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LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Flame shrugs his shoulders. "I don't have a sister." he laughs, at least not being able to remember having one." He takes a moment to think about why Streak might call her that, even moreso why he hasn't thought about streak recently. That tom is his son but he's not sure he's ready to be a dad again. What if he died because of some preventable cause again, what would Streak do without him? Maybe Streak didn't even need him in the first place.

"I guess it's okay that he likes Jezebel, but I don't really know her at all." The tom mews, scratching at his head with one of his paws.

Filament shrugs his shoulders at PIM's comment about Lexi. He doesn't really know her well enough to say and being that the only person who really tries to talk to her is Hal; well that doesn't give him much to go on. Hal isn't a great cat for conversation.

"Weren't you just saying that we're patriots or something? They offered us their support. We've done more against Undertaker than I've seen them do." The tom counters, seeming firm in his resolve but something about his eyes suggest that he could be convinced otherwise and that he's just being stubborn.

"Shit. Well here's hoping all goes well."

"You'd think with legs like that you'd be a bit quicker." Luther asks as they ascend up in the lift.

Hal wants to argue, seeing that Trin is no longer invincible but slips into the vest wordlessly instead.

"You're not exactly inconspicuous, being as white as you are." The tom mews in a nervous tone while pawing at his weapon. "We better hope we don't run into that captain again, she'll recognize us."

The bi-color tom shrugs and gives a nod to Thrush. Her magic has come in handy more than once and he has no doubt she can pull something off again if they need it.

Luther gives her a small smile, the scent of tobacco and cologne wafting cheaply off of him as though he were some cheap drunk or skeevy salesman.

"I hadn't even knocked. We're you expecting me?" The tom asks, cocking a brow a bit suspiciously. This might be the mark he was looking for but he couldn't jump to any conclusions yet. Heaven help him he hadn't even got inside yet.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Hal mewed teasingly, recognizing the crewmate in question as a lower ranking demon from his time in Frenziland.


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The two sub crew animals weren’t phased by Hal’s reply and continued about their business, walking past the small group with a couple extra curious glances at Trin and False Lamb. Trin kept his head and gaze low throughout the interaction, watching the two crew members leave before continuing to walk.

“Me and False being white is perfect. They probably assume we’re captured angels.” Trin whispered softly as they padded down the corridor.

The tom continued through the bowels of the submarine with a knowing stride, his eyes analyzing the walls of the corridors efficiently. Each collection of pipes and panels told him where they were within the vessel until they came to a room illuminated in purple light.

In the center was a digitized table and above said table was a holographic map of what one could assume was the surroundings of the sub. Surrounding the table on each wall were command stations being manned by black furred and skinned demons. All of the stations but two were nothing more than seats with a computer screen, but there were two seats with control yokes in front of them, indicating where the pilots would sit. At the moment only one animal was occupying the station, a black she-cat who was looking simultaneously bored and sleepy staring at the screen in front of her with a single paw on the yoke. She was the only cat in the room, the rest of the animals were different species. There was a short bipedal husky leaning against the command table surveying the room casually. He wasn’t y’all though and would be the same size as Trin if he walked on all fours. There was a hammer-headed quadruped, a couple wingless gryphons, a squirrel and a uniform floating in a chair in a seated position. Indicating there was an invisible animal of some kind there.

“Silent Dawn of Reclusion’s requesting another camouflage check.” A large black squirrel said to the husky.

“What’s it for this time?” The husky asked, suppressing a groan.

“They’re saying that more God-Ring ships are arriving and they want to be sure they won’t be detected.” The squirrel replied.

“Tell them we will assist. Just not immediately.” The husky said.

“Affirmative. Silent Night of Reclusion, Limpid Nimrod-Chasseur of Persecution will assist in delay. Stand by.” The squirrel spoke into their headset.

“Take out everyone but the pilot.” Trin whispered to Hal and Thrush after peeking into the room. He was spotted while doing so and the bipedal husky was slowly making his way over to the hatch to see what was going on.


Back at the apartment...

“Ohhhh. Now I understand.” Milky meowed in realization, glancing at Streak and then back to Flame.


“I was in fact, security cameras and receptionists help with knowing who’s coming.” PIM meowed, smiling at Luther.

“My legs are made for anything but speed.” Dreamdrop said, walking through the doorway after Luther. He dipped his head to PIM, throwing his hood over his head in the process. Once Dream was through the door PIM closed it and the telltale sound of an electronic lock clicked.

“Your search is over inspector. Does that she-cat look familiar to you?” PIM purred in a knowing tone, pointing to Triss. The red eyed sheline looked over at Luther like a deer in headlights mid-stride on her way to get a snack.

“Whadideyedo?” Triss asked, unsure why she was being called out and to who she was being called out.
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Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Nyx's steps are noticeably rushed as she climbs the stairs. She doesn't need to look back to know PIM has already opened the door. Her cheerful exclamation followed by a new voice reaches her ears, though muted by distance and the din of other, overlapping conversations. What they say, she can't make out but right now she doesn't care. The demoness slips into one of the guest rooms and makes herself comfortable. Hopefully this investigator won't stick around for long.

Thistle tenses, heart dropping to his stomach like a stone. He knows that voice. It's that tom from the party that hit on him. Needing something to occupy his mind, he rereads the note to make sure he didn't miss anything.

"Out taking care of some business with Trin, False and Hal. Be back soon.
Bought these for us, for breathing under the water.
I figured they would be put to good use with our history."

He glances at the masks resting nearby. A good decision, since he still isn't the most confident with his swimming. Down at the bottom of the page is the last little phrase, two words thickly inked like they were written over multiple times.

"Also, please eat. I worry."

He picks up one of the rebreathers and inspects it. It's a sleek-looking, dark colored mask, with one strap to secure it in place. He slides it over his head and adjusts it to sit comfortably over his muzzle. Thistle pulls the mask down so it dangles from his neck. He wonders when Speed will be back with food or if he should just raid Milky's kitchen.

Thrush quick checks through the walls for positioning, counting bodies and identifying the pilot. Her eyes widen when she spots the biped approaching. "Hal, there's one coming our way, get ready. And avoid the sheline." She focuses and watches as spells apparate near each of the demons except the feline. Upon her command, they detonate, the force throwing the demons out of their seats like they're nothing more than a kit's toys. They crash to the floor or into the nearest piece of furniture or equipment, thoroughly dazed. Thrush darts into the room, quickly descending upon the nearest crew member which just so happens to be the fallen husky.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Hal struggles for a moment, realizing that there aren't enough of their team who are able bodied to take down the crewmembers silently. "Get that door sealed and quick." Hal mews to Trin as he sights in the first of many crewmates with his gun. Before he can pull the trigger, he's tackled by one of the downed crew-mates. Hal can't make out what exactly is on top of him since it is invisible and he struggles a bit, pistol still gripped in his paws.

He's not sure where the demon's body is and doesn't want to risk shooting since he won't be able to guarantee a hit.

For a moment he struggles with the shape before a few hard blows to his face stop his squirming. One arm or paw pins him on his back while the other is currently punching him.

Luther bats Dream over the back of the head, not forcefully just enough to get his hood down. "Take that hood off, we're on an investigation, not committing a robbery." The tom scolds, before turning his attention back to the orange sheline.

She looks familiar alright but not who he is looking for.

"You were at the shooting last night, were you not?" The tom asks, pulling his phone out of his pocket and carefully checking his notes. "I'm going to need that red-dress of yours." The tom mews, closing the distance between them.

As he moves he catches sight of a tom who looks familiar, the odor of old blood in the room stopping him from being able to confirm that the lithe tom in front of him was the tom at the party last night. Escorts.

These were looking a lot like the workers he met last night although Dream did say that the organization was more of a front than anything else.

"Mind if I smoke in here?" The tom would ask, almost forgetting about the nicotine pouch that had dissolved in his mouth earlier.


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Dreamdrop flinches when Luther bats him and looks around in annoyance. Without hesitation he pulls his hood right back on.

“My hood is part of my religion.” Dream said in annoyance, sending a glare Luther’s way for a second.

“What red dress? PIM what’s going on?” Triss asked, locking into Luther and looking him over.

“You mean my ruby dress? And sure you can smoke.” Milky meowed from behind the sofa.

“Luther, Dreamdrop Tear-tear-“ PIM addressed the two animals from her spot in front of the door.

“how do you–“ Dreamdrop muttered, trailing off.

“-my name is PIM. I’m the one who messed with the camera feed that you downloaded. I’m also currently preventing an abuse of power report from being filed on you as we speak. I also looked through the Starworld census data to know your names...We orchestrated the assassination aboard the Barnabas to kill General Impale, a leader in the demon empire military. The tom in the red dress is not here, but you can see the tom in the gold dress right there.” PIM pointed to Filament with her paw.

“Are you beginning to understand? Now you can either drop the investigation and forget this ever happened or I can ruin your career and social standing. Which ” PIM asked, looking at Dream and then Luther.

“That’s a very caring sister you have there.” L’Anne said to Thistle softly, gesturing to the note and mask with her eyes.


The bi-pedal husky performed a sloppy kick at Thrush from the ground as she approached. He was unfocused and laying on his back.

Trin reared up and pulls the door closed at Hal’s request, turning the wheel until they were sealed in.

While Hal was busy dealing with whatever was assaulting him, Trin bounded over time the sheline in the pilot’s seat. Trin shoved an unsheathed paw against her throat and snarled into her face. The she-cat’s eyes went wide and her nostrils flared.

“Help me control the ship, or I’ll slash your throat and do it myself. Don’t let your loyalty get you killed.” Trin growled, staring the she-cat in the eyes. She nodded frantically and started straining to talk. Trin relaxed the pressure on her neck to hear what she had to say.

“I know you. Remember me?” The she-cat asked after taking in a loud gasp of air. Upon her question, Trin tilted his head.

“You hired me, on Hell. For that huge party in your apartment.” The she-cat explained. Trin took his paw off her neck and chuffed.

“Small multiverse huh?” Trin meowed in amusement, climbing into the co-pilot seat.

“Small multiverse.” The she-cat croaked out, rubbing her throat and gulping to relieve the pressure that had built up.

“Purge all ballast tanks.” Trin ordered, flicking two switches and looking at the she-cat expectantly. She hesitated, looking back at the other demons in the room who were either groaning on the ground or attacking Trin’s compatriots.

False Lamb made a weak jump and latched onto whoever was attacking Hal. She pulled them off the tom with a strained grunt. She managed to dredge the demon off of Hal and fell onto her side in the process. An invisible paw came down on her muzzle, busting her nose while she laid on the floor. With a pained hiss False gave whatever it was one of her signature right hooks across where their jaw should be. The floating uniform stumbled and then fell. False Lamb was left panting and bleeding on the floor, content to lay there. She was too exhausted to be bothered to check if she actually knocked the invisible creature out or just dazed them. It’d been hit by magic so it couldn’t have much more steam in it right?

“All ballasts tanks purged.”

“Tilt the sub up to it’s max angle of attack and surface, like you’re going to surface through a thick ice sheet.” Trin said, beginning to pull the yoke back with a single paw. The she-cat did as ordered and pulled back on her yoke as well with both paws. The room titled further and further until everything was at a 45 degree angle. Accompanying this was the potentially nauseating sensation of acceleration upwards but not being able to see anything or have any frame of reference for the acceleration.

“Whoo!” Trin yelled excited, pressing the engine throttle level forward until the console in front of him started flashing caution signs.
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Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
"Yeah, she is." Thistle responds to L'Anne, staring longingly at the elder runes scratched on the page. He looks up at the bovine creature, "Hey, is there-" His voice dies in his throat, freezing up when he hears the words "tom", "dress" and "right there". Thistle looks over at PIM and a great wave of relief washes over him when she gestures to Filament, and not him. He's not out of the woods yet, the investigator could still recognize him by his face or his voice.

Thrush dodges the kick with an exclamation of surprise and a bark of laughter. She perches on the biped's torso, claws unsheathed and pressed against his throat to keep his head pinned to the ground. "Ooh, too slow. Nice try though." Her amused smile is wiped away when she spots one of the gryphons back up and getting into a fighting stance. "Down." She commands and another spell is sent their way, throwing them off their feet and further away from the crater cat. With her unused paw, she pulls her knife free from its holster, quickly jamming it into the husky's chest.

The room moves as Trin and the demon pilot work the controls. She steps off the dying demon and lets her weight shift on her paws to stay balanced with the steadily steepening angle. When the sub reaches the maximum slope, the demon husky goes sliding to the back of the room.

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Luther didn't really know how to respond to that. "I'm pretty sure I'm not even legally allowed to ask what your faith is, so I'm just gonna leave it alone." The tom responds sardonically, matching Dream's glare until the other male turns away.

He strikes the cigarette against his coat and takes in a deep inhale, exhaling the smoke up towards the ceiling. His attention stolen mid drag by the strange she-line. "So you're the ha-"

"I'm aware that someone was successful in taking out a demo-" He's cut off again and a growl rumbles in his throat.

He sits there, scowling as she goes on, glancing at the tom in question.

"Do you know how many civilians were injured or killed during the firefight?" The tom seems to relax as he takes a few quick drags off of his cigarette. "You might think I'm just some Star-World cop, but I'm here because I'm looking for the red-guy on the security tapes. " The tom explains, his disposition changing entirely as he reveals what his true motivations were.

"That's not something I'm willing to give up on, if it means that any one of those dead will see justice." He meets her gaze and holds it. His gaze is determined and his eyes are fierce.

Hal recovers sloppily, drawing the pistol and putting two shots into the uniform's chest as it lays on the ground. His limbs ache from the pressure of being held down and his head feels heavy. Blood runs from his nose and mouth. "Bastard." The tom growls, wiping the blood off on his vest.

Filament returns the look at Luther curiously. "So you mean to say you're not concerned with what we did, just Red?" The tom queries, realizing that it wouldn't bother him in the slightest if that arrogant red bastard was taken down.

"Shouldn't we help him get Red?" The half-blind tom mews to PIM, his eye eager. "He's already tried to kill us, it wouldn't hurt would it?"

Flame is bewildered and just sits beside Aceline, watching everything play out.

Pest is nowhere to be seen.
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“Is there a what? My job is to serve.” L’Anne queried Thistle, cocking her head.

“Red would just kill him. And Trin already has a protocol to deal with a quote, rouge Red situation.” PIM said to Filament nonchalantly, ignoring Luther’s statement for the time being.

“Yeah I’ve got to agree. It’s not like Red hasn’t dealt with animals like you before. He’d crush you like a kitten. And I don’t have a death wish either.” Triss meowed to Luther, gesturing to him with a paw.

“Also, I just don’t care. I’m aware of how many were killed and injured and I still don’t care. Animals die every day, I’ve got bigger things to worry about than the wants of some dumb lowly investigator. So I suggest you go home before I ruin every single facet of your life and make you regret ever walking through that door.” PIM meowed, shrugging before getting into Luther’s face. The A.I. was uncharacteristically aggressive towards the tom to the point where she was half snarling at him with her muzzle just an eyelash’s length from his.

While PIM was confronting Luther, Speed pushed open the front door with two grocery bags on her side and one hanging from her mouth.

“There’s some animals in military gear talking to the receptionists downstairs.” Speed informed politely, trotting over to the kitchen.


“Surface impact in 3 seconds.” The demon she-cat informed in a shaky voice.

“Wait-rea—“ Trin was cut off when the submarine hit something, hard. The entire vessel buckled and the sound of metal grinding on Metal reverberated throughout the entire ship. Anything that wasn’t nailed down was tossed. Papers were thrown from the consoles, headsets were flung and flopped on their wires. The lights flickered and a collision alarm went off.

Trin shook his head and fell out of the seat.

“Uhh...you guys alright?” Trin asked, balancing on the command table in the center of the room and looking over at everyone. The sub was still tilted but to a lesser degree than before. In response False Lamb let out an annoyed growl.

“Thrush you okay?” Trin asked surveying the room for the dark furred shecat.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thistle's ears swivel in L'Anne's direction indicating that he's listening but his attention is focused on the oddly aggressive AI. "Umm... I was gonna ask if there was anything for breakfast." He looks over at the door when Speed walks in, quickly connecting the dots upon seeing the grocery bags. "And I kinda don't trust her with preparing food..." Thistle lowers his voice so Speed doesn't hear him.

"I'm fine." Thrush rises with a wince from her position at the back of the tilted room. The crash managed to make her lose her footing and send her sliding. At least she had the body of a demon to save her from hitting the wall. She clenches her eyes shut and presses a paw firmly to her head. "Maybe... Ugh... Headache's kickin' in." The sheline meanders over to the biped husky, pulling her knife from his chest and sheathing it. She then starts tearing up his uniform, trying to make evenly sized strips from areas that are free of blood. "What now? I trust you, my heart, but company's gonna be here soon."

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
"You don't know anything about me." The tom retorts to Triss, feeling his temper begin to flare but he takes a soothing drag on his cigarette and inhales deep.

"That's about the kind of attitude I'd expect from someone like you." the tom mews, exhaling the smoke into her face. "Aggression is almost always an indicator of low intelligence.

He turns away from her and takes another drag off his cigarette. "This case isn't over and it won't be until 'Red' is in custody."

the tom mews in finality, exhaling and letting out a sigh. "If I didn't know any better I'd suspect you of being complacent in all of this, but I think you're just an empty, careless, she-cat who sits behind the scenes and enjoys the chaos."

He makes his way towards the door, beckoning dream.
"It's an empty way to live, I don't envy you."

He freezes when a gray she-cat pushes open the door. "I suppose those animals, probably are here on your behalf?" The tom ponders genuinely, looking surprised.

Hal was thrown off his paws and he grasped onto the invisible animal's uniform, hanging on for dear life. When the calamity is over, he seems unscathed although a little bruised.

"What the hell was that, downtown?"


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“Everyone ate all the pancakes. I’ll make you something real quick. And I’ll be sure to keep an eye on madame Speed.” L’Anne meowed, dipping her head to Thistle with a smirk and going to the pantry.

Triss burst out into laughter, putting a paw over her muzzle to stifle the noise. She pinched her eyes closed while she continued to laugh.

Speed quickly put the groceries in the kitchen, groceries L’Anne started un-bagging while simultaneously cooking some sort of steak for Thistle. The gray she-cat scurried back over to Luther and extended a paw to him.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Speed. And I assume they are but have no clue.” Speed answered Luther’s question with a cordial smile.

Dreamdrop ignored Luther’s beckoning and continued to look at PIM.

“Wa-wait. You hacked into all those systems and set up that front company? How? I don’t see any million credit rig here.” Dream asked, looking around the apartment.

“Right. My apologies-“ PIM’s appearance shifted from that of an bright orange furred cat to a semi-translucent sheline with a blue tint, “-I am a super powerful and ancient A.I. I’m the million credit rig.” PIM meowed, spinning in a quick circle.

“Whoa.....wh-who built you?” Dream asked.

“The tom who just crashed a submarine through the Starworld downtown outlet malls!?” PIM answered in shock as the tv news report switched to a new breaking story.


“We probably are near downtown if my bearings are correct. ” Trin answered Hal while looking at Thrush.

“And speaking of migraines, let me open a portal back to Milky’s place before mine gets bad enough to disrupt my focus.” Trin meowed. The tom closed his eyes and focused his breathing. After approximately 30 seconds a black portal opened up inside the room at an odd angle. But it was stable.

“False Lamb, are you still alive?” Trin asked, looking to the white sheline smushed against one of the command consoles.

“I taste toast. And I want to sleep.” False Lamb moaned out as Trin carefully hopped from the table he was balancing on to the command console.

“I strongly suggest you don’t go to sleep.” Trin said, starting to maneuver the mob cat onto his back.

“I knooooow...But maybe I’ll just, rest my eyes, ya’know?” False Lamb droned softly. Trin bounced her on his back harshly and she-cat let out a yelp. Trin mouthed out “let’s go” to Thrush and Hal and pointed to the portal with his eyes and muzzle.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. What’s your favorite food again?” Trin asked, as he prepared to jump into the portal.

“Tapioca balls. Especially the blue ones.” False said lazily. With that Trin leaped off the command console and vanished into the portal with the white she-cat.

Back at the apartment...

A black portal opened up in the center of Milky’s apartment. As usual Lexi sensed the portal before it even opened. Not long after it appeared Trin and False Lamb fell out of it and onto the floor. Trin landed on his paws but fell onto his side, knocking False Lamb off his back.

“Welcome back.” PIM said to Trin.

“Yeah Yeah, False got shot, and she’s got hy-no. Apocto-no. She’s got the “tosis” you get when you rapidly switch from a helium-oxygen environment to a pure oxygen environment. Whatever you call it! And it’s not hypoxia! She needs the stasis pod. Oooooh my head hurts. ” Trin half ranted half explained the situation before putting both of his forepaws on his temple with a groan. Trin glanced at Dreamdrop and Luther but his headache didn’t give him any opportunity to really evaluate the situation.

“No I’m good. I’m just going to take a nap here.” False Lamb meowed in her serene voice with a casual wave of her paw. Her thigh was still bleeding and her entire leg was red at this point.

As if all the current chaos wasn’t enough, the apartment door buzzer went off.

Firestorm of TempestPack

We all Vibe and we all Die
Thrush stumbles out of the portal next, plopping down on her rear and bringing a paw to her head. To ease sensitivity brought on by the migraine, her eyes remain closed and her ears lay flat against her head. There is a yelp she instantly recognizes and rapid footsteps come her way. She hears her brother muttering under his breath as he prods her sides and pulls her eyelids down. "Stop." Thrush whines, turning her head away.

Thistle completely tunes out all other voices, focusing on checking his sister for injuries. Strangely, he finds no open wounds anywhere. "Where did all this blood come from?"

"Not mine." Keeping her eyes clenched shut, Thrush raises her head and opens her mouth, exposing her still pink teeth, and still wet blood down her chin and neck. "See? Fine." Thrush mumbles with a lopsided smile.

"We both know you're not 'fine'." The tom huffs before giving her a slap on the shoulder to which Thrush weakly protests. "A note!? You couldn't even tell me to my face that you were leaving?"

Thrush winces. "Keep your voice down." She whispers, cracking an eye open for a second as she reaches out and clumsily smushes his face with a paw.

Lethe is up and working to get False onto his back. "Can someone get the door for me? The pod's in the office." The earth tom stands with a groan once the mobster is balanced across him. "Hurry, please."

LDR Ford

Black Lungs
Luther shakes her paw a bit quizically, having felt the extreme different attitudes of Speed and the very abrasive carrot-colored sheline. "Luther Plines, God Ring Investigations." The tom offers, taking a moment to ingest what she had said. "You didn't talk to them?" He asks but is quickly interrupted by Dream.

"You sound more insane than an A.I." The tom snarks, still feeling sore over how she'd talked to him. "I've never met an android that could do something that powerful.

Filament levels a harsh glare on Luther when he insinuates that PIM is anything but incredible. "There's no need to be rude, Luther." The tom mews, keeping his growl contained.

Both of their heads turn to face the TV when PIM says something about a submarine though. "Holy shit." Filament breaths out while Luther mouths something along those lines.

Hal stumbles to his feat and makes it through the portal at about the same time, suddenly feeling incredibly dizzy as his body compensates for the change of environment and his eyes take in the new scenery.

Lethe catches his attention and he stumbles over to the door to open it for the tom and wounded sheline.

Just about as it's open, he hears the buzzer. He looks like shit, there's blood on his muzzle from his mouth and nose and he's all dressed up in semi-tactical gear. That being said, he slides his pistol back into its holster.

Pest appears from a bathroom, fur damp, confusion spread across his face. "Who's at the door?" The tom questions like someone who just got out of bed. "Lula?" The tom asks, wanting to have some idea where she is in case something goes wrong.

Holly turns her head towards the door, looking suddenly flighty and skittish. "Thistle?" The sheline questions, managing to steady the quivering in her throat if only for a moment.

Filament tenses up when the buzzer goes off, all too familiar with what happens when they have unexpected visitors. "Do you know who they might be?" He asks Trin and PIM simultaneously, cocking his head at them in time with Luther.


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While on Lethe’s back False Lamb would let her eyes drift closed before they shot back open and began their slow descent back down.

“They’re probably-“ PIM paused when a final feline figure fell out of the portal after Hal. The figure was clothed in digital camo and flailed in panic when they passed through. The black cat splatted onto the floor with little grace. The portal closed behind her. She was face down with her legs stretched out like a starfish. She raised her head cautiously and looked around apprehensively.

“-God-Ring. I received a message that they wanted to meet with us.” PIM finished her explanation while looking at the demon sheline.

“Who’s she?” PIM asked Trin in a mild interrogatory fashion.

She, was not supposed to jump in after us. Mi-Milky do you have anything for headaches?” Trin answered, still rubbing his temples. He peeked one eye open to look at Milky only to see the tom shaking his head.

“You didn’t care to inform me of that?” Trin asked, starting to get to his paws and then deciding not to. His head hurt too much.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to crash a submarine through a city somehow! That’s something I never thought you’d be able to do.” PIM replied without missing a beat.

“Touché.” Trin mumbled back. Right then the apartment buzzer went off again.

“I’ll get it.” Speed meowed, stepping over to the door and opening it a smidge.


“Hello. Are you going to let us in?” A male voice replied.

“Uh, sure. Sure.” Speed meowed, pulling through door open all the way. On the other side were two dog sized animals in grey tactical gear with a navy tom-cat standing between them. You couldn’t tell what species the guards were but the tom-cat had a few differences. His paws were larger, his hips were wider, his snout was longer, his ears bent backwards further, and his maw had fangs but the rest of his teeth were flat. He had mesmerizing yellow eyes that were a unique shade similar to mustard or caution yellow. Lastly he had defined black eyebrows. His posture was proper and his clothing was meticulously cared for. He wore a navy officer uniform made from neoprene with structured shoulders. On their chest were a couple of ribbons, a medal, and their name tag in their native language.

“Hello, sir.” Speed greeted as the three animals walked in. The navy tom dipped his head to her and then scanned over the room. He stopped on the only cat that was translucent.

“You must be PIM. I’m the Chief Visions Officer of War for the Starworld branch of the God-Ring combat command. You can call me Nastiel. I also held the position of Secretary of History for a year prior to my current role.“ The navy tom introduced himself, dipping his head to PIM. She reciprocated the gesture and he began to look around the apartment.

“Interesting.....Let’s straight to business. The god-ring would like to make you an official legionnaire unit. Grant you immunity for all crimes past and present, give you access to god-ring assets, information, and support, and allow you to continue with little oversight as long as your efforts continue to be in order to stall, harass, confuse, terrorize, or eliminate Demon Empire associates and leaders. Quite frankly my bosses’ bosses are simultaneously embarrassed and overjoyed with your efforts. Single-pawedly you have been at the forefront of every single recent effort of the God-ring’s largest enemy to date and have attempted to prevent or at least warn of each major strike or event. With the assassination of a demon General we ourselves were not even aware was in our space, it can no longer be denied that you all are a valuable team to have.” Nastiel meowed, coming to a stop in the middle of the room.

“I...I thought God-Ring was massive? Right? So, um, how can the demons be the largest enemy?” Keesipip asked innocently. Her voice gave away that she wasn’t sure if she was correct or not and was anxious that she just embarrassed herself.

“Exactly. You are absolutely right Keesipip. Tell me! Any of you! Why would a relatively small power attack the largest economic, social, and military force the multiverse has ever seen?” Nastiel opened the floor to everybody, looking around the room and making eye contact with any and all that were paying attention.

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Lethe thanks Hal as he walks into the office. The last animal to use the pod thankfully didn't close the top so it's just a matter of shifting the mobster without jostling her too much. When he successfully moves the white feline to the bed he sits down next to the pod. "Hey False, you awake? Can you talk to me?" he asks softly.

Thistle looks over when his name is called. He gives Holly a reassuring smile and waves her over with a paw. "We're going to be fine." The tom watches the military personnel file in and listens as their commander speaks. The crater cat shies away when Nastiel makes direct eye contact. How could he even answer the question? The only thing he knows about multiverse politics is that Undertaker the Demons under his paw are wanting to take over everything and should be stopped.

Thrush heaves herself to her paws and for a moment is incapacitated by a particularly painful throb of her head. When the pain ebbs somewhat, she cracks an eye open just long enough to locate Trin and shuffles over to where he lays. The sheline slowly lowers herself to the floor and rests her head on the white tom. "Why's everyone so-" she whispers with a wince, "loud?"

Upstairs from her spot out of view, Nyx listens.

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Hal turns a cold eye to the demon who followed them through the portal. Giving her a look that says 'we'll deal with you later.' That being said, he relaxes his posture when the soldiers enter. Luther does the exact opposite, straightening his posture and giving the officer a strong salute. Once PIM relaxes, the ashen tom follows suit, taking a short drag off of his cigarette and listening.

Pestilence looks over at the officer, fur still damp. His eyes communicate his apathy. He didn't think they really needed some big-wig's approval to keep doing what they were engaged in. It's not like God-Ring had offered any meaningful support and had harmed them more often than helped. This guy was just another suit to the orange tom and although he didn't look outright disgusted, his eyes showed little interest in the exchange.

Luther looks completely taken a-back. Legionaire units weren't as important as what he did as for as he was concerned, with his anti-terrorism background but it was true that his own duties were much more domestic than wherever these misfits had been operating.

"Chief, with respect, I'd like to be attached to this unit. I need the experience and I think that they could use someone who is currently serving in God-Ring to help guide them."

Hal looks at the demon on the ground. "Think it'd probably be for the best if you took this" The tom gestures to the she-cat. "To prison, or some place where she can't hurt any innocent people." He wasn't unfamiliar to the concept of the unavailability of a trial. It wouldn't take budging for him to do the deed himself.

Flame cocks his head to Nastiel.

"Do these assets include weapons?"


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“Mhmm. I can.” False Lamb murmured with her eyes closed.

Nastiel looked around at the various animals addressing him. The only one who held his attention was Hal, or more specifically the demon sheline he was pointing out. Nastiel scanned the demon over and ignored everyone else including Luther.

“I don’t want him with us.” PIM said, pointing to Luther with a paw. Nastiel ignored this as well.

“No answer? It’s simple. They’re doing it because they think they can win. Look I’m trying to get across the severity of the situation here.” Nastiel said, looking around the room while the room looked back at him. Except for the demon sheline who kept her gaze averted while one of the armed animals stared at her.

“We understand the severity-“ Triss started.

“No you understand that the situation is severe. But tell me, with what you know right now, do you believe that the demons can win a war with God-Ring?” The yellow eyed tom asked, locking his gaze with Triss.

“No. Undertaker’s just rallied them to take extreme action.” Triss meowed with a shrug.

“Here’s why we want to give you access to God-ring assets. And yes, including weapons.” Nastiel meowed, looking at Flame and giving him a nod of confirmation.

“You all have already personally discovered two demon empire operations-“

“Three. I just revealed there was a demon sub hiding underneath the city.” Trin butted in.

“Three then. Each of which have shown us the capacity the demons have for clandestine operations. There is no doubt that they have far more hidden facilities. Far more secret agendas. They already crippled the angels with a new, powerful emp device. One can only imagine what else they have in store, hidden in the crevices and corners of the multiverse. As well as under our own noses apparently...That’s all to say that we fear this war will not be over quickly or easily. We have always entrusted the angels to keep the demons in check and we always believed that their conflict was one of purely idealogical differences. We have no clue how long the demons have been able to slip into other universes without the angels knowing, and as a whole God-Ring never thought to monitor for demon empire activity they’ve had who knows how long to plan.” Nastiel explained in a stoic and serious voice.

“You’re not telling us something. You’re anxious about something.“ PIM meowed, leveling a stare on the navy tom.

“...Some of the nations leaders, are trying to fix things the diplomatic way. They’ve gotten it in their heads that the demon’s actions are merely a cry out for them to be officially recognized and pulled into the God-ring fold. So they’ve offered the demon empire the option to join the World’s Symphony here on Starworld tomorrow. As a show of good faith since all God-Ring civilizations get invited and get to represent their cultures. And the demon empire accepted. And furthermore the God-Ring is treating the demon’s aggression as a result of cultural squabbling. So the angels and demon have been made to sit next to one another in the stadium as a start to mend the squabbling between them. The demons get to play the last song in the ceremony. I want you guys as a security team. You’ve got the most experience with this guy. You can’t kill him but you’ll get to be as close as you want.” Nastiel finished. He adopted a pondering expression before remembering who else addressed him. The navy tom turned to Luther and looked him up and down.

“And who are you?” Nastiel asked, cocking a brow at Luther.

“A waste of space.” PIM said under her breath with a roll of her eyes.

“Define, little oversight.” Trin said, shaking his eye and opening his eyes.

“You report to only one animal. Me. I’m the only one who can officially tell you what you can and can’t do. No bureaucracy.” Nastiel explained.

“And so if I say I don’t want him-“ Trin pointed to Luther, “-on my team because PIM seems to hate him. You can demand he be put on anyway?” Trin asked, his headache beginning to come down and allow him to think.

“Yes. Do you not like him?” Nastiel asked, cocking his head.

“No.” Trin said, shaking his head.

“Great, then he’s on your team.” Nastiel responded without hesitation.

“Uh, why?” Trin asked, baffled at the decision.

“Because while my superiors like you all. I don’t. You’re dangerous and nearly impossible to control. Anything I can’t control is a liability. He’s on your team for as long as you’re on Starworld. After that you can decide if he stays or not. Any other questions?” Nastiel asked, looking around the room.

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Tension leaves Lethe's shoulders when False speaks. "Good. Um, quick question then I'll let you rest. Do I need to push anything to start this or just close the top?"

Just when she feels like she's gotten used to the level of pain she's at, someone's voice causes the throbbing inside her skull to become a little more intense. "You said immunity for all crimes?" Thrush inquires, raising her voice just enough to be heard. She doesn't bother to lift her head or even look in Nastiel's general direction. "Past and present?"

Thistle chimes in next. "And we can keep doing whatever we need as long as we thwart any demon progress?"

As the conversation between the God-Ring officer and her friends goes on, Nyx makes her way down the stairs, pausing about halfway. Seeing the uniformed officials makes her rethink her decision. Taking a breath, she finishes her descent and quietly finds a place to sit while things wrap up. No amount of honeyed words and promises of immunity will get rid of the sick feeling she has while these animals are present.

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Hal shakes his head. "That sounds like a horrible idea, they don't want peace." the tom mews, mostly to himself. "I'd be glad to be part of that team." The tom concludes, looking at the others for some sort of confirmation.

Luther shrugs his shoulders as Trin and PIM take shots at him. Being insulted by an AI definitely didn't bother him as much as another living animal. He takes one final drag of his cigarette and drops it onto a plate. "I'll help as much as I can- or allowed to, anyway."

Pestilence gives a kind of sidelong glare at Luther but otherwise still seems completely apathetic about the whole thing.

"Nice." Flame replies.


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“Just...close...it.” False Lamb replied, her eyes wrinkling quizzically. She had to focus and think to figure out exactly what Lethe was asking.

“Yes. All crimes. Whether we know about them right now or not.” Nastiel answered Thrush, glancing over at her and cocking his head.

“What’s up with them?” Nastiel asked, looking to PIM for explaination.

“Temporary Heliox Poisoning. They’ll be back to normal shortly.” PIM answered nonchalantly.

“You’d better help.” Trin said to Luther sternly.

“If that’s everything, I’ll be going. There’s a lot planning that needs to be done for tomorrow. I’ll be back early in the morning for a full brief.” Nastiel said, standing and starting towards the door. Once he got to the door he stopped and turned.

“Almost forgot. Could you two grab her?” The navy tom said to his guards, nodding at the demon she-cat.

“No, she stays.” Trin said, rubbing his head with a paw. Both Nastiel and she-cat in question looked at him, perplexed.

“I cannot allow-“

“Consider it a condition for us accepting your offer. Don’t pretend like your offer is solely a benefit for us. Your higher ups want us and will be severely disappointed if you fail to get us. Especially if PIM tells them I refused over something as simple as a demon army draftee. We don’t need you. But you want us. She stays here for the time being.” Trin meowed calmly, though his tone and squinted eyes showed his headache wasn’t gone completely. Nastiel stood in silence with a reserved glare at Trin. After ten seconds he rolled his eyes.

“Why?” Nastiel asked.

“Because I have a soft spot for prostitutes.” Trin meowed half sarcastically.

“......Be ready tomorrow morning. Sharp. Even if everything goes perfectly it’s going to be a long day. And it’s always fun mingling with the various species of the multiverse. If you have any other questions message me.” Nastiel meowed after a long silence. One of his guards opened the door for him and the trio left. Leaving the group to their devices.

Keesipip tip-toed over to Hal and tapped his shoulder lightly.

“Did you, uh, did you guys manage to get me a pistol?“ Keesipip asked sheepishly but gave Hal and large toothy smile.

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"Soo... N-ow - what?" Thrush begins with a wince upon hearing the door click shut behind Nastiel and his guards, "I say we kill our surprise guest and our new 'teammate'." She mews, voice soft and devoid of humor.

"No..." Chides Thistle, "Well, maybe... Whatever, you need a bath."

"You need a bath..." Comes Thrush's lame retort.

Nyx glances around the room, gauging reactions to Trin's odd comment. Thrush seems to be unaware so she doesn't mention it. For now, at least. "Don't be hasty. We need information first."

"Okay rest well." Lethe replies quickly, hopping up on his hind legs to grab the top and pull it closed. He pushes the office door shut but not all the way, leaving a big enough space for someone to squeeze through and check on False if they wanted.

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Hal stifles a grumble of discontent. He doesn't want a goddamn demon trusting them, especially not one that Trin had some one-night stand with. Demons could only mean trouble and if he hadn't learned that from Deceit than Hal's trust in Trin dwindled significantly in the moment.

His attention is quickly stolen by Keesipip and he slips the handgun from its holster on his torso. "Here, I used most of the bullets but I'm sure we can get more later. Sorry.


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“Th...aaanks.” False replied from inside the pod as Lethe was leaving.

“If you’ve got something to say Hal, say it. I have a headache, I’m not deaf.” Trin meowed calmly with a single half chuckle. He looked over at the demon sheline and she looked back.

“Thank you.” She meowed softly.

“Don’t thank me. You’re free for as long as you can prove yourself useful.” Trin said.

“Oh! Well I can do that, who’s first?” The she-demon chirped perkily.

“Not that-“ Trin’s stoic demeanor broke and the tom blew air out of his nose in humor, ”-not that. We need information. From this moment onward you are a defector of the demon empire. Give us all the information you have and I’ll grant you freedom to do whatever you want. If I so much as catch a whiff that you are a spy or withholding info I will kill you...so don’t get comfortable.” Trin meowed. He gave her one last serious stare before looking around the room and finding his daughter. As Trin made his way over to Purple, Crimson passed by him on her way over to Thrush.

“Hey kitten.” Trin said softly, sitting down next to her.

“Hey dad.” Purple responded in a low groggy tone.

“What happened?” Trin asked, putting his tail around her.

“I threw up. A lot.”

“You ate too many sugary things huh? At the funeral?” Trin asked, cocking his head a few degrees.


“Nothing to apologize for. It’s your stomach. Are you going to do it again now that you’ve thrown up?” Trin asked, resting his head beside hers.

“Uh-uh.” Purple mumbled, leaning back against her dad.

“Then lesson learned right?” Trin asked lightheartedly.

“Yeah. Lesson learned.“ Purple meowed.

“Speed’s going to make dinner soon and you can get a nice helping of meat to soothe your stomach. And tomorrooooow...”

“Yeeeeah?” Purple dragged out the word with optimistic curiosity.

“Tomorrow we’re going to the World’s Symphony. Had mom or auntie ever taken you?” Trin meowed in a low but excited voice.

“Nu-uh.” Purple replied, shaking her head against his with growing excitement.

“No? Well that’s my bad for not being there to take you sooner. You’re going to love it. You’ll get to see more races than you can even imagine!” Trin meowed whimsically, throwing out a paw in an arc.

“uh-huuuh.” Trin meowed.

“hmm....unicorns?” Purple queired.


“Slime animals?”

“For sure.”

“...humans?” Purple asked, giving Trin a challenging brow raise.

“You betcha. And we’ll get to hear all kinds of music, and eat all kinds of food, and play all kinds of pranks on everybody.” Trin purred, garnering an open mouth smile from Purple. The smile vanished and the wonder filled gleam in her eye changed to mischief. The purple she-cat leaned over to Trin’s ear and whispered.

“Even Nyx?”

“Hehehe. Even Nyx.” Trin whispered back.

“Hehehehe—There’ll be soda right?” Purple giggled for a bit before stopping and looking at Trin seriously.

“Yes! Strawberry soda, mint soda, pickle soda, hiffpop soda, and juice and milk and milk-juice and tea and everything else you could drink!” Trin exclaimed nuzzling Purple’s neck hard enough to push her over.

“And I’ll be sure you don’t drink or eat anything you’re not supposed to.” Purple said once her giggle subsided.

“That’s my girl. No force in this multiverse or the next could get me to drink anything bad while you’re on the case. Give me paw.” Trin meowed, holding his paw over Purple. She slapped it with own without hesitation.

“Now claw.” Trin said, unsheathing his claws. Purple did the same and interlocked hers with his. Trin twisted his paw and the two of them pulled their paws back while mimicking the sound of an explosion. Trin let out a humored chuff and helped Purple back onto her paws.

“You all aren’t actually going to kill us right?” Dreamdrop asked, trying to play his legitimate worry off with a light laugh.

“Oh no. Not here. We’re in Starworld. Where would we hide the bodies?” Speed joked as she walked over to the thin-legged owl alien.

“Which hemisphere of Duvwalfin were you born on?” Speed asked Dream, coming to a stop in front of him.

“Eastern hemisphere.” Dream replied with a little confusion only for his eyes to light up as Speed balanced on her front left leg and rear right leg with her other legs sticking out.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Dream said, mirroring Speed and dipping his head. The acrobat dipped her head and returned all her paws to the ground.

“It’s not often mammals know my culture.” Dream said as Speed started towards the kitchen.

“Mhmm.” Was all the gray she-cat said in response. Speed padded into the kitchen just as L’Anne was placing a dish on the bar counter for Thistle. It was a small tower comprised of thin slices of meat that were supported by more meat slices wrapped around the tower to form a rose pattern when viewed from above. To complete the illusion L’Anne poured some deep red sauce over the tower then surrounded the dish was a cinnamon sauce in a decorated design.

Crimson came to a stop in front of Thrush. Unlike Trin, Crimson stood at Thrush’s height and could look at her eye to eye.

“Your headache gone?” The red she-cat asked, her tone void of more than a minuscule bit of sympathy.

Keesipip’s eyes glowed when she saw the pistol.

“That’s okay. Thank you.” She meowed, taking the gun in her mouth. Carefully she put the pistol into her paw, stifling a delighted noise as she gripped it. Only a few moments later her paw cramped and the gun clattered on the ground.

Speed set to work cooking.

“Milky, do you have any more burners by chance?” Speed called from the kitchen.

“No. Why?”

“No reason. Six should be fine.” The Gray sheline responded as she flicked some liquid into a pan and flames shot up from it.

“Achoo!” Lula sneezed.

“Bless you.“ Jezebel meowed.

“Before I forget. Nyx! I think I know a way to get the twins home. Remind me later.” Trin said to the she-wolf, getting up and leaving Purple. He started towards Thrush, noticed Crimson and turned his attention elsewhere.

“Hey PIM, Filament. I need to talk with you two.“ Trin meowed, pointing to the two named animals and waving them over.
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Thistle returns to his seat just as L'Anne brings his meal. "Thank you," He chirps, "Wow I don't think I've had anything this fancy looking before." The tom chances a glance at Speed while she starts working on food preparation of her own. He hopes she won't be offended that he chose someone else's cooking over hers.

Thrush whines quietly when Trin, who she was using as a pillow, gets up and leaves. "Whatever..." Grumbling, she pushes herself up off the floor. Thistle said she needed a bath, so she might as well check and see how bad it really is. She pauses when Crimson addresses her, one paw hanging in the air halfway to her chin and an eye cracked to look at the red cat. "No." A beat of silence. "Thanks for the concern, I guess?" Thrush wipes her chin, staring down at her paw impassively when she sees it come away just about as red as Cimson's fur.

"Wonderful." Nyx answers cheerily. "And I will, don't worry."

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Hal strengthens his resolve and turns to Trin. "Honestly, I don't want any more demons tagging along with us. They've only caused trouble, barring Nyx." The tom asserts, finding his words a bit easier now. "Farichea, Deceit, any of the hundreds that have attacked us, killed entire meetings full of Angelic representatives. I don't want to bunk near someone who lacks even basic morality." The tom mews, throwing daggers at the demon in question.

Luther nods his head. "Yeah, you'll see I have some talents." The tom mews, heading over to the display of meat that Trin's Haven agent had set up. "This looks great." He mews, stomach grumbling.

Filament looks at Trin for a second, trying to read what he needed but when he came up blank, the tom padded over. He'd been to the World's Symphony as a child, with his parents. It had been the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.

"What's up?" The tom asks neutrally, leveling his half-blind gaze with Trin's eyes.

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