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Kushiro, Japan - The luxury docks.

It was perhaps one of the most gorgeous days of the entire year, bright and sunny without just enough clouds for shade, while the temperature sat at the low seventies. However no tourists were found on this dock, in fact the sheer amount of demons and apparitions present would send chills and bad juju through most sensitive humans present despite the great weather. At least 500 apparitions were gathered, another 300 or so were staff aboard the ship. A final shuttle bus from Tokyo airport would be arriving where the last few contestants would be arriving from first class flights, driven to the docks by luxary bus. The contestants were mostly C and D class apparitions, mostly selected for their special abilities and hidden potential. A single loud horn blared apparently signalling the time for the staff members to get onboard because every person in a sailors uniform began shuffling towards a small ramp where they would go in two by two. Just before the last dock to the ship was the small but comfy looking check in station where contestants identification would be checked and their tickets to the cruise would he given out.

Sitting at the check in station wearing a nice suit with a pair of black leather gloves sitting neatly on the edge of the table. in the seat across from him was Yuna wearing her typical hooded cloak with her hands neatly folded into her sleeves and a chess board sat on the table between them. “So only four of them have been told That theyre on a team?” Yuna said as she scooted the pawn closest to the middle forward two spaces. “Well, five now, you will be competing as well.” Raiju said as he moved his own pawn forward one space.“Seems like its needlessly deceptive, what if one of the other apparitions figures it out.” Yuna then moved her queen out from the back line through the fresh hole her pawn had made. “It wont matter, They have all been selected specifically for their expendable nature.” Raiju took advantage of the bold move immediately sliding his bishop across the board to take out the queen. “Hopefully this team of yours are not also considered expendable.” She had a frown now but that could honestly be attributed to the thought of her being expendable or the sudden realization that she was about to lose. Yuna moved the knight in an L to try and fill the gap and Capture the bishop the following turn. “I would certainly hope so as well, after all my entire plan revolves around you five being far more dependable than everyone else here.” Raiju would respond as he moved the pawn on the other side of the first one he had moved. “You dont think thats a bit of a gamble?” Yuna said as she moved her Knight in place taking the first bishop. Which she immediately regretted as she saw the smile creep across Raiju’s face. Grabbing his queen raiju replied with “I dont Gamble Yuna, Checkmate.” He slid the queen across the map taking the knight who blocked the gap positioning her in a way that lined up with the king and the single diagonal direction he could move. Everything that could have potentially moved in the queens path had already been taken or was blocked by one of her own pieces.

The duo rose from the table just in time to see the last few selected candidates arrive, and a glance at his watch told him it was time for him to board.
“alright Yuna here is where you come in. You will be attending the preliminaries with the rest of the invitees. There will be five hundred Candidates there and You are to find me the four with the greatest potential for growth, with a diverse range of talents, and preferably the ones with the best chance to win. That will be our team…and Make sure at least one of them is human.” Yuna could tell after the game had ended that things were getting serious finally, His addressing her and giving her the orders only settled it further. She slightly bowed her head. “It will be done.” She said quietly Before vanishing. She had already gotten her ticket and if she read it correctly she was listed as a Platinum member giving her access to one of the VIP rooms. Arriving on the top deck of the cruise ship she flagged down one of the staff members who was busy but quickly set aside what he was doing upon seeing the vip status of the ticket. After he guided her to her quarters the staff member would ask if there was anything else he could do for her and she smiled asking for a map of the cruise ship.

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"It seems everyone has finally arrived." The hoarse voice croaked sinisterly as the last of the competitor's boarded the ship. Having checked in prior and heading straight to their room the demon found themselves in quite a nice room. Truly anyone who actually cared about such mundane things would be enjoying the commodities. "Yes, it does seem so. How wonderful, we have plenty of specimens to extract! We should get started right away!" Replied a much softer, and more enthusiastic voice. The source of the voices came from one of the vip rooms. All the lights in the room remained off as a cloaked figure sat against a wall clearly alone. His room seemed to buzz with the sounds of many small insect-like demons. "Now, I'll leave all the pleasantries to you. I'd rather not mix with the rabble." Retorted the croaky voice with disgust in his tone."Hehe, oh I will gladly! I'll get you should anything warranting your eh, expertise, comes up." Said the cheerful voice once more before the hooded man lifted a hand, showing a small demonic bug on his finger."Ok my pretties! Don't fail us now. We need to get lots of samples for our goals. So go and drink lots!" With this the first demonic bug flew off his finger and out the first crack it could find. Slowly the shadows began to shift as more and more of similar insects followed, spreading out across the ship to find prey to feed on. Anyone without high enough spiritual awareness would find their energies, and blood drain by these creatures, as well as a demon egg left in their brains. Of course the drain would be hardly noticeable, and the eggs would lay dormant until the hooded man triggered them."Ok! Time to go mingle with the common folk! Hehe I do hope they have some interesting demons onboard! It would escalate us towards our goals much sooner. Oh the fun things we could gain from this are numerous!" The hooded man rose and slowly exited the room, leaving behind dark sinister energy in the VIP room.

Moments later the demon found themselves standing among the 500 or so demons aboard the ship. Their gaze scanned all the specimens around analyzing, observing, and taking in all the info they could gather. But they also watched to see who would react to their pets buzzing about the ship. You could learn a lot from just sitting back and watching, this was something they had learned many times before. The small mosquito-like demons flew about collecting samples as best they could and leaving their presents behind for future use. The hooded figure moved through the crowd, his hand gently moving to push against those who came too close as he pushed his way through. He scanned the area looking for anyone of interest. He had done his homework. He knew how these tournaments worked. It had been some time, but the last time these tournaments ran, it had teams fighting. So something told them that this boat ride Would be very interesting. It was just a matter of time before things got exciting, and the hooded man could hardly contain their excitement."Oh I simply cannot wait to start. So many apparitions, so many demons, and oh I think I even smell a few humans. I do so hope they survive this trip! Otherwise how would I ever get to learn more about their kind? Oh yes! I want to know so much about everyone here...so none of you die before I get the chance to dissect you myself." The hooded man mumbled to himself before finding a nice place to the side of anyone still standing around. "Yes,I think I'll wait here until something interesting happens. Hehehe, until then my babies will do their work, and I'll just conserve my energy, and watch…"
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(Location: Kushiro, Japan - The Luxury Docks.)
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Amidst the multitude of strange faces congesting the shuttle bus happened to be that of Yakai whose eyelids were completely sealed as if glued to one another, this dreary look of his complimented the slumberous state of the rest of him, including his pale, pudgy face which exhibited a slight droop as his portly upper-body slouched forward against the leather backside of the seat in front of him, whereas the bottom-half of his body remained stiffly posted to the cushioned seat where he sat and kept this everlasting pose throughout the entire ride to the docks. The previous flight he had taken must've been close to about two hours which wasn't very long all things considered so he should've been fully awake just like the remainder of people aboard the bus, however, Yakai's exhilaration combined with his anxiousness for the upcoming tournament kept him wide awake last night, he couldn't keep his jittery mind from thinking about it being only a day away, he could've sworn it wasn't even that long ago upon receiving the letter of invitation but then again time has its ways of 'sneaking up' on people and giving them a good scare. Luckily for him and all those other passengers on the flight, they had gotten first-class treatment so it made sleeping a breeze even if there was that occasional crying child that made him want to stuff his ear-drums full of thick pillow feathers. Akin to the trip to Kushiro, the drive was also fairly soothing, so much so that a puddle of saliva was beginning to form between Yakai's feet because of all that drooling of his, there was also the fact that he was in a pretty deepened slumber, a slumber so deep that it had him vividly dreaming of a fictitious scenario where he'd just single-handedly beaten and triumphed over all the competitors in the upcoming tournament and now had achieved his life-long wish of having his magnificent waifu brought to life, still in her 'flawless' two-dimensional form as well!
Unfortunately for Yakai, right when he was about to plant a kiss upon the lips of his self-proclaimed queen as they stood embraced in the middle of the arena, that's when the nefarious and dastardly organizer of the tournament had revealed themselves; keen on interrupting this cherished moment to bring about unspeakable amounts of evil! This villainous foe was depicted as a supernatural elderly individual whose sickly dark-blue skin illuminated brightly underneath the dark yukata they were wearing, in addition to this their eyes were comparable to that of a deer's as its yellow-hue significantly stood out in the darkness that was partially enveloping him, most importantly, they would have a long colorless mustache that they would twirl the ends of around their finger just like any other good villain. "Ho-he-ha-ho! We finally meet, Captain Manga... How utterly foolishly foolish of you to get tricked into falling into one of my well-elaborated schemes!" They'd soon summon a small dome-shaped construction of bones after clacking their dirtied nails against one another; imprisoning Yakai and his beautiful 'waifu' within who'd let out a high-pitched "Eek!" at the bleak situation she would find herself in, Yakai however was not amused, especially when the villain called upon his lackeys to dispose of them; these being a bunch of stereotypically-dressed ninjas that would enter the ring simultaneously with a bunch of cool acrobatic flips before drawing their awesomely-awesome swords but as 'awesome' as these swords were, they weren't as awesome as Yakai. With an abrupt flex out of nowhere, Yakai's formerly chubby self would become riddled with muscles with a really radical transformation that had loads of his energy just bursting out of his body until the ensuing shockwaves created from these explosions of aura had eventually broke the bone prison apart, sending fractured pieces of it all over the place. "W-what?! How is this possible!?!" As expected, the villain was surprised by his sorcery being so easily overcome by the likes of his heroic adversary who delivered an overconfident smile followed-up with a "Tsk..." as he one-handedly brushed away the dust that had accumulated on his chest from the shattered bone prison, his incredibly muscular biceps would also be bulging while doing this causing his waifu and all of his enemies to nearly swoon in admiration at the sight of them! "If anyone is the fool, it's you! Thinking such deception can work on Captain Manga! You've underestimated the my unbridled power just like all the rest as you now see. Not only this but you've also made the terrible mistake by putting my totally real and sexy girlfriend in peril and because of that, you've gone and PISSED me off!" With that being said, a gnarly theme song begun to play in the background which would kickstart the fighting montage.

In an instant, Yakai would engage in an over-the-top epic anime battle with the surrounding ninjas who were acting like the usual dumb lackey cannon fodder; running straight at him with their weapons drawn and being quickly defeated after having Yakai's fist driven into their bodies, always connecting in different spots for each minion but the results being the same; their bodies becoming projectiles from the sheer impact and launching them straight through the sturdy walls of the colosseum that had been encompassing everyone. The absolute devastation of his own henchmen would leave the villain frantically biting his own fingernails out of fear until they were nothing but stubs of their former selves. "N-no! I can't believe it, all of my ninjas have been defeated by... by... BY THE LIKES OF YOOOU?!" Their eyes were practically bulging out of their head as they saw Yakai now standing unrivaled, the ninjas that were once attacking him, no longer a threat after being dispatched by the incredible power he possessed. "Wooooow! Yaka- Er, I mean Captain Manga you're so handsome, dreamy, and strong!" Yakai's 'wafiu' energetically cheered afterward, causing Yakai to gently approach and kneel in front of her, clasping her hand in front of him and softly affixing his lips to her hand like a gentleman before departing them to speak. "Yes m'lady, I know, i'm all of these things combined but please don't celebrate yet, there's one last scoundrel that I still have to take care of." Knowing that he still had one more thing to settle, Yakai's eyes once more re-focused back onto his newfound arch nemesis who was clearly terrified at the strength Captain Manga possessed but despite this, the villain would attempt to use his magic once more in a desperate effort to defend himself as if he were a cornered animal. "NO MATTER HOW STRONG YOU MIGHT BE CAPTAIN MANGA, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND MY DARK ENERGY BEAMS! HO HA HE HA HO!" Knowing he couldn't take him on physically, they relied on their wicked black magic to launch an onslaught of destructive rays of energy to vanquish Yakai. Unbeknownst to them, these pathetic beams of boringness were nothing but pesky nuisances to the superhero who would unflinchingly walk in their oncoming path only to annoyingly bat them away from him, sending them hurdling in different directions and creating several massive explosions behind him that rocked the arena with great force.

"You just don't get it do you?! Such pathetic villainy will never prevail over a true hero!" Yakai stopped in his tracks after the bombardment of magic had ceased, it was now finally his turn and he was going to show this bastard what he was really made of. His visage thickened with a serious demeanor as he brought out both of his hands, overlapping one over the other after aiming outward palm in the direction of the villain. "CAPTAIN MANGA... BEAAAM OF JUUUUSSTTTICEEE!" A blinding light formed hastily formed around the hero's prior to a growing sphere of tremendous energy being manifested just a few inches beyond it. Without a moment to spare, Yakai pushed his hands forward, somehow causing a massive beam of his own to be propelled right into the villain who emitted a deafening shriek as his body became consumed by the staggering miasma that was now eating away as flesh and bone until they were finally disintegrated and reduced to nothing. The gleaming streak of light dissipated along with the villain's body and afterwards Yakai would at long last enjoy his moments of peace as he once again embraced his waifu but right as he was about to kiss her, she'd place a single finger on his lips, preventing him doing so. "Captain Manga... Before we kiss... There's something I must tell you... Yakai's face flushed with emotion as he replied "Go ahead my love, do not withhold what you have to say!" He'd affectionately wrap his hands around her wrists, lovingly staring into her eyes as he spoke.

"Well.. I just want to say... HOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNKKKKKK!" Uh, what did she just honk? Yakai's former expression now was replaced with total confusion as this woman in front of him continued to let out a series of obnoxiously loud honking sounds... What the fuck... Why is she speaking automobile all of a sudden? Soon the colors around them were beginning to change, becoming brighter as the blaring 'honks' grew in volume.

It was time to wake up...

Just like every 'good thing' it must come to an end eventually and this fascinating dream he was having was no exception to that rule. "C'mon kid, I don't got all damn day!" The unfamiliar voice of a disgruntled man could just barely be heard over them repeatedly pushing their hand into the middle of their steering wheel, causing the shuttle bus to let out one honk after the other. It would appear as if Yakai had been sleeping for so long that he was the last person remaining on the bus and because of that he was making the bus-driver late for his next pick-up. "Hwah? W-what?" Yakai's drowsy face slowly became more animated as he was brought back into reality. "We're here already? Huh... Must've dozed off..." He'd momentarily look around the floor area of where he was sitting to search for his bag before finding it tucked underneath the seat and with a good firm tug he was able to retrieve it; immediately throwing throwing the straps over his arms and keeping the backpack close to him as he waddled off the bus, giving a quick, clumsy sounding "Sorry!" to the driver before climbing down the steps of the vehicle and finally stepping foot into the Luxury Docks where he'd react with amazement at the abundance of people gathered around the place, he could've sworn there must've been like a thousand people here! "I wonder how many of them are competing, there sure is a lot... A lot more than what i'd see in those anime and manga fighting competitions..." Apart from the uniformed staff that were there, he wasn't all too sure if the rest were there for the competition because if that was the case then he'd sure have a lot cut out for himself, especially if there were this many! Yakai's nervous outlook developed the more he wandered through the crowds, it was as if each time he'd get a look at someone he'd catch a glimpse of their spiritual power and a lot of them if not all of them were very strong.

There was a point where he was thinking of considering leaving, believing that he might not have what it takes but he was reminded of his goal! He'd blush at the detailed mental picture of his waifu forming in his head, such details as her voluptuously physique that filled out all the right areas, those strikingly magnificent blue eyes that reminded him of sapphires, and of course her extravagant flowing blonde locks that looked almost endless in length. "No, I must keep going! I must keep going for her! I AM COMING MY LOVE!" He'd courageously shout and charge straight ahead, gaining a few odd looks after screaming that at the top of his lungs like a weirdo. His whole body shook around like a plate of mashed potatoes in an earthquake as he marched down the dock, Yakai's breaths taken gradually increasing as he continued to his tempo. Suddenly the boisterous clamor of the ship's horn would end up surprising him, making him trip over himself in and land face-first onto the wooden boards of the docks before awkwardly getting up and assuming a defensive karate stance. "TRYING TO CATCH ME OFF GUARD HUH? I KNOW A TEST WHEN I SEE ONE! WELL, YOU CAN'T GET ONE OVER ON YAKAI DAMAJI!" Thank goodness his reflexes were quick enough for him to strike that pose otherwise everyone would've thought he was a total push-over! At least that's what he was thinking inside of his head as everyone was just staring at him, kinda like the same way his fellow class mates would stare at him when he ran down the hallway back in high school doing that one ninja running technique he learned. "Heh, that's what I thought... Everyone must think i'm so cool, makes sense if they're all staring at me." Yakai 'cooly' brushed his bangs back as he managed to find himself now at check-in station where Raiju was; now filling out some paperwork and having his identity validated before finally receiving his platinum guest pass. "Whoa, Platinum? Aint that like the best?" Heck, he even got a free room with that pass too! Not bad, they must've realized that Captain Manga was truly V.I.P Status! "Hey thanks pal! Also I like your suit, you kinda look like you'd be a cool Yakuza character or somethin'!" He'd point to that expensive tailored suit they were wearing before noticing the chess game in the background; a decisive checkmate still visibly present on the board.

"You play chess too huh? I'm more of a Shogi kind of guy, you know they used to call me the 'Emperor of Shogi' because of how good I was at it." In all honesty he was the worst at Shogi, everyone who played against Yakai always managed to beat him, in fact, people who didn't even know how to play Shogi were able to beat him so he was just lying through his teeth to make himself a bit more cool than he was. "We should play sometime when i'm not busy! Catch ya later!" He'd wave back to Raiju before gathering his pass off the table, adjusting his bag's strap on his shoulder and then hauling himself right up the steps and onto the top-deck of the ship where he would catch a glimpse of a mature, gentle-looking woman who reminded him of a shrine priestess with what she was wearing, they seemed to be holding a conversation with one of the ship's designated staff, aside from that, he found something off about her but he couldn't quite put his finger on it, obviously she was heavenly in looks but that wasn't it... As he was lost in thought, Yakai was interrupted by a more sinister presence one that he could feel swimming through the air as if it were a thick mist of darkness. "Whoa... W-what the heck is that?!" It made him sick to his stomach, albeit that could've been the cheesy nachos he ate yesterday but still, this feeling he had was very unorthodox and it became even more of an uneasy feeling after his sight locked itself onto... a bug? He noticed that there was a flippin' mosquito lookin' bee thing on his hand that he'd briskly flick away. "Bleh, go away ya flippin' dumbo!" Regrettably this must've peeved off the rest of its 'buggo friends' because now, out of nowhere, there was a darn swarm coming right at him, buzzing up a storm no less! "OH SWEET HEAVENS! G-GET OUT OF MY WAY PEOPLE, CAN'T YOU SEE THERE GETTING CLOSER!?! AAAAAHHHHH!!!" He was now in a full-on sprint, pushing through people on the top deck as these murderous hornet-squitoes were trying to eat him alive like some sort of buffet, that was until he was 'saved' after finding a built-in pool on the middle of the top deck to which he would throw himself straight in, accidentally knocking over a whole group of people inside of the pool with him and creating a big enough splash to get people nearby soaked in water.

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It wasn't often August found himself in situations like this. Yeah- sure- He's traveled before but to a place like this? It was a bit out of his comfort zone. Travelling to Japan was one thing, but being scouted for his power was something he had never expected, of course he had heard the rumors that all the freakiest shit happened in these parts, so being surprised shouldn't be an option. He liked the country, he liked the people, but something about meeting people like him scared him... and nothing scared August E. Jaggerjack.

So there he has, surrounded by freaks just like him with a drink in his hand. Maybe stressing out wasn't a good call. I mean... The day was beautiful, the water was blue, and the seat by the pool was as comfy as can be. "Damn... for a second you'd think this was paradise." He chuckled and sipped his drink, taking a deep breath and sighing in satisfaction. The light of the sun hit his stitched face, his pale zombie-like appearance not fitting the atmosphere, but at least you could tell he was pretty at one point in his life. And hell- he fit the setting a lot more than the other weirdos around him. So to be frank, and not to toot his own horn... August knew he stuck out. Confidence exuded off of his body most of the time, and sitting in a nice button down and jacket under the beating sun on a cruise ship pool-side... it was bound to draw a few gazes. At least he wasn't drawing as much attention as the fatty barreling towards him. Heh...

The fatty barreling towards him?! "Son of a bitch!" August rolled out of his seat and out of the way of Yakai. But unluckily for him, August was still drenched in the pool water kicked up by the large mass of this... this absolute loser! He stood up and looked down, growling a bit to himself as he eyed Yakai in the pool. "Hey fatso! You mind watching where you're doing your cardio?!"

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While Matsutan had nothing against demons or spirits seeing so many of them at the docks still made him nervous. He knew his rank wasn't technically lower than anyone else out there but he was worried about making a fool out of himself in front of any attractive girls that might have signed up for the tournament. Speaking of girls some foxdemon had totally managed to con him into carrying her luggage, even though he was fully aware she would probably have an easier time with it than he did. As soon as he was aboard the ship he put the luggage down for a quick break and wondered if he should leave it for the the staff or keep futilely trying to impress her.

Of course Matsutan could tell the girl had zero interest in him since she ignored the second she got him to help her out but that didn't really matter. He was just about to pick the suitcase back up and carry it to her room when he noticed some fat guy run past screaming about something.

Deciding to just ignore it he picked the suitcase up and dropped it off without so much as a thank you and headed to the pool hoping to see some skimpy swimsuits. However once he got there it seemed the fat guy from before had scared most people off by cannonballing and was now arguing with some grey guy with a heavily stitched face. "Great, I sure hope neither of them is gonna be part of the team. No way to impress girls with a fatty and a corpse hanging around."

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