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Multiple Settings Mass Clans: Beyond

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Mass Clans is a long running, continuous story that has been going strong for 8 years now. Following the many exploits of animals, mainly cats, after all of humanity disappeared from the earth, that has now led to a diverse group of rag tag would-be heroes currently chasing a malicious terrorist throughout the multiverse.

The Mass Clans story covers dark and mature themes featuring, but not limited to, non-gratuitous moments of violence, vice, and harsh language.

This RP is being carried over from the site we previously used, Feralfront. And as such will continue where it was left off, but anybody is free to join in at any time.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll see how you can hop into the story. Mass Clans is not a strict thread and participants are encouraged contribute as much or as little to the story as they would like within reason. The story has a main arc but is not set in stone or on rails.

Contacted Civilizations Multiverse Citizen’s Census(Translated)



Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal):


Physical description(pictures are allowed):

Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.


Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [ ]

*Mark corresponding box with any symbol
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Ayyyy Mass Clans Veteran Squad!

Name: Thrush

Species: Felis catus - Abyssinian

Age: Around 24 moons old

Physical description: Short, ticked, ruddy red fur. While her eyes were originally hazel, they are now deep, sapphire blue. Her ears have nicks taken out of them from past fights, and many other scars across her body she bears proudly. Her natural facial expression is rather unfriendly and uninviting. One could call it "Perma-Grump".

Background: Born on Earth in The Crater, one of the most dangerous zones of the Post A-Day world. Her only remaining kin is that of her twin brother, Thistle. Rarely stays on one planet long enough to settle down and have a job. Takes mercenary jobs if she can or just steals and pawns things for quick credits.

Personality: Very much the Strong Silent Type. Thinks showing excessive emotion makes one weak and is something that can be taken advantage of by others. She is queen of bottling her emotions. Those who know her know she’s a softie who cares deeply for her family and friends. Fiercely protective of her brother. Very untrusting and wary of strangers. A bit on the paranoid side. If she deems a place/person/situation sketchy enough she will have an escape plan thought out and ready to use at a moments notice though hasn't had to act on it since her time in Hell. Known to have Sticky Paws and tends to "acquire" other animals' belongings if left to her own devices.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [ x ]

Name: Thistle

Species: Felis catus - Abyssinian

Age: Around 24 moons old

Physical description: Short, ticked, ruddy red fur. He has his share of scars but not as many as his sister. His eyes once were plain hazel but are now dark blue. He and Thrush look quite alike but they aren’t identical like they used to be when they were young. Thistle is noticeably shorter than his sibling and his fur is lighter in color than hers.

Background: Born on Earth in The Crater, one of the most dangerous zones of the Post A-Day world. His only remaining kin is that of his twin sister, Thrush.

Personality: Introverted and shy when meeting new animals but he really opens up once he gets to know them. Learned from his mistakes and now always has a seed of mistrust for everyone he doesn’t call his family. Incredibly curious and hungry for knowledge. Is still very new to the multiverse and can be seen as naïve.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [ x ] (He was supposed to get training to open portals but that was quickly forgotten about)

Name: Nyx

Species: Canid Demon

Age: 47 moons (4 years)

Physical description: Just like any other Demon. Dark black fur with scars scattered throughout and rather rare eyes that are red in color. Though unlike most of the demonic canids, she has three sets of canine teeth, one on bottom two on top. The lower set protrudes between the upper sets which keep them constantly sharpened as they grow. She has a lithe physique, husky voice and sultry eyes which makes her quite attractive.

Background: Home planet: Hell, Demon Space. Was a Paraversian teacher and public speaker in Hell before she was whisked away on adventures through the multiverse.

Personality: Nyx is a kind Demon, which everyone thinks is impossible. An oxymoron, really. Being a teacher, she enjoys helping the youth and is eager to see them succeed. Aside from being a teacher, her soft spot for cubs, kittens and the like comes from her seeing far too many of them abused, homeless or stolen for The Trade. She respects others but will not waste her kindness on those who don’t deserve it. Sadly, Nyx is familiar with the stigma and hatred that comes with being who she is. With the war currently brewing between the Angels and Demons, and everything that happens in Demon Space, she fully understands the mistrust when meeting new people. But not every demon is evil.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [ x ]

Name: Lethe Sho-Arrin

Species: Felis catus - Havana Brown

Age: 6 years old

Physical description: A plain brown tom with light green eyes. There are various scars scattered about his body since he has spent a majority of his life dealing with conflict, both as a soldier and as just a normal tom fighting for peace throughout the multiverse.

Background: Grew up in a run down Golden-Age city called Ashul which is located in the middle of the Infected Zone of post A-Day Earth. Was a soldier but resigned to chase after love. He is the only living member of his family. His mate and kit perished to a supermassive explosion that wiped out all life on Earth, and fairly recently his half-sister, Adrianna, was killed by a terrifying Apex Predator on a planet called Turish’s Pit

Personality: He usually keeps to himself but is friendly and easy to talk to. Kindhearted, loyal to his friends and willing to fight for what's right. Honestly, just your average cat. It has been pointed out on several occasions that he just blends into the woodwork.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [ x ]
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Name: Trin (Trinity)

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Cat

Age: Unknown

Physical description: White furred tom with piercing red eyes. He is an inch shorter than the average height and somewhat muscular. His resting expression is an unreadable neutral expression edging towards brooding.

Background: Trin or Trinity is an infamous dimension jumper known throughout the multiverse in legends and whispers for both good and bad things. As of late has flown under the radar and his reputation had faded into oblivion for all those except the most dedicated historians and super sleuths. Trin’s exact age is a mystery to even himself, all that is known is that he seems to predate everything and has watched every society known rise and fall. Every feat you can imagine Trin has done at some stage in his life whether he vividly remembers it or not.

Personality: Trin is outwardly a very sociable tom. He is charismatic when he wants to be and blunt when he does not. He is extremely intelligent, cunning, and tactical yet revels in impulsivity and chaos. He is simultaneously incredibly independent and dependent on others. His overall behavior seems like a show but also genuine at the same time. The only one mental trait of his that can be pinned down is an undercurrent of insecurity, even in light of all his feats.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [x] , No [ ] , Unsure [ ]


Name: Speed

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Iihect, insectoid cat

Age: 3,358,009 earth years old

Physical description(pictures are allowed): 8266DD42-468C-4D44-975A-5181C80C92A7.jpeg

Background: Speed grew up on the planet Imprellis, homeworld of the Iihect. She was raised by a large family and community, which eventually lead to her leaving her home world to seek adventure. The draw of criminal activities pulled her in soon after. She was an amazing smuggler but the magnum opus of her criminal life was the robbing of an underworld bank for trillions of credits. A job that set her and her compatriots for life, even an extended life such as her own.

Personality: Speed is a relaxed, chill, laid back sheline. Her voice even has hints of a surfer girl accent and if you’re lucky you’ll get her to say “brah” or “s’aww dude.” Speed is an incredibly acrobatic she-cat with refined martial art skills, partially attributed to her species’ biology. She loves all things extreme sports but has a particularly huge passion for flying. Speed loves to fly through whatever means possible from wingsuiting to starships. It is hard to put Speed in a bad mood, let alone anger her to the point of outburst or harsh reaction. And even then it is even harder to keep her in that state for long. Speed cares for her friends like family and hesitates to hold a grudge. But Speed is no gentle pacifist and won’t stay her paw for long if she feels you need a good punch across the jaw or kick in the ribs.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [x] , No [ ] , Unsure [ ]


Name: Lulalissa

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Mia’Moray(Frenz)

Age: 17 Earth years

Physical description(pictures are allowed): As a Mia’Moray Lulalissa, or Lula for short, has the face and coloring of a red panda. The body of a cat with long, well kept, fur that doesn’t touch the ground. And a thick furry tail. She has huge ears that rest almost parallel to the ground but can still move and rotate to an immense degree. Her tail is semi-prehensile and can be used to balance her and allow her to walk on two legs for short periods of time if she so desires.

Background: Lulalissa was born on the Mia’Moray homeworld of Frenziland. Born into a huge family with hundreds of siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents she was well loved and raised. Lula excelled at school curriculum both on her planet as well as God-Ring multiverse education systems. Her studying and love for other species earned her a position as one of Frenziland’s representatives to the rest of the multiverse. Alas now, after everything that has happened to Frenziland and it’s inhabitants she is left to fight for her homeworld with the help of the friends she has made that share her conviction go bring evil to justice.

Personality: Lulalissa is a smart and optimistic girl. As all Mia’Moray are, Lula is naturally friendly and casually open about romance and intimacy. Or at least most other species find her behavior open. Kisses and physical closeness to others are like high fives and handshakes to her, making her accidentally encroach on others personal space and personal boundaries at times. To her everyone else is a just a little bit prudish. Lulalissa was never one for adventure per say but does have a fondness for new experiences. But most of all Lula loves to spend time with those close to her and relish the good things while she has the chance, like a warm bath or a quick peck on the cheek. Lula can be skittish at times and her internal fortitude still needs some hardening, leading to her panicking and hyperventilating when situations start to get out of hand. But you can always count of her to try and be the glue that’ll keep others together even if they don’t want to. Building and maintaining a strong familial unit of friends is a core goal of hers and you’d be hard pressed to get her to consider you anything less than an acquaintance. Once you meet this ‘Moray she’ll remember you. And lastly, though she doesn’t mention it or force the interaction, Lula absolutely LOVES hugs and her fur makes them only better.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [x] , Unsure [ ]


Name: Hunter

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): felis catus

Age: 30 moons old

Physical description(pictures are allowed): 21B4A198-1F9F-42AF-BC51-4E4DFFB752E4.jpeg

Background: Hunter was born on Earth after A-Day. He and his family, including his sisters Fighter and Stalker, knew the frozen tundras of russia as home. After globe trotting around the globe with his allies such as Thrush, Thistle, and Flame, his adventures have led him through ups and down, and has even seen him brought back from the dead. Many a stories could be spun by him and of him.

Personality: Hunter is a severely jaded tom-cat. After going through many harrowing experiences he’s now left unsure of anything, and he doesn’t truly believe he belongs anywhere. And as such gives off an aura of coldness and negativity. But deep down somewhere he is still his old professionally reckless self with the heart of a leader. The embers of his once fiery impassioned self are still there within him, awaiting to be free of the various mental strains that are attempting to snuff them out.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [x]

LDR Ford

Black Lungs

Name: Flame of The Plaguelands

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Earth Feline.

Age: 3-4 Years

Physical description(pictures are allowed): Flame is an orange tabby tom with light white markings.

Background: Flame grew up on Earth in the North American Plaguelands. He grew up in a refugee camp for survivors with his father, brother. Eventually his family ended up moving into a small cave where he spent the majority of his time there as a researcher until he ended up joining the gang.
Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.

Personality: Flame could be described as brash, irrational, hot-headed but he also has a tender emotionally vulnerable side that is often exposed when he's put under pressure. He's died twice now and plans to write his wrongs and not die a third.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [x] , No [ ] , Unsure [ ]



Name: Filament

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Non-Earth Feline

Age: 2 Earth years. Emotionally younger.

Physical description(pictures are allowed): Has an artificial eye, and ear after a bombing attack.

Background: Filament grew up on the industry planet of Salazar 7 as an apprentice to his father, in his electronics business. His family were always a bit distant to each other but he was overall well cared for. He learned electronics as a trade with lighting as a specialty. He spent some time in prison for attempted murder and after he was bailed out, bankrupting his family business, he took his degree and a junker ship and cruised the universe doing lighting jobs, until eventually ending up with the crew.
Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.

Personality: Filament is a young and emotional tom who likes to tackle things head on. While he can sometimes be careless his heart is usually in the right place and he'd do anything for his new friends. He tends to give up easily during extreme duress but can easily be pressed on with a little reassurance.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [x]



Name: Hal Sho-Vahn

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Earth Feline

Age: 3-4.

Physical description(pictures are allowed): Hal is a black and white tuxedo tom. He has an artificial eye and leg from the same bombing as Filament.
Background: Hal grew up in the crater as a repairman. He doesn't remember much of his childhood but he spent most of his years on the roof of his friend/mate's house, running an amateur radio show that focused on conspiracy theories.
Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.

Personality: Hal could be described as imbalanced, awkward, rude, brash, cold, anxious. He's not a bad person per-say but he is naive and rude with a bit of jadedness just for a cherry on-top of this unstable cocktail of emotions.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [x]



Name: Pestilence

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Earth Feline

Age: 2-3 Earth years.

Physical description(pictures are allowed): Pest is an orange tabby with many scars from his time in the Plaguelands.

Background: Pest grew up in the Plaguelands with his father in the Plaguelands, in a small fortified camp. Eventually his father died and he ran through the woods, looking for his uncle, Flame, and ended up seeking revenge for what he saw as murder.
Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.

Personality: Pestilence is a bit unstable and has severe trust and anger issues. It is tough for him to admit his feelings and he tends to bottle things up.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [ ] , No [ ] , Unsure [x]



Name: Holly

Species(anything but human, preferably non-bipedal): Earth Feline

Age: 3-4 earth years.

Physical description(pictures are allowed): Holly looks much like her father Flame but is a much lighter shade of orange, almost a blonde tabby.

Background: Holly lived with her father until some multi-verse screwery caused her to be taken by the universal terrorist, Undertaker. He raised her like a child until she eventually ended up with the group at Flame's behest.
Ex: Home planet, family, occupation, anything like that will work.

Personality: Holly is a bit manipulative although she doesn't make an effort to be that way. She can be a bit chilly and vain and doesn't really understand her place or purpose in the world. This confusion makes for an often times liability-esque presence that is a danger to friends and foe alike.

Are you capable of opening portals between universes? Yes [x] , No [ ] , Unsure [ ]


Art commissioned from Lady-Teelia and Marshcold on Deviantart for my characters who belong to me.

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Thrush leans a shoulder against one of the metal crates she ruined with a bored sigh. Now they wait. The longer she stands around, the more she feels that oh so familiar restlessness; the kind that gets her into trouble. Paws itching to take lives or other animals' possessions. She lifts up a foreleg to inspect her claws but just as soon as she does, she realizes her crush suit covers them. The sheline plays off her mistake, casually placing her paw back on the floor and tapping it out of need to do something.

Thistle meanders back down to the first floor of the Milky's apartment. Seeing everyone in one place is odd. And kind of crowded. 'Has there always been this many?' he wonders. Down here the smell of various foods is strong and he spots many of the gathered animals either still eating or with empty plates. "Hello!" he chirps in greeting, "Is there anything left for us stragglers?"

The demon wolf looks over at the staircase when she hears a new voice. "Thistle dear, your sister left something for you. She told me to make sure you got it."

"She did?" The tom walks over to where the demoness is seated.

"Yes, a note and this-" Nyx pushes the rebreathers to the edge of the table, "Gift." She says the word with a little hesitation like she is unsure of what to call the collection of items. There wasn't any fanfare; Thrush didn't specifically say anything, nor are they wrapped neatly to be called a gift of present. Her friend just dropped it, left the note, then went off for the day.

Thistle stands with his front paws on the table so he can see just what was left for him. Two what look like masks and the aforementioned note which he reads. As his eyes scan the paper, he frowns. " 'Be back soon'... So she's working again?" Thistle asks, audibly disappointed.

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Hal shrugs his shoulders and makes his way back towards the airlock. If luck was on his side than the animal in question wouldn't have reached the elevator yet. He waits in the small room, gun at low-ready as he waits for the conditions inside to match the conditions on the outside of the underwater compound. Once they have, he steps outside and scans the area, immediately making way for one of the underwater lights marking the way back. A unusual sense of dread and claustrophobia creep over him.

Luther doesn't look surprised that she owns more than one nice red dress. "It's a red bedazzled dress, made by a tailor by the name of Pines. Her ledger shows that you're one of the lucky recipients of one such dress." The smoky black and gray tom mews, reeking of burnt tobacco and cigarette odor.

Streak shrugs his shoulders. "I'm still kind of hungry." The little tom admits, beaming up at her, expecting that she might have some food for him.

"It sure is." Flame agrees, smiling at her but still feeling a little shaken up from his negative interaction with Speed. He had been truthful with her but it was hard for him to understand that sometimes his airheadedness could hurt others feelings.


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The crush depths were no brighter or hospitable than when they left them. And the body of the animal Trin had killed was still lying there unmoving. It was actually more inhospitable as even more of the ley line lights had gone out, leaving a gap in the reassuring trail back to the lift.

And now there was a low noise reverberating through every molecule of the water. Or perhaps it was a vibration? The phenomena was so minute, just barely noticeable that it was hard to even pin down which of your senses was detecting it. It sounded and felt like it was simultaneously just a sound yet somehow also just a sensation. The only plain certainty was that the source of the phenomena was coming from a spot in the dark away from the ley line. The inky black made it hard to pin down the distance as well. The source of the phenomena could be coming from just 30 yards into the dark or 300.


“Got ‘em!” PIM chirped excitedly out of absolutely nowhere.

“Hmm?” L’Anne hummed absently, clearly busy thinking about what to cook. Probably what to cook for Trin.

“I found the persistent thorn in my side who downloaded the footage from the Barnabas. He’s a god-ring detective and he just requested a search warrant, the first one of the day for the mammalian district. Or first one by a god-ring officer I should say.” PIM explained to Filament eagerly.

“You are a growing tom after all. How about you go upstairs and ask Milky if he’s okay with you taking some of his food.” Jezebel purred softly, gesturing to the second floor with her eyes.

“Hey!” Quite a few animals responded to Thistle in unison.

“Uhh. No. Speed just left to get some stuff though. Sorry.” Callista answered, giving him a sympathetic smirk.

PIM looked over at Thistle when she caught the forlorn tone in his voice in her ears.

“Hm? Yeah. Her, Trin, Hal, and False Lamb went out to kill some mob boss about 1 hour 32 minutes and 47 seconds ago. Exactly that long.” PIM said to Thistle, glancing at him and then to the note.

“What makes you worry about her working again?” PIM asked softly.


Meanwhile back with Hal...

Right as Hal entered the section where the ley line poles had gone out or were flickering, four red chem lights cracked to life in front of him. They were suspended off the sea floor and swayed slightly, proving that animals were holding them. The red sticks made a crude semi-circle around Hal, shining well through the darkness but only casting a small amount of pinkish light onto the holder. A purposeful choice of color by the users. All you could see were the silhouettes of the appendage holding the stick and the faint pink glare on animal’s visor. As soon as the chem lights were activated the animals took action. Three red laser beams, distorted by the water, shined onto Hal’s chest. And one was shine right onto his visor to ensue he was aware of what was going on. The red lights in the dark moved towards as fast as the environment would allow until stopping just four feet from the tom. You could see they wore all black suits; a color not available for rent at the kiosk. Their helmets were all smoother, like that of a motorbike helmet. And on their suits were tactical vests, pockets, and the gun mounts they were using to aim at Hal with. Giving the tom little time to react one of them closed the gap between them with a skip and pressed a cat sized paw against his helmet. The comms crackled for a couple seconds before a very serious, stoic, and calm voice said to him,

“Call your compatriots out here.” The voice instructed.


“Yes, I have that one. Do-do you need it for something?” The blond tabby responded to Luther, cocking her head and looking blatantly confused and nervous.

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Filament looks a bit distressed by the news. "You're sure that you'll be able to stop them from getting too close?" The tom asked rhetorically having no serious doubt that she'd be able to do it. It seems as though this particular investigator may be a little bit more persistent than the ones they had faced so far.

"Maybe we shouldn't stick around here, just in case."

Streak looks up at Jezebel and then at the stairs. It's scary to go up alone, the stairs just look so menacing and big. "Maybe you could come with me?" The tom queries, stealing another uncertain glance up at the steps.

Holly looks over at Thistle, sensing his apprehension. "She's a tough girl, I'm sure it'll be okay." She offers, resting her tail on his back comfortingly. "They haven't been gone too long but maybe we could check on them?" The sheline questions, almost to herself.

Hal freezes as the lasers train on him. He drops his gun, allowing it to hang by a strap. Slowly, he raises a paw to his helmet, making sure his comms are on. He isn't sure what to say that won't get him killed. "Uh, there's some guys out here. Wanna talk." The tom mews, understanding that Trin likely has years of experience of these types of situations and will understand what is going on.

"I'm going to need to bring it in as evidence in the murder or suicide that happened last night. If that'd be alright, sweetheart." The tom asks her, both of them likely knowing it wasn't a question she could say no to.

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We all Vibe and we all Die
"A mob boss !?" Thistle stunned tom settles his front paws on the floor again with a weary sigh. "I worry because she thinks she's stronger than she actually is. The last time she took contracts, she would disappear for weeks only to come back even more broken, half-dead or.... different." He shakes his head, continuing softly. "I know she has Trin and a team, but... I can't help it, you know? She's the only piece of my family I have left and I'm terrified that one day when she goes off to do something reckless, she won't return."

Nyx looks away from the troubled young tom. If only he knew just how in over her head Thrush is. Even with a team, offing six bosses is an extremely risky task. The demon doesn't think she has the heart to tell Thistle even if she wanted to. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Lethe listens in on the conversation, feeling his stomach churn. The kid has a rational fear. He can understand that. Memories of Adrianna bubble to the surface of his mind. Was she lonely during her last moments, knowing her only kin wasn't there to say goodbye?

Thrush's ears shift and she looks down to where her helmet hangs at her side. "Anyone catch that?" she asks, glancing between her teammates for an answer.


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Two of the black suited animals surrounding Hal dropped their chem lights and took a couple steps back, vanishing into the darkness. The remaining two adversaries stayed there staring at Hal. They looked to be talking to each other, their heads bobbing ever so slightly. Or the dark was just playing tricks on the eyes and they were motionless sentries.

After a minute, the two animals pounced towards Hal without warning. They didn’t attack him more as they grappled him. One tackled him to the ground while the other shoved a black, deflated life preserver around Hal’s neck. As soon as it was on him they pulled a tab and the preserver inflated. The animal holding him down, most likely a canine, let Hal go. And the preserver did it’s job. Hal was whisked off the sea floor and up into the dark. 12 seconds later though he hit a metal roof.

Trin snickered, looking at Thrush with a smirk.

“Yeah, but I also caught you. I saw you try and look at your claws.” Trin teased lightly with a smile.

“He said he wants to talk? Is he lonely?” False Lamb asked, rolling her eyes while she moved to put her helmet back on.

“I heard him say there was something out. I think the ley line went out and he’s scared.” Trin meowed in a non-mocking tone, already starting to put his helmet back on. He stopped with it just above his muzzle however. His gaze went to Limilay and hardened.

“You. Don’t move.” Trin stated harshly before pulling his helmet all the way down and sealing it. False Lamb did the same and wiggled her head a bit to ensure it was snug. As soon as Thrush had her helmet on, Trin circled around her real quick to ensure her suit and apparatus was safe and then headed to the airlock. False Lamb pulled the hatch closed and the room filled with water. The exit hatch popped open and Trin cocked his head.

“The lights are fine...” Trin trailed off. Something was off. There was a section of lights that were nearly all off. That was weird.

“Hal did you move the body?” False Lamb asked over the comms, stepping past Trin to be the first out of the airlock. The red suited cadaver Trin had left laying just a couple paces from the structure was in a different position. It was a little bit further away, right on the edge of the circle of light the airlock gave off. Only the body’s rear legs were visible, the rest obscured by the shade.

“False wait!” Trin yelped taking a step to go after her. Right as he did so the body lifted up into a sitting position, making both Trin and False Lamb jump in fright. False physically jumping up and landing awkwardly.

“Gaaahah! I rolled my ankle.” False groaned in pain, lifting her right rear leg off the ground. She bounced lightly on three legs before getting physically yanked out of view from within the hatch. In time with False’s abduction a gun was aimed at Trin and Thrush from the shoulder of the red suit. Behind it you could see the slightest glare of a visor.

“Trin! They’re putting something on my nec-oh my god! Help! Help!” False Lamb’s panicked yelping sounded over the comms before turning to crackling. Someone had cut her end of the comms.

Before Trin or Thrush could do anything really, two more black suited animals rushed into the airlock from the sides. They wasted no time in tackling the two of them. They shoved life preservers over Trin and Thrush’s necks and then two black suited animals joined them to help throw them out of the airlock. They kicked up a ton of silt in the process, making it even harder to see. Once outside of the building, the black suits pulled on the preserver tabs. Just like with Hal the apparatuses around their necks inflated and they were whisked off the sea floor. Mere seconds later they hit metal with a loud thunk.

The distinct noise of servos could be heard for half minute then silence once again. Everything was still pitch black but now the motley crew were floating on the *surface* of water. Half a minute later they were gently deposited onto metal flooring. The claustrophobic sensation of water was gone.

Trin gave a few cautionary steps in place and heard the telltale clink of his boots hitting a solid, metal floor. And then flash! Bright white lights turned on to reveal their surroundings. They were standing in some sort of loading bay. Around them was cargo netting on the walls with various pieces of scuba gear, weapons, and aquatic equipment tied to the walls. Trin looked around to see that False Lamb and Hal were there too. They’d all been taken. False Lamb was struggling to stand up on only three legs.

The bay wasn’t very large. There was only space for ten cats at the most but it did have slightly raised roof. This room was certainly designed with small animals in mind. There was a short set of stairs that led to a hatch near the top of the wall. Standing there was a black cat in fatigues. The fatigues had a pale navy blue and gray digital pattern to them. The cat in question had black leathery bat wings sticking out from their shoulder blades. A thin tail that ended in a sharp triangular razor stuck straight and waved back and forth behind them. They stood in a proud manner, with their paws together and their chest puff out. On their chest was a holstered pistol, the exact same make and model that Deciet used.

“Welcome aboard. Are you all who I think you are?” The militarily dressed animal asked them in a neutral, feminine voice.


PIM pursed her lips and looked down for a moment. She looked back to Thistle with an empathetic look on her face.

“I know how you feel. I feel that way about Trin all the time. Especially now that his swords are gone. I can’t help but worry and be scared that it’ll be the last time I see him. I feel that way about other animals in the group too.” PIM meowed softly, nodding her head absently.

Jezebel shook her head and tsked.

“You are hungry. You must learn to ask yourself. Go on now.” Jezebel purred warmly with a smile, gesturing to the second floor with her eyes yet again.

Aceline finished eating and licked her lips clean.

“This place is the coolest. It’s like a dream but even better.” Aceline gushed, wrapping her paws around Flame’s neck.

Deciet hugged Hunter and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Alright. I gotta go.” She said curtly before standing up and trotting to the door to leave.


The blonde tabby stared at Luther curiously for several seconds before nodding.

“Shu-sure.” The blonde tabby said, scurrying through the foyer into another room. About a minute later she reappeared with the ruby dressed in her maw.

“‘ere ou go.” She said with the dress in her teeth.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush stiffens, feeling a heat washing over her face. Damn, he caught her blunder. "I forgot, okay?" she hisses defensively, pouting slightly when her mate smirks. The sheline watches Trin unlatch his helmet and waits until he looks her way again to stick her tongue out at him. She reluctantly puts her own helmet back on, remembering the killer migraine she has to look forward to as she secures it in place.

The heavy door opens and Thrush peers out into the darkness. Things are quiet as her companions investigate. Before she can ask Hal his location and what the deal is she is forced to the ground with a startled yell. She struggles against her subduer, squirming under their hold, trying to land kicks on them and thrashing her head back and forth to avoid having the device put around her neck. All the while the feed to her companions' comms are flooded with angry shouting they can't understand. One can only imagine the awful things she is saying. That is, if her connection didn't get cut already. Thrush lets out a choked sound as she is lifted off the ground by her neck, paws curling around the floatation device to relieve the a little of constricting pressure. 'Are they sending us to the surface!? Isn't that a death sentence!? ' her panicked thoughts scream.

After a few seconds she feels something solid beneath her again. Thrush reaches out carefully to make sure the floor is indeed solid then plops down on her rear, roughly tugging at the life preserver collar. Blinding lights have Thrush recoiling and hissing in pain, squinting and shielding her face until her eyes adjust. Again. She looks about the unfamiliar area cautiously, apprehension and the beginnings of of a headache already settling in. When the winged female speaks she only gets silence and a confused head tilt from the Earth sheline.


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The winged she-cat stared down at the group with disdain. An expression that soured even further when Thrush tilted her head but did not speak. The dark she-cat’s wings extended out and she reached for the pistol in her holster. She gripped it with one paw and aimed it at False Lamb. The gun went off and a bullet went slicing straight through the mobster’s right thigh. The impact knocked False off her paws and onto her side. She caught herself with a foreleg and looked back at her rear to see blood flowing out the hole in her suit.

“I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation you are in. I asked a question.” The sheline growled, re-holstering her gun.

Trin unlatched his helmet and yanked it off. He looked over at False Lamb aghast. Then turned look up at the uniformed cat with fury.

“You’re going to regret that.” Trin growled through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think I will. Trinity.-“ The she-cat grew a sadistic smile, “-Undertaker has placed a very high bounty on you and your compatriots. I never expected I’d have you aboard my sub. Today is in fact my lucky day.” The she-cat purred devilishly. She gave a flap of her wings and lifted into the air. With grace she glided down the stairs, putting her on the same level as them. She strolled over time False Lamb and took off her helmet.

“Hmm. No bounty for you.” The sheline meowed appraisingly, lifting False Lamb’s chin with a paw.

“I’m gonna shove your tail up your a**.” False Lamb growled, snarling.

“Cute.” The winged female said coldly. She pulled her paw away from False’s chin and jammed her other paw into the mobster’s wound. False Lamb’s body clenched up and the she-cat screamed out in pain. The winged demon pulled her now bloody paw away from False’s wound and then slapped her across the muzzle.

“You will show some respect in the presence of an ancient species.” The demon hissed. She left False Lamb to pant and wince in pain while she walked away.

“How did you find out about my operation down here?” The demon asked, looking at Thrush, Trin, and Hal for an answer.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Hal at first had lost consciousness from sensation of falling in reverse but came back to the waking world at the sound of a gunshot. Initially he was too dazed to understand what was going on, he recognized the demon for what she was immediately. He struggled to get off his helmet and when he did he gasped for air, feeling suddenly cold. Once he got himself more or less together, he looked up at her with his single functioning eye. His expression was one befitting for the situation, bewilderment with a tinge of masked fear.

"Undertaker bothered to set a bounty on me? I'm honestly flattered." He mews, adjusting his head so that he can see her better. "Your underlings are pretty loose with who they work for." He mews, invisibly holding back a snicker and keeping a perfect pokerface.

Streak bit back an indignant reply and turned his head back towards the stairs. "Okay, well, I can do it." The tom mews determinedly as he takes his first steps up the staircase. Once he's at the top, he looks around. "Milky?" He asks, looking at the different doors, unsure of which one he might find the aforementioned tom within.

Luther looks at the dress with a satisfactory smirk. "Thanks, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable." He offers, a bit apologetically. There was no doubt that he was not a nice guy, but he didn't enjoy the prospect of making females uneasy. "I'll get it back to you once the analysis is done." The tom explains, taking the dress into his own mouth.

"I'll get back to you as soon as I can." The tom mews to her, before she can respond he makes his way back down the stairs. "I'll be getting back to you as soon as the investigation is done. I'm going to be returning the dress as well, before you ask." The tom mews to him before turning to leave. Once he's outside, he looks to Dream. "Let's go." The tom mews, pulling a small FOB out of his pocket and clicking a button. A small matte white rocket-scooter descends from the sky and lands at the end of the driveway. "It's got all the stuff we need to check this dress for blood, sweat, anything basically."

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Black Lungs
Flame hugged Aceline back. "It's the greatest, but... Well." He stopped talking and leaned into her. We're in great danger. He thought to himself, holding her close but not so tight that it might become uncomfortable.


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PIM gave Thistle a light pat on the shoulder with her paw before turning back to Filament.

“As for your question. I doubt it. He’s currently investigating the wrong cat. And, hehe, he just got reported for abuse of power. I’ll just clear thaaat. There we go.” PIM meowed to Fil, zoning out for a second and then zoning back in.

Aceline’s eyes grew in surprise at the affection from Flame but she nonetheless squeezed him even tighter with a closed eyed grin.


Milky poked out of the master bedroom.

“Did someone call me?” He asked slowly, stepping out and rubbing his eyes.


Crimson and Purple finally came out of the bathroom. Purple looking drowsy and ehausted.

“Next time, don’t eat so much and this won’t happen.” Crimson chided.

“I know. But they tastes so good.” Purple groaned, getting led over to a spot on the floor and told to lay down.


Dreamdrop followed Luther with his head titled.

“Okay that’s pretty cool.” The owl hybrid admitted, looking


The demon smirked in amusement at Hal’s first comment. Her smirk faded into a neutral expression soon after.

“Are you referring to the only girl you left alive?... Could you bring in the Jawarkian?” The she demon asked Hal before pressing her neck and talking to someone.

“So. Are you going to take us to Undertaker?” Trin asked, shaking his head and grimacing at the growing pressure in his skull.

“The bounty does not state whether you must be alive or dead.” The she-demon answered, turning her attention to Trin.

“I expected you to be more...impressive.” The she-demon added.

“Yeah I’ve been getting that a lot lately.” Trin responded with a dry chuckle.

“Your friend. Mute. Made you out to be such a larger than life character.” The she-demon said while she admired her bloody paw. Trin’s fur bristled and the tom’s attention focused onto the black cat.

“What?” Trin asked in a gutteral voice. His chest began to expand and deflate faster. His brows furrowed and the she-demon’s rose; his out of anger and her’s out of feint amusement.

“Oooh how masculine of a response. Yes. Her name was Mute. Purple fur purple eyes, a gaudy appearance if you ask me. On and on they went about how you would come to save them. Oh the impressive tales they would spin about you Trinity. The liberation of entire planets. Single-pawedly taking on evil, saving the innocent. To believe one of the founders of the God-Ring itself is so...puny.” The she-demon talked in voice rife with superiority.

“I’d say your adventures in Yggdrasil were quite spectacular. But you know which stories that poor sheline told with the most endearment, the most reverence? The personal ones. How you’d show up and the two of you would go free drive fishing. Or the picnics where you’d make wine and then jump to the future so that it was aged juuust right. She was especially fond of the soda tasting tours you would go on. She used those stories as evidence that you would arrive to save her, to the point of appetency really. How you’d never leave someone so close to you to die. To be tortured. She never gave you up either.”

“Stop. Talking.” Trin growled lowly, glaring at the she-demon with squinted eyes.

“A shame. Her suffering would have been shorter had she ratted you out. All of that pain for someone who never came. Her screams were great though so I thank you for that. As a demon I can respect her loyalty too.” The winged sheline meowed, looking at Trin and smiling.

“You have strongly misinterpreted the position you are in. I am not stuck in this room with you. You’re stuck in this room with me.” Trin said, taking a step forward. Their captor gave Trin an unimpressed look and pulled her gun out. She aimed it at Trin’s head and cocked her own with a smug pout.

“Don’t take another step.” The demon ordered. Trin raised up his leg and took an exaggerated second step without hesitation. The she-demon glowered at this and pulled the trigger. The gun went off but there was no shower of red blood. Just a spark when the projectile hit the back wall. Trin had dodged the bullet. The red eyed tom ducked his head, his flattened ears now in line with his shoulders. The demon was taken aback at what happened, only to find Trin snarling in her face with his nose pressed against her chin. The winged female tried to point her gun at Trin’s head but her paw wasn’t dexterous enough and her leg didn’t bend that way. Fear flashed into her luminescent anthracite eyes as Trin bit into her outstretched leg. He put a paw into the pit where her leg connected to her body and lifted with a grunt. He felt his teeth hit bone as he forced the demon into her back, using her weight against her. As she got thrown sideways, Trin jerked his head. A distinct crack was heard just before she landed flat on her back.

“Gaaahahaaa!” The she-demon screamed, her eyes pinching shut. Her whole body lurched in an attempt to dredge the bloodied and broken leg back from Trin’s maw. The white tom didn’t hesitate at all to stomp his booted paw down on the center bone of her right wing, crushing it between his paw and the floor. The demon let out the same exact scream like a broken record. With her leg still in his teeth Trin raised his paw to stomp on another bone in her wing. Before he could do so the hatch to the room flew open and four black suited animals rushed in. One dove from the stairs and tackled Trin off of the winged sheline. The two of them rolled but the scrap ended with Trin pinned. The black suited animals still had all their dive gear on tipping the weight balance in their favor. Trin tried to lift his paws but the suit demon slammed them back down against the floor.

The other three demons rushed over to the she-cat in fatigues. She let out a stifled whimper as they helped her to her paws, with her right foreleg now bent and held up off the ground. At first the she-demon struggled against their attempts to usher her out of the room but was nonetheless evacuated. Two of the suited demons left with her while the other two more stayed to guard the group. Once the hatch to the room was closed, the suited demon stepped off of Trin. The two guards took their helmets off and took a few pants of air. One was a black tom cat while the other was an equine like species but only a couple centimeters taller than the cat.

Trin rolled back onto his paws and glared at the guards, pacing back and forth in a short radius. The equine openly avoided his gaze.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush watches the fight with interest, her smile thankfully hidden underneath her helmet. She's always enjoyed seeing others get what they deserve, doubly so when Trin's the one dishing out pain. The altercation is over before she can think too hard on it. She twists her helmet off with a soft sigh, shaking out her mussed up head fur and securing her helmet to her side again. A quick glance tells her Trin is unharmed so she makes her way to where False lays. She crouches and gets to inspecting her wound, gently lifting the mobster's leg to see whether or not the bullet went completely through or not. Her suit is compromised so they will definitely need to find her a new one. Thrush pauses in her ministrations and looks up, checking where the guards are positioned and where they're looking. She puts False's leg back down and slowly reaches for her pistol.

The demon tom spotted the red sheline head over to the injured one, keeping an eye on them in his periphery. The lack of movement after a few seconds is suspicious so he turns to face Thrush and that's when he sees her reaching for a gun. The guard rushes over and diarms her with a deft paw movement, sending the pistol sliding across the floor away from everyone. "You think I wouldn't catch that, huh? F*ckin' idiot..." He meows with a sneer.

There is a flash of regret and disappointment in her eyes as she watches her gun skitter away. Her face flushes with heat as well, ashamed for having been caught, but she can go with this. Thrush rises, keeping her head low as a sign of submission and stands in front the demon guard. Her eyes flicker to the collar of the guard's suit, which is low enough to expose his neck, then up to meet his gaze. "You think I am the idiotic one? "

Confusion wipes away that contemptuous smile of his. "The hell are you sayin'?"

Taking advantage of his momentary confusion, Thrush lunges forward and clamps her jaws down around the demon's throat, sinking her teeth in as deep as possible and smiling to herself as she feels things breaking. The tom doesn't have a chance to voice his pain or surprise before his larynx is crushed. The desert hardened feline whips her head back and forth, severing vocal cords and snapping his windpipe. While the demon continues to struggle, only wasting oxygen and inflicting more damage to himself, Thrush uses her grip on him to keep him positioned in front of her as a meatshield.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
A small device comes out as the seat folds upwards like a convertible. What was originally small device increases in size until it is very similar in shape and size to a 3D printer. Six cameras reveal themselves from behind shutters on different parts of the device and a small beam on the inside roof of the device blinks green. "Watch." He puts the dress into the cube and the light seems to go off. "It's not actually off, it's using different lights to scan for stuff like blood stains that have been washed out with blacklight. If anyone elses blood is on this dress we'll know." the tom answers, clicking another button with his paw. Instead of the device breaking down again, it slips into a hollow square void within the scooter and the seat folded down as normal. Luther moves over to a small box on the back and opens it, pulling out his helmet, with was black with white accents, and a rose-gold one for Dream. "Sorry about the cover, usually only women ride with me." The tom mews sincerely, setting the helmet in front of dream. He slips his own on and climbs onto the scooter which lacks handlebars like a normal scooter. Instead it's much like Speed's race-ship seat but instead of being a seat it comprises most of the shape of the vehicle. When he lays on it, a pedal climbs up from the bottom of the machine, mounting to his paws.

"Let's go, we're going to the next house." He mews, looking at his PDA which is still in airplane mode.

Streak looks up at Milky. "I was wondering if I could have some of your food. Aunty Jezebel told me I need to ask."

"I'm sure you'll be able to keep him far enough away until we're off this planet." Filament mews, taking a seat on the couch.

While Thrush and Trin are grappling with or being grappled by guards, Hal throws his helmet off, and pulls out the gun he'd picked out for Keesipip, holding it in one of his paws like he'd been shown back on Frenziland. He keeps moving on three legs, firing a shot at one guard and taking cover behind the stairs the boss had been standing on only a few minutes before. A bullet tears through his suit's arm but glances off of his artificial leg finding itself somewhere in the ceiling. "I don't think we're going to be getting out of here the way we got in." He yells.


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PIM smiled at Filament and snickered.

“Oh naive little Filament-“ PIM patted his head, “I’m not keeping him away. If he does figure out it’s us I’ll just blackmail him, ruin his career and we’ll never be questioned again. Or we’ll just do to him what we did to you. Also there are some animals way above his pay grade that are incredibly grateful for what you guys did on the Barnabas. One of them is even headed here now to meet us. The god-ring isn’t about to jail us for killing a demon general. I honestly kind of feel bad for the investigator. He doesn’t even know it but all he’ll get out of catching us is an eye roll and bat over the ears for catching the animals responsible for killing someone who became wanted dead or alive the moment God-Ring declared war. That’s why I removed his abuse of power report, he’s gonna need as clean of a record as possible when he attempts to charge a bunch of god-ring patriots for doing their job.” PIM explained with a couple shrugs.

“For the first time the god-ring is actually on our side. Things are finally turning around.” PIM added on in a relived tone.

Milky looked down at Streak and cocked his head.

“Huh? Yuh, sure.” Milky purred, nodding his head. He padded past Streak and lead the young tom back downstairs with his tail.

“The pantry’s right there kitto, it blends into the wall. Just press on it and it’ll open. Grab whatever you’d like.” Milky said to Streak, leaning down and pointing to the pantry door that blended into the kitchen wall. Milky left Streak to go raid and pillage the pantry however his little mind saw fit and padded over to the couch. The sofa was crowded so he padded behind it and reared up to look over the back at the tv.

“Hey.” Milky said. When he did so Yuripi jumped in place, turning to look at Milky with wide pupils.

“How...is your voice that deep?” She said in disbelief.

“I just woke up I guess.” Milky responded with a muted chuckle.

“It’s like noon. And you sing higher than my niece.” Yuripi said, still in disbelief.

“Ha! My species is naturally crepuscular so I never could get a proper ‘normal’ sleep schedule down. I don’t think I formally introduced myself to you I’m Milky.” The green eyed tom said with a open maw smile. He extended a leg over the back of the couch to Yuripi. She shook his paw with one of her extra appendages.

“Yuripi. I can see why Trin likes you.” The six-legged alien said.

“How tell?”

“You’re chill. You wake up to a youngling asking for food, your living room filled with a bunch of animals, a carpet only recently sans blood stain, and the first thing you say is “hey” and laugh. Not being prone to freak-outs is sort of a necessity when dealing with all things Trin or Trin related.” Yuripi said, turning back to face the tv. Milky blushed at the compliment with a closed eyed smile. After a minute of staring at the tv to get a fix for what was going on in the multiverse today Milky scooted over and tapped Flame on the shoulder.

“So is Jezebel your sister or Speed?” Milky asked in an innocently curious tone, glancing over at the calico sheline.


“Alrighty...” Dream said, suppressing a nervous gulp as he put the helmet on. He hesitantly climbed onto the hover scooter, flinching when it shook slightly at the increased weight.

“O-okay. Ready as I’ll ever be.” Dreamdrop said, putting his forelegs at Luther’s sides. He had no way to actually grip anything so he was mostly just hoping for the best.


Trin dove towards False Lamb’s pistol once Hal started shooting. He fumbled the gun between his forepaws for a second before rolling onto his back and shooting the remaining guard through the visor. The black figure went limp and dropped, falling down the stairs.

“Agreed.” Trin said. He rolled onto his paws and kicked the gun back over to False Lamb.

“Nice job guys.” Trin praised while he took mental inventory of their situation.

“False can you move?” Trin asked, looking over at her.

“Nnngh! Barely.” The monster replied, grunting loudly as she lifted herself onto three legs. At least the winged demon had the courtesy of shooting her in the leg that was already sprained.

“Okay. You stay behind us.” Trin meowed, feeling around his belly for a zipper. He hooked it with a claw and pulled it up to his neck before shaking the dive suit off his back. The red eyed tom let out a sigh of relief with the weight gone.

“We won’t need these anymore. I know how we’re leaving. Let’s give that succubus b***h a demonstration of just why Undertaker put a bounty on us. Like say, surfacing her submarine straight through the concrete of a Starworld city. We’ll see how covert her operation is after that.” Trin meowed, trotting over to the dead demon he shot. He took their vest with the gun attached and put it on.

“The crew isn’t going to be heavily armed, just the special forces animals. And we just killed two of them so we rush to take the bridge.” Trin explained, already turning the valve on the hatch and beginning to pull it open. On the other side was a dark cramped corridor, but no one was there. Nor was there any emergency alarm or lights going off.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush's defensive stance relaxes when the final gunshots go off. The guard in her grip gurgles uselessly as his fighting grows sluggish. She grabs his head with both paws and with one swift movement, twists and at the same time throws her head to the side. A quick snap and a wet tearing then the room is finally quiet. The body falls to the floor in a crumpled heap. Thrush looks down and curls a lip in disgust, spitting the large hunk of severed flesh back in the dead guard's face. "Fool." She stalks off to her where her pistol lays and slips off the holsters that are strapped over her crush suit. With as much "grace" as when she put it on, Thrush removes her suit and kicks it away, stretching with a relieved sigh. Her now free tail curls and uncurls, waving lazily back and forth as she holsters her pistol and straps her weapons back in place. The fresh blood from her maw trickles down her chin, neck and to her chest.

She returns to False Lamb. "Wait, before we leave, can I help you take off your suit? The weight is only putting more strain on your joints."


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“Oh , please.” False’s Lamb said to Thrush in a relieved and grateful tone of voice. She lifted a foreleg up so that Thrush could reach her suit’s zipper easier.

Trin peered out of the room into the dark corridor of the sub proper. It was all quiet.

“Perfect. I think they’re more busy looking after their wounded captain. The bridge should be in the center of the sub.” Trin commented, reading the signs on the walls indicating where the various pipes and wires lead to. As he was reading, his ears perked up when a thought hit him.

“There’s two of us with black fur, and we just killed two of the spec ops animals. Demons love their helmets. I’d bet the crew doesn’t actually know what the spec ops guys look like. Hal, Thrush, you thinking what I’m thinking? I mean, or we can just shoot our way there.” Trin asked, turning to look at Hal with a smirk.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush tugs the zipper, starting to pull the suit off False and down her front legs. She takes extra care when she gets down to the injured leg, putting her light and steady thieves' paws to good use, carefully peeling the heavy fabric down. Thrush mutters an apology to the mobster when she reaches the wound. "There," she mews as the last leg of the ruined suit is pulled off, "now you have some mobility back." While she was working, she thought over Trin's offer. Both options for moving forward are appealing to her. If they go guns blazing, she can fight and show it to the b*tch that abducted them; but with the escort, she just has to play a part and go with the motions. Either way's good for her. Thrush looks over at Hal. "Up to you."

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Filament looks a bit confused at several points during PIM's explanation. "What do you mean by do to him what you guys did to me?" The tom mrrows humorously but a bit seriously. "Like bring him into the fold? I don't see some God-Ring tight-ass fitting in with us, especially not with the repertoire we have had with them. They're on our side now, but let's not forget all the times they have failed us, sent us to perma-prison, or other horseshit." The tom ends the sentence, sounding a bit impassioned.

"Adrianna died on Turish's pit. Let's not even get started on Panolpy."

Luther's scooter began to move forward, at the speed of about fifteen miles an hour. "I can see that being a mammal is somewhat advantageous in your situation, so I'll go slow just for you." The tom taunts the strange reporter, harkening back to Dream's little comment about 'mammals.' Eventually they end up.

After a few minutes they're outside what is unbenounced to them infact Milky's apartment. "Glad you managed to stick around." The tom laughs, ushering the other male off of his bike. Once the helmets are safely stored in the scooter, he traces a pattern into the seat and steps back, the device shoots into the sky. It hovers just above the tops of large multi-national corporate buildings. The ashy tom flicks a nicotine pouch into his lip and steps inside. He smiles at the desk-tender and flashes his badge while looking down at his phone.

He hops into the elevator. "Keep up."

"I'd rather not have another gunfight on our paws." Hal responds, checking how many magazines he has left. "Besides, I'd rather see these pricks go to prison and then hell, why skip prison part if we don't have to?"

Streak returns down the stairs and heads towards the pantry, tail high in excitement.

Flame turns his head to face Milky. "Neither, Speed's a good friend of mine and the mother of my child. Aceline is my mate." The tom mews, looking at the latter she-cat with a small smile.


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“Oh? Interesting. Streak called Jezebel auntie. I just can’t see the resemblance.” Milky replied to Flame, flashing a smile to Aceline.

“I didn’t know you had a sister.” Aceline purred in Intrigue, looking at Flame with a smirk.


“Lexi’s a God-ring tight-ass.” PIM mrrowed with a smirk.

“God-ring’s only been doing what they have to with what they can. The TWO founding species of their entire civilization are both under siege and their council was nearly wiped out. Why take the risk of trying to pander to several would be heroes? They’re not highly bureaucratic because they’re snobs or sticks in the slime– I mean mud. They’re like that because there’s so many worlds, countless animals who need them to keep the peace. Peace between millions of different societies. You can’t blame them.” PIM meowed.

“Also that investigator is here. I just got into the traffic cameras.” She added on as she turned away from the kitchen bar counter and started towards the door.


“Ha. Ha.” Dream said dryly, stumbling off the hover scooter. He stashed the helmet and attempted to keep up with Luther.

“Trying to!” Dreamdrop called after the tom as he scurried through the apartment lobby, giving a quick acknowledging gesture to the receptionist. He stepped into the air lift and rode it up after Luther.


“Ah. Whew. Thank you.” False Lamb sighed, weakly and cautiously stretching her leg out.

“Alright-“ Trin pulled the vest he was wearing off over his head, “you’ll need this.” Trin said, pushing the vest over to Hal.

“Make sure your white spot is covered.” The white tom added on.

“All we need to do is get to the bridge. I can do the rest.” Trin meowed, padding over and helping False up the few steps there were.

“You don’t know how to fly spaceships but you know how to operate submarines?” False Lamb asked sardonically. She suppressed a hiss of pain as she moved.

“Yeah.” Trin answered nonchalantly.


Meanwhile in the dead realm....

“Oh and by the way! I’ve brought a tool, should help you on your journey.” The mysterious she-cat leading the two large groups of animals said over her shoulder.

“What is it?” Lucy asked curiously.

“Melody has it.” The sheline replied. Eyes went towards the light hazel tom. Melody had a look of confusion, looking around just as out of the loop as the others. He followed the gazes of the onlookers to his own back to see that a violin was now there, strapped to his back. An instrument that wasn’t there a moment ago. A few murmurs of wonder and confusion rose from the crowd.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush joins the rest at the top of the stairs. "Ready when you guys are. And if you need to check a room for guards, just ask and I'll take a look." For just a second, sapphire eyes flare luminescent and she winks at the group.

Brown ears perk up. "Investigator?" Lethe asks, watching as PIM walks to the door.

"What? And you're just... Letting them in?" Thistle questions, eyeing the door warily. "Are you sure?"

Nyx shuffles uncomfortably in her seat. "I think I'm... going to make myself scarce..." The she wolf stands and heads for the stairs. The last thing she needs is to be taken to a demon detention center or put in prison again.

The husky looks at the instrument now strapped to the back of the tom apparently named Melody. Kilo's brows furrow in confusion. "Cool trick but how is that going to help us?"

"Can you poof some weapons into existence too?" Bracken asks.


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“That right there is by far the most powerful weapon I can think of. Besides Aslan himself walking with us.” The mysterious she-cat called over her shoulder.

“And that sword on your waist?” Jaystorm asked.

“A much weaker weapon in comparison.” The she-cat answered casually.


Meanwhile at Milky’s apartment...

“Yeah, I’m letting them in.” PIM answered perkily. Without anymore hesitation she pulled the door open and poked her orange head out into the hallway.

“Hello!” PIM greeted jovially. Triss rolled her eyes from her spot on the couch, shaking her head with a sigh.


“False you good?” Trin asked, glancing over at her. The mobster shood awkwardly on three legs, with her wounded leg limp and dragging.

“Good enough. Ready.” False Lamb said, looking at Thrush and nodding.

“Alright. Just need to get to the bridge.” Trin reiterated one last time before stepping out of the room. False Lamb followed suit to the best of her ability. Trin turned right at the fork in the hallway, leading them towards a pair of sub crew members walking towards them.

“Where are you taking them?” One of the crew asked curiously, eyeing False’s wound with intrigue.

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