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Perpetually Stoic
Elias Stein

Even with his undeniable love for heat of any kind, Elias couldn’t deny that the crisp cold air wasn’t welcome in this moment. It was helping him cool off, presenting him with a clear mind. His eyes were glued ahead, body instinctively leaning with his bike whenever the road would bend. Finally, after hours of being on the road, they began to slow when an inn loomed into view. A brow was raised in question under his helmet but he soon was idle next to Marcus’s car, foot dropping to balance the bike as he shut it off. He hadn’t been looking at their surroundings too closely so when Marcus finally spoke up, the words reaching him, his gaze immediately shot to the side to find exactly what Marcus was talking about. One could see Elias visibly shake for a few seconds, helmet being removed with unsteady hands. His grip on it was tense, fingers starting to pale from how tight they were becoming. How convenient that Marcus had failed to say exactly which room the pair were in. His face contorted into animosity, the Stein following closely behind Marcus. “ Before you give us that room, how about you tell me which room the girl with long gray hair is in? “ He planted his hand on the counter and leaned over, his smile anything but friendly and the tone used void of one playing games.

Sir, I don’t think I can reall-- “ Elias’s hand flashed out and grabbed the man by the collar, pulling his face against the counter beside his other hand which was slowly curling into a fist. “ I’m sorry, what were you saying? Needed you closer so I could hear the bullshit leaving your mouth. “ The blonde sneered, his ability to remain at this level of ‘calm’ getting to a threatening point of spilling over. “ 17, they’re in room 17! “ Elias was quick to release the guy, patting his cheek as a way of thanks. He flashed his partner a grin before speaking on the way out. “ Just gonna check on Elvy, make sure this lovely guy gets us the best room they have. “ His eyes switched over to the host, a threatening air dancing about them. The chilled air that once kept him calm did nothing now, the vortex of thoughts and emotions jumbling around in his head numbing him to any outer influence.

Elias rolled his shoulders like he was preparing for a fight, eyes narrowing as he reached a hand out to gently knock on the door a few times. At first it seemed like he was going to coolly handle this situation, but his light knocks went from 0 to 10 real quick as the final knock had every bit of his soul power behind it, an explosion blasting it off the hinges. His silhouette was the only thing visible through the dust that had kicked up in the doorway, those intense hues the first distinguishable feature after it began to clear. The first thing he wanted to confirm was that his sister was indeed alright, so he strode over to the bed, gaze locked on her figure. His mouth twitched as he took in the sight of her tattered shirt that was being used as a wrapping instead now. That twitch seemed to creep along his face when he noticed the bruise and marks on his sister’s shoulder. There was no world in which Elias would blame her for getting messed up the way she was, the only culprit was the other guy in the room. Her partner.

Oi, so is that your idea of fun? Letting your partner get roughed up a bit? You wanna know what it feels like to get roughed up? “ He crossed the room, passing by the bed and kicking over the sword placed carefully against the wall to let it fall soundlessly upon the carpet. “ And why the fuck do you carry around a sword? Don’t you know you’re a weapon? Let me guess. “ Elias pouted suddenly, a look that was completely unnatural on his face. “ You got hit with the wrong gene, didn’t you? “ The fire wasn’t physical this time, it was burning mentally and Elias wasn’t about to stop. “ Newsflash, moron, you are what you are. Better learn to accept it because you’re a weapon. Not a meister. That is your fate, comical and cruel. You fail to protect my sister again because you’re too stuck in whatever the hell headspace you’re in and I’ll make sure to show you what a real weapon is capable of. I’ve embraced who I am, you’re just a ghost of the past wandering around aimlessly because you didn’t get dealt the hand you thought you deserved. What a joke, wake up and get over yourself.

Interacted with; Marcus The Elder The Elder Takeshi Exanis Exanis


The lord of randomness and the warp

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Akron laid there waiting for some sort of response though nothing seemed to come form Anyone, slowly he’d get up still sitting on the ground hed finally see what had happened to Liam. they where just there almost broken, he knew it was his fault he’d let the creature take control even if it was only for a little while he’d not only let it use him as a puppet but Liam too, Akron has been afraid of this... would Liam just snap? Or was he ok? Right now all he could do was just wait for some response. That was when the little ball of blue light began to appear form out of nowhere hes attention shifted to the body of the child whoms physical body faded onto another blue orb.. a soul.. all of them where. Deep down the monster gnawing started once again wanting to snap up the little blue soul though akron just ignored it the monster too weak now to hold any influence over him. He’d too have to block the intensely bright light form the souls as they all thanked them... for slaying the one that hand ended there lives there vague forms just visible in the light, beneath the blood soaked armor Akron smiled just a little... maybe he could do some good... even if they couldn’t save the children now.. this kishin wouldn‘t kill any more at least they’d done that, it also seemed Liam was ok now too perhaps coming to a similar realisations As himself Akron too rising to his feet. “I suppose we have done the best we could even if we don’t save the children at least we saved there souls... speaking of them I believe we should be delivering them to lord death correct?” He’d say in his signature clam tone


Omniverse Explorer
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"One problem at a time, Hon." is what her partner had said, which only made Rin smile a little bit with a shake of her head "I know, Shinobu. Just thought I'd give you a heads up." Her cat tail flicked within her void, causing her to lose it once again over the fact that she still had the animal add-ons to her body Are you kidding me!? They followed me in here?! her ears twitched, which made her hands shoot up to her ears and feel them. A sigh escaping her lips as they picked up a sound within her weapon space that made her look around frantically. Only to see a set of doors not too far away from her, lit up by a single light. The doors were red, but also fancy looking. Her crimson eyes seemed to just stare at them, not sure how to process the sudden thing to just invade her personal space. Literally her personal space. Taking a look back at what was going on with Shinobu, she seemed to have full control of the situation and allowed Rin to move from her spot to investigate the doors within her space.

Coming to a stop in front of them, she used her eyes to examine why the doors were suddenly here. Lifting her hand, she gently placed it on the door, only to hear a clicking sound and the doors opened, blinding her with the light that poured out and caused her to shield her eyes from the light. However, when she uncovered her eyes, she found herself in the middle of a ballroom-like room, stairs lining the sides in a circular fashion, the floor glossed so much that she could use it as a mirror. On the far back wall, she spotted a Red violin sitting in a small indent into the wall and she walked over to it, confused as to why it was here. When she reached her hands out, she felt herself stop, not sure if it was a good idea to even touch it. Pulling her hands back, she dropped them to her sides and heard the commotion going on from outside, causing her to turn and try to find where it was coming from before looking up above the Violin and see a large screen of what was happening on the outside. "That...Is that guy falling in slow motion, Shinobu? Or am I seeing things?" she asked her partner, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

This guy seemed a little bit more cocky, especially with how he was speaking, and his body language giving off a different vibe. The more she stared, the more her head tilted to the side. Arthur was quick to react, and so was Shinobu, both attacking the man at the same time. Arthur's feet connected with the man, sending him flying right past Shinobu and slamming into a wall. "That's gotta hurt." she thought to her partner, looking at everything she could from her view. "From what I can see, Shin, he moves normally any other direction. Though downward is very slow. We could probably use that to our advantage." if they just got closer to him, they could blast him upward. His slow-mo would be his downfall "We could actually kill him right now if you switch to my explosive mode. I thought that maybe this guy would be a bit harder to kill, but he's very easy for the rank he is." unless there was something he had that they didn't already know about?.

The guy had slammed into the wall and still graciously fell as if his body just refused to slam into the ground. With a growl "Your death will come swiftly with the use of my items!" he shouted "Or even by the hands of this finely crafted blade!" his voice was loud, booming even, but his monologue only made Rin sweatdrop from her weapon space, not sure how to really take this guy. He dug into pocket and pulled out an item "Fear my items, for I have the most powerful ones from all the witches that have died in this world!" when he threw the item, it emitted a bright light before exploding. Blinding his attackers.

Though what had come out of it was confetti. Lots...And lots of confetti. Rin blinked a few times, not sure how to process what the hell just happened. Did this guy know he was going to release a confetti bomb on them? Did he even know exactly what he was doing? I...I have no words for this. At all...Does this guy know any of the trinkets he's using? He seems just as surprised as we are with what he just threw... Rin thought to herself.​


Time Lord
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When Gwen agreed to her uncle's suggestion to come to the DWMA after her Weapon Form manifested she figured it would be an amazing adventure. What she got was the somber realization that this was no fun entertainment like the race track. Everytime she got in her car there was always that risk of death; high speed impact, rolling, or even the engine simply catching fire while she was trapped inside. Maybe it was delusional to think this mission was going to go off with a hitch, part of her wanted to find fault in something, and the remaining just wanted to scream and just break everything in sight. It was like a weight that just settled in her gut and was clawing itself deeper the more her mind registered the fact they failed to save a child from death.

Yet she couldn't be petty right now. Not after Baira released Gwen's Weapon Form and set her down on the floor next to him. Her partner was in more visible despair then she was in this moment. Even when the souls announced their gratitude of being freed from the pirate cosplaying monster he was still emotionally shaken. Without a word the glow of transformation surrounded Gwen to restore her to her human form before she placed a hand on her much taller Meister. A sad smile on her features as she tried to comfort the werewolf.

"Yeah we should get the souls to Lord Death...but....before we go." Gwen said looking around at what remained of the ship. "I got a spare tank of gas in my car. I say we check to see if there's any gunpowder and burn this damn ship to the ground." There was a lot of pent up anger inside of Gwen, she was trying to repress it so she could be supportive to her partner and the rest of her team. Perhaps burning this nightmarish boat to ashes would help that​


One Thousand Club
Camilla text.png
Camilla felt bad she caused this commotion over a bad dream. First of all she nearly gave Alice a right heart attack and Alcross rushed over worried something bad happened. Alcross asked if she was actually alright. Without hesitation she nodded in his direction, giving him a reassuring smile. "Truly I am. I'll be fine once we get to work. I'll probably forget all about that dream by then." No she won't. One day it's going to come back to haunt her again. As a different memory perhaps but always ending in terror. They rarely happen though, perhaps it could be her nerves acting up that triggered it like Alice had just suggested. Still the best she could do was to avoid thinking about it as a whole and look forward. Focus on the now. Camilla didn't actually notice Lewellyn leave the room, so when he suddenly appeared at the door with a cup of tea she was taken with surprise. He really was like a proper Butler, he always knew what to do to take care of people. Willing to do anything and expect nothing in return. Did he have anyone willing to do the same for him? The question lingered on Camilla's mind as he approached. He claimed that the tea was brewed from Chamomile, the crimson haired Meister had no clue what that was but it sounded fancy. And if it sounded fancy it also probably didn't come cheap either. The girl actually felt spoiled accepting the tea off him, but she also knew if she didn't then it would go to waste, which would likely be worse. "T-Thank you Lewellyn! I... Promise to pay you back for it! After we get paid for the mission! Or if not that then I'll repay the favour at least!" She vowed to the blonde haired Weapon. Even if he didn't expect anything in return, she wanted them to know at least she'll make up for it any any way she can. It's only by knowing that she could actually enjoy the tea without the thought of what it took to get it spoiling it for her. Flashing one more smile towards him, she took the first sip and was blown away. It was really good! And the temperature was perfect too. Like he made sure it'd be that way by the time Camilla got it. This guy really thought of everything didn't he? "It's delcious~ Thank you again Lew!"

The tea had calmed Camilla, just like Lewellyn said it would. Not that she had any reason to doubt him. If there's one thing he had certainly proved himself to be, it would be reliable and caring. Though she was still concerned about how MUCH he done for others. She hoped he knew to stop and take a break now and again. Upon finishing her tea. Alice had taken Lew into his Shield form and strapped him to her left arm. "Alright. Alcross we'd better to the same then." She took his hand and let him transform. Taking the form of his Keyboard Blade Camilla holstered him onto her back again, Armed with their trusty weapons the two Meisters made their way to bar area, where the front door was located. The owner was already beginning to board up the door but Alice stopped him before they couldn't exit. After a brief conversation the owner allowed them to leave, advising them to take care. "We will sir! No need to worry about us!" Alice had left the building but right before Camilla followed behind, she turned back to the owner. "Oh I have to ask! How much is the Chamomile tea?" Upon receiving the answer however her face nearly broke. R-right... Of course it wasn't cheap... Why would Lew go so far for me? With that information now known she left the building and quickly caught up with Alice before she lost where the blonde Meister was.

Alice and Camilla watched the streets with great care, making sure the Kishin wouldn't be able to catch them off guard. As long as the both had each others backs then there's no way it could get the jump on them. Alice made sure to let Camilla know to get behind her if things start to get hectic. Being the meister of a shield weapon makes her a specialist at protecting her teammates. "I'll keep that in mind. But hopefully it won't need to come to that." The streets were deathly silent. She could almost hear her own heart beating from the lack of any other noise and it was going fast. Truth be told her nerves were skyrocketing. This wasn't some drill or simulated fight anymore. They were really on the field this time. Where any mistake could possibly lead to failure or even possibly ones own death. She remained vigilant however. Her soul burned slightly brighter as she steeled resolve. Suddenly Alice shouted towards Camilla. Urgently notifying her of an immediate danger approaching. Thought it would appear she wasn't going to react fast enough. She barely had time to turn around and lay her eyes on a shadowy figure with white beady eyes approaching fast. She felt something tug her sleeve before she was pulled backwards into Alice's person, a shield now in the way between her and the figure. She was just saved. Her first mission and right away she was nearly killed. Alice explained this was the target they were after. And he had to look just like that too... She thought in her head. A slight rage building up from the small resemblance the kishin had to the one she knew all too painstakingly well. If there's one thing that was clear now she was not going to hold back against this thing. The thing was capable of comprehensible speech too, yet in spite of this it showed no sign of retaining any kind of humanity what-so-ever, interested only in the fact it see's a meal. As it charged at them, Camilla grabbed Alcross and deflected the blow of the scythe. The keys of the blade beginning to play a repetitive tune. "If you think we're just gonna sit here and let you devour us... Then you've got another thing coming. Unlike the many people you've mercilessly killed. We're gonna be the ones to put a stop to your reign of terror!" She shouted leaving Camilla's side to return a strike of her own against the shadowy monster.

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Alice furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, wondering why her partner asked such a question. Saying that they were talking for a little bit had her even more confused, unless he meant when small talk was made with Camilla? "Meisters can enter the weapon space, yeah." she answered. As much as she wanted to focus on why he asked, she had to worry about the target currently charging toward the pair. So her mind had only been half there with her partner "Listen, Lew, we can talk about this later. We need to worry about the problem we have right now." the Meister said with a tone that told him she was more focused on the situation at hand, which could mean life or death. She really couldn't have time to have casual chatter, it had to be tactical. She did appreciate any tips from her Weapon, if he felt inclined to even give her any. Any warnings would have been great too. Going on the offense wasn't a choice she could pick right now, and had to entirely be defense just to protect her teammates from getting hurt.

Madness didn't appreciate Lew trying to move her hands from his body while attempting to turn around to see her. Her attempts at trying to stay behind him had failed before she quickly retreated to hide behind a pillar, out of his sight 'L-Lew...I told you not to turn around.' said Madness, using a soft and kind tone with him. Wanting him to feel bad for his actions 'If you seen me like this, you would not like me anymore...' her voice turned sad as her back pressed against the pillar 'You would think I'm a monster, and would never want to be my partner again.' a grin was suddenly planted on the girl's face, her red eyes staring ahead of her as she listened out for Lew. He wanted to see her, but she wouldn't let him see. Otherwise, her plan would be foiled. 'I want to tell you, how you make me feel when you call my name like that.' she said, her head tilting slightly as she shifted her body to face the pillar, her hands flat against the slightly jagged surface. 'You give me butterflies, you make me feel like I'm the right partner for you.' knowing that he was already getting suspicious, she needed to pry what she could out of him in the little time she had to trick the young blonde. Prey on the soft feelings, on his guilt, on his habits. Her dark grasp was reaching for his innocent soul, to take it and crush it within her hand.

'You tell me if there was anything to ease my pain, I shouldn't hesitate to ask... To ease my pain I want you to just say my name. Call me when you need me. Don't try to make me feel like a royal, someone who feels like they should treat you as if you are garbage underneath their shoe.' she made an-almost a disgusted face, never would she ever want to say something like this. It was gross. She wanted to be above everyone and drag this kid into the dirt. Show him who was really in charge, but jumping the gun this fast wouldn't work in her favor. Though in her words, there were some truths. Lew would think she was a monster. Alice wanted him to call her by her name because she hated to be put above someone. But some were straight up lies that he had yet to figure out 'You are my partner. You are not below me. I couldn't ever see you as a servant. It bothers me to no end and it hurts to see you this way.' Madness almost gagged. This wasn't her style and it was disgusting, despicable, and dirty. She wanted to be all over him, tempting him, pushing him, trying to get him to cave into the madness just so she could swipe his innocent, and naive little soul and devour it. Claim him as if he was a possession.

Alice smiled a bit as Camilla blocked the oncoming attack from the Kishin before releasing her own swipe at him shortly after. While the Kishin jumped back to avoid her attack, the blonde tried to think of a way to help other than just kind of standing there. A sinister laugh coming from him as her emeralds narrowed. "Nice block there, Camilla." she praised her teammate before speaking once again "Listen, I'm going to distract him, okay? I need you to attack him with the best of your ability. I wont stand around and be on the defense. I will fight with you. If you need me, then call for me." she glanced over to her with a firm nod before rushing past her, charging at the Kishin while he prepared to swing his blade at her. When he went for a slash, she blocked it easily with her partner, though her momentum still going as her right fist connected with his face, sending him stumbling back. Before he could recover, the blonde went and kept the pressure on him, keeping him perfectly distracted "You want food, right? Well come get it you bastard!" the foul language left her mouth as if it had in her normal vocabulary. But she needed to taunt the monster in front of them, and if foul language came with it, then so be it.

The kishin didn't like that not only his attack was deflected, but the little brat tried to attack back. He jumped back just to dodge the incoming attack and was suddenly rushed by the shield girl. A laugh erupted from his mouth as he swiped his blade once again, only for her to use that dumb shield of hers before her fist connected with his face and sent him back a few steps. He growled "You're going to pay for that you little..." he then began to grow more aggressive, more tunnel vision-y as she taunted him. Because of this, he charged, going back and forth while Alice, all the while leaving himself vulnerable to the pair in the back. He was determined to get his food one way or another with the pair in front of him. The meister was clearly not gonna let up, she wanted to make sure he stayed focused on her for the time being. I am a warrior, I will do what I can to help my team. My friends. I will fight till my last breath. This is why I wanted to become a Meister of the DWMA. To protect the innocent and destroy the wicked of this earth. I may not be able to stop it, but I will be able to narrow down the problem with my classmates. she thought to herself, her feelings turning into courage and definitely increasing her drive.​


Lady Alice's voice from the entranceway to his Soul Room caused the small seedling of doubt to sprout. Then, when the Weapon unwrapped the arms from around himself and turned around to find who he thought was Lady Alice, only to find the other presence hiding behind a pillar, his doubt grew even more. If Lady Alice is outside, carrying me then whatever is in here cannot be her. Still, if Lady Alice is not in my Soul Room, who is? They sound just like her, yet they are not my Meister. Well, I do not believe that they are if my Meister is still carrying me. This is all quite puzzling. Llewellyn was fairly certain that there was something wrong with his current situation, yet he could not say with absolute certainty what it was. Lady Alice was here in his Soul Room and yet she also was outside in the actual world.

The feminine voice from behind the pillar had been speaking for a little while and the servant honestly felt bad for only giving them half of his attention. Though, a few moments after the voice was done speaking was all the time Llewellyn needed for his mind to catch him up. The voice, who he was half certain was not Lady Alice, wanted him to call her just by Lady Alice's name, bereft of the title and she disliked it when he did not. Then there was something about butterflies and a monstrous appearance? Perhaps I should have given this individual more of my attention. Still, with what little Llewellyn had been able to piece together he had found that whoever or whomever this was wanted the same thing Lady Alice wanted from their partnership. Whether or not that claim was true, it was what the voice claimed.

"Milady," the servant called out to the voice hidden behind the pillar, "why would you think that I would mistake you for a monster?" Llewellyn took two steps towards the pillar with his eyes focused firmly on the structures edges to see if he could catch a glimpse of the individual behind it. The sooner he could confirm that this was indeed Lady Alice, the sooner he could discard the foolish notion that this individual was a threat. I sincerely hope my suspicion is nothing more than a silly precaution. I would hate to be right in this instance. "I can assure you that you are not, no matter how you may appear now." Another two steps, this time to the left, which would place him next to the wall and possibly flush the individual hiding behind the pillar and out into the center of the room for him to see. "You are normally a rather attractive young woman, Alice." The name burned even as Llewellyn forced it out, yet he continued, needing to know that it was his Meister he was addressing and not some new, dangerous type of Kishin or whatever other sort of malicious creature. "It is surprising that you have no suitors. Lady Lacey, my former Master's daughter, has three." The servant hoped that by giving out some new tidbit of information he would receive a reaction from the hidden individual behind the pillar that would tell him whether or not they were Lady Alice.

Mission: Investigate The Town

The Town at Night / Soul Room

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He Who Sees E's
Takeshi with a Side of Stein
(Collab w/ Kyuubey Kyuubey )

Takeshi was drifting through dreamland as per usual, having fallen asleep shortly after he closed his eyes and thoroughly enjoying the time spent in the land of Morpheus. Although this sleep was pretty standard in terms of quality, Takeshi could have sworn he felt another presence in his mind, lurking in the back, seeming to be waiting for something. Pushing it off as just maybe Elvena exploring their bond, or something along those lines, Takeshi continued his peaceful slumber. Or at least, he tried to.

Enter the explosion. Eyes snapping open, Takeshi’s gaze fell on the now busted down and smoldering doorway, seeing Elvena’s brother Elias standing there as if he had owned the place, then striding over to the side of the bed where Elvena sat, apparently sketching something. Following her previous line of sight, he noted that she had been sketching his sword. Brining himself to look back at Elias, even as he propped himself on his elbows, Takeshi raised an eyebrow as Elias started barking like usual, starting off with something about getting his partner roughed up, then something about Takeshi getting roughed up himself. Takeshi wondered what he meant, was he implying that Takeshi didn’t give Elvena a weapon or something? What was this about- Takeshi’s whole body froze, gaze locked solely on the sword now lying carelessly on the floor. It didn’t matter that literally no damage was done to the sword, or that it could just be picked up and placed against the wall later, to Takeshi, this went beyond a gesture of disrespect, or even a personal attack. This was like an attempt to smear dirt on the very concept of what Takeshi was and stood for. Yet, even as Takeshi was frozen stiff, as if he was locked in that single moment in time, his ears were still working, and he could hear every single venomous word Elias spit out. The end result, as one might expect, was not going to be pretty.

Takeshi, if asked, would be able to easily say he had never really felt angry before in his life. He had felt frustrated, like when he was younger and hit a wall in his training, he had felt disheartened, when he had found out he was a weapon, he had felt annoyed, with his families antics and even some of Elvena’s recent actions, and he pretty much always felt an apathy towards everything. But anger? Never once in his life had he ever experienced that roiling pit of molten fury that threatened to explode outwards in a fiery inferno, nor had he ever felt the deep, abyss like cold fury that chilled the very souls of those around you. That is, until now. In a moment that could very well be called the calm before the storm, Takeshi realized that he was feeling both those kinds of anger right now, but in an oh so weird way. His insides felt hot, so hot that he could almost imagine himself bursting in flames from the inside out and melting. Yet, the rest of his body and even his head felt ice cold, like he had suddenly dipped himself in a frozen lake, threatening to shatter completely like a brittle piece of ice. The contrast between the two, instead of one trying to overpower or overshadow the other, seemed to be mixing together in a deadly, horrid combination of the both, the hot and cold feeling intensifying as the slowed down moments of time inched by from Takeshi’s point of view.

And what a point of view that was, constantly building towards that rising anger, releasing wave after wave of near visible killing intent, accompanied with the feeling of a beast slowly waking. In Takeshi’s head, Elias’ words kept repeating themselves, with his fallen sword firmly imprinted in his mind’s eye. The wrong gene, huh? That’s one way to put it, but it was more like an unwanted gene. He’s a weapon, huh? He’d always known that, but not in the sense this ignorant child spouted out. Not a meister, huh? He’d never given a damn about this side of the world, never planned on going to any academy, never planned on being anything but a swordsman, never planned on doing anything but honing his skills to the epitome before that fateful day. Embraced who he was, huh? Takeshi’s lips began twitching into what could only be called a mockery of a smile, and unbeknownst to him, his usual golden eyes literally darkened a half-shade while the whites of his eyes threatened to be corrupted by an inky, wriggling blackness. He could almost hear a voice, whispering in his ear, taunting him, bringing up deeply buried resentments, nights of howling, pleading, crying, and shouting at the gods, and a reminder of what he had once embodied. It all accumulated to a single, raspy breath in Japanese that only Takeshi would ever hear.

“You’re not gonna take this lying down, are you not?”

And all Takeshi could do, in the face of this voice that reminded him of himself, but tired, overcome and beaten down by all the world's troubles and doubts. This voice that, beyond all its taunting, mocking, and jeering, seemed to be begging him to return to his utmost glory. This voice that, for the first time in half a decade, was the first to ever truly, truly encourage him to pick up his sword with meaning once more. To this voice, all he could do was whisper out a response back in Japanese.

"I will not"

With a quick flick of her wrist the book in her hands came to a close within them. The gaze she fixed on her brother was full of disbelief and fury. Even though she remained silent, she felt like screaming and tearing herself into a thousand pieces. Why are you doing this? She asked him through her eyes, hues now showing nothing but sadness that continued to creep onto her features. Notebook and pencil now safely tucked away, those free hands reached down to pluck the discarded boots off the floor. The motions to put them on were fluid and swift, feet now touching down on the ground as she began walking over to the fallen sword. Even though it didn’t mean anywhere near as much as it did to her partner, it still filled her with hurt and remorse to watch her brother act so heartless. Elvy on her worst days would never amount to being so cruel. Whether she understood it or not didn’t matter, that sword meant an immensely great deal to Takeshi and Elias had just disrespected it on a level that she knew would never invoke a sliver of forgiveness. Not now and not in the future.

Hesitant steps brought her beside Takeshi’s sword, fingers showing the gentleness one shows when addressing a grave wound as she grasped it and leaned back up. Her gaze flickered between the two boys, the tension in the room only growing with each agonizing second that passed by. An explosive unhinged brother that she was ashamed to look at right now. And then there was Takeshi; his eyes were different, deadly, being consumed. Instinctively Elvy tightened her grip around the sword in her hands, almost using it as anchor to remain calm amidst the overwhelming emotions only continuing to peak around her. But the sword needed to be with its rightful owner, its true wielder. Not oblivious to the consequences of her next action, gray hair blocked Elias from Takeshi’s view as she knelt down before him. The sword was extended to him, gingerly pushed into his hands as she used her own to close his fingers around it. The moment her fingertips brushed against his skin she could feel it, something that was both dreaded but anticipated. Maybe even a bit of excitement was present too, however minuscule it may be. Their souls touched for a moment and everything Elvy wanted to express or say to him was relayed in that singular quick embrace.

That bond was sacred, irreplaceable. Someone had dishonored him in an unimaginable way, antagonized him, and even though the perpetrator had been her own brother, Elvy couldn’t bring herself to stand against Takeshi. It just wouldn’t happen. It would never happen. Their souls were entwined and that was stronger than blood. Her hands retreated back and she stood, not looking back as she stepped over the broken door and solemnly stared out into the brisk night before letting it fully embrace her. You reap what you sow. The Stein’s thought was full of melancholy, knowing full well that Elias had brought this solely on himself. There was absolutely zero reason for there to be regret lingering in her mind, and indeed there wasn’t any. Marcus’s car was spotted in the parking lot and an inward sigh was released, tired and lithe frame scooting up onto the hood to sit there with her face resting in the palms of her hands. A curtain of gray strands blocked everything out of view. Granted it wasn’t as if she wanted to see or even hear the outcome of what would happen inside that room, that being why it had been left in the first place. The end result would come to light soon enough.

If he were to be honest, Takeshi had forgotten that Elvena had existed in the first place, that is how preoccupied with his sword and the soon-to-be crushed ant flaunting its presence in front of him. So when he felt her rise from the bed, and then proceeded in the direction of his sword, Takeshi’s already tense body went to a whole new level of rigidness. That tension, however, seeped away ever so slightly when she brought the sword over to him, gently placing it in his hands while momentarily blocking his view of Elias. And with that fleeting touch, he heard her message, all while getting a moment of pure, unadulterated, unfiltered clarity on the whole situation. Both forms of anger that had been growing inside him stilled, and Takeshi could only stare down at the sword in his hands, as if questioning what to do now. The moment soon passed, however, when Elvena stepped away from him and left out the door, leaving Elias standing there and Takeshi staring at his sword.

He was still angry beyond words. Takeshi realized this the moment Elvena was out of sight and their souls were no longer connected. That momentary freezing of his rage, it was just a sigh of relief coming from his whole being at having his sword back in his rightful possession. His course of action had not changed, if anything, a cruel glint had made its way into his eyes where before there was just a mindless anger and desire to destroy. These feelings inside of him had taken that single moment of divine-like clarity to sharpen themselves to a fine point, and Takeshi thought it remiss not to put them to good use. Pushing himself up fully, he carefully brought his feet to the ground and stood up, each motion slow, deliberate, and gentle. Continuing with his methodical motions, he slung his sword onto his back, adjusting it so it fit properly into place, hilt in its usual spot. Only when everything was picture perfect did Takeshi let his gaze land on Elias again, and where there was once a horrifying caricature of a smile on his face and eyes in the process of getting corrupted, now was a serene, almost peaceful looking smile so sharp it seemed like it could cut through steel alone, paired with eyes filled with black sclera and venomous dark gold pupils.

Laying a hand on the hilt of his sword, Takeshi drew it from its sheath and held it out to the side as he took small, deliberate steps towards Elias. “So loud. So proud. So scared. So insecure. So guilty. So pathetically, unbelievably, inconceivably weak. No substance, no skill, nothing of value. Hell headspace?” Here Takeshi gives a chilling laugh, continuing oh so slowly towards Elias. “Hilariously hypocritical. Your fate, I’ve decided.” Takeshi holds up his free hand with five fingers extended and begins ticking them down as he speaks “One, your hands. Two, your eyes. Three, your tongue. Four, your spine. Five, your mind. Let's begin, shall we not?” As the last finger fell and Takeshi finished his statement, he blurred forward, live steel flashing towards Elias’ elbow, clear intent to maim and cripple present in Takeshi's cruel eyes.


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Hearing his steps grow closer, she narrowed her eyes that were looking at the pillar in front of her. At least he was calling her by her name, that was a start, and also some kind of opening 'I appreciate the compliment, Lew...It means a lot.' she said, her voice kind and soft before continuing her words 'But that does not mean I'm the same as them... I'm not made to be out there making suitors...' she said in reply to his claim on his former master's daughter and took a deep breath, preventing herself from wanting to bash her head into the pillar. This man was cunning, charming at that, cautious. Acted just like Alice when she wanted to rid Madness and ignore her for long periods of time. 'I am made to have a partner as amazing as you, to fight alongside.' in all honesty, she was contemplating on coming out to expose her face. Though, she wasn't sure how smart he would have been to figure out that she was Alice's madness.Perhaps if I keep playing this disgusting innocent role that Alice likes to show, I could probably convince him that I am her. she thought to herself, closing her eyes for just a moment before opening them once again and lowering her gaze to her feet, 'Promise me you wont be scared of me...' she said.

When he had, she slowly came out from behind the pillar, lifting her gaze just as slowly as she came out. Her red eyes locking with his beautiful blue ones that could almost be compared to the sky. 'This...This is what I look like when it comes to me visiting your weapon space...' she bit her lip and looked nervous, anxious even. Having to get into character was never a hard job for Madness, in fact, she loved playing the victim just to get her prey to fall into her hands. 'I look like a monster. I don't have my blonde hair or my emerald eyes...My hair is black, my eyes are red...' suddenly, she turned away from him, hiding her face in her hands 'I cant keep looking at you... You're so handsome and...I don't want to see fear on your face because of me...' soon enough her shoulders began to tremble, tears starting to leak from her eyes and she started to sob softly. In just a swift movement she could grab him right now while Alice herself was still distracted by the kishin. But she wanted the sweet taste that she knew that the young weapon could give her. While using this time to think, she turned back around and hid her face in his chest to hide her tears before speaking 'Y-You say I have no suitors, that you're surprised I have none...' she said, her words soft 'I-I don't want anyone else but you, Lew...' she admitted, though, not lifting her gaze to meet his.​
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At the docks
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat // Akron Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 // Liam Japanime Japanime
The glow from Gwen's transformation back into her human form had caused Baira to glance over in her direction, the boy still visibly shaken from the whole ordeal that had just occurred. Her hand upon his shoulder had been comforting and Baira in turn had placed a hand upon hers as he gave her a smile and stood to full height; his free hand wiping away any residue that had remained upon his face.

"Sorry for this..." mumbled Baira, placing both hands down by his side. "... I know it was our first mission and... and even I didn't think I'd react like this... " he continued, eyes scanning the rest of the room as his gaze fell upon Akron and Liam, the opposing duo appearing to recover from their own issues regarding the horrid outcome of their first mission. Returning to Gwen as she voiced her suggestion, Baira had at first brushed the idea to one side; seeing as how he felt the need to reassure his commitment to being a Meister as being far more important. No doubt there would have been people unable to continue this line of work after seeing what they saw; yet Baira had no intention of quitting. "I promise I'll be stronger on our next mission" offered Baira, now being the one to place a hand upon Gwen. "We will claim the top spot of the Academy, you and I. 1st spot has our name on it. This.. this horrible event... it will be the fuel to drive me... Us.. Forward. I promise that I will make you a death scythe"

Smiling to his partner, he removed his hand from her shoulder and again glanced around the room, looking to see if there was actually any gunpowder on the boat. This vile vessel did not deserve to float any longer, the countless atrocities committed within its hull being a sin upon this very earth. "There should be gunpowder over there... I can smell it" A quick sniff of the air had confirmed that there was indeed a few barrels of the powder in the far corner of the room. "But first..." this time he addressed everyone in the room. "I agree with Akron, Lets gather these souls and contact Lord Death.. and perhaps cut the lines mooring this ship. I'd rather we didn't trouble the residents by partially destroying the docks in the process."



[Location: Village fighting Kishin]
[Mentions: Elias Kyuubey Kyuubey ]
[Interactions: Camilla Jackaboi Jackaboi Lewellyn RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Alice Britt-21 Britt-21 ]​
Without so much as a second of hesitation, Alcross found himself transforming into his keyboard blade form once more, the azure sheen of his bladed edge glimmering against the light of the room as Camilla clasped him upon her back, a synchronised action as Alice did the same with Llewellyn, the shielded form of his fellow demon weapon being attached to her left arm. At first glance it was evident already who would be the main aggressor and the main defender of their team work. It was irrefutable that a complete outsider would have assumed as such, considering the stereotypes surrounding each of their respective forms. Yet Alcross was no fool and he unlike your average bystander, he knew not to judge a book by its cover and was already expecting his comrade in arms to have a surprise or two behind his shielded form.

Within the confines of his soul room, the blue haired lackadaisical Maestro found himself plastered on his Piano bench, two pale hands hovering above the keys to the grand piano as two ethereal red eyes stared into his own. Plastered upon the top of the piano, the minuscule form of this dark entity had found itself laying upon its chest; two shadowy black legs fidgeting away as it rested its head upon its hands, staring into the eyes of the 'King' that held the reigns of control in this realm.

"Hey.." it gargled, a snake like tongue flickering out of the feline looking entity before hiding behind a sinister smirk. Its attention was glued upon Alcross's face as it continued to lay there, devious thoughts running through its mind as it observed its blue haired Master in all his silent glory. "W.. what song will you play for me today?!" It gargled once more, manoeuvring itself into a sitting position, its feet hanging off the top of the piano and now tapping away at the keys of the piano, creating a cacophony of noise that in itself had caused Alcross to return with his own deadpan glare to the creature.

"None of your business" mumbled Alcross, slapping the creatures feet away from the piano keys, causing it to spin around several times in an almost cartoon like manner. "Oh.. Master... don't be like that" it whined, now standing fully on the piano top; its small stature exaggerated even further as he barely stood taller than Alcross who remained sitting. "You haven't played with me in awhile... not since that time with that silly little nobody arsonist..... uhh.." a shadowy finger entered its mouth as it tilted its head in mock thought,"uhh.. his name was forgetable... Sorry" he uttered, tapping its own head and sticking its tongue out in an almost 'teehee' like manner. "Whatever, he isn't important" the creature muttered, taking the chance to leap off of the piano and engulf the entirely of Alcross's face as he gave the blue haired meister a bear hug.

"Elias... that fool's name is Elias" mumbled Alcross as his voice was muffled by 'madness' straddling his face; though not for long as his right hand raised and grabbed it by the top of its head; yanking the dark creature off of himself and planting it firmly down on the remaining space of the bench he had sat on. "Why are you here?" he questioned, not even turning to look at the creature. Though he didn't get the desired response he was looking for.

Kuromadnessdemon.pngA cold giggle escaped the mouth of Madness as he tilted his head up to Alcross, the mischievous grin spread across the entirety of its little face as he hid his motives. "I.. I just came to say hello" it spoke innocently, though there was an ulterior motive behind his words. It wasn't Alcross that it had come to see today, no. Something darker had called him out from the darkest parts of Alcross's soul, something that like itself was also the embodiment of insanity. Unbeknown to Alcross at the time, the darkness lurking within his team mates had called forth the darkness within himself. Madness attracting Madness, an older sibling calling out to its younger. It wasn't the blue haired Maestro that this little ball of Madness had wanted to see.. no.. It was its brethren, its sibling of chaos. Another giggle escaped Madness's mouth before the dark entity disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Unaware of the madness within his team mates, Alcross had dismissed this little charade as nothing more than one of the creatures childish pranks; perhaps driven by the fact that Alcross had ignored it for an entire week.

Thoughts not focusing on the outside world, Alcross was shaken from his inner thoughts by the sound of Alice shouting, his eyes looking through the framed window that revealed the outside world to Alcross. Just barely, Alcross had caught sight of the attack, a beady eyed shadowy figure approaching them at great speed, only to be stopped in its tracks as Alice tugged Camilla away and shielded the assault, the sturdy form of Llewellyn absorbing the impact.

A another echoed laugh reverberated around his soul room; the creature reacting to the sensation of rage that reverberated off of Camilla, the crimson haired Meister appearing to be more on edge than usual. A swing of his bladed form parrying a scythe like swing from the Kishin. The impact itself had cause Alcross's body to slam into the piano, his hands pressing an amalgamation of keys as he was unprepared for the impact.

"Camilla" mumbled Alcross, picking himself up. "Is everything alright?!" he questioned, glancing skyward. He wasn't used to seeing Camilla angry and the fact that she had quickly entered such a state was a bit worrying for Alcross. They may have only known and lived with each other for a week but Alcross had been watching and observing and this side of Camilla did not feel 'right'. It felt off. Did it have something to do with her nightmare?" "Talk to me Camilla" Alcross's voice was louder then usual. "Are you sure you're ok?!" he asked again, thinking back to how she had woken up in a fright earlier that night.

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Llewellyn honestly was uncertain of the response he had been looking for when he brought up suitors. It was possible that he was simply looking for some grand reaction that would have declared to him that this individual was not Lady Alice. Though, the longer the two kept talking, the more the servant's confusion grew. I can not distinguish a potential imposter from the real Lady Alice. The revelation was embarrassing to say the least, yet it made sense. He had only spent a week with his current Meister. If this were Lady Alison, Lady Lacey or even Lord Titus, I would be able to tell right away if there was an imposter. Unfortunately, I have no such advantage in this situation. I suppose that time is to blame here.

The other individual's words made them seem precisely as though they were Lady Alice, yet doubt and suspicion kept Llewellyn from accepting that completely. Still, just when the servant was about to take another few steps forward to flush out the potential imposter, the voice claimed that they would be stepping out from behind the pillar. Llewellyn liked to think that he kept a fairly accurate mental image of his Meister. Relatively short blonde hair, emerald green eyes and a smile that confused him constantly. What he saw instead nearly had him shouting at the individual before him. She had black hair instead of blonde, red eyes that had Llewellyn unconsciously shiver when they stared directly into his own and an overall nervous disposition. This could not be his Lady Alice, yet as the individual continued to speak, what she said made some sense. I suppose it is possible for someone's appearance to alter within a Weapon's Soul Room, but why would that terrify them? Why would a simple change of attire and some minor alteration to physical traits inspire so much fear? Something was not quite right here, yet Llewellyn was unable to piece together what it was. He did not have enough information just yet to make an accurate judgement.

When the dark haired girl began to sob into her hands, Llewellyn wanted to take the remaining steps forward to inquire as to how he could help her. That he did not told Llewellyn that he did not entirely believe this version of his Meister. Something was wrong, something was missing, but just what was that something. A light, brief spark of frustration flickered within the depths of Llewellyn's Soul, the first sensation he did not hide from his connection with Lady Alice. Though, it was gone as quickly as it had arrived. "Alice," another red hot flash of hatred spiked and burned as he swallowed it down, causing a small fire to alight within himself. Though, before he could focus too much upon his own self-loathing or the rest of what he had planned to say, the dark haired girl placed herself within his arms as he head rested against his chest. He had been distracted and it may have cost him if this version of his Meister was indeed a threat. However, as the girl's soft voice spoke through the tears, Llewellyn felt terrible for thinking such a thing. Terrible and confused even as he awkwardly wrapped his arms around the girl in an attempt to comfort her.

Surely I am hearing things. There is no conceivable reason for Lady Alice to make such a ridiculous claim. The servant tried to calm his rapidly beating heart that he hoped the dark haired girl could not hear. But what if she is being honest? If milady truly desires me, who am I to refuse her? It is my duty to attend to her every wish and desire. Llewellyn lightly bit his tongue, hoping that the pain from such an action would drive away his treacherous thoughts. He knew better than to even consider such a course of action and yet his mind still wandered towards that idea. An idea that was impossible for the servant even if he did wish to pursue it. Lady Helena's training had taught him that he was a tool to be used as his Masters saw fit, yet he was never supposed to have an intimate relationship with any of his Masters. Failure to follow such a rule was met with damnation. Eternal damnation, the one punishment Llewellyn knew he would not get better from because, even Lady Helena could not escape that fate. "You are no monster, milady." Llewellyn said as his eyes remained shut so he could split his focus between talking and purging his mind of thoughts unfit for his station. "The change to your appearance does not make you monstrous, it merely shows that there is more to you then I had anticipated. You are still beautiful, even now." He was stating fact, not attempting to flirt so calm down! Yet, his heart maintained its elevated pace, only adding more fuel to his confusion and frustration.

Mission: Investigate The Town

Location: Soul Room

Britt-21 Britt-21


Full of terror

Mara Wesson
BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage

Morika held her carefully and Mara wondered if that was from nerves, or if the meister had taken her warning to heart. Either way it wasn't an issue and Mara was glad the teen didn't have sweaty hands despite the layers she wore. Now looking around with a more limited view, Mara noticed that Arthur had frozen. His earlier confidence gone, but he wasn't shaking in his shoes so that was a plus. Scanning to make sure the others were in safe positions, a male figure floated down. His white suit drew everyone's gaze to it like a beacon, however Mara couldn't help but notice his face. It wasn't the expression of one confident in their own skills, it was the face of someone trying to bullshit their way out of a problem. He has no idea what to do next. Hopefully that would make it easier to take the sucker down, though that thought was doused with reality. Morika had no idea how to shoot a gun, of course she didn't. Where would she have learn, luckily Demon Weapons weren't as complicated to use as normal guns.

"Alright, it's pretty simple. Tuck the end part in the pocket of the shoulder your going to fire with, it'll help you aim and deal with recoil. Place your other hand under the gun, that is just to add steadiness. Relax your neck and center your body, oh and keep your elbows down and closer to your body. Line up the shot, squeeze the trigger and I'll handle the rest." Mara had never really been good at tutoring others, but this was different. It was someone who actually wanted to learn and who would hopefully listen to her. The man made another empty threat and sent out what looked like a bomb. For a moment Mara worried that he wasn't full of crook but then the confetti poured out and the weapon breathed in deeply. "This is sad to watch. This guy is a dumbass, lets get this over with."
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Chillin With BaeUnknown.jpegWatching Elias punk out the clerk, Marcus couldn't find the strength to hold back the feeling of embarrassment. It was as if he was watching Ikora on one of her rampages yet again. But this one was more untamed. As Elias marched up the stairs, Marcus shook his head. "Sorry for my friend. He just found out his girlfriend is cheating on him." Marcus says trying to find some form of justification for why he bullied him. "By the way, I do intend to get the best roomy all have. Oh and don't forget separate beds." Marcus says as he holds his hand out allowing the clerk to place the key cards in his hand. After receiving the key cards, Marcus grabbed their bags, and took the elevator up towards the top floor. Reaching the top floor, Marcus then walks down the long corridor towards the room at the very end of the hallway. He enters the room and was immediately shocked by the spacious suit like room the clerk gave them. He stepped in and threw the bags onto the separate beds, slowly spinning around as he checked the room out. "Daaamn this shit is niiicccceee. Looks somewhat like those hip-hop music videos." He saids laughing. "Imagine if I had this room filled with girls, the bros, and music. Man that'll be a vibe I'll never forget."

As he stood there in complete awe, Marcus stomach lets out a terrible growl possibly load enough to fill the entire room. "Yeah, I need to make this food run." Marcus said as he rubbed his stomach. "But first I shower." Stepping into the bathroom, Marcus flips the switch and his jaw drops. In the bathroom was a waterfall shower, and a tub with built-in jacuzzi jets. "Yeah, good thing I aint paying for this." He says jumping right into the shower, stomach still growling. Once he was done, and gotten ready, Marcus leaves the room with his car keys and headphones heading for room 17. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with black basketball shorts and black slides. The only reason he wanted to go towards the highly unnecessary drama that was definitely unfolding, was to figure out what flavor of wings this dude Elias possible wanted. Heading down the. stairs, Marcus notices Elvy leaving. It was obvious enough, to why she was leaving. She probably didn't want anything to do with what was going on in that room and if Marcus was smart he didn't either. This was something he'll probably need to talk to Elias about sooner or later. Simply because it ain't healthy.

Disregarding his plan to ask him his wing flavor, Marcus went on downstairs heading for his car. There he noticed Elvy sitting on his hood. Does this girl have a death wish? Marcus thought to himself, looking at her as she held her head in her hands. "Is she crying?" He asked himself. Walking up, Marcus stood in front of her before saying, "Yo, get off my hood." He says with a smirk as he said I with a joking tone. "If you wanted to sit in my car, all you had to do was ask." He says unlocking his door and getting in. "Im about to go get some wings, do you wanna come?? I figured for you anywhere else is better than being her right. That way neither of us are here waiting on this unnecessary outcome." Turning the car on, Marcus grabs his CD binder, and holds it out to her. "I'll even let you pick the music, and don't worry there's some variety in there. But honestly though I guess I should apologize, cause I was the one that pointed out that you guys were here. I figured he would be a bit calmer, since he was worried about you while on our mission. But then this happened. So I'm sorry." He said all this, backing out of the parking lot and driving towards the nearest wing spot.

The drive there was about 5-10 minutes away with Marcus cruising down the street listening to whatever Elvy picked out. Arriving at the wing spot, looks over at Elvy and gestures here to tag along. He walks up to the door , holing it open for her as she walks in. Following behind, he gives a nod towards the works at the greet them. "Yooooo." he says. "Can I get two orders of your 10pc wing combo. One of them being half lemonier pepper and half hot honey mustard, and the other one being the hottest flavor you got." If Marcus remembered correctly, Elias may have mentioned to him how much he likes hot food. He then looks over at Elvy and ask, "Do you want anything?? If so go ahead and order, I got it." He says giving her a reassuring smile. "If you want this can be pay back for that apple I ate on the first day. But then again you did end up messing with my music and my shower after I moved in. So I don't know if I should count this or not." He says chuckling. "But anyway how was your mission? Did y'all get any souls?" He asked trying to make conversation as he waits on the order.
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Arthur and the Cortex
Featuring: Elgin ( Jackaboi Jackaboi ) Rin ( Britt-21 Britt-21 ) Shin ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ) Mara ( Kenku Kenku )
There was something oddly satisfying about drop kicks. Given a good angle, momentum and timing, they are among the most destructive techniques one can pull off without the use of a weapon (Not including shoes of course). Thus, when one is lucky enough to pull of a drop kick like Arthur just did, many feet off the ground and at explosion-augmented speed, the rush is nothing to scoff at. It was an art. Poetry in technique, With all the feeling of accomplishment that implied. Some of his finest work. His landing, however, was less so. Arthur's impact with the ground was a lot of things, graceful wasn't one of them. However, considering the amount of adrenaline he was working with at that point, it wasn't painful either. Plus, seeing the Collector collide with a far off wall made it well worth it.

This was no time to bask in a satisfying attack. It wasn't a killing blow by a long shot, and thus there was work to be done. Scrambling to his feet, Arthur made to rush the Collector once more, intent on giving no breathing room to the would-be villain. However, his unusual modified gravity would give him just that. After resuming his rant and procuring a new bauble, a flash emanated from his hand and from it... confetti. Some at first. Then more. Then a lot more. It seemed to be multiplying. The space between heartbeats exponentially increasing the amount of confetti in the air. After so much as a moment, the chamber had filled with a storm of the colorful party squares. A festive hurricane that rapidly limited visibility and provided nothing but papercuts in exchange. Unusual to be sure, but effective.

Such an obstacle would not deter Arthur. He had a a decent estimate as to where the Collector has cascaded off to, and confetti would not slow his charge. Reaching the general area of where the man was last seen giving his monologue, the meister would pivot on one ankle and, with a sweep and two shots from his gunblade partner, cleared a small radius around him of the obscuring confetti. He needed only clear enough to catch a glimpse of white and silver among the rainbow, and that is exactly what happened. The Collector was attempting to strafe to the side, and was oddly now barefoot. Neither detail mattered. Once more, Arthur went to blitz the Collector.

Thus began their duel. Arthur was pouring everything he had into a continuous barrage of attacks, focusing on speed as opposed to power. He knew any amount of quarter he gave this man could result in some completely ridiculous and/or highly dangerous magical effect that could have no counter. His best chance was to keep the pressure high and wait for a mistake. However, to his surprise, no opening presented itself. For all his buffoonish blabbering, the Collector was holding his own exceedingly well. But there was something off about how he kept pace. Something about his sword technique that didn't match his stance or expression. After some attempted counters, even the Collector looked surprised by his actions, giving Arthur a theory. A well timed feint and a blast accelerated thrust left the Collector's blade firmly locked between Elgin's two. Arthur knew his partner had one blast left, and made a decision. In one sweeping motion and using that final blast, both Elgin and the Collector's sword were sent flying into the technicolor storm, out of sight.

Got you.

If Arthur had stayed where he was, and faced the Collector here, his team would likely have been able to follow the sound of Elgin's blast and come to aid him. Hell, it would have been smart if he at least waited for Elgin to turn human and return. Arthur did not do that. Arthur, was having too much fun, and as such, Arthur continued his barrage of attacks, now unarmed but no less ferocious. The Collector was loosing ground. While he seemed to have a foundational grasp of martial arts, plenty of Arthur's attacks (which utilized the pedestals they passed, the wall they fought adjacent to, and even handfuls of confetti) landed. Again, Arthur was more focused on fast and rapid attacks, but damage was being done and the Collector had no time to equip himself with any trinket or relic of any kind. Arthur felt he was a few strikes away from being able to Soul Menace this guy into oblivion, and thus was saving that technique for the satisfying finisher.

That was not to be. While backpedaling and trying to get some distance on the rampaging meister, the Collector had knocked over one of his trophies, and hourglass type object. Arthur barely noticed.

Then, with no transition he could observe, Arthur was struck. The number of papercuts on his hands and face felt like they had doubled, but that wasn't important. Something had impacted his chest, and it didn't feel blunt. He was knocked back a few feet, and was unable to catch himself as he landed on his back. He lifted his head, trying to get a visual on the Collector. He didn't see the villain, but he did see something else. A hole in his shirt, rimed with red. With difficulty, he sat up to see the damage. There was something embedded in his chest. Dark metal, with remarkably detailed engravings and the slightest blue tint. Looking at it, it appeared to be only a few inches big, but it felt like it when a lot deeper than one would expect. It was bleeding surprisingly little, but trying to remove this thing would no doubt change that. His consciousness was beginning to slip, whether from pain, shock or whatever magic this thing did. With the last bits of wakefulness he had, he zippered up his unharmed jacket, thinking it was better than nothing in terms of putting pressure on the wound and shelter it from the elements. He only had one final thought before he drifted off, unseen by his allies.

What is it... doing?

Unbeknownst to him at the time, this thing was fixing itself. Shifting and transmuting both itself and the wound in whatever way it had to so that it and Arthur's body would function as normal, even with it embedded within his chest. It was merging with him, forever changing his life, and he wasn't even awake for it.


Socially Anxious

Morika took in a deep breath and tried to concentrate on where she is firing, though it was a bit difficult with all of the colors in her vision and that had just now entered her mouth. Morika coughed and coughed to try and get all of the rainbow out of her lungs as the rest of was being useful. When she was finally able to pull the trigger, it went right into the storm of confetti, breezed by the flamboyant, stupid man who can't even tell the difference between a fine coat and a ratty, sad excuse of material, and almost hit Arthur as she dropped Mara and collapsed onto the dirty floor.Where did all of the colors come from? Why does it hurt? Why won't they come out? Is anyone else having problems breathing? Does this man have underlings? And if he does, who lets him walk out with a coat like that? I bet if I pulled on that thread, that the thing he called a coat would unravel and become nothing but a pile of tangled knot and sadness. Did I take my meds? I didn't take my meds. Thankfully, I carry them on me--I don't have my meds. Morika frantically searched through her pockets and panicked when she couldn't find her pill bottle. Morika let out a squeak and swiftly got back up on her feet, placing her hands around her mouth to shout to the rest of her team. "NOBODY MOVE!! I dropped my pills!" Morika shouted frantically as she looked around the dirty, and now colorful floor, to try and find the orange prescription bottle that contained her pills. The longer she was without them, the more agitated she got, and the more agitated she got, the more she felt the need to smash the Collector's face in.
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Elias Stein

Disbelief broke the irritated expression on his face, cracking like the molten lava that encircled his soul. “ E-Elvy…. What? “ Her actions were hitting hard at home, knocking the wind out of him as his eyes followed every moment that his sister made. Did this guy fuckin’ brainwash her? Anger was rising faster than he could contain, the livid emotion crawling like a parasite under his skin that was leaving him unsettled. It felt like mere seconds had passed since Elvy’s gray hair had drifted out of his view before the guy before him began to speak. Elias’s eyes narrowed as the words left his lips, a look of unamusement plastered there which almost looked deadpan. “ It actually speaks. What a development. “ His mouth parted as he let out a breath he’d been holding in, exhaling audibly. He wants to do this here? I can’t fight properly without reducing this building to nothing but ashes. A sideways glance allowed him to take in their surroundings, trying to map out the room and memorize it.

Takeshi holding up his hand, along with his threats, caused Elias’s attention to once again fall forward, those crimson eyes following suit. The first thing he noticed was the change in the demeanor of his now proclaimed enemy. His eyes, his stature, the way he spoke; it was all oh so familiar. Why do I know that look? He squinted, observing the black that seemed to roll in like an oncoming storm in his eyes. You’ve got to be shitting m--- His thoughts were abruptly cut short as the swordsman, now weapon in hand, flashed forward towards him. There wasn’t much time to react, let alone counter, so he snarled as his arm changed into a sword. The sound of their blades clashing rang out like thunder striking, the tempest in his opponent’s eyes being met with the blazing inferno that was engulfing his own pupils. “ You’re not taking anything else from me. “ His words were hard pressed through his grit teeth, barely loud enough for anyone to hear, but the dark tone itself pushed it to be audibly ample. Elias did his best, surprisingly, to control the explosion that left his own bladed arm with the hope it would send Takeshi flying back or at the very least create some space between them.

There was something about him being directly in his face that was unnerving. The feeling could only be loosely described as being blinded with fury, something he knew that would support his downfall if he gave into it. He huffed and pressed his human hand to the wall, fingers splayed out and waiting for the ‘samurai’ to make his move. Whether he was actually a samurai or not was irrelevant as ‘the lazy samurai’ had been the nickname Elias had so kindly bestowed upon Takeshi the moment he met him. Clearly now, that lazy description had fallen off and was nonexistent. It was intriguing to see someone else fueled by anger since usually that was his cup of tea, but this was sinister much like his sister could be.

" So what's your end game? Take Elvena, kill me off? I must've struck a nerve 'cause you're acting like I pissed in your cereal or something. If you loathe being a weapon so much why the hell are you here? This academy isn't some game or vacation away from home. There are people here with real aspirations and dreams. People who have something to fight for or people they want to protect. They bleed, hurt, cry, and even die standing up to the evil of this world. So I'll ask again, why are you here? " Elias's fingers tensed up even more, anticipating some type of attack in response, knowing by observing him that Takeshi was most likely the type to strike first and not bother answering him. Especially when he was like this; consumed.

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Takeshi Mifune

Powering through the explosion that Elias released at their clash of blades, Takeshi stood there, staring at the retreating weapon, face still horrifyingly peaceful and venomous. From that one clash alone, all his assumptions had been confirmed, and now he knew that he could deal with Elias as if he were a simple insignificant insect to be swatted away without a second thought. If possible, Takeshi’s unnerving smile grew larger. This confirmation just meant that he could take his time breaking Elias apart, piece by crumbling piece. He could see it in Elias’ eyes, the makings of his downfall, the small, minuscule cracks, the insecurities, the feelings he tries to hide away from the world. He felt them when they clashed, and now that he knew what to look for, it was all the easier to hone in them, to chip away at Elias’ mental strength, his spirit, his foundation. Inside Takeshi, the burning rage and cold fury continued to meld with the corrupting darkness, being consumed and further fueling his budding madness, unbeknownst to the swordsman, but clear as day to anyone looking into his constantly evolving eyes.

That mysterious voice in his head had long since gone silent, vanishing as if it were just a mirage conjured by his enraged mind in hopes of spurring his body and spirit into action against the transgressions committed against him. Yet, even if that happened to be the case, Takeshi was thankful for that forward shove given to him by not only Elias but whatever force had made him experience this new, wonderful congregation of emotions that was currently straining deep inside him. For the first time in years it had felt like there was actual emotion and intent behind his bladed when he had swung it, unlike the dull, lifeless practice that he committed on a daily basis. No, that one first blow, if only for a split second, had made his whole soul shudder and sing when it had connected. The added purpose, not just there for convenience or because he was forced to, no, the desire that was supported by his whole being, put into his sword once more. He had forgotten what that truly felt like. Still though, he was in the middle of teaching a stray dog a lesson, so there was no time for him to get lost in his own thoughts. He'd have the chance to enjoy this newfound feeling as he tore through the filthy mongrel that had thought it a good idea to try and tarnish his existence with his actions.

So, fully focusing on Elias once more, he tilted his head to the side, whiling giving Elias a chilling look, and then dashed forward once again, releasing a flurry of slashes towards Elias’ human arm. Yet, even as he unleashed his fury onto the boy, did Takeshi take this time to respond, sounding as if he was taking a stroll instead of being in the middle of a fight. Yet, contrary to his conversational tone, with every word the speed of his swings came out faster and faster.“Take? No need. Already mine, given freely. Unlike you. Abandoned. Disgraced. Guilty. Unforgiven. Useless. Unskilled. Powerless. Not worth killing.” Takeshi paused his strikes for a split second, tilting his head to the side in seeming thought before continuing his attack. “Ironic. Everything you say, directed at yourself. Me? Upset family. Willingly stagnated. Forced here. Now though. Maybe not. You? Futile pursuit. Incapable of proving yourself. Ultimately, protect, destroy, save, kill? Irrelevant. Now, suffer.” As he finished his final statement, Takeshi lunged forward with a final, powerful blow.

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Elvena Stein

A voice caused her head to raise, hands still hovering in front of her as she stared at Marcus, his words not registering for a few moments before she finally realized what he had said. The joking tone had been tuned out as she’d been lost in her thoughts but she swiftly jumped off of his car and leaned against it all in one fluid motion. “ Sorry. It takes less effort to sit on than my bike. “ Her words came out casually but if anyone knew her it would be obvious to catch on that she wasn’t quite herself. How can I be?Mm? I mean… I guess. I doubt it goes as fast as my motorcycle. Probably doesn’t move as well but I will admit it’s pretty. “ A wayward finger traced itself along the hood as she moved towards the door, finger falling idle at the door handle, his offer being extended in a kind manner. She bit down on her lower lip, chewing it for a bit, those thoughts once again taking off at light-speed. Those red eyes, the color drowned out and faded currently, peered up towards the room that her brother and partner were in. “ Okay. “ To be honest, Elvy was having a tough time discerning everything. She had become so accustomed to Takeshi and his short manner of speaking that talking to someone who conversation seemed to come naturally to was kind of sending her into a spiral of confoundment.

She extended each finger to curl around the handle and she opened the door, sliding into the passenger seat and peering around at the interior of his car with a small noise of appreciation being heard. “ Oh. It was bound to happen. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t control everything. I can only control myself. “ Her voice was soft as she stared at the CD binder that was being held out, a precarious grasp being used as she continued to stare at it. Elvy wouldn’t admit it without being asked about it but she had a weird knack for learning everything about a person, so being the unusual way she was, she had memorized every CD and every song on each one that was in this binder. Delving into her memory she started flipping through it and stopped at one she fancied, popping it into his CD player. She flicked through a few of the songs until she allowed one to play, head leaning back against the seat as the car set into motion. Her eyes fell to a close, the song filling the air, but what Marcus probably wasn’t expecting was the sound that left her lips. She began to sing along with the woman, soul flaring up with each note that entwined with the words in the song. The sound was eerie but beautiful, emotion spilling outwards, and nobody would’ve known before then that Elvy had a voice that was alluring and pleasing to the ears. The Stein didn’t sing much, not finding much reason to, but right now… she was so full of emotion that it was hard to hold in. It was difficult to wear a mask. It was impossible to stitch up, it was leaking out. It was simply inconceivable to keep it locked up. Singing was an escape and for the duration of that song nothing existed; not Marcus, not the car, not Elias, not Takeshi. Nothing.

As the song came to an end, another started, and she was silent. Those eyes opened once again but she stared out the window, watching things blur by, the lights being reflected in her eyes. She remained silent as the car parked, lithe frame exiting as she walked beside Marcus, blinking wildly as he held the door open for her. Fighting the urge to say anything or even question it, she stepped inside and fell behind Marcus as he began to order. It was kind of impressive that Marcus knew what to order for Elias. She’d ordered for her brother plenty of times and Marcus seemed to hit the nail on the head. “ H-Huh? Do I want anything? “ She shook her head to rid her thoughts away, hues creeping up to the menu board hanging above them. “ Mozzarella sticks, please.. “ She trailed off, uncertain about letting someone pay for her food, even if he insisted it was to pay back him eating her apple on orientation day. Even then, the feast had been provided by the school, in reality there was no real reason for him to owe her. “ Messed with your music? I added some pretty great tunes. “ Those cheeks puffed out in annoyance as he referred to it as ‘messing’. “ Hearing you scream when the water suddenly went ice cold was pretty hilarious. Given the circumstances I think you would’ve found it quite funny too if it were someone else. “ She mused, taking a seat in a risen chair by one of the air counters, hands placed before her. I can still feel the weight of his sword against them… She stared at her hands, fingers curling inwards as Marcus’s next question knocked her thoughts to the side.

I was careless at first, hence this.. “ Her body shifted to the side, hand rising to brush against and bring his attention to the scarring and bruises upon her shoulder. “ Elias blames Takeshi but it was entirely my fault. Once I stopped trying to fight alone the mission went smoothly. Beheaded the guy, cut off a limb. Normal stuff. We got a soul, so that’s one out of the ninety-nine. What about yours? Please tell me Elias didn’t do anything dumb or hinder you. “ Elvy sighed a little as she imagined all the ways her brother could act out, especially without someone to put him in his place.

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Akron had forgotten about Gwen till she returned to her human form he assumed she was just as shaken as everyone else.. though he wasn’t game to ask now she was doing.. however her suggestion of burning the ship didn’t seem at all good, it was just malicious violence for the sake of it. But Akron couldn’t bring himself to say anything about it only thing that came out of his mouth was a little squeak as he tried to force the words out,Baira seconding the plan to blow the vessel up and apparently finding the gunpowder aborted the vessel or at least smelling it, it seemed both weapon and miester wanted to destroy the ship out of spite even though the reason for everyone strife now lay dead its blood covering them all... at least now that Baira had seconded the idea Akron could speak “I don’t support this idea of destroy the boat it’s unnecessary destruction and violence for the sake of releasing your own anger, was slaying the beast that ended the child’s life not enough? Must you continue to destroy simply Because it makes you feel better? Iv seen where this leads... it leads to a dark inescapable place where you can only feel better by causing others pain” he spoke with his usually calm tone but there was a underling pain to the words. Akron’s gazed at the ground his words not directed at anyone there but more the group as a whole. His hand to hug the side of his helmet softly as he thought...This sort of malicious attitude and bloodthirsty actions was want had caused his own family to use him as a stress ball and punching bag something that couldn’t fight back or do anything about it when they felt angry or otherwise they always had there little toy to turn too and beat until they felt better. This right now was no different just the beginning of something far worse. “I understand we where all angered by the innocent child’s death before us, that we could not save them in life or any of these other children, but we put a stop to the deaths of so many more, we ended the creature and now the right thing to do is to make sure these souls find the rest they deserve, we have given them there overdue vengeance, it’s time to go...” Akron spoke again hoping to convince the others to just leave it be voice calm but sorrowful.


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75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili

As confused as she was by her Partner's issue with her feline additions, Shinobu kept the brawl between Arthur and the Collector firmly within her sights. As much as she wanted to put several bullets in him while he was distracted, Shinobu wasn't exactly one-hundred percent trusting of her aim with Rin. The reason for such hesitation being Arthur's proximity to him. Whenever Arthur batted him away she lined up a shot to fire, but the two were clashing so often that she wasn't exactly keen on risking putting a bullet in one of her teammates. Besides, she was just supposed to cover for Arthur whenever he needed it until Mara and Morika could properly jump in. Then she could get in there and work from a more... traditional approach.

Until then, she did exactly as she intended, shooting down the nearby traps that would interrupt Arthur's assault. They were much easier targets, and putting them down left Arthur a straight shot at dealing with Mr. Big Talk over there. While she did so, she took into account Rin's analysis of the situation so far.

"Doesn't gotta know about his stuff for it to be dangerous," Shinobu shrugged whilst putting down another nearby trap and nodding down to Rin "but he is kinda making it hard to take him too seriously..."

Yet just as she said that, the Collector pulled a trick out of his sleeve, almost literally. Right before Arthur could reach him and continue his assault, the Collector released a veritable storm of confetti that quickly filled the massive chamber and practically blinded Shinobu on the spot. Holding up a hand to try and see through the kaleidoscope of a colors, Shinobu cursed under her breath before closing her eyes fully and letting sound do the job for her. It took a second to listen beyond the fluttering of confetti, but she locked onto a distinctly different sound: The sound of blades clashing. She walked carefully in that direction, looking for a gap in the confetti.

It was then she heard the unmistakable blast of Arthur firing Elgin. Though it confirmed what direction they were in relative to her, the more pressing matter were the two blades sailing in her direction. At first assuming they were both more traps, Shinobu twirled out of their way and brought Rin up to blast them as well before they could get too close to Morika and Mara. But as she lined up a shot through the finally dissipating cloud of Confetti, what she saw instead was even more troubling: It was Elgin and the collector's sword. As they clattered through the final strips of confetti and onto the floor, Shinobu was immediately stricken with two revelations: That their target had been disarmed of his primary weapon... but also had Arthur.

And considering the Collector undoubtedly had more random trinkets to throw around...

Shinobu spun back around in the direction that the two swords had come flying from. With the last shreds of the Confetti cloud falling to the floor, she was more easily able to spot Arthur and the Collector. Somehow their duel had brought them to the complete other side of the Chamber, where Arthur was utilizing his close-quarters proficiency to put pressure on his opponent. But ironically, the moment that Shinobu began rushing over to cover for him was the moment that damn hourglass was knocked over in the midst of their brawl. The collector had just been rearing back to defend himself as well, one of the rings on his finger extending into a small shield which he raised between the two right as the hourglass shattered.

It was as if everything near that Hourglass shifted, suddenly Arthur was flying back and the Collector was wielding a broken handle. He sailed off behind several toppled pillars, with the collector rearing back with the handle. A fleshy whip grew from said handle that he began to twirl dramatically.

"Aha!" he laughed as he began approaching the pillars where Arthur had been thrown "It would seem you've wandered directly into the spider's web, boy~! Mwahahaha!"

Whilst delivering a suitably cheesy laugh, he reared back with his whip right before a bullet slammed into his shoulder and spun him towards the nearest wall. Stunned by the interruption, his gaze snapped towards Shinobu before his eyes widened and he threw himself behind another toppled pillar to avoid the next round.

Giving a sigh, Shinobu called back to her teammates, "Hey Elgin?" she called out behind her "Mind checking in on Arthur for me? Rin and I got some business to take care of with this guy."

As she said that, she looked down to Rin in her arms and found herself frowning under her mask whilst remembering the pointer her partner had given her earlier. She'd been hesitant to use Rin's explosive rounds even before this, for certain reasons that she hadn't exactly been able to go over for a while. But now that Arthur was down for the count, and Morioka was busy looking for pills in a panic for some reason... she was more willing to take that risk.

"Okay, guess we'll try the explosive stuff after all, Partner." she informed Rin as she neared the Pillar that the Collector had hidden behind

"Element of Surprise!!!"
The voice came from the pillar right next to the one she'd been approaching as the Collector leaped from behind it Whip already swinging. Shinobu slid out of the way as the fleshy limb slashed right through the solid ground. Surprised by her unexpected dexterity, the Collector growled whilst he slowly floated to the ground whilst whipping the odd weapon at her. As Shinobu dodged, he reached into his coat and tossed out a necklace with a triangular design. It began glowing ominously as spongy growths started forming on the edge of it.

"Behold!" the collector waved his hands dramatically as his feet touched the ground "Scouted from the partially sunken temple of Muraneth the Sea Queen! You have no idea what wrath you've incurred from-!"

He didn't get to finish as one of Rin's explosive rounds struck the floating triangle, which exploded upon contact sending bits of its burning form spraying towards the Collector. Stunned, he raised his arm to swipe some of the incoming bits of burnt bits out of the air before they could reach him.Once they were out of the way, the first thing he spotted was Shinobu turning Rin's barrel on him now.A look of Panic spread across his features as he swung the fleshy whip towards her, only for a second explosive round to blast the fleshy bauble as well. The moment it was torn apart, the handle seemed to heat up in the Collector's hand.

Gritting his teeth, he tossed the handle away as it turned to ashes upon contact with the ground, "How dare you, Child?" he swallowed nervously before tightening his frown and pointing towards her "Have you any idea the scope of your-?!?"

Shinobu raised a finger in front of her mask "Shhhh," she hushed him before placing a hand against her own neck and pressing hard against it to loosen several of the muscles which had tightened up over the course of this battle "Talk is cheap... start swinging."

That was the only warning she gave before whipping Rin back towards him again and firing. Whipping his hand up in front of him, his ring turned into a shield once more as the explosive round burst against it.It was after the second explosive round was held back that Shinobu rolled her eyes and charged him.

"You see now the scope of my abilities," the collector smirked from behind the safety of his shield "This is not the only chance for you to flee, Children. My mercy is rare but-"

His offer cut off as a gloves hand suddenly gripped the top of his shield and yanked it down. Gasping as he saw the barrel of Rin swinging towards him, the Collector ducked and swung his own hand towards Shinobu's in a panic to divert the weapon's aim. Eyes narrowing subtly, Shinobu slid her other hand past the shield and snagged hold of his scarf. Yanking him towards her, Shinobu reared back before slamming her forehead into the bridge of his nose and shattering it upon contact.

As he stumbled back, Shinobu reached up to massage her forehead a bit before raising Rin again. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to raise his shield in time, the Collector instead tossed another item from his coat: what looked to be a tiny replica of a human foot made of metal dangling from a chain. Shinobu fired just as it landed, with the collector vanishing as the explosive round exploded against a wall in the background. He reappeared where the metal foot landed, stumbling forward and rearing back with his shield as spikes emerged along its rim. Seeing the pattern, Shinobu threw herself over the shield as it came spinning at her, landing and immediately ramming the butt of her gun into the Collector's head and sending him spinning away. She would've continued if not for the sound of something speeding through the air towards her from behind. She spun out of the way as the Shield sped past her.

The collector gasped as the shield spun straight towards him, dropping to floor and lowering his head as the edged shield spun right over him. The blades on its rim cut right through the very top of his hat before embedding itself in the wall far behind him. Breathing heavily, the Collector carefully lifted his head and looked behind him before sighing in relief as he realized he hadn't been decapitated.

"Oh god," he rose to his feet and wiped some sweat from his brow as he smiled and turned away "for a second there I-I was certain that I'd be-"

The explosive round collided with his chest and blasted him through the air, a veritable rain of trinkets spilled from his coat as he went sailing head over heels. The effect was prolonged by the slow descent he still had whenever he fell. Shinobu felt obligated to speed up the process by blasting the Collector once again and sending him speeding towards the ground. He skidded along the floor before rolling into a heap, with Shinobu lowering Rin before tilting her head in surprise at the sight of the Collector shakily pushing himself back to his hands and knees. His coat having been absolutely demolished in the explosion, his hands shakily went to an oddly shaped piece of torso armor that he'd been wearing under said coat. He pawed at it in a daze as his eyes widened.

"It worked?" he swallowed before smiling "Oh hell yes it worked!"

Even from where Shinobu was standing, she could tell that that armor was meant for a smaller woman. It was as if he'd beaten and battered it into a different shape just to squeeze into it. Rolling her eyes at this, Shinobu strolled forward as the Collector looked himself over He rose again whilst laughing, his laugh growing more cocky before another explosive round sent him sailing forward and slamming face first into another wall.

Shinobu shook her head before looking to the side at the numerous trinkets he'd dropped, some of them were shifting around, but none of them seemed to be going on the offensive just yet. Shinobu hopped away from them before switching back to standard bullets and approaching the Collector. He had rolled onto his side, face bleeding from several wounds as his panicked eyes darted to and fro before settling on Shinobu.

Swallowing heavily, he tried sitting up only for his broken arm to drag painfully along the floor. Getting to one knee, he raised a shaking hand and pointed towards Shinobu as she took aim at him.

"T-Take heed!" he said before wincing and looking around in panic "I-I'm merely a golem operated at a distance by my true form!"

Shinobu's eyes narrowed, "Then I guess ya won't mind me blasting it would-"

"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" He waved his hand frantically before forcing a smile "T-This golem will explode upon its destruction... taking all of you interlopers with it!"

Eyebrow raised, Shinobu was less than amused by the threat, "...Really?"

"Y-Yes, really!" the collector placed his hand to his head and adjusted his chopped hat dramatically "It would seem you've been... outmaneuvered, children. But I shall grant you one last chance to esca-!"

"Why would you warn us about this if it would've killed us for you?"

He froze up for a moment at her question, mouth still hanging open mid-sentence as he started sweating profusely all of a sudden. Eye twitching slightly, he lowered his gaze into a sly smirk, though the tremble in his voice betrayed his confident demeanor, "Alas, you fail to realize that it was all part of my master pla-!"

The bullet which tore through his hat, head and the wall behind him begged to differ. He collapsed almost immediately, with Shinobu glancing around her a few times before looking back to the slightly corrupted soul which slowly floated up before them.

"Haven't blown up yet. Guess he was the real deal after all." Shinobu shrugged before looking back to the shifting trinkets which had been spilled all over the floor "Now... where's that key?"

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Camilla text.png

Camilla gritted her teeth when the Kishin jumped back, avoiding her attack. Guess she should've known the Kishin wouldn't just stand there and take it. They weren't attacking mere practice targets after all. Alice praised Camilla for the parry, to which Camilla nodded in acknowledgement in her direction. "Thanks. He's agile so we can't let up on this guy. You have any plans?" Just as soon as she asked Alice came up with a pretty good sounding strategy. Being the one with the shield she was going to grab the Kishin's attention and keep it focused on her. Before long Alice was up in the monster's face. Landing a painful looking right hook in it's face. Sending it stumbling. Camilla readied Alcross' blade form ready to strike as soon as she see's an opening. While waiting for that opportunity though Alcross communicated with her. Asking if she was actually alright. What? Why would he ask that? He asked again sounding deeply concerned. "Of course I'm fi..." She paused for a moment, thinking about his words. Now that she was being made aware of her state of mind she didn't realise how angry she was actually feeling right now. She was letting this kishin's familiar appearance trigger her and she seriously had to calm things down. The Meister took a deep breath before replying. "Sorry about that Alcross... And thanks. I'm fine now. You should get ready though. I'm gonna try and end this fight in one blow as soon as I see an opening." This time warning Alcross beforehand she readied the blade once more. Alice actively taunted the creature. Eventually the thing looked as if it forgot the other pair existed. It was clearly hungry. Probably hasn't eaten in a while since people have been blocking themselves away from it this whole time. This was just going to work in their favour.

"READY AL!?" She said in her mind. Letting him know she was about to strike and charged forward. Heading straight towards the Kishin's exposed back. She held the blade in a stabbing manoeuvre as she approached and lunged forward. Digging the blade through it's back and out it's chest, following up with slashing the blade downwards. Freeing the weapon and finishing the Kishin then and there. "You won't devour another innocent soul... Ever again..." The Kishin fell to it's knees first before falling forward as it breathed it's last breath. The Kishin's soul floated up from it's corpse, ready for either demon weapon to eat. Camilla glanced towards Alice, eyes beaming. "We did it! We actually took down a Kishin!" The Meister celebrated. This was probably nothing for veteran Meisters but yet she was ecstatic. She wondered what Doren would say if she ever got the chance to tell him about this. Her first kishin defeated with no small amount of help from Alice of course. One more problem remained however. Who was gonna get the Kishin egg? This moment wouldn't last though... As a noise started to make itself known in the distance, as if in reaction to the dead Kishin. The Meister didn't know what it was at first, glancing in the general direction of the noise she could just start to make out a word. P̴̟̅ͅL̶̰̕͠Ä̵̯͗Ȳ̴̘̞̋ ̶͓̐͝P̵̺͆͝L̴̫̐̍A̷̞͋Y̵̤̿ Camilla's heart skipped a beat after realising what that noise was. It was a noise she hoped to never hear ever again. "No! NO! WHY IS THAT HERE!?" Camilla had been immediately enveloped with fear. Any sense of reason was starting to be stripped away from her as she fell to her knees, shaking in that one spot, refusing to move. The dread plastered on her face, tears beginning to fall down her cheeks. "We can't... Stay here... WE HAVE TO RUN!" Her words say one thing. Yet her body refused to budge. She was completely petrified. Her madness began to awaken and invaded Alcross' soul room. It took the form of the Kishin Camilla feared so much. It didn't do anything though. It just stood there staring at him for a brief moment before it disappeared again as if it never existed.

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To feel his arms finally wrap around her, she couldn't help the ear to ear grin appearing on her face, all the while keeping it hidden from him. He was getting soft, this is what she wanted this whole time. Over the course of time, he was getting more and more irresistible. Though she could still feel the uncertainty and wary of her presence. Something that she really couldn't help since it was practically built into her. To make others wary and very cautious. Losing the grin on her face, she looked back up at him with innocent eyes that were still filled with tears and slowly fell down her pale cheeks. Though she noticed his closed eyes and couldn't help the wild smirk that plastered it's way on her lips 'Y-You really mean that, Lew?' she asked, sniffling softly. 'I'm so happy you think that I'm not a monster...' Madness shifted those Ruby eyes down to the long blonde hair he possessed. Her hand moving and gently touching the soft strands to try to "distract" herself. Loving how soft it felt between her fingers, dropping her sinister expression. Too bad he's going to die by my hands... His hair is so soft and delicate. Almost reminds me of my little Alice. A delicate flower that'll eventually die by my own hands, or even by the hands of others. she thought to herself 'Your hair is so soft...I always wondered when I would be able to touch it...'

Her words were soft, as if she was meant to be talking to herself, though she made sure it was heard before her eyes widen and shot back up to her partner, a blush appearing on her cheeks. 'I really can't see myself without you, Lew...' she admitted, examining his features before she began hearing some of Alice's thoughts leak into her own. Causing Madness to almost make an annoyed sound Damn. I need to hurry. If I don't... Her delicate hands lifted to his face, cupping it softly 'Don't ever leave my side, please. I promised you that I'd be the one to carry you to the top. To be a Death Scythe and prove your worth to everyone.' she began to tighten her grip around his face, knowing that he wouldn't have any escape now, knowing that her claws were already digging into him. Her voice suddenly changing to something darker 'You little brat. I'm tired of acting like a disgusting human. If you think you're a slave now, wait till you're in my control. I will treat you like shit underneath my shoe!' she spat out before the sinister smile spread across her face while her nails began to grow a little sharper. 'Lew, Lew, Lew.' she said, staring at the blonde before her.

'You know nothing of Alice. You never will. She warned you about me and yet, here you are, embracing me as if I'm her.' a laugh escaped her lips as Madness leaned closer, her lips just barely against his 'You wish that your poor baby Alice did have feelings, don't you? You're naive, an innocent soul that I will take for myself!' just before she could claim the weapon for herself, she was suddenly no longer within his grasp "Lew!" Alice herself shouted through their link, suddenly gaining knowledge that hit her like a train, her body pulsing from it. She gritted her teeth as she blocked an incoming attack, though it had been a sloppy block. "What is going on, Lew? I told you to fight back if my madness ever tried to take you!" her voice wasn't full of anger, but full of worry but also strain due to her battle with the Kishin at hand, "Listen to me, Lew. You need to help me focus on this fight, Camilla and Alcross need us! I am nothing without my partner's help!" she shouted, pretending to throw a right hook at the Kishin before bashing it with Lew's shield. "You cannot let your focus get thrown off like this. I need you." she didn't realize what she said, but she did mean that she needed him. Meisters were supposed to think a lot, yes, but they really appreciated the help from their weapon when they couldn't focus on every little detail.

Alice kept going at this Kishin with all of her might, trying to keep it as distracted as she could. From her position, she was able to catch sight of the familiar Redhead going for the kishin, full speed and before the blonde realized, the blade had gone through his chest and almost hit her. To which she moved back just a bit and watched Camilla slice right down, finishing the monster without issue. She did it! Thank goodness.. she thought, smiling as she celebrated her first killing on a Kishin. "We did great, Cam-" the blonde had been cut off by sounds that had not been playing once before. Causing her to look around and trying to process what was going on before suddenly being hit with an unwavering fear while her emeralds widen, her body starting to tremble in fear. Alice heard her teammate yelling about why something was here, and how they had to...run? It was clear that Alice and Camilla had been hearing different things. Though hearing Camilla began to fall on deaf ears as her trembling had gotten worse. Whatever was causing this was taking a toll as it was. They had a successful mission but it had turned sour all too fast...


Crack! Crack! Crack! a constant whipping sound, followed by screams of agony, fear and pain "Stop! Please! It hurts!" followed by crying and more sounds of abuse. The trauma from her past coming to already haunt her. The sounds progressively had gotten worse as rough yelling had been involved, things breaking, screaming, crying. There would be anything Alice would do just to get out of the situation she was in. Any way to protect her from this. 'I like this, Little Alice! Come on! Let me protect you! I'll keep you safe from all the sounds!!!' the voice in her head sounded like insanity, crazy even. 'I know how scary it is! Just let me help you! I can help! I will make you feel all better like I did back then!' the offering was so tempting. Very tempting even. Alice wanted to hide. Hide from the world and never come back. The blonde forced herself to move, but only stumbled and fell onto her hands and knees, Lew still on her left arm as she looked at the ground. Shifting her eyes just barely, she noticed her black markings starting to leak out from underneath the bands that covered most of her forearms. M-My madness... I-Its... was all she could think of while fear settled into her soul.


While Camilla and Alice had been hearing their traumatic pasts come into play, Alcross heard something quite different, the sounds of clapping at his first performance that he tried to sabotage. Where as Llewellyn had heard the sounds of his Lady Helena, telling him that he should kill Lady Alice, that she is unfit to be a master to him. Convincing him that being with her would only cause him stress and unwanted attention. This Kishin made sure he made his noises loud and clear, with the intention to cause all four of the teens to be weak enough for him to devour. Despite his large body, he wanted a feast for himself and knowing that the Kishin failed to give his daily delivery, he had to make these young kids pay for messing with his dinner. Two demon weapons and two Meisters would feed him well. His power level was far stronger than they could ever imagine and had no chance of fighting him, no matter how hard they would try.

Alice shifted her position, trying to cover her ears and block out the sounds that only got louder while closing her eyes. Though the sudden weight off her left arm caused her eyes to snap open and look up at Lew, who was standing in front of her, looking down at her. Why was he not freaking out like they were? Why wasn't he helping the team, or even herself? Even more fear began to settle into her soul as she pulled her hands from her ears and shifted onto her bottom, slowly moving back from Lew, getting this odd feeling "L-Lew... W-What are you doing...?"



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Elias Stein

Everything was blurring together, the relentless rain of strikes, the words leaving Takeshi’s mouth. Discerning the two was no longer an option, his eyes starting to drift to a close. “ If I ever catch you asleep, I’ll kill you, y'know? “ His voice sounded dark and far away, the pain starting to settle in whilst before it had been numbing. He saw Elvy in his mind, he saw their father hovering over her, he saw those bloodshot eyes that were streaming black instead of actual tears. He heard the laughter mixing in with the sobs, it was unnatural, and even enough to drag him down into a fearful state. He saw his hand hovering midair, shaking, as if she was out of reach. Those fingers curled up in his vision, that same hand in reality copying the motion as he began to slide against the wall to hunch down on the ground. For now that cold surface was keeping him from passing out, the visions and emotions, the mental attacks from the samurai’s words creeping into his psyche and tearing him down from the inside. The fire that was once burning no longer had the oxygen it needed to continue and the flames began to flicker, that final blow acting as a rush of wind that completely snuffed it out.

Unlike Elvy, Elias’s blood ran red mirroring the color of his eyes as they slowly opened to stare up at Takeshi. And indeed it ran, flowing along his arm and onto the floor to pool beneath him like a puddle. It was warm. We like warm… right? His thoughts began, unable to properly speak as he felt himself slipping away into an abyss that was quite welcoming. He was clearly outmatched, clearly outskilled, and clearly going to lose this fight. This was not a wall that he could break through. It never would be. “ I… don’t care what you do to me. “ He started off, hand dripping with blood finding the strength to grasp onto Takeshi’s wrist, weapon arm shifting back as he lost the strength to keep feeding his partial transformation. “ You have this much power? Use it to protect my sister. “ His face was serious, that cocky attitude completely abolished as he winced and dropped his hand. He sat there willing, ready, to face whatever consequences his actions would bestow upon him. He’d seen Elvy endure worse and if this was the price he had to pay for being a hotheaded moron, then so be it.

Beat me. Bleed me out. Taunt me. You want to break me? I can see it in your eyes. “ Through the hurt and the pain he kept all of his weight on the wall, somehow standing in a staggering motion. “ Go ahead. “ He spat out the words, arms slowly rising as if in surrender, giving him free reign to do what he liked. It doesn’t matter anymore. The look he gave Takeshi in return was almost as if he was begging him to, those eyes pleading, a sudden guilt starting to rise from somewhere deep. I deserve this.

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Night Outimages.jpegAs Marcus drove around with Elvy in his passenger seat, he couldn't get the fact that she literally disrespected his baby right before him as if it was okay. His car was definitely fast, but he mainly uses it for cruising to music and late night drives. He speeds but doesn't really care about making it fast. And that's perfectly fine with him, and it rides smooth as well. She's just a hater, because she doesn't have a car like this. Though he later remembered her thoughts on his apology about Elias. It was true that he was uncontrollable, but he then something had to be said or done. Normally Marcus would've just mind his business, however with his partner's mental state is at an uncontrollable decent it b becomes his business. If he were to think about it, Elias constantly guarding Elvy would probably send her away, which would then cause him to flip probably disrupting their connection. And with his plans on becoming the best Meister produced from the DWMA he doesn't need that. "Yeah that's true, but I'll try and talk to em. Because I can't have his focus torn if something happens between you and him. We both have a common goal and I want to make sure I reach that goal with little to no drama." He says moments before Elvy puts in the CD of her choice.

As he vibes out to the music, Marcus' face was completely frozen. He couldn't believe what he was hearing and seeing. Elvy could actually sing, and it sounded amazing. Marcus felt the emotions behind the words from her mouth, as they flowed smoothly along with the song. He had no idea she had this hidden talent and it was lovely. Hearing people sing was always soothing for him, Male or female. If the could vibe with their sound, it was a wrap. Elvy's tone resonated with Marcus' soul as it echoed through the car. Enjoying the much needed vibe, he remained silent until the very end of the song when the midnight car concert ended. Once the next one plays, Marcus decided not to mention or even bring up her singing. He felt as if it was just something she need to do to help clear her mind and chest, so the last thing she needs is him fan girling over her. He simply remained chilled and vowed out to the next song until he arrived at the wing spot.

As he waited for their order, Marcus leaned against the table talking with Elvy. He could help but think about what's going on back at the hotel. He's already planning on seeing broken furniture and possibly blood and few broken bones from a brawl put on between Elias and Takeshi. He really did hope it wasn't anything too serious. "I would admit that, the music you added was actually decent. Probably something I'll look into more than once. And that shower thing is definitely funny when it's done to someone else and not me." He says laughing. As the conversation continued, Marcus was surprised to see Elvy returning with such a terrible wound. At first Marcus, thought those with black blood were nearly indestructible and the only thing that could hurt them were soul attacks. After seeing this first hand, he realized that somethings he read isn't always true. "Did you try explaining that to him before you left?" He asked. "Why would you even think about fighting alone when you had Takeshi with you. I guess that's where you twins are also different in. Elias and I actually worked somewhat smoothly together, the only hiccup we experienced was when these damn kids decided to mess around with our vehicles. That was literally the first time I wanted to hit a kid with my soul force. My CD's were everywhere. But all in all, we did acquire a soul as well. One down, 98 more to go." He says moments before their order was called out.

Grabbing their food, Marcus gestures towards Elvy and tell her to come on. He held the door open for her as she left and unlocked the car. Getting in, he passes it over towards Elvy to hold, as he drives them back towards the inn. "How bad do you think things have gotten back there??" He asked. Marcus secretly hoped, that things were only mediocrely bad. Nothing too, bad nothing too good. He really just hoped that someone got beaten up and that was the end of it. He was in no mood for drama, and he never really was. After talking on the way back, Marcus parked the car and lets out a giant yawn. "I see the building is still intact." He says jokingly. "So we heading back, or are you staying on the hood?" he asked.
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