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Fandom LF Some Fandoms! c: mostly ocxcanon


Darker and Darker
Hi, i'm Peep!

I’m looking for some romantic oc x canon roleplays!
I’m down for anything honestly. I have a craving for someone to world-build with me, but honestly I’d even be down for just a simple doubling rp!
For worldbuilding, I'm looking for someone who loves to world-build! Someone who will bond over all characters. So instead of just one pair or two pairs that never interact, I want us to more or less build a world together. With a focus on oc x canon, but I'd happily add canon x canon or oc x oc pairs too!

I double, but I actually love multiple pairs! Or two main pairs and then tons of side ships! But again, at this time I don’t mind either way!
I'm also down for poly relationships as well! Not required, but romance is required in some fashion!
I want lots of fluff and comedy and some action and drama!
We can meme together uwu.
I'm very comfortable with AUs, and other silly things!
18+ only please, and any underaged characters would have to be aged up!!
I mirror posts! I do better at responding faster to shorter posts, but I also love doing long replies too, so I'm down for whatever!
Any gender, sexuality, or anything else is okay as long as it is legal!

I work a full time, toxic job, so please be patient with me! I do not mind little pokes, just like, please no more than once a day. But you're always welcome to meme and just chat with me all you want! I'd love to be friends and bond with others over shared interests ;w; Let our ocs be besties, siblings, rivals, whatever, as long as everything comes together!
I love to draw cute lil chibis, so there's a high chance that if we become good friends, I'd draw our ocs together, your oc with their ship, whatever sounds good to me. <3

Okay, Fandom times!!

Hazbin Hotel
(I have ocs to ship with Alastor, Vox, Lucifer, and kinda a joke ship with Adam. I also have one that would work well with Angel/Husk/Both(possible poly group with them and an oc from you, if you like that vibe! The idea is suppperr fluffy and great for anyone who wants to see Val suffer. I can play pretty much anyone other than those!)

(I have ocs with Byakuya, a human-demon-version of Monokuma, Junko, Chiaki, Toko(Although I usually find it fun to genderswap Toko for it!), Ouma, and a few more that I'm just not thinking of! I'm pretty comfy with this, so feel free to ask for whoever! If you want to create a killing game with me, I'd LOVE that! Especially with a magic element that will bring people back to life after... I got ideas ;w;)

(I have ocs shipped with Tamaki, Deku, Twice, Dabi, Kaminari, Ochako, and Himiko! I'm pretty chill to try playing anyone!)

Your Turn to Die
(I have ocs for Shin, Keiji, Midori/Sou(More of a joke ship), and Rio Ranger. I can play almost anyone, within reason!)

(I have an oc shipped with Kieran that I'd die to play out ;w; Although Im a huge pokemon nerd and down to do any region, maybe even take a few canons and create our own region (I'd love to design some new pokemon/regional pokemon ;w;).

Gravity Falls
(I have an oc shipped with Bill, and one with Ford! I'm down to play anyone other than those! c:)

DM me if interested! :D
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