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Multiple Settings Original and Fandom settings


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Greetings, I don't know who might be interested in these ideas I have, but I wanted to test the waters. So, over the years I have amassed several ideas, both original and fandom, and decided to list them here for anyone interested. Anyway, onto the ever growing list of my dwindling insanity. There will be a * next to the ones I really want to do. This will always be updated.

Elder Scrolls*

Steven Universe*

Hazbin Hotel*

Helluva Boss

Death Note*



Dungeons and Dragons



Star Wars

Star Trek


Doctor Who*

Creepy Pasta*


The town of Dusk Harbor has always been an odd place. People don't know who they get there, they just do. The city is not on any map or GPS, but people still find themselves there. But watch yourself at night as the inhabitants come out. Inhuman creatures slowly come out from the darkness and stalk the land. Those who are caught outside, or within a building unaware, will find themselves at the mercy of these beasts. Open ended for multiple reasons, but I based this one off of silent hill.

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