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[VtM] The Monsters

Dice System
WoD - Vampire: The Masquerade



What will this be?
"The Monsters" is a short quickstarter campaign from Modiphius Games, set in modern time US. It is supposed to be an easy start for people getting acquainted with the game rules and the setting itsel, and not as much for veteran players.
You are a coterie in one of the last Camarilla-held cities, and are there to see the Traditions being upheld and law submitted to. It has been a while since you were mortals, and now you don't even remember what was before your un-life, almost as if you try to remember the plot of a book you have read decades ago. You have both power and responsibility enough, however, to look after the city and fend it off danger - outside or within it. This is one of your stories.

Who is this for?
A group of four people who want to try it, interested in roleplaying, and are able to post at least a couple times a week - the more the better. Many RPs just die when people decide to procrastinate with their response, leaving the rest of the group waiting, and i'd really like to avoid that so everyone has fun. Please, if you're not sure you can dedicate some time to the game, think twice before signing up - group plays are dependant on each individual in it.

What to expect?
Descriptive murder mystery that might end up badly for the characters at any point of the story. World of Darkness isn't a forgiving setting, which should be considered. Attract too much attention to your undead self - and you'll be dealt with swiftly. The story will take no longer than one (in-game) week, though expect for there to be a quick session 0 of sorts.
There might be quite a lot of violence involved - this is a murder mystery, after all - so be aware if descriptions of murder and gore aren't something you enjoy too much.

How will this happen?
Through RPnation forums, and Discord. The latter is just a way to get to the rest faster, and maybe discuss things much quicker than through threads. Character sheets, rolls, and the game itself, however, will be held on RPN. If you read and agree, write "I'm a ram head" in your comment. Jk, no need for passwords, I trust you. Just reply here or PM me.

What is the system?
Vampire the Masquerade v5 with minor tweaks if you deem so necessary (as a storyteller, I dislike treating debates as fights you can see in v5, but if that's what you like - I'll be down to it).
The rolls would not be made for everything - this isn't D&D - so put you description heavy pants on, and be prepared to explain what you do, and how you do it.
As an attachment, I am adding a quick character creation guideline to this post, though do not jump into creating your characters right away!



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Yesss! I've been looking for a v5 game! Count me in! (I'm assuming we'd be starting as neonates?) How will a session 0 be held? I'd love to play a nosferatu or tremere. My last (and only ever) chronical was canceled due to real life scheduling issues concerning the storyteller after only 2 sessions, so I'm still a newish player.
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