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( Collab for mission with Elvy/Takeshi Exanis Exanis )

Elvena Stein

Elvy simply nodded to his words, any hint of surprise that would show when he declined her offer to carry him was nonexistent. The steps leading up to the castle were cracked and old as if it had once been a very high traffic area. Now, well now it was desolate and seemingly void of any inhabitants. It was so quiet in fact that she felt like her own thoughts were louder than the silence around them. She shivered faintly, crimson eyes peering about as she stopped before the door. A gloved hand reached out, the sound of creaking filling the air as it swung inwards. Her soul perception was quickly activated, gaze flickering from each visible hallway and rising to stare up at the massive ceiling that she felt could swallow them whole. It was dark, it was eerie, it was Elvy’s kind of place. She sighed happily and began to skip forward, steps dance-like as she held her arms out like one mimicking an airplane.

Say Takeshi? You think this autonomous weapon will show his face or should we get his attention? “ Elvy tilted her head, fun ideas bouncing around in her head as she swiveled to face her partner. “ What kind of name is Carn-Evil anyways? “ She thought aloud, a finger pressing against her lips in contemplation before she let out a chiming laugh. Clearly she was highly amused by the terrible code name or actual name this target of theirs had. The castle was quite tremendous and frankly she didn’t feel like walking through the entire thing and searching every nook and cranny. Thankfully she didn’t have to put forth the effort to locate him as the sound of footsteps approaching started to echo around them, resonating from above before she saw his lanky figure standing atop the grand stairs. His hand was placed upon the railing, a rather crazed lord like stature as he stared down at them. Elvy knew the look that she caught in his eyes, it was blood-lust, but not the normal kind. It was cannibalistic.

The Stein grinned wide and naturally slid her feet into a more attack like stance but a casual air remained around her. “ We’re from the DWMA, if you hadn’t guessed. You’ve got something we want. You could just tell me what I need to know but we can also dance if you’d like. “ Elvy’s eyes narrowed a bit, that same grin plastered on her face as she leaned more towards the carnage that could be had. These weren’t other students, this was evil, this was someone that she could go all out on. “ My dear, you’ve come into my home like a little lost sheep just waiting to be slaughtered. However you have demands from me? I do enjoy playing with my food. Meat tastes best when it’s riddled with fear. “ He bellowed down to answer her words, eyes glazing over as he fluidly jumped over the railing and landed right in front of her. She could feel his hot disgusting breath against her porcelain skin, nose scrunching up in response as the stench was almost unbearable.

“ You smell delicious but… why do I sense no fear? Not even a hint? Oh you’re a corrupted meager thing, aren’t you? “ He commented on her black blood, raising a hand towards her face as if intrigued. “ I can’t wait to get a bite. “ Her only response was to stare him straight in his psychotic eyes and slap his hand off to the side, lips starting to quiver as a smile spread even further. “ I can’t wait to skewer you alive and watch the life drain from your eyes. “ Her voice was hushed, making one have to really listen if they wanted to catch the words escaping her lips. “ I wasn’t aware you were delusional too. Is that a side effect of your condition? And who is the scrumptious looking friend you brought? I guess he is going to be dessert. My favorite part of the meal. How exquisite!

Takeshi Mifune

Takeshi had no strong feelings towards their surroundings, finding that the castle that they got closer and closer to had its own unique kind of charm, but never would it be something that he would actively seek out, though to be fair there were few things that Takeshi would seek out by himself. The quiet of the surrounding area was nice though, being able to hear every little thing, and with the large amount of nature surrounding this place, this castle could have a potentially very natural feel to it. Maybe if he found a way to the top of the castle he could watch a sunrise or a sunset and just enjoy the breeze against his skin, that would be nice. His musings were cut off when Elvena began skipping around and addressing him, carefree as ever about the potential danger that they were supposed to face. Not that he really minded, he could also care less about whatever schmuck they were supposed to hunt down, cannibal weapon or otherwise.

Humming to himself in response to her question, Takeshi did spare a single moment to wonder about the potential actions of their soon-to-be victim, but ultimately pushed that idea to the side. “ I’m more worried about him runnin’ off than finding him. ” Following his statement with a shrug, Takeshi began scanning their surroundings lazily, his lethargic gait barely making a sound even in the quiet surroundings. “ ‘Sides, we shouldn’t have too much trouble with a guy that wanted a circus theme and evil combined to be his name. ” Just as he finished his statement, did Takeshi then notice their target approaching them from the sound of the footsteps. Eyeing him up and down, Takeshi found this supposed dangerous madman wholly disappointing in so many ways. He seemed over the top, overdramatic, overcompensating, and probably just plain unskilled. His only saving grace quite literally seemed to be the fact that he was a weapon and had a modicum of talent in fighting alone, or at least that’s what Takeshi was able to glean from just a glance.

Silently, striding to stand next to Elvena as she and the target had their little back and forth, Takeshi could only point to himself and raise an eyebrow in surprise when he was called dessert. He didn’t know if he was to be offended that this pompous man thought himself capable of taking him on, let alone both him and Elvena, or appreciate the fact that he was the finishing touch to a meal. Still, this mad dog was barking way too much, which in turn meant that he was losing out on precious sleep time and that was completely unacceptable. So, with a sigh, Takeshi put an arm on Elvena’s shoulder as if to use her as an armrest, and held up his other hand with five fingers, ticking them down as he addressed the other weapon. “ Here’s the rules so you stop wasting our time. One, sniff us again, lose your nose. Two, say stupid shit, lose your teeth. Three, touch us, lose that hand. Four, you have three minutes to spill before I turn you into a nugget. Five, the timer started a minute ago. ” This was, of course, all said with a completely deadpan and done-with-the-world expression, and from Takeshi’s tone of voice, he was completely serious about his threats towards the target’s wellbeing.

Elvena Stein

The sudden feeling of Takeshi’s arm on her shoulder made her peer over at him, gaze watching his hand rise. She customarily lifted her own hand and counted down with him, nodding the entire time in agreeance with the rules stated by her partner. “ Insolence will be your downfall. “ She heard the man known as Carn-Evil say, a weird change in his soul being caught by Elvena’s soul perception. Where he was once calm and actually nonchalant, toying with them, there was now rage and pure irritation. His entire arm was thrown back, changing into the blade of a chainsaw. He’s fast… Elvy noted, his transformation almost instantaneous before she caught on to his intended target with the now whirring blade. There was no hesitation as the Stein flashed in front of Takeshi, arms wrapping around his entire frame as the edges of the weapon tore into her back, shredding her top and starting to dig deep into her skin. Her eyes forcefully shut, wincing only momentarily as her blood began to coat the area around them, running down her skin like a rampant rainstorm and bursting outwards. The newest sound was turned from flesh being torn into his blade clashing with cement, no longer cutting but being met with resistance.

She bit down hard on her lip, oomfing as she forced the two of them down onto the ground, her lithe frame entirely on top of Takeshi’s now as she released him and placed her hands on either side, trying not to force all of her weight upon him. The bleeding had stopped, her blood hardened once again as the wound began to heal itself, the only indication it had even been there being the blood still splattered along her skin. The black clashed with the pale nature of it, but instead of being upset by the events she was thrilled. One would assume it had been done purposefully by the look of glee on her face. Those ruby eyes fell down onto Takeshi’s face, meeting his golden ones for a few moments seemingly lost in them before she threw a hand out and the blood around them started to change in shape. Carn-Evil took a few steps back, ceasing his attack as a series of needles started to jab out from the ground. A few of them pierced his limbs and he cursed under his breath, starting to hop backwards and trying to put some distance between himself and the two on the ground. They were in such a vulnerable spot but he knew there was no chance of approaching them while the girl was trying to literally play on her previous words and skewer him.

Elvena rose from the ground, completely uncaring of the fact that her entire back was exposed. She held out both of her hands, chest starting to rise and fall as she laughed loudly, grayish hair dancing around her frame as she began to walk towards their target. “ Let’s play! “ Her voice had turned sinister, movements now slightly more erratic as she flashed from her current position and stopped in front of the man. Long spider-like legs formed from the blood on her back, flashing outwards as she pinned him into the nearest wall, the points impaling different parts of his skin and binding him there.

Right where I want you. “ He sneered, tongue lazily pushing past his now parted lips as saliva dripped down along his chin, his strength overpowering hers as he fought against the restraints to sink his teeth into her shoulder. The weapons Elvy was utilizing retraced and she struggled to rip herself free from the man’s grasp, the chainsaw that was once his arm now a human arm again as he grasped her even tighter despite her protests. She struck him again and again with her bloody needles to no avail, the attacks becoming faster and more frequent “ Get off me you freak! “ She screamed out, mania starting to set in out of sheer frustration as he refused to let go.

Takeshi Mifune

Takeshi was ready for a lot of different things to happen the moment he saw their target’s muscles tense to lunge at them, or more specifically - him. He was ready to transform for Elvena the moment she made any indication towards grabbing him. He was ready for both of them to dodge away from the man and then retaliate. Hell, he was even ready to draw his sword and clash with this fool. He was not ready, however, for Elvena to throw herself on top of him as a human shield. Gazing questionably back into her eyes, Takeshi ignored the sound of viciously ripping flesh and black blood splashing every which way. Soon, the gruesome sounds changed into that of metal hitting a hard substance, and Takeshi watched as the blood around them turned to needles and began targeting their attacker, who rapidly moved away. Keeping his eyes on Elvena, he watched as she got up and formed what looked like spider legs from the blood on her back.

Pushing himself up onto his feet from the impromptu tackle done against him by Elvena, Takeshi watched the fight between the two warily, wondering if his partner had this under control, or if he’d actually have to put in some effort to deal with this growing annoyance. The moment that Elvena had pinned the opponent to the wall, Takeshi let a small huff of relief out, immensely glad that it seemed he would get to go to sleep a lot sooner than expected. That relief, however, evaporated the second Elvena started to get overpowered by the cannibalistic weapon, disbelief coloring his gaze when she was bitten. That disbelief began to slowly bubble into an even greater annoyance, peaking as he watched his partner’s futile struggle against the grip of her captor, her spider-like blood limbs long gone. The second she began screaming near maniacally, Takeshi knew that she absolutely did not have this under control, and more importantly, he was going to actually put in real effort.

Eyes narrowing partly in concentration and partly in sheer annoyance, Takeshi put one hand on the hilt of his sword, and called out to the two. “ Three rules. Broken. My time. Wasted. ” As he finished his statement, Takeshi burst forward, appearing by their side in moments, sword already drawn and swinging towards one of the arms holding Elvena captive.

Carn-Evil’s eyes flickered over to the boy who suddenly appeared, his steel locked grip on the girl being lessened as one of his arms turned back into a chainsaw. It acted to block the sword aiming to sever his arm but it was dishearteningly enough to allow the gray haired meister to free herself of his hold. “ Two on one hardly seems fair. “ He stated grimly, figure slipping away into the darkness as he disappeared down a corridor of the castle. His mind reeled into an endless amount of possibilities as he mentally visualized his next route to attack, wanting to surprise them this time. It was clear the head on tactic was not going to work on his meal this time, he was going to have to be smarter and more patient.​
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Elgin Text.png
So his first day at school didn't exactly go how he expected it to. Let's see... First he was nearly late, accidentally saw up a girl's skirt and had the end of a gun barrel put against his head, failed the obstacle course due to seeing up ANOTHER girl's skirt, and ended up pairing with a Meister named Arthur. He dreamt of being the weapon of a badass chick like Shinobu. Or the hot blonde girl with a killer bod like Alice. Instead he ended up pairing with a dude with major issues interacting with other people. But he couldn't deny. Elgin resonated with the guy better than anyone else in the class but he seriously wondered whether this guy was even cut out for what's expected of him as a Meister of the DWMA. Surely he had to be in EAT for a reason. I mean how can you even hope to stand up against a Kishin, let alone a witch if you can't even hold a normal conversation for more than 10 seconds? Still he would have to just see for himself when they finally get thrown into real combat. Which won't be long now.

Elgin had mixed feelings about his team too. Working alongside the cool and collected Shinobu he had no complaints about, it was Rin that posed the biggest problem. After his first interaction with her he knew he would have to be careful around her. I mean she WAS the one that pointed a gun at his forehead. He didn't MEAN to look up her skirt. She was the one who decided to stand where she did! ... Regardless... Lil Miss Trigger happy certainly knew how to hold a grudge and Apologising was something Elgin wasn't too good at either. So things were probably gonna be awkward for a good while. Eventually the team got their first assignment. A low risk mission, a fair enough choice considering their lack of experience. The objective was to assassinate some dude that steals valuables from already dead witches and retrieve some magical skeleton key. Elgin didn't pay too much attention to the details but got the general idea to get the job done. By this point Elgin had already introduced Arthur to his weapon form and told how use it. So from here on he could only hope they'd come back from this in one piece.

On the day of the mission, Arthur and Elgin were picked up in... LIMO!? Now THIS was unexpected... He could only assume Shinobu owned it since she was in the driver seat. Seriously just who was she? Is she seriously that filthy rich? No no... No time for questioning it all. There had to be a reason surely. Looks like this teams gonna be travelling in luxury. The back of the limo was filled with the supplies they'd probably need for the mission... Elgin coulda sworn half the stuff in there wasn't even related to it at all though... But since that was there the only option left for seating was to sit everyone together... Rin was there too... She didn't look happy... Not in the slightest. Time... For an awkward road trip. Since Rin was the smallest she had to sit in between him and Arthur. Which wouldn't be so bad... If it wasn't for Rin looking as if she was going to pull a gun on him and blast his head off the moment he looked at her wrong. The trip was as bad as he expected. Nobody talked whatsoever. Shinobu was focused on the road, Arthur was off having mini panic attacks and Rin still looked like she was about to explode. He looked out the window, taking in the scenery to forget about this whole situation... ... Okay already bored of that. What else what else... He checked his phone, nothing new there. Boredom starting to get unbearable. Alright if all else fails on a road trip... Sleep! He laid his head back and let his eyes drift to a close... For about 5 seconds before they shot wide open again. Noticing that closing his eyes amplifies the feeling Rin's wrathful aura tenfold. Alright looks like there was no other option. He would have to interact with someone... Arthur wasn't an option obviously and Shinobu looked focused on the journey. Maybe... JUST maybe he could lessen the awkwardness just a little if he could open some kind of conversation with Rin. His eyes looked to the side where she was, trying to think of something to say. "Uh... So how you doin'?" Elgin merely got a quick "fine" as a reply. Ending the conversation there instantly. Alright that's on him. There's not much to reply to with a question like that. "... SO our first mission huh? Pretty damn exciting right? I wonder how much of a fight our target will put up!" This time Elgin was met with a mere "Mhm." Not even replying with a word this time. Seriously girl you can at least try to talk..., a vein popping in his head from anger, he tried to think of something else. "... You... Aren't still mad about THAT are you?" No reply. Flat out ignored. She was totally still mad. In his attempt to alleviate some of the tension he only made it worse. He merely went back to his first idea of enjoying the scenery, realising it doesn't suck nearly as bad as the whatever the hell's going on in this car right now.

Finally the boringly torturous journey was finally over, Shinobu informed everyone that they were approaching the ruins and they would have to trek up to the main building on foot. "UGH FINALLY!" He suddenly exclaimed. Unable to stand a second more in this hell car. When the doors opened he stepped out and stretched with relief. looking around it seemed as if merely touching any of the walls or structures would send it crumbling on top of them. Cool. "Alright when the hell can we start busting heads. We just gotta take down some dude and take his stuff right. Why's this a two star mission anyway? Sounds like something either of us could handle solo no problem." Suddenly Rin started to have some moral issues over the mission. Well she wasn't wrong. This wasn't a kishin. It was a living breathing person like the rest of them. Ugh why'd she have to go bring that up... "Tch... Isn't the number 1 rule of assassinations to NOT think about all that crap? This mission was issued by the DWMA right? Surely he musta done some pretty nasty stuff to end up on Lord Death's naughty list." He took a couple steps forward. Looking at the large building in the distance. Thinking for a moment. "He's in there right? If the place is as bad as they say why not just blast it down and be done with it? Surely he wouldn't survive the whole building crumbling on top of 'im." He spoke with a sly smirk. Completely forgetting they had to grab the trinkets he carried too.

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The servant remained quiet for the remainder of the trip to the town they were supposed to investigate. He found it odd that Lady Alice had given Lady Camilla a nickname as well, though he supposed that was to be expected. The two Meisters got along fairly well so it was not impossible for them to become fast friends. Still, it brought forth an ugly, painful feeling that was bitter to swallow back down. I know better than to allow these useless feelings hinder my ability to serve. Lady Alice can pick and choose her companions as she wishes. Besides, I have no right to those feelings for after tonight's mission I will be replaced. Thinking this did not detract from the selfish emotions swirling inside, but Llewellyn forced himself to move on regardless. He was not special. Having a nickname did not make you special, it merely made it easier for your master to remember you. This meant that he was useful to Lady Alice....for now.

Llewellyn's focus shifted to the outside world once more as he heard Lady Alice's voice through their temporary connection. I understand milady. I shall seek to secure us some rooms or an area safe enough for us to rest when we get there. The servant was then silent once more, though this time he tried to prevent his thoughts from focusing inwards, towards himself. He may have just enough money to purchase two rooms for the night if there was an inn or motel. If that was not possible, then he would have to spend his part of their time waiting searching for a defensible position where they could rest. Still, Llewellyn hoped that he could acquire rooms for the four of them since camping outside with a known Kishin threat was reckless and should always be considered the last possible option. Well, at least that is what the Academy had taught him during his two years spent there.

When Lady Alice halted the bike some time later in front of a relatively big building, it took Llewellyn a moment to redirect his attention to the world around him. The adjustment was slightly jarring, yet the servant pushed through that sensation in case his services were required at that very moment. It was a good thing he did so since Lady Alice had been briefing Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross on where they would all be initiating their investigation: the building they had just parked at. Llewellyn could not determine much about the large building, but thankfully he didn't have to make use of his limited senses as Lady Alice told everyone what the building was. A bar that is also an inn? That is quite clever. They can welcome in new clientele to their town and earn a respectable amount of coin intoxicating their guests with alcohol. Though, this does mean that it is possible we will encounter some....unsavory individuals. It was not a pleasant thought, even if it was possible yet, Llewellyn tried to not let his own thoughts bother him too much as he hurried to follow his Meister's veiled order.

Changing from Weapon Form to Human Form always made Llewellyn feel vulnerable and weak no matter how many times he did so. Conversely, his transformation into a Weapon made him feel useful and powerful. It was beautifully ironic when one considered what the servant could do as a man, compared to his Weapon Form. However, Llewellyn allowed those musings to die as well, knowing that he had been thinking too much for one night already. "If you desire, Lady Camilla, milady, I have a few spare brushes upon my person. They are untouched by anyone, I assure you. If they are to your liking you may keep them." The servant produced two hairbrushes that were each stored within separate transparent bags from the inside of his servant's uniform. He had two more hairbrushes that were stored in a similar manner inside interior pockets of his servant's vest as well. Though, the reason Llewellyn had hair brushes prepared at all was due to his own long hair. He had suspected that at some point during their mission hair would be inevitably tossed about, making any one of their team appear unpresentable. That was why Llewellyn had prepared four brushes instead of three, for he did not know if Lord Alcross would desire one to fix up any potential dishevelled hair. Llewellyn offered the brushes to the two girls within their group before putting away any that had been refused. Then, the servant waited patiently for Lady Alice to make the first step.

Mission: Investigate the Town

Location: The Town in question

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75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili

As everyone stepped outside of the Limo, Shinobu casually raised her keys before locking it back up with the push of a button once the doors were closed. Leaning against the Limo, she took note of her partner's hesitation. Worried about taking an innocent soul? Shinobu wasn't the type to get cold feet in the midst of a mission even if such a thought wasn't enjoyable to her either. She'd put her faith in the Academy until proven otherwise, they were kinda famous for protecting the world after all. But there was more to it than that, and Shinobu eventually pushed away from her limo and strolled over to Rin before giving her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"He should at least know that they're important," she noted with a shrug before turning her attention back to the ruins which loomed over them "otherwise he wouldn't be stealing them. One way or another, we're getting that witch stuff away from him."

She wasn't going to touch on the possibility of him having an innocent soul. She had a distinct feeling that she wouldn't be able to reassure Rin on that until they encountered the target and saw for themselves. A quick check on his soul would be more than enough, but no matter what his soul looked like they'd need that key first and foremost. Shinobu considered that the mission critical aspect, as the mission board clearly specified that as the object of importance. If they managed to beat him and bring home everything except that key, she wasn't sure they'd be graded too highly.

As she pulled her hand back and placed it against her hip, Shinobu looked back to their other teammates. While Arthur was only quietly nodding affirmations throughout the conversation, Elgin seemed to immediately brush off Rin's moral concerns. Unlike his partner, he openly expressed his eagerness to just start throwing hands, a mindset that Shinobu was far more familiar with than she'd like to be. The moment that he began asking when it'd be head-busting time, she reached into her pockets and pulled out a pair of a gloves.

"Wouldn't say we shouldn't go thinking about the state of his soul," she noted whilst pulling on her black gloves with smooth motions "corrupted target could whip out some ability in the midst of battle that we'll have to deal with."

With her gloves on, Shinobu stretched her arms over her head, "And while I'm digging the idea of spending all day scouring through rubble looking for that key we gotta nab, we should probably keep destroying the whole place as a last resort if that Witch Stuff he's got proves too problematic."

"Until then..."
she began making her way over to the ruins.

Hopping atop a toppled arch that lay atop the pile of rubble that had lay in their path, Shinobu raised a hand to her eyes and scanned the ruins one more time before glancing back to her team "Let's just hope the place isn't stuffed with as many traps as I'm expecting."

With that, she made her way down the other side of the pile and drew closer to the ruins. They felt even more massive up close, making the prospect of finding their target before he was alerted to their presence daunting. Considering that he had a bunch of witch stuff from Lair raiding, Shinobu was almost certain that he'd had to have laid out traps all over. That was how plenty of those old lairs were set up, if the stories Shinobu had heard about her own family were any indication.

Besides, its probably what she would've done in his shoes.

But until they knew what kind of traps he could have on handle, it wasn't as though she could predict how they were set up. Until then, she just strolled right in the front entrance with her gaze running along the walls around her. She adjusted her mask again whilst taking in the once-fabulous decor. She knew for a fact that Dormu would've loved a castle like this, a massive display of status, practically dominates the gaze of everyone within a mile's distance, perfect amount of space for fashion shows and Torture chambers. Bastard would've been having the time of his life.

Glancing back to ensure that her teammates were still near, Shinobu continued her search in a notably casual manner.

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Rin Hagihara
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Rin glared at Elgin with his stupid remarks. On top of it, he wanted to go the destructive route. Lifting her hand to her head, she rubbed her temples with a sigh "Helloo? Elgin?" the young meister called, "In case you forgot, we have two objectives. Kill the guy and take his items. We cant just blow the building up and call it a day!" Elgin was the typical man of wanting to blow shit up and walk away, hoping the target was dead. "Even if we did blow up the building, we have no idea if he's actually in there right now." despite her being upset over the fact he looked up her skirt on day one, they were still a team and communication was key for them. So one way or another she had to get through her grudge and work with her team. The more she looked at the building, the worst it seem to have gotten. Her attention was grabbed by her partner and she looked at her, giving her a little nod. Shin was a great partner to have, especially with the reassurance that she could always give Rin. While Shin went ahead, she followed not long after, going by Elgin and walking through the front, going around debris that was currently thrown about. What was about to happen wouldnt make this trip any easier...

Suddenly a click had went off under her foot and she paused her walk. Her heart skipping a beat as she slowly looked down at her foot to see a land mine right underneath it. "...That is not good..." she lifted her head and looked to see Shinobu already at the front entrance. Rin knew if she even tried to step off the landmine, she would be blown to smithereens. Taking a deep breath, she tried not to panic, given her current situation. If the place had a landmines, they would have to take a different approach. Lucky for Shin, she didnt step on any of these This is a bad situation... I could shift into my weapon form. But I'll be launched into the air and separated from the group. Though... her eyes lifted to the building and she wondered if she could be launched up on top. Though her balance was garbage, so she would only hurt herself... "Guys, we may have an issue." Rin said aloud, looking at her partner and then at the other part of her team "I might be standing on top of a landmine right now, so I suggest watching your step!" looking back to the trinket that was sitting under her foot, it looked nothing like the average landmine. It looked more ancient, more... Witch like.

It was probably a trinket of this collector and he decided to drop it in a very odd spot. It was a little bit off the side and nowhere where people would walk. Except for Rin apparently. "Dont come near me! You're going to get hurt if you do!" she warned, clenching her hands into fists before suddenly shifting into her weapon form, the landmine exploding and sending her weapon form into the air. In her weapon space, she felt something dropping down the side of her face and she lifted her fingers to her cheek and glanced at her hand, taking notice of some blood. Of course I got some scratches already. rolling her eyes, her weapon form fell from the air and smacked right onto the roof, allowing her to shift back into her human form and take a breath, looking where her last position was. No doubt they had gotten the attention of the collector with that large explosion. Her pale skin was covered in dirt and minor scratches, but she didnt seem very upset about them. Her knees were damaged on the first day of school so this wasnt a surprise

"Getting down is going to be easy, right?" she poked her head over the side to see if Shin was still there, which she was. But the height was incredibly high and she backed off the edge and closed her eyes "Why me..." it's not that heights were her weakness. She just hated them when she was just tossed on it for no good reason. "I'm fine if any of you guys were worried!" opening her eyes once again, she looked at her current position and noticed there was a way to get a good position from the top and point stuff out to her team. "I guess I'll be Arial support for now!" if her partner ever needed her, Rin could throw herself down and shift right into her partner's hands.​


Full of terror

Mara's expectations for what DWMA would be like had all been proven false within the first week of attendance. Every student was vastly different from one another and every student had the benefit of anonymity. Unlike Mara's hometown, a rural town where everyone was involved with community drama. There was no secrets that could be kept in such a closed bubble, making it hard to escape gossip and rumors. Now though, everyone was a blank page including Mara. Not that the teenager was known for keeping her own secrets, she found it easier to lay things bare when such subjects were brought up rather than dance around topics, constantly worrying what others think. Since arriving at the academy Samara hadn't bothered putting on airs, if the people she had to rely on couldn't handle a bit of bluntness than she wasn't about to trust them to watch her back in the field. The past week had her engaging in menial conversation only to shut them down or be ignored after a few minutes, no real fight had occurred just yet but she was getting a few glances already.

Her Meister was a unique case, and Mara still didn't know exactly what to make of him. That did bring up another issue, the sheer amount of males that distinguished themselves form the other faces in the background. There were a fair share of females that stood out of course, and they all seemed to be fully capable of standing their ground in a fight. Yet Mara was naturally suspicious of teenage boys and where their gaze drifted during conversations, the majority seemed nice enough but she had a sinking feeling that not all were so well behaved. Granted she could deal with awkward perverts better than she could the suffocating silence that permeated the limo. Any excitement that she would have had over a limo ride was choked out by the silence, despite wanting to break the silence she kept quite and instead scrolled her phone. Her new teammates seemed an odd bunch, but nothing insane as of yet. One of the boys tried to start some sort of conversation, a weak attempt but still an attempt and the girl exuded murderous intent. Mara thinks she heard the name Rin before.

Finally the limo rolled to a stop and the boy, Elgin, was the first one out. Mara exited the vehicle and gave a little stretch, that was a torturous ride and she could only hope future car rides went quicker. Tucking her phone away she glanced up at the sudden seriousness and inwardly shrugged at the idea of hunting someone, if this guy ended up on the mission roster he probably ate babies or something similar. Shinobu seemed to be much calmer about the whole thing, actually the woman seemed to emit a calm but dangerous aura since leaving the limo. Rin was quick to chastise her partner and Mara found herself agreeing with the other weapon. Running around a debris filled area was begging for a trap to be sprung.

Walking casuasully along what could be a path, close enough to the group to have safety in numbers yet far enough away that they aren't bunched together, Mara halted when she saw Rin. "Oh jeez, of course there are landmines!" The only good thing about the situation was that a weapon had found it, had it been a meister than there would be a lot more panicking. As if on cue Rin transformed and went flying, landing on top of the roof. She didn't look to be bleeding out and the yell she sent down confirmed the fact, though Mara did admit that Rin now had a great vantage point.

"If the collector comes out and picks a fight, she could probably sneak in while we distract him." Granted that would mean Rin would be alone in a very booby trapped house, but it was still an idea. Or they could fling someone else up with her, preferably her meister, and the pair could split off. Granted Mara was fairly certain that either the collector was going to come out pissed, or hide up and try to pick them off.

No matter what, the mission stated to kill the man and grab his stuff. So that's what they would have to do.​


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Elias Stein

Yeah, let’s hope. “ Elias said, short worded at the moment. He was rather busy peering around, gazing at the inquisitive faces watching them as if they were aliens to their town. In their defense they were a very eccentric looking duo and definitely stood out. The weapon boy was extremely relieved when his partner agreed to do the talking, his arms remaining crossed as he stood behind Marcus during the encounters in the inn. He kept his attention on everyone else, only vaguely catching the exchanges of conversation between his meister and the townsfolk. He didn’t need to be told twice about exiting the rather eerie inn, feeling much more comfortable as they stepped back outside. It would seem someone had more information for them and Elias turned, eyes narrowed slightly at the sudden approach. He wasn’t one to take kindly to someone sneaking up on them and he’d rudely interrupted him before he even had a chance to answer his partner.

Cut them down? “ Elias let out a rather mocking laugh, stretching a bit as he stood in his place, rolling his shoulders. “ I’ll burn those fuckers to the ground. “ He said with a hint of malice, really not liking scarecrows. They were outright creepy and he’d heard enough horror stories to not find any comfort in staring at those twisted things. “ Who dies first in the horror films? The dumb ass? The chick who trips on nothing? I’m not sure what you’re implying dude. “ Elias’s face contorted into innocent confusion, actually void of that grumpy ass look he usually held. “ I’m just following your lead but I’m not about that kind of business. Children? Scarecrows? What kind of vibe does that give you? Isn't there a movie about this shit? “ He said with a huff, gazing around in search of any of the things he just mentioned. Elias wasn’t exactly the cute type, he found kids to be pretty weird and absolutely irritating.

Maybe if I start blowing shit up in the fields I’ll anger whatever scarecrow gods might be watching and they will make it easy for us. “ He smashed his fists together as a spark jumped between them in response to his emotions starting to run rampant. The idea of destroying stuff definitely set off an excitement that he couldn’t find anywhere else. “ So where to now partner? “ He shifted his gaze back to Marcus, not wanting to lead this show. He was too lackadaisical for that, plus Marcus seemed to be pretty amazing at calling the shots and he thus far had zero complaints with that. Some of the town people were giving them different looks, ones of interest, others of disgust. To say they must not be their biggest fans was an understatement because as Elias met their gazes they either turned away or ran back into their homes. " HEY YOU LITTLE SHITS! THAT'S RIGHT, RUN! I'M WAY SCARIER THAN THESE DUMB ASS SCARECROW THINGS! " The blonde haired boy started screaming out, face contorted into irritation as he threw a fist through the air as if it would push his words further. He didn't entirely care that he was making a scene, they were treating them like the enemy and they were here to solve their creep ass problem for them.

Interacted with; Marcus The Elder The Elder


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Scene (Capt. HackinBill)
interaction: Phayne Phayne Japanime Japanime Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat
The four would continue there noisy investigation of the ship and calling out to the little girl would finally yield some result as they'd hear the sobbing voice of a little girl coming from the room nearby. assuming the four of them actually ran in there they were met with a particularly gruesome sight.

the room itself was shrouded in darkness aside from a small area around the doorway lit with an eerie blue flame, they’d see the little girl emerge from the darkness clutching a teddy bear as she ran towards them her eyes filled with tears and a deep expression of desperation and dread with each of her wide eyes. before they could react or even do anything a sharp swooshing sounds cut through the air along with a flash of spectral blue, two heads rolled one the unending gaze of a small toy soaked red, the other a hunted and desperate expression.. of a life cut short. Moments later the rest of the room lit up standing just behind the body of the child was an almost spectral pirate l casually wiping their blade clean of the blood it had just spilled. “We‘z war expetang ya louda den a parrot“ there voice sounded like a whole crew of people talking at once as they looked at them all with a smile. “Wroit den ohs next on da chopping block?“ the captains echoing chorus of a voice cackled Moving backwards just a bit expecting them to make the first and last move...
interaction: Japanime Japanime
the little Girls voice sent a shiver down Akron’s spin she sounded... so scared... it was a little unsettling, regardless of how he left they all had a mission to do and they would complete it, staying within easy reach of his partner as they rushed into the room.... only to see the child be cut down in one swipe everything slowed down to a crawl at least in Akron’s mind. One part of him simply didn’t care that the girl had died, they still had a mission to complete and that took precedent. Another was upset, angry this poor child was killed... but one voice got louder gnawing and gnashing becoming screaming, chomping and tearing, calling for blood for the sheer sake of it..

everything suddenly disappeared around Akron, he’d find himself standing in a realm made only of empty blackness, a single spotlight upon him and two other entities.. Akron stood there without his armour completely exposed a slight frown on his face. next to Akron was one of the other entities this one was as tall as Akron long flowing hair but bearing a more feminine appearance made Entity of the same inky blackness it lacked any defining bodily features aside form a single deep red eye form which vails of red flowed all across its body.. constantly murmuring insults.. the other one vaguely resembled some animal as more or less looked like a writhing mass of black and red tendrils the only truly distinguishing feature of the entity was the massive tooth-filled mouth and a single eye within. Akron stood there not blinking staring down the creature as he always had.. it circled quietly round and round bitting snapping calling for blood... the murmuring became louder the humanoid entity had grabbed Akron by the back of the neck trying to shove him to the ground but he didn’t move he didn’t stop staring at the monstrous one even though he felt his legs would give up.. he wouldn’t stop. Akron grabbed the humanoid ones arm “SHUT UP” he‘s yell through gritted teeth pulling The entity off himself Before throwing it into the dark abyss that surrounded them. Now there was two Akron and the monster. Akron would let out a sigh still not blinking the frown became a little smile “fine.. you win this time..” he’d say softly he closed his eyes the monsters suddenly swallowing him the light faded.

meanwhile, in the real world, Akron hand used his free arm to grab hold to one of Liam's. Moments later hundreds of blacks tendrils seemed to burst out of Akron like something was pulling its self out of the boy's body as it dissolved the mass quickly reformed into a much larger axe shape and crystalline the design was somehow elegant but also incredibly brutally the blades head sporting many small spikes and edges. It would go into something easy enough but when pulling it out the axe would cause even more damage like it wanted to be soaked in blood and gore.

this hand only took a few second time for Akron feeling like it returned to normal now in his partner hand “ready.. remember no hesitation” he’d say directly to Liam whom could feel Akron current single-minded goal of turning this Kishin into little pieces.
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( Collab for Elvy/Takeshi with Exanis Exanis )

Elvena Stein

The crazed look in Elvy’s eyes seemed to dim down once she was released, a gloved hand rising to grasp her shoulder. For whatever reason unbeknownst to her the wound from the bite refused to heal. It would have to be addressed later when they were in a safer position. For now she turned away from Takeshi, unable to look at him out of the major hit to her pride, remorse creeping onto her features. It was one thing to have been caught off guard like that but for him to have to step in and save her was another. She had forced him to be in the heat of things in human form, something she probably would never forgive herself for. If he had been hurt… She shook her head rapidly, fingers clenching the wound even tighter as if to distract herself from her own derailing thoughts.

I’ll keep my soul perception on in case he tries to get the jump on us. “ Part of her didn’t want to wield him in his sword form, that connection she longed for was one she currently feared. That meant letting him in to her inner thoughts and feelings, opening the doors to the despair that she was battling inside. There wasn’t an inkling of fear however towards their target, she wasn’t even remotely afraid of this overly suave autonomous weapon. With hesitance she took a few steps away from the wall, pivoting to finally face Takeshi whom had his sword drawn. “ I guess it’s a game of cat and mouse now.

Takeshi, for his worth, only leveled an annoyed look at Elvena, then turned away and began stalking into the darkness of the castle, sword still in hand and deadly intent emanating from his whole body. What exactly was on his mind couldn’t be guessed for certain, at least not from a single glance, but it was clear that he was unusually upset about something that had happened in that previous exchange. Still, no matter how upset he was, he did take a moment to respond to Elvena. “Guess so.

The Stein had noticed the look clear as day on Takeshi’s face and she fell silent, steps almost undetectable as she followed behind him. She did her best not to inquire any further, focusing instead on looking around and trying to find any hint of an oncoming attack. In the end her thoughts ate at her, consuming the attention that she should have on the mission and overtaking them. “ Did I piss you off? “ She asked softly, still keeping her distance behind him and no longer wanting to take a charging type attitude. Her shoulder was aching and it was apparent that she had overestimated their opponent. Still, that desire to keep her weapon safe from the evil she herself held and the psychotic nature of the autonomous weapon was stronger than her desire to fight as a team. She quickly realized that would put her at a disadvantage and whilst she was ready to admit her faults she couldn’t help but hope that she wasn’t completely destroying whatever connection the two of them had in the process of her arrogance. “ I’m sorry if I let you down. You’re free to change meisters when we return if you see fit. “ If her voice had been soft before it was even quieter now, eyes falling to the ground as she simply used the sound of his footsteps to guide her.

The swordsman paused for a split second when he heard the girl’s question, though he quickly continued forward. He did take a moment to roll her question in his head, trying to figure out the exact source of his annoyance. “I wanted to sleep. Now, I have to cripple an idiot.” Well, at least that was as much as he could figure out from a cursory inspection of his feelings. He took a few more steps forward before he finally responded to the second part of her statement. “No need. Can’t be bothered to find someone else. Just shape up.” Nothing else came from the boy as he continued to search for their prey.

Any progress that she had felt they had perhaps made with one another during the week was quickly thrown out the window. She felt his words resonate in a place that she didn’t like, her entire lithe frame being overcome with a feeling of dread. Can’t be bothered to find someone else… She felt hollow, eyes intent on remaining on the ground as she tangled with the thoughts pulling her under. Elvy had never felt insecure once in her entire life but now she felt plagued by pessimism. I’m just an inconvenience… She closed her eyes in silent contemplation as her steps lessened, finally coming to a halt. When they reopened they were pale and void of life, hand reaching out towards the partner of hers. “ I’ll get it over with then. Switch forms, please. “ She asked lifelessly though it didn’t seem like much of a question and more of a demand.

Takeshi took a single glance at her over his shoulder, eyes immediately narrowing even more at what he saw, then snorting at her supposed demand, continuing forward as if he didn’t hear her. “I only transform for my partner. Not a lifeless doll. Choose.

Elvy’s steps quickened as she ran up and shot her hand out, fingers firmly grasping the guy’s wrist, tugging him back a bit. “ You want me at my best, right? You want to go to sleep, correct? Obviously that’s all you care about and if I’m to stand by my promise to let you do that then you’ll transform unless you want this dragged out. We fight better together, I’m not dumb to that fact. If you refuse to change then I’ll just fight until I lose enough blood to pass out, or he’ll overwhelm you because you want to fight with your less durable sword swinging haughtily in your hands. “ It was clear she was starting to match the annoyed tone he had given her earlier but she released him once she’d finished speaking, motioning with her hand in a tiresome manner. “ This is the swiftest course of action. I’m done with the games.

Bringing a hand up to run through his hair, Takeshi turned to face her, face set into a near unnoticeable scowl. “I can afford to care about nothing. I’ve earned that.” Huffing again, he turned away and kept walking forward, clearly expecting her to follow as he continued. “I chose a partner. She made a promise. I’ll fight with her, maybe better too. You? No. Not even close.” The sound of leather stretching could be heard in the silent corridor as Takeshi tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword. “You say no games. Fine, no games. I’d win. This sword, my body. Both, pride incarnate. No difference. You? An emotionless blade is always dull. No intent. No direction. No pride. Ultimately worthless, brittle, beauty irrelevant. So, no games. Choose. Partner, or doll?

The more he spoke, the longer he went on, the more intense the shaking became. Whether it was anger or sadness was unbeknownst to anyone looking. She watched him intently, listening to him as he turned his back on her and clutched his sword in a manner that was audible to even her. “ You don’t know anything about me and honestly I don’t know much about you. It’s not like you’d let me in if I came knocking on those doors. “ She contemplated her next words carefully, doing her best to not make it seem like she was out for pity. “ I won’t deny you’re strong and I won’t claim you’re incapable on your own. It’s obvious I need you… in ways you’ll never comprehend because you don’t care enough to find out. You say you’ve earned the right to care about nothing but does that mean you shouldn’t? That’s a choice you make. I care about you, I couldn’t hide that even if I wanted to. But I’m reckless and I’m fueled by this innate desire to live up to someone worthy of wielding you.

Her hand had fallen back to her side, hanging there idly as they turned down another corridor, thoughts still running rampant. “ My body is my weapon. Whether it’s right or wrong, I’m a man built weapon and that’s what I’ve learned to embrace. These emotions, this connection? It’s new to me and I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want you to fight alone. I want to fight alongside you. I’ll always choose being your partner if it’s a choice presented to me but I’m afraid you won’t. There’s very few things I fear but that has become one of them. “ At this point she’d started tearing up, sincerity dripping from every word as she let her emotions flood back at full blast, incapable of keeping them locked away in his presence.

Takeshi Mifune

Stopping in place, Takeshi silently listened to Elvena’s outburst, only turning to face her after she had finished. He continued to stand there for a few moments, in thought on how to respond, or perhaps just trying to choose the words he was looking for. “I chose you. You accepted. Caring, not caring. Irrelevant. Living to ideals. Nonsense. You are mine, I am yours. Partnership.” Huffing yet again, though this one seemed exasperated more than anything, Takeshi walked towards her, only sheathing his sword as he stood right in front of her, reaching out to pat her on the head twice. “Silly girl. Your body, your life. Your life, your choices. My partner, my wielder. Simple. Come. We hunt.” As he finished his statement, he seamlessly transformed into his large sword form, the blunt side of the blade softly landing on Elvena’s shoulder.

Elvy blinked instinctively to the headpats, sighing heavily but unable to hide the fleeting smile that went just as quickly as it came. Maybe he’d never understand, who knew. It became clearer with any conversation that their thought processes would never sync the way their souls did. The simplicity he found in the world, she herself only saw complexity. Feelings, emotions, connections, they should drive a person. Didn’t everyone have something or someone they held onto? This felt like a case of the latter for Takeshi. Thankfully he’d landed on her uninjured shoulder, hand rising to meet the hilt as if it truly belonged there. “ It’s not irrelevant, caring that is. You just need to find the right things to care about. I hope one day you do, Takeshi. Regardless, I will always be yours as long as you’ll have me. That’s the only simple thing about this.

Where she once feared him being connected to her thoughts and emotions she now fully welcomed it. She had hope that maybe one day they would sway him to think or feel differently. Perhaps even care more than he thought he was capable of caring. Elvy loved their partnership, she would even die for it, but she couldn’t deny there was something else lurking there anytime they were around one another. That was undeniable. Even now, in the middle of a mission, it was there. A small flame that only grew each time they were entwined. You are mine.. I am yours. The words implanted themselves into her brain like a permanent etching and suddenly, suddenly she had something to hold onto that hadn't been there before. Whether it was being taken in the wrong context or not didn't matter. He had made a claim on her that he couldn't take back.

A low hum seemed to emanate from Takeshi’s weapon form in response to Elvena. “I care. Only few things.” Even as he spoke to her, however, Takeshi could feel her swirling and genuine emotions through their bond, and he wasn’t necessarily sure how to respond to it, so instead of overthinking it, he did what he thought was natural. He spoke a single word, accompanied with a feeling of support. “Partners.

Carn-Evil had watched the pair for some time, enjoying the smell of the wavering emotions coming from the girl. At the rate she was going she was going to taste like fine cuisine. His tongue traced his lips, fingers now clenching the side of the door to a secret passageway as they began to approach his current spot. The dark consumed him, leaving him undetectable to the naked eye. A sinister smile spread as he realized the meister girl was no longer using her soul perception. Perfect… He thought to himself, arm transitioning once again to the deadly chainsaw it was, still covered in dry blood from previous victim’s as well as the new prey in his castle. He had no idea that the game was about to be ended. As the girl neared, he watched with greedy eyes that honed in on the sword resting against her shoulder, so carelessly. I see. With a laugh that echoed around the pair, he sought to confuse them as to his current position, the source of the noise itself seeming to come from every direction.​
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Save the little girl
At the docks
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat // Akron Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 // Liam Japanime Japanime

Holding tightly onto Gwen's weaponized form, Baira continued deeper into the ship; his senses on high alert for any signs, scent or sound of the girls whereabouts; the three heightened senses still being hampered by their present surroundings. Liam and Akron had been ahead of them, the duo wasting no time in entering the ship as Baira followed suit. The interior of the ship was dark and almost completely devoid of natural light, save the few openings from the portholes as well as cracks in the wooden ceiling above; several revealing the presence of thick white cotton webs; inhabited by a plethora of arachnids; all waiting, watching and savouring the moment that the prey would fall into the trap.

The salty sea air was much thicker inside of the ship, almost as if the sea itself had been captured within the wooden beams that supported the ship's skeleton. All around them the walls showed signs of being taken over by the ocean itself; the various walls harbouring ocean life that one wouldn't normally see inside of a vessel. Barnacles were present almost everywhere one looked, the arthropod crustacean taking full advantage of the free real estate of the ships belly. If that alone was not creepy enough, the various sounds that permeated their surroundings were quickly coming to life as the ship swayed in its moored spot. The creaking of wood echoed all around them, almost as if someone or something was walking around them, just beyond their field of vision; the hollowed footsteps of a spectral entity taunting them the deeper the quarter found themselves inside the ship. It didn't help that the heavy armour of Akron had aided in this creaking cacophony of chaos; each heavy step the weapon took straining the wood beneath him; threatening to collapsed the floor right under his feet.

Venturing further in, a bright blue glow had caught their attention; the icy cold radiance of the azure flame strong enough to draw their eyes away from anything else present inside. Eyes fixed in that direction, the sight of a little girl emerging from within the tendrils of darkness was soon revealed and Baira almost instinctively rushed forward to grab her; only to be stopped in his tracks as his movements failed to match the swiftness of the horror that just took place in front of him. Like a fountain, blood rained all around them as the girls body fell upon the floor; her limp petite body soon surrounded by the crimson red liquid that had painted the immediate area around them.

"G.. Gwen I.." began Baira, his words fumbled as he spoke through gritted teeth; spittle flying everywhere as he tried his best to restrain the growing feeling within himself. Hair on edge, eyes of a beast and the blood lust growing within himself, this was not really a sight that he wanted his partner of only 1 week to be aware off. Baira was different to the majority of the students here; he was born different, raised different and as a species would only ever amount to half of what they were. It was no secret that parts of todays society still held ill feelings towards his kind. Just like Witches, the Wolfman kind have not always had good relations with the humans and because of this they, like the witches have often times been persecuted for being what they were rather for who they were as individuals. That being said, If Gwen did hold any feelings as such, Baira was confident that she would push them aside in favor of disposing of this Kishin in front of them. No matter the species, no matter the relations, no sane entity could ever let the murder of an innocent child go unpunished

"I want to.. I want to fucking kill him. I want to tear his body asunder, rip him in two! No girl should have gone through what she did... this bastard needs to die now!" growled Baira as the rage, soon began to swirl within Baira as he found his hands clenching tightly around the shaft of Gwen's weapon form; his nails digging into his own palm that his own blood had begun to coat her. Iris's slit light and predatory with canines clearly visible from his opened mouth, Baira was on the precipice of welcoming his feral side; the white haired wolfman on the verge of discarding his human guise for something far more bestial, something more feral and wild.

Fuelling his rage was also the feeling of guilt; the cold dagger to his soul twisted so tightly that the pain he felt for failing this little girl could easily be felt by his own partner. Baira was angry at himself and Angry at the others. Their inability to act fast enough, their inability to plan and their inability to save a little girl was a clear presentation of their own weaknesses, their own failings as heroes of the DWMA. A young child's life had slipped right through their hands and they would have to live with that knowledge for the rest of their lives.

Retaining his human form, Baira turned towards the other pair; his predatory eyes catching the end of Akron's transformation into a large axe. The axe was chaotic in design, a tool designed to wreak havoc, to invoke chaos and to finally cause insult to injury when finally pulled out from the body of its latest victim. This was a weapon perfect for the punishment that this Kishin deserved.

Turning away from them and glancing down at Gwen whom he still held firmly, Baira despite his anger had made a note to clean his own blood off of her; to apologise for his pathetic actions as a meister thus far and more importantly to see if she too felt like this Kishin deserved the worse punishment possible.

"Gwen. Lets go!"

Baira wouldn't remain still any longer and soon found himself charging towards the Pirate, both hands clasping onto Gwen's weapon body as he swung downwards from right to left, already preparing to swing upwards from left to right with an underhanded strike should the Pirate parry his first attempt.

"YOU'RE NEXT ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK, ASSHOLE!" roared Baira in response to the Pirates jibe.

The Elder

So Far So Good....SIKEtrue-damage-ekko-fanart-4k-iphone-x-wallpaper-ilikewallpaper_com.jpgMarcus lets out a soft chuckle towards his partners words of burning down the scarecrows. He was fine with it either way as long as they put an end to whatever is going on here. The thought of everything he heard that's been going rubbed Marcus the wrong way.Scarecrows moving on their own, is definitely something from a horror film. He turned towards Elias, smiling and laughing at the fact how lost he was towards his comment. Is was true that those are the ones that end up dead first in most horror films. And it also seems like the two of them both had another thing they were compatible with outside of their partnership. Neither one of the boys were fond of this situation. "Im sure there was a movie about shit like this. I definitely didn't watch it though. Not really fond of horror films, unless I'm watching it with a chick or a group of friends. Their reactions crack me up every time." He says walking off the porch of the inn. Looking around he took notice of a bunch of the villagers staring at them. "Naw, let's hold off on blowing anything up right now. Don't wanna draw too much attention to us then we already half. Especially if there's a Kishin involved, I doubt wanna tip em off about who we really are. But I do think we should find a kid, and get their side of whats going on. I know it might be a long shot but shit we don't have a lot to go off of." He says towards Elias hoping he was listening but instead he went off on the villagers staring at them. They ran away into their homes with the quickness, causing Marcus to shake his head laughing. "Hehe you didn't have to scare em like that Eli." He says chuckling.

Looking around the now somewhat empty village, Marcus scanned for any signs of children. He his eyes finally dawned on one, they widened in complete shock. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Without saying anything to Elias directly he just took off in one direction. The direction of their vehicles. "YO!! YO!! GET AWAY FROM THOSE!!!" He yelled out to a bunch of kids who were on Elias' bike, and in Marcus' car. The audacity of this young brats to be bold enough to mess with his shit. "Get away now, before I hurt!!" He yells clenching his fist, causing the kids to run away screaming. They all ran in one direction, towards the fields. Marcus chased after them, after closing his car doors and locking it back up. "You damn brats. Get back here!" He yells yet again. "I hope they ain't mess up my seats or my radio. Man if they touched my cds, I'm hitting them all with my soul force. I don't care if they kids. If they big enough to get behind the wheel of my car, they big enough to feel the pain of my soul force." He declares towards himself, running through the fields with his sight on the kids. Though one thing he didn't notice was a dark figure in front of them.

After chasing them, Marcus finally caught up with them just as they stopped in their tracks. "Ah ha! I finally caught y'all. Just what the hell were y'all doing in my car huh?" He asked them as they kept their backs towards him. Completely taken over by satisfaction he didn't notice they stopped because of what was in front of them. Looking up, Marcus took noticed of a creepy scarecrow on its post. He took a step back checking out the area. From what he could tell, it was just a regular scarecrow just made creepy. Next to it on the ground was some kind of sickle or scythe. He looks at the scarecrow, using his soul perception in order to see if there was a soul inhabiting it. If there was, then he would quickly attack, luckily there wasn't it. He turned towards Elias, and shook his head. "It's just a regular scarecrow." He says before walking up to placing his hand on it. He sends his wavelength through it, splitting it open and breaking the post. The damaged scarecrow falls lifeless to the ground, and Marcus just shrugs his shoulders. "See nothing." He says towards the kids, walking back towards Elias' side. "Relax, don't kill em yet. Let's see what they know" He says noticing the anger on his face.

"You shouldn't have done that mister." One of the little boys said. "During the day, the scarecrows are always normal. But when its nighttime, thats when bad things happen." He said. "Oh? Is that so." Marcus said. "We were told you guys were they ones behind the bad things." He states. "No its not us. That damn innkeeper needs to stop spreading lies about us. We stopped messing with these things awhile ago. These things move at night all on their own." Says the same kid. "Its just like what the old man said." He says looking at Elias. "That old man is the only one that believes us. So mister are free to go??" He asked. At first Marcus thought about keeping them around until he figures out what exactly happen to their vehicles, but then he noticed the sun was setting very soon. "Go home." He says with a scoff, and knowing Elias he was about to cuss em out for letting them go free. "Relax, its getting dark. If things are about to hit the fan. I don't want them to be around. Now lets head back to the car. We'll wait there til night fall." He says walking back with his hands in his pockets.

Getting to the car, Marcus noticed his cd bag was open with different cds out all within his car. "No no no no no." he repeats over and over again dropping to the ground. "My CDsss." He says throwing his hand on his head. "Ima find them kids and beat them senseless." He says eyes filled with anger as he proceeds inside gathering all his cds together. He checks the backs of them, making sure they weren't scratched. "Now I'll have to clean all these damn CDs when we get back home. Damn!" He says frustrated, placing the cds back in his bag and placing it under his seat. "I have a headache now." He says leaning his seat back covering his eyes with his arm. "Who's idea was it to come here again?? It was yours right??" He asked Elias knowing damn well it was his own idea. "I wonder how everyone else is doing on their missions. You think your sister is alright?" He asked trying take his mind off his slight headache.

The sun completely sets, and it was now night. It was completely dark, with only the moon and the stars lighting up the night. Thirty minutes later as the two were relaxing in the car. They hear a tapping on the passenger window. Standing there was no other then a scarecrow holding onto its scythe. Its eyes were glowing golden orange as it held a creepy grin on its face. Marcus sat uo quick and look around the rest of the car. He noticed they were surrounded by scarecrows however none of their eyes were glowing. "Welp looks like shit finally hit the fan, right Eli?"
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Liam Star

The ship they were on was trashy. Obviously because it seemed to have not been used in years but it was also somewhat eerie. There were lots of cobwebs and dusty furniture. Liam continued looking around along with everyone else until he discovered a random old sword. He picked it up and examined it, blowing the dust off it as he went on. When he turned it over, a decently sized spider was there and crawled onto his hand, making its way up his arm. A shiver went through the boy's body before he flung the spider off him off the side of the ship. The sound of a low sob could be heard from a nearby room. Along with everyone else, he hurried to the worrisome sound.

When he got there he was surprised by how dark it was. And the room's only source of light was the blue flame. "Hello? Little girl? We're here to save you." After Liam spoke those words, as if on cue, a little girl came running out of the shadows. "Ah! There you ar-" He stepped forward, ready to lead the girl off the ship and protect her but he froze in his tracks. It was as if it was in slow motion. With a simple slash, two heads flew into the air along with a familiar scarlet liquid and soft white pieces of fluff. Liam stood frozen as the two heads plopped onto the floor and rolled a little. A little blood splattered on his clothing. He still didn't move. Eyes enlarged and face frozen. His mind had shut down briefly out of disbelief.

When the lights came on, Liam had a calm, murderous look coupled with a tensed and menacing posture. He glared directly at the spectral pirate. "This... This is unforgivable!" As soon as he spoke the words, his partner grabbed his hand and transformed into his weapon form. He furrowed his brows and narrowed his eyes. The hand that held Akron slowly curled tighter. The fist quickly turned white from intense squeezing. It trembled with determined strength. "I will make you pay!" Liam simultaneously charged and attacked with Baira, ringing out a battle cry in the process. He swung the axe downwards vertically.

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Location: Ghost Ship.
Mission: Rescue - Save the little girl.​


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Interaction: Japanime Japanime Phayne Phayne Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat
The spectral captain seemed to almost expect the brutal reaction form both pairs to be filled with rage though what the Kishin hadn’t counted on was the sheer speed both meister's had only having enough time to block the initial attack for baria, only for the next hits forms Liam to connect with its shoulder along with the wolfman's secondary strike. the spectres limb hacked off by the massive axe, along with huge gashes in its torso thanks to the spinning blades of the staff attacks. the creature bleeding not red like the child it had just slain but a cascade of multi-coloured Liquid a morbid rainbow gushing forth Form it’s body the Kishin having almost no time to react to any further attacks as it’s sword arm laying on the deck of the ship its colourful blood soaking into the ancient floorboards. It seemed as if they had the unprepared being at there mercy.

interaction: Japanime Japanime
flashing again to the black abyss the light flashed back on this time a deep red colour. in the centre stood Akron a murderous grin on his face eyes deep Red. There was something very wrong with this, the creature from before appeared latched onto Akron's back body pulsing red it’s huge maw pressed against the boys head whispering incomprehensible to him it’s tendrils coiled around each of his limbs like Akron was a puppet. Another small figure appeared to form the shadows this one almost impossible to see like it was a made of glass. the creature would force Akron forward using him very much so like a puppet on strings forcing akron to grab onto the glassy entity where he touched it the figure would begin to fill like a container with the same red as the one pushing through the monster.

akron felt an almost blissful silence as Liam charged forward it was only when Akron weapon form began to slice into the flesh of the kishin body did things change. Now coated in blood Akron mind screamed for more of it to coat him entirely to cover the whole place in the fluid he was enjoying it letting his own soul desires simply flow, it was a bloody rage that undeniably felt amazing like he and Liam could take anything they where untouchable. These feeling flowed from weapon to miester, the feeling of invincibility and the raging screams for more blood and slaughter in there minds promising more power in return. Little black tendrils reached off Akron’s handle wrapping around Liam‘s fingers turning them from bone white to a sickly black.



Save the little girl
At the docks
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat // Akron Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 // Liam Japanime Japanime
Despite this being their first ever attempt at working alongside the pair of Liam and Akron, their fluid movement and coordinated assault on the Kishin would have made others think otherwise. Not a movement was wasted as the two pairs squandered no time in unleashing their frustration; their souls sharpened like the finest of blades as their focus honed in towards their prey. The Captain of this doomed vessel had made a big mistake in murdering the young child, his callous attempt at evoking dread and discouragement against his hunters had only sharpened their resolve and festered their blood lust. Mercy, Forgiveness and sorrow were not words that existed in the world that these five combatants inhabited. There would only be revenge. The life of this depraved entity had been forfeited the moment he had unsheathed his blade; the two reapers now here to collect.

Unified in their distaste for this god forsaken monstrosity, the two pairs had launched their attacks in quick succession; the opposing pair of Liam and Akron taking full advantage of Baira and Gwen's first strike by lopping off the arm holding the blade; the sudden disappearance of an opposing force allowing Baira to quickly raise the bottom half of Gwen's staff; her serrated blades sawing away at the unguarded torso of this murderer. Like the garish display of only a few moments ago , the sickening fountain of blood had began to burst forth from the pirates newest wound; the room around them being painted in a dull array of colours as the pirate stumbled back from the assault.

Still not satisfied with the punishment wrought upon this spectre, Baira had wasted no time in continuing with the attack, his actions driven by instincts and his instincts driven by the desire to erase this eyesore from existence. Swinging Gwen above his head several times, Baira had stepped forward towards the pirate, the edges of Gwen's serrated chainsaw slicing away at the pirates neck several times as Baira spun her; his eyes blood red with hatred for this hell-spawn. Yet despite all this pent up rage inside of him, tears had begun to fall from both eyes as his cheeks flushed red despite the gritted feral expression painted across his face. Not even the tempestuous vortex of rage that encapsulated his soul could erase the pain that he felt, the guilt that clung to him for his inability to save the child. Even now, it was his own weakness that had been the most effective blow to his psyche and no amount of destruction that he brought to this pirate would help to erase that.

With both hands preoccupied with spinning Gwen and slashing away at the pirates throat, Baira prepared for a heavy kick towards the pirates chest, should he find himself attempting to defend.


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Arthur and Appropriate Reactions pt. 1
Featuring: Elgin ( Jackaboi Jackaboi ) Rin ( Britt-21 Britt-21 ) Shin ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ) Mara ( Kenku Kenku )​

The conversation between the members of Arthur's team would continue without his verbal input. Neither a moral dilemma nor a strategic debate would do anything to quell the already high tensions between two of the team's weapons. Arthur would do everything in his mortal power to not get wrapped up in the drama, but he knew it would be inevitable unless it was resolved in a timely manor. But for now, none of them addressed him directly, and thus he remained quiet and mostly content to survey the structure. Didn't mean he ignored them, and it certainly didn't mean he didn't worry. Not ten seconds would go by without him making sure he didn't look stupid, fixing his jacket and hair at every opportunity.

Then the short, explosive weapon announced that she stepped on a landmine, gave approximately four seconds of warning, transformed and let it explode.

A change in perspective is probably not what people think of when they consider the notion of being in the blast radius of an arcane explosion. Most people would consider the the overwhelming force meant to rupture vehicles. They may consider the wave of heat meant to disable weapons and make aggressors turn tail with their burns. One may even consider the shake of one's soul that comes with the nature of an old explosive of witchcraft. All of those were there, and crashed against Arthur all at once, even though he was on the edge of the blast radius. But there was something else. Something that consumed his thoughts and allowed him to push through the explosion. A simple realization, really: This was Arthur's first truly dangerous encounter. Everything up until this point was either training or simulation of some kind. Before, he always had the safety net of it either not being real or he had a spotter ready to bail him out. All the same techniques would apply, but this was the real deal. This was true life and death.

And Arthur was hooked.

As he aligned his footing and weathered the explosion, something clicked. It was as if the heat of the blast melted his concerns away. How he looked didn't matter. What anyone thought didn't matter. All that mattered was his life and his objective. It was liberating. He would have never guessed how different this felt to fake scenarios. How much safety nets watered down the experience. How alive he could feel when his life was truly on the line. And to think this was just a taste, that they had only just begun the mission, that they hadn't even breached the front door...

Let's change that...

Having recovered from the detonation, Arthur rapidly marched forward toward the building. This wasn't instinct or reflex. This was impulse. He wanted to face this collector head on. It's not like they had the element of surprise anymore anyway, and in a place like this no part would be any less trapped or fortified than any other, so might as well use the front door. At some point in his march, he reached out and a moment later the gunblade that was his weapon partner was in his hand. He gave the process little mind now as he neared the large double wood doors that stood like gates against time, holding strong, if only a little withered, despite their age. As he approached, he studied the doors, but saw nothing out of the ordinary by the time he stood before it. Planting himself, he gave the sealed threshold a mighty kick, but the gate stood strong, locked or barred by some means. As if that would stop him now. In one fluid motion, he raised Elgin up and jammed his blades between the mighty doors, planted his own shoulder against one, and with his other free arm reached back and slammed the blade while simultaneously pulling the trigger. Between the blast from Elgin's fuller and the force of Arthur's arm, the doors blasted off their hinges, falling to the ground inside and leaving Arthur standing in the now open threshold.

knock knock...

And with that, he proceeded into what used to be this building's main floor, eyes scanning for traps and environmental opportunities just as much as they were scanning for signs of his foe. All the while a grin sat plastered on his face.

Go time...
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Camilla text.png

All Camilla could do was pout slightly when Alice started laughing. I mean what if they crashed huh!? Would they be laughing then??? Even though she knew full well they weren't even close to such a thing happening. Camilla heard Alcross ask her to tell Alice he was fine too. To which she nodded and did as she was asked. "Alcross said he's fine too." Camilla looked ahead to see the mountain approaching. She assumed their destination laid beyond it. Still it was quite the sight to see. Being a village girl in the past, isolated from the rest of the world., she never thought she'd get to experience such marvels. Alice voiced out that they were nearly there and began to speed up. Camilla's grip tightened to account for it. Her focus fixated on the path ahead. The mountain inched closer minute by minute until they were right at the bottom of it. Alice was able to find an entrance inside without too much hassle and rode straight in. The headlights illuminating their way ahead. A little while longer they managed to emerge on the other side, the town now within sight. "Incredible... An whole town hidden from view by a huge mountain... I knew the world was big but... To see it first hand.." She couldn't stop thinking about how much more could the world have in store. Everyone knows that the world is huge, but girls like her never had the chance to actually comprehend it like this. She wanted to see more. Just what kind of things the world hand in store to experience and yet discover.

As the motorcycle rolled into town, the group were met with gazes from the townsfolk. Unsure of how to react she just simply looked back. Trying to figure out what they were thinking of the sudden appearance of newcomers. Alice said they were going to have to get some rest while they can since their target's only active at night. Which was fair enough. No point scouring every edge of the vicinity if the target wasn't even there yet. Rolling up on the large building they finally came to a halt. Camilla let go of Alice and reunited herself with the solid unmoving ground. A bar and an Inn in one place is it? Interesting. A bar is yet another place she's never been to before. mostly due to her age being the limiting factor here. Not that she planned on drinking on the mission of course... One time as a child she had a taste of alcohol before. Sneaking her dads glass of whiskey away from under his nose. Her curiosity would bite back at her though after tasting it. The strength caught her off guard and dropped the glass, smashing it on the floor. Her dad sat there bellowing with laughter. He knew what she was doing and waited for her to learn the lesson the hard way. Camilla decided then and there she'd never try the stuff ever again... Then again she WAS a child back then...

Lew offered a brush each for Camilla and Alice. It was... Quite convenient for someone to have such a specific thing for a specific time. Then again he had long hair too. Maybe it was for himself? Either way she couldn't rule out just how prepared someone who viewed themselves as a servant can be. Regardless she refused the brush offered to her. Considering such things have never managed to tame her locks before. "Oh there's no need! I've never been able to control my hair... So I just leave it in it's natural look." At least her hair didn't look so bad in it's natural state. Yet she couldn't help but wonder if it'd look any nicer if she somehow managed to tame it one day. She glanced at Alice before turning to Alcross and flashing him a smile. "Our first mission together huh? Lets do our best!"

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[Location: Outside a bar with Two gals and a guy]
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[Interactions: Camilla Jackaboi Jackaboi Lewellyn RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Alice Britt-21 Britt-21 ]​

Just about watching from his peripharels, Alcross noticed how Lewellyn had quickly pulled out a brush for his meister, the blonde haired weapon quick to act when it came to the two women in their group. His tone of voice and choice of words also struck Alcross as being quite odd for a teen of similar age, though Alcross had no desire to question it. Instead he briefly glanced towards Alice and wondered if this had been her doing; if she had forced her partner to speak in such a way. A quick shrug of the shoulders and Alcross diverted his attention elsewhere; the relationship between other Meisters and Weapon not really concerning him as much. To each their own, as they say.

It wasn't long after that Camilla had addressed him, Alcross turning to face her with his usual deadpan expression . A contrast to the bright smile she had shown upon him. Like two sides of a coin, any form of excitement had remained non existent upon his face as he stood there hunched over with his hands pocketed deep into the caverns of his trousers. "I hope it goes well" replied Alcross in his soft voice, now turning around fully and walking up to his meister, a lackadaisical raise of the hand as he brushed a strand of red hair away from her face; his meister apparently being too quick to dismiss Lewellyns offer of a brush.

Looking beyond her and towards the opposing pair standing behind them; Alcross was curious to see their dynamic in action; the sheer uniqueness of Lewellyns form being a shield was nothing short of intriguing. Like moderns knights of old, a shield was definitely not what came to mind first as a weapon, heck it wouldn't have been uncommon for many people to have classified it as armor rather than a weapon, yet despite all that Lewellyn had found himself in the same position that every other new demon weapon found themselves in. He was a Weapon of the academy and someone that the DWMA had seen potential in, someone that had the potential to be a death scythe. All adulation aside, Alcross despite not showing any hints of his feelings could not deny that he was highly curious about just how they would fight, should the need arise. A shield being accepted into the academy was definitely something to keep an eye out on.

Curiosity and intrigue pushed to one side, Alcross was not the type to saunter up to them and play '20 questions', no.. he would wait for them to discuss their plan of action or rather wait and see them in action up close and personal. Shifting his attention to the blonde haired Meister, Alcross quickly recalled what she had said when they had just arrived here; her desire to seek information within the bar being pivotal for their mission; though would they even be let inside?

"Uh..." he raised his hands slightly as he addressed the group. "First of all .. Are any of us actually old enough to enter the bar?... I know some places are quite strict about this" he asked, his tone still soft.



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Alice Drake
Jackaboi Jackaboi Phayne Phayne RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII

Alice glanced at Lew and blinked a few times before shaking her head gently "I'm okay, Lew. I don't need a brush either. I'll use it later on after we go for a nap." besides, her hair was probably gonna get messy after the nap anyways once they had gone around town to ask questions of the sounds at night. By looking around, no one would guess that the town was terrorized by Kishin at night. It seemed peaceful and lively...No doubt it would change as soon as it got dark outside. Hearing Camilla, the blonde smiled and spoke up "I love your enthusiasm, Cami." its what the team needed and it definitely gave Alice some reassurance that Camilla was all for this as much as she was. Then she noticed Alcross moving closer to his meister and moving her hair from her face, allowing her to smile even more at the pure sight. She heard Alcross speak up, her emerald eyes shifting to look over at him directly, barely picking up on what he had said. "This is the only place we'd be able to stay at because it's half and half... There's no other inn considering the size of the town itself...Though Lew is 18 so he can be like our guardian or something like that." she pointed out "I don't mind if they reject us alcohol, as long as they can provide a room and food for us. We're going to need it. But before we even think about going in there, I think we should talk to the people out on the streets to get a good idea on what's going on with this place. We've only had so much information from Lord Death, so, we're going to have to do the rest by ourselves."

It shouldn't be that bad considering the many people outside right now "We can split up in pairs and regroup within an hour or so, okay? Try to get any information that you can regarding the noises outside and the Kishin the people hide from. Any information should be helpful and we can discuss it all before we go to bed." she looked back at Lew "Lew, we can go that way," she pointed down the road that was opposite from where they came "And then Alcross and Camilla, you guys can go that way." she pointed where they had come from "We'll see you both soon." looking back at Lew, she gave him a small smile and nodded towards the way they were supposed to be going and then began to walk. Her shoes crunching against the gravel floor as she looked around for people she could talk to. Gather intel, return back to base, get some sleep, and then start their mission for real. That was the plan and she wanted to follow it to the best of her ability. In a way, Alice kind of felt bad for being bossy, but the others didn't seem to mind her taking charge and if they had a problem, she would have never minded giving up her spot, as long as someone knew how to rule better than she. But she was confident in her choices.

Both pairs had gone around town, talking to locals, trying to get all of the information they could gather within the next hour. Locals were saying that there was always scary sounds outside, things like screaming and weird beeping noises that they couldn't explain. Sometimes they would hear sounds outside their doors and windows and if they weren't bordered up at night, a Kishin would go in and slaughter the people within the home. There was no explanation on what the Kishin had looked like, nor where the sounds were coming from. Some people said they were from the same Kishin, others said there was more than one. Tonight the team would have to figure out which story was more accurate compared to others. But the main intel was Scary sounds, and sounds coming from outside people's homes. From Alice's view, she could only assume there was more than one Kishin at this rate. But had to see it with her own eyes to confirm.

Returning back to the Inn, it didn't take her group to long to regroup and they all headed inside, going up to the keeper who seemed to be off to the side at a desk. Alice asked questions about food and housing. To her luck, the man said they could eat and sleep, but not drink the alcohol within the building. The blonde was fine with this and she nodded, paying with her own money to get a room with two beds. One for the girls and one for the guys. Once the pair had been lead upstairs to the room, Alice walked in and looked around before turning to her team "Alright guys... Let's see what information we gathered so far." sitting around with her team, the only information they gathered was the same that had been told to both sides. Because of this, Alice only sighed in disappointment and more or less had suggested they should go to bed if they were gonna be up all night. So, thus they did and slept through the day. Only to wake up as the sun began to set.

Alice had woken up without issues, though she found that the rest of her team had still been sleeping. Glancing at Camilla to double check...she was definitely still asleep. Then looking at the guys laying in the other bed with the same intention to double check, they were asleep too. Quietly getting out of bed, she grasped her ribbons from the side table and moved over to the window, brushing her hair with her fingers before tying her ribbons around specific locks of her hair. Her emerald eyes watching the sun slowly set We're going to have to get moving soon. No doubt the inn is gonna try to border up the place before we can get out... If we're stuck in here, we cant do our mission. In the distance, Alice noticed something moving within the trees, and she narrowed her eyes a little bit, wondering if her eyes were playing some tricks on her. After all, she did just wake up from her slumber. This is our first mission together... I really hope we can do a good job at completing it. she looked at her delicate-looking hands, noticing them tremble just a little bit and causing her to clench them into fists. I'm nervous, but I have faith we can do this...All of us. The blonde then turned to look at the rest of her team, only to spot Lew up now. Oh, that was fast. she thought before speaking very softly "I hope I didn't wake you, Lew." she whispered, giving him another one of her soft smiles.​


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( collab for Elvy/Takeshi with Exanis Exanis )

Elvena Stein

Elvy smiled as the life in her eyes started to dance around, hand once again finding itself against the blade of her partner. There was comfort in his few words, enough to help her rise from the pit of negativity she had fallen into. “ I’ll show you what you do to me. Partners. “ She echoed his last word back at him, movements almost too casual and flowing like one in the heat of a dance. The hand that was drifting along his blade shifted and gripped the edge of the weapon, a wide arc motion being made as she cut deep into her hand. Instead of being crazed like normal, she shifted to the side and avoided the incoming chainsaw attack that careened itself past her smaller frame. The sound of the blade whirred dangerously past her ear, gray hair seeming to move itself away from the oncoming threat of being chopped off. “ My partner and I are done with the games. You broke all the rules. “ She simply said, bloodied hand resting against the target’s chest as bloody needles shot forward and pinned him once again to the wall. The distance between them was slowly closed, Elvy’s face stoic now as she tilted her head.

Carn-Evil’s eyes started to shake, actual fear starting to rise, making his actions sporadic and careless. The girl was different, her entire persona seeming to have changed. “ What is it with you little DWMA shits when you are together? “ He spat out in disgust, his weaponized arm flashing forward to try to chop off whatever limb he could come into contact with. Whilst the autonomous weapon was fast, Elvena was indeed more nimble. The next swing was barely traceable as she slashed close to the man’s shoulder. There was an eerie amount of silence in the next few moments as if everything had frozen in time, nobody moving. The only sound being the chainsaw lightly humming as if it was losing power before it too fell reticent. Elvy’s head tilted completely to the other side as his arm dropped to the ground in unison to her movement, a spray of blood starting to burst forth. She took a few steps to the side, disgust clear on her features at the thought of being covered in this filth’s blood.

So, here we are. Where’s the location of the item we want? “ With each word she pushed the bloody needles further into his chest, patience starting to wear thin. “ Who’s to say if I tell you that you won’t just kill me after? “ He hissed out, wincing slightly at the feeling of the constant jabbing being done by the girl. Elvy hummed aloud and then shrugged nonchalantly. “ I don’t care about your life enough. Now I won’t ask again, give me the information. “ The man’s head turned to the side as he stared down the long hallway, his last words being the whereabouts of what they were looking for. The Stein had no mercy as she swung the blade with a precision only befitting and worthy of their fighting style. The sound of Carn-Evil’s head hitting the ground came shortly after, his face oddly serene for one met with an unsuspecting death. The needles retracted and she watched as his body slumped down to rest beside his separated body parts. “ Like I said, your life means nothing to me.

Takeshi Mifune

With a tired groan, Takeshi transformed back to normal, staring dispassionately down at the headless corpse of their target, not caring one bit about the methods Elvena had just used to retrieve the information they needed. Giving the body a single kick, purely out of boredom, he then turned to Elvena, one eyebrow quirked up. “See? Easy. Pathetic prey.” Rolling his shoulders to get rid of the last bit of stiffness in his body, Takeshi bent down and picked up the decapitated head of Carn, absently consuming the floating soul while lazily looking around for a window or mirror. “Verification. Then, sleep.

Elvy blinked a few times, watching her partner turn back to human form. Immediately she didn’t feel as complete and that intrigued her, truly. With a soft sigh her gaze lifted towards the head now closer to eye level with her. “ That’s one way to verify. “ The girl noted with a dismissive hand that crept back to her shoulder, fingers lightly tracing the remaining teeth marks that had protruded into her skin before. If anything it would be a scar, or perhaps she could stitch it up; that would be fitting. “ C’mon. “ She borrowed Takeshi’s way of speaking in short terms and started off, retracing their steps down a few halls until they approached a mirror she recalled passing. This was all by sheer luck and definitely didn’t attest to Elvy’s terrible navigation skills. Though every minuscule detail was usually jotted down, the directional part of things was usually lost while her brain tried to process everything else and file it away. She leaned forward, peering at her face for a few seconds in the mirror before breathing against it and stepping back. “ You’ve got this! “ She offered him an encouraging thumbs up, using this moment as more conditioning towards making him vaguely social outside of his bubble.

The deadpan stare he gave Elvena could have turned a piece of bread into a brick with how dry it was. Continuing to stare at her, he lazily wrote 42-42-564 onto the mirror, turning his gaze to it the moment it started ringing. Soon enough, the call was answered, and as Lord Death appeared, Takeshi held up the glassy eyed head to show the mirror, not even giving the headmaster a second to speak before he started talking. “Job done. Amazon Rainforest. Orange Liquid. Buried. Sleep now. Bye.” The second he was done showing off the head, he carelessly threw it to the side, even as he kept speaking, lazily wiping the mirror when he was finished, once again not letting Lord Death speak. Turning to Elvena yet again, he crossed his arms, head tilted to the side. “We go.

Elvena Stein

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Elvy was about to stammer something out as Takeshi’s people skills failed him, his direct way of speaking and cutting the headmaster off not exactly suitable towards Lord Death himself. She slumped her shoulders a bit as the mirror was wiped clean and shot him a look, head shaking as a sigh pushed past her lips. I’m not sure he will ever learn… Her thoughts receded the moment he spoke about leaving. His short way of speaking was actually kind of adorable in its own way, even if she was the type to have much to say. They claimed the souls with the biggest differences were the ones that resonated the best so perhaps it would only fuel their partnership to be superior. “ Lead the way then. Unless now you want to be carried? “ She motioned down the hall, trying to distract him from the fact that she had no idea which way would lead them the hell out of this maze of a castle. Elvy silently hoped that he would just take off like he had been previously otherwise they were going to be screwed. Well, she’d be screwed. He’d most likely nap the entire time and know no better of her directional challenged self.

Takeshi gave her an unconvinced and halfway knowing look, turning away from her and walking down the hallway towards where he remembered the exit to be. Absently, he rubbed his stomach, wondering when the last time he ate was, before waving it away as inconsequential, instead just looking forward to sleeping, cloud watching, and generally going back to not caring. Glancing back at Elvena, who he was sure was already following him, he asked. “Where now?

Thankfully Takeshi had taken the lead, relief clear as day on her face as she kept her pace brisk. There were only two things on her mind right now and for once, a single rare moment, they were probably shared by her partner. Food and sleep, both were needed and desired after the events they had just encountered. Her attention shifted to him as he rubbed his stomach and she smiled softly, quick to answer him when he threw out his question. “ The nearest place with a decent meal and possibly a bed. “ She spoke surely, a hand rising to her cheek as she contemplated the last bit though. “ We could always use one another though. “ Elvy said with even more confidence, clearly favoring this idea over whatever bed or ‘beds’ they might crash in. She wasn’t even entirely sure that paying for a room with two beds would be wise since she’d end up sneaking into his in the middle of the night anyways. A hum accompanied those rampant thoughts as she skipped over to her bike, happier than usual to see it waiting there for them. What a freaking kicker it would have been if something had happened to it while they had been off dealing with the carny boy. “ Wanna driiiiive? “ She asked in a sly tone, twirling the keys around an extended finger in his direction.

Blinking at Elvena slowly, he looked between the keys, the bike, and her face, switching between all three of them at least four times before staring dead at her face. Reaching forward, he grabbed the keys between two fingers and glanced at them as if they were a foreign object. “Where? Didn’t notice.” And that much was true, while he hadn’t slept through the trip over, by no means did he actually pay attention to any real landmarks, let alone finding somewhere to sleep and eat.

Elvy would be lying if she told anyone she wasn’t going to get an immense amount of amusement out of this. Truthfully she had never let anyone drive or even sit on her motorcycle so this was all extremely new. Not that she minded, the two had shared more than a bike ride in terms of closeness. As the keys left her fingers she pivoted and pointed down the road with that same finger, showing him the direction they would be headed. “ Probably an hour out that way. Get to the bottom of the hill and swing left, simple. “ She patted the seat, eager to get this show on the road. With delicate hands she plucked the helmet off the handlebar where it had been left and she quickly shoved it atop his head with a wide grin. “ Due to my calculations, you are far more susceptible to a grave injury if we were to crash. Also, I have no idea if you can handle this much power so let’s keep you safe for now! “ She lifted a hand and pat the top of his helmet twice, smiling secretly to herself that she was able to return the head pats in some manner that he couldn’t fight off. Her lithe frame slid onto the back of the bike and she waited, barely able to hide the excitement dancing in her eyes. This is going to be such a fun experiment. So much could go wrong, ahhhh I love it.


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Liam Star


More liquids splattered onto Liam but this time it wasn't red. This time it was multi-colored. Like a rainbow. He was somewhat satisfied to see the pirate's arm fall to the floor. He knew that he hurt the pirate and that's what he wanted to do. He wanted the damn bastard to pay. To suffer. Seeing as the pirate no longer had on arm, Liam saw it as an opportunity to horizontally swing Akron into the pirate's side. Assuming there'd be a lower chance of the enemy blocking. But Liam froze in place before he could sink the blade of the axe into the Pirate's torso. His right arm, the one that held Akron, begin to shake and pulse. As he gripped the handle of his dear partner, darkness began to come out of his right hand before it began to cover the rest of his arm as he glared at his enemy.

He completely ignored the onslaught that the other team was bringing on him or rather something was messing with his mind.

*Inside Liam's mind*

Liam saw only darkness, "Wait what is happening? Am I dead?" he said as darkness changed into crows flying away, revealing a purple sky behind him, "No I can't be dead I never got the chance to make Akron a Demon Weapon." he said as an image of Akron appeared in front of him that showed the time they decided they were partners."What's happening to me?" he said before a voice spoke up from behind him. "Hey there, Star..." it said getting his attention. Liam looked surprised from the way the voice sounded as it laughed and when he turned around he found the voice came from a familiar big dark monster who's smile was malevolent. One eye was larger than the other and the smaller eye twitched.

Liam recognized this monster. It was the creature that cursed him and made him the way he was. "You again! I'm not using your damned cursed power! I'll use my own!" he yelled. The monster chuckled. "Ohhhh Liam... You may not have noticed but, darkness is entering your body and it isn't mine! Don't you feel it?!" Liam then realized that he had a rapidly rising thirst for blood. The monster laughed madly. "I like this feeling! It makes my job easier!"

*Outside Liam's mind*

Liam's entire right arm was black with darkness. It even went up to the right side of his face. He growled as he opened his eyes, except one was different. The right eye that was usually white, was now completely black. Eyeball and iris. All dark. Everything went limp. Liam moved as if he were a puppet on strings. His body remained still while his head was all jittery. He noticed Baira tearing up the pirate and he wanted in on it. He started laughing before he stumbled towards the pirate but unexpectedly ran around behind him. "HeY! lEt Me In On ThE fUn!" He chuckled as he slowly rose the axe and swung heavily down toward the pirate's nape. The force behind the attack would be much greater than before.

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Mission: Rescue - Save the little girl.​
The servant calmly returned the brushes to the interior of his jacket after the two females had both refused them. It was certainly an unusual choice since most girls would want to fix their hair immediately, at least that was what he had been told. Still, it was a choice that Llewellyn respected as he calmly waited for Lady Alice to officially start their mission. Additionally, he tried to ignore the interaction between Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross, yet it was still odd. I knew that their bond as a Meister and a Weapon had the potential to grow swiftly, yet I did not anticipate this. Are they....courting? Llewellyn felt his eyes linger on the other pair as he considered this, yet he ultimately turned his gaze away. It was not his business if they were, so it was best he not try to look into it further. Now was time for the mission, everything else could wait.

Llewellyn's lapse in attention had cost him a few words from Lady Alice. He had missed the start of her speech, but had caught the later half. The servant had the mild temptation to correct his Meister about his age, yet he knew that to do so would bring Lady Alice some embarrassment. That is why he instead decided to remain quiet about the slip as he gave the conversation his full attention. It was a good thing he had done so, for had Llewellyn decided to remain trapped within his musings he would have missed where the team planned to sleep and when they were to initiate the investigation. I must be more vigilant in the future. If I had missed information vital to the mission then I would have risked sabotaging the team. I should give Lady Alice, Lady Camilla and Lord Alcross my best performance, even if this is to be the last mission we work together on.

The Weapon followed after his Meister's lead when the team split off into their pairs to cover more ground. He did not give much of a reaction to Lady Alice's smile other than an acknowledging nod as his footsteps crunched on the gravel behind her. Llewellyn tried to focus more on observing the town and overall area rather than speaking with the locals. He found it to be more beneficial to carefully watch the behavior of the townsfolk, their eye movements, subtle hand twitches and he kept a note of any slight hesitation from the people Lady Alice spoke to as well. Then, once they were done with their half of the investigation, Llewellyn patiently waited on everyone to regroup within the inn. Though, the servant did not share all of his findings, instead he only gave what he believed was pertinent to their investigation. The team did not need to know that one of the townsfolk was nervous, or that another planned to ditch town. Those things were not as important as the whereabouts of Kishin or whether or not the town was harboring a serial killer, the later bit was not occurring here.

After they had exchanged information between themselves Lady Alice had suggested that the team rest so that they could prepare for the night. The servant followed the veiled order almost immediately as he removed his suit jacket and dress shoes, but nothing else. He then attempted to sleep on the floor, but the disapproving look from Lady Alice had told Llewellyn that his choice would not be allowed. Still, the servant made certain to give Lord Alcross, who he was to bunk with while they rested, more than ample space. Llewellyn was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed before he allowed himself to enter the land of dreams.

While he rested, Llewellyn felt his thoughts drifting towards his recent past. A shock of long red hair was gently being tussled by the wind. The scent of fresh leaves and lavender was carried towards him by the breeze. A murky face was presented before him and though he was uncertain as to whom it was, the sight was a familiar one. Though, it was not until the red haired face before Llewellyn spoke that he truly remembered who they were. "This isn't working Llewellyn." The girl before him spoke, as her light purple eyes came into focus. Their gaze was filled with displeasure and something else. Something Llewellyn was incapable of identifying. "I was willing to give you a chance because you looked lonely and I felt bad for you, but after yesterday I..." A short brief flash. A scream. Red staining his suit jacket. The cloying, sticky feeling that coated his hands. The sensation of something draining out of him. A body. "...Do you understand? I need someone more reliable. Someone who won't let me down next time." The red haired girl aligned her eyes with his to ensure that Llewellyn was paying attention. "I understand Lady Vera."

Light blue eyes opened and stared into a corner of the room. There was a small amount of light hitting the wall adjacent to where the servant's gaze was. Turning his gaze to the sheets he was tucked into, Llewellyn realized that this was not his room. The sheets at the Horance residence were a vibrant orange, much like the color of the rising sun, not a plain white. The second thing he realized was amiss was that there had been someone laying next to him in the bed. Additionally, the very light rustling to his right told Llewellyn that there was yet another person within the room. Confusion was the natural response yet, as the servant continued to look around, the events of this day began to return to him. He was no longer seventeen and Lady Vera had long since moved on. Now he was Lady Alice's Weapon and seeing that the mission had yet to truly start, he would remain as such until Lady Alice determined otherwise.

Llewellyn let out a short breath before forcing himself to sit up. His legs were tossed out from under the covers and his arms were placed above his head as he stretched. The muscles in his arms tensed and then relaxed before settling down at his sides. Then, the servant looked up to find two emerald orbs peering his way in the dim lighting. Lady Alice was awake and after she finished her hushed comment, she gave him yet another smile. Why does she do that? I have not completed any special task in a satisfactory manner. I have not been allowed to cook a meal for her and she dislikes it when I do chores at her house. There is no reason for that specific demonstration of gratitude. Llewellyn was puzzled yet he moved on. Lady Alice seemed as though she may have required a response. "You did not milady." The servant said in a hushed voice. "Would you like me to wake Lord Alcross?" Llewellyn quietly stood up from the bed and made his way over to his suit jacket to fetch out two of the brushes within it. Then, he silently offered one to Lady Alice again before he set to brushing his tussled hair back.

Mission: Investigate The Town

Location: Town Inn

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Alice was relieved she didn't make too much noise to accidentally wake him up. Whenever environments were quiet, tiny noises always seemed 100% louder than they were before. When Lew offered her a brush once again, she took it this time and took the bows from her hair to brush her hair out. It didn't take long for her to brush her hair out and put her bows back in. A second nature habit she had gathered over the years that didn't let her struggle anymore. "No...We still have some daylight left." she said softly, looking back out the window and looking at the growing-dark sky. Though maybe Lew was right, maybe they should wake up. "On second thought, I think we should..." looking back at her partner, she spoke softly once again "I would get ready first just in case." as quietly as she could, she moved to the night table on the side of the bed she was on and grabbed her black bands, wrapping them from her palms, all the way up almost to her elbows and putting her gloves on afterward. Alice knew that they had to wake the others for them to get ready too, and debrief on the plan. Especially any other plans like B, C, and D, if something had come up or happened.

The blonde moved back over to Lew and gently grabbed onto his sleeve to get his attention "Lew," she said softly "I don't know if what I saw outside was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but earlier I saw something move within the woods out the window." she nodded to the window she was once standing by "That may be our Kishin coming and getting ready to attack. I'm just wondering how large it really is if I saw movement within those trees..." There's no way it was very large, after all, the town would be in ruins if he was large like the trees here. So many ideas can go through her mind, but if she kept thinking about it, she could wind up catching herself off guard. "Let's be careful and kick some butt."
The servant kept half of his attention on his hands and the other half on Lady Alice's words. This was not exactly proper procedure for a servant, yet when it came to his hair, Llewellyn felt as though some selfishness was allotted. He had to have some small semblance of confidence in this world if he wished to function at full capacity. Anyway, after Lady Alice had told Llewellyn to not wake Lord Alcross, he then put more of his attention towards brushing out the tangles within his honey blonde locks. Llewellyn was making decent progress correcting the snags in his hair from sleeping and the bike ride to this town earlier this day.
Then, his Meister spoke up once more and Llewellyn unfortunately missed it.

The servant was about to speak up to ask about what it was Lady Alice had spoke about when she gave him the necessary amount of context clues for him to figure out what had been said. This was most fortunate, for Llewellyn knew that such ignorance would not have been tolerated when Lady Helena was alive. Her previous punishments for lesser inconveniences were enough to make his fingers ache at their very memory. Focus. Lady Alice had possibly said to wake Lord Alcross, yet she would prefer that I wait until I am ready? Surely she means for me to wake the other Weapon once she is prepared. Llewellyn was not too certain so he let it go for now. It was best to not dwell on the semantics for that was how servants brought trouble to themselves.

The servant finished brushing out his hair while Lady Alice was wrapping her arms. He found his eyes lingering upon the dark fabric for the briefest of moments before Llewellyn continued on towards preparing for the night by putting on his suit jacket and then he smoothed out the creases in his clothing. Still, Llewellyn found his eyes and mind wandering again as his light blue orbs glanced towards his Meister. He was glad he was able to wash out the stain his blood had left on the wrap Lady Alice had lent him on Orientation Day. The servant looked down towards the finger he had injured earlier that week. There was a very thin, curved pink line where his teeth had pierced his flesh. He had thought Lady Alice's demeanor that day to have been an act of sorts. Llewellyn still thought that way now, but he no longer believed that the act was done to trick others into a sense of false insecurity. Now he believed that Lady Alice's behavior was a way to mask her Madness from the world.

A light tug on his sleeve brought Llewellyn back to the world. His eyes travelled upwards toward Lady Alice's emerald ones. They looked very similar to Lady Vera's at the moment. It was a fleeting thought, one that was gone as soon as it came as Llewellyn then turned his attention towards his Meister's words.
Lady Alice spoke of a potential Kishin outside, within the woods surrounding the town. The servant let his own eyes follow his Meister's gaze towards the window to see if he could spot what she spoke of yet, Llewellyn saw no giant monstrosity lurking about the town outskirts. Still, Llewellyn believed that his Meister was telling the truth because he could not afford to doubt Lady Alice. It simply was not a luxury servants were allowed to have. "Yes milady." Llewellyn said in response to Lady Alice's latest words. He agreed with being cautious, especially since haste had once cost the servant a life.

When Lady was done saying her piece, Llewellyn looked himself over to check his overall preparedness. The servant would have looked over Lady Alice as well, but he knew that the blonde girl considered herself ready once her cloak was donned. This is why Llewellyn instead focused on himself. He still had the unused brushes within his suit jacket pockets. His hair had been properly brushed. His clothing was nearly smoothed out. It was not perfect, yet it would have to do. The servant then walked over to the bed he had been resting in, where he then placed a hand gingerly upon the other male still resting there. "Lord Alcross it is time for you to wake. There may be a Kishin about and it is nearly nightfall." It may have defeated the purpose of waking the other Weapon but Llewellyn spoke softly when he talked to the slumbering teen.

Mission: Investigate The Town

Location: Inn Room

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Morika watched as her "team" all split up into different directions and areas. She didn't really know where she was supposed to go, nor did she know who to follow. The only things she knew was that she wasn't alone and that there was a guarantee of treasure if they took down their current enemy. She wasn't exactly certain about what she should do nor where she was supposed to be going, but she was happy that the DWMA trusted her enough to send her on this mission. Deciding that it would be best to adopt the buddy system, Morika followed after Arthur hoping that he knew what he was doing as well as where he was going.

Morika was happy to be around people her age regardless if they tried to get her or themselves killed on the mission. She was just happy not to be alone and that the DMWA had given her a chance to prove herself on this mission with other students. Her goal was to be as helpful as possible and to keep out of the way should a fight break out.
Maybe when the mission is over, they would be willing to be my friends? We can watch movies, make popcorn, help each other with our homework, and everything else I've ever wanted to do with friends! For now, maybe it would be best to figure out where the treasure is and then see if I'm helpful enough to engage the enemy.

Morika kept an eye out for anything unusual and stepped briskly on the floor hoping to avoid another landmine or trap of any sort. "Hopefully the treasure is shiny..." Morika whispered happily as she tried her best to keep on of her team mates in her eyesight. It wouldn't be as frightening with another person, and her risk of running away before they completed the mission was diminishing. "Do you see anything?" Morika whispered to Arthur as she stopped and hid behind a large piece of rubble, trying not to get in the way and doing her best to be helpful.


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Elias Stein

26cfa21b963d5c1e917ecc3f702a8e27.gifIf Marcus was mad about their vehicles being messed with by the kids residing in the creep ass town, the explosions being let off around his fists was a clear indication that Elias wanted to do more than just scream at the little twerps. He blasted off from his spot on the ground and touched down in front of his bike, face spreading into a wild smile that was actually terrifying. “ That’s it, I’m going to pummel all these little shits! “ His voice started getting twisted and anyone with soul perception could see that he was on the verge of causing mass destruction by the way his soul flared up. He began to laugh so loudly that his entire frame shook, eyes narrowing into a deathly stare as he shot each and every one of the kids a look of insanity. Marcus’s words were hardly comforting but the thought of failing their current mission was also not an option. His chest heaved before he kicked at the now scattered scarecrow pieces, watching them catch on fire with a bemused look on his face. “ Scram kids or I’ll burn you alive. “ He spat out, straightening up and following after Marcus to his partner’s car.

The door was casually opened, head poking in to watch Marcus freak out over the CD’s. “ You sure you still don’t want me to teach ‘em a lesson? “ He asked with a hopeful tone, loving the idea personally. He could tell by Marcus’s expression that the guy was just going to let it go. Disappointing. He thought to himself, plopping down in the passenger seat and staring out the window with disinterest. “ Are we blaming me now? Pretty sure it’s the meister who puts in the request for the mission, don’t start pointing any fingers now. “ His tone was cold and uncaring once again, that raging inferno snuffed out for the time being. The mention of his sister made him finally turn his gaze from the reflection of himself in the window, eyes even colder than the tone he had just used.

She better be alright. That’s all I have to say. If anything happens to her when she’s with him, you’ll get to watch as I make sure his punk ass gets to sleep permanently. He’d probably be in heaven. “ Elias didn’t want to even think about it and the more he did, the more agitated he became. Takeshi’s golden eyed detached face formed in his mind and the Stein was about to just get out of the car, his anger issues starting to spiral out of control. The only thing keeping him calm was the fact that he knew he would show Takeshi literal hell if anything happened. He wasn't certain if he didn't like the idea of Elvy with anyone else, let alone wielding a weapon that wasn't him, or if he just simply didn't like the lazy samurai. Or maybe he just didn't like the way he noticed her looking at Takeshi as if he was the most intriguing thing in the world. He'd never seen that look before and it irked him to a point of no return. Whatever it truly was, Elias just wasn't on board right now. His arms were crossed, fingers so tight against his forearms that it was beginning to hurt. He remained like that until nightfall, looking pissed and irritated.

The tapping noise directly beside him made him turn his burning gaze towards the window, peering at the glowing eyes that resembled fiery embers. “ This is just what I needed. “ He said, grinning as he stepped out of the car, mannerisms calm as he casually closed the door behind him. “ HELLO LADIES, HOW NICE OF YOU TO WELCOME US TO THIS ABSOLUTE SHIT HOLE! “ His voice faltered, voice cracking as he started to become unhinged, fire swarming around his fists and along his arms. The flames licked his skin as if travelling along a line of gasoline, spreading crazily. His hands flashed out to grab the glowing eye scarecrow, explosions beginning to come from within as it exploded, straw that was burning starting to scatter along the sky. It fell slowly all around Elias, his eyes wild as he stared at the others through the debris. They glowed, almost, but it was due to the reflection of the flames dancing in his eyes. His hands were soon void of the fire, being tucked into his pockets whilst he kicked off the ground backwards and cleared Marcus’s car with ease to land beside him. He took no time to switch forms, becoming a buster sword that fell slowly through the air before his meister. " I've got some anger to let out, let's fuck these freaky things up. "

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