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LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Luther didn't much care for rules and regulations and so he rode his hover-scooter across town during Fye's speech. He'd heard her before and didn't much care for machines, especially after the night before when his career had almost been decimated by one such robot. When he arrived he parked his scooter and hopped off, depositing his helmet and coat in the seat and then clicked a button on his PDA. It went skyward and hovered above the parking lot, freeing up a little space.

Without much fanfare, he rang the buzzer.

Holly awoke a bit startled but not as much as usual. "What's wrong?" She mewed curiously before recognizing an unfamiliar voice.
"Ugh. I was having a good dream." She groaned, rubbing her artificial leg with her organic one. "How'd you sleep?" She'd ask, looking over at her mate.

Having grown up fairly well off, Filament was familiar to waking up to this particular voice. He didn't startle out of bed or anything like that, just slowly rose out of bed. He felt a bit sore from the ship-washing but other than that everything seemed to be in working order.

Streak followed after the others and his eyes grew in delight. This was something he'd obviously never seen before and it showed in his body language. The tom was completely alert and his pupils were huge.

Pestilence roused, slightly confused and agitated. "Who's there?" He muttered, looking around the room for some kind of idea of where it was coming from.

Flame woke up beside Aceline, a little tired but curious. "You hear that?" He asked.

(Not feeling all that great so sorry for low energy. I'll try and pick it up as we move forward.)


New Member
Aceline looked around the room before nodding to Flame.

“Mhmm. I don’t recognize the voice though.” She answered drowsily as she stood to her paws.

Purple gasped and flicked her head to look at who’d spoke, while Bailey just glanced over. RTrin tensed up when Thrush yowled, his fur bristling for a split second. After the initial shock was over, he turned his head to look back at Thrush while chuckling. Both at his own startling and her comment.

“But that would have ruined the surprise.” Trin meowed. His eyes following Thrush lovingly as she moved from behind him to his side.

“Good morning. Happy Symphony day.” Trin offered sweetly, licking ear.

PIM was the one to answer the door buzzer, pulling open the metal barrier with a neutral expression.

“You received a fine on your vehicle.” Was the first and only thing PIM had to say to Luther. Without another word she turned and went about her business.

“Perfect. We were waiting for you two.” Nastiel said, gesturing to Luther and the defected demon then ushering them over.

“We’ve got some time but not a lot. We need to brief you all, get dressed, and then actually get to the stadium.” Nastiel explained, reaching into the crate and heaving out a gray digital camouflage vest.

“Hah-how are we getting there?” Lulalissa asked while she purposefully mirrored Nyx’s yoga-esque stretches. The Mia’Moray wasn’t quite as limber though and would look at Nyx incredulously when she couldn’t quite stretch as far as the wolf could or keep the proper form.

“We teleport and then walk the rest of the way. All portals are blocked in a mile radius around the stadium for security.” Nastiel explained as the masked security animals pulled out more and more vests of the same pattern.

“Caaan we eat breakfast first?” Speed asked innocently. Nastiel snorted and had to physically block his mouth to suppress a snicker.

“You all can eat while I brief you, it’s not complicated. But I’d like to get this done quickly so we can get going and hopefully get to the stadium before the general public is allowed inside.” Nastiel meowed with a hint of amusement in his voice.

L’Anne was working double time, making waffle after waffle as everyone was waking up. She managed to get a plate in front of Streak earlier and now was headed out to place a stack of them in front of Thrush.

False Lamb wandered out of the office and looked around the room aimlessly. Once she spotted Trin she squinted but did nothing else, content to just watch Nastiel and his security pull equipment out of the crate. Vests, then communication devices, and lastly weapons. As they were doing so Nastiel displayed that he could freely switch between walking on all fours and walking on two legs.

Speed was doing pretty much the same thing as False Lamb except she was happily eating a donut glazed waffle.

Vasteye was busy chuckling to himself, enjoying hearing everyone’s thoughts as they were awoken by Fye. Receiving a curious and confused stare from Lexi in doing so.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thistle's answer is a tad hesitant, easing out of his defensive stance upon realizing there is no threat. "I slept well." He shuffles his front paws awkwardly. "Are you hearing that voice?" The tom looks to the window and yes, it is still firmly shut. "There's... There's no one else in here, right?"

Thrush laughs at the reaction she managed to get out of Trin. "God moren. Glaðr Symphony Day. How are you all this morning." She leans forward to look around Trin so she can address Purple and Bailey. "Is the... breakfast tasty?" Her eyes drift to the plates of food resting at their paws and as always, she can't put a name to the foreign dish. L'Anne trots by and leaves Thrush her own plate of waffles. "Oh! Takk L'Anne." She calls as the bovine-deer agent of Haven hurries back inside.

Lethe pads over to False Lamb when he notices the mobster sitting by herself. "Good morning. How are you feeling?" There is a flash of genuine concern across his features as he asks this. She had looked half dead when Trin and the others returned from wherever they disappeared to. Limp, bleeding and barely responsive when he carried her. Thank the stars above for that magic machine.

Nyx bends her head down with a wince, apparently a little sore from last night's sleeping arrangement.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
"Me neither." Flame replied, staring drowsily about the room. "Trin probably has an idea of what's going on." The tom would mew, giving the she-cat in question a reassuring look. "We should probably head downstairs and find him." He mewed, jumping out of bed and landing nimbly on the floor.

Luther shrugged his shoulders. "Thanks for the update." The tom would mew, surprisingly not smelling of any substances, even cigarettes. In fact his noir detective get-up was clean and lacked any kind of distinctive odors, even cologne. His attention was quickly directed to Nastiel, "Sorry about that. Not much of a walker." He remarked, knowing that the soldier likely didn't care that years of smoking had eroded his cardio.

Once the vest is out, he looks between it and the other male. "Do these vests have plates or are they just load bearing?" The tom would question, revealing that although he had military training in the past, the information eluded him this morning.

Having already eaten, he moved forward to examine the military crates.

"I don't see anyone." Holly would confirm,heading towards the bathroom and catching sight of the note under the door. She'd read it and then head towards the racing suit, which had been left beside the bed. She put it on with a little struggling and looked up at Thistle. "Seems like they might be waiting on us. Should probably get ready."

Hal crept out of bed and moved towards the bathroom. He took a quick shower, had himself blow-dried off and headed downstairs into the living room. His eyes visibly lit up when he saw the military crates. His mouth opened and he let out a barely audible, "Oh."


New Member
False Lamb looked over at Lethe from the corner of her eyes. Releasing a short subtle sigh as she did so.

“Pathetic and helpless.” False Lamb stated in what probably should sound like a grumble but came out much more like a polite assertion. The white she-cat let out a yawn, covering her maw with a paw.

“I hate that fee–...needing help.” She muttered, her mouth fighting itself to even let the words come out.

Aceline got up and leapt off the bed after Flame.
“Sounds like a plan. Something smells good.”

Trin smiled with intrigue when Thrush spoke her native language. The tom couldn’t help but mouth out a word or two to see how they felt over his tongue. Trin opened his mouth again to answer but was beaten to the punch by the young ones.

“It’s soooo good!” Purple purred in delight.

“Really really good.” Bailey droned.

“That’s alright. And are armored. The vests will withstand a high caliber kinetic weapon from point blank range and disperse the heat from most thermodynamic weaponry at 30 yards or further.” Nastiel answered Luther with a nod.

“Each communicator is analog with a built-in psychic link adapter to ensure communication at all times.” He added on. Lexi padded over to the crate and peered inside, her tail and ears straightening up when she spotted something. At the bottom of the crate along with the collection of pamphlets, papers, rations, and other miscellaneous equipment was an interesting assortment of apparel. Lexi lifted her top half out of the crate with a piece of fluffy orange underwear in her muzzle.

“Wuts ‘iss?” Lexi asked, crossing her eyes to look at the garment in her mouth.

“Ah yes, standard issue God-Ring public Inter-dimensional event safety garb 00-2. Filed under and considered just as essential as gas masks and any other CBRN equipment.” One of Nastiel’s security said half-sarcastically.

“So-“ Lexi dropped the garment at her paws, “-what is it?” She asked, with a cocked brow and an expression demanding a serious answer.

“They’re panties that match your fur.” The female of the three guards answered with amusement.

“Yeah. I put you all into the system last night and they sent over this crate with all the essentials. You don’t think about it, but there are a lot of species that look very similar to us but still wear full clothing. And when these species, or any species that finds us attractive happen to coalesce at large events you get a bunch of animals looking at security in a completely different way than you want them to. More specifically from behind.” Nastiel answered lightheartedly.

Technically it’s mandated that we all wear them. But you don’t have to. No one’s going to report you because most don’t wear them.” One of the guards chimed in. Lexi hummed in intrigue before putting on the underwear with a unbecoming giggle.

“Oh that’s so—Weird! They never gave these to hunters or huntresses.” Lexi warbled excitedly, looking at her butt with wide eyes.

“If you adjust it correctly it’ll blend right in.” The female guard commented. Now even more curious, Lexi adjusted the garment until it meshed perfectly with her fur.

“Ha! Look at that. That’s so weird. Do animals actually oogle–“ Lexi cut herself off when all four of the God-Ring animals began nodding their heads to her unfinished question.

“I got mine tailored; they saved my life once. I was fighting this rabbit during a pirate raid and the camp’s hidden on these floating magnetic mountains right? So he figures out that we’ve got them beat and decides that he’ll take me out with him. So he tackles me over the edge and guess what part of my kit snags a tree root? Not my vest, or gun mount, or any of the wires or bags I’ve got on me. The root catches my ‘essential safety garb’! So I’m dangling there, hanging by a fuzzy purple band, my headset’s hanging off, and I’ve got this wanna-be martyr rabbit flailing around on my chest while I’m trying to hold on to HIM so that HE doesn’t fall! My team found me a couple minutes later and pulled us up. All in all, good raid. No deaths, no escapees. And now I wear them for good luck.” The female guard shot off into a story.

“W-w-wait...you’re telling me...that you’re purple? You don’t sound purple AT ALL!” One of the other guards said. The female guard lifted her goggles to show the lavender fur around her yellow eyes.

“Shut up.” She said, rolling her eyes playfully before replacing her goggles.

“You guys don’t have to wear the underwear but you do have to wear the vests and the communicators. All God-ring security will be wearing the same pattern, all non-God-Ring forces have been restricted from wearing a similar pattern today. If they’re not wearing gray digital, they’re not us. Each vests has four magazines. The first magazine is rubber bullets marked by the purple paint, the next three are real bullets. Any animals you see with yellow paint on their magazines means they are carrying taser rounds. As God-Ring security we pride ourselves on being tactful and kind but do not hesitate to riddle someone with rubber bullets. If that doesn’t work someone with taser ammunition will show up and apply what they think to be a proper amount of electricity. If THAT doesn’t work then you are authorized to use lethal ammunition. Even then you’re still not trying to kill animals, you’re trying to get them to stop what they are doing. Animals need to trust that God-Ring security is not going to kill or permanently maim them or their friends and relatives, even when they’re in the wrong. So let’s get dressed.” Nastiel explained, putting on one of the vests himself. The guards did the same, swapping out their vests for the gray digital ones. Lexi put on her vest and shook her body.

“This isn’t too heavy.” Lexi commented. Vasteye padded over to the crate and put on his vest and helped Lulalissa do the same. Saraphina slipped her vest on and hummed when the fabric didn’t singe or sizzle on her body. While the black sheline discussed with Nastiel why the vests worked with her, Speed ferried two vests out onto the balcony for Trin and Thrush.

“Did you sleep well?” Lula asked Nyx curiously while Vasteye tightened and loosened the vest around her torso. She also took a curious glance at Hunter who was fishing through the bottom of the crate to find underwear that matched his fur.

L’Anne had finished setting out plates of waffles on the bar counter for everyone who hadn’t come down yet and was now giving Nastiel and his guards waffles.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
"Good... Good..." Thistle takes a breath to steady himself. "If you're ready, let's go." As he pads to the door he shakes out his fur and each of his limbs to rid himself of that tense energy. He holds the door open and gives a little bow. "After you."

"I don't know what exactly happened during your little... excursion last night but you almost died . It's perfectly fine to need help." Lethe sits down next to the mobster, careful to give her space, "I'm sure it must be strange for someone of your profession and status to work with others like this but we're a team. It's our duty to help each other. When one of us falls, we'll be right there to pick them up again."

The ex-soldier looks over at False, frowning lightly when her gloomy mood isn't lifting. "My sister Adrianna was notorious for being stubborn, I'll tell you what I told her: 'Knowing when to ask for help is strength in its own right'." Lethe smiles and leans over to bump shoulders with the white sheline. "I'm glad you're still here, False. If you're worried about being viewed differently because of last night, I think your still as intimidating as ever."

Thrush bends down to take a bite of the pastry. As she chews she moans in delight. The waffle itself is warm, fluffy, buttery and the sauce drizzled on top is oh so sweet. She briefly wonders if someone told L'Anne that she has a sweet tooth. "Purple, Bailey, what are you looking forward to the most today?"

"Well enough," Nyx answers, "I am not accustomed to crashing on the floor like you full-time adventurers are. What about you? Did you sleep well?" The demoness takes her turn digging through the equipment crate. Being the tallest of the group, she only needs to reach into the crate with one leg. One ear faces Lexi's direction while she searches so the Huntress knows she's listening.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Holly gives Thistle a nod and heads out the door. "Such a gentletom." She coos as she passes through the doorway, looking over her shoulder for him before heading down the hallway. She has no trouble going down the stairs with her artificial limb. There's several soldiers and a crate in the middle of the room, which catches her by surprise.

"Wow, God-Ring is going all out for this, I guess."

Luther took off his coat, and set his shoulder holster beside the crate. Finding gear in his size wasn't hard and he donned everything with a certain elegance. It'd been awhile since he'd worn tactical gear but it was clear that his training hadn't failed him. He slipped his pistol into a holster on his left foreleg, suggesting that he had some familiarity with paw-held shooting.

Flame made his way out of the room and down the stairs, with Aceline hopefully following close behind. The sight that greeted him was unusual but not at all unfamiliar. He remembered when that otter-dog had taken them to an armory and given him a rifle like it was yesterday. He caught what one of the soldiers said about non-lethal rounds and managed to stop himself from laughing. What a joke. He was going to load lethal rounds into his weapon as soon as he had some privacy.

Hal started to put on his uniform but he was a bit clumsy on account of his artificial limb. He himself had never heard of tactical underwear but he decided to wear it. Any extra layers couldn't hurt and he found Lexi's bewilderment slightly amusing. God-Ring never really made much sense to him, they had so many odd customs and traditions. He supposed in the end it didn't really matter what he thought, they had finally chose to ally themselves with the Alliance survivors as they should've from the beginning.


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False Lamb held a neutral incredulous expression, not buying anything Lethe had to say. Up until he bumped her which forced a smirk on to her muzzle.

“You’d better.” She said in a playful tone of voice, looking at Lethe out of the corner of her eye.

Purple lit up when Thrush asked her and Bailey a question.

“The food and drinks! O-ooh ooh, and all the aliens!” Purple chirped ecstatically, her head wobbling as though she were squealing.

“The music.” Bailey chimed in eagerly but also shyly. The young tom was a bit put off by Purple’s audacious energy, maybe even a bit self-conscious of his own demeanor.

“I slept great! And my cold’s completely gone so I feel great too! Sorry about your sleeping arrangements.” Lula purred, giving the she-wolf a sympathetic look.

“These are weird huh?” Hunter asked, looking at Lexi and Hal, while stretching his rear leg. The brown tom was referencing the underwear all three of them were wearing.

“Do I get a weapon?” The demon defector asked innocently enough, looking around at all the God-Ring gear.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Lethe chuckles, happy to see that False is starting to get back to her normal self. At least, from what he can tell. "We should probably get something to eat before we ship out." He looks to the kitchen where L'Anne is still hard at work cooking.

Thistle descends the stairs next to Holly, ready to catch her if the need arises. Thankfully, it doesn't. Holly seems to be getting along just fine on her new leg. "Wow... Uh... yeah..." He exhales, getting his first look at what lies in the main room of Milky's apartment. "Serious business this time. Official God Ring business. Weird."

"Good to hear that you're feeling better." Nyx finds a pair of black underwear that’s her size, casually stepping into them and pulling them up over her rear. She slides her tail through the tail-hole and adjusts the garment so it is comfortable and blends in with her fur. The canid demon waves a paw in dismissal. "Don't you worry about me. It's good to have a hard reminder of where I am now. Plus, adventurers like yourself need to adapt and make-do, correct?"

She frowns down at the armored vest lying by her paws. "Next Symphony-" The she-wolf points at Lexi, fixing her with a stern look, "-we're going. We're getting the full experience. No excuses." Her expression falters as she adds, "That is, if all goes well and demons are still allowed."

"Hmm?" Thrush inquires through another mouthful of pancake. She swallows before continuing, "Yeah? I'm excited for the music, too. It'll probably be the only thing I can enjoy while working..." There is a momentary pause, "Now Purple-" Thrush levels her gaze on the young sheline, "Do you promise to limit your sugar intake today? It sucks to be sick but it's even worse to be sick at a fun event like the World's Symphony." Her tone isn't harsh, just calm, like this isn't her first time dealing with a troublesome kit.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Streak has no conception of the world symphony. He'd heard the other's sing before but that was not what he'd call music. (NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC TOP 40) That being said he just looked at Purple, "Food sounds nice." He'd offer, the kit felt a bit awkward at the prospect of being around so many animals he was unfamiliar with. After all, he'd come out of his egg to a painting of death.

Pestilence was glad to hear that Lula's cold was gone and a bit of guilt dissipated. He'd been the cause of her ailment after all but he wasn't sure if that had been true or if PIM was just giving him shit. It wouldn't be unlike her, he supposed.

Hal nodded at Hunters comment. "Not the most comfortable but it's a small price for extra safety I think." The tom would mew, seeming as though he wasn't really focused on the conversation. His mind was elsewhere, distracted and focused all at once, making him appear foolish.

Pestilence glared daggers at Deceit when she asked if she would get a weapon. "Don't give her a weapon, even with non-lethal rounds. We've all seen what she'll do." The tom mews, perhaps hypocritically considering how many innocent lives he'd claimed with the pull of a trigger.

Luther finishes getting into his gear, feeling quite confident in actual military gear. He's well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the gear and he looks like he actually knows what he's doing. He checks the ammo in his rifle, begrudgingly loading up non-lethal ammo. Being a counter-terrorist by training, he doesn't see much purpose in trying to show mercy to those who would never do the same if the roles were reversed.


New Member
“The food is going to be grea-“ Purple started to gush to Streak but cut herself off. The sheline looked at Thrush attentively when she was addressed, nodd her head.

“I. promise. “ Purple meowed, dipping her head with each word. Trin smiled at his daughter’s reply. A moment later he received a tap on his shoulder.

“Hey Trin. You know how the Symphony stadium has a bunch of stores?” Lexi asked.

“Yeees.” Trin nodded.

“I was wondering if I could buy a bag I’ve been wanting...” Lexi meowed, trailing off at the end while looking at the rim expectantly.

“Yeah of course you can get a bag Lexi.” Trin meowed with a singular snicker.

“Really? Thank you.” Lexi said earnestly, a smile encroaching on the edges of her muzzles.

“You’re welcome, just go talk to PIM and she’ll give you access to my account.” Trin said casually.

“Talk to me about what?” PIM asked as she came out onto the balcony.

“Trin said he’ll let me buy a designer bag.” Lexi informed immediately.

“Oh, okay. I added you to his list of approved creditors.” PIM said, sitting down next to Thrush.

“That quick, just like that?” Lexi queried.

“Yeah.” Trin and PIM said in unison. Lexi held a squeal of joy in her mouth

“Alright. I’ll be sure not to abuse it.” Lexi meowed, dipping her head.

“Lexi. I make more than you could spend every hour. Go nuts, I don’t mind.” Trin meowed nonchalantly, waving his paw dismissively.

“Alllright.” Lexi meowed, turning and padding away with a grin on her face.

“You’re much chipper than I was expecting you to be.” PIM said to Trin, looking impressed.

“What do you mean?” Trin asked, cocking his head.

“I was expecting you to be in a certain mood considering what I’ve planned.” PIM said. Trin’s only response was the look of confusion that remained on his face.

“Did you read my note?” PIM asked, looking at Trin, then Thrush, then back to Trin.

“No. I figured you’d just tell me later.” Trin meowed, shrugging his shoulders.

“I scheduled a therapy appointment for you. Right before the Symphony officially starts. The therapist is fresh out of school, she’s nice, and she’s setting up a temporary practice in the stadium. It’s just a quick, introductory session–“ Trin stood to his paws and turned away from PIM, “-she said you can bring someone with you if it would make you more comfortable!” PIM called after Trin as the white tom walked away into the apartment. PIM looked after Trin for a couple seconds before letting out a robotic sigh.

That’s the reaction I was expecting.” PIM meowed, a mild fretful tone in her voice.

“Good morning Holly! I see you got my note.” Speed yowled from the couch, waving a paw as her and Thistle came down the stairs.

Nastiel looked over at the defecting demon and shook his head.

“She will not be receiving a weapon. We just need her in the same room as Undertaker.” Nastiel explained, glancing back over to the demon before returning his attention to the room.

Lula smiled at Nyx and nodded, only to then follow the she-wolf’s eyes and frowning muzzle down to her vest. Lula listened to Nyx once again and smirked.

“As Mia’Moray representative I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you can go to the Symphony next year Nyx. You’re a good animal.” Lula said genuinely, grinning at her.

False Lamb hummed her agreement with Lethe. She got up ready to go towards the kitchen only to see Trin stand up and walk away from PIM with a neutral expression. With her curiosity successfully piqued, False Lamb changed her course to intercept the white tom.

“I’ll catch up with you.” False Lamb said to Lethe curtly.

“You can say that agai…” Hunter trailed when he pulled his head out of the crate and saw that Hal was zoned out.

“You okay?” Hunter asked more curiously than caring.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush smiles at Purple's response. "Thank you. That's all I ask." She looks at the door leading back inside, "Your aunt already hates me - there's no fixing that - but I want to make sure you have fun today." The sheline quietly eats her waffle while Trin and Lexi talk about shopping and his vast wealth. With that amount of money he could buy a planet. Matter of fact, he probably has. For a moment she wonders who exactly is on his list of approved creditors. Her train of thought is interrupted when PIM mentions therapy. Just like that, the mood shifts and Trin walks away.

The crater cat watches him head back inside, hissing something to herself under her breath. Her tail which was curled around Trin she now brings in to rest over her front paws. Thrush stares out at the bustling cityscape, seemingly lost in thought once more. "Do you know where this... therapist will be set up?" She inquires aloud.

Lethe can only give a short wave before False departs. He stands up to go get some breakfast but is intrigued by the crate of gear in the center of the room. The tom watches the others and follows their lead. He picks out a pair of brown underwear, looks around to see a majority of his companions putting them on then dresses himself with a shrug. The Earthling will never understand the ways of these aliens.

Nyx noses her head through the armored material, shaking and wiggling where she stands so the vest slides down to sit properly. All the straps and buckles are loosened so the armor dangles quite a bit off of her chest. "A little help, please?" She asks no one in particular.

"I gotcha." The brown tom pads over, ready to help. He has to balance on his hind legs to reach the straps but he is able to tighten and loosen them to the she-wolf's comfort level.

The demoness looks at Lula when she speaks, the Frenz' words taking her by complete surprise. 'You're a good animal.' Nyx smiles, eyes glistening with fresh tears. "You do not know how much your kindness means to me. Thank you. Thank you! " The wolf is forced to remain still while the small cat is working underneath her, but she looks ready to leap over and hug Lulalissa.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Filament hears enough of the exchange between Pim and Trin with his artificial ear and his brows furrow in worry. He really hopes that Trin will do what's best for himself. As far as the lighting engineer is concerned, the tom in question is the link holding everyone together. As the alabaster tom comes inside, Filament stands in front of him. "Hey, sorry to be a pest, I just wanted to thank you for coming back to help us." The tom wants to say something incredibly overbearing, like 'Hey Trin, without you we'd all be dead' but in his own culture saying that would be incredibly effeminate. Even when he spoke his voice is quiet so that he isn't drawing attention to them.

Holly beams over at Speed. "Yep, sure did. I really appreciate you letting me keep it. I even got my tail through the suit all by myself." The she-cat mews proudly as she walks over to the crate in the middle of the room. She wants to comment something about having seen these type of vests with Undertaker but feels it would be inappropriate in the presence of God-Ring soldiers. "Oooh, and guns." She mews, looking over the different magazines. "What do the magazine colors mean?" She would query, looking over at one of the soldiers.

Pest feels a bit like an asshole, hoping that Nyx knew that he trusted her implicitly. "I trust Nyx though." The tom would mew, sounding kind of subdued.

Flame thinks that Farichea would have probably really enjoyed the symphony and suddenly he misses that she-wolf. He makes a note to himself to load only lethal rounds in case they see Undertaker. Someone would probably say it would be best to take him alive but he knows that's bullshit. That calico coward would just escape. He's better off dead.

Hal had a conflicting feeling as the two carrots expressed their displeasure. "Just kinda lost in my thoughts. Sorry." He mewed to Hunter. He wasn't sure but something just felt off to him. Ignoring the feeling he started to put on his vest, just like he'd done on the Mia'Moray homeworld. Once he's all kitted up, he checks out his firearm. "Nice." I hope we don't have to use them, he thinks to himself.


New Member
“Purple are rubber bullets. Yellow are taser rounds and no paint represents lethal ammunition.” Nastiel answered Holly.

“My pleasure! Since the symphony is all about culture, I figured you could be apart of mine this year.” Speed meowed, explaining her reasoning as she walked over to the sheline.

Filament stepping in front of him took Trin by surprise, the tom shifting his gaze from the middle distance to the the tom’s face.

“Huh?…Oh. Oh! You’re welcome. I’m happy to be of service.” Trin said after he realized what Filament was saying.m, flashing the tom a toothy smile. Not a moment later False Lamb stepped up to the side of both toms.

“How are you feeling?” Trin asked the white she-cat.

“Fine. You didn’t do your job.” False Lamb stated, narrowing her eyes ever so slightly. Trin cocked his head in genuinely innocent confusion before a unique expression slid over his face. The tom’s right ear drooped while his left stayed at attention.

“What do you mean?” Trin asked, looking over at Filament with what was far less genuine confusion.

“I hired you as a hitman. You failed as my bodyguard and failed to eliminate the target. So much for the infamous white knight.” False Lamb said, looking Trin up and down.

“You are still alive so i succeeded at guarding your life. In a hazardous area you put yourself in I might add, and I did so against unexpected odds. So I did not fail. And I didn’t fail as a hitman either.” Trin meowed with a sly look on his face.

“Did you kill him while I was asleep?” False Lamb asked in a cool skeptical voice.

“No. Nastiel, could you share if there were any casualties from my action of crashing that sub through the ground?” Trin replied steadily, calling to Nastiel to shed some light on the situation.

“That was you?” The female security animals asked in shock.

“Don’t get me started on that you lucky bastard. Just two, both mob affiliated. One was a goon with a couple felonies to their name but the other was some head honcho kind of animal. The criminal Justice department went livid once he was identified. Thankfully no one else was hurt.” Nastiel recalled, placing his head into his right paw.

“wh-” He tried to ask.

“Was he brightly colored? Like a pile of living cotton candy. Canine physiology?” False Lamb cut the navy felid off.

“Affirmative. That description matches. Knew him?” Nastiel queried, looking over at the three animals with his interest piqued. False Lamb’s eyes grew in size then shifted over to Trin.

“…..How did you…?” False Lamb asked hollowly, looking to Trin, then to Filament as though he would miraculously know something, then back to Trin.

“When you’re as old as I am, you pick up on patterns. How’s that for the infamous white knight?” Trin meowed, giving False Lamb a wink. With that, the tom continued towards the stairs, leaving False Lamb in shock.

Lulalissa wasn’t expecting such a visceral response from Nyx but she accepted it wholeheartedly.

“You’re very welcome.” The Mia’Moray said pleasantly

PIM looked over at Thrush and nodded.

“Fourth level of the feline section of the stadium, lease 3033. Two levels under where Undertaker’s suite is.” PIM informed.

“I really want him to go.” PIM confided, pursing her lips.

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Thrush nods. "Fourth floor, feline, 3033... Okay." She murmurs to herself, trying to commit the directions to memory. "Do you think, maybe, if someone were to go to the appointment in his stead, he'll see that it's not so bad?" Thrush wonders. She pauses, swallowing the lump that has formed in her throat before hesitantly adding, "Me, perhaps?"

Thistle goes to check out the gear crate with Holly. He stands up on his hind legs to get a better look and to retrieve his own vest. The tom looks over his shoulder back at Speed. "Are we to represent our own culture? Even if we're working?"

Once Lethe steps away to put his own vest on, Nyx decides to return his kind gesture. She ducks her head down low to grab a strap with her teeth and tugs on it, pressing one paw to the tom's side to keep him balanced. The demoness murmurs questions as she works, 'Does this feel alright? Is this too tight? Too loose?'

Lethe startles slightly when Nyx draws near, eyes flying wide for half a second at the glint of large white fangs. Every now and then he'll stretch or move his shoulders to test the comfort level. "Don't make it too tight, please, I like having maneuverability."

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"I'd be honored to represent your culture, Speed!" The ginger molly mewed excitedly, almost jumping with excitement. Her first Symphony trip and she was actually feeling excited for once. "What is your culture called?" She'd ask, calming down slightly as Speed approached her. It didn't occur to her until now that no one had really ever bothered to ask any of Trin's friends where they originally came from. Seemed a bit strange to her but she figured she might as well be the first one to do it.

Thistle's question surprises her. She didn't honestly even really know what her culture was. She'd been born on Earth, sure, but who would want to hang out with zombie killer turned Big-Evil's adopted daughter.


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PIM let what was originally going to be another sigh come out of her nose audibly.

“Trin isn’t afraid of therapy. He’s been tons of times, but he’s only ever gone consecutively three times. And that was…well centuries ago. He hates it.” PIM said, shaking her head. Her gaze landed on Thrush and the AI silently looked at the sheline for a brief moment.

“If you would like to go you can. But she won’t know anything about you, I only sent her information about Trin. I wanted him to go.” PIM practically sighed out.

“Yeah. You represent both your culture and God-Ring. Technically, only vetted species are allowed into our ranks but you’re all a special case. Just don’t do anything stupid.” Nastiel answers Thistle just before Speed could.

Speed switched her attention from Thistle to Holly just in time to catch her question.

“My culture doesn’t have an all-encompassing name like you guys but my, erm, tribe? I hope that translated. My nation is named-“ Speed raised her two forepaws and placed them together on her forehead, leaving a little space between them in the shape of a crude circle. She brought her paws down her face to her muzzle, taking a deep inhale as she did so and unsheathing her claws as she exhaled when her paws reached her muzzle. Using just her innermost toes she put those two claws into her mouth beside her fangs and wiggled her paws in a similar manner as a human would wiggle their hands in a Shaka gesture. Then Speed returned her paws to the ground without her balance faltering.

“-like that. It means, from cliffs higher up. We do speak, obviously, but we switch between sign language and vocal language.” Speed finished, kneading her paws only once while averting her gaze only to bring her gaze back up to Holly a second later with a smile.

“Oh! And the breathing is important too. Your ‘breath placement’, as we call it, is incredibly important and can change the meaning of what you’re saying entirely. For instance an inhale before covering your dominant eye means ‘yes.’ While an exhale means the exact opposite…..Don’t worry, nobody’s going to expect you to sign. ” Speed added on hastily, then added on some more when she worried that Holly would feel overwhelmed.

“You’ll do fine. You’ve got my culture’s love of things that go fast and that’s mainly what matters. You look like a true native of the planet Firmament.” Speed purred, grinning at Holly with giddy in her eyes.

As Trin went up the stairs Milky was coming down them, wearing a bow tie.

“Something wrong?” The black tom asked as he passed by but received no answer. When Milky reached the bottom of the stairs Nastiel tapped one of the soldiers and they all straightened up.

“Alright. So last run-down before we go! Let’s see-“ Nastiel murmured and his left eye began to glow ever so slightly,

“-Welcome to the World’s Symphony security forces team. Today is a fun 32 hour long event for all walks of life to come together in curiosity and merriment without feelings of competition or coercion. It is our job to keep everyone, regardless of background, safe and secure mentally and physically. You represent the best the multiverse has to offer and are living spokespersons of the God-Ring. And it takes a lot of work to keep billions of cultures together in peace. Not only is the Symphony God-Ring’s opportunity to project it’s responsible, virtuous, and professional nature to the rest of the multiverse but it is also a massive security risk to God-Ring way of life. There are many threats you will deal with during your shift, all of which you are used to dealing with from your time in God-Ring enforcement. But, not the least of which threats are cognitohazards, or cognitive hazards if the previous term did not translate. The backbone of God-Ring homeostasis is our values. Fragile but necessary values, that you have been taught during your extensive training. Cognitohazards are dangerous theories, methodologies, assertions, and other similar things, that are relatively easily palpable but threaten macro civilization in the long-term. A prime example of which being as follows. Reminder, this is a cognitohazard and should not be thought about extensively. Level one cognitohazard:

Everyone should/must be free to make their own meaning in anything, is that wrong?

Please give everyone 15 seconds to ruminate on the cognitohazard.” Nastiel spoke exactly like someone who was reading off a piece of paper would. He indeed counted out 15 seconds, looking around as he did so, before continuing to talk.

“The entirety of the last sentence was a level one cognitohazard. Meaning it is the weakest on the Leigis scale. Starting at level one and going to level six, each level exponentially more dangerous than the one prior. A cognitohazard usually asserts a vague yet broad idea that simplifies or trivializes complex subjects, like in this instance the animal condition. And often is presented in a way that disuades disagreement, correction, or dissent. They often appear to make sense on the surface due to their vagueness and the opportunities their acceptance and or implementation could bring. These are the most dangerous threats to the God-Ring. The cultural exchange present at the Symphony is an irreproachable boon to our citizens and growth but can be just as harmful as it is helpful. Too many god-ring citizens returning home with cognitohazards can bring devastating and far reaching consequences. The methodologies from an animal who’s civilization will only last a minuscule amount of time is dangerous to a civilization that has lasted countless millenniums. It is important to recognize that cognitohazards are often not malicious but are still unacceptable with no exceptions. While it is unfair to force others to adhere to our rules, it is unfair of them to do the same. Symphony rules should be followed at all times, rules that all attending cultures have agreed to. Of those rules, the propagation of a or multiple cognitohazards on a large scale. This includes any unapproved individuals preaching to a crowd, putting up unapproved media, wearing unapproved media, mass solicitation, inciting strong emotional reaction, and many more examples that you, our well trained God-Ring personnel will be able to intuit and police during your shift. SO! What does all that mean?” Nastiel asked rhetorically at the end of his reading.

“It means every ring, every universe, every civilization, every culture, every group of animals, everyone…believes that they have it all figured out and that they know IT. Despite the trillions to billionth power of animals that have come before them, THEY have somehow figured IT out that no one else has. And it is now their obligation, their duty, their inclination to get IT out to the multiverse to bring about a better way of life for either themselves or everyone. Part of our job is to prevent too many and or too big cognitohazards. We won’t have to figure them out ourselves though because that leads into the next important breakdown. Take it away.” Nastiel finished and pointed to one of the male security animals. The one in question stood up and patted both of his shoulders.

“To reiterate, the vests’ will stop a large array of weaponry and lower the likelihood of death for even more. The general public doesn’t know that though and there are a bunch of misinformation campaigns in place to keep it that way. As far as we want everyone to know, these vests are more decoration than protection. Every year there’s a few line animals that try and kill God-Ring Security with improvised weaponry, we make sure they think they actually work and our guys and girls get to home to their families. So do not under any circumstances take off your vest. Your vest isn’t just protection it’s also your logistics tool. There is a beacon built into your right shoulder that will shine yellow when you are on duty and blue when you are off duty, it also emits a certain scent for animals who don’t use vision, sends out vibrations undetectable to us for hypersensitive animals, it changes it’s temperature for animals who can detect that, and a bunch more. Long story short, you shouldn’t be bothered TOO much when you’re off duty since everyone attending the Symphony was given instructions on how to interact with God-Ring Security animals. The vest will vibrate when you’re back on duty. In your left shoulder there is a built in camera, that’s going to allow your handler to see what you see and advise you on the current situation. The camera can be turned off when you are off duty if you request. If you are needed for an urgent task the light in your right shoulder will begin to pulse rapidly, telling everyone around you that you are not to be bothered with…We have two handlers working with us today. Their sole job is to advise us from back at HQ where they can tell you all about any species on the attendance list and help walk you through tense situations.” The masked animal explained to the room.

“Indeed it is.” A voice came through the comms for everyone who had put theirs in.

“Yep. So are there ANY questions? Because in a minute we’re going to open a portal and be in the middle of a ton of animals.” Nastiel asked, looking around the room for any confused or curious faces. As he did so a black portal opened behind him in the living room. A small green elephant head with a gray digital hat poked through it, looked around until it spotted Nastiel, then left without a word. Through the portal you could hear the heavily muffled bustling of a mass of animals on the other side.

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Thrush sighs out an exasperated curse. Stubborn tom. "Did he go on his own the last time, or did he need to be persuaded?" While they have this lovely conversation, the Earth cat begins donning her armored vest. She's put it off for long enough and everyone else is probably ready to head out.

Thistle rapidly nods his head to Nastiel before dashing to the kitchen. He deftly dodges out of L'Anne's way and begins rummaging through cabinets. Finding one of the items he needs, the tom huffs a small 'Aha!' and pulls out a wide metal lid to a pan. Carefully balancing it on his back, Thistle makes his way over to Saraphina. "Hey, would you mind helping me collect soot? I know it's an odd request but I need soot to make kohl paint."

Lethe overhears Nastiel say to represent both their own culture and the God Ring and has a sudden feeling of emptiness in his chest. The last thing that could even be linked to Ashuli culture is long gone. His old uniform got vaporized along with everything else on Earth. "Are you going to represent your culture Nyx?"

Nyx chuckles. "Of course. When I am off duty, I will find someone beautiful to share a dance and a story with."

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Holly listened as Speed described From Cliffs Higher Up, she had read about tribes before but if she were honest, she'd never even thought that Speed could come from anywhere besides a large colonized star-system. When Speed smiled at her, she smiled back, eyes a-light with curiosity. When Speed mentioned the name Firmament she cast a small glance at Filament. "Those names are pretty similar." She'd utter before she could stop herself, hoping that it wouldn't be an offensive statement. "I'm excited to represent your culture!" The girl would mew excitedly, never really having a culture to identify with since Undertaker had stolen her away from her home.

Filament saw Holly glance at him but ignored it, his eyes following Trinity as he went up the stairs. He supposed he shouldn't be surprised that a tom so well traveled would be so trouble but it still stressed him out. Trin was their leader and he needed to show confidence that the rest of them could strive after. With a small sigh, the tom watched the exchange between Pim and Thrush before turning his attention to Nastiel. Best the multiverse had to offer, what a joke. The tom thought as he remembered bitterly all the times that God-Ring had fucked them over or persecuted them out-right. Panolpy and Turish's Pit coming to mind immediately. It didn't surprise him at all that God-Ring saw free-thinking as a threat to their empire. The arrogance was a bit off-putting but he supposed he shouldn't expect anything else from a cat who'd grown up spoonfed on their propaganda. His expression gave no clues to his thoughts but his eyes betrayed a bit of his distrust.

"What security is in place to ensure what happened at the Frenziland meeting doesn't happen again? I'm not looking to get shot at with rockets again at a supposedly secure venue."

Hal also feels a bit sour about Nastiel's arrogant statement that they were the best the multiverse had to offer. After all, they'd imprisoned them, gotten Adrianna killed, sent hunters and huntresses after them even put them on trial. If God-Ring really was the best that the multiverse had to offer then he could understand why Trin was so jaded. He shifts his vest awkwardly and looks at the portal, waiting for the others to go through and following after; having no questions to ask.

Pestilence rolls his eyes at all the bickering and discontent from Filament, letting out a huff and heading through the portal without a word. He wasn't going to let his energy go to waste while some wannabe intellectual wasted everyone's time with his passive aggressive attacks. To be honest, he didn't really care to here some military brat and an ex-alcoholic go back and forth about the blame for a sneaky attack by a stealthy enemy.


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“He had to be persuaded. The last time he went on his own was a very long time ago.” PIM meowed, lightly patting Purple on the head.

Saraphina glanced over at Thistle and looked back to Nastiel before realizing the tom was addressing her. She opened her mouth in realization and gave a single nod. She placed her chin just on the rim of the pan and ran an unsheathed paw over her head and face as if she was washing herself. Only these strokes were a bit more gruff. The soot on her fur fell into the pan, she switched paws and repeated the process. After a last couple swift strokes through her fur, Saraphina stepped back.

“Good enough?” She asked, looking at the dark dust in the pan.

“Me too.” Speed replied warmly, smiling at Holly. Her eyes reflecting the excitement Holly physically displayed.

Nastiel looked to Filament when he spoke, completely missing any passive agressive subtext.

“No one is supposed to be flying low to the ground at all today. There’s also a mile wide no-fly zone around the stadium that extends a mile up and a mile down that is enforced with extreme prejudice. There are 700 species all told to shoot down anything flying or sailing within that radius. The Symphony is also being monitored by all those warships in the sky. There are also undisclosed aircraft on standby just in case. And as a final measure we’ve have psychic teams going over today time after time and they haven’t seen anything catastrophic happening. The Symphony is secure. I don’t need you worrying about threats from the outside, just the inside.” Nastiel explained, stretching half way through doing so.

“Filament doesn’t trust you and thinks you’re a joke.” Vasteye mentioned casually. Earning him a swift bat on the ear from Jezebel.

“Then he needs to be on his A-game to make up for our shortcomings. I’m a joke so I’ll need all the help I can get. If you see something that I’m missing, you tell me.” Nastiel responded without missing a beat, once again his voice vapid of any signs that he took offense. The only thing he did that was out of the ordinary was shift the rubber mask covering his nose a bit to ensure it was properly sealed.

“Trin let’s go!” Nastiel yelled up the stairs. The white tom came padding down the stairs a few long moments later. As Trin came to a stop with the group their comms reminded everyone that they were being listened to and their whole team wasn’t technically present.

“We have been given callsign legionnaire redeemer. There have been 347 bombs threats since the Symphony doors were opened for those who purchased early seating 30 minutes ago. 3 lone shooters have also been apprehended. All threats have been disarmed without injury. All units have also been advised to watch for bags of blue popcorn. The snack is all the rage for Kelsishians this year, their culture views food sentimentally, and we keep getting reports of their kids losing or misplacing their souvenir snack. If you see any unattended bags, hold on to them and let’s see if we can get some more animals going home happy. I’ll inform you when there’s more. For now, procede to the Symphony as planned.” One of their handlers informed through the comms of the situation at hand.

“Alrighty. Let’s get to it.” The female god-ring security guard said. She went through the portal not too long after that.

On the other side of the portal…

The Starworld sun was still rising into the sky but could be seen clear as day. It was perfect celebration weather for your average mammalian animal. The portal in Milky’s apartment opened up in the middle of the street. Surrounding it were plastic barriers and two God-ring security ensuring the crowd funneled around the portal. And there was certainly a crowd. The moment you stepped through you were deafened by the sheer amount of animals. From tiny animals like them to massive striders that easily stepped over the cordoned off portal. The rumble of thousands of voices, thousands of dialects and accents and completely different ways of communicating bubbled together to permeate the air like a fog. And everyone looked so different. But the easier things to notice were the similarities in the crowd. First, there were so many flags. Children, adults, elders, all alike were carrying their cultures’ flag or flags. Some used their mouth, other waved them erratically, had them tied to their tail or legs, had their bodies painted with their flag, flying animal dragged their flags behind them, and more. From simple to extremely intricate, colorful to literally clear, aesthetically pleasing to mismatched, there were flags of every sort.
Secondly, everyone was going in the same direction. Animals were stopped at stalls and vendors on the side of the road of course, and you could pick out groups of animals waiting for their companions, but in general everyone was heading towards the structure just a mile away.
The symphony stadium. It towered at what could be no less than 100 stories tall and was wider than your field of vision. The stadium was built right next to the ocean so there was no other buildings behind it to distract from how massive it was. It was not as sleek as a skyscraper and didn’t go as high as many of the other monoliths that pierced the heavens near by. But what it lacked in relative height it clearly made up for in volume. The building was pure white with gold pearlescent trim that refracted the sun perfectly to make a rainbow wherever the sun hit it just right. With it’s swooping, elegant architectural style the building looked like a huge pair of outstretched wings from some non-Euclidean bird of prey. Not only that, but the stadium reflected rainbows all around itself; multicolored halos hovering in the air only to move or disappear when you changed the angle you were looking at the structure from. As though to illustrate the unspoken and subtle sanctity of the structure; the symbol of divine worthiness encircled the stadium from all angles but each halo could only be seen from one angle or else it would fade. Something so obviously there but intangible and anyone from another perspective would never see it. And surrounding the stadium for half a mile on the side that was on land was perfectly cut grass. The only thing breaking up the grass was the single avenue leading to and from the stadium. Paved in white to match the building. That, was where they were all going. That was the only placed deemed worthy, to host the convening of the entire multiverse.

There was a conga-line of animals making their way to the building along with the crowd, dancing to music coming from behind them. The conga-like itself extending further down the street than you could see through the crowd. Fye, everyone’s favorite AI, was still visible on every large screen you looked at and was still actively engaging with the crowd. She had mentioned that there were tons of school marching bands from all over the multiverse that would be pseudo escorting the first wave of symphony attendees to the stadium. And one was making it’s way up the street now, made up of what looked like cervine animals, painted orange with yellow spots and all wearing straw sun hats with orange bands around the brim.

When Pest walked through the portal a small pastel blue otter perked up and scurried over to him. They gave a light tug on his vest virtually one second after all four of his legs were through. Once they’d garnered Pestilence’s attention, they warbled out a load of gibberish, pointed to the sidewalk, and gave Pest a worried look.

“One sec Pest…..” The handler said into his ear, pausing for a short while.

“…That’s a young boy of the Jauneer species. He’s saying that he’s looking for his sensei to take him to his room. We’re assuming he’s an unaccompanied minor on a school student exchange trip and he’s staying in one of the hotels in the symphony stadium. We’ll see about tracking down who and where his sensei is while you assist them. He was probably pointing out where he left his travel bags to come talk to you. I’ve tuned your vest to translate your words to his language, you handle the rest.” The handler informed steadily and professionally, but still in a hurried manner. The sound of a squeaking chair afterwords could inspire the idea that they’d gotten up to go seek further resources.

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Spotting Trin, Nyx makes her way over to him with long, purposeful strides. Any other animal would be running in fright at the sight of a fully armed and armored demon heading their way. The demoness intercepts the tom on his way to the portal. "Trin." She greets, "Last we spoke you said you said you could send the blond brothers back home. Is now a good time?" Behind her, their friends begin to disappear one by one through the black vortex.

Thistle is momentarily surprised that Saraphina merely needed to brush soot off her fur. He mentally slaps himself. She's an elemental, it makes sense. "Oh wow, yeah that should be enough." He looks down at the pile of fine black powder in the lid, "Thank you!" The tom bumps his head against the Saraphina's in gratitude before returning to the kitchen to finish his task.

"Purple, you hold Trin's heart, maybe he'll listen to you and let a professional help him if you ask him to attend his appointment." Thrush suggests with a shrug. Hearing her name being called, she parts ways with PIM and the young duo. She locates her brother in the kitchen.

"Here." Says the tom, shoving the pan lid of black goop in her direction. "Had to improvise for the binder, but it'll work."

The Crater siblings sit together, dip their paw pads in the inky substance, and begin the ritual of applying the paint. It's an intimate process as they wordlessly draw on themselves and each other. As they work, they bow their heads or bare their throats for the other's ease of access.

By the time everyone is ready to leave, the twins have finished up and are washing their paws.


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Contacted Civilizations Multiverse Citizen’s Census(Translated)


Name: A Capella Azul

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Pegasus

Age: 17

Physical description(pictures are allowed):

late teen/early adult female Pegasus with a light blue fur and purple/green mane. Her eye color is red, and her cutie mark looks like this:

Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.

Set in 1994, A Capella is from Equestria, and is the great granddaughter of Rainbow Dash. Originally, her family wanted to keep the tradition by getting her into the Wonderbolts, but as soon as her cutie mark gave her passion to pursue music, she then wanted to become a rockstar. Her uncle, on the other hand, is a Wonderbolt veteran who now is making inventions as his hobby. When he invents a time/dimension jumping vehicle, A Capella ends up jumping through time and dimension since entering the vehicle. The vehicle in detail is a DeLorean look alike.

Personality: Self confidence, brash at times, and mischievous

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [✔️ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [ ]

*Mark corresponding box with any symbol


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(OOC: Acapella Azul accepted)

Purple looked at Thrush in innocent thought for a bit. A paw rested against the bottom of her chin while she mulled over the dark sheline’s words.

“Count on it.” Purple meowed confidently, with a nod. She gestured for Bailey and Streak to follow her and got up to go back inside.

Trin stopped mid stride and looked up at Nyx. Her query making his head cock ever so slightly to the right.

“Hmm?…No. To get them back I’ll need the help of Lexi, Thrush or Thistle, and then we’ll need to find a specific planet, and hope someone we met there hasn’t died. Luckily, the planet we need is a parallel of Earth so that should narrow it down a bit. We can get them back home once the Symphony is over. Once we do a good job here Nastiel will probably let us do one or two personal errands.” Trin explained, giving an optimistic shrug at the end accompanied by a smile. Said smile only grew bigger when he peeked to the side of Nyx to see his daughter coming towards him. The lavender sheline moved around the animals going through the portal to flank her father across from Nyx.

“What’s up?” Trin greeted his daughter.

“Hey dad. You know how you’ve told me not to manipulate animals and if I have to it should be for a reason?” Purple asked innocently enough. Trin snickered in response.

“I remember.” Trin answered.

“Well, I am manipulating you now to get you to go to the therapy thing that PIM set up. Thrush wants you to go too and she seems nice, so will you go? Because I asked you to?” Purple meowed softly, placing a paw on Trin’s shoulder. The red eyed tom looked at Purple with raised brows for a couple seconds before chuffing.

“For you?” Trin asked, swallowing the annoyed tone that threatened to come out with his words.

“Yes.” Purple nodded definitively.

“Anything. I’ll go okay?” Trin meowed, giving Purple a smile. She reciprocated the gesture and gave him a quick nuzzle.

“Love you too. Now come on, let’s go see the symphony.” Trin meowed, nodding for Purple, Bailey, and Streak to follow him through the portal.

As Hunter stepped through the portal, his ears were met with the loud bustling of everything going on. He was quickly followed by Stalker, who was followed by Aceline.

“Woo! Gu-g-go God-Ring!” A voice from the crowd yowled in the group’s general direction in broken english. Nastiel and Lula both waved back in the general direction of the voice.

“So we just walk?” Stalker asked, her voice coming through the comms clearly.

“Yeah. We just-“ Nastiel was cut off when a scaled kangaroo placed a necklace of pink peppers around his and Lethe’s neck.

“Thank you—We just walk with the crowd. Our job really begins once we’re in the stadium.” Nastiel quickly thanked the kangaroo and kept explaining.

“Everyone seems so nice.” Stalker commented, looking around at the myriad of aliens.

“Legionnaire Redeemer, be advised the ship carrying the demons has entered the atmosphere with approximately 300 on board. About 2/3rds are civilians. Their ETA to the symphony is one hour.” The second handler informed through the comms.

After passing through the portal, Purple almost immediately jumped onto Trin’s back.

“You are way too big to be doing that.” Trin meowed with a laugh as the tall yet thin she-cat stood on top of his vest, with a paw on his head.

“Woooow! L-Look look look there’s a pegasus!” Purple yowled, pointing out a light blue creature with wings and a multicolored mane and tail. Also completely ignoring her father.

“Ooh, there’s a stall selling cinnamon stuff! They look like churros! Can I get one!?” Purple yowled excitedly. Trin looked up, expecting to see her looking down at him for permission but instead Purple was actually looking back at Thrush to ask her for permission.

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Lethe smiles at the scaled kangaroo and dips his head in thanks to them. The fragrant, dried peppers slightly rattle against each other when he walks. He cranes his head to see the road ahead but it is just an endless sea of animals.

Thrush nods to Purple. "Go ahead. Only one, though." As they get closer to the vendor selling churro-like treats, a sweetness and the distinct spicy smell of what she now knows as cinnamon hits her nose. She's still full from breakfast but the Earthling is eager to try new foods today.

Thistle looks to where Purple enthusiastically points, curiously watching a trio of Pegasi off to the side. The pink one rears up, spreads their white feathered wings and takes off into the sky. The tom tips his head back to look up at the pegasus and other creatures flying overhead. Colorful figures flip, twirl and dance in the sky, all gradually following the flow of the crowd on their way toward the gigantic arena. "Wooow!" he meows in awe.

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Filament doesn't do more than scowl at Vasteye. "Must suck having to mess with others to feel more than half alive." The tom thinks to himself, now aware that the tom in question can read them. It wasn't the first time he'd seen the tom attempt to create rifts between others but it was annoying all the same. Especially because of how important this assignment was. They had to be cohesive, more than anything else. A twinge of suspicion occurred to him and he ignored it, not daring to think it out in case the tom was listening.

"Alrighty then." Filament would mew, walking through the portal without another word.

Pest looked down at the otter creature, cocking his head in surprise. As a testament to his developing sense of security, he didn't panic and shoot the otter for tugging on his vest. Instead, he looked over the otter quizically, unable to understand what the hell he was saying. Luckily their handler came in clutch and translated. "Well that sounds irresponsible." The tom mutters before his vest is tuned. Once he was done on the radio, he glanced at the otter. "Let's grab your bags while we work on finding out where your sensei is, okay kid?" The tom offers, giving another nod in the direction the otter had pointed.

Holly follows Speed through the portal and looks around in bewilderment. This is more animals than she'd ever seen in one place. She gazes around, seeming unsure of where to go and so she sticks beside Speed. It's clear that she's uncomfortable but she doesn't seem to be panicking either, she just remains still, waiting for someone to give her direction.

Flame follows Hunter, Stalker and Aceline through the portal, gaze alight with wonderment as they arrive on the other side. The symphony was more amazing than could accurately be described in words and he was immediately struck by the smell of so many foods in one place. His stomach rumbled and he followed Purple's gaze to the 'churro' stand. "Yeah I want one too, those smell good." The tom chimed in, making his way over towards Thrush and Purple.

Hal comes through the portal last, after debating loading the live rounds into his gun to be safe. He doesn't do it, for fear that someone may notice or it will be recorded somehow. In spite of how many animals are gathered here, that aching sting of loneliness is palpable. He wants to ask for clarification as to his mission but remains silent and still at the back of the group, seeming lost in thought.

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