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Welcome to the Drabble/Personal Moments thread where you will be allowed to write well, drabbles and personal moments to build up your characters and our world. Think of this as a personal lore page. Enjoy yourselves.
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Salvagers Salvation

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Day XX Makoto's Log~

I found myself thirsty in an unfamiliar place. It was dry yet cold in this barren wasteland. The grainy texture of sand permeated my mouth. Billowing, desert wind partially blinded me. It took me some time to realize I was not alone. As the sun broke over the nearby dune, I saw three bodies vaguely familiar strewn across the accommodating sand. There was one woman and 2 men, reeking of alcohol. I was rather guilty myself of the smell. There was a metal, square flask half buried. Downing it, I realized it wasn't water. The initial shock of being in an unfamiliar place faded fast as the night's events pounded my head and churned my stomach. I left my companions behind and began wandering around. It must have been half an hour, until I saw something other than sand. It looked like the village hidden in the sand. A sense of urgency attempted to kick out my drowsiness as I realized that I needed to head back to my village. I had a hokage to report to and some genin to meet. I'll update my journal after that.


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@Timv9 @Coco Adel

Pre-academy preparations had been a brief affair for Nami, who for once had found herself awake before her alarm even started on its first maddening beeps.

Anticipation drummed a persistent beat that matched the thump of her heart, nervous tension raced through every part of her as the dark-haired girl pulled herself from underneath her covers to let her bare feet touch the ground, pulled open the blinds to stare at the landscape outside. It was still too dark for the sun to make a true appearance, but Nami imagined she could feel its warm rays pushing her on as she showered and threw on what would be her customary academy outfit quickly, exited the house with an apple in hand.

The academy hadn't yet opened its doors when Nami settled on a bench nearby, content to enjoy the wait and eat breakfast. Already she could see some unfamiliar faces rounding the corner, some hand-in-hand with parents, others unaccompanied like herself. Nami hungrily soaked in the faces, the mannerisms, tried to figure out which one would be her first friend, which face seemed the most approachable.

Coco Adel

The Abandoned Maiden
Chou was very excited for her first day of school at the ninja academy, so much so that she practically skipped all the way there. The little girl appeared to be wearing a hooded raincoat that fit her almost like a dress, some shorts and zip-up boots that only came a little bit above her ankles, she also appeared to be wearing shades as most Aburame did.

She didn't particularly come alone, she came with the child of the clan's head, he was older than her and in a higher grade, not long for graduation. She skipped and hopped around the stoic boy, walking with his hands in his pockets. She turned around every now and then to make sure he was still behind her, but not really wanting to slow down. Surprisingly throughout all this excitement, the girl didn't make one vocal sound, not a squeal or a giggle, just a happy, excited smile.

When they finally arrived. The girl looked around to see if there were any other students around that might be her future classmates she then saw a girl sitting on a bench and looked up at the stoic boy as if to ask for permission. The boy nods at her and she smiles and trots over to the bench and climbs up into it to sit next to the girl. She then smiles at her and waves without saying a word as the boy simply stood at a distance and watched as he also waited for school to start.


Salvagers Salvation

Dragon Quester
Moments before every new dawn, ritual requires one to prostrate themselves in front of their shrine. You pray for the good fortune of others, bountiful crops, and pleasant weather. You pray for the good health of the elderly, the successful births of babies, and the eternal smiles of children. You never pray for yourself. In the darkness of his home, Makoto could be found with his eyes closed and head towards the ground. The wooden floors creaked with each movement. Clasped between his palms, lightly burning incense lit the shadowed room with a dim crimson red. And despite the chill, there was a warm smell of sandalwood that warded off the goosebumps. “It is always coldest before sun break.” The Chunin idly thought as the light slowly trickled into his room through the white paper panel door. Various offerings, pictures of the deceased, and golden embellishments decorated the lucky red shrine.

Placing the burning incense into the stone burner filled with sand, Koma pushed himself from the ground. He stretched towards the sky, feeling his bones crack into place while tension escaped from his body. His eyes wandered around the thirteen-year-old apartment. It was about 900 square feet, immaculate and efficient. It was dusted daily. An intricate balance of negative space allowed the room to appear larger than it actually was. His black futon was folded in the corner of the room on the other side of the door panel. There was that need to separate his religious life and personal life; so even if he were to lose one, he would still have an entity to grasp onto. “It’s time to start the day,” he murmured to himself, patting the wrinkles out of his ornate robes.

He had already doused himself with water and soap before praying, so he simply needed to slip on his black leather boots at the foot of his door to leave. No longer having a barrier between him and the crisp air, Makoto shivered white wisps out of his thin pale lips. Finches, active much earlier than Koma, were pecking at the poppy seeds he had set out the night before. They scattered as the Chunin strode through the flock to get onto the trodden dirt path at the bottom of the apartment building’s porch. The village was just barely rousing itself from a pseudo-slumber as he made his way towards the Hokage’s office. The loose grains of dirt ground against the heel of his boots. The cafes and diners were wafting the scent of coffee and bacon into the streets, attracting the early bird customers. Markets and other stores began to lift the metal shutters, opening their storefronts. But amongst the waking commerce, there was one worker that toiled away long before them. It was the farmer.

While Makoto showered and prayed before the sun rose, the farmers worked the fields. They tended the crops during the cold mornings, sweltering evenings, and humid nights. The village's food supply was reliant on them. Thus, constant attention was required of them to assure the livelihood of the other villagers. How did Koma know this? As part of his goal to understand others and achieve empathy, he frequently found himself taking on roles other than shinobi. He's fished with the fisherman. He's cleaned the Nara shrine. He's served customers during cafe rush hours. The Chunin throughout his life was always open to new experiences. Though he could never see himself doing any of those jobs for the rest of his life, he appreciated each and every one of them for their dutiful actions to fulfill their roles in life. That's why he was a shinobi. There was always a new mission, a new task, a new way of doing something. It was an experience upon experience.

"Ah, I'm here." Makoto quipped, stopping at the stairs up to the Hokage’s office. Straight back, broad-shouldered, and clear eyes he proceeded up the stone ledges. He hoped, ever since he was a child, that one-day his shoulders would be capable enough to protect his dear ones. Memories washed over him, hugging him tenderly with each step.

These were the steps that he had walked so many times with his old sensei and teammates. The steps that have made him who he was. Of course, he would never forget his sensei which helped him settle into the village’s culture. His peers as well assisted him in adjusting to the culture shock especially Hotarubi.

Hotarubi…” he hummed, “the Hyuuga heiress.” It shamed him to admit that titles did give him an inherent bias, a presumption towards how people would be. He would never act on those biases, but he did expect the Hyuuga to be a certain way. They were prideful, hard headed, detached, and myopic. Hotarubi was those first two traits and none of the last, yet she embraced them in the finest ways. During the bell test, Makoto would never expect her to be a leader in the future. She proved him wrong through the years training alongside her. He would gladly follow her if the situation arose.

*knock knock*

The young man swayed on the balls of his feet, waiting for permission to enter. Once given the go-ahead, he pushed his way through the door. In the center of the room, the most distinguished person in the entire village sat with his hands folded in front of him. “Hokage-sama,” he greeted, kneeling and turning his head to the ground, “good morning.

Raise your head Makoto,” the old man said.
Yes, sir.” Koma stood up, his crimson eyes scanning the aging face of the man in front of him. Deep grooves carved its way into the leathery, age pocked skin. Sunken eyes stared deeply into his own. Age had made the Hokage’s visage soft like a smoldering flame, but there was still a sweltering fire underneath. The Chunin was saddened by the man’s incoming retirement. He wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out.

Do you have to go?” the curly-haired boy managed to choke out.
I would like to go.”
Do you think Amaya is that incapable of a leader?”
No, but she isn’t you.”
I didn’t figure you for one to speak behind people’s backs.”
Ah, I didn’t-
I know. I’m just teasing you.”
I wish you wouldn’t.”
Ha… but it’s so easy.” Makoto blushed furiously. “Listen, Makoto. I’m getting old, my body creaks, and there is much I still want to do. Before I leave, I’d at least like to see you promoted. You have too much talent to stay as a Chunin.
You’re too kind. I am not nearly as skilled as you think.”
The villagers speak so highly of you, and that is good enough of a recommendation for me. Now, come take this mission.” The Hokage said, holding out a manilla folder. Koma moved swiftly to grasp it from the elder's hands. He flicked through the files. Seems like the reward was pulled together by a small fishing village to the east. They've been harassed and exploited by a prominent gang in the area. The name of the organization is the Red Lotus. It's different from normal gangs as they've employed missing nin and other shinobi rather than thugs. Makoto was to assassinate the boss of the gang by infiltrating their ranks and getting close to the boss.
"An assassination mission? Are you sure this is worthy of a Jonin promotion?" Makoto questioned, closing the folder.
"You are entering the den of shinobi and missing nin, yet you think this will be an easy mission?"
"I don't believe it will be a difficult mission."
"Speak to me after it's done then. We will see afterwards your true opinion. The village has recently learned the gang will be hiring soon, tryouts are in a couple of days."
"Then, with your leave."
"Dismissed." Makoto bowed and departed.

He had to prepare for the mission ahead. Calculating for the days it would take to reach the village, he had about today to get everything settled. Then, he leaves on his two day journey. Unsure of when he was to return, Makoto made his goodbyes first. He hand wrote a letter to all the people he might inconvenience with his disappearance. One letter to his sensei, granny Uchiha, Hotarubi, and those he frequently worked with explaining that he will be gone for an indefinite amount of time. Now, all that was left to do was to grab some equipment, and he was off on his trip.

To be continued...


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@Coco Adel

Nami had settled on a target within minutes of starting her scoping out process - a girl standing a couple of feet away with her hands deep in the pockets of a rather eclectic red-brown skirt.

The girls curly hair was as dark brown as her own, so Nami figured they’d probably have a lot to talk about.

Resolve circulated like adrenaline through her system.

She pursed her lips, bared her hands determinedly into little fists, and was just starting to lift herself up from the bench when another girl quietly slid into the space beside her, waved an enthusiastic hand.

Not a sound escaped from the girl through the whole motion, though a startled Nami barely noticed this. Her hands uncurled as she lightly slid back into the bench, widened eyes appraising the more aggressive girl.

There was a pregnant pause, a couple of still moments as Nami took in the girl, from her dark shades to her dark raincoat that was so long it was almost dress-like in its length. That paired with her compact, miniature frame was all at once kind of... adorable in a sense?

The Ishii realized relatively quickly that if she stayed silent for any longer she’d make it awkward, so she hurriedly tried to compensate.

“Hi, sorry, um..” she fumbled with her hands nervously, cheeks taking on a dark glow as her voice started in again with an apologetic undertone. “my name is Nami, umm.. are you a first year too? I’m so nervous but also really excited? I don’t know if that makes sense? What’s your name, do you want to be friends?”

Her words piled atop each other in a show of uncharacteristic nerves that had Nami inwardly buckling under the weight of all this embarrassment. It really was too early for all this.

Coco Adel

The Abandoned Maiden

Chou listened to the girl kicking her legs back and forth on the bench, seeing as she wasn't tall enough to sit and have her feet touch the ground. She seemed to be nervous whereas Chou was just excited to meet new people, but that was okay. When she introduced herself and asked Chous for her name the little girl reached in her backpack and wrote something down. Hopping off the bench and handing her the paper on the paper would be written the word Chou with a colorful butterfly drawn next to it.

Chou would stand proudly with a smile on her face, patting her chest and nodding her head before giving the girl two thumbs up as if to say "my name is Chou, nice to meet you, let's be friends!"

At that moment the older boy walked over, slowly as not to startle the little girl and calmly began to speak. "I'm sorry, she doesn't communicate verbally, " He said. "Her name is Chou Aburame this is her first year at the academy and if you're willing to get used to her, she would very much like to be friends with you." He explained as Chou looked up at him and nodded and turned back to Nami again, giving a thumbs up.

Toju is a naive (rather energetic and childish) boy whose ancestry (as a member of the Yamanaka clan) can be traced back to Konohagakure that his parents had moved to Kumogakure as they want his child to be more "masculine and brave". The only thing he loves to do is to play soccer while training to be a ninja. His parents thought that playing soccer could ruin his academic status and they must do something to change it.

Unfortunately, they changed their mind. One rainy day, a group of children his age had bullied him as they thought of him as mentally ill or just downright soft to be a ninja. This had hurt Toju's feelings as he isn't that type of person.

"Hey, you!" One of the kids said.
"Are you here to play with your toy again?" They asked playfully.
"It's not a toy." Toju corrected them.
"Who cares, you don't belong in this village!" They said angrily.
"What are you guys talking about?" He asked.
"You're nothing but a terminally ill, feminine, idiotic, soccer addict bastard!" They said angrily.
"You can say that but I won't let anyone make fun of me." He said calmly.
"Is that so?" They asked as they started to get close to Toju.
"Wait, what are you doing?" He asked in fear.
"If you love that soccer ball that much then how about we take it?" They asked as they attempted to take the ball within Toju's grasp.
"Hey, stop that!" Toju said angrily as he accidentally lets go of the ball.
"I finally got it!" They said happily as they stole the ball from him.
"I want my ball back..." Toju bursts into tears.
"He's crying!" They laughed.
"Say, how about we smash it?" The leader of the gang said happily.
"Give it back, damn it!" Toju charged at the leader who dodges it.
"You missed." The leader laughed along with the other kids.
"I won't give up that easily!" Toju tries to hit the leader with each punch but he keeps missing.
"You aren't worthy to be a ninja!" The leader said as he delivers a fatal blow in Toju's face, causing him to collapse and the kids were in shock.
"Did you kill him?" They asked.
"Of course I didn't!" He said.
"I'm not done yet..." Toju slowly gets up to fight the leader again but he chose to escape before he does.
"You got to be kidding me." They said.
"You know what, forget the ball." The leader said angrily as he drops the ball.
"Let's get out of here." The leader along with the other kids had left while Toju is still struggling to get up, his parents later appear as they were terrified that he is in pain.
"Toju!" Toju's father said as he notices him lying on the ground.
"What have they done to my son?" Toju's mother asked in fear.

His parents slowly pick him up as there were bruises covering parts of his face. They couldn't look at him any further.

"Who beat you up, son?" His father asked.
"We're taking you to the hospital!" His mother said still in shock from seeing him in this condition.

Toju bursts into tears again as he hugged his parents about the suffering that he had been through.

"I don't want to be in this place anymore..." He said.
"Well, you see..." His father tries to come up with a solution but nothing came to be.
"Let's take him to the hospital." His mother said to his father.
"Right." He agreed.
"Don't forget the ball." His mother said.
"I almost forgot." His father said as he picked up Toju's soccer ball.

As his parents had taken him to the hospital, he thought that the village he is currently in isn't the village that he ought to be in as he would be better off living in Konohagakure (where his descendants are from) than in Kumogakure as he doesn't fit in with the other kids who are more interested in other things than soccer.

The following week, Toju has healed up to the point of playing soccer by himself while still dreaming to become a ninja one day. His ambition won't get in the way of following his passion as there might be other bullies lurking within the academy that he is going to attend to.


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@Coco Adel

Nami watched the girl curl a hand into her backpack, retrieve a piece of paper and a pen to write something down.

Curiosity pricked the brunettes senses as she leaned forward ever so slightly as if to peek, what was the girl doing? Just as quickly as the girl had performed that first motion she was doing the next, presenting the paper to Nami.

Taking the sheet of paper as a smile involuntarily played on the corner of her lips, Nami looked over the written words - "Chou" - and the colorful butterfly scrawled in the space beside them. She committed the name to memory, giggling a little as the girl - Chou - went through a couple of goofy motions punctuated with an enthusiastic two thumbs up. Even as Nami's lips parted to speak once more, the screws in her head were turning, her thoughts turning to just why this girl wasn't speaking. Was she mute, was it some kind of other condition? Contemplating any further about it wasn't going to accomplish much in the long run, Nami figured, and it wouldn't be considered rude to just ask, would it?


Before Nami could commit a or the first of many social faux pas, explanation came in the form of a much older boy hovering close by, dressed in garb similar to the type Chou was wearing. Was that her older brother? Nodding a little shyly at the older boy's words, lighting up a little at the prospect of this girl wanting to be her friend - did she really have a friend, already? - Nami flashed the girl a bright little smile before dipping her head respectfully in the older boy's direction by way of thanks.

"Then we're friends! It's that easy, right," she giggled into the palm of her hand, the sound cutting off slightly at the sound of a bell. School had started.

Nami reached out to grasp the girls hand as she got to her feet, eyes moving towards the school doors. "c'mon, we have to get a good seat! I read up on this! We can't sit too close to the front or the sensei will always pick on us, and he'll hear us when we're talking! But we also can't sit too close to the back or he'll always watch us, and we'll be pegged the trouble kids!"

Nami shivered a little dramatically at the very thought as she begin to walk towards the doors, turning a moment to verify that her new friend was in the space beside her. "Based on those findings, I personally say we should sit either two rows from the front or one row from the front. Whaddya think of that?" She flashed Chou a full smile, expecting the girl to be very impressed with her scientific findings. After all, Chou was pretty impressed with herself. In a modest way, of course.
Toju is having a pleasant conversation with his parents as they wanted to talk about their jobs and how are they feeling about it. Toju seems to be interested in it.

"Mom, Dad, what do you do for a living?" Toju asked.
"Well, we are farmers." His father said.
"Farmers?" Toju asked curiously.
"Yes, we get paid by growing crops for the villagers to buy it from." His mother explained.
"I see," Toju said.
"Ryosei, have you been slacking off?" His mother asked angrily.
"I-I don't know what you are talking about, Kanna!" Ryosei said nervously.
"Don't play dumb with me!" Kanna said angrily as she punches Ryosei at his arm.
"So harsh..." Ryosei said as he couldn't understand why his wife is so hard on him.
"Anyway, if you need anything we are always there for you," Kanna said happily.
"Mom, Dad..." Toju bursts into tears.
"Why are you getting emotional all of a sudden?" Ryosei asked curiously.
"It's nothing." Toju wiped the tears out of his eyes.
"I'm going to wash the dishes to cook something," Kanna said.
"Man, I'm starving!" Ryosei said as he rubbed his stomach after it had growled.
"You are so impatient!" Kanna scolds Ryosei.
"And yet, you're making a fool of yourself," Ryosei said playfully.
"What did you say?" Kanna asked as she gave Ryosei the death stare for his stupidity.
"I take it back..." Ryosei said in fear.
"What's for dinner?" Toju asked in a manner, unlike Ryosei.
"We will be having sashimi tonight." Kanna smiled.
"Gross!" Toju and Ryosei said as they are grossed out from the food that they will be eating which has made Kanna angry.
"You got to be kidding me!" Kanna said angrily as she was offended by her family's refusal to eat sashimi.

This is when Toju then enjoys eating with his family as he hasn't seen anyone who cares much more than anyone else.
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Toju has heard a rumor from other people that Konohagakure is the only village that has an academy and his father, Ryosei has enough money to take him there. Toju was in shock.

"You what!?" Toju asked in shock.
"Yes, I am taking you to Konohagakure," Ryosei said happily.
"Your father has been saving up money just to take you there," Kanna said.
"Also, that is where our descendants are from." She added.
"Are you making this up?" Toju asked curiously.
"No, I am not," Ryosei said.
"It took me a while to decide whether or not you should study there but I thought that it would be a good idea to do so," Kanna explained.
"So that means..." Toju tries to think of something that would answer his questions.
"You can become a ninja," Ryosei said happily.
"Alright!" Toju said as he jumped up in the air happily.
"We can go now if you want," Ryosei said.
"Can I take my ball with me?" Toju asked as he didn't want to leave it behind.
"I don't think the academy would allow it," Kanna said curiously.
"I wouldn't mind if he did," Ryosei said carelessly.
"Well, if that is what you think then I am okay with that." Kanna agreed.
"Yes, you can," Ryosei said to Toju.
"Awesome!" Toju said happily as he ran to his room to get the ball.
"Did you get it?" Ryosei asked.
"Yep!" Toju said as he showed the ball to him.
"Is there anything else that you need, Toju?" Kanna asked.
"Nope, that will be all," Toju said.
"Alright, pack your bags because we are leaving in a minute," Ryosei said.
"Yes, Dad." Toju nodded.

Toju and Ryosei had packed their bags as they are getting ready to travel to Konohagakure to study at the academy. He couldn't wait any longer as he was so hyped.
"Come on!" Toju said as he couldn't wait any longer while Ryosei is struggling to maneuver the bags as they were too heavy.
"You're so impatient compared to your Dad!" Kanna said playfully.
"I'm not like him you know!" Toju said angrily as he doesn't want to be like him.
"I'm kidding." Kanna laughed.
"Man, this thing is heavy..." Ryosei said as he manages to maneuver the bags.
"Is that everything?" Kanna asked.
"Yeah," Ryosei said.
"I can't wait!" Toju said happily.
"Man, you sure are happy..." Ryosei said as he looked at Toju awkwardly.
"Are you guys ready?" Kanna asked.
"You bet I am!" Toju said.
"Let's go then," Ryosei said.

As they had left the house to set foot at Konohagakure, Kanna waved goodbye at them as they did the same.

"Be careful over there!" Kanna shouted for the two to hear.
"We will!" Toju said as he smiled at her while Ryosei didn't say anything.

Toju's journey to becoming a shinobi and meeting new people, friend and foe have begun.
The travel to Konohagakure had taken them a while to get to their destination ss they have to get through the mountains and then the forest and finally to Konohagakure, the village that Toju dreams of studying there. Ryosei is on the verge of collapsing as Toju is feeling the same way knowing that they have to sleep for the night (as it was dark).

"Here we are, son," Ryosei said happily.

Lights within the buildings are visible from afar as Toju couldn't believe what he is seeing right now.

"Wow..." Toju said in shock.
"This place is better than Kumogakure, isn't it?" Ryosei asked but Toju only nodded as he is too busy looking at the cityscape of Konohagakure.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Toju asked as he snapped out of it.
"Nevermind..." Ryosei sighed.
"I'm tired..." Toju said as he is trying his best not to fall asleep.
"There should be a hotel nearby," Ryosei said as he is surveying the village.
"You think so?" Toju asked.
"I found it!" Ryosei said in shock as he saw a building with a billboard on top.
"Where is it?" Toju asked.
"Follow me," Ryosei said.
"Okay," Toju said.

Toju and Ryosei went to the building that they are looking for and it appears to be a hotel that they had been searching for.

"This is it," Ryosei said.
"I'm so tired!" Toju said as he went inside hurriedly.
"Don't go inside yet!" Ryosei said angrily as he followed Toju at a fast pace.

There, a woman who is the receptionist is standing at the front.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The woman asked.
"Is there a place that we can sleep?" Toju asked.
"You're at the right place." The woman said happily.
"Toju, you fool!" Ryosei said angrily.
"Oh, you must be the father." The woman said.
"I told you not to talk to strangers!" Ryosei yelled.
"I didn't mean to," Toju said sadly.
"Please, there's no need to be harsh on the child." The woman said as she is trying to calm Ryosei down.
"I know that but he can be impulsive sometimes," Ryosei said.
"Is that so?" The woman asked.
"Well, I'm not that impulsive, " Toju said.
"Be quiet for a minute!" Ryosei yelled as he doesn't want Toju to interrupt his conversation.
"I'm sorry that I have wasted your time." The woman said as she blames herself for the cause.
"Don't worry, I should be the one for the cause," Ryosei said.
"If you want to stay here for the night then that will be 10 ryo." The woman said.
"Alright, I'll pay," Ryosei said.

Ryosei has given the woman 10 ryo to stay for the night.

"Thank you." The woman said happily.
"Let's go, Toju," Ryosei said.
"Right," Toju said.

Toju and Ryosei went to room 11 as they are able to find a place to stay and to get some rest. Toju seems to be sad as he had caused a lot of trouble today.

"Dad?" Toju asked.
"What?" Ryosei asked.
"I want to say that I am sorry that I had caused a lot of trouble," Toju said.
"Look, you may be a boy who wants to follow his dreams but you gotta learn to control yourself like a mature person, you know," Ryosei said.
"Really?" Toju asked.
"There are other ninjas who are going along this path," Ryosei said.
"There are?" Toju asked.
Look, just be on your best behavior, okay?" Ryosei asked.
"I will," Toju said.
"Well, good night," Ryosei said.
"Uh, Dad?" Toju asked.
"Is something wrong?" Ryosei asked.
"What is Mom's surname before she got married?" Toju asked.
"Why would you ask me that question?" Ryosei asked in shock.
"Just wondering," Toju said.
"Your mother is from the Yasumoto clan," Ryosei said.
"The Yasumoto clan?" Toju asked curiously.
"Yes, they are known to be skilled farmers and fishermen who are responsible for keeping Kumogakure growing at the very least," Ryosei explained.
"So that's why she likes sashimi!" Toju said in shock.
"That's right but I can't say no to that one because I don't want to disappoint her," Ryosei said.
"I see," Toju said.
"Anyway, good night," Ryosei said as he closed his eyes to begin sleeping.
"Uh, good night..." Toju muttered.

Toju had thought to himself that his ambition would not be abandoned and that he must follow his heart to achieve it.

"Whatever these bullies are saying nowadays, I will show them that I will become a ninja no matter what!"

After that, Toju dozed off.
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Coco Adel

The Abandoned Maiden

Chou smiled and nodded as Nami asked if they were friends when she school bell rang and the girl snatched her along with her so they could get good seats in the class. She turned her head as they were running, keeping up with the girl. She waves goodbye to the older boy, her adoptive older brother but biologically he was more like a cousin. He simply nods, with his hands in his pockets and starts to go on his way to his own class with the much older kids in his class.

Nami had taken them into class and explained to her to the very complex meaning behind one's choice of seating, at least as far as a kid their age could, she had even narrowed down their choices. She had no idea so much thought had to be put into where you sat at school, but she seemed to know what she was talking about. Chou had put her finger to her chin, thinking over the girl's words and nodded as she presented their choices. Counted the rows and started to shift between the 3rd and second-row before grabbing Nami's hand and running as fast as her little legs could go up to the third row, pulling the girl along with her as she slid behind the long table and onto the bench, but making sure she didn't go so fast as to accidentally trip her new friend.

The sun rises in Konohagakure as Toju and Ryosei had woked up from a good night's sleep as Toju is looking forward to going to the academy that he always wanted to attend. However, Ryosei can be seen snoring so loud that it irritates Toju.

"He is driving me crazy..." Toju muttered angrily.

Toju then woked Ryosei up.

"Huh?" Ryosei asked after waking up.
"It's time to get up," Toju said.
"It's morning already?" Ryosei asked curiously.
"I afraid so," Toju said.
"Let's get moving then," Ryosei said happily.
"Alright!" Toju said happily.

Toju went downstairs while he is waiting for Ryosei to get dressed. He couldn't wait any longer but he didn't want to disappoint his father again. There is one problem, Ryosei is having a hard time dragging the bags that are filled up things such as food, clothing and anything else that they can imagine.

"My back is aching..." Ryosei said as his back was in pain.
"I can help you," Toju said as he didn't want to see his father suffering like this.
"Thank you, Toju," Ryosei said happily.

Toju helped Ryosei get the bags together because he has the energy to do so and things would go in a different direction if he refuses to help him. The two sighed after that.

"Hard labor can get you worked out, isn't it?" Ryosei asked.
"Yeah..." Toju said restlessly.
"There's no need to stop now, we need to keep moving," Ryosei said.
"I think I am missing something," Toju said as he looked around the area.
"What's the matter?" Ryosei asked.
"My ball!" Toju yelled in shock.
"How did you forget your ball?" Ryosei asked.
"I might've left it in room 11," Toju said in fear.
"Let's go find out then," Ryosei said.

Toju and Ryosei went to room 11 as they are looking for Toju's soccer ball. Surprisingly, it was gone with no trace of who took it or where it was before.

"It's gone!" Toju said in fear.
"Really?" Ryosei asked in shock.
"Who took it?" Toju asked as he hurriedly looked around the room for his ball.
"I'm not sure," Ryosei said.
"What do you mean you're not sure?" Toju asked angrily.
"Look, now is not the time to be angry over a ball," Ryosei said as he is trying his best to calm Toju down.
"You don't understand, I need it!" Toju said angrily.
"What's so important about the ball?" Ryosei asked.
"It helps me to calm down and I can't leave it without it!" Toju said.
"Listen, we can look for it after I had signed you in the academy," Ryosei said.
"No!" Toju refuses to follow his father's orders.
"What do you mean, you won't?" Ryosei asked angrily.
"I'm going to look for it!" Toju said as he ran out of the room.
"Toju, wait!" Ryosei said as he is chasing after Toju.

Ryosei is chasing after Toju as he went outside to look everywhere for him because of how big the village is. Unfortunately, he is unable to find him because there were too many people walking around the street that he isn't familiar with. He was angry.

"Damn it!" Ryosei said angrily as he blamed himself for not finding Toju.

Meanwhile, Toju is alone as he couldn't find his father as a result of a decision that he had made and he wishes if he would listen to his father's orders. There is nothing else for him to do besides looking for his ball as he didn't want to leave it without it. The ball is the only way to calm him down.

"If I were to listen to Dad's orders then..." Toju said sadly as if he had listened to his father's orders then things wouldn't go wrong.

This is when the two are separated because of Toju's determination to find his missing soccer ball and Ryosei looking for his son who ran away without being under the guidance of his father. Their separation would change the course of their journey and whether Toju would be able to find his ball. So it begins...

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Kanna can be seen thinking about the time she spends some quality time with Toju as she hasn't seen her family for a while since their departure to Konohagakure. She couldn't stop worrying about them and she wishes for them to make it to the village safely.

"I wonder if they had made it to Konohagakure safely..." Kanna muttered sadly as she is looking out the window.

She daydreams about the time that Toju became interested in soccer for the first time which had made Kanna proud as she never sees her son became interested in sports. Toju was a toddler back then.

"Mom, look!" Toju said as he pointed at the soccer ball as it is by itself.
"What's that doing here all by itself?" Kanna asked curiously.
"Can I keep it?" Toju asked happily.
"Maybe someone must've lost it, it is not good to take someone else's without their permission," Kanna said.
"Please?" Toju asked as he wanted to keep the ball.
"Well, since no one seems to play with it that often, you may keep it." Kanna smiled.
"Yay!" Toju said happily as he grabs the ball even though Kanna has no idea who belongs to.

Sometime later, Kanna was peeking into Toju's as she finds something unusual, something that she hasn't seen someone in this position before. Toju is sleeping with the soccer ball and she thought of it as he is sleeping with a friend.

"How strange..." Kanna said in shock as she slowly closes the door.

That is when she finds out that the reason that Toju considers the soccer ball as a friend is that that is the only way to calm him down especially when he is stressed out and when things don't go his way. She didn't consider him as a crazy person but unique and that's why he loves soccer.

"I hope you are okay, Toju..." Kanna muttered as she is still worried about Toju as she has a feeling that he might get lost even though she is not in Konohagakure.

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He looks like this but with black hair that turns blue at the edges and blue green eyes.
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Matsudai stood at the counter in the kitchen bouncing around, super excited that he was going to get to go to the Academy, after a summer of begging his parents had finally given in and allowed him to go even though they didn't have a history of shinobi in their family. When his mom came and gave him a lunch and some snacks to share with possible friends.

He smiled and put on his little backpack and ran out to go to the Academy. On his way there, be noticed a boy, who seemed pretty lost. He seemed about his age so he assumed he must have been in his class and simply got lost on the way there. It wasn't uncommon for parents to let their children roam around the village, it was pretty safe so the kids had nothing to read and we're pretty independent for the most part. Of course, something in his mind should have told him the boy might not even go to the Academy since he had to beg his parents to go, but to him, it seemed like all the kids were going except for him until he convinced them, plus he was it kid so it probably didn't occur to him.

Matsudai I walked up to the boy and smiled "Hi, my name is Matsu, come on it's this way, " The boy said, assuming the boy was trying to find his way to the Academy and simply grabbed him by his hand and happily started making his way to the Academy. Sometimes he was too helpful for his own good. He looked over at the boy and smiled. "Are you as excited as I am? Shinobi are really cool and ooh, I wonder if anyone in our class knows any cool Jutsu. My friends showed me the shuriken jutsu, I'm pretty good at it. Do you know any cool jutsu?" The talkative little boy asked as they made their way to the building and he made his way into class with the no doubt confused boy.


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"Oh was eating a hefty bowl of ramen until I had tripped over this here ball of yours and landed face-fisrt into my bowl! Do not worry! My noodles did not spill H-Ha~! I just saw it rolling about in the street. You really ought to mind where you let your ball roam off too." The overweight kids tosses the soccerball back over to Toju

Kameron Esters-

Here comes the Machine!
"No, not at all! Every good deed is it's own reward!" The overweight kid smiles joyously "I am in search of my team however. I've been searching for them all morning and I must have admit, I have taken a few breaks in between my search for them."
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"Yeah, me too, " Toju said. "I shouldn't leave Dad behind though." He said. "I have to get back together with him somehow but look at how many people there are!" He said as he is unable to see his father because of how many people there are.

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Kameron Esters-

Here comes the Machine!
"Well not to worry friend! For I, DAIHIKOOOOOOOOHHHHH AKIMICH-EEEEYYYYYYY! Will assist you!" The overweight kid named Daihiko Akimichi declares [Ram → Special Seal] Daihiko grows in size to where he's towaring over a small stand. He picks Toju up gently and puts his hand out to give him space to move "Let me know when you can see him."

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