his fighting pose. His sensei had dodged his attack with little effort and even countered the attempts from his teammates with some earth techniques. He didn't know that one so he would probably ask Zaki sensei to show it to him some time so that he could continue to expand his earth techniques. Just as a light lit up in his head in terms of what to do next, he heard Aragi call for him. A few flips later and he would be in earshot of his teammate and in agreement with his plan. He always found out that situations worked better when every party knew and understood their role and executed it to the best of their ability. With a nod, he looked at the earth dome before him and performed the hand signs for the shadow clone jutsu.

The second phase of the plan would be underway as Brock used the hand seal for the Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique and disappeared with his clone underground. He had previously judged the distance while he was above ground so all that was needed now was the physical application to his calculations. The shadow clone would jump up into the dome from the ground and launch a strike at Zaki in hopes of surprising him while the real Brock would be underground waiting for Zaki to react before attempting to pull him below the earth's surface. If it worked, it would restrain Zaki enough for him to get some hits in and wear him down so that their other attempts would have a higher chance of success.


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    Hotarubi (@Coco Adel)
    ~ Training Feilds ~

    Rotten to the Core || Kanon's CS File
    As they ate their food Kanon quickly kept shoving the tempura closer to Taka who seemed to be the only one who wanted to eat it. She munched on an onigiri as she had already made quick work of her share of the takoyaki and fruits. She grinned around her food and puffed up a bit as the two complimented her father’s cooking. It was always good to see him get his proper acknowledgment. She finished and pushed her box to the side. Deki had thrown in her own plan as the two finished up.

    To her, it seemed solid as a distraction. Assuming they weren’t automatically sent back to the academy. In reality, though she really had no better plans, besides she didn’t need to work very hard to come up with some good motivation. After all, Saratobi had just been trying to take the high road and that pissed her off. After all if she didn’t have some halfway decent competition then what was even the point?

    “I want you to know that I really don’t think this will work, but we gotta do something right? Worst case scenario we gotta dig some shit up to make her give us another chance but I don’t intend to leave here today without us all passing.”

    As she stood up she brushed off her shorts with a grin. She’d lost once today and that just made her all the more ready to redeem herself. She knew that the boy was more than capable of handling a few hits if they even landed. She’d never won a spar against the boy before, but then again those were taijutsu and here was an anything goes stand-off.

    “So Taka, clench your teeth okay?”

    The words could almost be a warning if not for her immediately using her full strength to aim a punch square to his jaw. He was the one that said do your worst, so she was going to take out all her frustrations on him.



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Yumei watched Hikaru speak in profile, but was able to read what she said well enough. Her eyes widened slightly. Everyone seemed to think they disliked each other, including Hikaru; admittedly, Yumei hardly knew Hikaru outside of the classroom and spars, and while the other girl had never seemed like the type Yumei could keep up with socially, it surprised her that she’d come off as disliking her in particular. If Eiichi had been the one to cut her off earlier, Yumei was certain she’d have retaliated the same way. She really wanted to pass this test. But maybe that was Eiichi’s whole point; thinking of her teammates the same way she thought of everyone else—as competition to trip—wouldn’t win them those bells.

They had precious little time. Yumei couldn’t even afford to be shocked that Eiichi had just signed to her, with full coherency. An apology would have to wait, though the prospect made her wince a little. Yumei folded her arms and tipped her chin up a bit.
Ill do it. Anything else we should know before we get started? Well have less than four minutes.

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Ichigo Goru



Training Ground

Listening to the plan Ichigo held won't the explosive tags, for now, waiting for the right moment to use them. She had marked him and with any luck, they'd have him out of the dome before the time limit on her glyph was up. She knew she was capable of making 3 glyphs at a time, big with their sensei inside the dome she didn't have a particular need to make another just yet. The bubble she had made was attracted to the glyph she had set upon him. So as Aragi moved to attack the dome the bubble would make contact and explode like a bomb, hopefully, this would add to Aragi's assault and destroy the dome so she could then do her part. She started to charge the paper bombs with chakra. This would allow her to throw the paper bombs with more precision and speed and on top of that, this would also allow them to home in on their sensei since the glyphs especially attracted her chakra like a magnet.

She didn't want to read anyone down, she wasn't going to be a burden and she was going to do her best to pull her weight and keep up. The red-haired girl zoomed in with her eyes, she couldn't see through walls like the Hyuga or predict and copy movements like the Uchiha, but she could zoom in on things to get a better look, it was zooming in with a scope or binoculars. The outer rim of her irises became more defined steadily showing more purple at the pink part of her eyes steady became smaller and a cross pattern appears on them indicating she was ready to use a glyph. As soon as she could see their sensei she would try to mark him again as she threw the explosive tags after all the first glyph wouldn't last forever.

She hoped Brock would be okay in there and that he succeeded in his part of the plan, fighting a Jonin even for a test was kind of intermediating.

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Makoto was picking his nose in the middle of the field as he waited for his genin to return.

As per the plan, Hikaru got ready to play her part. Her job seemed simple enough, keep the man on his toes and distract him while Yumei made traps and joined in with her as soon as possible. She wasn't sure how much time they had for that with just 4 minutes left, but it was now or never.

Makoto began flicking his gold around the field. They had around 4 minutes left. What plan could they concoct in such a short time?

Hikaru didn't have much time, so she ran back to the area making hand signs to create the hexagonal shuriken, and launching them very suddenly at the jonin, making them spin to increase their speed and lethal power. It was while this was going on that she would form more hand signs to create the Jade Crystal Blade a blue blade that would form on her forearm. Her job was to keep him on his toes and distract him, her crystal armor was still in place and therefore it was time to get up close and personal. At that moment in the midst of the shuriken flavored chaos she literally came for his head, swinging her blade at his neck, although she was almost certain he would block or dodge, she was counting on that as strange as that might sound.

"A little aggressive there," Makoto commented, using his makeshift wooden sword to catch the flying shurikens. He heard the poor branch crack with each impact. "Let's try something," he grunted, seeing Hikaru approach with blade in hand. The Jonin flooded the wooden sword with his own chakra, attempting to harden it with Earth Spear. It worked long enough for Makoto to catch the remaining shurikens but fell to pieces immediately afterward. Perhaps the reason it worked at all was the fact that it had once been living, and the veins remained slightly conducive to chakra. Enough of that thought though, he had a wild child coming at his neck with a blade. The other two genin remain unaccounted for. Using Earth spear to cover his hand, he grabbed the blade right before it caught his neck. He winced slightly, feeling the crystal slightly cut into his hand. With a twist of his wrist and a firm grip on the blade, he attempted to dislocate her wrist. It was nothing too extreme, and he could easily fix it up afterward. The silver-haired man would then attempt to headbutt the girl by pulling her arm towards him.

Yumei, meanwhile, had circled the target under the cover of the trees surrounding the field. Her aim was to create an opening for Eiichi at the jonin’s back. Hikaru was doing a fair job at keeping him occupied, and he didn’t appear to notice the other two genin moving into position.

"Alright", Eiichi signed. "There is pretty much no time to ask what you are going to do, but" raising a hand he patted her on the back, "I'm trusting you to do something crazy." Yumei quirked an eyebrow, in either confusion or challenge. And with that, Eiichi left Yumei's side. Rushing out into the open with a single sign several afterimages appeared running by his side in a scattered formation. The group of Eiichis slipped a hand into a pouch on their hip and with a mighty shake and throw, six paper shuriken went flying, followed by over twenty afterimage copies. Just as Makoto was about to deliver his headbutt, they exploded- loudly, popping with a bang a few feet away with startling loudness. Wasting not a moment Eiichi slowed his pacing while his after images ran up ahead, crossing to block the view of the original and the three after images running by his side as he closed in.q

The deafening crash made Makoto’s ears ring. A high pitched noise drowned out all other sounds. It was slightly startling, causing his muscles to twitch and crash into Hikaru’s head harder than he anticipated. “Why are there so many brats now?” He grunted, tossing the genin away from him. A wave of blonde kids running after him. It gave him a strange sense of nostalgia. “Well, I can make clones too!” Performing the proper hand symbols, there was a slight pause for focus as he summoned two rock clones to charge at the blondes. They ran straight through the afterimages and looked around, missing the real Eiichi. “Tch, waste of chakra,” Makoto sighed, feeling more and more drained. He wasn’t feeling up to par after last night’s escapades. Where was the Uchiha though?

Yumei watched the scene unfold intently. Not ideal; Hikaru was flung backward, freeing up the jonin’s hands and attention. Luckily, Eiichi was shaping up to be something of a genius at distraction, and Yumei hoped he could keep the window open for her so she could return the favor. Catching his eye for a moment, she signed at him from her perch, keep on his left but hold off. The bells were hanging on the jonin’s left hip, two tiny silver gleams on a red string. Yumei took aim for the jonin’s right.

A kunai whizzed conspicuously past Makoto’s head on the right, the tripwire attached to its handle catching the light. Twitch. Makoto felt his head jolt in the direction of where the kunai whizzed by. His eyes and jaw acting with one another to catch the kunai by the trip-wire. The projectile stopped in its tracks as Makoto brought it back into his hands. “Catch!” He yelled, tossing it back at the Uchiha.

Hikaru grits her teeth as she feels a pain in her wrist and soon a very bad pain in her head. This man had hit her with the weapon of mass destruction on his shoulders. He tossed her and she was pretty sure the world was spinning and probably for more reasons than just being thrown. It would probably go unnoticed, but Hikaru's pupils slivered like a cat, it would be hard for most anyone to tell since her irises were gold and her pupils were white, sometimes it was hard to tell where one ended and one began, sometimes it just might seem like her entire eyes was yellow with no pupil at all, just light shining in her eyes. She pulled her dislocated wrist towards herself and recited the urge to hold it instead she made hand signs the best that she could and slammed her other hand on the ground, looking towards Makoto as he started to throw a kunai back at who he assumed was Yumei hiding in the bushes. "Crystal Release: God's Crossing!"

With that, Hikaru sent a stream of sharp blue crystals at the man capable of piercing and binding enemies in the hope to defend against the kunai attack and also...dude had it coming at this point as far as she was concerned. She takes a calming breath "Don't lose focus...you have a job to do, " She thought to herself, looking at her wrist, she gets up, the armor around it was cracked and chipping away, but she didn't forget this time. She lifted her hand and used the shards of her broken shuriken to try and catch him off guard, raising them from the ground and sending the shard crystal shard flying at him while he was no doubt distracted by the much larger God's Crossing jutsu coming at him and took the opportunity to run back into the fray, forming crystal around her wrist as she tries to ignore the pain in both her wrist and her head.

There was a very present danger heading towards Makoto. One he couldn't quite ignore so easily. First, he jumped into the air to avoid the projectiles being thrown at him; but as he fell, he noticed that the Crystal spires had jutted in a menacing manner right above his landing spot. "It doesn't look good," he murmured, casting substitution jutsu with the clone he had left nearby. The clone was abruptly dispelled as it hit the spires. Everything turned out well except for one thing. The bells had been cut from Makoto's belt and were lying on the ground near the God's crossing. Using one more Earth and Stone dragon, Koma attempted to ride it towards the bells and scoop them up. Which is when a group of Eiichis jumped onto the dragon with him. "Those bells are mine!" The group of blonde's echoed. And at once seven out of ten ran up the dragon's spinal length at Makoto while the other three moved around the dragon's form and the jonin. The instant the bells came out at a distance close- without bothering to conceal herself anymore, Yumei darted out from the cover of the trees in a rather sloppy body flicker technique, closing some of the distance between her hiding spot and the fray—execution was secondary, they had precious few seconds to get those bells. She landed low, skidding across the dirt in an extended kick to propel the bells closer to Eiichi’s grasping fingers just as three versions of the blonde leapt out.

"These loud blondes, I swear," Makoto murmured, shaking his head. He observed as the Uchiha blinked out of hiding to kick the bells towards Eiichi. Not wanting to be shown up by a bunch of brats, the Jonin performed some hand symbols for a jutsu he hadn't quite mastered yet. Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoots! The dragon slammed it's torso into the ground, launching the bells into the air once again. Almost immediately four earthen spires shot from the ground towards the bell. The points pinned the silver bells roughly 20 feet into the air. Makoto leaped towards them, dispelling the serpent immediately after his feet left the platform. He looked backwards, putting his fingers in the L formation, as he grabbed the bells from the air. It struck noon. “Alright guys, you all failed, but that’s okay. I’ll buy y’all yakiniku as compensation and explain how you can do some credit recovery.@Brea The Brave @The Regal Rper @iseelight


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    Interacting With:
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    ~ Training Field ~
    Tsukimonogatari || Yosuke's CS File
    Yosuke looked upon the training field. Luckily there was still one open, most had been in use for the genin qualification tests today. He heard the screams of nearby Genin and wondered just what this year’s batch would hold in store. That is if they passed. He had a special treat for his own since they just made a full year as genin. Beyond that, he also needed to make sure they were ready. It may have only been a year but they were coming along nicely, even showing signs of specialties. His own Jonin had strengthened his team into an undeniable force in just two short years, he’d be doing them a disservice if he didn’t at least try to let them spread their wings. The chunin exams could be dangerous but he didn’t want to stop them if they were ready for it.

    He had their nature papers ready. They’d already begun to show signs of preference but that didn’t necessarily equate with specialties. Hell he himself made sure to have a move of every kind under his belt. It was just safer that way. He kicked around some of the rocks on the field wondering why he bothered to get here this early. Heck, Hayato was probably just as annoyed since he rushed the kid into his first days at the academy. He was just glad that he’d been blessed with a team that weren’t slackers, even if he didn’t know what to do with these brats half the time since they already started leaps ahead from where he’d started as a genin.

    He saw his brats coming down and was glad the day would finally start. He fully intended to wear them down by the end of the day. After all elemental chakra isn’t learned in just a day.

    "Just in time, you kiddos ready for a long day?"

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Gokudera.Hayato.full.691518.jpgZaki had hidden himself underground just in time. He can feel the ground tremble for a second. His team no doubt breached the dome but he senses something else. No. Someone else. Underground with him. not just that, but directly in front of him. Literally a breath or two away.....And that breath smells like liqour....Oh well. He can even sense someone right above where he should've been. Zaki keeps himself calm. He had lowered his chakra so he couldn't be sensed so easily, but he needs to act fast before he's spotted. These kids are pulling out the stops but so is he. He doesn't want to give his position away, so what would be the best distraction? Zaki has his answer. Zaki uppercuts Brock in his chin forcing him out the ground, through his shadow clone, out through the rubble that used to be his dome, and into mid-air. [Cross] Zaki launches him into mid-air after Brock and catches his ankle and as the fall downward and slams him into the ground. He then pulls Brock upward by his leg, grabs his shirt, spins him around to where he's facing his teammates, while grabbing his arm and twisting his behind his back, wraps his leg around of of Brock's legs then finally finishes off by pulling out out a special kunai and presses it under Brock's neck. Brock is subdued. Excellent. He's the muscle amongst the three and with him being as big as he is, he'll be a good enough body shield against the Akigan. Little do they know that you can put something in-between two magnets. Now that he's got one of their teammates in his grasp, now it's time to see how far they'll go to complete the objective.
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Squad 3 Bell Test
Deki chewed thoughtfully as she considered Kanon's alternate idea. A break-in would be interesting. It would spell trouble for her if they got caught, but if this didn't work it would be their next best option. Failing here would be like stumbling over the starting block; she wasn't going to let the past get in the way of her future. She activated her byakugan and scanned the tree line as Kanon stood and took Takahiro up on his offer, throwing a haymaker towards his jaw. If sensei was watching them they wouldn't need to make a racket- otherwise, some theatrics would be in order. She aimed a sweeping kick at the boy's legs from her lowered posture.
With gritted teeth, Taka took a gnarly hit to the jaw, causing him to immediately grab it in pain. His eyes flicked back open, still dazed from the hit. “Where the hell did that come fro-AHH!” Takahiro’s surprise was quickly followed up by another, Deki’s kick taking away whatever balance remained as he fell to his back, tucking his chin as trained to avoid it smacking the hard Earth. He pressed his tongue to the inside of his mouth, still rattled from Kanon’s uncharacteristically nice punch. He clung to the bō, holding it out in front of him. His pained eyes flicked to Deki’s sword and gave her a knowing nod before his next move. “SENSEI HEEEAAALLLP!” Taka screeched, which only pained his jaw more. Reaching at his belt, he drew a kunai and offered it to Kanon. “Be Gentle,” he pleaded, knowing now that she’d hold nothing back. He pulled his shirt down a bit so his collar was exposed. “THEY’RE DRAWING BLADES, THEY’RE GONNA KILL ME!” Deki drew her blade and positioned herself for an overhead slice, bearing down on Taka. Takahiro quickly took the staff in each hand, raising it to intercept the blade. A satisfying *CHHK* sound came as blade met wood, the sturdy red oak catching the slice.

Kanon took the offered kunai with speed. What an idiot! If Hotarubi was watching then this would jeopardize their chances. She’d had two packs full of shinobi weapons- did he really think she only carried one kunai? She may have been using taijutsu but that didn’t mean she lacked weapons, but hey if he wanted to be carved up like katsu then she had no problems with this. She could hear the little hisses from Nezumi as her pal agreed with the sentiment. She wondered if Nezu would wind up berating the boy after. She didn’t even know what Takahiro was trying to imply giving her a weapon and pulling down his collar. Slice his throat? Is that what he wanted? Luckily Deki came to the rescue and started going at it katana vs bo staff. She didn’t want to get in that so it was time to start sniping.

She took a running jump to a low tree branch and starting climbing. It took her a short time, after all any Ametsuchi worth their salt can climb a tree. From her vantage point, she took aim. Too bad she was never really an ace at remembering how to hold back. Soon the Kunai and shuriken rained down over Deki and Taka.
Deki pulled back, feeling a pang of guilt for chipping such a pristine weapon. Well, he'll have to break it in some time. She continued to pressure Taka with slashes and stabs, maneuvering so her back was to Kanon's position in the treeline. Soon a barrage of kunai and shuriken came streaking towards them. In this position, Taka would see them coming almost as well as she could. She whirled to dodge an incoming kunai and deliver a diagonal slash towards his torso. At this distance, if he couldn't block or dodge the cut would be shallow. She wasn't sure if Kanon was trying to make this look realistic or if she was just pissed off, but the effect was the same: a damn good performance. She barely dodged a trio of shuriken and prepared to launch another salvo of strikes.
Takahiro’s eyes widened as Kanon took up for the tree, still holding back the sword with his staff. “I said gentle…” He whined, looking to Deki who was showing very little mercy in her own right. Still grounded, Taka dropped his staff as the artillery strike of shuriken and kunai rained down on them. His hands quickly flicked into the seal of the bird, “Wind Style: Air Bullet!” He shrieked, blasting a gust of wind from his lungs that scattered the weapon barrage, sending them in every direction. The massive gust of air would have shaken the tree the attack came from, sending leaves raining across the training field. In this time, the shallow cut to his abdomen tore his clothes and revealed a very faint slice.
The open wound stung like ice, and blood began to seep up and stain his beige shirt. A few rogue shurikens also managed to make their way back down, one burying itself in his leg and another just nicking his cheek. “What the hell happened to the plan?!” He howled, still moving his body from side to side and dodging the flurrying stabs and slices from Deki. Blood began to pool a bit on his torso, a few streams oozing from his cheek and leg. By now, the commotion was certainly loud enough to alert anyone in several hundred-meter radii.
She was lucky the wind’s force hit her before the weapons did. Then again she had managed to just fall nearly thirty feet. So either way, it was rather painful. She played in the brambles she had crashed into and could already tell she was going to have cuts all over. Hell, she wasn’t even sure that would be the extent of the injuries. She was lucky enough that the bush had done something to break her fall so she didn’t need to worry about any spinal injuries, at least she thinks so.

She forced herself up ignoring the stings and ache that it caused. Again he was risking the plan's success by telling about it. With slow even breathes out she brought herself back into a state of calm only to break it as she took a deep breath to yell back at Takahiro. She’d just need to take it and run with it, she could play the part of a villain.

"This is the plan, stupid!" Deki retorted from her readied stance. The blood they'd drawn and the panic in his voice made her hesitate. She didn't want to give the game away but her conscience wouldn't let her keep stabbing at him on the ground. Verbal abuse would have to do for a moment. Where is that jonin?
Hotarubi stood by not too far away but far enough away that they wouldn't be able to see her. The thing is, the plan itself was obvious, they suddenly went from enjoying a peaceful meal and smiling to suddenly trying to kill each other? Still, she had to give them credit for pulling together but...they were starting to take things a little far, committing to this act, there was actual blood being shed now.

"Dear Gods what are they doing!?" She said and ran in, using air needles to knock the weapons from Kanon and Deki's hands before snatching the two girls up by their collars. "Have you lost your damn minds!!? I tell you to pull together and this is what you got from that? Like I flat out tell you the answer and this what you do?" She said. From the tone of her voice, you'd expect maybe she'd fallen for the act, but she was more upset they took it so far.

"You three must want to be shinobi very badly, I don't quite think I've ever seen dedication to teamwork...quite...like this. A bit...concerning, but...you pass, but just for the record, next time you should have a more natural escalation to this climax, " She said sighing and put the girls down.
We...pass?” Taka asked, looking up from the ground. The loss of blood seemed to have made him feel a little light-headed. He clutched his open abdomen, bringing himself to his feet slowly, only stumbling once as a shuriken was still lodged in his leg. Pure excitement must have numbed his senses as he made it to a vertical basis. He gripped his still aching jaw, blood running down his cheek and over his hand. “WE PASSED!” He bellowed, catching Deki and Kanon as Hotarubi released them and pulling them into his bloody embrace, momentarily forgetting the beating they’d just given him. “This plan was genius, Deki!” He cheered, then turning to dust off the bramble covered Kanon. The vertical basis he established was doing his wounds no favors as the blood began to drip from the oblivious Sarutobi.
Deki squirmed in the enthusiastic, albeit messy, hug. When she regained bodily autonomy she started searching around her tool pouch. Finding her prize, she pulled out the handkerchief and ripped it in half. “Obviously it wasn’t” she groused, pushing the cloth against the cut on Taka’s cheek. It was a sloppy win and her teammates both sustained injuries. “Kanon, thanks for trying my plan. I know you had a different idea.” She pushed the cloth against the bramble scratches and joined Taka in picking the brambles from her hair. “And Takahiro, sorry. That wasn’t exactly gentle.” A small smile settled on her face. “I’ll do better next time,” Because there would be a next time. She made nervous eye contact with Hotarubi and nodded in thanks.
The last of her remaining Kunai went flying out of her hands when their sensei came rushing in. Finally! She wanted to sigh in relief but instead, a small ‘eep’ made it out as she felt herself being lifted by the collar of her shirt. She heard Hotarubi start to scold and knew she must have held worry on her face. Not to mention being lifted by your collar was the most comfortable situation as you had many scratches still leaking blood. She’d been used to far worse though so she kept her mouth shut as she simply nodded at the woman who despite being not much taller than the trio still was plenty intimidating with the way she’d been lifting and tossing them like they were paper.
As their sensei put them down and told them they passed she could almost ignore the concern in the woman’s voice. She was only down a moment before Takahiro was pulling them into a hug. She appreciated her teammates helping her get more presentable, they knew her so well already it seemed. Deki may have been someone she had judged as too straight-laced, and she’d always blown Takahiro off as a bit of an idiot but she was sure the three of them were going to be great. She started to brush at her face and got a bit of blood on her hand. Wait, bleeding Takahiro was still bleeding too!

Okay Okay! But your stomach is still bleeding. We gotta wrap it.”

She went through her weapons pouch’s back pocket and grabbed the roll of gauze her father insisted on her carrying.

Shirt off! Deki can I get some help here? Not used to wrapping other people.”

Hotaru I sighed as she watched the genin tend to one another and kneeled down with them. She looked at all of them, still a bit concerned with how far they took it, but couldn't help but smile a little and laughed a little.

"Well, you 3 certainly did a number on each other didn't you. Okay Takahiro, come here and let's see what we can do." She said.

Hotarubi reaches out and touches Takahiro using the mystical palms technique, he wasn't seriously injured so it shouldn't have taken much to heal him. She touched the boy as green healing energy came from her hands, the first time they weren't being used to smack, toss or snatch anyone up today. She focused on his injuries and began to speak "Kanon when I'm done with Takahiro, you're next, just make sure all your brambles are out...Deki, are you hurt too?" Hotarubi asked looking to the young girl.
Takahiro looked down at himself, “Oh, right.” As his eyes glossed over the open wound, he felt himself feel a little light-headed and dizzy. “You want the shirt...off?” He asked, confusion present in his voice.

He looked around a minute, a smirk pulling his face up. “Of course you want the shirt off.” He remarked, pulling off the beige shirt and mesh undershirt from over his head. His faux-smoothness was quickly replaced with concern as the wound saw the light of day. “Oh wow, oh okay it’s stinging now...never been cut by a sword before.” He leaned back onto his hands as Hotarubi began her healing technique. “I hope you’re ready to do this a lot, sensei.” He said, watching as his wounds seemed to clear up.
Deki watched with interest as Hotarubi's glowing chakra slowly began to mend the wound. This was their first hour as a squad and they'd had already bloodied a member with friendly fire. She made a mental note to start carrying gauze-like Kanon. She hoped this wouldn't become a pattern. At least Taka's spirits seemed to be high. "Glad I could be your first Takahiro," she replied, trying to keep it light.

She turned her attention back to Kanon. "No, sensei. I'm fine," she addressed the jonin. She felt a twinge of guilt. Next to her fellow genin, she looked pristine. She gave Kanon a final once over and brushed the dirt from the girl's shoulders. She offered an apologetic smile and sat cross-legged next to her. "You should show me some of that first aid stuff Kanon," she started, impressed by her initiative. She hadn't expected that from Kanon. The genin's independent nature didn't strike her as particularly nurturing.
It took her only a few moments to get the rest of the brambles out of her with Deki and Taka's help. Part of her wanted to be shocked that their sensei was one of the few active duty medic-nin in Konoha but then again it made sense that they would put her on a team with an active Medic when she’d already shown signs of heavy reliance on her clan’s kekkai genkai. She watched with awe as Hotarubi’s hands lit up healing the damage they did to Takahiro. That was so cool! Still, she laughed along as Taka asked if their sensei was prepared to do this for them often.

Geez, one beating isn’t enough for you then Taka?”

She turned her attention back to Deki as the girl spoke up from her seat nearby. Kanon almost joined her on the floor but she still had to get healed up first.

I could show you but I’m certainly no expert. Most of the time my Uncle or Dad would help me when it came to wrapping myself. When it was Susu though I did my best to be the one treating them. After all us Ametsuchi get sliced up early! First time I got cut by a sword I was like uh seven?
Hotarubi shook her head, almost laughing as the boy insisted upon taking his shirt off, she supposed it made it easier for her to see if the wound was healing properly, then again if she really wanted to see she could have just used the byakugan but chakra saved she supposed. Once she was done she smiled at the boy and patted him on the back "See, you're fine now, " She said and turned her attention to Kanon, placing her hands on the girl and started to use the mystical palms technique on her as well, the glowing green energy being used to heal her cuts both self-inflicted and otherwise. She had quite the interesting Kekkei Genkai, perhaps it made much more sense to place her on a team with a medic and she sure knew Makoto wasn't and was fairly certain Zaki wasn't a medic either. When she was done she lowered her hand and made sure all the injuries were done and even gave Deki a once over to make sure there was in fact nothing wrong.

"Well then, now that we're done. I suppose we should celebrate then again I imagine you all would want to tell your families the good news. However, it is only a little past noon and there's plenty of daylight to kill, " She said standing up and looking at the sky, noting the position of the sun. She thought to herself "Would it be too much to have them perform their first mission today? D Ranks are fairly tame, so perhaps it would be too much for them to perform at least one today"

She turns to them and smiles "Since there is plenty of time left in the day, why don't we get something to eat first and go on a mission?" She said.

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Hideaki Uchiha
Hideaki had already been awake since early in the morning, pretty much every day the young genin would wake up to train with his father Kazuki and the two would train together before Hideaki had to meet up with his squad for his genin duties everyday. Hideaki has always put in the extra work to become the best shinobi that he could possibly be, and his father, who was and is the head of the Uchiha clan and head of the villages police force. Hideaki always looked up to his father and tried his best to live up to his father's and the rest of the Uchiha clan's expectations for him. The boy had been labeled a "genius" ever since he was a child, and because of that plus being the son of the head of one of the strongest clans in the village, a lot was expected of Hideaki. Hideaki then went on to graduate number one is his class at the academy and then became a full fledged genin. Hideaki was able to usually take it in stride and didn't let it bother him, but sometimes the pressure was a lot and he just needed to decompress sometimes, though he never really let anyone see that side of him.

Hideaki and his father did their usually training in the early morning and then shared breakfast together with his mother as the two would then prepare for their day ahead. Hideaki had to meet his genin squad out at the training fields today while his father Kazuki would be heading to his office at the police station. Hideaki ate his breakfast and then got himself ready as he made his way to the training fields. It seemed that most of the fields were being used today, a lot of the newly graduated genin were having their first test with their new squads it seemed. Hideaki could hear the genin yelling and screaming as he passed by the fields. Hideaki only smirked as he moved past the fields and thought to himself "if these kids are going to be my competition someday, then he should have nothing to worry about." Hideaki was a pretty competitive person, he always strived to be the best and wasn't going to let anyone pass him, sometimes people would say that he was arrogant or cocky, but really Hideaki just had a strong drive to be the best. In reality he would do whatever it took to save and look after his so called "competition" The boy had a desire to protect his village, his clan and his comrades no matter what the cost, if there was someone from the leaf village who needed help, even if Hideaki didn't particularly care for that person, then he would put his life on the line to protect them. Thats what people from this village did for each other and Hideaki was no different.

Hideaki continued to walk the path until he finally made it to the training field that Yosuke sensei had told them to meet at. As he approached the field he saw his other two squad mates start to approach as well. Chou Aburame and Kanami Ishii, the three of them had been on a squad together for a year now, while Hideaki didn't have much of an opinion of them when they first became a squad, over the year they had been a squad together Hideaki had begun to respect the both of them for their skills and the people that they were. While Hideaki would not be afraid to make it known that he still believed he was the strongest of the three, he had built up respect and admiration for the other two. Hideaki would nod his head at the both of them as the three made their way into the training field and eventually came to where Yosuke sensei was waiting for them. "Just in time, you kiddos ready for a long day?"

Hideaki would smirk at his sensei as he heard the question. "Yeah, what do you have on the agenda today sensei? Whatever it is i'll be ready to crush it."

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Takahiro’s ears flicked at the words “Eat,” and “Mission.” Two of my favorite words. As if he weren’t just healed moments ago, he rushed back to his feet, picking up his staff from the ground. It had a couple good nicks in it, but showed no signs of bowing or real wear. Whatever, that’s Hozi’s problem. He told himself, tucking the staff away to his back once again.

Takahiro moved to Hotarubi’s side, excitement present in his voice. “What kind of mission? Escorting the Hokage? Hunting down missing-nin?!” He knew better, but being a real full fledged shinobi was a high he couldn’t shake. It was time to keep hopes high. He shot a look back to Deki and Konan who seemed to already be getting closer. Takahiro had never really been the only male around before, he hoped it wouldn’t cause distance within the group. Oh, well. That doesn’t matter, we’re a squad, and everybody loves me...right? The thought was reassuring and he gave a dorky smile to his squadmates, never letting his face lose excitement.

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Chou had gotten up pretty early that morning. It's not like she wasn't used to it at this point after an entire year of being a genin, getting up early was about the least stressful thing she had to worry about. Not that she was often stressed the girl had adapted to shinobi life fairly easy for someone of her demeanor, though one could say the person Chou became in combat was a totally different person from whom she was normally. No one would expect someone who is seemingly so chill and relaxed most of the time to be that relentless in battle, but that just meant the old saying of 'don't mess with the quiet kid, had some merit to it.

She made her way to the training ground, walking with her hands in her pockets she sees Hideki and Nami, she returns the nod and meets up with their sensei who proclaims they shall have a long day. Hideki enthusiastically claims he'll crush it, no matter what it is, Chou on the other hand just shrugs and removed one of her hands from her pockets to make an OK sign with her now exposed hand as if to say "Wouldn't matter if I wasn't, it is what it is, but sure, why not? " before she leaned on Nami, resting her head on the girl's shoulder with her hands on her pockets. She was her standup pillow for the moment and she would accept that.

She listened to the nearby graduation tests going on and shook her head, she wasn't looking down on them by any means, it just brought back memories was all. If they had what it took they'd make it through and this would just be a pleasant memory compared to other things that might be in store.

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It was crunch time, time was running out and they needed to get those bells, the 3 genin sprinted for the bells together, nearly gaining possession of them when suddenly they were snatched away...time was up, they had failed. She nearly fell on her face again from shock and tripped over what she assumed to either be a rock or nothing, but managed to catch herself with her left hand, the one that didn't have a dislocated wrist...which still hurt by the way. Her head was throbbing and, she fucking failed the test? What was the damn point? How were they supposed to pass this?

She wasn't sure was irritated her more than she was in pain, that for some reason he found it necessary to dislocate her wrist for a test, or that he had the nerve to use an L sign on top of everything else?

Then again, she supposed she did come at him with a wrist blade...but fuck rationality she was mad right now. She stood up and looked up at the man, clearly not happy with the results but she didn't want to whine and sound like a baby or sore loser...god she hated that word.

She held her wrist, the thing hurt and felt weird, she wasn't sure how to fix it. Did you just pop it back in? Was it that easy? She didn't screw up her hand by accident, it was really hard making hand signs like this. She wanted to yell at him she had half a mind to go for a different set of bells...but he was offering free food. She supposed if she was going to fail she could at least get some free food out of it. She couldn't help but wonder, what could have happened, if she hadn't gotten so mad at Yumei for immediately ditching, maybe if she sat in class for a little longer, Eiichi could have told her his theory sooner and they could have worked together earlier...they almost had it in 5 minutes, surely if they'd been working together from the start they'd have gotten them.

She blew her hair out of her face and sighed "Fine…"



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Yumei felt a lump form in her throat and that telltale warm prickle behind her eyes. But she wouldn’t cry in front of anyone here, especially not this jonin. She smeared a piece of stray hair out of her sweaty face. How could she have tried her best and failed? How could she have learned her lesson and still failed? The man was offering to buy them lunch, but truthfully, she’d lost her appetite and the prospect made her a bit sick.

But she supposed it was better than going straight home with news like this.

Yumei glanced at Hikaru’s wrist. Was the jonin going to fix it? If not, would it be weird to go with her to the hospital? It would probably be weird; now that they weren’t teammates and all, and they were supposed to go back to not getting along. And after Eiichi had gone to the trouble of forming a pretty good plan and talking them into working together. She supposed it wouldn’t do any good to dwell on how it’d been kind of nice. Yumei bit her lip and furrowed her brow, giving a short nod of assent.

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Deki Hyuuga
「Squad 3 Training Ground |@Coco Adel @BriiAngelic @Beski

Deki brightened at the Jonin's suggestion. A mission and a meal? As good as Kanon's spread was, she had avoided filling up in anticipation for the rest of the test. She'd get to finish a meal and, more importantly, have a chance to learn more about her squad mates. She pushed herself up from the ground and patted the dust from her clothes. "We could eat at Aragi's place," she suggested. The food was good and she'd get to tell Mrs. Onigake the good news.

She crowded Hotarubi with her fellow genin, finding Takahiro's enthusiasm contagious. "Escorting missing-nin? Hunting down the Hokage?" She asked with a small grin. In reality, their first mission would probably be manual labor. But! It would be manual labor as real shinobi. She glanced between Taka's dopey smile and Kanon's excited grin. They'll make it interesting, at least.

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So, this was it. Game over. His hunch hadn't been right, and they had failed.

The first thing that came to Eiichi's mind was: They will be so disappointed.

The trip home would be easy. It was what he faced after that would be rough. Better to grit his teeth now and prepare for the discipline that would come. The first Go of his family, the first Hydra spawn to participate as a genin in this village to take this test and he had failed.

Rising from all fours to a kneeling position on the ground, Eiichi shook his head slowly with a small smile. At the very least my hunch should've been right... If only we had had more time.... If only I had had better squadmates.

For just a few brief seconds after that thought passed, a powerful wave of resentment washed over him. But at least I'm getting free food. The proposition this jonin was making honestly made him chuckle.

"How insulting", he whispered to himself with a tiny chortle "Food and discipline later, just the things I wanted today."

Getting up off the ground and dusting himself off, Eiichi turned his head. Hoping to perhaps savor some of the misery Yumei and Hikaru had played a role in causing. Instead what he saw just gave him pause. The shift in Yumei's body language and the way she avoided eye contact, the dejected aura around Hikaru- he didn't feel anything from this. It wasn't something to savor or use as fuel, even if he probably wouldn't ever talk to them again after this- still. He felt nothing from their shared disappointment. And it just didn't feel right blaming them solely for this whole giant screw up.

Placing both hands on his hips and staring at the two over his shoulder, Eiichi shook his head and then turned around to face the jonin. "Hey!" He called projecting some of that energy back into his voice. "I still don't know your name y'know?" He chuckled and swept his matted hair to the side of his sweaty face. "Sides if you're buying us food I think if the others know your name, I should also. Besides, I should stick around to make sure these two don't attack each other over the last menu." He said with a grin. At least somewhat relieved when he heard their replies. Eiichi honestly didn't think he would or could stop them from just leaving if they chose to. At least he'd have some food down to prep for the evening chores and midnight training.

Turning back to the other two, not really waiting for any response from Makoto but keeping his ears open, Eiichi moved straight towards Yumei and just suddenly threw a arm around her shoulder. Completely uncaring but absolutely ready to jump away if she even flinched and tried to stab or punch him. "Cheer up Yuyu!" Eiichi said in her ear. "We did our best!" It was a lie, this had been a disaster in his opinion. "And we get free food!" He leapt away on to Hikaru.

"Hikaru!" He shouted as he approached but kept a distance. "C'mon you two, at least look at the bright side! Yumei your traps back there were brilliant!" Which wasn't a lie. "And Hikaru you were kicking ass back there! I was impressed you--"

"Your hand..." Without saying anything else he was moving towards her. "Let me see." And it wasn't a question as he grabbed Hikaru's forearm firmly with one hand and then gently pulled it out in the open to see. "...That" his eyes flicked over to Makoto with a single raised brow, "looks like it hurts..." he said turning his attention back to her. "Don't move." Another hand gently grabbed the hand of the injured wrist, the other holding her forearm slipped up to where it looked like there was swelling and gently, fingers felt around. As he did so, eventually Eiichi frowned and stopped his painful prying.

On the next blink Eiichi's eyes went from magenta to glowing red. "Sorry" He blinked and the red was gone. "For the record" the hand holding Hikaru's locked fingers and then suddenly tightened like a vice grip, "I'll understand if you punch me for this." Eiichi's grip tightened and then looking back down at Hikaru's wrist Eiichi's eyes glowed. Seeing bone, and flesh, it took him a few seconds of looking then without any warning there was a painful, bone sounding pop that came with him jerking Hikaru's hand in a twist and pressing his other fingers around the carpals of her wrist.

The instant he finished setting the misalignment in her wrist, Eiichi's vice grip immediately vanished and both he and his hands put three steps of distance between him and Hikaru.

"There" he muttered, well-aware of how much that must have hurt and sharing a empathetic smile in Hikaru's direction. "That should fix it. Hey," he said to Makoto, "we need to get her some ice and a splint or something. We should swing by the hospital first before you buy us food."

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Somewhat like he had expected, the Gin-sho was able to easily maneuver around the Kaku's clever attack strategy and feign trapping the Hisha into place despite the fact that there was still a piece left on the board. Taking a deep breathe as he saw the expression of desperation that was on Brock's face and the worry that was in Ichigo's he knew it was his time to act. There was no time for further analyzation of the opponents behavior. Clearly Zaki-sensei's contempt of children was something that was noted by the Hokage, and his general posture and demeanor show he's more of a brutal fighter. His experience probably makes up for critical thinking... So... Aragi's eyes widened as the perfect idea came into his head, [Bird] [Hare] [Boar] [Dragon] Wind Release: Fujin Armaments! Suddenly, the foliage opened up to reveal the young genin with a burst of wind as they began to wrap around his legs in the Suneate form.

Dashing from the trees with his speed increased by the wind armor, the young genin threw three shuriken up into the air, kicking them dead on with his wind armor to increase their speed, aiming for the special kunai Zaki held to try and force him to release Brock. When he was finally on the ground, he turned to Ichigo: "You have to keep the pressure on while I help Brock". Rushing toward the jonin, Aragi's eyes sharpened as he jumped up in the air aided by his wind armor before turning and trying to land a kick on the back of the sensei's head.
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    ~ Training Field ~
    The End || Kanon's CS File
    She felt the cuts she had closing up and the bruises she’d gain healing, even some of the ones from yesterday! She took the wrapping off of her hands carefully and stored it into her pack. She was feeling great! Plus Hotarubi-Sensei was going to bring them out to eat. Takahiro seemed just as motivated by the idea of a mission, even if he seemed a little disillusioned to what genin did at their level. From what she remembers of what her cousin told her it was rare they would get a truly scary mission until they were chunin, unless they were unlucky. The idea of the C rank curse was silly, probably just ghost stories for the clan, but she still wanted to be as prepared as possible.

    Besides until then she definitely wouldn’t mind some extra cash. Her Family may have helped her get her first weapon set but anything more was on her. She knew that it was for the best, she needed to learn how to properly manage money now if she was going to go on to be a Main Branch member and manage her own funds and the Branch family’s money. Actually she needed to start budgeting this week if she wanted to get an accurate amount.

    But that was a plan for another day! She found herself nodding along as she heard Deki bring up Aragi’s place. That place was the best! It was her family’s go-to food spot for when neither her dad or Uncle Naoki felt like cooking. Plus maybe she’d see the other squads if they finished up already.

    “Oh yeah that sounds like a plan! Afterwords we can take a couple missions, instead of one!” Her enthusiam for getting the most out of the day came from the sudden energy boost she felt at getting healed up. She put her hands on her hips and let out a beaming smirk. “I promise we’re ready for it.”

    She was looking forward to getting to go home and saying they aced their first day as a genin, especially since they only narrowly made genin and avoided going back to the academy.
At night, Utsuwa can be seen walking around the street of Konohagakure as she is looking for her next prey to feast on, which is the residents that they are living in. Although, she notices something strange. She can sense a threat is nearby.

"It seems like someone is following me..." Utsuwa said in confusion.

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Kanami Ishii

Nami wasn't a morning person. She never had been, likely never would be.

Even so, being on a squad of early-risers and having the (unspoken, but still ever existent) expectation that she would do her best to do the same had led to the brunette acclimating to her new circumstances a fair bit. Most mornings, she could even pretend that the cheery smile on her lips was a real one, the dark lines under her eyes were only smile lines.

This was not one of those mornings.

Groggily blinking sleep from her brown eyes as one of the extra alarms stowed way, way beneath her bed continued its persistent chorus in the background, Nami caught sight of her desk alarm, noting the early time and inwardly cursing her sensei for those damned morning sessions. What was wrong with team meetings at 6pm anyway? They'd all be well-rested then, receptive to whatever Yosuke-sensei tried to throw at them.

Yea, she nodded to herself absently-mindedly, needed a bit of development but otherwise that was probably a good argument.

Slowly extracting herself from underneath the covers even as she let a little woe-is-me whimper trail from her lips at the departure from the warm of her bed, Nami stood and.. dropped abruptly as her toe hit the edge of the desk with a little thunk. Cupping her foot and hopping around amidst a string of expletives, Nami let herself fall against the mattress.

Pain morphed into annoyance, Nami throwing that particularly negative emotion into her next actions, - hastily pulling her long, dark hair back into a high ponytail, dressing and storing her equipment for today into the fanny pack on her waist.

Stealing a cursory glance at her reflection before exiting the flat, Nami made her way towards the training grounds. It wasn't by any means a far walk for Nami, whose flat was on the fringes of town after all, the cheaper area to live. Even so, it was a relaxing walk if she kept her steps slow, measured. A couple of screams sounded in the training fields nearby and Nami jerked a little though there was really no cause for concern, speeding her steps up a little in spite of herself.

So much for relaxing.

Catching sight of Chou and Hideaki up ahead, the brunette felt a soft, involuntary smile touch her lips, temporal annoyance forgotten as she sped to catch the two. Yosuke-sensei loomed just a little further ahead, the group closing the gap in a matter of minutes.

At Yosuke's words, Nami tilted her head to the side, curious as to what their sensei had planned but loathe to be the one to ask first. Hideaki was the first to vocally express his enthusiasm, Chou following suit in her own quiet way as her dark head brushed against Nami's shoulder.

"Sure, I mean let's get this party started," she intoned, a mischievous smile tilting up the corners of her lips.

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Makoto was mildly impressed by the genin's maturity in front of him. Their frustrated, sorrowful expression were understandable, and a more immature mind would have rejected his offer. They would have been too caught up with their own failures and reject any hope of redemption given to them. If that had happened, he would have definitely failed the genin in front of him. It wasn't exactly following the rules, but the overall message of the bell test was to see how ready they were for the shinobi world. This was Makoto's own small trial to test in addition to that. He wanted to observe whether or not they could cut their losses and look towards the horizon. It was a lesson he once followed to heart, but certain circumstances made him shun. "Still, it's a good enough lesson to pass on," the young Jonin thought to himself. That reminded him. Did he have enough money to pay for yakiniku? Surely, he had enough to pay for himself, but what about the kids. Did they count for the child's menu?

He shook his head of those thoughts. If anything, he could always ask Hotarubi to borrow some and pay her back at a later date. Koma was brought from his musings by Eiichi's voice. The blonde had already popped Hikaru's dislocated wrist back into place. Just one more thing the Jonin didn't have to do which he was glad for. "The hospital, hmm? I wouldn't trust that place with my life nevermind a swollen wrist. Money sucking vampires," he went off on a small tangent before coughing. "Anyways, I have enough experience to at least help with this." Walking around for the appropriate sized and proper elastic sticks, he tore a length from the binding cloth he had used in battle moments ago. Taking little notice of any discomfort, the sensei's fingers worked with surprising nimbleness to wrap Hikaru's swollen in a splint. Waves of nostalgia crashed into him. Memories of aiding the injured with his family came to mind. "Ah," he gasped, "I'm done. Tell me if it feels too tight or loose haven't had to do that in awhile." Bringing out a metal flask from his robe, he took a sip and put it back. "Well, unless you guys have other questions, just follow me to the restaurant." Waving to follow him, he made his towards the more bustling village. "Name's Makoto Koma remember it Eiichi, we're going to be seeing a lot of each other." @iseelight @The Regal Rper @Brea The Brave

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