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Music Sooths The Soul
Hey all! I am new to RPN and was hoping to make a new friend on here! I'm currently looking for a semi literate partner (2-3 sentences). I will also except different au's but, if I am unfamiliar with it, please don't be offended by me declining. I don't want to ruin an au for you due to my lack of knowledge.

These are the fandoms I'm currently in.
- Bendy And The Ink Machine
-Splatoon (along with the manga)
- Hunter x Hunter
-My Hero Academia
- Hunter X Hunter

If there's something you'd like to rp but, don't see it on the list, don't hesitate to ask me. I might be into that fandom and just forgot to mention it.

I'm cool with using oc's since I have a few myself. As for the story, we can collaborate on that if you like. I like doing random rp's where anything can happen or just semi sticking to the main plot of the existing universe. I also prefer to split the cannon characters up evenly instead of forcing each other to play them all. I like this to be fair and fun for the both of us.

As for rules, as long as it's alright with the with the servers, then it's alright with me.
I will try to answer as soon as possible but, like I said, I'm still new to RPN and also have a few things to work out irl.

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