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[Location: Village fighting Kishin]
[Mentions: Elias Kyuubey Kyuubey ]
[Interactions: Camilla Jackaboi Jackaboi Lewellyn RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Alice Britt-21 Britt-21 ]​

From within his soul space, Alcross had watched as Camilla and Alice fought; the combination of the blonde haired meister and her weapon partner Llewellyn doing their best to fend off the assault from the shadowed Kishin; the endurance of the shielded form not lost on Alcross. While the boys demeanour and personality were somewhat annoying to Alcross; given how he was being addressed, he did have to admire the fortitude of his shielded form as it brushed off attack after attack whilst Alice had punched it with her own fist drawing the monstrosity's attention away from Camilla.

With the Kishin focused on Alice and Llewellyn, Camilla had taken the opportunity to address Alcross's earlier concerns; the boy still unconvinced by her reassurances. Words were one thing, but she could not hide the fact that her soul had reacted oddly and Alcross could not deny that he had felt that unease. Whatever it was, Alcross knew that Camilla was hiding something from him, her words simply not carrying the conviction to convince him otherwise. Though pursuing the matter further would have to be done at a later time as Camilla prepared their counter attack. "Ready" he replied simply, focusing on the problem in front of them and steadying his own resolve. Regardless of this creature being the personification of evil, the pair of them were about to take a life and without the resolve to go through with it, his blade wouldn't even penetrate the skin, let alone scratch it. A quick deep breath and Alcross's bladed form was thrust through the back of the Kishin; his tip coming out from his chest as darkened blood began to coat his weapon form; the kishin collapsing to its knees and falling forward as it began to dissipate into air; the red glow from its chest the indication that its soul was ready for consumption. Alas the next steps were halted as a wave of unease washed over everyone.

Distraught and urgency coated Camilla's words as her demeanour drastically changed; fear present in her words. "CAMILLA!" shouted Alcross as he felt her soul shake; a tsunami of despair washing over her as she too fell to her knees; body shaking uncontrollably from fear. "HEY!, CAMILLA!, GET UP!!!" he continued to shout; watching from his perspective as his meister had fallen to the floor, petrified and unable to move. Yet Alcross could do nothing about it; his own actions and desperation to aide his meister put on hold as his eyes were drawn towards a figure in his peripherals. "Who are you?!" he questioned, addressing this intruder, though the entity said nothing and did nothing before it vanished and rather then wasting time with it he returned his attention to his distressed Meister, Camilla still laying upon the floor in despair."CAMI..." Alcross began though he was was silenced as he suddenly realised the situation around himself.

As quickly as the spectral entity had disappeared, the entirety of Alcross's soul room had begun to lose its colour, the space he inhabited being consumed whole by a viscous like shadow oozing out from unseen crevices upon the wall. Cracks appearing as his soul begun to succumb to this external pressure that had attacked the four of them. Like a living entity this darkness had crept along every corner of the room, devouring any and all sources of light that had illuminated this isolated space leaving the once lit room in complete darkness save for a single spotlight that had shown down upon Alcross and the Piano. Blood curdling laughter from the entity that shared this space with Alcross could be heard echoing all around him; the mischievous little demon relishing this silence before the storm as it watched the 'world' around Alcross collapse into depravity. The glass like window shattering into a million pieces all around him.

Like Alcross, the others had become victims of their own insecurities; the darkness hidden within themselves being pulled towards the surface by an external force unseen to the quartet. Madness, rage, anxiety. Whatever their fatal flaw was, this concealed behemoth had done its utmost best to stir the placid surface of their souls; to lure the monster deep within the crevices of there darkest of places. As if baiting the boogeyman, this camouflaged monstrosity had succeeded in its endeavours as the four of them wrestled with their demons; the sound of the Piano playing untouched signalling the beginning of Alcross's own nightmare as an expression of anger began to form across his face; crimson eyes staring down at the piano keys as they began to play without his aide.

"Oi!" shouted Alcross, his displeasure directed towards his own little demon yet his eyes remained fixed upon the piano keys as a familiar tune began to play all around him. Growing in crescendo the deeper it got into its performance; the chaotic melody unchanging no matter how hard Alcross had began to slam the other keys of the dreaded instrument. "Whats going on?!" he shouted once again, clawing at the air around himself as he begun to feel like he was being engulfed by the dark energy swirling all around him. "ANSWER ME! YOU IMP! YOUR JOKE ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL. CAMILLA NEEDS ME" he roared; standing fully and slamming both fist on the top of the piano; his anger only managing to draw out a childish cackle from the demon residing within himself; the little imp enjoying the chaos from deep within its hiding spot.

Closed to the outside world and dealing with a memory he had long since tried to forget; Alcross was unaware to the growing chaos within his partner as well as their team mates; his sole attention focused on this garish scene unfolding within his soul space; the chaotic sound of his last public performance so loud that he was on the precipice of going deaf. "Stop this now!" demanded Alcross, fists clenched tightly as the music reached its climax. "I said stop it! fucking stop it!" he repeated again, body visibly shaking as he knew what was coming around the corner. His patience was waning, the once thick barrier between remaining composed and losing his shit now paper thin as his emotions continued to be played with; Alcross of course pointing the finger of blame towards his little companion despite its innocence in the matter. Who else could he blame? Who else could he point the finger at? It had to be his doing.. what else could draw out his darkest day?

This memory, this dark moment where the fragile hope he had been so desperately clinging onto had been shattered right before his very eyes. A slap in the face to his efforts, his hard work and his existence. This was the day where he realised that the world around him did not see him as 'the hard working Alcross' it did not treat him like everybody else, but rather itsaw him as the 'Natural Genius child of the Evans Family', someone on placed on a pedestal to be admired. He was seen as nothing more than a mere product created by a family of talented musicians. He was the boy who could do no wrong, A meastro whom had been kissed by the gods of music and whose talents had been a blessing rather then a cultivation of his own hard work and effort. The sweat and tears he had sacrificed in order to reach the heights he had arrived at had been brushed aside like dust in the wind. Spat on, trampled on and ridiculed.

What reason was there to continue his path of music when all that he was rewarded with was the same natural acceptance that it was expected of him to be good. What purpose was there to cultivate himself as a musician if even in his own attempt to destroy himself he would still be lauded as a genius. Could they not differentiate between the good and the bad? Were they sheep being led by a shepherd, brainless zealots who merely applauded him because of his background rather than his effort. That dark day had proven one thing to him, it had shown that not even the blatant sabotage of his own performance could illicit a genuine critique, a genuine opinion of him as an individual. Simply blinded by his heritage, he had been clapped and lauded for his attempt to cripple his own music.

This haunting scene being played before his very eyes was a nightmare he could not forget and it was the birth of his madness, the day where the little bastard had come into existence and the day that Alcross swore to never perform in front of an audience again not when he was not going to be appreciated for who he was rather than what he was.
Kuromadnessdemon.png"You little bastard!" growled Alcross as the sound of applause echoed all around the room; the same applause that had reverberated all around him after he had undermined himself intentionally. By now, the little demon had found its way upon Alcross's right shoulder, appearing out of the dark viscous storm around the blue haired boy; two clawed hands digging into either side of Alcross's head as it maintained its balance."It's not me" it whispered into the boys ear; a faint giggle in its voice as it switched over to Alcross's left shoulder. "I'm not the one doing this" it whispered again, now clambering atop Alcross's head and peering over his forehead as its own seedy red eyes stared into Alcross's own. "I'm just enjoying the show" it giggled again, pivoting around so that it now hung off of Alcross's head, two feet pressed on either shoulder as its hands clung onto the blue strands of hair. "Aren't you enjoying it?" it questioned, tilting its head sideways in mock confusion. "Its a the day I was born... why won't you share in my excitement?" it queried once again before disappearing into dust as Alcross reached out to grab and pull him away.

"Teehee my little Alcross" its voice echoed around the space."Have you not noticed yet?" it questioned, voice coming from behind Alcross. "You really are a foolish boy aren't you? So easily distracted by such petty problems... you really are lucky that I enjoy your music otherwise it would have been easy for me to take over your soul, easy for me to wrestle the reigns of control from your tiny little hands. Alas... I need your little hands to continue to perform for me, So letting you exist has always been in my best interest" it goaded, "Though if you continue to be an embarrassment I may have to change that... So Stop being pathetic, Evans boy" Madness's face had appeared all around Alcross; its face enlarged upon the darkened black walls. "You're not the only one suffering right now. Alice, Llewellyn and even poor wittle Cam-Cam seem to be having it a tad harder then you are. If you want to let them die though... I won't stop you... seeing you get swallowed by your own depravity would be rather interesting as well" it taunted before completely disappearing.



He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune
Even as he continued his flurry of attacks, Takeshi could see Elias visibly breaking down mentally and physically. A distant, quiet part of himself wondered how a boy who spoke such big words, who always strove to have a large presence, could break down and crumble so fast. Even more distantly he did acknowledge that, while still not currently giving his all while attacking, many people would have been hard pressed to block a quarter of the blows he had sent forth with increasing speed, let alone the amount that Elias had managed to painstakingly face down, whether through actual skill or luck, Takeshi didn’t really care. He had always considered someone’s luck as part of their skill, anyway. And in the deepest pits of his soul, some unknown part of him acknowledged that this cruelty he was showing was out of his usual character, that if he was just even slightly less angry, he wouldn’t go to these lengths. But alas, he was this angry, and even the faint, almost nonexistent awareness of the previous fact only served to fan the flames of his rage.

As his final blow landed and Elias staggered back, completely spent and bleeding, Takeshi stayed where he was standing, evil smile still in place even as he listened to Elias’ final statements patiently. Tilting his head to the side as he mulled over the words spoken to him, Takeshi’s smile widened, even as a slightly annoyed tinge crept its way into it. He really didn’t expect to do this much damage so fast. It seemed that while Elias was slightly more skilled than he had given him credit for, his mental strength was leagues below what he actively portrayed And yet… “You can try. You will fail. Like now. Uncaring? I will make you.” Kneeling in front of Elias, he reached out with his free hand and grabbed his face, black and gold eyes seeming to peer into the boys soul. “Beaten, yet greedy. Still demanding. Still speaking.” Stabbing his sword into the ground, he used his now free hand to rip off a chunk of cloth from the boys clothes and shoved it into his mouth, partly to keep him quiet, and partly to ensure he didn’t bite his tongue off by accident from what was to come. Shoving Elias into the wall, Takeshi stood up, grabbing his sword once more as he did so, gazing down at Elias with gleaming eyes. “Make you care. Make you fear. Make you regret. Make you remember. Will I not?”

As he finished his statement, Takeshi began what others could very well call an act of butchery had they witnessed the scene themselves. He started off simple enough, two swift, large slashes across Elias’ chest and abdomen, not deep enough to be lethal, but certainly deep enough to cause scarring, alongside bleeding profusely, speaking dispassionately as he did so. “One for me. One for Elvena.” Those slashes were then followed by another scar-inducing cut on Elias’ shoulder, and if one were to compare, they’d notice it was in the exact same place, and the exact same size, as the recent injury Elvena had gotten, now a hint of mocking in Takeshi’s tone. “A reminder of why.” Taking a step back, Takeshi looked over Elias, seemingly in thought, then crouched again in front of Elias, bringing his sword up diagonally across the boy’s cheek and bridge of his nose, staring deep into the Elias’ eyes, unhidden intent to kill still present even as he spoke. “This scar, your eyes, the distance you were from death.” Following that statement, he brought his sword down across the right edge of Elias’ lips. “A mark of shame, a reminder to think.” Straightening out once again, Takeshi let loose an uncountable number of slashes on both Elias’ arms, tone light and airy as he spoke, though with a tinge of sadistic cruelty present. “A scar for each word said.” As he finished the last slash, he reached down and forcefully made Elias wrap his hands around the blade of his sword, making sure his palms were against the razor sharp edge, and then dragged his sword out of his grip, eyes the most venomous they have been yet, and his words reflected that. “For daring to disgrace my sword with your touch.”

Reaching towards the bloody boy, Takeshi ripped out the cloth that he had shoved in his mouth, and then ripped off a relatively clean piece of cloth from the remaining rags that were once considered clothes. Moving to the bed, he sat down and began diligently and meticulously cleaning his sword of all the blood on it, going over it repeatedly, and even going as far as to begin using the bedsheets as a makeshift rag when the piece of cloth he was using got too bloody for him to use to clean. All the while he continued to ignore the bleeding boy laying against the wall, as well as the now completely and utterly silent inn, simply waiting to see if Elvena would return to the room, or if he’d have to go look for her. Finishing the cleaning of his sword, he put it back in its sheath and stared blankly at Elias, continuing his vigilant wait. However, hearing the sound of a car approaching interrupting the dead silence of the inn made Takeshi perk up, coming to the assumption that Elvena had likely gone with Marcus somewhere, though the thought made Takeshi snort, both in the fact that Marcus had near literally thrown his partner carelessly to a waking beast, and that Elvena had actually left him here. He didn’t know how he really felt about that last part. Nonetheless, he rose from the bed, and ambled over to Elias, reaching down and grabbing him roughly by his hair.

He then proceeded out of the room, as well as the inn, dragging Elias carelessly behind him using his hair as a handle. Stepping through the front door of the inn, his package in tow, Takeshi’s gaze fell on Marcus’ car, with both Marcus and Elvena clearly in his line of sight. Crouching down by the limp Elias, he whispered lowly in his ear, “Always remember, with this one move you hurt Elvena more than I ever have or ever will.” Raising himself from his crouching position, he continued on his way to the parked car, eyes still a combination of black and gold, and his sickeningly peaceful smile still in place. He was sure that the two of them cut quite a striking picture, he himself being completely unharmed and not a speck of blood anywhere but on his hands, while his unwilling passenger was bleeding and injured everywhere, leaving a large trail and pools of blood behind him as he was dragged along. Stopping in front of the car, he threw Elias over by the driver’s side door, staring blankly at the vehicle and its passengers. Eventually, after another moment of staring, he spoke up. “If I ever see him in human form, I’ll finish what I started.” Pulling off his bloodstained gloves, he put them in his back pocket, and then shoved his hands into his front pockets. Turning away from the car, he began making his way to Elvena’s bike, only to pause after a few steps, glancing over his shoulder to show his eye beginning to drain of the black corruption and return to normal, even as he spoke while gazing at Elias’ fallen body. "Only show your face to me when you think you can regain your lost honor." Turning his gaze onto Marcus, he gave him a mocking smile that seemed to hold the remnants of whatever venomous influence that had overtaken Takeshi, only enhanced by his parting words. “Some partner you turned out to be.” Now fully turning away, Takeshi continued towards Elvena’s bike, for all intents and purposes looking as if he had returned completely to normal.

Kyuubey Kyuubey The Elder The Elder


Omniverse Explorer

Hubub101 Hubub101 GrieveWriter GrieveWriter Kenku Kenku Jackaboi Jackaboi BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage

Shin wasn't wrong. Trying to take this guy seriously was a job in itself. In fact, he looked like a fool. A sorrowful one who couldn't become a proper criminal no matter how hard he tried. Watching the rest of the scene unfold, there was not much for her to really say...No one would hear her, only her partner would. But her body was tensed, anxious even as she slowly began to pace around the large room just to get her excess energy out. Not long after her partner's interaction with the target, she paused her pacing while smiling a little bit "Explosives it is." with that, she easily switched her normal rounds with explosive ones. As much as Rin would limit herself, she found Shinobu's wavelength very soothing. Despite the tense situation, she was able to execute moves flawlessly, without mistake and very controlled. If anything, the weapon was afraid of breaking the concentration her partner had, so she remained quiet. Her crimson eyes shifted to the space that she stood in, really taking in the features it held. It's been how many years since I've seen a weapon space...? For so long it was just that dark void... since the loss of her twin sister, her weapon space had been nothing but a void, nothing in sight. Where as before it was beautiful and welcoming, the colors of both red and blue mixing with one another, decorating a white room with marble flooring.

Now it was a completely different room, Elegant, but held a gothic-nature to it. But still remained beautiful. Walking over to the steps, she gently placed her hand on the rail, slowly walking up the carpeted stairs. Rin had paused her walk after hearing her partner speak with the enemy, causing her to turn and look at the large screen within the room. "Tch." was all she could say as she watched the man stick his own foot into his mouth before being shot in the head by her partner. "He was a pathetic villain anyway." she said before shifting into her human form, crouched next to her partner as she looked at a random trinket "I expected him to be a little bit more of a challenge, but he seemed more like an amateur." putting the trinket back down, she rose up to her feet, her cat ears twitching and causing the teen to sigh "Im really sick of these ears...I hope they're not permanent." crimson eyes shifted to her partner and she spoke "So, he hit me with something that caused my body to have a reaction...In this case...I'm a damn cat."

Taking in a deep breath, she looked back to her team, Morika seemingly panicking over something, all the while Arthur was still recovering from the hit and Elgin was getting up as well "I would ask who gets the soul, but... We did finish the guy off. The only reasonable choice would be me." looking back to the corrupted soul, she grabbed it in her hands, watching the top of it flail about like a candle flame with a gentle breeze. "You handled me well, Shinobu. I couldnt ask for a better partner." she admitted quietly, partially transforming her arm and sucking up the soul through the clip that way. She wasnt ready to eat souls straight up, it was weird to her to even think about, let alone actually do. Despite it being moments after the fight just ending, Rin realized that Shin had used plenty of her explosive bullets, but yet, she didn't feel too exhausted in the slightest. The only thing that could make sense, was that her partner had contributed more soul power than Rin was so used to using. They were able to share the power and do the damage they needed without knocking her out of her weapon form.

As for the key, that would be a problem, considering this guy had a whole shit ton of stuff to go through... Unless she used the newly equipped form to her advantage. What she would be smelling for? No clue, but she would figure it out. "This is going to sound weird but..I'm going to try to smell the key out. I have cat features, might as well use them, right?" looking back at her team, she called out "Are you guys okay? Do we need medical attention at all?"



Save the little girl
At the docks
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat // Akron Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 // Liam Japanime Japanime
"You miss understand, Armoured friend. Do not for a second think that I am doing this out of some misguided attempt at vengeance. That is nothing more than an insult to my honour" replied Baira, turning to face Akron as he voiced his own opinion to the matter. From the outside looking in, it may have seemed like a petty way to expel anger and rage, an almost immature reaction to displeasure. Yet, that was far from the case. Baira on his part did not want to burn the ship out of anger, nor did he see it as an extension of revenge against the now deceased Kishin. This was merely a way to get rid of the final scar that plagued this accursed land; to erase the last reminder of what had been a horrific event. The ship, as far as Baira was concerned needed to be put to rest. It was a place of evil, a place were murder had occurred and thus a blight upon the sacred land of the living. What reason was there to have it remain moored at this dock? What reason did this ship need to remain afloat aside from being a painful reminder towards the inhumane acts that had occurred within its deck.

"This boat, as long as it continues to exist is nothing more than a reminder of the horrors that occured in here. Do you not understand that?. There is no reason for this land to have this painful reminder any longer" spoke Baira, his tone dead serious as he had no intention of letting this cursed vessel remain afloat. "The scent of death has seeped deep into the wood, forever tainting it. The blood of those murdered has coloured the wood crimson and the cries of those snuffed out will forever resonate within the hallowed interior. This ship is cursed, befouled with the blood of the innocent lives taken away from this world. Leaving it intact will do nothing but bring more harm than good to the land" Baira by this point had walked over to the barrels of gunpowder and began to lift one up. "Do you not see that this horrid place is nothing more than a place for the polluted and corrupt souls to gather? To give rise to another Kishin?. Leaving it here will do more harm than good" Baira had turned and began to walk towards Gwen with the barrel upon his shoulder.

"If that is unfathomable for you, then simply see this as a viking funeral" offered Baira as he plopped the first barrel next to Gwen. "The vikings would often cremate the deceased upon a ship; the boat being a vessel that would help carry them to the afterlife" Baira had turned around to collect the second barrel of gunpowder. "We will gather the souls, bring them to Lord Death. But first let us put to rest the horrors that remain. If you still cannot accept that, then feel free to report us to Lord Death."


One Thousand Club

Elgin was quite impressed with how Arthur handled the trap hurdling straight towards him. he grabbed the thing with his own bare hands and used Elging to destroy it as clean as that. Seriously where did that overly anxious boy go? And WHO was this badass that was holding him now!? Soon the Mr grave robber decided to finally show his face, slowly descending to the ground. Boasting of their various bits and bobs he would use to kill the team or if not that then his sword would do the trick. But after he finished... He was still far from touching the ground... Like the speech he had devised didn't wasn't actually that well coordinated with his entrance. It was almost comical, but too piteous to even laugh at. "Is... This guy... Seriously our target?" A rhetorical question was all that could be said to voice his disbelief of the matter. But Arthur decided he had enough, jumping in for a drop kick of all things to shut him up. Not that he was complaining. "Hell yeah Arthur you got this!" The collector released another trinket into the air before it exploded into... A cloud of confetti... What the hell was with this dude? With Shinobu and Morika armed with their weapons. They managed to open fire on the remaining traps, clearing the way for Arthur to begin a full frontal assault. It was a fierce duel. The sound of clashing steel emanating through the halls. But He and Arthur weren't too convinced this collector actually knew what he was doing. While his sword clashed against theirs, his expression showed far to much surprise for them to actually believe he meant a single parry. With some more quick thinking on Arthur's end... if not reckless. He interlocked the collector's sword in between Elgin's two blades before pulling the trigger one more time and sending both of the weapons flying away. Almost earning a bullet up the ass from Shinobu thinking he was another trap. He was lucky she saw who it really was though.

Elgin quickly transformed back into human form. Visibly annoyed. "HEY COULD YA WARN ME NEXT TIME YA START TOSSING ME ABOUT LIKE A DAMN FRISBEE!?" His teeth clenched with comical anger, though he was quick to realise his partner was unarmed with an enemy who undoubtedly had a ton more tricks up his sleeve. Even if the guy had no clue what he was doing with the trinkets, who knew how long it'd be before he actually pulled out something actually dangerous. Idiot or not, that kind of unpredictability worried the white haired weapon. As Arthur continued his hand-to-hand assault, an hourglass smashed onto the floor and just like that Arthur was down for the count. Elgin didn't really get everything that was happening but now he could see his Meister was hurting. "Damnit now look what you got yourself into..." Luckily Shinobu was quick to get into action. Shooting a bullet right into their adversary's shoulder. She quickly spoke to Elgin, telling him to check on Arthur while she goes to have all the fun. Elgin sighed "You got it boss." A slight hint of sarcasm present in his voice. Still he couldn't deny the condition of his Meister had him worried, he wasn't sure why though. He barely knew the guy in the short week he knew him. He quickly ran over to Arthur, kneeling over him. "Hey dude... Ya dead?" He asked. Of course already knowing the answer to that question. Still he wondered if he'd even reply. He turned his attention back to Shinobu who seemed to have finally finished off that annoying target. "YOU GUYS FINALLY DONE OVER THERE!? CUZ I COULD USE A LITTLE HELP WITH MY RECKLESS MEISTER OVER HERE"

Britt-21 Britt-21 GrieveWriter GrieveWriter BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage Kenku Kenku Hubub101 Hubub101

Llewellyn was still purging his indecent thoughts from his mind when a soft tug upon his long hair drew his attention to the girl within his arms. The servant said nothing as he allowed Lady Alice to play with his honey blond locks for he did not mind the physical contact if it brought his Meister some measure of peace. Though, the girl's words and then reaction to those same words did stir up some more conflicted feelings within the servant as he did his best to crush the unwanted sensations with little success. Llewellyn did not know just what these new emotions were, only that he had initially discovered them when he was partnered with Lady Vera, which was enough to tell the servant that these feelings were not proper. Lady Alice's words did nothing to assist with his dilemma either as they instead added even more confusion into the mixture of conflicting emotions.

The servant had not noticed that he was once more immersed into his thoughts until he had been forcibly dragged from them by the pressure being exerted upon his face. Disoriented from the suddenness of the action, Llewellyn did not quite know what to make of his current predicament. He was grabbed and Lady Alice, or not Alice, had grabbed hold of him. Her words held a venomous edge and caused another influx of unwanted thoughts that the servant was able to push aside this time. That was a good thing for the true Lady Alice had taken notice of his plight and reminded Llewellyn just who the other girl was. Apparently, this dark haired imitation was Lady Alice's Madness, which did not surprise the servant since the girl was currently trying to squish his face as though it were but a grape. Though, the order that came along with the revelation of Madness's true identity was one that Llewellyn did remember receiving from his Meister, he had just never had a face to a name. Well, in this case, an entity.

The servant needlessly dusted himself off now that Madness's hold over him had been relinquished, thanks to his Meister's interference. He had already failed Lady Alice after what had just happened between her Madness and himself and he would more than likely find himself discarded after they were all done with the mission. Focus. I shall worry about that later. Lady Alice requires my attention and my assistance in her struggle for now. Other matters will surely be addressed once we are all safely within the walls of Death City. The servant allowed himself to give a cursory glance of his Soul Room to ensure that Madness was truly gone for now before he turned his attention to the light spilling from the doorway. What Llewellyn saw outside the opening was the white Kishin that Lady Alice was combating, which was fine but Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross were nowhere within his current field of vision. I suppose this was inevitable. I can only see what Lady Alice directs me towards after all.

Llewellyn was prepared to give Lady Alice some verbal assistance. Informing her when the Kishin was about to strike, where it was directing its attention and potentially providing some verbal encouragement to his Meister. The servant was not given the chance to do any of this because Lady Alice, in spite of her concern, was handling the fight exceptionally well. I wonder why Lady Alice was worried. She appears to have this matter well in hand. Any assistance on my end would be more of a hindrance than a boon. Perhaps Lady Alice only required my attention on her fight so that Madness did not discover a way to revert me to my Human Form? The servant truly had no clue as to why his Meister had claimed to 'need' him if she had no need of his assistance in this matter. She desires your attention. His mind whispered, yet this time Llewellyn was able to ignore that particular thought without too much difficulty because it was sorely mistaken. Lady Alice must have called his attention to her battle with the white Kishin to prevent her own Madness from weakening him, which in turn would have jeopardized the girl and the rest of their team mates. It was the only reasonable explanation that Llewellyn could drag out from the tumultuous sea of thoughts and emotions that threatened to destroy or liberate him.

The fight did not last too long and it was concluded after Lady Camilla had plunged Lord Alcross's blade through the Kishin's chest. The two of them must have snuck around the monster during the time Llewellyn was distracted. It was an obvious choice yet that did not make it any less clever for the other pair to have considered and executed. The only thing left to do in this town was inspect Lady Alice, Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross for injuries before reporting in the mission's resolution to Lord Death. They did rather well. Far better than my first mission. Lady Alice did not require my assistance either, only my Form. Perhaps now she has realized that another Weapon Partner would be more suitable for her. Llewellyn had certainly hoped that his Meister would requisition the Academy for a Weapon that would be a better fit once they returned to Death City. The servant did not wish to fail Lady Alice again. Additionally, once he was no longer the blond girl's Partner, perhaps the conflicting and confusing feelings he had would dissipate. Though, before that he would need to complete at least one more task.

The servant turned his attention towards his Meister as he began to feel out any possible injuries that Lady Alice may have accrued during her fight. However, Llewellyn did not get too far in his analysis for a voice cut straight through his thoughts and his focus, shaking him to his very core. "Boy, what are you doing with this child?" This is not possible. Lady Helena is dead! I saw her laying still within that casket! "Have you forgotten your place?!" Llewellyn's blood turned cold and his eyes widened as he realized that he did not imagine Lady Helena's voice. "I want you to dispose of this girl. She is interfering with your duties, your obligation to the Galant household. Once she is removed we will speak of your punishment." The voice was unmistakably the former Galant Matriarch. The servant could not comprehend how he could hear the departed Lady Helena's voice when a stray thought brought its way to the forefront of his mind. Perhaps Lady Helena falsified her death. It was a terrifying thought to entertain yet if it was true then that meant the past two years was a test. What sort of test? Llewellyn did not know, but he did know that if he did not comply to Lady Helena's orders he would be faced with a punishment that would make him beg for death. Still, Llewellyn did not wish to betray Lady Alice either. She had shown him kindness, false kindness, yet still she did not deserve to be harmed or hurt simply because he had failed to realize Lady Helena's test. "What are you waiting for boy? Dispose of the girl. Eliminate her. Kill her. Cease her vital functions. Surely you understand that much you brainless simpleton. Or do you require some additional education? Perhaps I should give you some lessons to go with your punishment." "NO!" Llewellyn immediately regretted his interjection and rushed to correct his impertinent blunder. "Forgive my interruption Lady Helena. I....shall do as you ordered." The words caused a small pit of guilt to form within his chest. "Good. Complete your task, then return to the household afterwards to receive your punishment." Llewellyn hesitated for a moment as he tried to push aside the guilt and reluctance he felt. It was not as easy as it used to be. Following Lady Helena's orders was once an instinctual course of action, yet now the servant found himself reluctant to carry them out. He didn't want to kill Lady Alice, but he would.

Taking a shaky breath to fortify his resolve and then another when the first failed, Llewellyn then shifted out of his Weapon Form with a dim flash of light. The servant looked down at his hands for a brief moment, slowly curling them into fists and then unclenching them. He could feel callouses within his palms as his fingertips brushed over them. He could feel the crease lines within his palms. He could hear the accelerated beating of his own heart within his ears. This is no illusion. He knew that before testing his body to see if it was physical, yet Llewellyn was still disappointed with the results. If he was physical and this was his Human Form, he would have to carry out Lady Helena's orders and he was not allowed to fail. If he did then....well, Llewellyn did not want to imagine what would happen to him if he did fail. The servant moved his head and allowed his empty eyes to settle upon the prone form of his Meister. No, target. He told himself to make what came next easier to carry out.

When the prone girl inquired as to his actions Llewellyn gave no verbal response. Instead he stepped forward, towards the blond girl with a grim determination. Though, as he did, the servant felt a small welling of fear even though he was not scared. A moment later, Llewellyn discovered what it was. He let out a humorless chuckle. Llewellyn was only now allowing the soul connection to flow as it was supposed to, which was why he could sense Alice's fear. It was ironic, truly. Llewellyn could not sense anything from the girl before because he had been too invested in preventing his own feelings from leaking through the connection to possibly disturb her, yet now that he was about to kill Lady Alice, he was open with her. The servant shook his head lightly as he pushed the momentary distraction from his mind. He had a task to carry out. "I am sorry, truly. Please forgive me for what I must do." Llewellyn knew that it was unwise to give away any hint towards his intentions, yet it was the least he could do for one who had shown him kindness, even if it was false. He continued to advance, planning to strangle the girl because he was not confident enough to snap her neck and too weak to barbarically bash her brains in. Llewellyn would have preferred to have been given the option to poison Alice with Nightshade, because then her death would have been peaceful.

Mission: Investigate The Town

Location: Soul Room / Town Streets?

Britt-21 Britt-21 Jackaboi Jackaboi Phayne Phayne


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Time skip: Roughly Two Months:
Lord Death's Office encounters after returning from the missions (NO REPLIES NEEDED FOR THESE SITUATIONS):

Lord Death knew of the situation that happened after Marcus' and Elias' mission. He wasn't too happy about it. He knew of Elias' attitude toward many things, but didn't expect the outcome that had come to his attention. Standing in front of him was just Marcus, explaining their mission. Whereas Elias was currently seeing medical attention. After being told about the larger threat near the village, he knew he had to send in a stronger team to deal with it soon. Once the young teen finished, he spoke "Thank you for the update." he said "I have something I need to speak to you about, and it has to do with the conflict between Elias and Takeshi." his eyes narrowed slightly behind the mask, watching the singular teen in front of him "You and Elias are a team, but yet you abandoned him, and failed to tell him where you were going." it was clear that DTK was not amused "On top of it all, you also took Elvena, Takeshi's partner away as well. Which not only left both Elias and Takeshi alone, but caused so much tension that blood was shed." he leaned a little closer to Marcus, taking off his mask and revealing his bright golden eyes and his black strands of hair with his usual stripes on them. His look was even worse than how he sounded.

"Had you been there, this could have been avoided. You act as if you run solo, Mr Rung. If that was the case, then you wouldn't be in this school right now." he put his hand down, mask still being held by it "Had they been attacked by something else, they both wouldn't have had their meisters to handle them. Thrown to the wolves so to speak." he stopped to let Marcus process all of what he was saying, before going on "I would hope you learn your lesson from this, because it could have cost your weapon his life. Next time there may not be a chance that he lives if he takes a similar beating again. He may be a Stein, but he is not immortal. I will not allow my students to fight to the point of death. Don't ever abandon your partner like that. At that point you kids are nothing but strangers if that's the case." he put the mask right back onto his face and turned his back to him "You did fine on your mission, aside from the incident at the inn. Dismissed."

With Elias in the Infirmary:

Lord Death sat by his bed, knowing that he was in a fair amount of pain at this point. But he couldn't let Elias go without having a talk with him as well. “I know you may not be in the mood to hear this, given your physical state, but I have no choice right now. This has to be addressed.” he informed Elias, looking at the blonde “Marcus told me about your mission, good job on that. But what bothers me most is the fact of what happened.” he narrowed his eyes a little “Takeshi attacked you because you had caused such a scene. Instead of holding your anger back, not only did you make both meisters abandon you both, but you also put yourself in a situation that could have killed you.” he felt like he was being a father to these kids and he wasn't sure how he felt about it “Knowing you for as long as I have, I know you have a temper, but that does not give you any right to barge into a room. You can't always punch through everything that comes in your path, there are alternative ways to go about things.” he sighs and leans forward in his chair “I don't know what your motives are to being so aggressive, but one day that just might get you killed if you don't have a clear mind between it all. You came to this school for a reason, Show me that reason. Without causing fights that could kill you.”

Even though Takeshi had informed him of the information gathered by their mission, he wanted to speak to the pair about what happened. Surely no one would be happy about it, but Lord Death himself was displeased. Upon looking at the pair before him, he stood in silence with them, trying to find the right words to tell them. Elvena, a Stein with Black Blood in her system, the complete opposite of her explosive brother... He wasn't entirely sure about the relationship she had with him, but in his eyes, it wasn't strong enough. Takeshi, a quiet student, did nothing but really slack off in class and sleep. But strong at heart and has impressive abilities without acting as a weapon. At first, DTK didn't realize what was going on until he saw the actions, heard the words, and the darkness that he began to possess. Similar things that were related to Black Blood itself. No doubt he was starting to be taken over by Black Blood but had some kind of grip on it.

"First of all, good job on your mission." his words finally cut through the silence that the trio had been in. "Got the information we needed and the target was eliminated." if it was true and both parties now had Black Blood, he felt as if this was going to be a very tedious task for him to pull through. Knowing how the effects mess with human emotions. "However," his tone was more serious, stern "What I saw, was not something I expected to see." he needed these two to see what was wrong with the picture here. "Elvy, you left your brother alone with Takeshi. Not even bothering to inform him where you were going, and proceeded to leave with Marcus." he started as he shifted his gaze to Takeshi "You went on and attacked Elias after his rude intrusion. Not with your fists, but rather your blade. Slicing him up to the point where he could have bled out to death if he wasn't patched in time." his look seemed to darken, but he kept the mask on "This is something I should expel you for. A fight is different than a one-sided battle that almost got another killed. You both are here to fight for the same thing, and yet you go and attack each other." he turned his attention back to Elvy "You could have stayed -along with Marcus- and prevented this. But you didn't. Takeshi may be your weapon and you may think he was in the right to punish Elias for his actions. But you are 100% wrong."

What more could he say? Elias was just as wrong as they were. That didn't give the okay to almost kill him. "I run this school to raise warriors against evil. Not against each other. You want to become a death scythe? Then stop attacking the people on your side and attack the enemy. If you want to become our enemy, then you can leave the school." it was harsh, but he wanted to show them he was serious about this. "If something like this ever happens again, I will have to take extreme measures. You're dismissed."

"I appreciate you four bringing the souls back to me." said Lord Death, looking at the large net that held many innocent souls within it. His masked face looked back at the four that were standing in front of him, obviously looking like changed students. From his mirror, he seen what happened and what horrors haunted these kids. He spoke up "This would have happened sooner or later. For your first mission, I did not expect it to be so gruesome myself." he admitted "There will be times where this will happen and you cannot do anything to stop it. That is the harsh reality of being a Weapon and Meister at the DWMA. You will face challenges that will test you, even hurt you in many ways. But as students as the DWMA, I know you are all more than capable of doing what's right, no matter how much it hurts." he continued to look at the four of them, contemplating on what to even say next. He knew that Liam and Akron had almost went overboard on that boat, but they both had control. “Akron, Liam. If you both need help with something, come to me. Also, Liam, if you’re on a stealth mission, I wouldn't ask if anyone is home next time.” he said to the pair before continuing onto his next and final words "You are all dismissed, go home, clean up and rest. You've seen enough for one day. Despite failing your mission, you still wiped an evil off this earth." he said, watching the kids head off.

Looking at the full team before him, he was handed the key that he needed, looking down at it with a nod. "Very good. You've completed your mission with little problems, though I could see with my own eyes that the target himself was quite a nuisance." he looked back at them "Shinobu, Arthur, Rin and Elgin, rushing the enemy was an interesting way to go about it, definitely not recommended. Just because it cannot work in many situations, so make sure you evaluate your target before getting too close. He could have hurt any of you if he had something up his sleeve." he then looked at Morika and Samara "Morika, I accepted you into this school because I saw potential in you. Your team needed you for cover but you failed to provide that, given certain events." he was more or less talking about her losing her pill bottle "If this mission was a 3 star or more, you could have put your team, your weapon, as well as yourself at risk. You can die out there. You need to remember that." he informed her, his voice stern "Starting tomorrow, I will be putting you in extra training classes with Armstrong or Ikora for the next few weeks. Samara, you are to accompany her, so she may learn more about your weapon form. The more training you have, the better off you will be. Especially when it comes to Solo Missions." he said, "You may go home now."

First missions did not go as expected. Lord Death himself started to notice more and more that things were progressively getting worse than they had been once before. When he was younger, missions were not this bad. But now...They’re the norm. They’re supposed to be this bad with the growing number of Kishin. Looking at the four teens in front of him, he spoke “So there was another Kishin there... “ in a tone of thought, he may have had an idea on what was going on. But he needed to get more information. “I see...Regardless, you completed your mission and killed the Kishin that was terrorizing the town. Nice work.” he knew praise could only do so much after what these kids went through. “I know what happened, I was watching from here.” he informed them “I can’t lie to you all and say it’ll get better; because it wont. This is just the beginning of what Kishin’s are capable of.” especially one that was of the level to mess with others pasts or traumas.

“First off, Llewellyn, you attempted to kill your own meister and failed to do so. If you actually succeeded you would have been thrown into prison for treason and murder.” he informed the blonde “I understand your background is quite different from the rest, but because of this sole reason, it almost got your partner killed if she hadn't gotten the strength to fight back in time. You need to learn to stop taking actions when people tell you to and make your own choices. You’re old enough.” his eyes then shifted to Camilla “I understand the fear that must have been running through your veins, but use this experience to strengthen yourself and make yourself stronger. There might be a next time that you run into this kishin again. The faster you’re able to overcome it, the better off you will be.” he wanted to continue to shape these students into the best warriors out there.

“Alice, I can see where you also almost lost control because of this.” he gestured to the markings currently running from her arms, all the way up to her neck and just below her jawline “No one is afraid of you, because you are not a threat. Remember that. You will also have to use this experience to become stronger. To avoid losing yourself to the madness.” he then looked at Alcross, “I will say it for a third time, you need to use this experience to be stronger than you were before. I will praise you for your efforts to move your Meister to a safer place, despite your own troubles. That is what partners should do for each other." he said, nodding to the students before him "You're all dismissed. Go home, rest, and we'll see you all tomorrow."

Halloween Morning!

The events that will happen later on this night is the DWMA hosting a Halloween party/dance and a Haunted House at the school. Where as the city will have their own festival going on! This whole day will be a sandbox day. So go ham!​
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Morika woke up bright and early, took one of her pills, and got ready for the day. She swiftly brushed her hair and instead of her twin drills, put her hair up in a rather long high ponytail. Morika dressed herself in her costume and turned on the sewing machine in her room, determined to finish the last few Halloween costumes as well as put on the finishing touches. Morika hummed happily to herself as the loud sounds of the sewing machine filled the room. She hemmed the dresses with white thread and removed pins as she stitched. If one were to enter her room, all they would see is the sewing machine moving at a brisk pace and Morika's hands moving faster than the speed of sound to keep the fabric steady as well as expertly removing the pins.

When she was finished hemming the dresses, she hung them up on appropriate hangers and grabbed the soft, red material to make a long, hooded cape. Morika plugged in her iron and pressed the fabric before she pinned the fabric to be stitched and hemmed. Morika quickly sat down and stitched the outline of the long fabric and removed the pins as she went along. Once she was finished, she set it aside and made quick work on stitching the hood to the cape. When it was stitched together, she promptly stitched a button hole into the cape with the sewing machine and then hand stitched a button onto the cape.

Satisfied with the product and quality, she buttoned the long red hood around her neck to see how well the cape was along with how comfortable it would be for Rin. When Morika was done inspecting her finished product, she placed it on the hanger with the dress she made for the Little Red Riding Hood outfit along with the accessories for the costume.

Morika turned to collect what was left of the red fabric to pin it to long black fabric. When she was done pinning it, she went back to the sewing machine and stitched it together, when both sides had been stitched, she quickly pinned some more black fabric to the top of the cape to make a collar. When that was finished, she stitched a button hole and hand stitched a black button to the cape. Morika then put on the cape to test it and make sure that it wouldn't choke her, or her customer. When she was sure that it was safe and comfortable she placed it on the hanger with the rest of the elegant Vampire costume.

Once she was certain that she didn't have to make another cape, she collapsed onto her bed and dosed off for a couple of minutes. Not only did her hands hurt, her back did as well, but she was too determined to finish the costumes before the dance to think about anything else.


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Elvena Stein

501307a0d0759e4c7a59b77037c34164.jpgAfter the events at the hotel, Elvena didn’t exactly feel the desire to bring it up again. That was until their meeting with Lord Death who touched base on it and expressed his concerns, simply receiving a blank stare from the girl. There wasn’t exactly much to say, no defense that would make any plausible sense to one who didn’t understand the workings of her mind. Lord Death certainly didn’t. While she respected the man, there was much to be shrugged off though she did so internally, not wanting to increase the current ‘scolding’ they were receiving. Those severely not amused hues fluidly fell to the side as she departed once they were told they could go, eyes tracing the lines on the floor as if searching for something to hold her attention. She didn’t plan on giving their headmaster another reason to criticize or summon them, so the next few weeks were filled with vigorous missions. It felt like all they did; mission, sleep, eat, come home, pick a new mission, depart again. There was little time or concern for much more. Her residence was now strictly hers and Takeshi’s now. Elias after the happenings didn’t want to stick around and had acquired a new place to stay with his partner, Marcus. No more shenanigans to be had with that boy, what a shame. There would be many more opportunities outside of the house to experiment such as Halloween. There were many plans, many, many, questionable plans. Even though Halloween was the birthday of the twins, Elvy didn’t like really celebrating it since enjoying the actual holiday was much more pleasing. Spooky day, spooky things must ensue.

The Stein had left Takeshi at home, naturally, as she grabbed her work attire and set off to work her usual night shift at the pub. Upon entering she was caught off guard by the manager standing by her locker with a bag in hand, to which he extended to her when she neared. “ What? “ She inquired, peering inside as her face fell a couple shades to ghastly white. “ It’s Halloween, the clientele are going to want things more themed for today. Also, happy birthday. “ He responded with an idle shrug and what resembled an apologetic smile, although his demeanor clearly screaming that he was not letting this be up for discussion as he stalked off. Those shoulders naturally fell, a sigh slipping past her lips as she shoved the clothes that she thought she’d be wearing for her shift into her locker. A few grumbles and noises of frustration could be heard from the employee room as she squeezed into the outfit that she could not even categorize as Halloween-y. There was nothing creepy about it, nothing that stood out, nothing enticing except for the fact that she felt more exposed than usual. Not that she minded, too much, shame wasn’t an emotion that registered too well in her brain, it was more of an annoyance than anything to bring unwanted attention to herself while she was just trying to do her job. The next few hours consisted of greeting and listening to the sad, misguided, heartbroken, and wayward souls of Death City. Elvy wasn’t one to give words of comfort, she simply listened and reached a hand out now and then to pat theirs, followed by another drink to help them drown their sorrows.


The sun began to rise and she waved to everyone, wishing them a spooky Halloween. No hesitance was given as she excused herself politely from her shift as she clocked out and rushed to the locker room again. Elvy got out of those clothes faster than anyone could blink, relief crossing her features the mere second that she was free of them. “ Hey Elvena, I know you’re a Stein but please wear this atrocious bunny costume. What part of me screams cute and bouncy? “ She mocked aloud, hastily grabbing her things out of her locker and shoving the costume in their place. Silently she hoped that she would never see that thing again and if she did it would be so damn unwelcome. A quick visit back into the pub, a few minutes later, and she left with a box of food in hand, carefully balanced and stacked atop of her folded clothes. The streets were still pretty empty as she wandered through them silently, making her way home. She passed by Alice Drake's house and that gaze slid upwards to peer towards the girl’s window, a memory of two weeks ago pushing itself to the front of her mind. Obviously, Elvy was going insane with curiosity but following up randomly wasn’t exactly her forte. She figured, if anything, the results of that exchange would be quite clear today at the Halloween party. It wasn’t like the girl to completely let a patient just go without checkups or documenting their changes but this was a more delicate matter. Even if she didn’t care for much, she wasn’t a monster. Well, not entirely. There was some sense of discretion and understanding that she let show now and then.

Her place loomed into view, like a godsend for her body that was starting to creep with tiredness, mind still churning at speeds that were at insane levels for most. To her though, the cacophony of thoughts were comforting. If her mind slowed down she feared that she’d shut down which wouldn’t do anyone any good. It’d be a hindrance. Those crimson eyes quickly lifted as the sight of a figure laying on the roof caught her attention, head tilting as she sighed once again. This used to surprise me. She thought to herself, so accustomed to Takeshi’s mannerisms and habits that this was just now normal. Elvy disappeared as the doors closed behind her, shoes being kicked off and clothes being delicately placed beside them as she held onto the box of food just as cautiously. She reappeared once again outside, staring up at the roof as if contemplating something in her head, lips scrunching off to the side. Her body seemed to ache in response to the thoughts, trying to dissuade her from pushing herself more but she didn’t listen to it, knees bending a little before her body was airborne. The jump wasn’t too bad, the box being shifted under one arm as she grabbed the edge of the roof with her free hand. This one motion propelled her even more, sock covered feet landing with ease.

Strands of hair trickled into Takeshi’s vision as she knelt down in front of him, blocking out his view of the clouds. While she knew this would annoy him, the box of food being handed to him would hopefully make up for it. A few of the stray pieces of hair brushed against his face, leaving a tickling sensation behind as she left his view with a single word being mumbled, “ Enjoy. “ She knew he'd simply be happy with food and being able to resume his cloud watching, something that she admittedly usually enjoyed doing with him. Today though, today was a busy day and she didn't have time to sit idly until preparations were complete. Elvy shuffled down to her lab, eyes widening with excitement at the lovely concoctions that she’d left to sit through the night. They were glowing a variety of colors, a light vapor rising off of them which Elvy smelled, lips curving into a rather sinister smile as she began to think of all the fun she was going to have. Plopping down into her chair, she spun around once in glee, hands fumbling about once it stopped to grab a few more ingredients that were poured and measured with care. A puff of smoke left a vial and Elvy blinked rapidly, watching the red of one start changing into a purple. “ Oh, this one is going to be new! They’ll never see it coming. My beautiful creations are going to make this night… unforgettable. “ Scribbling down a few notes on the many scattered pages across her workspace, the ramblings of a mad man if anyone dared peek at them, Elvy soon stood back up and stretched a bit.

A yellow bottle was retrieved from one of the coolers against the wall, eyes closing as she parted her lips and let the liquid slide into her mouth, taking a moment to swallow it. She felt it almost immediately, the recharging of her limbs and tiredness of her body being eradicated, now refueled by her own special energy drink. Feeling happily refreshed Elvy skipped up the stairs back into the main floor of the house, head poking around the corners as if checking to make sure Takeshi wasn’t around. If he caught a whiff of her crazy plans then he’d never partake, though with further calculations, he might not in the first place. The idea of even worsening those odds wasn’t something that she wanted to do either, so sneakiness had to be resorted to. Once far enough away from her lab, she hummed loudly, letting her traveling about the house be known, trying at all costs to avoid being suspicious. So for the next hour she plopped down in front of the couch, a crazy assortment of fabrics dumped all over the floor, needle and thread in hand as she wildly went at perfecting her costume for the party. No reason for skepticism at all; nope.

Interacted with; Takeshi Exanis Exanis Mentioned briefly; Alice Britt-21 Britt-21 Marcus The Elder The Elder
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Kyuubey Kyuubey GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (mentioned Shin briefly)

About two months had gone by without Rin even realizing it. In the past weeks, missions were getting easier in one way or another. Though at the same time getting harder with difficulty, but also increasing her team's skills and coordination while also helping them grow together. Kishin eggs were hard to split, but eventually they had found a system that works with everyone on the team. Though, if they took solo missions, this problem was avoided. Which is why after their first mission, Rin had suggested to Shinobu that they should take some solo missions just so they could help the weapon grow at a little bit more of a faster rate. Team missions didn't always mean that there would be multiple kishin souls and Rin picked up on that very quickly. Whenever Rin wasn't doing missions, she was working at the Deathbucks Cafe. Where she was required to wear a cute maid outfit. Despite hating this, the boss was really nice and understanding. But she made it very clear that it was just for business and to attract more customers to the cafe. To which she wasn't wrong, it did bring many people, especially regulars for Rin herself. A bit of a fanclub if she were to explain it one way or another.

The young weapon thought that her life couldn't get any worse, learning that her new coworker was none other than Elias Stein. The pain in her ass since after orientation. That's when hell started to break loose within the cafe. He was always saying things to piss her off, on top of being rude to customers and generally looking like he didn't care for his job. Due to this, Rin was always trying to correct his wrongs by comforting the customers and excusing her coworker for being so rude. What people didn't know was that they would argue in the back, Rin yelling at him for how rude he was and him yelling back some shit that seemed like nonsense to her. Even though they had their bad times, there has been times where they hadn't broken into a fight...Those times were rare times. Working at the cafe in her mind was pretty fun, though she wouldn't openly admit it. Having her own set of fans was weird, but it brought the boss some money so it wasn't too much of a big deal for the young girl.

Today was Halloween day, the day where people party, eat candy, and dress up in costumes. A day where no doubt, kishins would roam the dark alleyways and wait for their prey to come right to them. That was the last thing to think about on a decent day like this one. Rin had her breakfast and had informed her parents, Hanako, and her partner that she had been called into the Cafe today and wouldn't be back till three, maybe a little later depending. So the young weapon headed out and to Deathbucks, thinking about the party that the DWMA had announced they'd have at the school, along with some Minigames and a Haunted house. In a way, she wanted to go, it would give her something to do, and Hanako could come too. Rin would have to keep a close eye on her though just so she didn't get in trouble. Maybe bringing her little sister was a bad idea...but she loved her, so why not? It was something she would have to discuss with her parents and see if they would even allow Hanako to go to the DWMA or they would go on and take her out somewhere themselves.

Coming up to Deathbucks, she went around to the alleyway employee entrance where she pulled open the door and walked inside. Her boss running right up to her with dramatic tears running down her face and grabbing the weapon and sobbing. This caught Rin off guard, not sure what really happened, causing her eyebrows to furrow as she opened her lips to speak before Satsuki (boss) had spoke. "Riiiiiiin! I'm so happy you're here!" she shouted, tears still streaming down her face "We have a problem!" just as Rin was about to ask, Satsuki had spoke once again, allowing the Weapon to just keep her mouth shut "The person I had scheduled to come play live music, canceled last minute and I have no one to play any instruments!" she shook the poor girl while saying this, causing Rin to almost fall over from being dizzy "And the only one I know that plays music is you! Can you pleeeaaaseeee play for the cafe today? I'll pay you extra!!!'

Rin couldnt help the sweat drop appearing on her head as she recovered from the constant shaking "I-I don't know, Satsuki..." if anything, she never really played in front of many, she had the guts to, but now just casually play her violin in front of a cafe? "Pllleeeeeeeeaaasseee! You'll be paid extra for your services! And I'll pay you for the trip going home and then coming back!" how could Rin really say no to this? Poor girl was crying and practically begging her to do this one favor while bribing her at the same time. With a sigh escaping her lips, she nodded "Alright, Alright. Let me go home, grab my violin and then com-" "OH THANK YOU!" suddenly she was being hugged so tightly that she may as well die by such a hug from her boss "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! You're the best!!" when she pulled away, she noticed her boss no longer in tears but held this happy face "I'll cover you till you get back!" suddenly she rushed off and left Rin to blink a few times ...Was she fake crying to me just to get me to play in the cafe...? she thought to herself before shaking her head and clocking in ahead of time just so Satsuki wouldn't have to remember if she paid her or not for the extra time.

After Rin clocked in, she began hearing muffled yelling coming from the back door. Turning just a bit, she noticed the back door open and Elias walking in with a girl behind him, yelling as if she had no idea what territory she had just entered. Twintail's eyebrows furrowed as she listen to the girl, while he was trying to clock in, but clearly she wasn't letting that happen. The more that girl continued to yell at him, the more tense Rin got, her jaw tightened, her body tight, and her look growing dark. As soon as the brunette got a good look at the girl, she recognized her from a few weeks ago when Elias had brought her here on some kind of date. Even then, this girl treated him rotten as she was right now. At the time when she was serving them, she had to do everything in her power to not attack the woman in her chair for being so rude.Why? was he letting this girl walk all over him? Rin had no idea, because the Elias she knew wouldn't let a girl talk to him that way. She was living proof of that. Watching everything happen before her eyes, how could she stay out of it? There was no way she could! Even though Rin had her own issues and would get into fights with Elias, she wouldn't ever cross lines like this girl was. Mistreating someone just because... Was unforgivable. That's when a slow-burning rage began to build within her soul.​
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After that first mission, Alice wasn't sure she was able to come back from it. Her madness had been at 75%, so damn close to taking her over just because of the stress levels between the fight with the Kishin, the fight with Lew, and the sounds coming from the woods. That mission alone was traumatizing in its own way and she didn't expect to be thrown into it. Unfortunately for her, her team had no choice but to see the madness that ran up her arms and all the way up to her neck on their way back home. Which meant her secret was out to both Camilla and Alcross now. Lew knew about her madness but never seen the effects of it. Before heading home, Alice had to explain to Camilla and Alcross that what her markings represented was her madness. Something she created years ago. There wasn't much detail, but she did warn them that if it ever came to a point that her markings filled out on her face, it would mean bad news. Her tone was the opposite of her kind and sweet tone and had more seriousness to it. Attitude almost leaking off her words, and definitely seeming grumpy in the process.

After returning to Death City and reporting the mission to Lord Death, he not only did he warn them, but he also had given them a pep talk as well as praised them for their hard work and thanked them for informing him of another Kishin that could have been messing with their heads. After dismissing them, Alice went home with Lew, her delicate skin still covered with the black marks. She had been in silence with Lew and said very little to prevent him from getting hurt from her words. At this point in time, he probably thought she would get rid of him just cause he caused her madness to spike. Little did he know, that she wasn't going to give up on her partner just because of one mistake. Though she made it perfectly clear back at the town that he will not listen to anyone else but her, and her alone. That meant demands and orders. If someone asked him to do something, he had the right to choose yes or no. Her words were harsh, but stern and serious. In honesty, she never wanted this to happen ever again, and she would do whatever she could to make sure she had the right precautions.

After this day, Alice tried really hard to get Lew some souls. Even if it meant dragging her own teammates along just to help her due to lack of offensive potential with Lew. Eventually she would have to find a way to fight with Lew on her own, but for now, she had to lean on her teammates for help. As the weeks went by, they finally got up to 18 souls. It wasn't a lot but there was only so much that Alice could do. Especially when she felt like she was just being a hassle from time to time. But no doubt she had the lesser amount of souls for her partner compared to the rest of the weapons in her class. It didn't discourage her and only made her want to fight more than before. The blonde wanted him to become a Death Weapon. She wanted him strong. She would give it to him even if she died trying.

Halloween morning, Alice was up early (nothing that would have been too early) , getting dressed in her work-out clothes and going for her usual run around the city, taking in the sights of people setting up for the festival tonight and of course, stopping by Gwen's and Baira's place to lead them over to her place. No doubt they forgot the Address, so might as well bring them instead. So that's what she did, bringing them to her humble abode where she spotted Lew hanging out in the kitchen from the doorway "Good morning again, Lew! Do you wanna do me a favor and start pulling out the other stuff I planned for us today? If you're too busy, that's fine! I'm gonna take a quick shower!" she said with a warm smile on her face before kicking off her shoes and running up the stairs to take a shower. It took her around 15 minutes to shower and come back down, her hair put up in a pony tail, wearing some cute orange shorts with ghosts on them and a tank top that was orange and had a pumpkin face on it "Alright! Let's start making some sweets!" she said happily, rushing to the kitchen and helping Lew set up some things and prep some ingredients.

Candy Apples were being made, some cookies were shaped in various different ways like Bats, pumpkins, etc, had been sitting in the oven cooking. Unfortunately, Baira wasn't really helping as he was more or less eating treats and trying to narrow down their supply, on top of also messing around and getting the trio covered in different ingredients. "Baira if you keep eating them, you're gonna get sick and then you cant go to the Halloween party at the school. Plus these are for the whole class! Not only you!" she shouted, shaking her head with a laugh. Baira was silly, but he was fun to be around, and Gwen was so lively, it only made the Blonde more happy. Lew, he was being his usual self, but knowing the meister, she would try to make him smile and enjoy the time she was having with her and their current guests. As the oven dinged, she stopped what she was doing and grabbed some oven mitts, putting them on and moving to the oven where she pulled out the cookie sheets and put them on the counter where there had been cooling racks hanging out. "Cookies are done!"



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The two months since the first mission had been attacked with renewed vigour on Baira's part, the wolf boy making a promise to the young girls soul to continue pushing forward with his goals and to not hesitate despite the horrors he had witnessed during the ordeal with the pirate. Like race car on full throttle, Baira alongside his partner Gwen had charged the mission board with a hunger unbecoming of first year students, the duo's desire to rack up Kishin souls pushing them forward in their endeavours.i

They were the rabbit and everyone else the hare as they sped through this course; racking up Kishin souls one after the other until rising up to the heights of second place in their class behind the pair of Elvena and Takeshi; a pair who Baira scarcely saw considering how they basically spent every day on a new mission. Excluding their total of souls, Baira and Gwen were the next highest in the class, recently overtaking the pair of Akron and Liam's total of 50 kishin souls.

Driven by this hunger, they had spent the most of those two months venturing out on missions, solo and as a team with other Demon Weapons and Meisters and it was during one of these missions that they had worked alongside the Blonde duo of Alice and Llewellyn, a Meister and her shield. At first glance Baira had thought very little of the duo, seeing Llewellyn's form as being a blight to what a demon weapon should be. Baira was a proud warrior of his Wolf Clan, a fighter who would not hide behind a shield in a fight; the mere thought being an insult to his pride yet it was during this mission that his eyes had been opened and his respect shared towards the other Demon Weapon. Despite Llewellyns form and his rather weird personality, Baira could not deny that he and Gwen would have been in a far worse predicament had it not been for Alice and Llew coming to their aide, his shielded form protecting the duo from what would have almost been a fatal injury.

Since that mission the four of them had become rather close acquaintances, so much so that Baira and Gwen now found themselves in Alice's home, the duo joining the blonde fair in the early morning preparations for tonight's festivities. Baira already creating chaos with his inability to remain still.


"As the Alpha of our class, It is my responsibility to make sure that any and all food and beverages are taste tested before my pack consumes them" replied Baira to Gwen's plea, the boy grabbing another candied apple and crunching down hard on it with his canine like teeth. A sweet tooth or two, Baira had given every excuse in the book to try and scoff down more of the scrumptious treats that the quartet had been making, even if the excuse did not make sense. His attempts had been messy yet successful as despite the four of them being coated in various ingredients, Baira had come out the winner; having tasted just about every candy, sweet and cookie that they had made at least thrice. "Splendid, like all the others this one passes the test.. It has my approval" he said, tossing the wooden stick that held the candied apple away into the nearby bin.

As he did so, his ears had twitched in reaction to the oven door closing and the tray being placed upon the counter. "... However.." he spun on his heels; hungry eyes falling upon the freshly baked batch of cookies; saliva pooling around the side of his mouth as he hungrily longed for the treats sitting upon the counter. Had he been transformed, his large tail would have knocked the bin over in his excitement. ".. that batch of cookies smells suspicious" he began, taking steps towards the counter. "...and I would be an irresponsible leader to the pack If I did not continue to put my life on the line for those that follow me" he added licking the residue off of his lips. "B.. but you're right... I can't just hog all the snacks for myself" his tone was somewhat off as he now stood closer to the trio; two hands stretched outwards before giving a hearty laugh and slapping a hand to the back of Llewellyn and Gwen.

The force not enough to cause severe pain, but rather enough to cause them to unwillingly step forward from the force. "I will stop" he lied , his right hand manoeuvring behind Gwen and reaching between her left arm almost as if he was trying to grasp her waist. Though rather then being a 'move' on the fiery haired girl, it was merely Baira using his partners body as a screen to hide the fact that his hand was going after the cookies that had been next to her. He had learned quickly in their partnership that making a move on her was a big 'No-No', the Wolf's manhood almost becoming best friends with a saw.



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Elias Stein


Broken; that was the only word anyone could use to describe Elias when they looked at him. He had lost most of that spark, relying instead on trying to just trudge through the day by day motions. He sat in that infirmary bed for way too long, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling when Lord Death came to speak to him. Truthfully, he just wanted to sleep and be left alone. That was all he wanted. Eventually his head turned so he could look away from the headmaster, gaze glued on the window as the words fell like a light rain into his mind, quickly dissipating and being forgotten. After that uneventful meeting he stayed in the hospital for another two weeks, wrapped up in bandages all over. He was unrecognizable, even more so if one took a close look at his soul. The Elias they all knew just wasn’t there. Anytime sleep finally embraced him, it aimed to suffocate the crap out of him, the visions creeping up like acid reflux were always Takeshi’s eyes and venomous words. He’d awaken in a startled state, body shooting up so quickly that he’d reopen some of the wounds and cry out in pain. The nurses would come and re-bandage him and give him a look of pity that only furthered that feeling of shame. He would’ve been happier if they just didn’t pay him any mind and let him lay there in his oh so comfy bed made of torment.

After being released, while Elvy and Takeshi were away on a mission, he and Marcus had grabbed their things and moved out. Elias had no intention of staring the devil himself in the eyes every single day. Even though he knew his sister’s thought process and way of seeing the world was not the same as most people, he still couldn’t help the creeping ache whenever he watched her choose Takeshi over him. He wasn’t sure what hurt more, that betrayal of family, or the scars scattered about his skin that only acted as a reminder of his carelessness. For about another week, Elias refused to leave his bed. There wasn’t much will or motivation to do much else. It took a while and constant nagging from his partner before he went out on missions again and dared to return to his shift at the cafe. A shift, he might add, that he had to work alongside Rin with. What a bundle of joy. The constant jabbing and prodding only irritated him, why couldn’t she just leave him alone? Most of the bandages were hidden beneath his work uniform but the scars on his face were clearly visible, something he had caught her staring at every now and then. This was one of the very few things that made him even yell at her, his constant desire to push everyone away so they’d not inquire or get close becoming his number one goal. Everything around him broke. He was unable to protect anyone. He was a waste of time. The sooner she realized this, the better off she would be.

Marcus had set him up with some chick thinking it would solve his confidence issues. Guess he picked the wrong one because she was anything but a confidence booster. If anything it seemed like she was hell bent on trying to bring him down so that she could kick him around a bit. The old Elias wouldn’t have had any of that shit but this version? He just took it for a couple weeks, not bothering to speak up and tell her off. It’s not like anything she would say was untrue. A few dates here and there, many nights at his place, and soon it felt like that company no matter how mentally abusive it was, was starting to numb him from the weight of everything else. A few of the missions he’d left on had been accompanying some of his team, too weak from still recovering and lacking the confidence to go solo. They’d gone with Alice a few times and her shield weapon, Lew or whatever, who was more useful than even he was right now. A shield, more useful than a sword. What a world for this to be actually true. He was now the weakest link of their team. The first time he’d transformed into his sword form he quickly had a panic attack, remembering the steel against his own flesh, digging deep into it and carving away. He was frigid, panicking in his own weapon space, and watching as the walls started to crumble around him like his own personal grave to die in.

The missions usually went like this until he learned to tone it out and not care, letting himself fully just put all the effort into Marcus’s hands and act as a weapon with no person behind it. The dissociation was all that he had to hold onto, the only thing that stopped him from holding Marcus back. Surprisingly his partner hadn’t yelled at him or said much. Instead, all he did was offer words of encouragement, trying to reignite the flame that had been doused in water. It refused to dry so that he could rekindle the fire. He wasn’t sure it would. Sitting in this lake of sorrow alone seemed like the only thing he was good at. At least here, nobody was at risk of being burned by his dumb mistakes. There was nobody to drag down with him. Nobody to fail. Nobody to disappoint.

Halloween Day; Elias’s birthday. Cue the mental chick waiting outside his apartment, wearing an actually pleasant smile that was out of place. He was used to her going off on him for no apparent reason from the start of any interactions until she chilled out and stopped bitching. Elias walked in silence, hands shoved in a delicate manner in the pockets of his jeans, not really paying attention to a single word leaving the woman’s lips as she remained beside him. Eventually she caught on, eyes going into wild mode as she stared up at him and started yelling, too pompous to care that she was causing a public scene. There it is. He let out a sigh, walking into work and trying to ignore the yapping dog following close to his heel. Every effort to clock in was made, his girlfriend now blocking his way to stop him from doing so with demands that he listen to her first instead of trying to walk away. “ I’m going to be late. “ He said calmly, words empty before she slapped him, the sting left behind by the impact making him tense up. “ See? You’re so worthless. You’re a greedy, selfish, failure who only cares about himself! You’re gonna regret this. “ Normally Elias didn’t care much but there were keywords that suddenly sounded twisted, malice behind them as the voice speaking bounced between her and Takeshi. Each word that stabbed into his soul, he could feel it so deeply that he was filled with dread. He could hear it being whispered softly into his ears, mocking him, taunting him. He instinctively backed up a bit and flinched, pupils starting to shake as he looked down and peered into those golden eyes that were swirling with black, the two mixing slowly like dripping paint that was finally colliding.

The longer he stared, the more he was filled with terror. He blinked and those eyes had changed to a blue, no longer the haunting gaze that looked at him like he was prey. Rin was standing behind them, obviously watching the spectacle. The look on her face did not look friendly and he took another few steps back, wanting to shrink away from this entire place and disappear. The girl in front of him glanced back over her shoulder and quirked a brow, face contorting into an even uglier one. “ Huhhh? What’re you looking at pig face? “ She spat out, sizing up Elias’s coworker who clearly didn’t know how to mind her own business.

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Fifty one eyes stared back, all within a maw of black, round and round the monster went waiting for when it’s preys will was bent on. The puppet master put on its show a dance of death, dark red would flow. Always it was pulled from it’s sweet song thrown into the abyss where it belongs, but always always after that. Another eye would stare back.
it had been two months since there first mission aboard that vessel while the events that transpired were horrible it seemed to have hardly phased Akron His unnatural calm attitude remaining constant. himself and Liam had managed a respectable amount of kills currently third highest in the class at fifty, Akron had in almost all cases allowed the curse to take control of the situation till he would force both himself and Liam out of its intoxicating grip. It seemed that it worked perfectly well for both of them, though with every soul taken... Akron felt the beast's grip tighten, it Wasn’t much but he was worried.. would he still be able to pull them out form the maw of madness? would he succumb to the same bloodlust the rest of his family? was proving them wrong really worth it? or just a futile attempt to get even a little bit of praise even if it was begrudging. staring into the mirror he could see the vague form of the beast coil it’s body around his own it’s eye filled jaws smiling devilishly.

however, Akron would quickly dismiss such morbid thoughts the beast fading away into nothingness. Today was a different sort of day, a special day. Akron was doing something very unusual, he wasn’t wearing his armour as he’d normally do, only wearing undershirt and pants that would normally be hidden beneath his metallic hide, long silky hair on full display for the first time since the day he’d met Liam, the thousands of scars across his entire body also visible. A small smile crept across his face as he carefully brushed his hair. Akron had always taken time to maintain his hair, thanks to his upbringing he’d made Some attempts to look more like a girl in hopes of garnering some favour form his mother. this extended to the Halloween costume a long floral dress, that he’d managed to build up enough courage to give Morika a note detailing his request as he wasn’t able to find anything his size normally. It now sat folded on his bed, Akron having picked it up a day earlier. Finishing with his hair Akron would gently run his hand across his cheek letting out a deep sigh this would probably be the first time a majority of the others would have seen him wearing something aside form armour he wondered how the would react, not that he really cared it was simple curiosity.


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The smack was something completely unnecessary and because of this action, she couldn't help but allow her fists to clench. The adrenaline starting to fill her blood, causing her whole body to tremble in rage. This woman did an unforgivable, especially in front of Rin. Who would kill to protect anyone in a bad spot like this. Did she not realize that look in Elias's eyes? It was a look that even she couldn't bare to have ingrained into her mind. He looked terrified with the way he looked down at her. He wanted to mind his own business, no doubt and just get to work. All Rin could see was the fact that Elias was not in the wrong. He wanted to clock into work, and this bitch prevented that, forcing him to neglect his responsibilities. Her crimson eyes noticed his own gaze toward her, though he had nothing to fear because her target was the navy-haired woman standing in front of her. What followed soon after was the biggest push off the edge that she felt in a long time, her eyes glowing with rage as she slowly walked down the hall toward her target "Pig face..." she said back, softly under her own breath "Pig face..." she repeated once again, walking closer to the Navy-haired girl. Little did she know what she was in for with Rin.

Once within range, Twintails snatched the girl's bag and whacked her in the head with it "Your entitlement is showing, you ungrateful little wench." she then followed that up with a smack to her face "Some people just need a High Five in the face." it was clear that the girl was in utter and complete shock before trying to grab her purse which ultimately lead with another whack with it, sending her stumbling back. Rin began to follow suit, stopping just briefly to talk to Elias "Go ahead. I'll be back." her tone was different than usual, it held a level of anger that no one had experienced in their lifetime. After that, she kept walking, watching the girl lean back against the door as she trembled, yelling out to her and throwing threats. Something about 'suing' and 'reporting for assault'? Rin couldn't hear it over the heartbeat in her ears as she drew closer. It was amazing how someone so pompous and entitled could crack so easily. Built on lies and spoils that make them the worst kind of people in the future.

"You like to hit someone I like? I like to hit too." she said as the girl yelled once more at her, screaming and trying to cause more of a scene than there already was. Her head began to pound with all the yelling and the blood rushing to her brain, causing her to close her eyes just briefly to relieve at least some of the pain. But that was before she was slapped by the girl, her head turned to the side as her cheek now tingled. The weapon didn't move for a few moments, allowing the girl to snatch her bag back and get in her face, "Yeah, how does it feel, pig face!?" she shouted. The pounding in her head getting worse as she shoved the girl back against the door and slammed her foot on it right underneath the handle, her eyes darkening as the glare finally met up with the girl's own blue eyes "You've messed...With the wrong person..." she kicked her foot up into the handle and the girl fell backward through the door as her hand began to shift into her weapon "Not only do you come barging into a very peaceful cafe, but you also came in through the employee section which is highly forbidden." she said, lifting her partially transformed arm while moving to keep the door opened with her foot "Smacked Elias in the face just because you think he was being selfish, calling him useless and a failure... He is far from that. You clearly didn't care not once about who he was as a person."

Her arm finally pointed down at the girl, watching as she trembled out of fear, now being at gunpoint. "Consider this a break up, you birdbrained bimbo. If I see you come back here again, know your experience will be hell." with that, she backed up and slammed the door shut, locking it for the time being and shifting her arm back before lifting her hand to her head. It's been how long and she still hasn't gotten her violin? Rin didn't care as she slowly turned around and moved to the locker room and walked inside, one eye closed while the other was partially opened, trying to calm the throbbing of her head. "I may have gotten rid of that...thing for you. Told her it was a break up. Sorry about that." her voice was a lot lighter, and merely held a tone of annoyance. "How a-" her words fell off before she could even continue as she noticed the bandages around Elias's body. She knew of his scars on his face but she never realized how badly his upper body had been wounded (Because she never was able to catch a sight like that and usually gave him privacy when it came to that). Opening her other crimson eye, her expression seemed to soften. What the hell did he do to get himself bandaged like that? Asking him would probably offend him. So she refrained from asking as she moved to the bench and sat down, looking away from him. "How are you...doing I guess?"
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Llewellyn was up early as per usual within Lady Alice's house so that he could tend to his self assigned morning duties. He breezed through cleaning the entirety of the house before the Lord or Lady Alice could wake. Then, once the blond girl got up for her morning run, the servant to the opportunity her absence had caused to step into the kitchen to start baking some cupcakes that he had planned to contribute to the class's Halloween Party. Llewellyn was aware that Lady Alice had invited Lord Baira and Lady Gwen, two of their classmates at the Academy, over for the purpose of baking some sweets for tonight's party, yet he felt the need to make a personal addition to the effort. Why? He could not say precisely. It simply felt right to bring something of his own making to the festivities that were to occur later this night.

The attention Llewellyn was forced to place upon the confections also had an added bonus. The minor amount of thought process and physical motion put towards baking drew his focus from lingering upon the guilt he still carried with him from his first mission with Lady Alice. It had been two months since the mission's aftermath, yet Llewellyn continued to remind himself of his failure on a daily basis. He had attempted to kill his Meister that day because of a Kishin's ability to make him hallucinate. Thankfully, Lady Alice was a superior fighter in comparison to Llewellyn's lesser range of physical prowess and she triumphed, preventing him from murdering anyone that day. The Weapon did not get much in the way of punishment from his Meister aside from the bruises to his body, even though castigation was certainly deserved. Instead, Lady Alice merely demanded that Llewellyn exclusively follow her orders, to which he immediately agreed.

When the team returned to Death City, Llewellyn was anticipating his own arrest upon entry for attempting to kill his Meister, even if he had been tricked. Then, when the servant was not apprehended at the city's entryway, he was understandably confused. Lord Death had proven in the past to have been more than capable of observing the Academy's students whilst they were out on mission. Llewellyn had found this out while he had been partnered with Lady Vera after they returned from their first mission. However, that day had been worse for they went out with a full team, yet only Lady Vera and Llewellyn himself returned. Back then, Lord Death spoke to them with surprising care that the servant had not understood at that moment. It was only after they had been fully debriefed and given time off from missions that Llewellyn had figured out that Lord Death had ways of looking in on Academy students once they had left the walls of Death City. Though, when Llewellyn entered Lord Death's office after his first mission with Lady Alice, Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross, he was still confused by the inaction taken towards his crime. This confusion did not last too long for Lord Death explained himself during the team's debriefing.

After the team had been dismissed and allowed to return to their respectively residences, Llewellyn had anticipated a conversation with Lady Alice. One that was sure to be as pleasant as the final conversation he had with Lady Vera. The one that had ended their Meister and Weapon Partnership. Though, when Llewellyn was not kicked out into the night with the very few items he had brought over from the Galant household, he was understandably apprehensive. The servant spent the next morning completing his self assigned duties before he began to pack up his belongings into the single bag they had arrived in. Then, Llewellyn tried to initiate conversation with Lady Alice to inquire as to their current standing with one another. He had wanted to know if their partnership was over and if he was to return to his former employ at the Galant household. The vehemence of Lady Alice's response had shocked Llewellyn so much that he simply could not muster up the resolve to push the issue further. Llewellyn was not certain whether or not Lady Alice had truly forgiven him for his transgression, for he knew that he did not forgive himself. Still, ultimately Llewellyn decided to simply carry on as he had prior to their mission in the town.

Llewellyn had just finished pulling his cupcakes from the oven and was on his way to frosting them with the homemade chocolate frosting he had been preparing while the dough was cooking when Lady Alice had returned from her run with two additional individuals. The servant was about to inquire as to who the other two were when his memory of a particularly strenuous mission brought itself to the forefront of his mind. These two were Lord Baira and Lady Gwen, Lady Alice had told him that they would be here today. I must have been extensively concentrating upon completing the cupcakes. I suppose that is something to keep in mind if I am ever required to remember something of importance whilst I am in the middle of preparing food and confections. When Lady Alice asked Llewellyn to pull out the items they would require for their agreed upon activity in that strange new fashion of hers, the servant allowed his eyes to flit about the kitchen and fix upon the items' locations.
"Of course milady." Llewellyn had carefully put his frosting into the fridge and then he found a container suitable for storing the fresh cupcakes he had baked. Once those had been stored away safely for him to complete later on that day, Llewellyn then began to pull items from the cupboards.

Llewellyn carefully set up the kitchen for a long morning of baking while he waited for his Meister to finish her after run shower. The servant's mind began to wander ever so slightly while he worked. He found his thoughts drifting towards the other Meister and Weapon pair within the house. Llewellyn did not know much about Lord Baira or Lady Gwen aside from their shared attendance at the DWMA and the pair's rapid acquisition of Kishin Eggs. If it were not for the mission the duo shared with Lady Alice and himself, Llewellyn was fairly certain that they would have never interacted naturally. I suppose the handicap I impose upon Lady Alice has some advantages. Still, I do wonder why Lord Baira and Lady Gwen have been spending time with Lady Alice and I. Do they feel indebted to Lady Alice? No, if that was the only reason for their continued companionship then they would not act quite so amicable towards me.

Lady Alice had returned downstairs as Llewellyn had finished his musings, but not his task of setting up and preparing the kitchen for baking. The servant hid his shame at his own ineptitude behind his usual neutral expression as his Meister then began to assist with the duty she had entrusted to him. The servant silently suffered the disgrace his inaction had caused and then he tried to focus upon assisting Lady Alice to the best of his ability. Then, once the preparations were finished, Llewellyn tried to wash away the disgrace of his earlier failure by doing his utmost to ensure that the confections the four of them were making came out perfectly. Though, Llewellyn was unsure of how he was supposed to react to Lord Baira's less than formal tendency to prematurely consume the treats and make a mess of the kitchen. Should I raise a fuss about Lord Baira's behavior? Oh, nevermind. Lady Alice has the matter in hand. The servant dropped the issue for now, content to let others handle Lord Baira. Now if only the other two could convince the other Meister to refrain from accidentally bruising Llewellyn's body with his casual physical interactions.

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Time Lord
Baira was without a doubt the best meister Gwen could have asked for. The terrible event aboard the pirate ship had only strengthened their resolve to hunt the wicked, and with a pair like the wolf man and self declared Speed Queen, they were racking up Kishin Eggs like it was a video game. When the last mission was over they were signing up for the next already. The duo were quickly making a name for themselves and it was garnering attention from the other students.

Coming over to help Alice and Llew with baking was honestly a fun experience. Gwen's free time was mostly dedicated to working on the Dark Irinia to further its performance. The last time she truly got to help in the kitchen like this was back home with her own mom. It certainly gave the Weapon a chance to try and replicate some of the family recipes.

Even if Baira was taste testing everything he could get his paws on.

"Baira," Gwen said without missing a beat. A spoon with left over cookie batter suddenly finding itself shoved into his mouth. "Will you please clean up what's left of the cookie dough for me?" She asked sweetly while holding up the bowel that had traces of the batter left in it.

"Mark my words Alice! With our candy making skills combined....we will rule this school!" Gwen said with an over dramatic swing of a nearby whisk and send8ng traces of flour flying upwards into a dust cloud. "Nay will none dare to opppose us once they know the glory that is our sweets!" She joked with a laugh.

The Elder

FRIDAY THE 13TH325407-True-Damage-Ekko-LoL-4K-iphone-wallpaper.jpgIt's officially been two months since the terrible event that occurred on the night of his first solo mission. Since then, the scene of seeing a bloody Elias replays in his head almost every night like a reoccurring nightmare. The talk he got from DTK sounding exactlyhow a disappointed parent would. Knowing you failed someone important to you was by far the worst feeling Marcus has ever experienced. At first he sorted the blame on Takeshi and Elvy, but after the talk with DTK and the scolding and punishment from Ikora, the only person Marcus ended up blaming was himself. He blames his ignorance for not completely assessing the situation, for not stopping it before things got too serious, and out right leaving Elias alone. Yes he thought it was going to be a simply brawl, but that doesn't excuse his actions. Elias was his partner and he left him alone to fight, and that is one thing he'll never forgive himself for nor a mistake he will make again. These past two months have been nothing but challenging for him and Elias. For one the two of them left the Stein household and moved into a two bedroom apartment on their own. Marcus hoped that it would make Elias feel a bit better, however he simply locked himself in his room for at least a week. It took a lot of nagging from Marcus just to simply go on a team mission. The ones they went on were simply 1-2 star missions nothing too dangerous. He wanted more solos, but Elias wasn't ready yet and he wasn't going to push him over the edge just for a few extra souls. Luckily they did manage to get 35 Kishin eggs despite Elias' condition. Currently, Marcus' only goal is help out Elias' mental health, and with that he couldn't do it alone.

In order to help Elias out with his confidence and get him out of bed, Marcus took Elias to a small house party he was DJ-ing at. There he introduced a few girls to him trying to get him. to talk to them. After a few came and went, one indeed up staying. At first Marcus was happy that his plan was working, but later down the road he realized that she wasn't the one for him. She constantly degraded and mistreated him. He would've been gotten rid of her, but after a talk with Elias, he told him that with her around the pain he was feeling went numb. Thinking that was progress, he went along with it no matter how much her words and attitude angered him. He was waiting for the day Elias told him, he had enough. If only Marcus actually realized that numbing the pain isn't the same as getting rid of the pain for good, because once that numbing feeling goes away the pain will come right back. He has contemplated on have Ikora scare some sense into her, but that wont be right. Poor girl possible would end up in a mental hospital or a hospital in general.

Doing these past two months, Marcus ended up working at his family's Deli as a delivery boy. Sadly he can't really use his car to get around everywhere in Death City, so he rides a tricked out bicycle. With that he can basically get anywhere in DC in a nick of time. He somehow manages to get there way before the estimated delivery time which ends up getting him tips and some extra time to bullshit at the cafe with Elias and Run or with whatever girl he finds attractive in the streets. With today being Halloween, there's bound to be constant parties being thrown, and with the Deli being such a hot spot Marcus promised to help out before heading towards the DWMA party. But before that, he has to get his costume ready, which includes getting some things add to his hair. Elvy was kind of enough to volunteer to help out. Marcus figured she just wanted to run more experiments on him, and surprisingly he still agreed. So after waking up and going through his morning routine, he grabbed his costume, and headed out on his bike. They agreed to meet up at the Steins place while Elias was at work. That way neither of the two weapons would have to lay eyes on each and trigger one another. Stepping back into the house brought forth some mixed feelings, but he figured it'll be best for him to go there instead of them coming to his place. He informed Elias where to find him, if he needs anything, knowing him though he wont be showing up.

Marcus rode his bike through the streets of DC, with his headphones on zooming pass store and the pedestrians. Along the way he passed both the cafe and the Deli, along with Alice's crib. As he was riding his bike, he noticed a bunch of kids in costume running from a bloody creature. After seeing that, his mind started to space out and his breathing became heavy. The music started to fade away, slowly switching to the song that was playing that night of the incident. The road before him was clear until he saw it, a scarred and bloody Elias standing before him. Immediately panicking, Marcus sends up losing control of his bike, before he falls over tumbling across the ground. His bike skids across the ground before coming to a stop, while his headphones bounced away from him, probably taking some damage. Raising concern, many people started to gather around him asking if he was okay. He was physically, but he was still mentally fucked up. Forcing himself up, he forced his way through the crowd while angrily saying, "I'm fine." Marcus marches over towards his headphones, examining them for damage. They were a bit scratch up but the true test was the sound. He places them on, and if he wasn't mad before, he was definitely mad now. The sound was coming from only side of his headphones and despite his volume being turned all the ay up, it was still low and unclear. Now angry with himself, he snatches his headphones off his head before destroying them with his soul force. He threw the debris onto the ground forcing out an angry yell. He stomps over towards his bike before hopping on it and finishing his ride towards the Stein household. Finally arriving, he rings the doorbell letting out of huff of air in defeat. "Can this day get any worse?" He asked himself.

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Liam Star
Two months had passed since the traumatic events of their first mission. What occurred that day would stick with Liam forever. He didn't want anything like that to happen again. But after speaking with LD he realized it was inevitable and it happened sometimes. Liam, from then on, vowed to do everything he could to prevent it. Throughout the two months, Liam and Akron went ham on missions and slaying kishins. They had this unique bloodlust and motivation to wipe them out. They killed so many they ended up third highest in the class for kishin souls collected.

Passed up by Baira and Gwen and placed two spots behind Elvena and Takeshi. But now it was Halloween and everyone was gonna take a break and enjoy the holiday. Liam didn't really have any plans other than going to the school party and the haunted house but he'd be sure he'd find something. He was currently sprawled out on his bed, beginning to wake. Slowly and reluctantly, he uncovered his face. He blinked, closed his eyes, and blinked again. Streaks of sunlight penetrated the window and blinded him for a brief moment until he shifted his body to adjust to the light.

That's when he saw a unfamiliar female face and jumped so hard he fell out of the bed and hit his head on the floor. Liam groaned in pain but didn't have time to worry about it. There was someone he didn't recognize in his bed. He knew it wasn't Akron because he was almost positive his partner already left. The somewhat transparent female sat up in his bed and stared at him in confusion. Liam's heart rate increased. His breathing got heavier and his adrenaline got pumping. "Who... Are you..?" He managed to ask in a low panicked voice. "My name is Auriel. What's yours?" She tilted her head and smiled.

It was rather comedic how Liam just glared at her intensely while she pleasantly smiled back. "Liam..." He took a big swallow. "What are you doing in my bed..?" He pointed and continued. "How did you even get in here?" "I'm not sure. I was just wondering around and ended up here! I saw you sleeping a-and you just looked so pleasa-" She squirmed around uncomfortably, a small tinge of red apparent on her face. But she was cut off by Liam. "So you watched me sleep?" He raised a brow in confusion. "Mmm..." Auriel didn't know how to answer other than yes but she didn't wanna seem like a creep. Liam stood up and rubbed where he hit his head. He calmed down, seeing as she didn't really seem like a threat although he still wondered how she got in.

"Uhhhhh... You're gonna have to leave because I'm about to get dressed and leave and enjoy Halloween. You can't be in here obviously because I don't know you and nobody will be here." Liam walked over to his drawer where a neatly folded kimono layed. He had planned to wear it for Halloween instead of a costume. "Can I spend Halloween with you?" The redhead froze in his tracks. He turned around and studied the girl. She was cute, looked around his age, and he didn't have any plans with any other people. "Sure." Auriel lit up. "Really?" "Yeah, why not? I mean I know I don't know you but you don't seem bad. Plus I could probably get to know you." She silently cheered. As Liam got dressed, Auriel thought back.

Auriel is not a real girl. She is a ghost girl who generally appears on Halloween. She's always lonely and when she tries to hang with people on the holiday, they get scared and run away. She wishes she could be a regular human and spend time with people and friends just like everyone else. Maybe she would be able to today. "How do I look?"

Auriel exhibited a dark red blush just under her eyes, crossing the bridge of her nose. "G-Good.." "Thanks. Ready to go?" "Mhm~! " She flew over to Liam as he began walking out the door. Thus began their fun day. Unfortunately Liam is too much of an idiot to realize she's a ghost and only Liam can see her for right now so if anybody saw him, it'd look like he's crazy. Talking to himself or talking to.. Air?

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"Baira, you don't have to try all of the sweets! I hope you arent doubting our skills!" she said before adding in "Let's hope I can trust you on your word." Alice informed him, noticing that her partner was very quiet.. Before she could ask what was wrong, she spotted Gwen shoving a spoon of leftover cookie dough into Baira's mouth, a giggle escaping the blonde's lips. She then threw her whisk up and sending flour into the air, talking words of encouragement to the team, all the while getting flour everywhere "I have no doubts Gwen." emeralds shifted over to Lew, who had still remained quiet throughout the whole situation. Her smile faltered a little bit as she took her hand and gently placed it on his arm "Lew?" she called with a soft and gentle tone "Is everything alright?" ever since that first mission, he started to act weird, constantly trying to assume what Alice wanted and overall just doing more harm than good. Any time she had a chance, she kept trying to remind him that she forgave him, but it always fell on deaf ears. It almost felt like she was talking to a brick wall and it only made her more frustrated.

Two weeks ago, she had visited Elvy to have a long chat. More about the first time that they had met, asking about how she knew about the Madness Alice had possessed. The madness that controlled her and haunted her every night. After talking for what felt like hours, Elvena had handed her something that turned her life around for the better. The first morning, she woke up crying out of tears of Joy. Her heart felt a thousand times lighter and felt like she was truly happy for once in her life. Ever since that day, her attitude had been more positive, showing what Alice was really about. Though, despite this, it seemed like Lew never noticed the happier household. So that's why she tried to encourage him to go on missions, to train with her, and do anything to make him feel better. But whatever she did, it felt like it never worked. His soul still felt off, as if he was closing himself off to her. Avoiding any other bond do have with her. This made her upset and she wasn't sure on how much she could push because there was a chance she could push him to the point where he would reject her.

Glancing over at the other pair, she made sure they were distracted with each other before returning her attention to her partner "If there's something wrong, you can tell me... You don't have to hide it away." her tone was soft, trying not to gain too much attention from their friends. "You can talk with us, you can smile, you can laugh...No one is going to get mad at you for it." That first mission not only messed with Lew, but it also messed with herself. Her Madness had gotten information that Alice would have never gotten out, no matter how hard she tried. That damn madness was trying to play him like a fiddle, get him to talk. The blonde gently squeezed his arm, "Please don't spend your time with us in silence, Lew... We're here to have fun, do what friends do." what more could she ask for? All she wanted was a happy time with her partner and their friends. As the sound of the front door opened, she turned and her smile returned "Hi Pops! Uhh...Dont mind the kitchen! I promise we'll clean it when we're done!"

A hearty laugh erupted from his chest as he took his shoes off and closed the door behind him. In his one hand, he held a bag or two of groceries "I was told not to worry about the kitchen, by both you and Llewellyn. Neither of you seem to allow me into the kitchen when it comes to cooking." he said, walking into said-kitchen and looking at the mess, but also looking at some of the finish product. "They look absolutely fantastic. Nice job guys." he then looked at Gwen and Baira, raising his eyebrow at the large man. "I swear kids are being fed something that gives them a growth spurt of a giant." he joked, laughing "I'm guessing you're both Gwen and Baira, nice to meet you both." as he said, unpacking the bags with ease and tossing out the bags. "I'll let you all get back to your baking party here, Alice if you need me, you know where I am." he said with a warm smile and walked out to a door that lead down to the basement.

she said with another smile, watching him depart from the group and she glanced at the other pair "Well, you've met the pops of the house." she said with a giggle "Most of the time, Lew and I kick him out of the kitchen cause we want to be the ones to cook." lifting her emeralds, they locked with Lew's blue ones "Right?"


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Shinobu Basili75463240_p1_master1200.jpg

"So... any plans for tonight?"

The question came suddenly at the end of Shinobu's shift, with her having just finished clipping some excess branches off a small potted plant. Setting the clippers down, she looked behind herself to the young man manning the front register of the flower shop. He was the owner's nephew, yet this relation only seemed to make their mutual boss push him harder for competency. Something about not letting him end up lazy like his father or something, either way Shinobu constantly found the owner using her as an example for the 'Model Worker' he should be aiming to be. It made their working relationship rather... awkward for the most part.

"You know that I'd probably be here another four hours if you weren't closing early." Shinobu said back to him before setting aside the clippers

"Not that anyone would show up," he sighed before looking out the front window towards the sidewalk beyond "its all pumpkins and candy today, not exactly a flower holiday."

"Every day's a flower day if you got the right arrangement." Shinobu said as she grabbed a nearby broom and swept up a bit, not wanting to risk leaving any clippings behind "Though I'll admit, not many customers on days like this."

That was an understatement to end all understatements, on days like this opening up was a formality if anything. The lack of customers had become so routine on these days that opening up was more of a formality than anything else. They used these days for infrastructure work like inventory and plant care, and since most of the staff were in already they might as well stay open for the rare customer. There was always a chance that someone was having an anniversary or some kind of party they'd need arrangements for, so covering all their bases was a must. But even with that in mind, on holidays like Halloween the owners closed up extremely early due to family matters, so it wasn't long before Shinobu was stepping out of the Flower shop with some complimentary potted carnations.

Once outside, she pulled her mask off of her belt loop and strapped it back on with one hand. It wasn't exactly a welcome sight for potential customers, according to her boss. It was a concession she was more than willing to make for the payment her job offered, but she made sure to get it back on as soon as she clocked out. But it was as she was securing her mask that she heard footsteps approaching her from a nearby alley, but she didn't react initially. She was fairly certain she knew who it was.

"I know what you said, but I'm still surprised you're out so early, Shin."

Looking up, Shinobu found herself looking down at several other students of the DWMA, two girls and a boy all looking to her with enthusiasm.

"I wouldn't lie about something like this," Shinobu shrugged as she shifted the carnation in her grasp and began walking down the path before her "wouldn't really benefit any of us."

"Yeah, I thought you would've learned by now not to doubt her words." The guy in the back folded his arms behind his head while speaking to the girl in front, who glared back as the other girl giggled.

These were only three of the growing number of students who regularly called upon Shinobu for things like school advice or help with classwork, among other things. Their reasons for hanging around had grown rather varied, not to mention questionable in certain cases, but that didn't stop more and more of them from popping up throughout the academy. It was almost funny how not even two months ago, the idea of folks waiting to hang out with her right after work seemed implausible.

Then again, a lot can happen in two months.

Missions came and missions went, and she and Rin did what meisters and weapons did. Some of the kishin they hunted down were better than the collector, and some of them were worst, but what those two descriptive labels meant could vary wildly. Shinobu had been questioned on whether or not she'd feel remorse for the Kishin she killed, seeing as she'd spent so much of her life hanging around them. The only reply that she gave was that it would never get in the way of the mission. Whether trimming bushes or mowing down Kishin, an air of professionalism was required in any type of job.

"By the way, Shin! You going to the Halloween party tonight?" the guy in the back asked

"No reason not to," Shinobu nodded whilst giving herself a once over "I've been told I already look the part."

The girl walking next to him twiddled her thumbs nervously before giving a low chuckle, "Does that mean... heheh, you'll be going with someone?"

"I mean I'm fairly certain Rin and I will be walking there together, though she might be bringing her sister so-"

"No no, I mean... like a date." the girl corrected herself

Shinobu paused and looked back at her with a raised eyebrow, "A date?" she reiterated with a hint of confusion "For a Halloween party?"

"Its more than that, Shin... its a school party." the girl giggled again "And everybody knows that going to a school party means you have to have a date."

Shinobu found herself doubting that statement for several reasons, but turned her attention to the other two students.

"Is that true?" she asked, eyes going to the guy as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well uh..." his eyes went to his cohorts for a moment before he gave an awkward smile, "Yeah! I'm... kinda surprised you didn't already know."

The girl in front rubbed her hands together with glee, "I can only imagine what kinda of date you'd roll up with, Noby!"

"Right..." Shinobu said before turning forward and walking again "I guess I'll look into that, then."

And though they seemed pleased with her answer, what Shinobu really meant by it was that she'd be getting some other opinions on it. This particular crowd had been oddly invested in her romantic prospects, something which she only ever had to think about when around them in particular. She wasn't about to take a statement such as that from any of them at face value, so getting some answers from several of her classmates seemed like the appropriate way to go. Thankfully, her pals never followed her all the way to the Hagihara residence, all splitting off by the time she made it back to the home she was sharing with Rin and her family.

Over time the residence had become far more colorful due in no small part to the flower decorations Shinobu had found herself setting up here and there. Having made sure to keep aware of potential allergies, she'd initially kept her flowers in the single room where she slept. But as those two months had passed by, the decorations had spread from her room to the halls beyond, and further and further until she could see them before she even opened the door. Closing it behind her, she announced her presence before clutching the carnations to her chest and making her way to her room. About halfway there a small sound of pattering behind her made her pause. She glanced behind herself and found nothing, so shrugged and continued her way to her room.

It was while she was opening the door that she heard that pattering sound again, almost like footsteps, but she shrugged and entered her room with ease.

Inside, she set the carnations down amongst two other potted plants she had near the window. She'd find a better place for them later, right now she had a bouquet to make. Whether the party required a date or not, Shinobu always made sure to keep a bouquet on hand in case of emergencies. So she went to work collecting roses from a another pot she kept nearby, clipping them free and sitting at her desk as she began the careful process of tying them together. It was halfway through her first loop when she paused, the distinct feeling of being watched looming over her.

Setting down the roses for a moment, she leaned back in her chair. Already having a pretty good idea of what it was, she turned back and spotted Rin's sister Hanako watching her from the doorway curiously. This had been far from the first time something like this had happened, so Shinobu gave her a polite nod before returning to her work. With Rin no doubt still at her own place of work, it wasn't really surprising given the precedent set. She absolutely adored her sister, and it wasn't hard for Shinobu to see why. On top of her extreme politeness, Hanako seemed to have a notable devotion to the happiness of others. She was a type of person Shinobu hadn't been familiar with before, and it was quite a welcome change indeed.

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Mara Wesson
Mara woke up to sunlight in her eyes and the soft familiar sound of Morika working on her sewing machine. It was odd how quickly the sound had filtered into white noise that Mara could study around. Morika had somehow become everyone's go to costume maker, a task Mara hadn't heard Morika complain about. Not that Morika unloaded her troubles very often, even the extracurricular training the pair had been attending after classes hadn't dimmed the teen down. Mara however felt hot flashes of embarrassment when first training, she hadn't taken charge when everything went wrong on the mission and instead the others had to scramble around to finish the mission. Mara straightened up and cut the mussing off. There's no use in dwelling on things, just focus on one day at a time.

Speaking of focusing on one day at a time. It was Halloween, one of Mara's favorite holidays. As per tradition she had binged horror movies, both old and new, jumping at some scenes but keeping her eyes glued to the screen at all times. After getting dressed for the occasion, putting on the appropriate makeup and adjusting her hair Mara gave the reflection a smile, but it was still just her smiling back.

Checking the time Mara judged she had time to go out to the craft store and pick up more yarn. Christmas would come before long and hand knit things made good gifts. She already had projects she was working on to send back home, but making things for the people here before the holiday would eliminate awkward gift exchanges.

Tearing off a post-it note Mara wrote a short note for her partner and leaving it on the counter before leaving the apartment, locking the door behind.

Going out to the craft store. Text or call me if you want me to grab you anything. Don't wait up for me if i'm not back before dark.

The store was a short walk away and Mara took her time picking out different yarns; buying enough for scarves, hats, gloves and even a blanket. Leaving the store Mara spotted a coffee shop and ordered a latte. Sitting on the outdoor bench she scrolled her phone, bookmarking patterns to try out later. She glanced up the people passing by on occasion, keeping an eye out for a recognizable classmate. Mara had just glanced back up when a shock of red hair caught her eye and upon further inspection he looked oddly familiar, and was apparently talking to himself. Deciding she had been staring like an idiot for long enough, Mara stood and smoothed out her skirt.

At this point Mara had come to expect her classmates to be weird, which more than likely said a great deal about her considering who her peers and allies were. Mara thought back to a conversation she had with her older brother last week, he was worried that she wasn't connecting with other students and went on a very familiar spiel about the magic of friendship. While the other teen was still a bit far off, Mara gave a single wave as greeting and checked to make sure Morika hadn't texted her as of yet.
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Camilla text.png
"The faster you’re able to overcome it, the better off you will be.”

Lord Death's words rang loud in Camilla's mind for a good while. She understood completely where he was coming from. But... She wasn't sure if HE actually understood her situation. That beast that terrified her so... It wasn't a normal Kishin. Not by a long shot. That she can say for certain having beaten one for the first time. What destroyed Duskview... Was a beast of unfathomable madness. Relentless, insatiable hunger for any innocent souls it can get it's hands on. It killed her mother... Her father... Whom of which was a trained Meister from the DWMA. Armed with his partner no less. Yet despite this... It still struck him down and devoured his soul with little difficulty. It didn't matter how much she wanted that thing dead... She just couldn't even bring herself to pursue it in any way. She wasn't even strong enough to tell Alcross, her partner and closest friend she has right now, who she really was. She was simply too scared to do anything about it. How would he react? Would he even believe that this whole time someone ACTUALLY survived that attack on Duskview 7 years ago? Or if he did... Would he stare her down with those bright reds of his and call her a coward? He wouldn't be wrong... Even the very sound of the monster petrified her on the spot. Even though it wasn't even there Alcross still had to carry her to safety. She really was pathetic. The spiralling thoughts of doubt and self loathing threatened to envelop her. But her mind drifted back to Doren and the advice he gave her about this situation. No one can know huh? As long as no one knows... Nothing can get in my way of starting a new life. I can put it all behind me. She still worried for the man. She hoped to every higher power that he'd never find that Kishin again. For his sake... And hers... All she could do is hope that maybe someone managed to kill this kishin in the end and she'd never have to worry about seeing it ever again. Camilla hadn't uttered a peep to her teammates since they left Death's office, not to Alice despite her curiosity about the markings running up her body. Not to Lew despite her curiosity about why he suddenly decided to attack his Meister. Not even to Alcross despite how grateful she was to him for getting her out of there. The walk back home was a slow and awkward one. When the Crimson haired Miester and her blue haired weapon arrived back home. She hid herself away in her room for the rest of the day. Needing time to process everything that had happened.

It took a couple days for the awkwardness of everything to dissipate but after that the team was restored to some form of normality. There was probably a lot of things on their minds but no one seemed to want to say anything. Seeing Marcus and Elias she was taken aback by the sour features on the normally hotheaded weapon. Just what happened on their mission to make him like that? Camilla however wasn't keen on prying into it. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement to silence. You don't ask we won't either type of thing. Still... Camilla took the effort to act as normal as she could just like everyone else. She and Alcross went on a no small amount of missions for the past few months. After all they didn't want to fall behind the others. But she didn't want to leave anyone in the dust either. Most notably so Alice, who's weapon didn't offer much in offensive power. So she, Alcross, Marcus and Elias lended a hand where they could. Two months later, Alcross had devoured 23 Kishin eggs. Not a bad number she thought, at least it showed the pair weren't slacking off in any way, yet naturally they couldn't spend EVERY day doing missions either. It was just simply unrealistic. But today they didn't have to worry about any of that! Today was a day of Terror and Treats! That's right today was Halloween and the DWMA was hosting a party for all of the students to attend. A small reprieve from the dangerous work they do and a much needed one at that. For a whole day they could forget about hunting down Kishin and just have fun!

Back in the DWMA's dorms, Camilla was trying on her halloween costume. She was going as a cute demon girl. Complete with fake Wings, a plastic pitchfork and horns attached to a headband concealed with her hair
It was safe to say she was really excited for the party. She had this costume ready a month in advance. Little to Alcross' knowledge of course. She didn't want him to think she was weird preparing so early. She looked at herself in the mirror, proud of the result. Next up was to get someone else's opinion... Someone close by... Someone who wouldn't be afraid to give her an honest answer. She nodded her head and walked up to her door. She opened it and shouted out. "HEY ALCROSS! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF MY COSTUME!" As long as he was somewhere in the dorm, he was sure to have heard her. After two months of living under the same roof Camilla had finally begun to grow more comfortable with the living arrangements. Not that she had anything to worry about to begin with. She just wasn't sure how she felt living with a boy. But now she realises it's not that big a deal. Alcross was a good guy after all and he likely had the exact same worries she did. As long as they both knew their boundaries then being roomies was a lot more fun. Camilla waited in anticipation for her partner come out of wherever he was hiding, wanting to hear his verdict. Perhaps also curious if he was trying on his costume too...

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When Morika rose from her brief nap, she noticed that she was by herself in the room. Thinking nothing of it, she sat up and straightened out her costume before getting up and walking about the room. Morika paused when she saw the note left by Mara and smiled gently to herself. At first she was skeptical about having to share a room with someone else, but when she realized that Mara wouldn't destroy her things or steal them, Morika had quickly warmed up to the idea.

Morika held her chin in her index and thumb as she thought about Mara's offer. Did she need anything while Mara was out? She quickly looked over at her notepad and sent a quick text to Mara. Hi Mara. If possible, can you grab some more ribbons, and a large unsweetened Green Tea? Thank you so much!

Morika hummed to herself as she collected her room key and her travel sewing kit before slipping on her shoes. Morika had carefully placed the last minute costumes in protective dress bags and locked the door behind her as she left her shared room. Morika hummed to herself as she sent a cheery message to both Rin and Alice for Llewellyn's that she had finished their costumes. I have finished my task! Please text or call me back when you can! I'd like to see if the costume fits!

Morika had also sent a message to Akron. Hi! If you aren't too busy, I'd like to see how your costume fits! Please get back to me when you can!
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Takeshi Mifune
Takeshi had already been expecting to talk to Lord Death after they completed their mission, and that expectation had only increased after his little spat with Elias. Honestly, Takeshi himself didn’t care, and had entered the meeting with no expectations, and had been willing to just listen with one ear as Lord Death berated him. That is, until he had actually heard the words of Death, and maybe before his episode with that darkness he would have just ignored the words completely and continued on with his life, but ever since then, even if it had only been less than a day, he felt that something integral to himself had changed, or maybe the better word would be, reawoken? Expel him? He wished. He didn’t even want to be in this forsaken Academy, and Death should very well know that. Become a death scythe? Give his power to this being in front of him? Not on his life. He made his mind up then, as he blandly gazed at Death. This figure in front of him will never get his use as a blade, his blindness to his pride, his drive, and his very essence being made very clear with the few sentences he had spoken to them. He cut off that line of thought before it became apparent, easily defaulting to his usual apathy towards everything, leaving alongside Elvena as they were dismissed and not bothering to look back.

The two months after that meeting where hectic to say the least. Elvena had decided that they were apparently going to speedrun the kishin eggs they needed for him, and so they went on mission after mission, barely taking a break from their constant hunting. Not that he really minded, he didn’t have to bother with the classes at the Academy, and Elvena had long since been able to deal with the nuisances that they encountered on their missions, so all he ever had to really do was transform into a sword, pay the barest amount of attention to their surroundings, and then just eat the souls afterwards. It was a pretty decent deal if he had to be honest to himself, and now that he had all 99 kishin eggs, all that was left for his advancement was that final witch soul. Granted, that was also the biggest obstacle in his path, partly because become a Death Scythe would more than likely eventually put himself in the hands of the Reaper, which was unacceptable, and the other was because deep down he knew there was only one kind of soul that he would ever accept as his witch soul, and he wasn’t even sure that such a soul existed in the first place. Oh well, it was probably for the better, he wasn’t even invested in becoming a Death Scythe, all he cared about was his skill as a swordsman, something that he had been making very small, incremental improvements in over these two months, a ember of the previous inferno that was his drive being sparked into awakening after an… Interesting meeting with his demon. He still tried not to think about it, the feelings of raw panic and fear fresh on his mind even weeks later, though that didn’t stop the hellion from whispering in his ear from time to time, usually for an inane reasons more than trying to convince him to go and cause destruction.

That brought Takeshi to where he was now, lazing on the roof of the Stein’s house, Elias and Marcus having moved out long ago, Elvena off at work for a while, and her mother doing who knows what. When was the last time he bothered to just lay back, cloud gaze, and hope for some poetry inspiration? Ah, right, the last time he did that he was dragged into one of the versions of his worst nightmare and came face to face with an eldritch abomination that claimed to be of his soul. Honestly, it’s the little things like that which put him off of trying to relax while awake and instead just made him go to sleep so he could ignore the world as a whole. Nevertheless, today was a good day for cloud gazing, and he could even feel his body completely relaxing as he watched the peaceful masses of moisture drift lazily in front of him. Just as he was about to pull out his phone and maybe write out some ideas for poems he could finally bring to life when he had access to a calligraphy set, his vision was blocked as Elvena came into view for a few moments, before leaving after handing him some food and a murmur. Blinking twice, he lifted his head up slightly to watch her leave, brow furrowing as, usually, she would spend some time watching the clouds with him. Fully pushing himself up to a sitting position, he opened the box holding his food, contemplating Elvena’s actions as he ate. Well, it was her birthday, and there was a party, so maybe she was doing something for that. He paused mid-bite, eyes narrowing. Elvena, party, large groups of people, Elvena, open access to food and drinks, Elvena, Stein, Elvena Stein. She wouldn’t? Would she? She would. Did he care? Not unless she dragged him into some crazy scheme. Nodding once to himself he finished his bite, freezing one more time as another thought struck him. She wouldn’t drag him into it, would she? She wouldn’t. A tired sigh escaped him. She totally would. For a moment Takeshi contemplated finding a way to ditch her before things really sprang into motion, and maybe find a nice roof to sleep on and watch the stars. He pushed the thought off to the side even as he continued eating. It was her birthday today, and though she didn’t really seem to care too much about that, he would at least respect that fact enough to not run away immediately. He’ll give her ten minutes to somehow ensnare him in whatever plan she would no doubt concoct before he bounced from the disaster in the making. Finally finishing his food, he put the box off to the side, and laid back down, content to simply watch the clouds for a while longer before he left to actually do something of importance for once.

This lull of relaxation lasted for a while longer, only to be interrupted by the sound of a ringing doorbell. Blinking himself back to reality around him, Takeshi crawled to the side of the roof and looked down to see Marcus standing there. Rubbing his eyes, he dimly recalled that Elvena had mentioned something about helping the boy with something. Sighing and rolling the last few kinks out of his shoulder, he grabbed his empty food box and his sword, and then deftly hopped down off the roof, landing softly next to the headphone clad boy. Giving him a sideways glance, he opened the door to the house, entering and glancing over his shoulder at the boy. “She’s expecting you. Close the door.” Heading into the kitchen without sparing Marcus another look, he tossed away his garbage and finally put his sword on his back, staring down at his phone as if waiting for something to happen. The awaited event happened sooner than one might expect, only a few minutes passing before the phone began vibrating in his hand, showing a caller ID that only displayed “She-Devil”. Staring at the phone, Takeshi seemed to visibly wilt, energy escaping him in moments. While he knew they were sending someone, for them to send her was just too much. Sometimes, he truly believed that his family was out to get him, their words of encouragement only being a thinly veiled attempt to misdirect him from their true intentions. Sighing, Takeshi straightened up, resigned to taking the medicine that would be this meeting, and began making his way to the front door, calling out over his shoulder as he did so.

“Heading out! Be back soon!”

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