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Fandom nacarat's fandom search: supernatural, criminal minds, & others!

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Action, Anime, AU, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural


a red-orange color.

(if you’re interested in anything you see or have questions, please pm me!)

★ ★ ★

hello! i’m nacarat (you can just call me rat tho), and i’m looking to do some fandom-based roleplays! i’d prefer doing canon x oc (doubling welcome but not required) for said roleplays, but i might be willing to do oc x oc depending on the plot and fandom. i won’t be doing canon x canon though as i struggle to rp as canon characters, sorry. ><
erm, i don't really know what else to say here, so here's some stuff for you to read over!:

  • i go by nacarat or just rat.
  • my pronouns are she/they.
  • i’m 20 years old.
  • i’ve been roleplaying for about 9 or so years.
  • my activity tends to vary. i try to respond at least once a day, but sometimes i can go missing for a few days to a week or more.
  • i tend to write at least a paragraph, but ultimately my reply length depends on the length/descriptiveness of your reply.
  • third person POV.
  • fine with most dark themes (ask which ones).
  • i usually only play female characters, but will try to attempt playing a male character ONLY if we double up.
  • i greatly prefer MxF, but if the plot is interesting enough and calls for it, i’ll do FxF.
  • romance (preferably somewhat slowburn) is a must.
  • i write normally (proper uppercase n whatnot) when roleplaying, i promise. i only type in all lowercase when ooc.
  • discord is my preferred roleplaying spot.

  • be 18 or above in age, preferably.
  • be talkative OOC. i tend to be really talkative ooc once i’m comfortable with my rp partner, so i’d like you to at least try to be the same.
  • let me know your triggers beforehand so i can avoid mentioning things related to them.
  • please write at least a paragraph and be somewhat descriptive, just so it’s easier for me to follow. don’t just slap down some vague dialogue and that’s it.
  • third person POV, preferably.
  • don’t force anything nsfw on me/the rp. fading in/out is necessary if it happens to naturally come up.
  • let me know if you get bored and/or want to leave, please.
  • be willing to rp as multiple characters if the plot calls for it.
  • be willing to add lots of cliche/dramatic stuff. i’m a sucker for it, haha.
  • be communicative about how the rp will go. tell me ideas you have when you get them, don’t leave me in the unknown. i don’t want to be the sole controller of the rp.
NOTE: ask about other fandoms! i’ve read a ton of dif shoujo mangas n i’ve seen a few romance animes, too.

SUPERNATURAL ― completely caught up
looking for: dean winchester, sam winchester (maybe)
could play: sam winchester (maybe), castiel, charlie, ask about others

CRIMINAL MINDS ― currently somewhere around season 10 (i think) ~ okay with spoilers
looking for: spencer reid
could play: morgan (maybe), any of the girls

BNHA/MHA ― completely caught up on anime, about 15 or so chapters behind in manga ~ okay with spoilers
looking for: dabi, kirishima, bakugou, deku
could play: deku, tamaki (maybe), probably any of the girls, ask about others

KYOUKAI NO KANATA ― completely caught up with both the anime and the movie, but it’s been a while so refreshers may be needed
oc x oc only

WONDER EGG PRIORITY ― seen up to episode 5
oc x oc only
NOTE: feel free to suggest your own idea if you don’t like any of these (i'm also open to other AUs)! also, any of these ideas can be combined with another, if you’d like!

The Winchesters happen to come across my character, an old friend of Dean’s, while on a hunt. She’s badly injured, having been attacked by whatever monster they were just hunting.

2. My character has no idea the supernatural exists until she meets the Winchesters.

3. The Winchesters plan to use my character as bait to get her former captor, a powerful demon, to show himself again; however, the more time they spend with her, the closer they get to her and the more they start to regret their original plan.

4. AU where instead of Jack being born, my character is.

5. My character is an angel who helps Castiel save Dean from hell.

6. AU where Bobby adopted my character long ago, raising her in secret from the boys. The three later accidentally meet when they run into her looking for Bobby (or in some other circumstance).

My character is the BAU’s newest agent, having joined to start fresh and (hopefully) escape her troublesome past.

2. A relative of Hotch (my character) happens to join the BAU as a new agent, much to his dismay.

3. My character happens to move into the apartment across from Spencer’s.

4. Penelope attempts to set Spencer up with a friend of hers, my character.

5. My character is the sole survivor of an unsub attack. While spending time in the hospital, she tries to help the team capture the unsub with her memories. She gets very close with Spencer during this.

6. Penelope gets an intern, my character.

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