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Multiple Settings When Worlds Collide [CLOSED]

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Action, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural





Vampires and witches have never seen eye to eye on just about anything. Over the years, there have been disagreements, wars, and strife between the two groups. They're not the only supernatural species to exist, but they seem to hate each other the most. There are witch covens everywhere, as well as vampire clans. In the sunny fields of California, one witch school has a new Headmistress who has been in contact with the vampire Headmaster of the School of Night in the mountains of Virginia. For the first time in forever, these two leaders have decided to try and see if there can be peace between the species.

So a group of witches from this school will be packing their bags and heading cross country to the School of Night. Their Headmistress has given them permission to protect themselves, though the Headmaster from the School of Night has reassured them they will be safe. Their only goal in mind is peace between the species, and the visiting witches will be treated with the utmost respect.

What both Headmaster and Headmistress don't know is that there are groups who have formed to stop this from happening. They're determined to destroy the project, at any cost. Can there be peace? Or will this all end in bloodshed?


1. Be polite and respectful. If you can't manage this, you will be kicked, and YC will be killed off.

2. No rushing people for replies. I'd like this RP to last and people hate being rushed. But at the same time, I want this roleplay to be active, so if you aren't going to be active, please do not express interest or make a CS. I get that things come up, that's not what I'm talking about.

3. Quality over quantity. No one-liners. There is a 2 paragraph minimum per post.

4. When you express interest, feel free to jump over to the character sheet thread and start your sheets. If you are accepted then we will invite you to the discord (which is mandatory for ooc chat & plotting).

5. Romance isn't a must, but it's encouraged/enjoyed by most. But don't break RPN's rules.

6. Be mature. Not saying this RP is going to break RPN's rules, but I'm saying there may be mature topics/triggers. Do not bash anyone's character or anything like that.

7. If you have an issue with someone, come to me first. Or be a big person and actually talk to them about it.

8. We have three GMs! Myself, Goldieloxx Goldieloxx & MadiRaiCat MadiRaiCat



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