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Fandom Welcome to the DWMA! (Lore)



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There are many things to learn about the DWMA and it's Lores, so I will give you the simple basics you need to run well within the rp! We're starting with different Soul Types that are out in the world. Allowing you to identify good and evil.

The Light Blue soul is indicated an innocent soul, which is free from the grasp of madness or evil. These souls are quite appealing to the Kishin and are the main source of power for them. These empower the Kishin and give them time to get stronger and stronger over time. When they absorb enough souls, they become a higher threat and cause more destruction. All souls are able to be detected by Soul Perception, unless a soul is using soul protect (Will explain in further souls.)

The Deep Red soul means that the person is either extremely evil and could possibly be a Kishin through evil doings. It is not known to change a person's soul color from red to blue. So they remain red. These souls are the main source of power for Weapons to become Death Weapons.

The Violet Purple soul means that they are a witch. Not purely evil, but mischief instead. This soul is equivalent of 100 Kishin souls. They are also hunted to complete the journey from a Weapon being a normal weapon, to a Death Weapon in which the current Lord Death can use at his disposal. But be careful, these souls come in all kinds of shapes and Sizes! Not all purple souls are Witches, in fact, some can be just animals with a large amount of magical power and are in fact, purple. Choose your purple soul wisely after collecting you 99 Kishin souls.

Now that we have Souls out there, now its time for the races. As you know, we have Humans, Weapons, Witches, Kishins. But there's more. We have Werewolves and Zombies too, though they are not as common as the usual five. Then there is rare cases of people like Stein. Though no one knows what Stein really is. Other than a Doctor and former teacher. Though we will go into detail about Witches, Kishins, Zombies, and Werewolves.

Kishin can come in various forms. Either monstrous disfigured beings, or even looking practically human. Sometimes, they can be half and half. They feast on the innocent souls to become stronger and are hunted by students of the DWMA. They are not here to be befriended, they are here to be eradicated and their souls to be used for Death Weapons for the Grim Reaper. Some are more powerful than others, but that still doesnt stop the DWMA from coming after them. They're evil and have only evil intentions. This is the main enemy that is usually faced from day to day. They come out at night and feast at night, while remaining hidden during the day. 99 Kishin souls are needed before the Weapon and Meister need to find a witch.

Witches are always usually hidden, though most hide among the innocents. Without getting detected, they use a skill called Soul Protect, which protects their soul being detected as a witches soul and is only seen as an Innocent's soul. These witches are based off of animals as you can see (Frog, Snake, Cat, Mouse). Though the third witch, Blair, is not a witch at all. She is in fact a Cat with a ton of magical power, so her soul comes up as a witches soul. A purple soul doesnt always mean witch. For all you know, you could be attacking a bird lady! Anyway, these witches have their own coven within the dark parts of Death City and do their best to hide from the students of the DWMA. Their souls are used to complete the task of collecting 99 Kishin souls. The witches soul being the 100th soul. Which allows Weapons to become Death Weapons. Witches are extremely powerful and dont hold back when challenged.

Weapons are the main race that are used for eliminating Kishin and Witches souls. These beings posses both Human form and a weapon form. They have a gene in their blood that is called a weapon gene and is activated at times in their lives. Be it trauma or naturally. Weapons are sometimes able to fight on their own, but its recommended that they have a Meister to enhance their abilities as weapons. Think of it as playing an electric guitar without it's amplifier. But when you plug it into the amplifier, your sounds become more extreme and powerful. This is how a Weapon Meister combo works. While training at the DWMA, there is an Assignment to get up to 99 Kishin souls before collecting a single Witch soul which in turn, turns the Weapon into a Usable weapon for the Grim Reaper himself. Weapons can turn into Kishin if they go off and collect human souls. This is another way that Kishins are born.

Zombies and Werewolves exist in this world but are extremely rare. The zombie on the right is a teacher at the academy for students. The werewolf on the left is currently in prison due to his immortality and magic eye that he had stole from a witch. These beings dont make many appearances and are not really anywhere to be found. There's not much information on these beings, but that doesnt mean they dont exist. Keep a watchful eye out for them.

Locations are also a big thing in Death City. Where you can hang out with friends, or visit friends at their homes, or just straight up just have a ball and not a care in the world. There are many places, but there are popular ones among the people.

There are plenty of locations out in Death City to explore. There's places like the Hook Cemetery, where people who've passed, have been buried. There's also a place called Chupa Cabra's, a place where you can be fawned over by lovely females and pay for drinks and their services. Another place would be Deathbucks' Cafe, where you can get your tea, cakes, breakfast, and lovely maids/butlers to assist you while you dine or do homework in the corner. There are also places outside Death City but they require travel. There are also locations within the city that are hidden gems, like Icecream parlors. There's also the DWMA, the Academy in which the students are learning to become Meisters and Weapons. This academy is famous for its large stairway up to the academy, which is made to build endurance and stamina in the students without having to tell them to do it. Seeing as they have to walk up to their school.

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