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The lord of randomness and the warp
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The brutality of baira attacks left the pirate almost totally shredded it’s torso yet... the thing still seemed alive just a barely... that was until the axe cam down on the back of his head, in a horrible crunching sound the blade split what was left of the creature in twain everyone involved totally covered in the rainbow-like blood. it was as if the Kishin has just popped with how much blood covered everyone. Their fight was done.. and their deed was done, but would the bloodshed end there? Or not?


interaction: Japanime Japanime Phayne Phayne
Now the glass entity had totally field with red it'ts form clearly visible now as Liam though entirely red.. the monster puppeteering Akron would almost smile thought Akron would do so greatly a massive unsettling smile across his face. the tendrils of the entity wrapping itself around the glass Liam, the same murderous look that Akron had. It was then that the red spotlight flickered for just a moment, now the glass Liam.. was no longer glass looking like an exact replica of his real self, though bought where still puppeteered by the entity upon Akron's back. a moment later from the sky little drops of red began to fall, the monster's mouth opening wider as the red feel on all of them any drops that hit seemed to be absorbed into their bodies. The beast then began to sing, humming a macabre tune a morbidly beautiful voice of a woman mixed into the instrumental. then Akron and the copy of Liam began to dance in bizarrely intricate yet harsh violent movements only adding to the scene the monster was forcing them into each move was not done by either one of the boys, but pulls of the monsters tendrils As it commanded the strange symphony.

Akron said nothing at as Liam took out his anger on what was left of the pirate as soon as Akron blade tore into its body both of them were washed with a feeling of pure ecstasy, only for a moment though.. only for them to scream for more blood more carnage more death.. but there was nothing left to slay... nothing acceptable at least...

the red rain stopped as did everything else... the monster growled it’s tendrils beginning to jab into Akron’s body causing him to scream in pain.. something he’d not felt in years... it was horrible he wanted it to stop... and it meant more...more.... there was no more... unless Another spotlight appeared in the distant of the black abyss it called toward them pulling them out away end the pain here and now.. and enjoy something more.. if only they just walk a little further. the monster tried to force Akron yet no matter what it tried it couldn’t move him he didn’t scream he didn’t smile now no, only a stern unblinking expression reminded ”you’ve had your fun... it’s time to stop” Akron would say softly his voice monotone before grabbing the monsters head with both hands literally ripping it out of his body much of its mass being pulled out form Akron’s back as it was sent flying into the copy of Liam a loud smashing noise upon impact as the glass broke spilling red everywhere.
The monster turned to face Akron the single eye witching its jaws once again staring back at him as it had done before. “A Cravenedge either lives a coward and dies a monster or embraces the beast and dies soaked red” the words emanated from the monster the voice his mothers something she’d say time and time again still he did not flinch nor did his expression change in the slightest. “
Your just a worthless abnormality you can’t even muster the strength to strike back at your siblings you let them use you like the punching bag you are.. unless I say otherwise then you do... but this is good.. Akron you know your place below your sisters and your such an obedient child I had no choice but to keep you around... like a good little toy the beast echoed more of his mother's words this time Akron twitch just a little “shut up... shut up” he gritted his teeth voice still monotone as he responded. Only a second later a little blue fleck appeared in the dark abyss speeding towards the spotlight of red it hung just outside the lights reach. ”A Cravenedge either lives a coward and dies a monster or embraces the beast and Learns to temper the bloodshed
“ the blue fleck spoke this time in the voice of a man, the Beast growled.. before slowly shutting its jaws.. now it blinked Akron had won. he approached the monster as it lay there almost helplessly grabbing by the head Akron would lift it into the air the light went out.

the need for more bloodshed almost forced the pair's attention towards Baira as just another victim for the carnage and for the high of spilling blood. Liam would have a few seconds to... do something be that try to murder baira or otherwise, by then Akron's blood-soaked weapon form began to waver as the same tendrils emerged from it engulfing the weapon like it had done to Akron with an angry sound that seemed like the weapon didn't want to change back the black being pulled from Liam's arm as the growing mass forced Akron out of his partners hand onto the floor Arkon returning to his human appearance armour and all, laying face down on the floor his armour totally covered in the rainbow blood.. though within the confines of his metallic safety blanket, Akron eyes widening in shock... no only was the blood all over his armour but also his body within. he had no clue how that had happened... nor how Liam would react now that he was without Akron's violet influence... he couldn't help but feel horrible... that he'd forced such a thing upon Liam. "is... everyone... ok" he'd ask with a slight worry in his voice hoping the response was yes.
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Full of terror
tumblr_8953278531995e460149b7ceb96b0bf3_eb374fef_640.jpgMara Wesson
Interacting: BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage , (others on mission)
Mara watched as the one who hadn't said a grand total of five words in the car, Arthur, busted down the door. If the group had hoped for any semblance of secrecy after the initial explosion, it was gone now. What Mara knew about the other members suggested that they were more up close and personnel fighters, which worked well for her. Her best bet was to stick close to Morika and they could offer support form afar. Mara wasn't certain about Morika, this was their first mission and while she had told Morika on first meeting that she was better at long distance, this would be a bad time to learn her meister wanted to blast enemies point blank.

Thinking of her meister Mara spotted the distinct drill curls navigating the area to follow Arthur, who still showed no sign of his earlier anxiety. As she followed the small group, making sure not to disturb any other objects that may lay about, Mara thought about Arthur. It seemed as if everything about the teen had flipped on its axis, instead of the nervous aura and fidgeting she had seen before, now he radiated confidence. Hopefully it's not cockiness, he busted down the door and drew whoever's attention straight on him. If he chokes then it's not just his life on the line. It didn't seem normal, either Arthur was an extreme adrenaline junkie or their was something more to be seen.

Sufficiently caught up with the trio Mara overheard Morika and hoped she wouldn't grab things without thinking. Morika didn't strike her as overly foolish, but the pair hadn't known each other long. What Mara knew is that Morika had a perpetual smile and was a verbal optimist, and that she was a good seamstress. Aside from that Mara knew nothing, not that the weapon had been baring her soul to the other girl either. She glanced back to Arthur and silently mused what her partner had up her sleeve, if it was something destructive then Mara wanted a warning. No one had shouted that they saw something in the dark, so keeping the yawning darkness in her peripheral Mara addressed her meister.

"Morika. I know I told you before that I can go close range when needed, and that's still true if we get corned, but I think we should mind our distance and hit from afar for now. I'm not a sword, chainsaw, or something you can flail around ok? If you use me as a bludgeoning device and it wasn't a matter of impeding death, then we will have a problem."

Mara knew she sounded like a bitch, and she wasn't trying to be one. But lines needed to be drawn before their partnership went further, now that her peace was said she turned her full attention to the matter at hand. Waiting to transform the moment movement started.



Socially Anxious

Morika turned to look over at Mara, a bright smile coming onto her face when she realized that yet another person had followed after both herself and Arthur. "Don't worry, Mara. I have a fool proof plan that is guaranteed to work if a fight breaks out." Morika said confidently as she looked over at the wide area, taking note of every entry and exit point as she waited for Arthur to give her a response on whether or not he saw anything. She was still convinced that when they found the treasure that it would be pretty and that it would sparkle. Of course this was all from a forced happy, drug induced state caused by her sheltered upbringing, but one could dream.

Morika had perfected a particular technic for a little over 9 years and was confident that she would still be able to pull it off even now. She was glad that Mara was a gun as she wouldn't accidentally smash her face like she had when her tutor had offered to show her what it was like to be a Meister. However, Mara was a gun and was Morika's assigned partner,who she had hoped would become her friend when they returned to the DWMA, which in Morika's mind, meant that she would be light. Or rather that was what Morika had assumed as they hadn't had the opportunity for Morika to wield Mara yet. Morika turned to face Mara once again, a determined gleam in her eyes as she spoke.
"It's a good thing that we are partners or else this mission would be horrible."
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Save the little girl
At the docks
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat // Akron Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 // Liam Japanime Japanime
Falling to his Knee's, Baira had unwillingly let go of Gwen's weapon form; the chainsaw staff coming to a rest next to him on the wooden floorboards that still creaked underneath their weight. The deed had been done; the monster slain and its corpse torn asunder as the final spurt of its hue'd blood covered the quartet that had been tasked with putting to rest this depraved entity. Liam and Akron had dealt the final blow; the large axe form of Akron slicing right through the body of the Pirate and severing it in to two, right in front of Baira who had got a face full of the blood that spewed from the corpse.

On his knees,both of his hands were now digging into the flesh of his legs, Baira could not get rid of the tumultuous feelings that raged within himself, his soul still reeling from the gruesome sight he had witnessed. Killing this monster had not eased the burden on his heart, it had not washed away the pain and sorrow that he felt for being weak; for only being able to act after the brutal act had been committed. What point was there if they couldn't save the life of a little girl?

Unable to control himself as the pent up emotions threatened to burst forth, Baira had let loose a pained almost wolf like howl; the hair on his body standing on end as the air around himself begun to get heavy from the sheer pressure that his body was generating right now at this moment. A loud crack could be heard as the floor beneath him begun to crack from the intensity of his soul' splinters firing off in every direction as the howl echoed all around the quartet; threatening to deafen them in its sheer ferocity. As if mother nature itself had shared in Baira's pain, the waves outside of the ship had begun to crash against the dock; the pirate ship swaying unsteadily against the pummelling of the oceans own anger.

Only for this vehement fervour of emotion to suddenly disappear as the blue flickering flames of light had begun to come out of hiding amongst the wooden beams of the pirate vessel. Dozens of souls had appeared all around the quartet, their cold blue glow bringing with them a warmness that seemed to eat away at the pain, the stress and the turmoil that any of them felt. As if dancing in unison, these blue ethereal lights had begun to rotate all around them; their movements uniform as they spun in a slow clockwise manner; the warmth growing as their pace quickened ever so slightly.

Glancing upwards, tears streaming down his eyes from the pain tearing his heart in two, Baira's hand instinctively reached out to cup the wisp of blue blames that had begun to swirl around them; the souls of victims whose lives had been taken by the pirate now fluttering over to the warm souls of the Meisters and weapons whom had put to rest the demon that had stolen their lives away from them. "Are these..." mumbled Baira, using one hand to wipe away the tears from his face as he glanced all around them, eyes falling upon the body of the little girl; now encapsulated by a blue glow as it begun to dissipate into nothingness, the glow growing in potency as the soul came into existence.

Just as her soul had finished taking form, the rest of the souls trapped in the ship began to gather behind her's, each standing at equal distance from one another; their unified glow almost blinding for Baira as the warmth engulfed him completely. Unable to look properly into their light, the wolfman could only squint as he tried to make sense of what was happening in front of them; his attempts futile though not without reward.

A faint "Thank you" was all that heard as his eyes stared into the light; the silhouettes of dozens of different people just about visible against the glow before the sheer intensity of the light became too much for him to see. With this, Baira's soul had returned to normality; the weight and intensity of his emotions being washed away as if a magic spell had been cast upon him. Now back to his senses Baira wastes no time in picking Gwen up and turning to face the Liam and Akron; the armoured boy collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

"D..did you see that..?" he questioned, taking note of the gathering of blue lights to their right hand side. Dozens of souls had been retrieved from this mission, their blue glow surrounding the red hue of the kishin's soul. No longer where they his prisoner, the tables had been turned.

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75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili

Shinobu had heard the click almost as soon as it occurred, halting in her search to slowly cast her gaze behind her towards her partner, who seemed to recognize what it was exactly that had happened. It wasn't long before the two locked eyes, and Rin confirmed what Shinobu had already ascertained through context clues alone. She'd stepped on some type of mine, one which would probably activate the moment she tried to move. Rin immediately warned everyone not to come near her, and gave next to no time before suddenly transforming into her weapon form and getting blasted into the air. Shinobu covered her eyes as she watched the gun fly through the air and towards the roof of the ruins. The moment she landed, Shinobu tilted her head to listen for movement.

To her relief, Rin appeared over the edge of the roof and called down that she could offer aerial support from there. Shinobu hesitated a bit, not liking the idea of her being up there alone. But she also couldn't deny the potential advantage of it, so found herself raising a thumb's up to her partner.

"You got it, just be sure to link back up if things get dicey, hon." she called up

Mara also took note of how beneficial her position was, and soon Shinobu was also figuring that the best thing they could do for her was give her more opportunities by drawing the Collector's attention. Doing that would mean going in louder than Shinobu had initially intended, but there was no way anyone hadn't taken note of the mine going off. That meant the gloves were off figuratively, and surprisingly enough Arthur seemed to come to that very same condition. In complete contrast to his previous hesitation, he marched right towards the ruins, seemingly uncaring for the other potential traps that could be in place. Shrugging, Shinobu took one last look at where Rin had dissappeared before following after him.

In a fluid motion, he took hold of Elgin and used him to blast open the double doors. Letting him take point, Shinobu strolled inside while keeping her eyes on Mara and Morika. They were the two she had the least interaction with during the week. While the awkward tension between Rin and Elgin was at least somewhat able to give Shinobu a clue as to how he and his partner was like. She'd barely seen anything of the other two and, without her weapon, Shinobu would have to depend on them as well to show off their stuff if something else happened.

As Arthur scanned for the enemy, Shinobu glanced back to the other pair and took note of their discourse concerning how to respond once they were actually in a combat scenario. Mara was a gun as well, and given the fact that Rin was currently providing their aerial support right now, that meant she was the only truly long ranged asset they had right now. So after hearing Morika's cryptic allusion to a plan of her's, Shinobu turned around to face them.

"Yeah, you two can just keep an eye out for us from the rear." she said whilst jerking a thumb towards herself and nodding behind her towards Arthur and Elgin "Give us cover when you can, and we'll try keeping their eyes off of you."

As she spoke, she turned and began examining the large room they were in. Arthur had one angle covered, so Shinobu glanced down one of the few halls that led away from it. Sunlight was streaming through several cracks in the walls, and the grass had grown tall inside. Shinobu wondered if their target was watching them at this very moment, and was readying her soul perception when she passed by one wall and a light formed on it.

She backed away immediately, the possibility of it being another type of explosive trap being far too probable. But instead that glowing light formed several lines through it before opening up, the shape of an eye blinking rapidly on the circle as its pupil darted around. It eventually landed on Shinobu, upon which the eye closed. Soon the light faded, and in its place grew a rather lengthy twinblade which floated in place for half a second before it began spinning at high speeds.

"More traps!" Shinobu called behind her as the spinning blade flew towards her, swerving her body out of the way right as the spinning blade halted and transformed into an eye again. It looked around rapidly before spotting her again and transforming back into a twinblade

Taking note of its previous direction, Shinobu slid out of its path again whilst adjusting her tie. Despite the high speed blade managing to carve a deep gash into the floor as it passed, Shinobu found herself relaxing as she realized how simple its movements were. Landin beside another wall, she readied herself to take advantage of its movements the moment it transformed back into an eye. But before she could capitalize on it, a problem to her plan presented itself in the form of three more identical lights appearing on the wall right behind her.

Shinobu glanced back as several more of those magical eyes split open and sighted her immediately.

"They're on the walls, look out for 'em." She informed the others before ducking under the first spin-blade and lunging after it the moment it transformed. Right as the eye began looking around for her, her fist slammed into it from behind and crushed it against the floor. Shinobu had no time to celebrate, as she immediately had to leap out of the way as the three other Spin-blades swerved towards her. That wasn't it, a rumbling began echoing through the halls, something that Shinobu couldn't exactly focus on due to the traps she was busy outmaneuvering. But given the precedent set so far, she could only assume it was more traps being activated.

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The Elder

Us vs ThemEJAto_fU8AIRI6k.jpg"Yeah yeah I know, it was my decision to pick this mission.But if knew the kids here would be this damn bad, I would've locked my shit up. But for right now I'm blaming you." He says rubbing his head. Moments pass and shit has finally hit the fan. Marcus and Elias were now surrounded by a horde of scarecrows. Elias couldn't have been happier the way he stepped out the car. Though Marcus had other plans. Quickly turning is car on, Marcus rolled downed the windows and popped in a lovely Cd, titled "Fire".
He steps out the car with the music starting slowly building to the beat drop. He glances back at Elias as he blows up a scarecrow without hesitation. "I was really hoping you guys would show up and look at this, Santa came early this year. Already answering my wishes." He says with a grin just as his partner lands next to him. He held his hand out, taking hold of Elias as he transforms into his weapon form. "These guys will make for a perfect stress reliever." He says as a crazed grin forms on his face, slinging Elias onto his shoulder. He scans the scarecrows using his soul perception. Every scarecrow before was just like the one he destroyed in the field, lifeless. There was no soul in any of them, except for one. There was one scarecrow in the back with glowing orange eyes, holding onto a scythe. "That's the Kishin." Marcus says tightening the grip he has on Elias, unaware that Elias just blown up a scarecrow just like it a few moments ago. He crouches down, just as the beat drops, and leaps forward towards the Kishin, spinning and swinging Elias in a cyclone type fashion ripping his way through the horde of scarecrows cutting them down. After his first spin, he lands and leaps again repeating the process two more times, with the final swing being a big upward slash towards the Kishin slicing through its body. Expecting for a soul to appear, Marcus was only presented with hay as it fell to the ground. "What the hell? Where's the Kishin soul?" He asked looking around. The numbers of scarecrow dwindled, as there were more scarecrow to deal with. Within the rest of the ranks, he saw it again. Another scarecrow with glowing orange eyes. "Its hopping from scarecrow to scarecrow." Marcus says, before he notices the movement of the once destroyed scarecrows. Someway somehow they merge back together being sewn up by what he assumed were strings. "Well you don't see that everyday." He says scratching his head.

Watching as the numbers increase again, Marcus thought about all the different ways this can go. Obviously we can't keep cutting them down, cause they just get right back up. Glad we practice that technique between we came here. Lets just lure them away from vehicles. He says towards his Elias. Looking at his scarecrows, he slings Elias onto his shoulders and start walking backwards. The scarecrows followed Marcus like mindless zombies, as he cleared them from their vehicles. "Okay this should be good." He said as he stopped walking, and yet they kept coming closer. "Get ready Eli, the time for lighting up the night is coming soon." Once Marcus felt they were close enough, he charges forward leaping into the air and kicking off the shoulders of one of the scarecrows, leaping from one to another. He lands behind the horde and turns around facing them. His back was towards their vehicles, meaning he does have to worry about launching a scarecrow in the wrong direction. He tightens his grin on Elias, before leaping forward bringing Elias high above his hand and slamming him down onto a scarecrow causing an explosive wave to go off, lighting up the night. Scarecrows were set ablaze and sent flying back to burn to ash. Marcus stood up looking at the damage, satisfied from that attack. He looked around at the remaining scarecrows and noticed the one with the Kishin inside of it stepped up. Marcus could tell it was angry, especially since he just destroyed its empty shells. "Don't get your panties in a bunch. Your time will come. But first I gotta handle the rest of your friends." Marcus says with grin.

Slinging Elias back on his shoulders, he watches as the Kishin releases a battle cry causing the rest of the scarecrows to charges towards Marcus. Chuckling, Marcus dashes into battle planning on ending the battle. Perform the same technique as before, he leaps forward three times spinning and swinging Elias in a cyclone like motion with each step. The remaining scarecrows were blown away from the explosive impact of Elias's blade, causing it to rain down burning hay. Continuing his onslaught he charges towards the Kishin who was fresh out of shells to jump to. Marcus swung Elias in an upward motion, as the Kishin guards with its scythe. The impact from the two weapons colliding caused yet another explosion sending it into the sky. Impelling Elias, into the ground, Marcus watch as the Kishin body burned in the sky turning into ash releasing his blood red soul to fall gracefully towards the ground. "First of soul of the month, aint that nice." He said towards Elias as he released him allowing hi to turn back into his human form. Stepping away, Marcus walks towards his car turning it off again and locking it back up. As he was walking back towards Elias, he realized there were various trails of flames heading in the same direction. "Yo Elias check this out." He said to his partner signaling over. The trail was leading towards the woods.

After following the trail, Marcus and Elias comes across a barn covered in webs. "That must be a pretty hug spider, to cover this whole thing." Using his soul perception, Marcus looked into he cabin soon to find out that there were human souls at the top of the cabin gathered around. "Yo Eli, there's people inside. What do you think is going on here??" He asked.
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GrieveWriter GrieveWriter Jackaboi Jackaboi BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage Hubub101 Hubub101 Kenku Kenku

Hearing her partner, she nodded to herself before suddenly hearing a loud noise come from the front. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, but by the look of her teammates that were still further back, they weren't phased by the loud noise. That probably meant that someone blasted the front door on purpose. Rin had stood up from where she had been sitting, starting to walk along the roof and being careful not to walk on pieces that could potentially fall onto her team down in the building itself. The more she walked, the more wary she grew, wondering how sturdy the top was. Not long after, she came across a large hole that exposed the middle of the building itself. Carefully approaching, she glanced inside, only to hear that her team was in danger with how Shinobu was calling out to them, informing them there were more traps. Narrowing her crimson eyes, she partially shifted her arm into her gun form, crouching down and getting into position. Knowing that this alone was risky, she planned to be a bit more careful with her actions, just to prevent fatigue.

Next time, I will not leave my partner that way. That was a very dumb move from me. Luckily I am not a short ranged weapon, or else she would have really been at a disadvantage. the teen thought to herself, taking her aim at the very aggressive trinkets, closing one eye as she focused before shooting a bullet off, the projectile speeding right into one of the spin blades near her partner and knocking it down to the ground, broken and unable to be used again. Suddenly, a rumble caused her to lose her balance and fall onto her bum, making her whip her head around to see what was going on. This place has more surprises than a haunted house. What is going on? getting back into her crouching position, she took a look inside the building from her angle once again. Unfortunately she didn't have a scope to make things a little easier, or even a laser sight. Ignoring the rumble for just a moment, she helped Shinobu with another one of the spin blades, knocking it out and trying to prevent her from taking too much damage "Thirteen bullets left. I'm not going to risk doing more." with that said, she shifted her arm back and rose fully to her feet, starting to examine her surroundings before suddenly feeling something being slammed into her back, causing the wind to escape her lungs.

Trying to glance over her shoulder, she caught sight of a man but nothing more. No doubt their target. Though before she could do anything to regain her breath or her balance, she was sent into the large hole within the ceiling. In the process of this, her body was suddenly engulfed in a golden light before colliding with the ground, the floor cracking underneath her feet and some dirt being kicked up. As the dust cleared up the light slowly began to fade around Rin, revealing her body with new attachments to her. Cat ears and a Cat tail. With wide eyes, she looked down at how she had landed on the ground. Confused as to how she suddenly had the right balance to land from such a high place. Remembering that she was kicked off the damn roof, she looked up and didn't see anyone up there, causing her to growl just barely. "Just know we're not alone guys!" she shouted before looking toward Arthur, Elgin, Mara and Morika. When she noticed some of their expressions, she raised her eyebrow and saw something moving within the corner of her eye, causing her to glance down at it and spot a brown tail.

Her cheeks had suddenly gone red as she stared at the tail that flicked about, "Wh-What is this!?" she grabbed it and tugged it, only to wince in pain and try to follow the tail, realizing it was attached to her "Why am I a neko!?" she shouted, her ears flicking, causing her hands to shoot up to her head and feel the large soft cat ears upon her head. The look on her face priceless as she was currently having a mental breakdown What did he do to me!? I'm part cat now! How am I going to explain this to the school?! Just casually tell them I got changed into part cat during the mission!? before she could continue being lost in her thoughts, she was suddenly being approached by more of those spin blades, and this allowed the weapon to run "Dammit! What the hell is this guy doing with all of these things!?" now with the new addition to her body, she was able to hop over fallen debris without a problem and make her way to her meister "Shinobu!" she shouted, knowing very well that her partner was gonna wonder why the hell she had some cat ears.

Drawing closer to her meister, she shifted into her weapon form and went right into Shin's hand "Shinobu, use me as a shield if you have to! I'll be fine. Then you can use my explosive rounds to knock the others or even destroy them." she informed her meister, her crimson eyes watching from the dark room that she had usually been in. "Be on your guard...The only reason why I'm down here is because of that guy kicking me down... I dont know where he went because he's no longer in the same spot..." she warned. Narrowing her eyes slightly from her weapon space and watching the spin blades.

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Perpetually Stoic
( collab with Exanis Exanis for Elvy/Takeshi )

Takeshi Mifune

Blandly gazing at the girl, Takeshi adjusted the helmet on his head to make it more comfortable and then made his way towards the motorcycle, plopping down at the front and staring at the handles blankly. “ Unlikely. I can. ” Turning back towards Elvena he motioned for her to take his sheathed sword then, once again staring at the handles, put the keys into the ignition. Nodding once to himself as the bike started, Takeshi gripped onto the handlebars, absently wondering how bad this was gonna go. Eh, he’d just gun it as fast as the cycle could go so he could finally get some food and sleep, his reflexes were surely enough for him to not crash and turn them into a blazing wreck, right? Right. Speaking of food, he wondered what exactly he should get to eat in the first place, especially since he was still completely unused to the cuisine of this land. Maybe he should just let Elvena decide for him? That’d probably be for the best, especially since he wouldn’t have to use any brainpower on deciding. “ Choose food? ” Even as he spoke, he had already sent them off at near maximum speed.

The gray haired girl had reached for the sword and snugly placed it between her thighs a bit, the hilt resting against her shoulder blade as she wrapped her arms around him to secure it there. She nuzzled her cheek into his back, taking full advantage of this scenario, knowing full well there wasn’t entirely much he could do and she didn’t think he’d mind too much. His uncaring attitude left the door open for many things to be looked past. They sped forward and she grinned once again, definitely enjoying the thrill that was feeding her adrenaline junky side. There were very few things to appreciate in life when you feared nothing and cared for little outside of what you held in your hands. The twisted thoughts that usually plagued her didn’t leave much room for others, they just didn’t fit in anywhere. Her life and brain was pretty organized to an obsessive point, rows and rows of cabinets for everything to be filed within being her normal personality. But here? With Takeshi like this? Elvy felt free from it all.

His voice carried itself to her ears and she lifted her head a bit, lips scrunching to the side in silent contemplation. No doubt he’d be unable to hear her softer toned voice if she attempted to even respond, not wanting that effort to be taken by the wind. She squeezed him gently to acknowledge him and kept her crimson eyes on the scenery flashing by them, unable to focus in on any of the details at the speed they were going. The hour snuck up on them quicker than Elvy would’ve liked and she took in one last embrace to satiate her needs before tapping him on the side and pointing towards the inn coming into view that had a smaller dine-in attached to it. They hadn’t crashed so that was a plus and the way he handled the bike left her admittedly impressed. It was complex to her how he could be so passive and unconcerned but somehow always yield amazing results with everything he touched. Takeshi was a puzzle for sure but he was her enigma and hers alone.

Stepping off the bike after arriving at their destination, Takeshi gave the helmet and keys back to Elvena while gingerly taking his sword in exchange, slinging it across his back in its usual position as he took a look around at this small inn that his partner had led them to. The place looked a bit run down, but homey nonetheless. If anything part of it, the weathered aging feel most likely, reminded him of back home and his family. It was a bittersweet thing, really, but the emotions didn’t last beyond a flicker before he was once again simply uncaring, having pushed away the memories, both good and bad, to the side in favor of getting inside, getting a room, and getting some food, not necessarily in that order. Nudging Elvena, he motioned for her to take the lead and, more importantly, get them their lodgings and, above all, the food that she had said would be here. While words were certainly not necessary to convey this particular message to her, he did give her a look and let out a small noise just to further emphasis that this bout of wakefulness of his was going to end soon, so they had better hurry before he decides the food wasn’t worth it and to just go to sleep on the bike.

Elvena Stein

The keys were tucked away into her pocket, helmet being placed carefully back onto its proper place upon her motorcycle. A brow was raised at the noise and she caught on quickly, holding up a finger as if to signal for him to remain where he was. They seemed to be getting better at not having to communicate much with words which was new to her but it surely wasn’t unwelcome. If it wasn’t necessary, then it simply wasn’t necessary. She made her way towards the front of the Inn and approached the counter, fingers tapping against its hard surface as she waited for the person working to be done with whatever they were doing beneath the counter. The man looked surprised as he finally poked his head up, peering at the Stein questionably as he noticed the unamused look plastered on her face. “ Can I help you? “ He asked, looking her over as he noted the woman was definitely not from around these parts. “ Just need a room. “ She replied flatly, not feeling too impressed with the fact that he’d yet to look anywhere but at her. Typical. For my partner and I. “ She added on, gaze shifting out the window in Takeshi’s direction. The employee followed her gaze and straightened up, suddenly shifting into a more professional like stance. “ How many beds will you need? “ The tapping Elvy was previously doing came to a sudden halt, fingers hovering above its surface as she slowly leaned over and raised her hand so it would meet her chin. Those fingertips brushed along her own cheek as she smiled rather mysteriously. “ Surprise me. “ The words fell carelessly from her lips as she rose once again, paying for the night and taking the room key.

Her stride didn’t falter once as she looked like she was about to walk by Takeshi without addressing him, however her hand shot out and she grabbed his hand. Without hesitation she carried on, gaze flickering to each room number as they passed by doors until she stopped in front of the one matching the number on the tag attached to the key. “ Go on in, I’ll grab some food. “ The key was passed over to him, expression becoming more placid as she wandered off towards the small restaurant that wasn’t too far off. A hand was raised in response to a friendly waitress that approached her as she entered and took a seat in a nearby booth, hues taking in the small number of occupants before she looked down at the menu slid in front of her. “ I won’t be staying, just ordering it to go. “ She informed the woman, still reading the different choices and blinking a bit. He doesn’t seem too picky… Elvy thought to herself, finally deciding on just two burgers, fries, and two different type shakes. Vanilla and chocolate. Hopefully he’d want one or the other. To her it was traditional food, not much could go wrong with a burger. One was a bbq bacon burger and the other was a double cheeseburger. If those options didn’t suffice she’d probably feel insanely guilty for ordering something he didn’t want to eat. That would mean he would still be hungry and that just wasn’t acceptable to her. She mused over her thoughts and stared out the window, catching the very rare vehicle speeding by, none seeming to abide by the speed limit. To be fair neither of them had either, back roads and barren roads like these were meant to go all out on.

The waitress returned after about ten minutes and she smiled at her for the quick service, pleased it hadn’t taken too long. She paid and scooted out of the booth, tucking the shakes in an arm and clutching the bags in a guarded manner as she sauntered back to the room. Her head tilted as she made it, eyes falling to her full hands and she sighed a little, using her boot to kick the door in a gentle knocking fashion. The last thing she needed was anyone thinking that she was trying to kick the door down so she took great care to be just loud enough for Takeshi to hopefully hear. In hindsight he could already be passed out in the bed which would make for an awkward time. As much as she wanted to eat with him she wasn’t against hunkering down in front of the door and having a solitary meal.​


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Elgin Text.png

Elgin took a hit from Rin's verbal barrage. He clicked his tongue at her remarks and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeesh... The one time you decide to talk to me and to chew my head off huh? Guess you could call that progress." Elgin looked back at the the other Meister and Weapon duo Morika and Mara. He never seen them up until now so he's unsure of what exactly they're capable of. True enough he didn't know Shinobu that well either, He did get a good taste of Rin's abilities when she turned her arm into a gun and pointed it at his head on the first day of school. (Still totally not his fault kay?) Regardless he'd better actually pay attention for once and see just what his teammates are made of. He sure as hell hoped they did too. He's about to show the trigger happy lass he ain't no dude trying to catch some lucky peeks up girls skirts. Shinobu started the advance forward and soon everyone followed after, These ruins were seriously huge too. Yet so brittle at the same time. "Daaamn if it ain't tempting to just kick one of these pillars and see what happens... But as commanded by the lovely ladies here I'll refrain from it." As they drew closer to their destination they hit their first obstacle. Rin ended up getting herself stuck on a landmine. "Huh? You're on a landmine...?" His face was blank for a few moments before it clicked. "WAIT THIS PLACE HAS LANDMINES!?" Great! First mission ever and already someones one wrong movement away from being blown to smithereens! Alright this ain't no cause for panic. Seems Rin has this one in the bad anyway. Elgin stood back as instructed as Rin shifted into her weapon form. The rifle was immediately shot into the air while Elgin braced for the blast. And like that Rin was on top of the roof. "Pfft... I coulda thought of that..."

However there was a shift in the air almost immediately after the explosion. He wasn't sure if anyone else felt it but he sure did. Turning around to find the source he was met with Arthur once more. But... The air around him was completely different. He wasn't fidgeting or trying to avoid anyone's gaze. Instead he radiated confidence... No... He knew that look in his eye... It wasn't confidence. It was adrenaline. Arthur held out his hand. No words were needed to tell him Elgin needed to transform. Just what's gotten into him all of a sudden? No time to think now. His Meister was giving him a direct order and it was up to him to follow through with it. Elgin transformed into his Gunblade form. Disk in the hilt spinning into place as Arthur jammed him into the blocked door and pulled the trigger... BOOM!!! The doors came flying off the hinges. The path now clear for entry. Elgin smirked from within his soul space as he heard his Meister talk. "Hey... Arthur. I was actually wondering how the hell I resonated with ya... Now... I think I'm starting to figure out why~" Elgin put his hands in his pocket from within his desolate soul space. "Let's say we go catch us a grave robber huh?"

Moving inside Arthur and Shinobu strolled down the hallway while Mara and Morika lingered behind to provide rear support. All the while Elgin lingered in his soul space, watching the whole thing unfold from the back cover of his comic book. Still being in weapon form he couldn't do much else than be a second set of eyes for Arthur and tell him if anything happens. He whistled, the sound echoing through his empty space. "Man this hallway is duuuuuusty! Hard to think any of you can breath in there properly..." Suddenly a small creature hopped up to Elgin. One that he recognised all too well. The little demon that enjoys teasing him from time to time. "Well well... Look at you getting all chummy with you're new teammates." Elgin ignored the creature. Refusing to register anything it says. "You'd best be careful who you trust here. I wonder if you even trust yourself? Especially considering what happened to your last 'Best Fri-'(Smack)." Elgin kicked the little demon away before he could finish the last word. "You talk way too much. Go be someone else's guilty conscience for a while. I'm on a mission here." The Demon snickered yet complied. "I'll always be here. So long as you never forget what you did. I'll always make sure you don't" The demon disappeared once more into the darkness. Arthur would've remained deaf to the conversation between Elgin and the Demon. That was a good thing too, how they could choose when to communicate and when not to. Like speaking through a walkie talkie except way better. Elgin was content staying in the 'accomplice' zone. So long he didn't have to get too close to anyone. Not that anyone would genuinely try to be friends with a delinquent like him anyway. Least of all someone like his Meister.

Soon the fun began. As Shinobu scanned her surroundings she was met with twirling blades headed right towards her. She dodged it with ease yet it came back. She dodged again and again. Looking more stylish as she went. "Heheh. Yeah you go girl!" He shouted out, yet fully aware none but his Meister can hear him. "Think you can pull off shit like that Arthur?" He said in a joking manner. But his grin was gone upon hearing what Shinobu said later on. "More traps huh? This guy really likes to play dirty..." The entire building rumbled, raising up cause for concern. Whatever the hell that was can't spell good news. If an earthquake were to happen while they were in a building like this then they are doomed! Though the likelihood of it being an earthquake was little. Then he heard a scream from above, and someone fell in front of them. It was... Rin!? How'd she survive a fall like that!? And... Why... Did she have cat ears and a tail...? Elgin looked at her for a few good moments and then... Stifled a laugh... "S-seriously? She fell into another trap and THAT'S what it was!?" He stifled his laughter again, barely able to control himself. "Oh man this is amazing!" He looked once more at the window showing the real world and saw something move in the corner. It seemed to be spinning straight towards them!!! "ARTHUR! TO YOUR LEFT!" He shouted hoping he'll react on time.

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Morika looked around at all of the members currently present and smiled contently. When was the last time she was able to spend quality time with other people her age? Morika couldn't recall, but she was grateful that the others seemed to know what they were doing and hummed happily as she and Mara held up the rear. Morika looked all around and took note of what to be careful of when she heard a loud sound. Morika whipped her head around to see what was wrong and froze when she saw Rin. A squeal bubbled up in her throat as she saw Rin. "It's so cute!" Morika squealed happily, a bright sparkle in her eyes as she continued to watch the ears twitch. "Can you purr?" Morika pondered out loud as she squinted an eye and pretended to pet Rin's ears from a distance.

When she heard the male she vaguely remembered being called Elgin shout out a warning, Morika turned to look at what was going on and immediately started running out of the way of the object. As Morika turned to run, she grasped Mara's wrist before taking off to try and get her new partner to safety.
"It will be alright, we just need to use our heads!" Morika said cheerily as she led the other girl away from the object.
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"That sounds fine.. I guess.." mumbled Alcross, in regards to his question being answered. As long as they were sure that trouble would not arise from the innkeeper refusing them service, then he had no issues. There was no guarantee that the mission would be completed within a single night especially when their information on the potential Kishin was severely limited. Having a place to stay was definitely reassuring even if it did look like the building was in need of some tender loving care. He gave a brief glance at the archaic building before returning his attention back on their group; the whole while he had been listening to Alice's suggestion about information gathering. A tedious task, but one that was pivotal to their success on this mission.

At the mention of splitting up into pairs, Alcross's attention turned to his crimson haired partner. For the briefest of moments his thoughts tilted towards how she would cope on the mission, considering that this was their first time. Alcross on the other hand had grown up listening to stories about his Uncle and great uncle's achievements; stories about how the famed Scythe Meister Soul and his partner Maka had been pivotal in the fight against Ashura and Arachne. Alcross at least had some kind of idea as to what they may be facing off against tonight, of course that didn't mean that he himself was fully prepared. There was no way for him to be certain that he was prepared to fight, not until that initial moment when a kishin first appears. Would he hold his ground and fight alongside his Meister? or would he crumble against the face of adversity and flee?. Alcross would only discover that answer during the initial first contact.

Sighing to himself and shaking such thoughts out of his head, Alcross turned to Camilla and placed a hand upon her shoulder, his crimson eyes staring into her violet eyes. "Let's go..." he uttered softly, Alcross agreeing with Alice's decision to split up. It made sense to cover more ground by dividing themselves into two groups. The more information gathered, the better position they'd be in tonight.

The hour had gone by rather quickly as the duo walked around the village gathering information from the locals, though it didn't mean it was successful. What had initially started out as an abundance of information had quickly deteriorated into the same old repetition of the same facts. No matter how much they had tried to discover anything new, the locals answers were almost always the same, like a broken record being played. That alone was enough to get Alcross to feel slightly agitated, though he didn't really show it aside from being less involved in the question asking towards the latter parts of the hour. Seeing as how the answers they'd been getting had been the same, Alcross had instead turned his attention to their surroundings; eyes scanning the various people and ears listening for idle chatter that may have lead to new information.

Just because they asked the question didn't mean that the answer they got was legitimate and the fact that their replies had seemed to be rehearsed due to its similarity to one another had made it all the more suspicious. Was it possible that the locals were hiding information from them? Alcross's attempts however were again, futile. He was still a rookie on the job, not a professional sleuth.. at least not yet.

With the hour ending, the pair soon found themselves walking back to the Inn; catching the duo of Alice and Lew outside the inn, the four of them getting a room at Alice's expense. Alcross did try to offer to split the payment but it seemed his soft spoken voice was not heard as Alice flashed the cash and paid for a two teams. Another sigh had escaped Alcross during all of this. He did come from a rather wealthy background, helping to pay would not have burdened him in the slightest.

Alcross sat with his back pressed against one of the beds as they began to discuss what they had each discovered, his suspicions coming to fruition when Alice and Lew's discovery had basically echoed their own. Either this was literally the only information that could be discovered or the towns people were hiding something. Those were the only two possibilities seeing as how dozens upon dozens of people had basically all said the same thing.

With their information gathering not being as successful as they had hoped, it was soon agreed that they would all benefit from getting some shut eye now, considering how the Kishin was only active at night. Alcross found himself bunking with the other weapon Lew, though words were not exchanged as they shared the bed. Instead Alcross found himself on his side with his back facing the rest of the group, his hoodie still pulled over himself as he quickly succumbed to slumber.

Dreams of a life outside of the DWMA were soon shattered as he felt a hand upon his shoulder, the faint shaking causing him to slowly awake from his nap; two heavy eyes falling upon the long blonde hair of Lewellyn. "Alcross" mumbled the boy in response as he stretched his body out, shaking slightly from the pleasure of a proper stretch and a good yawn. "It's just Alcross. No lord" he mumbled again, pulling himself up into a sitting position. "There is no reason for you to call me Lord, so I'd appreciate it if you stopped" Alcross's tone may have come off a bit rude, but that was only because it had irked him to be called Lord. Whatever Lew's reasons were, Alcross did not want any special treatment from anyone or any titles. He was here as a student, like everyone else. As far as he was concerned they were all equals and thus should treat each other equally. Hands pulling down his hood to reveal a tangled mess of light blue strands, Alcross turned towards the other bed, his crimson haired partner still asleep on the other bed.



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Mara Wesson
Mara looked over Morika and gave a small nod, her meister had been vague about a plan but hadn't seemed upset over staying in the back. However at Morika's comment Mara let out a small breath of laughter, "yeah, good thing we're partners." Apparently their souls would work well together and they had been assigned partners, which was somewhat of a relief. Mara had overheard other meisters during the week bragging about their weapon partners, specifically how flashy the weapons were or how cool they looked wielding. How cool a person looked didn't matter, what mattered is if they could hold their own and wouldn't be killed in the first five minutes of battle. Shinobu joined the group and Mara nodded at the strategy, the teen appeared as calm as ever despite her weapon on the roof. The teen went further in and blades appeared from the wall, a sawblade that the meister was able to outmaneuver.

Morika led the way from the rear, skirting airing the skirmishes. Mara kept her eyes on the action, trying to find a pattern that could be used as an advantage. Mara heard her meister hum and tucked that fact away for future questions she had for the teen. Run came into vision and she faltered,
“ok, that’s new.” A warning rang out and Mara’s wrist was grabbed by her still smiling partner. Once they were a relatively safe distance Mara looked at her, “looks like we’re up. We need to cover their backs, once we start shooting we may get targeted. If that happens, blast em, I’ve got your back.”

With a meaningful look Mara grasped Morika’s hand and transformed, “alright, time to go. You said you had a plan?”


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Arthur and Dramatic Entrances
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It was time. Adrenaline high, eyes sharp and muscles teetering that fine line between tense and lax. The young meister stepped into the building, he feet passing over what remained of the all but ancient door. He was expecting immediate resistance. Something beyond the initial threshold that would test his mettle. But he would be disappointed. What was left of this room was largely empty of threats, and at first nothing moved but him and his allies. He did see a multitude of makeshift pedestals, upon which sat many oddities. Anything from bottles of vibrantly colored liquid to metal pieces as dark as night and everything in between was fair game among this displayed collection. If one didn't know better, one could think it was a trophy collection. But Arthur and his team knew these were just stolen relics from witches most likely killed by the DWMA. Stolen trophies then. Despicable.

But that was not what was on Arthur's mind. the lack of immediate threat had caused his adrenaline to waver, and with it his priorities in terms of perception.

"Arthur. I was actually wondering how the hell I resonated with ya... "


"Do you see anything?"

I'm expected to see something, aren't I?

"...we will have a problem."

Are we? Did I derail their plan?

"Think you can pull off shit like that Arthur?"

From there, having been struck with his greatest weakness, his mind spiraled. His body froze up save for a trembling of hands. They didn't think he could keep up with the evasive moves. They thought he would cause problems. They think he's shortsighted. That... his resonance with his partner was a fluke... How does one react to a thought like that? And why did he have to think that now? Why did they have to say these things now? It was Elgin's idea to go with the team. Was this why? Was thi-


His weapon's call telepathic cut through the tide of anxiety like the sword he was. In the span of an instant, his adrenaline and all it entailed returned, and at practiced speeds his eyes and free hand shot to his left. By the end of the instant, Arthur held one of the double blades in a vice like grip, having caught it as opposed to dodging, with little more than a drop of blood sliding down the metal as a price. Everything his senses had picked up while he was descending into insecurity came back to him all at once. Shoulder Pads and Spiral Hair strategizing, Cool Mask dodging spinning blades that are sometimes eyes, Loud Red providing overwatch followed by her not providing overwatch... and acquiring feline augments... Despite the absurdity, his rational thought did return with a command to himself.


As Arthur came back to his senses, the no longer spinning blade in his grip shook and expanded into a disk made to look like an eye. Despite the object's magical change in size, Arthur's grip remained tight along one of it's sides like it were a Frisbee. He could feel the object fight his grip, wanting to turn it's gaze and seek a new target. That wouldn't be happening, as Arthur raised Elgin up, jammed his twin blades into the eye face and, with a twist of the sword against an unrelenting grip, broke the device apart.

"Bravo to you, my esteemed guests!"

A voice, deep and laced with arrogance echoed from near the top of the chamber. Tossing the one fragment of the eye-sawblade thing still in his grip aside, Arthur turned and looked up to see their target. Clad in white with a million and one spots where light reflected and energy swirled, the swordsman they were informed about appeared to be hovering. No, that wasn't right. He was descending, as if falling, but very slowly. Part of the mission's warning was to be cautions of unusual items. Could one slow one's fall?

"I hope you have been enjoying what my home has to offer so far. I can assure you my collection has far more to offer. I've spent many years gathering the mightiest arsenal the world has ever known. It's a true shame you won't live long enough to see it..."

At this point, the white clad man drew a mighty blade and leveled it with his eyes in a traditional stance. Problem was, he hadn't touched the ground yet. As his slowed decent continued, so too did his speech.

"...Indeed... you shall all meet your end here today... The DWMA thinks it can come after my magnificent collection of very dangerous magical weapons? HA! They are mistaken! If you were wise, you would tremble in your boots!"

Still hasn't touched the ground. Not even close in fact. His stance wavered and... was that sweat?

"... you... have already witnessed the powers at my disposal! Yes! Witness the transformative abilities I wield! See the horror as you friend will continue to transform... over the course of... YOUR DEMISE!"

As the team's prey descended into (hopefully) bluffs to fill the time until he touches the ground, Arthur was already on the move. The meister had spent this time traversing the debris, building the nessisary momentum and angle necessary to reach the swordsman's current altitude. Thus, with a sprint, three jumps and a single blast from his weapon, Arthur found himself en route to drop kick this "villain" in the teeth midair. (He would have prefered a slash, but he misjudged an angle on the third jump and here we are)


Socially Anxious

Morika nervously held Mara in her weapon form carefully, both glad that she was right about Mara being light, but also just now realizing that she couldn't run away from this problem like all of her other problems. Morika snapped her attention to the male clad in white and looked upon him in awe. She had never seen such a beautifully made tux with a long loose thread like that in years! Though she had to focus on one thing at a time or else everything would become yoo much.

"Hey Mara, there's something I need to tell you…I don't know how to fire a gun" Morika said sheepishly as she looked at all of the beautiful designs on her partner's weapon form. Morika looked back up at the man who was advancing on the rest of her team. "Though if someone were to pull on that thread part of his suit will fall apart!" Morika shouted trying to be helpful to the rest of the team as she tried her best to figure out how to fire a gun, hoping that Mara would help her out.


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So the plan was to split up into two pairs. Obviously each pair consisting of a Meister and their respective weapon. Intel seemed to be first on the agenda and Camilla felt no need to argue with such a suggestion. Alice seemed as if she was really good at this kind of stuff. Her ability to quickly get a viable plan in place and do it with such confidence can easily land her as the leader of the team. The crimson haired girl didn't think she herself could fill such a pivotal role so she was glad for Alice stepping in instead. She and Alcross locked eyes for a quick moment before he beckoned her to start their task. Just before she moved though she took one last look at the Inn. It's been a while since she slept under a proper roof. No matter how questionable the building looked it was sure to beat Doren's homemade leaf tents any day. "Alright. Let's see how much we can learn." Camilla and Alcross walked together from person to person. Questioning them about their restless nights. If they knew what kind of Kishin the team would be facing against. But it was all met with answers they already knew from the get go. Strange noises causing a large enough panic for people to board up their windows and doors during the night. The fact these people knew nothing more than that was concerning at best.

But still they pressed on, hoping that by some stroke of luck someone might have some new information to share. But alas... Nothing... Something was off... It started to feel as if the residents were purposefully trying to hide things from them. But why? If this Kishin was causing so much trouble wouldn't you share as much information as you could? Either that or they genuinely didn't know anything else. In the end Camilla and Alcross agreed to call it a day and head back to the Inn. Given the fact Camilla had no idea where she was right now she let Alcross take the lead. Assuming he probably had a better chance of remembering the route than she did. However the whole walk back, Camilla couldn't help but feel that something was very wrong here. She couldn't quite tell why but it was there. She pulled up her hood and tugged it forward in an attempt to block off the negative sensation. A concerned expression on her features. "What manner of creature are we up against here?" Having finally made it back to the Inn. Alice took the burden of paying the rent for the room. One more thing Cami was grateful to her for. Given her lack any currency she won't be able to pay for much until they get paid for completing this mission. Wait... We get paid for doing these contracts right??

Camilla laid in bed and allowed her eyes to drift to a close... Soon she opened them to find herself staring at a clouded over sky. White flakes falling from above. It was snowing. She got up off the snow covered ground to get her bearings. It didn't take her long to realise she was shorter. Reduced to a small child's height. In fact... That's exactly what she was... She heard the voice of two young boys calling to her. She turned around to see them. One with long blonde hair... And the other's short and black. Those were her friends. Fedrin and Doyle Not dead. Running around Duskview Village. Not in ruins. She soon found herself running towards them. Playing and having fun as if nothing happened. Did she dream the whole thing? Did nothing bad actually happen? The three of them fell on their backs simultaneously and laughed. Not a single care in the world.
It wasn't long before Camilla heard a much older and familiar voice calling to her from afar. "Cami! You're going to catch a cold if you lie on the snow like that!" It was her Dad, Venta.... Alive as ever. He extended his hand and helped little Camilla onto her feet. She looked deep into his eyes, tears starting to well up before overflowing. "Oh dear! Cami what's the matter?" She ran into his arms, crying into his shoulder as she tried to talk through her tears. "Y-You won't ever leave me will you Dad?" Venta let out a small sigh. A bittersweet smile on his face. "I'm afraid... That's impossible." Her sobbing came to a halt, all of a sudden the village was on fire once again. Screaming and panic enveloping her ears. "W-why...?" "Because... It's time for you to wake up." Her eyes widened in horror. All the noise became silent. A shadowed figure strolled up behind her father, raising it's sickle in the air before slashing it down Venta's back.

Back in the real world. Camilla shot up from her bed. "DAAAAAD!!" The look of pure fear and dread plastered on her face. However as she looked around the room. She figured out what was going on... And also seemed to have earned herself a few stares from her teammates. Realising what was happening she tried to calm herself down as best she could. "S-Sorry! Everyone! I... Just had a bad dream is all..." She tried her best to play it off as a mere nightmare but it was so much more than that. It was a memory. Distorted by the terrible trauma she suffered. She took a glance at the nightstand beside her, her bow leaning against it. Exactly where she left it. Good. She took it in her hands. Staring at it for perhaps a moment too long before slinging it on her shoulder once more. C'mon you can do this Cami! You're ready for this! FInally she stood up straight. A confident grin now visible on the girl's features once more as she looked between Alice, Lew and Alcross. "I'm ready to go when you all are!"

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No matter how many times she has told Lew to stop addressing others (As well as herself), as Lord/Lady, it never seemed to stick and would always fall on deaf ears. Though she couldn't get mad at him for it. It just seemed to be hard wired in his brain and it was difficult to get out of a habit like that. She watched her partner wake up Alcross, not able to help the smile pulling at her lips. His tone was a little on the rough side, but she didn't pay any mind to it because not only did he just wake up from a nap, but he had also shared the same idea that she had. While he's getting up, I'm going to work on waking Camilla. she thought to herself, turning from the guys and moving over to the bed that she shared with the redhead. I feel like I'm disturbing a bear in its hibernation state. waking people up while they were sleeping always felt rude to the young blonde. When she had done it in the past, she would always get yelled at and thus she felt like it was wrong to do so. She climbed onto the bed and keeled down on it, reaching forward to gently wake Cami up from her slumber.

Though, as soon as she touched her, Camilla had shot up while yelling for her father. Which caused Alice to get spooked and fall back off the bed with a slight squeak and onto the ground, her eyes widen in fear as she looked at her teammate who had also been in fear, looking around the room to get a look at her environment. Did Alice cause this? Did she just cause Cami to have a sudden fear just by touching her in that exact moment? As she began to apologize and say it was a bad dream, it didn't stop the fear that welled up in Alice's heart. Her hands began to tremble and she slowly propped herself up from the wooden floorboards. She's okay. See? She's grinning and...Oh who am I kidding...She's hiding her own fear from a nightmare... the meister thought as she slowly got up from the ground, her hands still trembling as she clenched them into fists to prevent them from shaking so much. The blonde drew a deep breath to try to calm herself "Cami, you don't...You don't have to apologize for having a nightmare. It could just be nerves getting the best of you" she pointed out before looking at the rest of their team. "I'm ready as well, what about you two?" she asked, masking her fear with a fake confidence that would probably falter at any given moment. The faster they would get outside, the faster they could get some fresh air before having to be plagued by the mission itself.

Little did the team know that the fear that they felt now was nothing compared to what they were going to feel in just a bit of time...The fear that they kept hidden away...the fear they feared most...​
"I apologize milord, it was not my intention to offend you." The servant's tone was apologetic and his head dipped slightly as well. Then, Llewellyn stepped away from the bed and the other male to give Lord Alcross the space he needed to get prepared for an evening of Kishin Hunting. He did not think that it would take the other Weapon long for Lord Alcross had gone to bed dressed and therefore should only take at most a scant few minutes to prepare. Though, the servant did find Lord Alcross's words to be painfully similar to Lady Alice's when they had first formed their partnership. Did Lady Alice advise the other individuals within our team to discourage me from addressing them as I am required to? Llewellyn could not rule out that possibility, especially since his Meister had constantly been trying to prevent him from carrying out his tasks.

It was a concerning line of thinking, one that had the servant feeling understandably nervous. If Lady Alice did convince our teammates to discourage me from following Lady Helena's training then what was the extent of the listed restrictions? Wait, did Lady Allison tell Lady Alice about the training? And if so, did Lady Allison request Lady Alice to prevent me from following my training? The servant had been cleaning the brush he had used by plucking the strays hairs from its bristles while he pondered the possibility that his teammates were attempting to sabotage his way of life.

Thankfully, a loud cry followed by a thud dragged Llewellyn from his thoughts and compelled him to glance over towards its point of origin. The servant was surprised to see that it was Camilla who had screamed, while the thud was Lady Alice hitting the floor. The servant did not let his surprise prevent him from trying to help and he tried to hurry over to assist Lady Alice in getting back up to her feet. However, his Meister did not require Llewellyn's assistance for she was more than capable of propping herself up. The blonde girl then began to speak to the panicked red head. Lady Alice appears to be trying to calm Lady Camilla for the moment at least. Perhaps I could ask the bartender or the proprietor of this establishment if they have Chamomile in stock. If they do not carry Chamomile, then hopefully some Peppermint tea would assist in soothing Lady Camilla's mind after her Night Terror. With a plan in mind, the servant quietly slipped out of the room so that he did not disturb the other occupants any further. Coincidentally, the moment Llewellyn had left was also the moment Lady Alice had turned to inquire to the males' readiness.

Llewellyn swiftly made his way down the stairs, knowing full well that his time was limited for this task. The three other DWMA students, as well as himself, were expected to rectify this town's potential Kishin problem, however, Llewellyn simply could not leave any of his betters in distress. This was why Llewellyn rushed immediately over to the bar counter within the Inn to inquire about their selection of Tea in stock, specifically Chamomille and failing that, Peppermint. Fortunately, the Inn did stock Chamomile Tea, though it was more expensive than Llewellyn had anticipated. Still, with his task completed the servant now made his way back to the room, hands carefully wrapped around the warm travel cup of tea.

Llewellyn had not been away for too long, a few minutes at most, yet even that small delay may have consequences. When Llewellyn finally reached the door to the room the team had been resting in he knocked firmly upon the door. Then, the servant immediately opened the door after making his presence known to the room's occupants. He did not immediately enter the room, instead Llewellyn let everyone notice that it was him before he took a single step into the area. It would not have been proper to simply barge into the room and startle Lady Alice, Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross. Additionally it was possible that Lord Alcross would have attacked the servant had he not given them all time to recognize him. "I apologize for stepping out without warning, milord and ladies." Llewellyn quickly yet carefully closed the door behind himself before he continued to talk. "I have some Chamomile Tea here for Lady Camilla." The servant raised the cup that was in his hand slightly to indicate that it was the tea he spoke of. "It should help ease your mind after your scare milady." Llewellyn made his way over towards Lady Alice and Lady Camilla so that he could offer the drink to the red haired Meister.

Mission: Investigate The Town

Location: The Inn Room

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Elias Stein


Elias felt it all around him, he felt it eat at him like a fire that was trying to consume him whole. This adrenaline, this satisfactory feeling of cutting down their enemies with an ease such as this was exhilarating. The Stein’s wicked smile spread across the blade of the buster sword, eyes flaring with the satiation they were receiving as each scarecrow burst into pieces around them. He heard his partner's words, in his mind, aloud, it was all around him but it was so far away. Each time he spoke it was muffled, like one trying to scream through a pillow just to be heard by anyone. That feeling was drowning him and Elias was rapidly losing the war of sanity. The longer they fought, the longer he felt Marcus’s determination coursing through him, the quicker he was descending into a dark twisted place. A place he only recalled going to once, a place that had taken extreme measures to bring him back from. And then it was over, an eerie silence drifting as the remnants of their attackers were now a steady rainfall of ash. The only occasional sound was the flicker of a flame, a lick of its tongue sounding like a campfire that was engulfing each piece left behind greedily.

With this Elias sighed happily, loving that sound above all else. He appeared once again as a human, hands still shoved safely in his pockets, his body lazily hunched over. A single hand reached forward, grasping the leftover soul, its color so red that he feared it would begin to bleed if he squeezed it. His canines flashed among the darkness as he consumed the soul with as little effort as possible, gaze resting on Marcus. “ I’d rather not. “ He said with a hint of irritation, knowing that following the random trail into the woods was probably the worst decision anyone made in a horror movie. Yet somehow people always did and apparently they were going to be no different. His features looked pretty miffed as he watched with annoyance as Marcus walked off with an oblivious tone to his steps. “ You’ve got to be shitting me man. “ The words were spat out as he ran after his partner, steps resounding loudly against the more quiet nature of the forest starting to surround them.

Are you seriously setting us up for the slaughter right now? Random ass trail? Cobwebbed engulfed cabin? The fuck dude, are you psycho? I don’t care what’s going on in there. “ He began shouting loudly, once again his chill no match for the fiery inferno that was his personality. He turned around to jab a finger against Marcus’s chest, repetitively pushing it further into his partner’s chest with each word that left his lips. “ We. Are. Going. Right. The. Hell. Now. “ Elias demanded, eyes cold and face giving away anything but a serious tone for once. It was then that he felt it; the goosebumps. They traveled across his skin as he felt a chill slither down his spine. His entire body seemed to creak as he turned slowly, cold gaze meeting a sinister one that was staring at the from the top of the cabin. He wasn’t staring at normal eyes, no, they just had to be beady ass spider eyes. “ No, no, no, no. “ He started repeating but he was unable to move. It was as if fear was a tightly knit ugly ass Christmas sweater that his grandma made for him when she didn’t realize he didn’t fit into children’s clothes anymore. It began to descend, it’s long legs making a small noise with each board it stepped upon. The noise was making him shake, his insanity starting to break through. It was as if the thing was stroking his madness and trying to lull it out.

Elias grit his teeth and did the only thing he could think of, knowing escape was their only option. Sure he was hot headed but unlike others might believe about the guy, he was anything but a fool with a death wish. His movements were sluggish as he turned, muscles tightening as he wrapped his arms around Marcus, an explosion being released beneath his feet that sent them skyrocketing from their current position and flying through the trees. He winced as branches tore at his clothes and skin but he refused to stop shielding Marcus with his body. Once they were clear of the woods he shifted back into his weapon form, knowing Marcus would recover from the shock of his actions just in time to spin him around and land them soundly. He was quick to change for a fourth time that night, cuts and dirt scattered across his exposed skin. “ We need to go and report this to Lord Death. “ That was all he said as he turned and secretly pulled out a pill bottle out of Marcus’s sight, popping one in as if it were a mint before shoving the bottle back out of view. He breathed deeply and sat down on his bike, fishing his keys out and shoving the helmet on his head in a manner that screamed he wasn’t making any more pit stops. Nor was he going to talk about any of this for a while. Back there he was frozen and he didn’t take kindly to that. He sat there, hands on the handles before him, and waited to hear the sound of Marcus’s engine before he took off. Elias extended a hand as he drove through the village, flipping it off as he passed by.

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[Location: Inn Bed]
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A minute? No. 30 seconds? Ha. 10? Not even. Did Alcross's words go in one ear and out the other? Did Lewellyn simply ignore Alcross's wish? Did he not care? Was this attitude of his so ingrained into his personality that it overode everything else? Alcross's didn't know what Lew's deal was or what his background may have been, but the fact remained that the other demon weapon had done the opposite of what Alcross had asked. Whether he had done it intentionally to annoy him or unintentionally didn't really matter as the mere fact that he was being undeservedly treated as something 'special' was enough to rile him up. This was no different to the suffocating atmosphere that he had tried to escape back at the Bellagio. Was it his destiny to receive unwarranted special treatment wherever he went? Could he not have the satisfaction of actually working towards a goal, to see his hard work and effort actually rewarded?

The blue haired boy turned towards Lew and glared at him with a particularly irritated glow in his eyes, though he remained quiet on the matter. Alcross did not wish to encourage hostility between himself and his team mates, especially before they were about to head out in search of a Kishin to fight. Without a doubt, they would have to rely on one another if things did turn sour, so it was better to maintain the peace rather then upset it. Animosity and hostility were the last things they needed, especially if it was over something that was in all honesty, quite trivial. A mere personal problem of Alcross's that was being poked and prodded by Lew's subservient attitude. Alcross would need to properly talk to him once this mission was over, to make clear how adamant he was in regards to this treatment coming from Lew. By all accounts, Alcross was no better than Lew. They were equals, both still at the starting line of their growth as Demon weapons, neither better than the other. What reason did Lewellyn have to act like a servant around them?

Alcross was about to head towards the bathroom to wash his face when his attention was quickly stolen by the scene unfolding on the other bed, Camilla's pained cry causing Alcross's soul to spike as he turned on his heel and quickly leaped over the bed he and Lew shared, easily brushing past Lewellyn and past Alice who was now sprawled on the floor. "What did you do?!" he spat towards Alice, assuming that her close proximity to Camilla had something to do with her waking up in such a state, though he didn't need an answer as Camilla spoke next; quickly playing down the situation as nothing more than a bad nightmare. Alcross however remained concerned and so to did the little passenger he harboured within himself; a faint cackling echoing within the hallowed corridors of his inner soul.

"Are you sure you're alright?" replied Alcross, as Camilla stood up and voiced her readiness, Alcross turning towards Alice as she too voiced her status. "As long as Camilla is fine, then so am I" he added, turning around to see where Lew was at, only to not see him anywhere... at least not until a few minutes later when the sound of the door opening has pulled his attention in that direction; the blonde haired weapon appearing with a cup, soon revealed to be holding Chamomile tea.

Alcross merely stared at the other man, wondering why he was the way he was.



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Alice did take notice of Lew leaving the room. She was rather confused as to why, but, it was too late to ask now. He was gone, possibly to find something out in the inn or something. What? She didnt know. She shifted her gaze over to Alcross who had gotten upset at her, causing her body to tense up slightly and her heart to skip a beat. It was upsetting that he had thought that the blonde hurt poor Camilla. Though she couldn't blame him because she had thought the same, thinking that she hurt her own teammate just by a simple touch. The blue-haired teen didn't exactly apologize to her, but it was something around that to an extent. Though not entirely. Lew walked into the room after knocking with a cup of tea for Camilla, claiming it would calm her down. I feel like he will never stop putting others above himself... this almost caused Alice to frown, that was until a voice echoed within her head 'Hahahaha... He's a servant, my little Alice. He's at your disposal... You can do whatever you want to him. You can tell him to do anything that you want him to do.' the voice echoed within her mind. Her jaw clenching as the voice continued 'You can let me play with him, Alliiceee~ I'll treat him right, I promiiiissseee!' knowing not to give into the voice, she shook her head and pushed it away. "Let's go after Camilla has her tea. Gives us time to fully prepare." she said, her words a bit strained as if she was holding back something.

After Camilla had finished drinking her tea and everyone had been fully equipped, she asked her partner to change for her and proceeded to put him on her left arm before leaving the room with the rest of her team. Walking through the halls of the inn and down the large wooden stairs that lead right down to the dining hall. It was empty and it seemed someone was already starting to boarder up the door "Wait." she called, jogging over "Allow us outside please before you close that." the man looked at her, raising an eyebrow "Why would you want to go outside? That's a bad idea." he said before Alice shook her head with a determined look on her face "Don't worry. We're here to help. We may be kids, but we're skilled." a little bit of a lie, she didn't know how skilled the others had been. But hopefully this guy had took the bluff. Which he had by sighing and opening the door to let the team out. "Alright...Be careful out there." he said, Alice giving him a nod in thanks and slipping out the door with her team. The door had closed behind them, locked, and was being barricaded. Taking a look around, the streets were barren, no life to be seen. Emeralds shifted up to the sky, and noticed how dark it had gotten, no doubt their kishin would be on the prowl.

Llewellyn would feel within their link that her soul wavelength was a little off. Something bothering her but she refused to say anything to him. Alice was aware he would feel what she was feeling, and all the meister could do was hope that he didn't notice. Though, what Alice didn't realize, was that her madness had snuck into Lew's space, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms delicately around his body. Her voice mimicking Alice's. 'Hey Lew...' her madness said, her cheek resting against his back 'please don't turn around... Just let me hug you like this...' how her madness was being undetected was unknown, but she was taking advantage of it. Her hands shifted and gently placed themselves flat against his chest, feeling the warmth coming off of his skin 'This is the only time I can be like this with you... You drive me insane...this past week, you've done nothing but call me Milady and Lady. When all I've wanted was for you to call me by my name.' her voice seemed to have cracked, almost sounding like she was going to cry, to which she had, her embrace tightening around him as she sobbed softly 'How could you act so formal with me? Treat me as if...as if I hired you to be my slave?' she went quiet for a few moments, a smirk tugging at her lips while she held Lew in her embrace. Before making her crying audible once again 'Am I not allowed to bond with my partner? Am I forever going to have to be addressed as 'Milady Alice' and 'Lady Alice'? Will I never get to hear just my name leave your lips?' she wanted to toy with him, toy with his emotions. Throw him off. Make him vulnerable so she could strike.

While this was going on, the pair had been carefully going through the town, keeping watch over every corner and watching each other's backs "I know this is a low threat mission, but if things get rough, Camilla. I want you to get behind me, okay? Having a shield always pretty nice." she informed the Redhead, giving her a warm smile in the dark, looking and examining the environment that felt like the silence alone could kill. But that's when she took advantage of it because not only did she hear something closer to Camilla, but she noticed something quickly going for her teammate. "Camilla right!" she shouted, grabbing her teammate by her sleeve, yanking the redhead back into her own body and holding her close while using her shield to block the incoming attack that slammed right into the face of Lew's shield. Above the shield, she could see the Kishin's glowing eyes. He looked like a shadow, it radiated off of him like smoke almost. With a yell, she shoved the kishin back a few feet, releasing Camilla and looking at the monster in front of them "That's him. That's our target." instead of being scared, she was in fact pretty confident in her act. There was one thing that rubbed her the wrong way, which was that Lew was quiet the entire time.

"Lew talk to me. You're too quiet and you know how much I hate the silence when it's gone for far too long." The silence within the bond was something that felt like white noise on a phone. It was eerie, scary, as if something was creeping up and ready to pounce. "He was able to use the shadows to get the upper hand on us...I didnt see him at first till after he had come out from the ground." Alice informed the team "Would explain why he only comes out at night." with careful eyes, she watched the creature lift his hand and wipe his mouth as if he was salivating over the fact that there was four souls out in the open for him. Two of them being Demon Weapons. A laugh then escaped his lips, his voice was deep, she could just tell by the laugh alone "It must be my lucky day, I have a feast right in front of me." he pointed his scythe at the pair with a smirk, his teeth glowing bright within the dark. "Thank you." he said before suddenly charging at the pair, bringing his scythe back in preparation to strike and kill his opponents in one sweep.


Llewellyn felt as though he was being watched intently by the other two occupants in the room when he handed the cup of tea to Lady Camilla. He was tempted to look their way, but he did not wish to be seen as impertinent for doing so. Have I done something to offend Lady Alice and Lord Alcross? The servant considered this as he made his way over to one of the room's walls to wait until Lady Alice had said it was time to go. Llewellyn patiently waited while Lady Camilla drank her tea and, this time he was not stuck within his own mind. This time, Llewellyn was able to listen in on the quiet din of noise from downstairs that was swiftly becoming silent. He was able to glance up and take note of what his teammates were doing and how they appeared to be feeling. It was nice to finally be able to do his job.

When Lady Camilla had finished her cup of tea, Lady Alice had asked him to fulfill his other obligation. "As you wish milady." Was all the servant said before he pushed off of his place on the wall to walk over to his Meister. Llewellyn then gently took hold of Lady Alice's right hand, an action that caused his ache to return as his soul tried to reach out to her's. "Please forgive my boldness." He whispered more to himself than to Lady Alice as he squashed the ache and feelings that came with it before shoving them back from where they came. Then a dim flash encompassed his form as he morphed into a purple shield that was now situated within his Meister's right hand.

Now that he was in his Weapon Form, Llewellyn let Lady Alice make use of him in whatever way she saw fit. Though it may be considered strange that he preferred himself in this form, as useless as it was, in comparison to his Human Guise. In his Weapon Form, Llewellyn was in his truest state, a tool forever at the disposal of their Meister. An object to be utilized until it no longer served its purpose. If he had the opportunity, Llewellyn would have probably relinquished his ability to become flesh and blood because everything was much simpler as a tool. Still, Llewellyn knew that he could not do this, even if he had been given the option. There were still some of his betters who preferred him as a servant.

The Weapon let his gaze wander about his soul room with the intention of memorizing the area. This had only been the thirtieth time he had entered this realm of his own making and yet so much had changed. Two years ago, these white walls, patterned ceiling and empty flower pots were nowhere to be seen. When he was with Lady Vera, this place had been little more than an indistinguishable endless hallway. No furniture, no doors, no windows and no exits. It was quite different from the white room before him now. Was this change due to Lady Alice's presence in his life?

The servant had a hand upon one of the four odd, white empty flower pots as he entertained his thoughts when he finally took notice of an odd sensation. Llewellyn let out a short sigh as he prepared to bury some more of his dredged up feelings, but first he had to find out where they were. He allowed his awareness of the world outside of his soul room to fade away as his focus shifted inwards. He pushed by his memories, his emotions which threatened to drown him if he gave them too much attention and his past insecurities when he had foolishly believed that he was a person. Llewellyn trudged through it all with a single minded focus to rid himself of the distraction. Though, once Llewellyn had finally located the source of the disturbance, he was surprised to notice that the feeling he had detected was not his own, but his Meister's. Is Lady Alice alright? I do not detect any injuries upon her person, yet I am uncertain as to what this feeling is.

While the servant looked more closely into this internal disturbance, he did not realize that something had snuck up behind him. Arms wrapped around his frame, forcing him out of his moment of contemplation and nearly into a state a sheer panic. It was only the voice that came from behind himself that gave Llewellyn pause. "Lady Alice?" The Weapon whispered in disbelief. He was about to turn around to confirm that it truly was Lady Alice within his soul room when she had requested him to refrain from doing so. His back nearly became rigid as he complied with Lady Alice's request. Still, Llewellyn could not help but feel uncomfortable with this situation. Many men would have killed to be embraced by an attractive young woman, yet all it did was fill Llewellyn with trepidation. This very situation was wrong and improper. There was no reason for Lady Alice-no, for any of his betters to touch him in this manner. It was almost as though they were silently implying hat his training was wrong, that Lady Helena's teachings were wrong. Lady Helena could not be wrong, because if she was...no. He had to be stronger than this. He had to be better than useless things like emotions or else he would be incapable of serving.

Llewellyn tried to wrestle with emotions and ideas he had thought were killed off years ago while Lady Alice continued to embrace him from behind. He was so focused upon defeating his old demons once more that he had nearly missed the rest of Lady Alice's words, which were quickly adding up to a short speech of sorts. In the early portion of Lady Alice's speech Llewellyn did not feel remorseful until the girl's voice cracked with emotion. Then, the tears came and Llewellyn truly felt as though he had failed Lady Alice in some capacity. He did not believe his previous actions were wrong, yet the servant still wanted to do something, anything to ease the pain he had unknowingly inflicted upon his Meister. "Milady," Llewellyn winced, knowing that word would only upset the girl more. "Alice." Gods did that ever sound wrong, even if it had been no louder than a strangled whisper. Llewellyn wanted to carve out his own tongue for daring to speak to Lady Alice in such a manner, yet he pushed through the surge of self-loathing so that he could continue. "It was not my intention to hurt you so. If there is anything I can do to ease your pain, please do not hesitate to ask."

The servant then tried to grapple with his emotions and force them down so that he could focus on the girl behind himself. This was why Llewellyn was understandably confused when he heard Lady Alice's voice from the connection between their souls. Silent? We have been talking for a short while now. Are you not right behind.....Meisters are not capable of entering their Weapon's Soul Room, are they milady? Llewellyn's confusion slowly faded away as he began to understand at least one thing. Whatever he had been talking to, whatever had been right behind him was not his Lady Alice. The servant tried to carefully remove the arms of whomever was embracing him before he attempted to turn and face the entity that had invaded his realm.

Mission: Investigate The Town

Inn Room, Lady Alice's Arm/Soul Room

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The Elder

Getting the Hell Out of Dodge367-3674815_league-of-legends-true-damage-ekko.jpgElias' rant brought forth a feeling Marcus only gets when he's listening to country music. That feeling, is the constant feeling of his life being drained away from him. He absolutely despises country music with a passion. Every time he hears it, he always feels like he's dying, and Elias' annoying rant caused that same reaction. Him even jamming his finger into his chest low-key pissed him off. Marcus had to admit that this very scenario wasn't idle for him at all, but yet he doesn't want to report back to lord death with half-ass information. Oh lord death, we defeated the Kishin, and we saw this weird trail that lead into the first, but decided against checking it out, because that's a big 'Nope' situation. So instead we ate the soul and left. Cant say what it was, maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something. Marcus thought to himself playing out his very response of his debrief. So to avoid even having that conversation, he just went to check it out. Is he trying to stay any longer? Hell the fuck naw. He's ready to go just like Elias, but he'll be damned to be punched by Ikora for chickening out or leaving a mission half completed. Even if. this situation went from 'Nope' to 'Hell Naw', Marcus was relaying on both Elias' and his own fight or flight senses. The webbed cabin, instantly raised an alarm in his head. Something that the DWMA would definitely end up checking out, would it be Marcus and Elias....nope...maybe.

With Elias staring directly into Marcus soul, he looks away up towards the top of the cabin. That's when he saw it. A very being causing Marcus' entire body to tense up and sweat to fall from his face. The creature resembled everything Marcus hated, giant insects, and this one just had to be a spider. It's long arachnid legs, and eight sinister eyes were staring into his very soul, twisting and warping its way inside. Marcus was frozen in place, and lacked the strength to even form a sentence. "Loo-loo-loook." He mutters, finding the strength to form the words to inform his partner. Watching the spider descend from the cabin, there was a voice in his head constantly telling him to move. Telling him to run. Its the same voice he hears when he's fighting, the same voice they tells him when to dodge, when to strike, but Marcus was stuck. It was as if he was already tangled in the spiders webs. That is until, his partner grabbed hold of him, and blasted off into the trees. Hitting branch by branch, Marcus was slowly returning to his senses. His mind was free from her grasp and he could now react accordingly to anything; gladly it happened sooner than later. His partner transforms back into his weapon form, just as the clear the trees. With the ground getting closer, Marcus tightens his grip on Elias, before jamming him into the ground as hard as he can.

The blade gets caught into the ground, catching Marcus as his body jerks forward before returning back towards the blade. Now on the ground, He pulls Elias out allowing him to transform back. He informs him to inform Lord Death, before taking off towards his bike. Marcus on the other hand, went straight for his car, instantly turning it on. Looking at his rearview mirror, he blows on the mirror fogging it up. "42-42-564. That better be right." He said as he waited for him to answer. With Elias pulling off, Marcus followed behind informing Lord Death as soon as he answered. "Yo Death, shit really hit the. fan in this damn Village. First the mission was a success. Scarecrows were taking care of, one soul obtained, but the main culprit was a giant ass spider Kishin guarding a webbed cabin. Elias and I barely got out of there. We're on our way to get some rest. See ya when we get back. Peace." He says hanging up. With the roads clear, he drives along side of Elias and signals him to follow him. They both needed food and rest, and the only place they could get that is any town far away from this place.

Marcus indeed up leading Elias towards an Inn, with a nice restaurant down the street. He parked his car, and got out walking towards his truck where their bags were located. Popping the trunk and grabbing their bags, Marcus glances at Elias and says, "I've told Death, about the mission. He just told me the very thing we're about to do. Get some rest." Looking around the inn, Marcus couldn't help but feel as if there was a familiar presence nearby. He looks around the parking lot just to see Elvy's bike parked there. "Yo, isn't that your sister's bike." He said pointing it out. He turns towards the inn and uses his soul perception, looking for Elvy and Takeshi and with little to no effort they were found, located in the same room. "Yeah that's definitely your sisters bike." He says with a slight laugh. This should be good. He thought to himself, knowing Elias was about to rage. Was it needed or welcomed, definitely not, but Elias is an overprotective brother so there's no doubt he'll do it regardless of what Marcus says. "You do you, I'll get us a room." He says walking inside after the raging bull that is Elias. He looks at the dude behind the counter and says, "One room, two beds please."
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75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili

Another spinning blade passed under Shinobu as she spun over it with flair, landing just as a round came from above and pierced one that had been coming from behind her. Her eyes snapped up to the broken ceiling above, before deciding that she'd trust that it was Rin doing her part. Leaning out of the way of another spinning Blade, Shinobu reared back and kicked the flat side of the blade just as another rose behind her. This one was also shot by who she still hoped was Rin, giving her time to deal with this other Spinblade.

Everyone else seemed to be doing okay so far, or at least that was what Shinobu thought until she heard the unmistakable sound of something slamming into the ground nearby. She turned with her fists ready, expecting it to be another kind of trap. But soon all she could do was raise an eyebrow as Rin stood from the crater and warned them that they weren't alone. But Shinobu found the warning muffled somewhat by confusion. Though she still managed to smoothly slide out of the way of the remaining Spinblade that was heckling her. Though she tried focusing on sinking her fist into the wandering eye the moment it reappeared, Shinobu couldn't help her gaze being drawn back to Rin.

Their teammates seemed to take note of her as well, with similar expressions of either confusion or interest coming across Mara and Morika's faces. It was only after realizing she was being looked at funny did Rin look herself over and grow surprised by the odd... changes she'd underwent. But Rin nor Shinobu were given time to question whatever odd trap had led to her new additions, as Rin had awoken several Spinblades when she'd landed. Her surprise over her new features had given them just enough time to get her in their sight and begin their attack. Despite her confusion, Shinobu had already started moving towards her even before Rin called her name.

But even whilst running to meet her, Shinobu couldn't help but wonder why the hell she had some Cat Ears.

The Spinblades chased Rin right towards her, with Shinobu reaching out and taking hold of Rin right as she transformed. She kept up the momentum, slipping between three of them as Rin immediately started talking tactics. Shinobu didn't respond at first, merely gave a smile under her mask whilst hefting Rin in both hands tightening her grip. The speeding attack of the Spinblades led her to
follow Rin's advice and use her to catch the spinning blade in the midst of its attack. With its momentum halted, Shinobu was easily able to launch it back towards the other two. The mid-air collision sent all three blades clattering against one another as they turned to eyes and began seeking out their targets.

It was here Rin warned of a guy who'd kicked her down to them, someone who was almost definitely their target.

"One problem at a time, Hon." Shinobu nodded before jogging towards the floating eyes, raising Rin and firing at the one in the center. As it broke apart, the other two switched back into blades and swerved towards Shinobu. Dropping low, she rolled underneath both of the blades and spun around just as they collided against one another and turned back into Eyes. She shot one of the eyes almost immediately from a kneeling position before darting towards the last of them. It was still looking around, turning back to her just as Shinobu reached out with one hand and clenched her gloved fingers around it.

With a tight squeeze, the Eye cracked in her palm, prompting her to drop the broken trinket and give a breath of relief before looking to check on her teammates.

Mara and Morika had retreated to a safe location, and Arthur had even managed to catch one of the Spinblades in his grasp before using Elgin to destroy it. Given the circumstances, she'd say they were doing fairly okay so far.

"So provided we don't trigger anything else soon," she looked over the area for any other traps "we might be able to continue searching for-"

"Bravo to you, my esteemed guests!"

Glancing up, Shinobu watched with the rest of her team as one hell of a dramatic entrance took place. A man who was undoubtedly their target was floating down towards them, silhouetted by a glowing light streaming in from the above, with his clothes practically fluttering in his descent. Readying his sword, he taunted them whilst adopting his stance... with his feet still nowhere near the ground. The caution that had flared up the moment he spoke up to them turned into confusion as his initially well-worded threat quickly began to devolve as he continued ever-so-slowly falling towards the ground.

"...Right." Shinobu said with a raised eyebrow, not exactly knowing what she'd expected from their target, just knowing that it wasn't this.

It was almost... comical. Shinobu was actually starting to feel embarrassed for the guy, he had a pretty good set up there at first. But she couldn't let this opportunity go to waste, there was still some time left before he'd reach the ground and he seemed determined to keep his string of words going until he did. Even in midair like that, Shinobu had no idea what kind of tricks he still had up his sleeve. Glancing from Arthur and Elgin to Mara and Morika, Shinobu figured the best thing to do right now was to cover their bases. As the Collector descended, she began ever so subtly stepping to the side. If she could just get behind him, then she could pressure him towards Arthur while Morika covered him.

She figured a plan like that would last at least up until their target started pulling out some of his tricks, so she continued attempting to subtly make her way around him whilst giving him a wide berth in case he started his attack preemptively. It turns out, it was Arthur who attacked preemptively. Before Shinobu had even gotten to his side, Arthur was already rushing him. Thinking she could still use him as a necessary distraction to get behind their target, she was about to hurry to his other side when she noticed Morika looking Mara over... instead of pointing her towards their target.

Finding it odd, Shinobu decided to improvise and handle giving Arthur ranged support until they were finished setting up whatever it was they were doing. Instead of attempting to move around him, Shinobu instead kneeled where she stood and aimed Rin towards the Collector, and fired towards his legs since Arthur seemed to be aiming for his face.

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Liam Star

The axe came down heavy and the blade sunk right into the kishin's head. All different colors of the rainbow bursted out of his head and splattered on everyone and everything close by. Liam stood limp before suddenly laughing madly. The feeling he felt after killing the kishin. The excitement and pleasure coursing through his body after being covered in blood. He enjoyed it all too much. His Heterochromia eyes frantically shifted around, looking for more prey. Looking for something to feed his bloodlust.

Luckily for him there was. His team mate Baira stood not too far from him. An evil cackle escaped his mouth as he charged at the other male. Before any damage could be done, dark tendrils sprouted from Akron and began to consume him. The tendrils forced Liam to drop him in which he then turned back to his human form. The extra madness that filled Liam almost left instantly. His body fell to the ground, not knowing how to process what was happening. His right iris turned back to its regular pure white and his face and arm were clear of darkness. A malicious voice rung out in Liam's head. "That was fun... Can't way to do it again." The floorboards were cold, rough, and covered in various types of colors. Liam lifted one of his hands to look at his palm, which was also covered in colors.

He realized it happened again. Curling his hand into a ball, blood trailed down his wrist.

Liam was spaced out when Akron asked if everyone was alright. He heard him, he was just spaced out. But what seemed to be many voices snapped him out of it. "Thank you" The voices belonged to none of his teammates. So who? Liam looked up to see a bright light. He blocked some of the light with his hand. He could see many silhouettes. He didn't know who they belonged to but for some reason, he felt better. He had this warmth in his body. Even though they didn't actually complete their mission, Liam felt like they did something. "Yeah." Getting to his feet, "I'm fine."

He finally answered Akron. This was only their first mission and it was quite the experience. He was excited to have new experiences and hopefully complete later missions.

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(collab with Exanis Exanis for Takeshi/Elvy )

Takeshi Mifune

The door opened near instantly, Takeshi apparently having been waiting for Elvena’s inevitable return with holy sustenance. Blinking twice at the encumbered figure, he reached out and plucked the bags out of her hand, leaning down to smell the aroma of warm food, and nodding in satisfaction while turning back further into the room and rumbling out, “ Food. ” Collapsing into a haphazard sitting position onto the single bed in the room, Takeshi put the bag next to him and began laying out the food onto the bed, staring quizzically at the burgers and fries. While he, of course, had this kind of fast food before, those occasions were always very few and far in between, his family still being very much traditional in many senses even this far into the modern era, and one of those ways happened to be in the food that they ate. As such he continued to sit there, staring at the food partly wondering which burger was his and partly wondering if he’d come to regret this decision in asking Elvena to order food for him. Immediately turning back to Elvena he stated “ Eat, ” motioning her over to sit down so they could eat together, years of etiquette rearing up in a split second, though he couldn’t help but ponder why he was waiting for her when he’d stopped with this kind of proper etiquette years ago, around the same time he’d stopped caring. He reasoned it was because she had bought the food, even going as far as to order for him as well. Those thoughts were near instantaneously pushed away as he kept a focused, intense gaze on Elvena, clearly waiting for her to make her move so he could finally know which burger was his, and what those things she had securely under her arms were.

Elvy’s eyes darted up to Takeshi’s face as the door opened, bags being plucked from her hands with as much care as she’d used carrying them. That same gaze was only magnified into one of elation as she noticed there was only one bed. Many kudos to you, innkeeper guy. During her time acquiring the key and paying there hadn’t been any interest in catching the man’s name or reading his name tag so he would forever be known as the innkeeper guy. The to-go cups with the shakes were shifted around to each hand, body sliding onto the empty space across from him, legs crossing as she became sedentary. An apprehensive stare was focused on the shakes as she mulled over which one he might desire, face contorting into angst at the turmoil of such a decision. “ Chocolate… vanilla, chocolate… vanilla.. “ Her indecisiveness became audible, the two words being repeated over and over until the hand with the chocolate shake shot forward and she held it out to him. “ If you don’t like it, you can have mine. I’m a little odd though and I like doing this. “ After handing over the shake she put her own between her thighs and popped the lid off, reaching over to grab a fry. She then proceeded to dip it with the hands of a surgeon, carefully, into the shake and bring it to her mouth for a bite. Once she finished with it, face showing all signs of extreme contentment, she blinked and pointed at the burgers. “ Double cheese or bbq bacon? If you want something different, try the bbq one. “ She inspected both burgers to figure out which was which before she held out the Western style one out to him, watching him carefully. He didn’t seem turned off by any of the food choices yet so perhaps her streak would not be struck out with this. Meanwhile her free hand was casually grabbing fries to dip into the vanilla shake, stomach now starting to ease itself of that hunger ache. “ You wanna try one? " She offered, holding a pre-dipped fry out to him out of courtesy, always being the type to share. Elvy loved trying new things, at least once, so if she could extend that to her partner she’d at least have someone to share experiences with. The thought of that sat blissfully in her mind.

Blinking down at the shake held out to him, Takeshi tentatively reached out and grabbed it, gazing down at it quizzically. Nonetheless, he popped the lid off just as Elvena had, taking a small sip, giving an appreciative hum at the taste. Looking back up as Elvena held out one of the burgers to him, apparently the BBQ one, he reached out and grabbed it as well, unwrapping it and staring at the concoction. Before he could bend down to take a bit, a fry dipped in vanilla shake was put in front of his face. Looking between it and Elvena, Takeshi extended forward and bit into the fry, munching on it introspectively, ultimately deciding that he did, in fact, enjoy the weird combination. Reaching out to grab a fry for himself, he dipped it into his own shake to see if he would like it as well, biting into the chocolate shake covered fry with relish, quickly finding himself also enjoying it. Seeing as he had enjoyed everything so far, he finally brought the burger to his lips, taking a generous bite of it and chewing slowly. The taste was interesting to say the least, considering all the burgers he had so far in his life tended to be a bit more generic, either plain or just cheeseburgers on rare occasions. This, however, was a new, somewhat unique taste that he’d never encountered before. Takeshi took another bit out of the burger, continuing to chew slowly as he puzzled over the new experience. He liked it, he could figure that much out just from his second bite, so he supposed all that was left was to savor the meal. Glancing back up at Elvena he gave her a tiny nod and a small upward quirk of his lips that it might as well have been nonexistent. “ Good. Thanks.

Elvena Stein

Those two words were all that she needed to hear to have all the doubt and weight on her shoulders roll off, relief undeniably noticeable as she smiled between bites. “ You’re welcome. “ Her reply was just as short, attention diverted for the time being between the food before her and watching his minuscule reactions to things. They were extremely tiny, almost nonexistent, but they were there if one looked closely enough. It was difficult getting used to being around someone who was hard to read, the only upper hand that she had being their connection, letting her feel what normally wouldn’t show. Elias was super explosive and anything he felt was clear as day, whereas Takeshi was a still lake. He never rippled, not once, no matter how many waves she tried to create by throwing things at him. Metaphorically of course. They sat in silence for a couple minutes, Elvy reticent to break it. He seemed content and she wasn’t sure if prying would yield any results. With her fries finished, burger half eaten, and shake being sipped on, she shuffled around and kicked her legs off over the bed, using the opposite foot to nudge her boots off as they clattered to the floor. “ Say, Takeshi? What’s home like? “ She finally inquired, daring to test if he’d opened up even just a smidgen since they’d first become partners. Elvy gathered anything that needed to be discarded into the trash and cleaned up her mess, placing the cup on the side table before she got back onto the bed. Her movements were cautious, not wanting to disrupt any of his food as she returned, though now she was beside him.

Pausing mid bit into his nearly finished burger, Takeshi slowly lowered his meal, face twisting ever so slightly at the reminder of his family in the form of a question. Even though it has barely been a week since he had been forcefully gathered, packed, and shipped away from his family, he spent most of his time trying not to think of them. Still, it would be fair to say that home, no matter how annoying, was still fresh in his mind. But, he didn’t really get the question, did Elvena mean what home meant to him, what his family is like, or what back home in Japan was like? Humming to himself, he took the bite that he had previously interrupted, chewing while looking up at the ceiling in contemplation. Home, home home. Such an interesting question, though he didn’t like all the thinking he was being forced to do about it. Still, given that Elvena had taken him into her own home, the least he could do was share that bit? Besides, what was the likelihood of them ever going to Japan for a mission? Swallowing down the bite, he finally responded to her. “ High. Mountain, forest. Old fashioned buildings, modern enhancements. Small direct family, large extended family, all together. Supportive, usually. Loud days, quiet nights. Always training, martial arts and weapons. Heavy legacy. ” He paused, glancing over to where he had laid his sword against the wall. “ Always best. Sword, true home. ” Looking back down at his food, Takeshi absently took a sip from the dregs of his shake, eyes darkening ever so slightly before clearing up instantaneously as he spoke once more. “ Different times. But, similar.

At some point during him talking Elvy’s eyes had drawn to a serene close, just caught up in the fact that he was actually speaking more than two words to her at a time. Her head tilted to the side, finding a resting spot upon his shoulder as strands of her hair draped itself past his arm. “ It sounds nice. “ She spoke softly, a tone almost similar to that of one whispering. Genuinely she was afraid to frighten him off by saying too much in response. This was one of those times that Elvy would hold onto. With anyone else it wouldn’t mean much, it would probably be insignificant to her, but this was her partner. The guy of few words, the guy who from any perspective of looking at him through the window made him seem slightly callous and disinterested with the world. But she was chipping away at that exterior, delicately and gradually. Those rose colored eyes peered up at him through the strands of splayed hair, the closeness between them not fazing her the slightest. “ Have you found some peace here, away from home? “ Even though she’d caught the deviation of light in his eyes she didn’t inquire about. Everyone that she knew had darkness in them, or feelings that weren’t exactly sane. Whether it was trauma, failure, or their own inner struggles, it was there and it was theirs to share when they were ready. Elvy may be curious but she’d never delve into the inner thoughts of someone haunted by something. “ I guess that makes my sword my home too. “ Her eyelids fell once again to a close, a tranquil feeling coursing through her from the way her own words being said aloud made her feel.

Hum deepening, Takeshi shoved the rest of his burger into his mouth, washing it down with the remains of his shake. Swallowing down the mixture, he let out a sigh and glanced down at Elvena who was now laying against his shoulder. He supposed that to others, without his memories from all those years ago, his home in the mountains did sound nice, at one with nature and serene in some regards. To him, it was the only world he had ever really known, periodic trips away from home aside. “ Sometimes. ” But peace, now that he was away from home? Maybe, if only in the regards that he didn’t have everyone hounding on him at all hours of the day. But true peace? He didn’t think such a thing would ever exist for him anymore, apathy tending to overtake everything he does. “ Slightly. No nagging. ” Hearing Elvena say that her sword is also her home caused Takeshi to pause, confused for a moment since he never saw Elvena carry around a sword like he did, suddenly blinking as he realized that she was implying he was her sword, and that then made him her home. Tilting his head to the side, he found that he didn’t necessarily dislike the notion, though with his general apathy towards everything that wasn’t exactly hard. Still, he wouldn’t deny her this, just as no one would be able to deny him his home or his sword. He was many things, but a hypocrite was seldom one that could apply to him. “ ‘Kay. Fair.

Somewhere along his few words Elvy had been musing, being dragged down by something for once that wasn’t her intensive thoughts. Sleep took her like a silent friend, embracing her and pulling her down into its usually sweet realm. The peaceful look on her face, the shallow breathing, it was all entirely misleading as things were not tranquil where this sleep had decided to guide her thoughts. Any grip that she usually had was slipping away, that sanity normally held onto starting to rip itself from her clinging grasp. “ You promised. “ The words were said once but they echoed around her, repeating themselves as if a relentless attack that wouldn’t subside. “ Why haven’t you made him yours yet? “ A light now lit up the space, Elvy’s usual stoic face cemented into one that could only be described as embittered, those ruby eyes glowing through their narrowed stance. “ He is mine, he said so himself. “ The surety in Elvy’s voice started to waver when she was met with a ringing laugh, one meant to taunt and antagonize her. “ I think it’s cute, naive surely, but cute that you actually believe that. Does he really feel like he’s yours? “ The Stein remained silent for what felt like ages after hearing that, gaze not even bothering to rip itself from the ceiling as the girl who looked frighteningly like a carbon copy of herself finally made herself known.

Elvy had seen her countless times before, her figure and mannerisms were etched into her mind. They were one. One couldn’t exist without the other. “ I’m not going to dig my claws into him like that. You messed up my brother! “ Another laugh, another jeer. “ We did that to him and from what I recall he seemed to enjoy it. Don’t you think Takeshi would love that feeling? Or, perhaps, you don’t think he can handle it? “ It was becoming obvious that the girl’s words were starting to get to Elvy, teeth clenching out of frustration. “ He can handle anything. I know he can. “ The words were hissed out, the notion to come quickly to his defense now second nature. “ Oh? Prove it. Make him yours. “ Elvy was about to retort but the moment her hues fell down upon the other girl she began to vanish, a sinisterly mischievous smile spreading from ear to ear that dared to consume her entire face as the darkness took her.

The only feeling that planted itself after her departure was a mixture of inquisitiveness and contempt. The mad scientist in her was hungry and curious to know what results could grow from such an experiment. The side that was safe keeping the small flame that had begun to flicker with life when they had first become a pair was trying to shield it from the inevitable. It’s imminent… I can’t even protect him from myself. Tears began to stream down her cheeks on her actual face but she refused to awaken. But does he even need to be protected…? Maybe he will embrace it like me. Maybe it won’t devour him. Her eyes were void of tears now, cheeks already starting to dry after the last trail that had fallen. All the ‘maybe’s’ were unsettling but it was all that she had. There were two choices laid before her; entrust in his skills and put all of the faith she could muster into that. Or give him up. The second option hurt in an unimaginable way, her body and mind already reeling away from the pain it inflicted upon them. I refuse to let him go.

Takeshi Mifune

Meanwhile, Takeshi had continued to sit there, slowly nibbling on the last remaining fries, eyes locked blankly onto the ceiling, and Elvena still using his shoulder as a headrest, though at some point in time he had decided that holding his body up was too much effort, and was now laying on his back. Glancing down at the sleeping girl, he absently wondered what she could be dreaming about, though, as usual, he ultimately pushed it off to the side as inconsequential, while knowing that the girl would share it with him if she truly thought it was something special. Just as he was about to close his eyes to also get some rest, having finally finished the last fry, when he felt something wet on his shoulder, gaze immediately drifting towards Elvy to find her crying, but making no noise, and still not waking up. Blinking down at the crying girl, he reached over to grab one of the napkins included with their meal with his free hand, and then wiped away the remnants of the already drying tears, crumpling up the napkin and tossing it off to the side carelessly. Nodding once to himself in satisfaction, Takeshi proceeded to close his eyes and attempt to drift off to sleep.

An hour had passed, maybe two even. Time wasn’t entirely something of importance to Elvy so as she stirred, eyes flickering open to stare at the dark window there was nothing but a soft sigh to follow. It took a few moments to realize that she was no longer sitting up but instead now laying across Takeshi’s chest as if he were a human pillow. Granted for that time he had been one, surprisingly a comfortable one at that. Her head tilted a bit, gaze lingering on his sleeping face before she made extremely careful movements. It was as if she was trying to vampire herself out of the bed, imaging herself to be as delicate as a feather. The willpower of such actions almost paid off but as she stood up and attempted to walk towards the bathroom her foot struck her discarded boot and she flailed around soundlessly, face contorted into agony. Ow, ow, ow. Way to go Elvy, you can be impaled with a sword and be just fine but a boot is going to be your downfall. Splendid. She went off in her head, eyes darting back to make sure Takeshi hadn’t been woken by her poor display of maneuvering skills. A sound of relief pushed its way past her halfly parted lips. I swear he is more expressional in his sleep.

Finding her way to the restroom the door slipped to a quiet close behind her as she found herself staring at her reflection in the big mirror over the sink. Her fingers rose to the remnants of her shirt, skirting over the tears as she slipped it off and held the tattered up piece of clothing in her hands. It found its way onto the sink counter, discarded for now as to free up her hands. A finger trailed its way along her shoulders, tracing the bite marks that didn’t seem to want to fade. While the wound itself had healed, the scars left behind would most likely be permanent. A reminder of her failure. A reminder that she from here on out needed to be better. Those hands dropped and reached out to turn the handles of the sink, allowing both the cold and hot water to flow so it would be lukewarm. She stared down at the water as it trickled around the basin, seemingly becoming entranced with it. The sound was soothing to her, running water and water in general being something she found a lot of solace in. A towel was gingerly plucked from the shelf beside her as she wet it and began lightly washing off some of the dirt and blood from their mission. Extra care was used on her face, and the wound on her shoulder, that while healed still hurt to the touch.

A nod of satisfaction came from Elvy as she carefully dropped the towel in the bin, glancing over her features and the lack of a top which was now going to be troublesome. Her shoulders slumped a bit, realization setting in that she hadn’t been smart enough to pack some extra clothes. Some genius I am. The thought was pushed back as she grabbed the torn shirt again, starting to rip it in certain places until it was barely recognizable as a shirt and simply appeared as shredded cloth. She wrapped it around her upper torso, make shifting a wrapping to at least cover the more inappropriate to be exposed area of her body. Curiously she opened the door and poked her head out, peering towards the bed to make sure that she hadn’t caused too much of a ruckus and woke up her partner. With his sleeping status confirmed, the gray haired girl slipped out of the bathroom and found a blanket to drape over his sleeping frame. A small smile tugged at her lips as she noticed his serene expression. As much as she wanted to just lay with him and fall back asleep it didn’t seem as if sleep was going to come again anytime soon. Instead she pulled out her notebook and pencil and curled up at the other end of the bed. Where she would normally scribble notes or work on the many charts that were scattered upon the numerous pages, she alternatively began to sketch. One would think this would be a cliche where the person drew the other person; nope. Elvy’s eyes rose over the top of her book as she glanced at his sword laying against the wall, taking in more detail before her hand started moving again to draw it out.​
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