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Fallen Angel
Hello! My name is Trick. I'm an 18 year old writer who's new to the site! I've been roleplaying for ~8 years now (I grew up on the internet - both a blessing and a curse), and writing stories since I was a toddler! I graduated high school early, so I'm currently in the weird phase of life between high school and college. I figured I'd fill this time by joining a site!

About Me:
> I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, but I'm available virtually every day! I'm usually awake from 9am to midnight.
> I usually match length with my partner's responses. That said, I would definitely like you to write at *least* a paragraph for your responses. I can write up to ten, if I were to estimate.
> I don't have an age requirement for my partners! As long as I can read and understand your writing, and you understand the basics when it comes to storytelling and plot, we should be good!
> I'm trans, FtM so I prefer playing male characters. I generally prefer MxM pairings, but I will play the male in an MxF pairing if needed. If you wanna try to convince me to play an FxF story, you're welcome to!
> I'm friendly to ghosting. I understand that there are more important things in life than roleplay sometimes, and that's absolutely okay.

Science Fiction
☁ Dystopian
☁ Cyberpunk
☁ Supernatural
☁ Fantasy
☁ Modern
☁ Historical
☁ Horror
☁ Mystery
☁ Romance
☁ Platonic

Note: I will not do Canon x OC pairings. I will only do Canon x Canon OR OC x OC.
☁ Homestuck
☁ My Hero Academia
☁ South Park
☁ Attack on Titan
☁ Sally Face
☁ Creepypasta
☁ IT
☁ Ouran High School Host Club
☁ Harry Potter
☁ Hetalia
☁ Minecraft
☁ Among Us
☁ DnD

Note: This is just a short list of ideas if you have none! Feel free to come with any of your own, or ask me for others!
☁ Arranged Marriage
☁ Royalty x Royalty
☁ Royalty x Commoner
☁ Royalty x Knight
☁ Royalty x Pirate
☁ Celebrity x Celebrity
☁ Demon x Human
☁ Demon x Angel
☁ Angel x Human
☁ Alien x Human
☁ Android x Human
☁ Superhero x Supervillain
☁ Soulmates
☁ Assassin x Target
☁ Roommates
☁ Bullied x 'Savior'
☁ Bullied x Bully
☁ Preacher's Kid x Rebel
☁ Apocalypse Survivors​

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