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Perpetually Stoic
Elvena Stein

Skadi.(Arknights).full.2828246.pngThere was a plethora of emotions coursing through Elvy as a rice ball was shoved into her mouth. Surprise, irritation, admiration, and a bit of endearment being thrown into there. In her mind it was kind of cute, even if to others who may have seen knew that he just wanted her to shut up. As the golden eyed boy before her dropped the glove in her free hand, she also tucked it close to the other rice ball that she had refused to take a nibble of. She peered with blood coated eyes as he held up his hand with four fingers prominently being flashed before her. Without thinking she mimicked the action, starting to countdown as a finger disappeared after every statement he made until she was left with a fist in the air. Her head tilted to the side rather cutely, the words barely absorbed as she had been too entranced with staring at his mouth as he spoke. Something about him was drawing her in and while the way she looked at him was creepy, like someone needing to satiate their hunger, to her it was happening naturally and there was absolutely nothing weird about it. One could consider a rice ball given to them by an extremely handsome tatt’d up guy to be a national treasure. She thought to herself, lips scrunching up as she began to chew on the rice ball currently residing in her mouth that was just waiting to be devoured.

There was no time between his transformation into his weapon form and the quick act of slipping her glove back on flawlessly, hand reaching forward to grab the bandage wrapped hilt of his form. He landed against her palm softly, fingers curling with a manner of sureness and delicateness entwined into one action. She sighed in pure contentment, undeniably pleased that his weapon form was one that she was accustomed to. Whilst she was a genius master it came in handy to wield a familiar weapon. She felt their wavelengths dancing about to a similar beat, not completely in sync, but rather it was more like someone taking lead of a dance while the other allowed themselves to be led. Her soul was the one being dominant, his more lazy personality seeming to just go along with whichever way it wanted to go. The nature of her soul was more chaotic and unbalanced but somehow he was able to fit right into it, keeping up and now a part of its sinister essence. The hand void of food began to trace along the edge of the sword, now bothered by the chance that it could indeed cut her. She was admiring it, rather adoring the way that she felt when connected to him. It wasn’t like it was with Elias, strangely enough. As siblings they connected well enough but he was a puzzle piece that never quite fit. Here though, here was an unmotivated weapon whom she wanted to push to new points, to see if he would bear different results then he would’ve in the hands of another meister.

Obligated to carry you? If that’s all you ask of me then I shall do so. I wouldn’t want anyone else putting their hands on you anyways. “ She smiled adorably as she spoke through their bond, eyes slipping to a close as she lifted him up and rested him against one of her shoulders, the blunt side of his form sitting upon it as if it were a pillow. “ Is there anything else you ask of me? I know as a Meister my demands will greatly outweigh yours and I don’t exactly like the scales being that uneven. Granted I can fight on my own but this connection is something I’m willing to fight for, even if you don't feel the same. Oh, and you can stay at my place if you’d like. We have spare rooms though you’re welcome to crash on my bed if you end up there. “ Some people may have had an issue with someone of the opposite gender in their bed but Elvena surely wasn't one of them. After all there were plenty of nights where she had been plagued by nightmares and ended up in her brother's bed, clinging to him as if he was all that anchored any minuscule amount of sanity that she had left. Elvy fell silent then, eyes slowly opening as she found her lithe frame dancing towards the metal bleachers across from them, fluidly taking a seat upon the lower row and resting her cheek against the cold of his blade.

Can I nap with you? “ She asked with a small smile, the tiredness in her voice starting to flow into her words.

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Omniverse Explorer
Alice Drake
RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII (interacted) Kyuubey Kyuubey The Elder The Elder GrieveWriter GrieveWriter Phayne Phayne Wolfytoons31 Wolfytoons31 Jackaboi Jackaboi (mentioned briefly)

"Thanks Lew, I appreciate your words." she offered him a smile in return, folding her hands behind her back at she noticed more and more people getting partnered. But yet, no one had come to the pair standing next to each other. I really would like to ask if he had felt the same thing I did... Though if he did, he would have said something by now. she thought to herself, looking back at him in silence. Maybe I should touch him again? It would be weird to just do that out of the blue. No doubt he'd ask me what I'm doing. he would probably get mad. But if she felt something, there was no way she could just ignore it and resist the temptation to feel it again. Alice slowly took off her one glove from her hand and pulled it out from under her cloak. Her gaze moved down to her hand and luckily saw no madness creeping up. Taking this moment, she reached out and grasped onto his arm with her hand, emeralds widening as she stared up at him. This feeling was stronger than before. There was no way that Lew could have not felt it. It felt like electricity was running through her fingertips, but in a good way. A tingling sensation that could drive anyone insane if they didnt enjoy that kind of feeling.

Alice couldnt find herself to let go of his arm, nor could break her widened eyes away from his face. "Lew, do you feel that? That weird feeling?" she asked, not sure what else to really ask him. "I think that's our soul wavelength." she pursed her lips in thought, trying not to be weird as she slowly released his arm and dropped her hand to her side. No longer feeling that connection she just felt moments ago. The tingling no longer running through her hand. "If It was just me...I'm sorry for grabbing your arm. I just...Couldnt ignore that feeling. It's hard to ignore a feeling like that so I just had to test it a little more." the blonde turned away, looking at the others who seemed to have taken their spots on the grass and were talking already. At least no one was out to kill another just as Alcross was. Speaking of, she looked for the blue-haired guy and noticed he was walking towards Zee and Elgin, this time, not sure of his motive.

The blonde watched with curiosity, though keeping mind that Lew was still next to her. Despite her no longer looking at him in the process. Alice began to put her glove back on, tilting her head till she heard an audible crack and gave her some relief. A habit she had and never could get out of. It didnt take long for Alice to notice the sun suddenly was no longer beating down on them, so when she looked up, she seen some clouds were blocking it. Not that it would rain, just some stray clouds. A little break from the sun isnt bad.


The lord of randomness and the warp
interaction: Japanime Japanime
Akron would manage to stem the tide of tears after a little bit Liam having gotten out of the semi-awkward hug. Wiping the leftover tears from his eyes Akron was left with a smile upon his face. “Sorry about... that... I got a..little carried away, and you have nothing to worry about, you can count on me...” he’d respond sounding rather apologetic. While Akron was overjoyed at the moment he had enough understanding of others to know that getting a highly emotional hug form someone you just met could be embarrassing. still, a little smile on his face Akron would run a hand across the various scars on his skin, about to put his helmet back on Akron stopped himself, Liam was his partner now and that meant trust, at least around Liam he felt a little more at ease hiding his expression behind his helmet only moments after taking it off wouldn’t come off as him having any trust in Liam. Of course, if anyone else approached the helmet would quickly be back on but for he could relax just a little. “ now that we are official partners, I feel it’s appropriate to inform you that my weapon form Is that of a great axe” Akron would inform Liam his voice returning to a calm smooth tone. “As for the scars, they are mostly from my elder sister... aggressive nature towards me” once again Akron tone was calm and smooth. While for a lot of people they would rather not talk about such things like scars, to Akron it was simply a fact of his life.. and a constant reminder he would never be as good as any of his sisters thusly he felt no reason to hide why he hand them. “if you do have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them.... but I do have a few questions for you Liam” Akron would then pause the little smile on his face fading to a more stern look as he tried to consider what to say next, he was curious about his newfound Meister but Akron didn’t know where to start it took him a few more moments before he’d settle on what he thought was a safe set of topics so he could at least get to know Liam a little better. “Umm... so as a Meister I assume you have a few interesting abilities too? oh... and what about your family... are they... nice? Or..” Akron would trail of before stopping himself speaking, he wondered how Liam would answer, maybe he family was a lot better than Akron’s? that‘s really what he was curious about and Why he was...well that part was obvious. he’d not wish to subject Liam to his family... they wouldn’t last more than a week.


The Flake
The young man was a little thrown off by the nickname that Lady Alice had given him. It was not the first time he had received a nickname, though the ones he was accustomed to hearing were normally derogatory. Still, Llewellyn tried to not focus too much on that small detail while he listened to the blonde haired girl continue to speak and while he gave no verbal response to Lady Alice's gratitude, the young man hoped that his half nod showed that he had accepted it. Though, the silence that followed afterwards had him second guessing himself. Should I say something? No, Lady Helena made it perfectly clear that a tool is not to address their masters unless it was a matter of importance. Whatever Lady Alice is pondering has nothing to do with me. Perhaps I should depart now, while she is otherwise occupied? No, that would be rude. She has yet to excuse me from her presence and there are no other matters for me to deal with to make use of as an acceptable excuse. The young man's gaze gradually passed over the area once more before eventually settling upon the exit.

Llewellyn honestly did want to walk away and head back to the Galant household, preferably while Lord Armstrong and Lady Juri were occupied so that they would not notice his departure in time to force him to choose a Meister. The young man was aware that it was entirely possible that the Academy would not allow him to attend at all this year if he did not have a Meister. Llewellyn had only been granted permission to study at the Academy before thanks to the kindness of the staff and Lady Allison's interference. Not having a Meister during the past two years had simply meant that the young man was incapable of going out on missions and graduating was an impossibility. Now, Llewellyn was confident in assuming that not having a Meister would mean that he would be expelled from the DWMA. This outcome was one that Llewellyn wanted to avoid for it would mean that he had squandered Lady Allison's efforts on top of disappointing her. However, Llewellyn also wished to evade acquiring a Meister because he was certain that any new Meister would do the same exact thing his first Meister had.

The young man let out a soft sigh as he expelled his thoughts from his mind yet again that day. He had allowed this to distract him for far too long today. In the end, it does not matter what I desire. Lady Helena explained it best: I am only a tool. A tool does not have feelings aside from those that enable them to better assist their masters. A tool does not have any wish beyond serving their master to their best ability. A tool does not dream, they merely obey. Llewellyn straightened imperceptibly as his light blue eyes focused on his self-inflicted wound that had been bandaged thanks to Lady Alice. The wrapping on his arm burned with the shame and guilt that grew within himself while he reflected on his actions today. If Lady Helena were still here to see my atrocious behavior, I would be cleaning the household from top to bottom until she could see her reflection from merely peering at the walls. I have been acting in a manner far above my role. I have taken advantage of the kindness Lady Allison, the DWMA staff and now Lady Alice have shown me. It is time I return their generosity, not by acting as though I am their equal, but by becoming the greatest tool at their disposal. My feelings- no. I have none. The distractions I have entertained myself with end now. It is time I acknowledge the new task laid before me.

young man, no, the servant turned his empty blue orbs towards Lady Alice with the intention to apologize for his earlier behavior, after which he would offer his services as a Weapon to the blonde girl. Though, when Llewellyn did so he was surprised to find the blonde girl's hand a fraction of a second away from making contact with him. The moment Lady Alice's fingers brushed against his arm, the powerful sensation from before returned. It ripped throughout Llewellyn, tearing down the resolve that the servant had just built up and dredging up that one useless, annoying thought yet again. The young servant tried to clamp down upon the strong surge of hope that was now threatening to infect his mind and twist his thoughts once more. The poisonous feeling produced treacherous thoughts that threatened to seduce Llewellyn. To convince the servant that there was more he could be. That he could rise above his current station and become an equal to those he served, if he only asked to be treated in such a manner.

Llewellyn repressed a shiver as he withstood the internal turmoil Lady Alice's pleasant touch evoked. His eyes remained clenched shut while Lady Alice kept her hold of him. Her words filtered slowly into Llewellyn's mind after the blonde girl relinquished her grip. Lady Alice was correct in assuming that the sensation was the shared Soul Wavelength. Llewellyn tried to speak so that he could assure the blonde girl that she had the right of the situation yet he found that he could not form the words. The hesitation cost the servant a few seconds as he struggled to recover his voice and quell the tumultuous thoughts that had implanted themselves inside of his mind. "I...did." Llewellyn said as he won the internal struggle inside of himself, though his voice was soft and weak. "I did feel it, milady. I suppose this means that you are my Meister." The servant's voice gradually grew stronger with every word spoken until it had returned to its regular tone. "I will serve you as best as I am able."

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Location: DWMA Track and Field Food


He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune
He had already began drifting into a sea of blackness the moment he closed eyes and fell backwards, the transformation mid-fall doing nothing to affect the abyss that he always found himself in when he closed his eyes. His descent into the depth of sleep was interrupted, however, when he actually landed in the waiting hands of Elvena. He didn't know how to properly describe it, and there wasn't anything to really compare it to considering this is the first time that he's actually allowed someone to hold him in weapon form. Still, if he really had to put the sensation to words, it was like his usual aimless wandering was being pulled in a bunch of different directions, in a completely random and chaotic way. Yet, at the same time, it felt like that very same inherent laziness was calming down the chaos and solidifying all the different branches and paths into a larger, singular direction. It was almost like finding the ultimate truth to a question he didn't even know he was asking. Almost, as there seemed to be something missing, or possibly extra, and for whatever reason he knew that deep down this one piece held the most importance above all. However, he ignored that nibbling feeling on his mind and focused his attention to the sensation of the one larger path that seemed to resonate more than the rest and wondered if he was just beginning to ignore all the random tugging of the chaos and just focusing on only the most prominent? Eh, he'd figure that out later, if he ever really cared enough to look into all of this, however unlikely that would be. Still, he had to admit, this was kinda interesting, actually really feeling someone else's soul on such a deep level. Nonetheless, this was nothing more than a momentary halt in the face of his ultimate arrival in the land of Morpheus, and so as he quickly got used to this alien yet familiar feeling pulsating through him, he let himself be carried away, both physically and metaphorically.

Or he would have, if Elvena didn't take this time to talk to him, her voice seeming to resonate from all around him. Listening to her, Takeshi felt a twinge of gratification as he heard her acquiesce to his desire to be totted around everywhere so he could spend more time sleeping. That was good, it meant that he could spend even more time not caring a single bit about the world around him, and the girl that was now his partner would near always have a weapon at the ready, a dream come true for these meister types, he was sure. Still, she continued speaking, asking if he had wanted anything else, that she was able to fight alone, that she was more than willing to put in effort for this newfound connection, and even offering him a place in her house, going so far as to offer him a spot next to her bed if it came down to it. All this nearly caused Takeshi to actually open his eyes and leave the near meditative state that he always found himself in before he went to sleep, but his uncaring nature once again swooped in and stopped that just short of achieving that result. Still, he found himself thinking over her words, weighing them in his mind over and over again, formulating response after response only to disregard them one after the other, until he finally landed on the words that he wanted to say. So, in a lazier drawl than normal, he respond to the Elvena as she began taking them to the bleachers. "I don't want to be here in the first place. I didn't sign up for this Academy, and the only reason I am here is because my family quite literally shipped me here yesterday. So you ask what I want? I want to not be bothered with anything. I guess that's where you come in, right? You're the Meister after all, I'm just the tool to be swung around to solve whatever godforsaken problem we're called to. So as long as you can do that and let me rest all the time, then I'm fine with being a pointy stick." Even though the words could be taken as bitter, there was no emotions coming from Takeshi, just the deep-rooted lazy apathy that seemed to characterize all his actions. "I'll take you up on the offer for a room at your place, though. Don't really have a place to go other than the dorm, and I still need you to carry me around when I sleep."

Only as he finished speaking did he register her final words, asking to nap with him as she rested her cheek against the flat of his blade. Shaking his head internally and resisting the urge to snort, Takeshi did have to admit that his newfound partner did sound and even feel tired. Sighing to himself, he begrudgingly supposed, given that she would be the one to carry him and let him laze around, that he could be a pillow for her every once in a while. So with a near mumbled "Help yourself", Takeshi was once more in human form, leaning back against the bleachers, eyes closed, and head tilted upwards towards the sky. One arm was covering his face as if to keep the sunlight from irritating him, and the other just so happened to be in Elvena's grasp, her cheek that had been resting against metal now resting on the front of his upper shoulder, inches away from having her head lay on his chest.

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Alice Drake
RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII

Bringing her emeralds back down, she looked at Lew as he mentioned feeling the same thing she had felt before he said he would serve her the best that he could. This caused her to sweatdrop and laugh a little nervously once again "I uh...That's not how our bond works but...Whatever you say?" she said, biting her lip a little "I dont really see you as someone that should serve me. We're equals. You're my partner who's gonna help take the Kishin out from the world and make it a better place." Alice was curious on what weapon he was, but she would find out at some point today. Besides, housing had to be discussed as well. There was so much talk to do, and so little time. Looking down at his hand, she knew her band was doing a good job at applying pressure to the wound that he had caused himself. "I would like to let you know, please dont hurt yourself that way. There's no reason to inflict pain on yourself." being someone who experienced pain majority of her life, seeing this happen right in front of her eyes really didnt rub her the right way. "If we're required to house together as well... You're going to have to stay with my father and I. My reasoning... I'll tell you later. But I know that I cant leave my home." not when her father was still trying to help her battle her madness and distract her from it. He kept trying to diminish the madness within, despite it always coming back as strong as it was before. Trying to make sure it never let up its hold on her. The only things bringing her madness up was her insecurities, her fear...Hopefully, Lew can counter all of that and make it easier to deal with her madness.

"Also uh... Please just call me Alice...I really dont want to be called "Lady Alice". It doesnt really fit me. In fact, it makes me feel like I'm some rich lady and I'm uh... The opposite from rich." she then shifted her eyes over to the food table "Let's go get some food. Before everyone else eats it up." she then walked by him and grabbed a plate from the table, despite having two rice balls, she did want some other things like a sandwich and a few strips of breaded tempura. She grabbed a juice box and then turned to Lew, tilting her head a little bit "Well? Come on, get some food. We can go sit down somewhere." she wanted to bond with her weapon, learn more about him and his weapon form. She wanted to brainstorm what she could do with his weapon form. Come up with combos and fighting styles. Being a very offensive person, she relied heavily on her body to do damage, but with a weapon, that damage can increase tremendously. "There's a lot of things we have to talk about."

The Elder

STUFFING HIS FACE &BONDING1591979365535.png"If you end up breaking something again, I'll be sure to stand with and take part of the blame if Armstrong just so happens to wake up on the other side of the bed." Marcus says to his new partner. "And regards to the other teachers, Ikora wouldn't care much and Juri will probably cheer us on anyway. So I say we break whatever we need to better ourselves." He says chuckling, leading Elias over towards the others. Marcus was too caught up examining Rin's weapon appearance to realize or even think about how she felt. So when she yelled at him for staring, he definitely backed up feeling somewhat bad. "Yeah you're right Rin. My bad, I just wanted to get a good look at your weapon forms design. I should've asked." He says rubbing the back of his head. Moving on from the immediate disappointment in himself, he ran off towards the food and immediately started grabbing items.

He mainly grabbed a plate filled with fried rice, seafood and dumplings, taking a sit next to the others. He happened to listen to Shinobu and Run inform one another about their past as he just simply stuffed his face. Of course he could've done the same, but right now his stomach's emptiness was far more important. And also his life wasn't really that interest from his point of view. He was basically a side character in an anime. The only thing in Marcus' life that is interesting was the death of his father years ago, and thats more sad than anything. He was sure that no one would want to hear about that. And thinking/speaking about always brings up bottled emotions he has yet to deal with. So he simply doesn't talk about it.

Finishing whatever he was eating on, Marcus simply sat back and listened to everything goin on between his group. Shinobu's past was far more interesting than his. I wonder how I would've turn out if I grew up in the gang or mob. I probably would be a bit more aggressive or the same. Either way, she seemed to turn out alright. He thought to himself. Turning his head towards Rin as she asked about housing, Marcus mind started to wonder. Though he did most of his thinking out loud. "Housing huh. Can't say we got to that subject just yet, but better sooner than later right. Not sure if my spot is the best cause its mainly a three bedroom house, filled with my grumpy ass grandpa, my overbearing ma, and occasionally my highly aggressive cousin Ikora. So uhh if its cool with you, I like to stay at your spot." He says looking over at Elias. "But then again you are a Stien, I wouldn't have to worry about anyone dissecting me while I sleep do I?" He asked chuckling, even though he was quite serious. He opens another bottle of water, taking a sip as his eyes glance over towards the bleachers. Huh that's interesting I guess we ain't getting that ice cream then. He says to himself, not really pressed about it. Kyuubey Kyuubey Britt-21 Britt-21 GrieveWriter GrieveWriter


Omniverse Explorer
Time Skip: One Week

So far during this week, everyone has arranged housing and has finally moved in with one another. On top of that you've all been in the classroom learning, as well as getting to know your partner in the next few days with fighting styles and how to incorporate them now. On this monday, you're getting your first missions. These are the missions listed below. Keep in mind that these missions will go however you like As long as they follow what is described to you and has the outcome the mission requires. You can be as creative as you like. Go ham <3 Phayne Phayne Kyuubey Kyuubey The Elder The Elder GrieveWriter GrieveWriter Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat Japanime Japanime RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Exanis Exanis Jackaboi Jackaboi Hubub101 Hubub101 Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3

Mission Type: Investigate
Instructions: Investigate suspicious activity in the village. Come across anything suspicious, investigate further and kill if necessary.
Other: Any higher threat comes along, retreat immediately
Team: Marcus & Elias

OOC Knowledge:
There have been suspicious activity going on within the village. For some reason Scarecrows are missing or moving, some are even covered in webs for some odd reason. The villagers are worried, but try not to get into a panic state. The villagers say its strange and they dont know what's causing Scarecrows to move around and what's causing them to be covered in webs. Later on you guys find out that there is a kishin within the Scarecrows, controlling them and making them move when others arent looking. Later on, after the Kishin is delt with, you will find a barn within the woods that is covered in webs, looking inside, you see there's webs around the entire interior. There are cocoons of bodies hanging from the ceiling, and there's clear signs that this Kishin is a spider kishin but there's no way you can fight this. So you retreat...maybe...


Mission Type: Gather Intel and Assassinate
Instructions: Gain intel from the target to gain knowledge on the rising number of Kishins. Target has been seen with witches over time.
Other: He eats people. Literally. He like, eats their arms and shit. He's also an automatous weapon.
Team: Elvy & Takeshi

OOC Knowledge:
This man's name is Carn-Evil, (sounds like carnival), he's been meeting up with witches and exchanging items and possibly info in turn for human body parts to feast on. No one knows why he eats them. Though he's just becoming a Kishin and has a knack for human flesh. He's cunning and slick, he lives within the castle shown above and usually kills anyone and anything that comes into his domain. Aside from how he is, his castle is fairly large and is quite hard to pinpoint Carn in his castle. He has his own ways of getting around with passage ways and secret exits and entrances. He has information on an item that is highly dangerous if consumed by the wrong person, or thing. What you guys are gonna do is get the information out by torture or any kind of method to get him to talk. He's an Auto weapon. Which means he can fight by himself and is part Chainsaw. Once he does crack, kill him, but it wont be easy, he will fight back, keep that in mind. He will describe it as an Orange liquid hidden underneath the earth in a very wild location. Deep forests,etc. He has a catch that he wont tell you. But he does give an accurate description.

Mission Type: Investigation
Difficulty: ☆☆
Instructions: Investigate the town to find out what is causing the people to act very odd and suspicious.
Other:Strange things happen within this town that no one can really explain. As it grows close to night, many of the villagers hide inside their homes that have windows bordered up, as well as barricade their doors to stay locked for the night. Potential Kishin threat, be aware. Gather any intel you can. The locals also report loud sounds at night that they're not sure what they are.
Team: Alice Lew, Camilla, Alcross
Location(s): A Large town east of Death City hidden past a large mountain that can only be entered by going through the tunnel of said-mountain.(edited)

OOC Knowledge:
This is a simple mission with some twists. The town itself has been terrorized by kishin as well as haunted by a noise practically every night. People were being taken/killed off and the town didnt know what to do so they began to block off their homes from the world during the night. When you arrive here and get intel, the locals are going to explain haunting noises, screaming, and lots of loud noises coming out at night. You're all going to investigate this and patrol during the night. While on patrol, you're going to find a shadow Kishin, though not exactly a shadow. Just a human-like kishin covered in shadows from Head to toe. This Kishin is the one who collects the souls and creates screams throughout the town. Getting its hands on anything it can to gain more power. You have to kill this kishin, despite your mission being an investigation. The loud noises are caused by another Kishin that hides within the woods but doesnt go on a rampage unless threatened or is very hungry. He will retreat once this kishin below is killed. Dont follow but report it to the DWMA.

The Kishin making the noise is the one and only:

Mission Type: Rescue
Difficulty: ☆☆
Instructions: Rescue the little girl that has been kidnapped by a pirate ship. Bring her back safely
Team: Liam & Akron / Baira&Gwen

OOC Knowledge:
There's a Kishin on this boat, a Pirate so to speak. One man crew. His ship sometimes acts on its own and can be considered it's own entity. He may seem like a phantom but he is not, he can be killed. His sword is fairly large and very sharp, can cut just about everything in one swoop. The Pirate's name is Capt. HackinBill. When you guys arrive and find him, you're going to arrive a bit too late as the Capt kills all of the kids with one swipe of his blade. How you react is dependent on you guys. After this, you must kill the Captain and then proceed to gather the innocent souls and bring them to Lord Death.

Mission Type: Assassinate and retrieve
Difficulty(Rate by stars): ☆☆
Instructions: Eliminate the target.
Other: He collects items and trinkets. He has a universal key that can get through any barrier that is created by a witch. Retrieve this, if not, the whole bag of his trinkets.
Team: C

OOC Knowledge:
This man collects trinkets, all different kinds and has them in his home of abandoned ruins. Within the trinkets, there's a Universal key that allows anyone who holds it, to get through a protective barrier that witches create around their domain. Kill the man and take the trinket. When the Man is assassinated, take his items and bring them back to the DWMA.
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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili
The peaceful din of the forest was interrupted by the sound of a single vehicle traversing through it. Birds and other forest critters poked their heads out of trees and bushes as something passed by, traversing over a singular path of stone blocks overgrown with grass. Wheels passed over these blocks as the Limo made its way through the otherwise untouched wilderness. Occasionally glancing out of the side window, the driver of the vehicle adjusted her mask before turning her attention back to the path before them. Shinobu felt no reason to be precarious, she'd been driving this limo for years now. When she heard that she and her team would need some kind of transportation in order to get to their objective, she'd offered without hassle.

Her time with Rin over the past week had been enjoyable, she'd been expecting it to be somewhat similar to how it went she lived at the Florist's. That expectation had been dashed the first night after moving. Besides her Limo, clothes and flowers, Shinobu hadn't brought much with her. Yet by the time she'd joined the Hagihara household for breakfast the next day, she felt as though she'd gained something more... Insight. It had been the first time she'd ever been part of a family gathering where everyone wasn't actively hostile towards in one way or another. The experience had been fairly eye opening for her.

The Soshiron family ate together, but those meetings had only gotten more tense over time. As the years went by, Shinobu rapidly became the only one in the family who hadn't had her soul horribly corrupted. With the head of the Soshiron family, Dormu Soshiron, becoming more and more bloodthirsty as the corruption settled in, even his crew began to fear his capabilities. Shinobu never really had time for eating Breakfast together when she slept at her job, the Florist always recommending that she go out to eat before coming back for her shift. She'd kept that mindset whilst living at the dorms on her own, barely spending time in the Dorm itself and using most of the day for either work or training.

Now she was trying her hardest to not infringe on Rin's family. She did her part to not get too comfortable with any of them, she was fairly certain that over time they'd all manage to acclimate and by then it'd be like she was just a regular old part of the family. Until that happened she did her part, helped out where she could, trained with Rin. In comparison to that, School almost seemed like a non-issue. She worked hard at whatever was put before her, but Shinobu prided herself on her adaptability. Unlike a number of her classmates, she knew she'd probably had an easier time than most getting acclimated. She must've, since some students seemed to think she was tutor material.

She didn't know why, but at lunch a few students started asking her for help with course materials. Even though she was almost certain that the majority of students seeking her out were from different classes all together, she still felt obliged to take a crack at it. Though her results almost definitely varied, they kept coming back so she must have been doing something right. Between tutoring, working with Rin, school and the time she still spent working with the Florist, the week seemed to fly by. But even that didn't prepare her for how quickly they'd gotten their first mission.

Time seemed to fly by as things started to settle, but even then she hadn't been prepared for how quickly they'd gotten their first mission.

They were after a key, held by some guy who apparently looted abandoned Witch lairs. He almost certainly had a bunch of other stolen goods they'd have to worry about, but their main goal was to take him out and nab the key. They weren't alone on this, having been paired up with another Weapon-Meister duo. Shinobu hadn't had much time to get to know plenty of her classmates in the week since classes started, but the reservations about Elgin and Arthur had been building slowly after they'd been teamed up. For Arthur it was mostly due to the fact that guy seemed incredibly uncomfortable, especially when either Rin or Shinobu were around. And Rin seemed to have some prepackaged issue with Elgin that Shinobu worried could cause some issues down the way.

But she stifled those concerns, willing to give both of them the benefit of the doubt until these problems started actively hindering their mission.

And speaking of their mission... Shinobu could see it.

Up ahead, in the distance she could see the ruins of a large building peaking over the edge of several trees. These ruins were the only location of interest in the area, and coincidentally happened to be the very spot where their target had been traced to. Knowing this, Shinobu reached one hand behind her and slid open a small window that separated the driver's seat from the rest of the limo. Looking up to the rear view mirror, she saw a notably unhappy Rin smack dab in-between their fellow teammates.

"We're coming up on the ruins now, guys." Shinobu spoke back to them right as they emerged from the trees into a partially ruined courtyard that was also overgrown with encroaching nature. Seeing that the path before them was blocked by several destroyed arches, Shinobu slowed the limo to a stop

Only after confirming that this was as far as her limo could take them without pulling some extremely risky maneuvers did Shinobu put it in park and glance back to her teammates, "Looks like this is as far as I can take us, gonna have to trek to the main building on foot."

With that said, she turned off the vehicle and adjusted her mask while stepping out to observe the ruins before them. No initial signs of the target, meaning they'd have to find signs of his activities inside. Closing the door behind her, Shinobu straightened her tie as she walked to the back of her limo and pressed a button on her keys that had the rear doors open on their own.

Stowing the keys away, she folded her arms before waiting for her teammates to exit her vehicle, "Place looks worst than the intel suggested," she noted with a tilt of her head "but I guess its still got hints of that 'Fallen Glory' theme some folks are into."

More importantly, it meant that huge sections of it were probably rigged to collapse. With how much firepower this guy could've potentially nabbed from the Witch Lairs, there was no telling how much of this place would be left once everything was said and done.

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Rin Hagihara
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Within the past week, Rin was relaxed, getting her partner moved on, as well as introducing her to the family. Instantly her family had welcomed Shinobu with open arms, while Hanako took her time to warm up to the tall woman. After one day, Hanako was already curious with how Shinobu had acted during the day, watching her curiously and quietly. To Rin, it was a cute reaction, watching her little sister watch with curiosity. Besides family time, the pair had trained, as well as went to the classes that were required. Of course, twintails had paid attention to every detail, took notes left and right. Learning about the upcoming mission board, as well as what team she would be on with her partner. Finding this out, she was pretty upset. Considering she was in the same team with the one person who happened to look up her skirt on the first day of school. Elgin Cutlass. Someone she was going to have to get along with at some point... As much as Rin hated it, she had no choice. Plus first impressions meant a lot to her, so right now he was on that very large Shit List until he proves himself otherwise.

After picking a mission for her team with Shinobu, it didnt take long for them to get into her limo and drive off. Unfortunately for the dark-haired girl, she was stuck between the meister and weapon. Elgin on her right, and Arthur on her left. Arthur wasnt so bad, other than the fact that he freaked out all the time. Sometimes, Rin felt like yelling at him, but she couldnt bring herself to with how much he would freak out with just social interaction alone. Sitting next to him was fine, she had no beef with him and got along fairly well once she got past all of his freak outs. Elgin on the other hand...she'd give him quite the attitude, brush him off, and sometimes even ignore him. After what he had done, she really never wanted to talk to him. Small talk was as far as she was going to go with him and nothing more than that. While sitting between the two, her one leg was crossed over the other, while her arms were crossed over her chest with her eyes closed. This was one of the ways to get through this, especially when she had thought about the music she played back at home.

This mission was a two star, enough for the smaller group to go and take care of. Something about a man hoarding some trinkets from witch lairs. Sounded like an easy job since it was an assassination and they had to take his stuff. After all, it was property of deceased witches. No doubt he could cause too much chaos with those trinkets and needed to be dealt with. Hearing her partner speak towards the back, she peeked her eye open before opening the other and trying to look from her spot, out the window. They were definitely at the right location. Once she had parked, Rin nodded "That's fine, Shinobu." she said, watching her get out before their doors opened to let the trio out of the back. Arthur was out of the Limo quicker than Elgin, so she took this chance to scoot out after Arthur and close the door behind her, looking at the ruins around them. "This place is in rough shape, I will admit... We're going to have to be careful and not use my explosive rounds, or else we'll be part of those ruins."

Even shooting was risky in itself, but what choice did they have? Rin was long range. Elgin would be more useful in this situation than she would, but they were a team and had a mission to do. Taking a stand next to Shinobu, she examined the ruins more, narrowing her eyes a little bit "The mission didnt say he was a kishin, but we had to assassinate him... He has these trinkets but does he even know what they do?" she asked, glancing at Shin "We could be collecting an innocent soul but... I could be just as easily fooled, he's robbing dead witches of their items and taking them for himself... He's probably corrupted, has taken human souls for himself, or has evil intentions." the DWMA did say in one of their classes that some missions may seem cruel, but they make sure to go full in depth on the situation before going on and issuing missions. There was more that they didnt know, and would have to eventually learn over time that not everyone was good. Especially with the growing number of Kishins that continued to grow and grow... Something was creating them and making the world get a little rocky every day... That's why the DWMA was collecting so many students... EVery day she saw new students she hadnt seen before, sometimes it got a little crowded but then it would lessen. Most likely others were being transferred to other schools around the world.​


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it had been a week since akron has first paired with Liam.. and everything felt just a little better now smili g just a little the normal now that the constant threat of his family was no longer there. No more having to deal with the abuse verbal physical or otherwise.. though being able to sleep properly had make Akron uncomfortable on occasion waking up in the middle of the night screaming having expected some sort of attack that would never come.

A rhythmic chinking noise followed Akron as he moved for like any other time he still wore the huge suit of plate armour. Wooden boards creaked under his weight as himself Liam and another two people headed towards the archaic vessel currently docked. there target was some sort of spectral pirate that was kidnapping children for its own reasons. it didn’t matter they were there to kill it and get the children out. He remained laser focused on the vessel as he continued to walk forward. Akron had also brought along a extra weapon of his own.. a spear mostly for insurance should all other methods of attacking be out of the question and it was a habit he’d picked up for home... a hard one to shake as well considering the aggressiveness of his siblings. Once they had all gotten near the target vessel akron would pause for a staring at it intently. “this should be it.. remember keep a look out and be careful our target is some spectral captain... if you see it do no hesitate to slay the creature... it’s nothing more then a mad beast and the best it can be offered is a swift death be it in agonising pain or otherwise” Akron’s voice remained most calm yet towards the end there was a hit of aggressiveness something akron could not den for deep down inside like all his family was an innate bloodlust that while Akron had better self control unlike his sisters whom had given into the desire somewhat.the ever present nagging feeling to be drenched in the blood of other beings would forever be his burden to bear... “right... before we continue... is there anything else anyone wishes to say?”


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"I got something to say." The whisper came from the red headed girl among them as she had her hand raised. Gwen was excited to actually be out in the field for a change even if this mission was taking place somewhere, where she was completely out of her element. The entire drive over and the silent approach they made to get closer gave the mechanically inclined girl some time to think about their method of attack. Scooting herself up next to the group she pointed a finger less gloved hand up at the deck of the spectral ship they were about to lay siege to.

"I say one pair of us jumps onto the deck and starts causing all sorts of chaos. Screaming, swinging madly at everything that's kishin, and getting every bit of attention focused on us." Gwen explained looking at her Meister and the other student pair present. "Then while they are being the life of the party, our second team climbs the rigging and gets into position and jumps down on the big bad boss and murder him right in his face!" she said before softly pounding her tiny fist into her palm.

It had only been a week since she started attending the DWMA and had found herself partnered up with Baira. They had little experience with one another and that also meant little time to get the hang of her unique Weapon form. As far as Gwen was aware her fellow teammates accompanying them had the same level of practice as them. So a classic distraction and surprise tactic should work right?



Save the little girl
At the docks
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat // Akron Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 // Liam Japanime Japanime

"Hesitate?" replied Baira, a faint growl prevalent in his voice as he addressed the armoured man. Hesitation in combat was an alien concept to the warrior as he sauntered up to everyone else, a cocky grin spread across his face as he positioned himself next to his partner Gwen, the orange haired girl considerably shorter then he was but no less a kindred soul from what he had seen so far. It had been just under a week that they had been acquainted with one another due to both of them missing the orientation however the feeling of unity when their souls fist met was nothing short of perfect, like two cogs sliding into place. Their synchronised late arrival was simply faith working its magic and Baira had no qualms with how it had turned out. His introduction into the DWMA as well as meeting Gwen where the first of several steps that he had taken into integrating himself into the world his human mother had grown up in.

"You don't have to worry about that" he added, giving Akron and Liam a thumbs up. "I can assure you that we are more than ready for a fight" continued Baira, the smile never fading as he placed a heavy hand upon Gwen's shoulder. "Right Partner?" he asked, though the question was more rhetorical than anything. Baira knew for a fact that he himself was ready to fight if the need arose, though it was a bit presumptuous of him to think that Gwen was as well. They had known each other for a week only and to even begin to think that he would know how she felt was just arrogance on his part, though he did hope that one day he'd be able to achieve that level of experience where Meister and Weapon were one entity. Presently their combination was no where near perfection though Baira over the last day or so was quickly getting the hang of wielding Gwen's unique weapon form.

"I'm all for creating a ruckus up top" interjected the half wolf, in response to Gwens suggestion though there was a small hint of hesitation in his voice as he tilted his head skyward and sniffed the air. The mission was labelled as 'Rescue' and despite his eagerness to brawl it out with a Kishin, Baira was not going to overlook the fact that there was someone here who needed to be rescued, someone that was looking for a hero to burst in the save the day. "I'd prefer we kept damage to a minimal until we secure the children first" he added, getting a faint whiff of several scents permeating off of the boat; though how many children there were onboard was hard to tell due to the salty sea air invading his senses.

"Hey!" called Baira, turning to face the red head, the partner of the man cloaked in armour. "Are you able to use that Meister ability...uhh.. " he paused, scratching his head as he tried to recall what the lecturer had called it. It had been during one of the earlier lectures and Baira had been rather preoccupied with memorising the various scents of his fellow students that the majority of the lecture had basically entered one ear only to be shot straight out of the other side.

"Damn it.. what was it called again? Soul... Soul precision?... Soul.. perfection?.. Soul.. premonition?.... Damn it.." he lamented, irritation in his voice as he failed to recall the correct terminology. "Can you sense their souls or not?" he finally barked.


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Alice Drake
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After she finally learned the weapon form of her partner, she was pretty surprised that such a defensive weapon had been drawn to her. But along with that, it was ironic. Madness defended her from pain, meanwhile she would throw her body out there to protect anyone she loved. It was almost like symbolism. After explaining to her weapon why she couldnt leave her home, he had moved in effortlessly with the help of herself and her pops. She learned a lot about Lew and definitely didnt enjoy how he was being treated at his home. Family shouldnt be slaves to their own family. So, during the past week, Alice had been telling Lew he didnt have to do some things. Though he kept insisting. The kitchen was always her domain, so kicking him out was always happening because he would wanna help or try to take over but the blonde had refused to let him. Even her Father would warn him not to go into the kitchen, but never did he learn. Aside from all of this happening, training was on the table as well.

The young meister had to learn to balance her body with her partner because she had never tried to work with a defensive weapon before. Being someone who was all offensive, this alone made many changes. How to block with her left arm and attack with her right was a little difficult, but she managed to get used to the feeling after a few hours of training. Outside of school, that's all Alice was dedicated to, trying to get her body down packed before the mission board came down to play. Her Pops teaching her how to attack with the shield, as well as using him as defense. Giving her tips on how to use Lew, like throwing him like a boomerang to bonk something or to even disarm someone. There was a lot that Alice was going to have to learn, but that's not what bothered her. What bothered her was the fact that her Madness could absorb Lew if she didnt fight it back for him. He was so submissive that it was possible her own Madness can get into his head and fall into a dark state. Alice warned him of this, she warned him that it was possible to fall to madness if he didnt fight it. So knowing what he was weak to - as much as she hated to do it- she demanded him to fight back.

Taking advantage of someone's weakness wasnt something she wanted to do. But if it was the only way to make him fight back, then she would do it. She even told him that if she ever got lost to her madness, to kill her. He was a shield, yes, but they also had a team that was more than capable of killing her. The last thing she ever wanted to do was Kill anyone in her class, after all, they meant a lot to her, especially within this week that had passed. Now aside from all this, Alice picked out a mission for her team, though Marcus and Elias took a solo mission, while her and Lew had been partnered up with Camilla and Alcross for an Investigation. Which wasnt too bad, though Alice did only have a Shield, so trying to fight Kishin alone without something sharp would be difficult. So pairing up with Camilla and Alcross was probably the safe route.

Transportation was the least of her concerns since Alice could drive a motorcycle and could definitely hold four of them on it. Weapons in weapon form while the meisters take the ride. While the day for their mission had started, she explained to Lew how he can ride in his human form till they picked up Camilla and Alcross from their dorm. Upon riding to the Dorms to pick up the other pair, Alice then explained where he would be located. She unwrapped her one arm of her black band and turned to Lew, holding her hand out to him as he transformed and she threaded the band where her arm would usually go and then proceeded to tie him to her body. It didnt take long for the second pair to come out and meet them before discussing seating arrangements. Once finished, Alice then made sure Camilla held tightly and drove off to their mission. Wind throwing their hair about while the air was filled with the sounds of her motorcycle. "Alright!" she shouted "So the mission said we're going to investigate the town and get some information from the locals!"

Revving up her bike, she went faster, heading east to the mountain that this place had been located in. "Apparently this Kishin doesnt come out till night fall! So we have plenty of time to look around for any clues!" it took them a while to get to the mountain, after all, it was far east and her bike can only go so fast "How are you doing back there Camilla, Alcross?" she shouted, taking a quick glance over her shoulder.​


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It had been a week since orientation and Liam and Akron becoming partners. It's been pretty nice. Nothing really bad had happened other than the worrisome nights in which Akron woke up screaming. It would always wake Liam up but he wasn't mad, just concerned. Speaking of Akron, he spoke. Going over part of their mission and asking if anyone had anything else they wanted to say.

Liam mostly glared ahead at the rest of the ship, worried for the girl and eager to find and save her. That's when a girl from the other pair spoke up. He looked at her, and wasn't able to recognize her. "Was she at the orientation?" He asked himself. Then he looked at her partner. "Was he?" He thoughts were cut short by the girl who went on to propose her own plan.

Liam just stared at her while she explained. "We should find the girl and make sure she's safe first, uh..." He stared at her as he realized he didn't know her name. "Uh..." He scanned her figure, looking for something to identify her with and noticed the glasses on top of her head. "Four-eyes." Although most use that as an insult, Liam merely meant it as a way to identify her. At the moment at least.

Then her partner spoke. A low growl in the tone of his voice. Liam turned to look at him as he spoke. He listened and agreed with him when he mentioned they should keep the damage to a minimal until everyone is safe. Then the white-haired boy addressed Liam.

He stared at him in confusion as he tried to figure out what the name of the Meister ability he was talking about was called. Finally he managed to form his words and ask a question. "Nope." Liam said blankly. "But we're wasting time. The girl could be in danger and we're sitting here talking. I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna save this girl."

He turned his back to them and begin walking further into the creepy ship. Being the idiot he is, he cupped his hands around his mouth and slightly yelled, "Hello? Anybody there? Little girl? You can come out. We're here to save you." He continued looking around while also listening for anything. "Hellooooooo?" He continued.

Liam Star

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Location: Ghost Ship.
Mission: Rescue: Little girl.

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It had been a week since orientation and Liam and Akron becoming partners. It's been pretty nice. Nothing really bad had happened other than the worrisome nights in which Akron woke up screaming. It would always wake Liam up but he wasn't mad, just concerned. Speaking of Akron, he spoke. Going over part of their mission and asking if anyone had anything else they wanted to say. Liam mostly glared ahead at the rest of the ship, worried for the girl and eager to find and save her. That's when a girl from the other pair spoke up. He looked at her, and wasn't able to recognize her. "Was she at the orientation?" He asked himself. Then he looked at her partner. "Was he?" He thoughts were cut short by the girl who went on to propose her own plan. Liam just stared at her while she explained. "We should find the girl and make sure she's safe first, uh..." He stared at her as he realized he didn't know her name. "Uh..." He scanned her figure, looking for something to identify her with and noticed the glasses on top of her head. "Four-eyes." Although most use that as an insult, Liam merely meant it as a way to identify her. At the moment at least.

Then her partner spoke. A low growl in the tone of his voice. Liam turned to look at him as he spoke. He listened and agreed with him when he mentioned they should keep the damage to a minimal until everyone is safe. Then the white-haired boy addressed Liam. He stared at him in confusion as he tried to figure out what the name of the Meister ability he was talking about was called. Finally he managed to form his words and ask a question. "Nope." Liam said blankly. "But we're wasting time. The girl could be in danger and we're sitting here talking. I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna save this girl." He turned his back to them and begin walking further into the creepy ship. Being the idiot he is, he cupped his hands around his mouth and slightly yelled, "Hello? Anybody there? Little girl? You can come out. We're here to save you." He continued looking around while also listening for anything. "Hellooooooo?" He continued.

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Ghost Ship.
Mission: Rescue: Little girl.​


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Arthur and the Personal Space Shortage
Featuring: Elgin ( Jackaboi Jackaboi ) Rin ( Britt-21 Britt-21 ) Shinobu ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter )​

It could be worse...

A very simple phrase to be sure, yet no less valid. It is one of the few statements that is universally true. Things can always be worse, despite what they seem. Yet, if one is in a situation like Arthur's, complete with anxieties and insecurities, it becomes hard to remind oneself of that.

Crammed into the back seat of a actual, honest to goodness limousine (something Arthur had many questions about but voiced none of them) for God knows how many miles, sat within breathing distance of two people he had only known for a week yet had somehow made a fool of himself to, along with a third, shorter person who actively looked like they were about to explode in rage. All of that while en route to a mission where Arthur knew he would be judged on his performance by his weapon partner as well as the two ranged combatants, who would have a nice view of his inadequacy. This is not to say he doubted his own abilities. In fact, he was hardly concerned about the objective of the mission itself. It's what the others thought that had him on edge. Silly to most, but about as serious as life and death to the meister.

That in mind, Arthur had been trying everything in his power to distract himself from the tight squeeze. Why they had decided to put their luggage on the second row of seats was beyond him, and considering the decision making process did little to calm him of this predicament. He had the exact wording of the mission posting memorized after five minutes, and every detail of the page itself noted by minute fifteen. Meditation failed before he was able to get is breathing straight. Working on his Blast n' Slash notebook (the work in progress tome of all his ideas concerning the fighting style he was developing based around Elgin's gunblade form, the title of which was known only to Arthur himself, in case it sounded stupid) had been engaging for about three pages of new ideas plus two pages concerning the team dynamic until he lost mental momentum. Counting the passing trees had fallen apart some time after the 6,000 mark, and counting anything else was unreliable at this point on what could loosely be called a road. By now he had resorted to putting his jacket over his head and trying to guess the vehicle's speed or what any given bump could have been.

After a small eternity, Arthur found himself on grassy ground, having fallen without warning. Apparently limo doors were automatic. Not that he cared. Arthur scrambled to his feet without much hassle, overjoyed at the prospect of being reunited with his personal space. Within an instant he had fixed his jacket and began the process of stretching out the aches that came from long car rides, thus limbering up. This felt good; the fresh air, the lighting that came from a partly cloudy sky, the anticipation of a fight to the death just beyond the threshold of the decrepit ruins that would be his arena. The thought of it all distracted him from all his problems. Until one such problem started vocalizing the moral dilemma surrounding the mission's nature, causing Arthur to freeze mid stretch then scramble to a casual standing stance. Best he could contribute to the growing conversation was a nod here and there, as he shifted to his second pre-fight priority: analyzing the area. From where he stood now, as well as when the group began to approach the ruins, he took note of the structure and it's age. While the pair of females saw a hazard, Arthur saw opportunity. After all, debris takedowns were among his favorite ways to end a battle.


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Elias Stein


The week after accepting to be Marcus’s partner had been a flurry of different events. Not only was his partner moving into the Stein household, Elvy’s was too. Whilst Elias didn’t outright say much, his facial expressions whenever being reminded of Takeshi’s presence was nothing but friendly. His mother had visited at one point, excited to a scary point, to meet both of her children’s new partners. The older woman had gone on and on about how cute they were and how proud she was of her kids, something Elias grumbled a bit about before disappearing into his room with a slam of his door. It was one thing to get praised but he always felt like Elvy got the genuine side of it. And the way his mom was fawning over that lazy looking samurai was making him want to burn the entire house down. “ Elias? “ Sybil, their mother, poked her head into his door to make sure it was safe before she pulled her son into a tight embrace. “ The new guy Elvy paired with is bugging you that much? Dear, she’s a woman now and you’re not the only person she’s going to get close to or let into her heart. You should know that your sister will always love you above all else. You’re never going to be replaced, you’re her family. Plus, your new partner seems really awesome! I’m digging his whole vibe. Focus on getting stronger and quit tunnel visioning on what Elvy is doing.

Who is going to protect Elvy if I don't? Surely not that lethargic guy. Elias had closed his eyes after he felt the hold on his more muscular frame, subconsciously going frigid as she continued to hold him like he was a small child again. He knew his mother was simply trying to comfort him but something about her spouting that he wouldn’t be replaced seemed like a false security blanket she was trying to cover him up in. If her bond with her weapon was anything half as strong as what he felt with Marcus as his meister, he could easily be cast aside. “ Thanks mom. “ He simply said, unwilling to argue with her as she was trying to comfort him. That would just lead the entire thing in circles. His body found its way from her tight grasp and he flashed her an extremely rare but soft smile.

The rest of the week went swimmingly. He’d surprisingly gotten more into music thanks to Marcus, something that he had never expected. Elias had never really delved into it much but when he heard it he was usually fascinated. Marcus listened to some pretty catchy music so he found himself sitting around with him after they’d trained, just jamming out to whatever his meister felt like throwing on. School, studies, training, it was all an intensely packed week. He was suddenly more busy and on his feet than he’d ever been before but there would be no complaints from him. He found it extremely exhilarating to be strengthening the bond between his partner and figuring out ways for them to flow even better. The Stein was thankful he hadn’t destroyed too many things during their spars. They did a lot of training as a weapon/meister pair but they also fought in human form, getting better at hand to hand combat. By that upcoming Monday when they’d picked their mission, Elias was covered in bandages and his face was a bit torn up. It was nothing though to him, it was pain that would push him to be better and work harder.

The acceleration of his bike was heard over the sound of Marcus’s engine as the two headed away from Death city, making the long drive towards their destination. He wasn’t surprised when his partner had chosen a higher difficulty mission but asked if they could go on their own. He was however caught off guard when their request was given the approval they desired. Perhaps the teachers found them capable enough, who knows. They finally neared their destination and Elias turned quickly before the village to come to a stop, dirt being kicked up as a consuming cloud before it dissipated. That was sure to catch the eyes of the villagers, guess they'll know we are here now. His helmet was slowly slipped off as he slid off his bike and put his helmet down on the seat he had once occupied. His hands quickly found their way into his pockets and he looked over at Marcus with a look of irritation. “ You’re doing the talking right? I’ll probably just scare them off. “ Elias sighed heavily, tone sounding extremely miffed. Talking after all was not his forte.

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Akron had forgotten about the girl in the group somewhat intentionally all things considered still wary of her however the girl's sudden movement of her arm to point at the vessel caused Akron to twitch a reaction that he couldn’t help as it was muscule memory by this point. She then suggested a rather lacklustre plan of one the pairs running Around one deck while the others waited to ambush the Kishin seeming to ignore the fact they were meant to rescue a small child... Akron wanted to say something he wanted to point out the problem but the words got stuck in his through, unable to get a word out only managing a small discontented grumble. His attention then turned to the other new boy seeming to take offence that Akron would even mention the possibility of hesitating... “yes I am ready for a fight“ Akron answered simply. only for the boy to then agree with his partner's reckless plan and then to actually mention the little girl's safety. “Yes, that...” Akron would stop himself from speaking as Liam had mentioned they were wasting time and wandering off into the ship “well suppose this is our plan now... just to wing it” he’d say to everyone else his tone still as calm as ever he‘d turn to follow Liam, not exactly helping too much as the chinking and creaking caused by Akron moving only added to the noise being made by Liam calling out to the girl. While this was essentially just as the girl's previous plan this time at least to Akron they would have the element of surprise, in theory, the Kishin might just think there random kids trying to find the girl. Deciding it was probably an appropriate time to let loose a little so to speak, allowing then nagging gnawing part of his soul to become just a little louder his left arm became engulfed by a blackish mass of tendril that wrapped around the limb, the mass solidifying into a smaller version of his weapon form. in place of everything passed his elbow was replaced with a blackish crystal and hand with a large axe blade the whole thing sporting a sharp gnarled design with hundreds of scratch all over it.


Perpetually Stoic
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Elvena Stein

Elvy’s week had not been as exciting as her brother’s but the amount of care that one could get from the girl on that fact was nonexistent. She had a new partner, one whom she had felt a connection that was basically indescribable and phenomenal. She had a new housemate, two actually. One being her weapon, Takeshi. The second being Elias’s meister, Marcus, the guy whom had asked her out for ice cream. It would seem that offer might’ve been forgotten as he never brought it up again. Whether she was disheartened by this fact or not was unknown. The new meister boy being in the house raised a lot of new experimental type things for the girl. She watched him like a science toy, noting his reactions and even setting up certain scenarios that were questionable. He spent a lot of time with his headphones on, purposefully seeming to not be around her which made her a bit frustrated. Takeshi was a perpetual sleeper, always seeming to be lounging somewhere or drifting off where he wouldn’t be bothered; or so he thought. Elvy had a huge knack for trying to find that odd sense of comfort she’d obtained on the bleachers that day, taking the time to delicately place her lithe frame against his when he was off in snooze land. The closeness there was one that she found zeal in, craving it on a daily basis. Their connection seemed deeper than the other pairs in their class, at least to Elvena it did. What she felt around him delved much, much, more profoundly than the normal meister/weapon bond.

At one point in the week she had snuck into his bed, holding onto him as if he was the small orca stuffed animal she used to clutch as a child. She knew she was safe there, despite his more lackadaisical attitude. They didn’t train much during the week like the others may have, her crimson eyes peering into the training area whenever she caught a pair in there working hard to further their connection and skills. They lazily flickered from person to person, notebook being slowly tucked away after she’d taken some notes. She felt in her soul that they wouldn’t need much of the training that everyone else seemed to jump into. She had held his form like it was an extension of her being, no… it was more like an addition, something that only increased her range and power. While he might be more unsympathetic, Elvy knew somewhere in his soul that she could feel something there that he wasn’t aware of, something he wasn’t fully grasping. Only time would tell if he finally embraced it like she so craved to.

Takeshi? “ Her voice resounded in his ears as she tugged on his arm, pulling him down the stairs of the DWMA after they’d taken a 2-star mission to embark on. “ I’ll drive but can you stay as you are? I know you are comfier being stationary as a sword but… I like you the way you are. “ She admitted rather quietly, gaze falling towards the ground before her bike loomed into view. Her grip on him lessened as she released him, hastily slipping onto her bike and offering him the only helmet that she had. Admittedly she hadn’t expected them to be picking missions, let alone going off on them that day, and had forgotten an extra helmet. His safety naturally came before hers so she was content and confident riding without her helmet. She was sure her mother would have a conniption if she caught this, but Sybil wasn’t around so what could it hurt?

Takeshi Mifune

d0f8507386311e2907a37a4db6bb1a44ff5bb1b5_00.jpgTo say that Takeshi’s life had changed drastically over the past week would be an over exaggeration to say the least. Sure, the environment he was in was different, and he was now almost quite literally soulbound with a partner, who may or may not be insane to some various degree. And yes, he may be living with aforementioned partner, and her brother, who seems to have a soul burning hatred of him, and the partner of that brother, who just seemed to not care about his presence, if not outright dislike him as well. That wasn’t a problem, he dealt with these sorts of shenanigans back with his family and the multitudes of different attitudes directed at him, which also have changed over the years. It wasn’t even the sleeping arrangements and all the times Elvena would drape herself over him when she thought he wasn’t aware, he’s dealt with that sort of thing from children and animals alike. Honestly, the only real deviation from his everyday life was his occasional inability to do his daily dawn to early morning training, what with the sleeping arrangements and all.

Though to her credit, Takeshi couldn’t really brush off Elvena’s presence as something insignificant or ordinary. There was just something about the girl that struck a chord with him, a disconcerting similarity that held just a subtle difference that kept bothering him for some reason. Maybe it was the weird chaos of her soul, combined with whatever that black blood does to affect her, maybe it was something on his side, maybe this was normal for pairs, who knows. All Takeshi knew was that a lot of the time he spent lazing around was actually him trying to decipher, or perhaps rediscover would be the better word, the connection between them that he had first felt. This isn’t even mentioning the odd habits the girl had, though habits aside he would readily admit that she was scary smart, slight emphasis on the scary part. Still, he couldn’t be bothered to delve too deeply into such thoughts, let alone looking into the habits of his newfound partner. He’d let her have her fun, because she’s honestly already earned it, what with carrying him around all the time.

So that’s where this whole week left him, lazily ambling down the stairs behind Elvena as they headed towards her bike, having already been assigned missions only a week into the school year, an odd decision from the higher ups but, hey, who was he to actually question their decisions with the lives of the students. It isn’t like he cared either way if any of his classmates bit the bullet, Elvena notwithstanding. Takeshi was dragged out of his arguably appalling and frankly remorseless thoughts when he heard Elvena address him, asking him to stay in his human form for now, and then offering him the only bike helmet. As he stood there, gaze alternating between the helmet and the girl, Takeshi could only sigh to himself and banish any potential significant thoughts that dared claw their way into his mind. Rather than verbally answering his partner, he took a seat behind her on the motorcycle, then promptly slid the helmet onto her head. Wiggling in place slightly to find a more comfortable sitting position, he then finally responded. “ I can just transform if anything happens.

Elvena Stein

A small smile crept onto her face as he bestowed on her the helmet and slid behind her, that empty feeling that was usually there within her soul feeling less dark with him against her. “ What’s the worst that could happen? “ She said in a mocking tone, bike revving as she took off from the front of the DWMA and in the direction of their first mission. Her almost gray toned hair flew about, its length far surpassing the helmet that Takeshi had denied and slid upon her own head, as she sped through the streets and out into the open road. Many, many, hours passed as they zoomed by scenes most people would find beautiful, but Elvy found herself not entirely caring about the sightseeing aspect of their trip. Her eyes remained glued on the road, bike hitting speeds that her mother would frown upon before the castle started looming into view. She came to a slow then as they ascended up the hill, her mind now on high alert the closer they crept towards the residence of their target. The teacher’s had been very adamant in their demands that they didn’t kill on sight, but extracted the information they desired before any actual harm came to the autonomous weapon they were to engage. This thought didn’t settle too well with her, violence being more of a second nature when in the heat of battle, but perhaps torture wouldn’t be out of the window. After all the methods to gaining said knowledge hadn’t been cemented when given the details of the mission they’d picked, so why not? Her lips curved upwards as she began to cycle through different ways that she could make this guy crack. The low hum of the engine going into an idled state as they stopped in front of the castle stole her away from the thoughts she was lost in, boot steadying the bike as she grinned towards her partner.

I’d gladly let you sleep but I think you’re not going to want to miss this. “ She said with an odd tone entwined with her words, the kickstand now taking over the job of holding the bike up as she got off her bike and stared up towards the ginormous building that was before them. “ Do you want to walk or shall I carry you? “ The question was almost rhetorical but perhaps he had wanted to take a different approach this time. Either way, the option was there for him to take if he so desired it. The helmet was removed with nimble fingers, being held there for some time before she set it down on the left handle of the motorcycle and let it hang there idly.

Takeshi in turn also stood up, rolling the stiffness out of his shoulders and gazing blandly at the castle ahead of them. While he would honestly like nothing more than to sleep through this whole thing, he would actually have to put the bare minimum of effort for a little while. So, with a regret filled sigh, he responded. “ Let me walk for a bit. I’ll stick close to you just in case though. ”​



Save the little girl
At the docks
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Baira's disappointment only lasted a few seconds as Liam replied to his question; an undersirable answer yet one that was no where near enough to get Baira to falter in his present endeavors. What did come as a surprise however was the fellow Meister's lack of concern about both of their inability to use Soul perception; a skill that was invaluable during moments like this. Had it not been for the salty air, Baira's sense of smell would have sufficed. Alas that was just how things were and no amount of Salty air was going to stop Baira from selecting this mission; the mere thought that a small child was in danger was something he could not overlook.

"We are going to save the girl" corrected Baira, raising one arm and pointing towards his chest with his thumb. "As an aspiring Alpha, I will make sure this make shift pack of ours will succeed in rescuing the children" claimed Baira, stepping ahead of Gwen, his eyes fixed upon the haunting ship docked at the moor; an expression of determination spread across his face though one that didn't last long. A wolf pack was only as strong as a unit. A group of individuals whose roles, ranks and duties were all known and accounted for by each individual member; each of which would hold unbreakable respect for their leader. This however was far from being an ideal wolf pack and Baira knew that. This however did not mean that he and Gwen could not work in tandem.

Ear's twitching and mouth dropping open, Baira's expression quickly changed to one of surprise as he watched Liam step onto the ship; any attempt at being stealthy thrown out the window as the red haired meister began to call out for the girl. The stories he had heard from his mother in regards to her past accomplishments had distilled quite the image of what a Meister was meant to be and how they were meant to act and despite his innate 'wild-side' inherited from his father, Baira had done his best to replicate an image of 'professionalism' that these humans seemed to be so fond off.

A quick glance over to Akron had dispelled any notion of needing to maintain this guise of a professional meister. Plans, tactics and strategy. They were all thrown out the window before they were even given the chance to shine and that truthfully did not bother Baira as much as it should have. If they lacked all of that, then there was only one thing to fall on. One undeniable ally that every creature had, though many failed to appreciate. Instincts. Like a wolf ready for a kill, Baira could already feel the budding tickling sensation of adrenaline creeping up on him; his father often called it: "The Thrill of the Hunt".

Having decided to follow his instinct, the surprised expression on his face had quickly changed into a large smile as Baira began to laugh; his free hand reaching for the buttons on his shirt and unclasping them one after the other. Exposing his chest to the azure ocean before him, Baira could only feel more at ease as the fresh ocean wind brushed against his exposed skin. "Ah this feels much better. I can't stand that feeling of restriction" claimed Baira, rotating his arm now as he felt a greater freedom of movement in his shoulders. "Since our friends decided to forsake the idea of strategy and 'wing it' why don't we join in and make our official debut as well?" questioned Baira, head tilted down as he glanced towards his partner; somewhat unsure as to how she would have reacted to Liam ignoring her idea.

"Gwen, may I?" inquired Baira as he held out one hand towards her. A bright glow soon engulfed the young girl as her body began to alter and change; her figure quickly dissipating as her human guise faded into nonexistence, only to be replaced by a large dual ended staff. On both ends of the staff, two large chainsaws had spun into life; the faint roar of Gwen's weapon form causing Baira's own soul to rev up in response; his adrenaline spiking as he clasped the middle of her frame.

The feeling of holding a demon weapon in his hand was strange, yet comforting. As if a part of himself that he did not know existed had been revealed to him. Weightless in his hand, it was undeniable that this weaponized form of hers held tremendous power, a heavy source of potential that was revving to explode when given the chance. Like riding a mechanical bull, Baira had resolved himself from the very beginning to master Gwen, to be a Meister capable of bringing her to the pinnacle of what her potential demanded and most importantly to do her justice as a demon weapon and evolve her into a death scythe. Her life was in his hands and his was in hers. Without respect for that unshakeable truth, there was no chance of them succeeding.

"Well then Partner, ready to make some waves ?" questioned Baira as he twirled Gwen's form around several times before holding her firm in his right hand, Baira with a large smile on his face had began to step onto the ship. Senses on full as he in his own way searched for the children.



The Flake
Llewellyn had found his past week to be fairly confusing. Receiving a new Meister had not been necessarily expected or wanted yet, Llewellyn knew that he had to set aside his petty qualms if he was to fulfill his new duties as a Weapon. The Weapon was certain that Lady Alice would not wish to have himself as her partner after he had revealed his Weapon Form and Capabilities, yet the girl surprised him by accepting Llewellyn as her partner in spite of his subpar abilities as a Weapon. Then, when it came to housing arrangements, Lady Alice had demanded that Llewellyn reside within her home. The servant had no issues with such an arrangement, however, he did have to inform Lady Allison and Lord Galant of the important change. Llewellyn had expected the Lady and Lord of House Galant to be furious of the news he brought them, but instead they were overjoyed. Lady Allison had even given Llewellyn leave of all his duties while he was in service to his new Meister. This response from the Galant household had been surprising and completely unexpected for not even Lady Lacey made a fuss over Llewellyn's new position as Lady Alice's Weapon.

Then, when he transitioned over to Lady Alice's house, Llewellyn had to adapt to a whole new environment. The servant had spent his first night there becoming acquainted with the Lord of the house, who had been introduced to Llewellyn as 'Pops'. The man seemed unusually nice to something of Llewellyn's position, which was something that the servant had found suspicious. People were only ever nice to tools if they desired something immoral or illegal from the tool. Though, rather than puzzle over just what the Lord or Lady Alice desired from him, Llewellyn instead attempted to complete the usual tasks he had, which were cleaning and cooking. Cleaning his Meister's residence was fairly easy since that was always completed in the dark hours of the morning when both Lady Alice and the Lord were sleeping. Cooking, on the other hand was a nightmare. The first time Llewellyn had attempted to set foot into the kitchen to fix up the food for his masters, he had been forcefully removed from the area as Lady Alice took on the task herself. The servant attempted to cook dinner later that day, only to be met with the same result. The Lord of the house tried to warn Llewellyn against attempting further, yet Llewellyn simply could not. It was the servant's duty to feed their masters. Needless to say, Llewellyn's other attempts to cook during the first week at Lady Alice's residence were met with failure. In order to fill the time cooking would have taken, Llewellyn decided to add cleaning the exterior of the household to his daily tasks. Though, he soon realized that this task had to be done while the Lord and Lady Alice were either resting or away from the residence since they both would ask him to stop his task if they caught him in the middle of it.

During one of the times Lady Alice had removed Llewellyn from the kitchen, she had asked him why he took on so many tasks. Naturally, Llewellyn had not thought much about it when he answered. He told Lady Alice of the training Lady Helena had put him through and what duties he had been expected to fulfill while at the Galant household. It was only after Llewellyn had revealed this information that he found carrying out and completing his tasks to be much more difficult. This was a confusing development for Llewellyn who had lived the majority of his life as a servant. He could not stop himself from completing his duties anymore than he could live without breathing.

Still, not everything was confusing in Llewellyn's new life with Lady Alice. They both went to the Academy in the morning together and they both trained as a Meister and Weapon duo with the assistance of Lord of the house. The servant often found himself in trouble at the Academy for completing more work than he was supposed to. He didn't jump ahead chapters to complete future homework, even though Llewellyn could easily accomplish this with his familiarity of the coursework, instead Llewellyn was in trouble for doing others' homework for them. The servant was uncertain on Lady Camilla's or Lords Alcross, Elias or Marcus's feelings towards his decision to complete their work for them, but Lady Alice and most of the Academy staff did not seem to appreciate the gesture. Though, Llewellyn only truly did this so that the other members of his assigned team would be given more time to train for their future and to partially earn their favor.

Training on the other hand, was quite different. The Lord and Lady Alice seemed to truly wish to make use of Llewellyn even though he was nearly useless as a Weapon. Lady Alice did not express any sort of disdain for Llewellyn's Weapon Form, which was something he found concerning. Every previous Meister Llewellyn had met, including Lady Vera, wanted nothing to do with him because of his Weapon Form so, Lady Alice being completely fine with the undesirable form was unnerving. Still, Llewellyn did his utmost to not let the indifference Lady Alice showed distract him from his part in their training. The effort both the Lord and Lady Alice were putting forward to get accustomed to the useless Weapon was admirable if it were not so futile. Llewellyn knew that it was only a matter of time before he was sent back to the Galant household and that this training was meant to establish a routine schedule rather than actually improve Lady Alice's proficiency with such an inadequate Weapon Partner.

Though, there was one thing during their training Llewellyn was warned by Lady Alice and the Lord of a condition that the blonde girl had called 'Madness'. The servant initially had assumed the two were merely sharing some sort of inside joke at his own expense. Madness was after all an affliction that Meister families told stories to their kids about in order to scare them into behaving. He was certain that it could not have existed in any way shape or form, and he was wrong. It was a gradual thing at first, an odd whisper here, a breathless murmur there. It was harmless, until it was not. Llewellyn nearly followed an order it had given him when Lady Alice and the Lord had caught on. They had thankfully stopped him before he could fulfill the requested task. After that Lady Alice finally gave Llewellyn an official task, one that she stressed was important: Resist the Madness and put a stop to it if it consumed her.

The new task gave Llewellyn some relief for it showed that he was still a servant and that he did hold some value for his Meister. However, Llewellyn only ever planned to follow half of Lady Alice's order. Resisting Madness was not an easy task yet it was one that the servant was more than willing to carry out, but killing one's own Meister was simply not going to happen. Llewellyn may not have been confident in pairing up with any other Meister after Lady Vera discarded him, but a Weapon simply did not let their Meister die regardless of their feelings. When the time came that Lady Alice was consumed by her Madness, Llewellyn knew that he would not carry out the order to kill her, provided he was still her Weapon Partner at that time, instead he would try to stem its progression as best as he could. Though, Llewellyn highly doubted that such an event would come to pass. After all, Lady Alice would more than likely discover that she would prefer a more capable Weapon Partner after their first mission.

Speaking of their first mission, Lady Alice had set up a mission for Lady Camilla, Lord Alcross and themselves during the end of their first week. The servant had been looking forward to the mission as much as he looked forward to Lady Alice holding him while he was in his pathetic Weapon Form. These two things evoked the same overwhelming feeling that gave Llewellyn Hope and Despair in equal measure. He both hated the feeling and longed for it. Still, the mission would be a good thing since Lady Alice would then be able to get a proper Weapon Partner after she saw how worthless Llewellyn was in the field. That would be a good thing, right? Yes, of course it would, it was ridiculous to think otherwise.

Llewellyn tried to not count the hours until it was time for the mission, though he did get to four before Lady Alice had informed him it was time to depart. The servant was then told that he could remain in his Human Form until they picked up Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross. Llewellyn was hesitant to touch Lady Alice because he was afraid of feeling that sensation again, yet he knew he had to because they were using a motorcycle as their transportation for the day. Uncertain and cautious arms reached out and settled around the blonde girl as Llewellyn tried to replicate what he had seen passengers of motorcycles do. The sensation of Lady Alice's wavelength washed over the Weapon the moment he made contact with her, though he did his best to not let it show that it affected him. It was difficult, to not let the comforting feeling overwhelm him and everytime Llewellyn tried he failed. Just as he failed to not let the knowledge that it wouldn't last infect and twist the feeling into pain and longing. That is why Llewellyn was relieved when they reached the Dorms and he was allowed to step off of the bike.

When Lady Alice held out her hand, Llewellyn placed his own there before transitioning into his Shield Form, as per the plan. He was then tied to his Meister while the other Meister and Weapon pair joined them. Llewellyn did not mind this part of the plan so much, for while he was making contact with Lady Alice, this time it was muted. The difference was akin to nicking your finger with a knife and full on cutting yourself. One was a nuisance and the other was an injury. Though, after today that feeling would be gone and he would return to the Galant household.

When the group of four set off towards the town in which the mission would be, Llewellyn felt the wind push firmly against his Shield face, turning him ever slightly as it whipped around him. He did not mind it that much though since the slight adjustment did not seem to bother Lady Alice. Though, the wind did make it a little difficult to hear the blonde girl as she tried to shout over it for everyone else to hear her. Lady Alice was informing them all of the mission details in her own words, which was something Llewellyn listened to even though he had read the details over himself until they were memorized. It helped to be prepared, even if this was to be his first and last mission with these people. Though, the servant chased away such thoughts when Lady Alice inquired about the safety of the Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross. Turning his attention outwards and behind himself, Llewellyn felt more than saw the other Meister and Weapon pair behind Lady Alice.
They appear to be doing fairly well milady. Though, Lady Camilla's hair may need to be brushed once we reach our destination.

Mission: Investigate Town

Location: Strapped to Lady Alice's side

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One Thousand Club
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One week has passed since their first day at the DWMA. Throughout this time Camilla and Alcross were able to get living arrangements settled without too much hassle. Settling for the one of the many dorms made available to students of the academy. Naturally she was nervous about living under the same roof as a boy. Sure she had to stay with Doren for a long time but that was different, being the only reason she was alive right now, the only reason she was at the academy today, he was essentially her surrogate father at that point. But her nerves calmed after the first night. She wasn't so sure what exactly made her so worried in the first place. Guess it was just because it was her first time staying with someone who didn't have direct ties with her family and she didn't know what how he'd be like. Did he snore loud? Would he leave the dorm a mess? Would he walk into the bathroom while she showered without knocking? ... Would she accidentally do the same? ... ... She shook the thought from her head before the girl went to far into it. She just had to trust in him, after all, despite his nonchalant demeanour she could just tell he was a genuine person. Besides nothing bad has happened so far. It surely stay that way right?

After living accommodations were made, Camilla had also spent plenty of time learning about Alcross' weapon form. Or rather forms. To her surprise Alcross was actually a multi weapon type. He showed her all of them including how they all worked. The selection was certainly diverse. From a Keyboard Blade , a Bass Axe, drum knuckledusters and a Microphone attached to a gun with a speaker on end of the barrel. The microphone stood out to her the most and not exactly in a pleasant way either. It was explained that the weapon uses sound and amplifies it to the point it deals physical damage to anything standing in the way. It reminded her of the ear piercing scream from... A pair of white beady eyes appeared in her field of vision and her trail of thought ended there. She didn't want to start digging up the past. Especially while she was holding Alcross in weapon form right now. Camilla didn't give anything away, saying that all of his forms were amazing. Still Alcross would likely detect the slightest hint of sadness while she had her moment. Probably not enough to speak up about it though.

Finally it was time to go on their first mission. After a week of classes and getting to know each other's partners they were ready for the real deal. In Camilla and Alcross' team was Alice, Lew, Marcus and Elias. The last two names she already got a first impression of on the first day of school. Marcus almost getting into a fight with another student right off the bat and Elias being the one who destroyed the maze. She probably would've been lost in there a lot longer if he didn't but it was still dangerous. Especially considering how close Alcross was to a much more serious injury than he left with. Well after those events... Camilla knows better now than to judge someone on first impressions alone and they had all year to leave a good one. Unfortunately that would have to wait though, due to the fact that they ended up picking a mission and decided to go solo while Alice partnered up with Camilla to do hers. Either way she hoped they'd come back safely nonetheless. For Camilla's mission, her partners were going to have to investigate a disturbance in a village. It was agreed that Alice was going to meet her and Alcross outside the dorms where they'd be picked up via motorcycle. Admittedly she'd never rode on a motorbike before, not even as a passenger. There was a mix of both excitement and worry, something anyone would naturally feel for their first time doing something potentially dangerous. She was sure Alice knew what she was doing though. She just had to remind herself of that.

When the time came, Camilla and Alcross waited outside the dorms for their ride to arrive and right on time it did. The loud revving getting closer and closer until Alice and Lew came into view. She waved out to them excitedly as they approached and came to a halt beside them. From there Camilla and Alcross joined hands as he transformed into the Keyboard Blade. Cami holstered him onto her back alongside the old worn bow she carried everywhere with her. She was surprised no one commented on it yet. Still she hoped it would stay that way. Yet she knew it wouldn't so she'd need a decent answer in case someone did. Camilla hopped on the motorcycle rather awkwardly. Unsure of how she was suppose to stay still on this thing. Alice had to point out she'd have to hold on to her for the ride. Camilla simply nodded and held on still somewhat awkward about it. Finally the four left for their adventure. Camilla held on tightly at first scared she was going to fall off but her grip loosened once momentum built up and became easier to stay still. All her worries were now long gone and he started enjoying the ride. Her hair fluttered in the wind as she stared out completely awestruck. "T-This is amazing!" She shouted out, a large smile now plastered on her face. After a little while riding, Camilla heard music all of a sudden. Must be Alcross, playing away the boredom of the journey. Cami didn't complain. Alcross was an incredibly talented musician. She spoke in her head, only alcross able to hear her right now. "Your music is beautiful. You must really enjoy this kind of stuff huh?" She said quickly, trying not to destroy the flow of his music. Alice asked if we were both doing fine at the back. She was about to reply they were fine, then hit a slight bump in the road. Probably nothing to Alice but it was enough to make Camilla squeal with shock and lose her balance, gripping on tightly again. Her arms now wrapped around the blonde girl completely as if in a hug. Camilla blushed, slightly embarrassed after realising what she was doing. "S-SORRY! I...Uh.. I'm fine..." She quickly regained her composure once more. Awkwardly looking to the side.

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The Elder

FIRST DAY OUT80a98fb0e0b6cd653dcfb43fb3ad1afc.jpgIts been over a week since, the first of day of school and so far things are running a bit smoothly and normal. he went to class everyday, trying his best to pay attention but sometimes always ended up just listening to music. He mainly did It to tune out instructors voice while he still read their lips retaining any information he could. Though some of the things that were mentioned, he knew from the notes passed down to from his parents and grandfather. Some of the information was the same, however there were new topics. All in all school was school, just boring lectures one after another, but all the fun usually came afterwards, when he headed home with Elias. Ever since he moved in with his new partner things been a bit wild, physically and emotionally. He would usually training everyday with Elias learning the ins and outs of each others fighting style. They switched from weapon combat and hand to hand improving in both aspects. Marcus even practiced on his soul force trying to improve even more. Outside of training with Elias, breaking a few things, and enduring constant physical stress; he ending going through an emotional stress at the house.

Moving in with Elias also meant moving in with his sister and her weapon. For starters, despite seeing what he say at the bleachers, Marcus still definitely had a constant crush on Elvena. Every time he saw her throughout the house, he would usually stare, so in order to not he walks around with his headphones on distracting himself. Most of the time he wasn't even listening to music, but he simply had them on. Things wouldn't have been so bad if his partner wasn't so protective. Despite being a bit trained, Marcus was still new to this Meister/weapon connection and he didn't want to see it be ruined so soon. So far now he keep his distance from Elvy, until after their mission. And staying away from someone like her drove Marcus crazy, especially when she kept trying to get his attention. She turns his water ice cold in the shower, changed his music, and even wears questionable things inside the house. Cold water and the questionable clothing was one thing, but changing his music was just plain disrespectful. The manor of self control he had to not confront her was on a whole new level.

When the following week arrive and it was time for missions, Marcus scanned the board looking for something that would peak his interest. He was looking for something that was challenging and would show his growth as a Meister. He noticed a two star mission, which didn't really call the need for any other team members, so it was right for him to take that one. It was off someone in a village so Marcus and Elias got prepared for their road trip and took off. Driving in his old school chevy impala, Marcus lead Elias on his bike towards the village blasting his music. Upon his arrival, he exits the car taking a good look at the village. The whole scenery look very dreary and miserable. He looks at the fields seeing a few scarecrows out in about doing their thing. He looks at Elias as he speaks to him, walking up the hill towards the village inn. "Yeah I gotcha. The report said that this village was experiencing some suspicious activity. So hopefully it's just their paranoia." He says walking up the steps leading Elias to the inn.

As they stepped inside the inn, the there were a few people inside sitting around talking amongst themselves and a musician in the back playing music. He looks over towards the innkeeper behind the bar and walks right up to him. "Hello welcome to this village's inn, how may I help you?" He asked "Well, my friend and I are from the DWMA, and were here to ask you about the suspicious activity thats been goin around." He says going straight to the punch. As soon as Marcus brought up his question, everything around them went silent. All eyes were on them as if he said something wrong. "Suspicious huh? The only thing thats been going on around here, is nothing but a prank pulled by little kids." The innkeeper says. "Pranks?" Marcus questioned. "Yeah pranks nothing more nothing less. It's just a bunch of kids messing around with the folks in the village." "Messing around like how?" Marcus ask. "Its those damn scarecrows. Every night, the kids move them from one place to another. And im not talking about a few feet. No I talking rooftops, inside people houses. They just put em any and everywhere. No matter how many times we punish them, they just don't get it and continue their pranks." "Uhh alright. That's about it for now, sir. Let's go Elias." Marcus says walking outside the inn standing on the front porch.

"So from what you heard, what do you think about it?" He asked looking over at Elias. "He says that its a bunch of kids, but I don't wanna rule anything else out. Do you think we should ask the kids in this village?" He asked. Though before anything else was said, an old man steps out of the inn, walking up to us. "You know that innkeeper is a fool. He's in denial. The children aren't doing this at all. It's something else more sinister than a bunch of kids playing pranks on us. Only reason he blames them, because there was an incident a few weeks ago when they were, but something just feels off now. I don't think it's the children at all." He says, before walking off. "Well now we have two perspectives on the matter. Moving scarecrows really sound like something from a horror movie, and you know who usually dies first in horror films?" He asked pointing at his hand, giving Elias a bit of a hint. "If it comes down to scarecrows moving on their own, lets not hesitate and cut them down." He says placing his hands behind his head.
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Alice couldn't help but laugh as Camilla freaked out a little bit before latching back onto her. "Her and my hair would both need brushing after this. But that's the least of our concerns." she informed her partner before speaking aloud "You're okay, Cami!" the mountain started to slowly become bigger and bigger the closer Alice had gotten. The only thing going on through the blonde's mind, was the mission and how they were going to approach it. From the mission details, it seemed that the night was a terrorizing time and would provide the team the perfect opportunity to investigate and attack the Kishin on sight. "I would take the time to rest up, Lew. This kishin works in the dark, which means we may be up all night. I'm going to have to tell Cami and Alcross that when we get there." she informed him, trying to kick up her speed as everything around them started to blur more. "We're almost there, Camilla, Alcross!" despite the speed that the Meister was going, the mountain couldn't come any sooner. It took at least another 30 minutes to actually get to the mountain itself before she started to go on a search for the entrance.

It didnt take very long to come across the entrance and zoom right inside. Being dark inside, Alice turned on her front light and zoomed right through the mountain, watching as the bright light on the other end get larger and larger till the duo emerged from the tunnel, coming up on a path that lead right to the town, large stone buildings built everywhere. Alice slowed her bike and turned off her headlight, gently rolling through the town's roads and looking around at the people who looked at them. She gave them a gentle nod in greeting before looking around for the building they needed to check into "Camilla, Alcross, I'll tell you both what I told Lew. We're gonna have to rest up because we may be up all night. Our mission is a low rank but we dont know how much our Kishin can do." she glanced back at her "After we get some information, we can either look for clues or we can sleep till dark." Alice could stay up for as long as she forced her body to. If she had adrenaline running through her veins and was constantly on guard, sleeping would be close to impossible to even do.

After rolling up to a large building that seemed larger than the others, she looked up at the sign and nodded, parking her bike to the side and turning the key in her bike before pulling it out. "We can start in this building. A bar that's also an inn always has a good amount of people to question about their nights." she waited till Camilla released her and then she got off the bike, untying the band she used to hold Lew to her chest. "You can change back, Lew." she said before taking the band off of him and gently placing him on the bike before wrapping her arm back up and glancing at the other pair.​



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It had been about a week now since Alcross and Camilla had partnered up as weapon and meister; the pair of them securing a dorm with the help of the academy. Whilst Alcross did have a place to stay within Death Vegas, he had been rather adamant that he did not want to have it be the home for him and his new meister, much to his mother's dismay. For one thing, he had no doubt in his mind that at some point during their stay, his mother would have begun to embarrass him in front of Camilla, her inability to respect anything private about her own son being a dangerous weapon against him. Alcross was sure that despite what she said, she really did enjoy undermining him in whatever way possible. Secondly, it would have completely defeated his purpose for coming to the academy in the first place.

The week had been rather eventful to say the least, the obvious awkwardness of suddenly being thrust under the same roof with a stranger had made the first day or two rather 'stop and go' as both Camilla and Alcross tended to tip-toe around the other, Alcross on his part trying to respect her boundaries as a woman. Despite the women who frequented his life being quite straightforward in their behaviour, Alcross was still aware that not all girls acted that way and he had just been unfortunate with being surrounded by those that seemed to enjoy invading his private space. Thankfully, Camilla was nothing like them and Alcross for the most part did not have to worry about being dragged out of his comfort zone.

Outside of their living accommodations, Alcross had been quite open to Camilla about his abilities as a demon weapon; his ability to take not one, not two but rather 4 different forms had meant that mastering him would be quite the predicament since all four forms utilised different combat styles; one of which was certainly unique and had seemed to garner a rather different reaction from Camilla, though Alcross had remained rather quiet about it rather then questioning his new Meister. Whilst they were Meister and Weapon, it was still rather early for Alcross to assume that he could pry into her past, especially when he wasn't entirely open about his either.

Outside of his relation with Camilla, the first week had revealed the new formation of 'teams' specifically three teams consisting of three pairs each from the group that had gathered at the orientation. The revelation of 4 other students who hadn't participated in the orientation being a surprise, however any shock from that was quickly overshadowed once the team list's were presented; Alcross's mouth dropping open as he saw the names lined next to his and Camilla. Alice and Lew were fine and Alcross had no qualms with that while the initial meeting with Marcus on the first day was already forgotten by Alcross as being nothing more than trivial. Elias however was someone that Alcross wasn't exactly keen on working alongside; the fact that this arsonist had already tried to kill him once was already enough interaction that he wanted to have with the hot head ruffian. Did the academy really think it was a wise idea to have them on the same team? Alcross could not help but hold differing opinions about it.

Thankfully their first mission was not going to be accompanied by Marcus and Elias, the potential for disaster occurring between the blonde haired boy and Alcross still being quite high considering only a week had past between his attempted murder. Instead, Alice and her partner Lew would be joining Camilla and Alcross in their debut mission; an investigation into the source of several reported disturbances occurring in a nearby village. Surely it would go smoothly. It was only an investigation after all and considering how Camilla's task was significantly higher in terms of mastering 4 forms over one, Alcross could only hope that it stayed that way. Combat was not something he was looking for, at least not when they were still fresh recruits to the academy.

The day soon arrived and Alcross found himself shifted into his primary Keyboard form; his sword clasped around Camilla's back as the pair waited for the arrival of Alice and Lewellyn, Alcross taking the initial opportunity to get a bit of shut eye as they waited; the drive no doubt going to be quite tedious; though the chance to doze off in peace was quickly shattered as the loud revving of Alice's bike signalled the pairs arrival to the dormitories. Glancing from within his space, Alcross had seen Lew plastered across Alice's chest like some kind of breastplate; his shielded form reflecting the ray of sunlight in their direction as he glimmered. His position was somewhat preferable considering the only alternative was to have him sandwiched between Alice's back and Camilla and despite not knowing why, Alcross would have preferred that to not occur.

Mid way into their journey, Alcross found himself unable to catch any shut eye and had instead wondered over to the lonely stage incorporated into his soul room, a phantasmal piano taking center stage, reflecting the weapon form he presently found himself in. Hands stroking the keys and with only a single person able to hear him, Alcross's hands began to dance along each key; music beginning to bring the space around him into life as ghostly pale blue creatures began to take shape around him; fragments of his soul coming to life as if empowered by the music he was playing.

"Your music is beautiful. You must really enjoy this kind of stuff huh?"

Alcross didn't even slow down with his performance, as Camilla's voice reverberated all around him; the pianist merely opening one eye and glancing out through the clockwork window of his Soul room, the scenic landscape that surrounded the bike Alice drove the only thing he could see as he remained fastened to the back of Camilla. "I guess..." he mumbled he response to her statement, hands still furiously playing away at the various keys. "Thank you..." he added, Alcross wasn't entirely sure if he did enjoy playing the instrument, his emotions in regards to his abilities were largely conflicted and whether he truly enjoyed it or merely reverted back to habit was hard to determine. All he knew was that when an instrument presented itself before him, the urge to play with it was hard to dismiss. "By the way... you can let Alice know that I'm fine back here as well" he added, addressing the other meisters question.

About half an hour had passed and the quarter found themselves entering the village; the bike coming to a short stop outside of a large building. Alice had already given her input on the matter, the blonde haired meister offering the duo of Camilla and Alcross some advice in regards to what their plan of action would be and for the large part Alcross did have to agree. If the Kishin was active at night, there was little sense in overworking themselves until night fall. Information was going to be vital for their success.

"Camilla, I think that makes sense... considering our lack of experience... caution would probably be our best course of action right now..." mumbled Alcross, his piano disappearing into a thin white mist as Alcross leapt off of her back and took form once more, the blue haired boy standing a few inches away from his red haired meister, both of his hands pocketed and his hood pulled over his head. Even now, Alcross could not help but feel like a few eyes had fallen upon them; the placid boy quietly scanning the immediate area around them.


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