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(F4AplayingM) Let’s Write Something Awesome!

Hi! I’m Liz, I’m 18, and I’m looking for a few new rp partners! Before we get into plots, here are the requirements...

• 18+ muns only. I’m only comfortable writing with adults

• 3rd Person Literate Style Only. I’d consider myself literate to advanced literate and I’m looking for similar partners.

• I use Discord, Twitter, Here (RPNation) or Instagram, but I greatly prefer Discord.

• If you want a fandom rp, I’m willing to double up as almost any canon, but I can’t promise I’ll do them perfect justice!


Who I want to opposite listed from most to least wanted, fandoms in no particular order.

Lip, Kev, Tony

The Walking Dead
Glenn, Shane, Rick, Benjamin, Negan

Squid Game
Gihun, Sangwoo, Ali, Junho

Stranger Things
Steve, Jonathan, Billy

Fallout 4
Travis Miles, Hancock, Nick Valentine

Chandler, Joey, Ross

The Hunger Games
Finnick, Peeta, Haymitch, Gale

Harry Potter
Fred or George, Neville, Harry, Ron,

The Maze Runner
Minho, Thomas, Newt

FP, SweetPea, Jughead, Archie, Jason

!Original Plots!

I have screenshots of tons of plots that I’d love to try, so if you want something in our own original universe, just let me know!

Faceclaims I like to play against (in no order): , Miles Teller, Steven Yeun, Devon Bostick, Demetrius Harmon, Noel Miller, Jung Hoseok, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael B Jordan

Faceclaims I like to use (in no particular order): Mathilda Mai, Gabby Hua, Autumn Jacobsen, Megan Milan, Rebecca Biangue, Kaia Gerber, Josie Canseco, Haley Pham, Alessia Cara, Natalie Alyn Lind, Sophie Dola, Milena Karl

Plots Elements/Tropes I Enjoy: Drama, Angst, Boss/Employee, (Completely Legal) Age Gap, Forbidden Romance

Note: Lately I’ve also been doing some BTS / KPop RPs, memberxOC! The member is just used as a faceckaim and a general basis for personality.

Okay! That’s that! If you’re interested in any of these ideas please just shoot me a message and include your star sign so I know you read to the bottom of this giant post!
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I just have to say, I thought the term "muns" was exclusive to my generation of RP'ers; it's encouraging to use it used by someone not yet twenty. XD;
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