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Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: March 2019


I didn't want to go swimming anyway, baka!
March Newsletter
Housekeeping Announcements

March's Supporter Badge
Many thanks to @AgWordSmith!​
  • It seems we've gotten the server hamsters back on track as the sporadic 521 errors have seemingly ceased. If for some reason you are encountering this error still you can let us know here.

  • Patreon has updated how it charges which has caused some Supporter confusion. Patreon now charges automatically on your initial sign-up and then proceeds to only charge on the first of the following month for recurring Supporters. In order to keep things organized Supporter rewards only go out after the 1st of the month. You'll still get all your due rewards and your Supporter banner for the promised duration based on your tier.

  • The Flirty February event is closed to entries. If you've missed this event never fear there will be more later this year! For now you can go and read the entries for Flirty February. If you've submitted an entry please be patient as the judges review them all.

Roleplay of the Month

Give everyone a quick summary about your roleplay.
The Winter's War is a roleplay set in GRRM's fictional medieval continent of Westeros, the basis for the TV series Game of Thrones and the successful ASoIaF books. Westeros has just suffered a terrible civil war, the King had passed and his brother, the Prince Aemon Targaryen, acted to stop the King's twin sons, known as deviants and tyrants, from ascending the throne. What followed was all out war, family killing family over a chair, Lords and Houses dying as if they were nothing more than pages on the ever expanding history book of the land. The war finally came to an end, when Prince Maegor Targaryen, another sibling of the King, with the support of House Tyrell of the Reach. A House which could field the largest army in the realm. Proclaimed himself King and put down the other pretenders.

We now stand, bitterness running through the realm as it tries to bind itself together under a new King many fought against, whilst he does all he can to keep the Seven Kingdoms united as they have been since Aegon the Conqueror.

That's the basic rundown!

What are some of the things that inspired you to create this roleplay?
Mainly a dedicated group of friends. We could not even conceive of being able to do this without them there to support us. It is through their determination, support and ideas that we have been able to continue for as long as we have and nothing quite beats friendship when it comes to willing RP's on. After that of course comes a love of the world. The medieval society, the political game, the character building it allows between King and Lord, Lord and Knight, Knight and peasant. We live for that dynamic. It is endless amounts of fun to see Kings humbled by someone several rungs below them, or to see what many might think a minor character have a massive impact on the world that no one could have foreseen.

What do you enjoy most about GMing?
I must admit, the secrets! When people come to you, ideas they have put effort and work into presented in a hopeful way, and then being able to help refine them, weave them into the greater fold before finally seeing it come to fruition down the line? It provides a sense of pride and emotion for all involved. And then seeing the reactions of everyone else when it does happen? It's like a second wind, an adrenaline rush that wills you ever onward to craft more intricate stories and compelling plots.

What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses as a GM?
+ I like to think we are very creative individuals who love to plot things out with our friends and players
+ We like to be organised, planning when big events are going to happen, often seeing many pages down the line and working out perfect times for the next twist
+ Our simple love for the whole concept. There are times when being in charge can be a drag, but overall it's an absolute joy to put our effort and dedication into it

- We are not around as often as we might like to be. Life, work, studying and all the rest can often get in the way and we can come back and have to readjust ourselves
- It is sometimes hard to keep perspective, and to accommodate everyone at once. Again, I like to think we are very liberal, however.

How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RpNation?
It was about two years ago at this point. I remember being...well, just generally depressed. I needed an outlet, I looked everywhere and I wasn't able to fine one. Until I came across a YouTube video, it was made by a small Youtuber I enjoyed watching and he was starting an RP. I was perplexed, and I didn't really have any idea as to what it was, but I thought "Why not?" and jumped into it. After that it was simply a rabbit hole, looking all over the internet for things like it again. Thus came RPN. Which, I might add, is undoubtedly the best RP site on the internet. Since then I have met friends, lifelong companions and so much more.

How do you usually go about planning your roleplays?
It does vary. Sometimes, the best method is to go in fast, to strike while the iron is hot. It can keep up interest, not allow people to dally, and to start posting as soon as possible. That can lead to one downside however, and that's the loss of momentum. It can fizzle out, even if just slightly, and can put people off. The other method is to plan months in advance, but that can lead to the opposite. A sluggish start, something that doesn't go anywhere and quickly dies. It's about finding that important balance between the two if you want longevity.

What struggles do you have when you create a roleplay?
As I say, this is one of many previous iterations we have done. That balance I have mentioned previously is the main struggle we have. Planning is arguably the most important part in propelling an RP forward, and it can sometimes be hard to know how to go about it. We have experienced many dead RP's, but we continue going, even if it does knock us down.

What are some roleplaying tips and tricks you think others could benefit from?
Oh I can hardly proclaim to be a master GM with secrets no other can decipher, but there are a few things that I have picked up here and there over the various RP's I have helped to GM. The main one for me, is to not allow an OOC environment to affect the IC. Arguments, disagreements and so on can often leave a bad taste and lead to a general lack of motivation for the parties involved. I would also say, characters need flaws. To be human....well, you must act like it. Plus, where is the fun when you don't have a weakness? There is nothing to work on, to build on, to have your character or others change through the RP.

Who is your favorite GoT character?
Oh, this ones easy. Jaime Lannister. His complexity, his flaws, his merits and everything in between. It is so easy in modern fiction to use character flaws and twists as nothing more than a gimmick. But Jaime Lannister is an example of those things done best. It isn't expected, he isn't pure good, and yet it shows that we all are not so clear cut in one direction or the other and that people can be driven to things that they themselves can't truly control no matter their efforts. It's for those reasons that I have to assign him as my favourite.

Do you prefer the GoT books, the TV series, or both?
I think both have their merits. The show brings to life the world for everyone who enjoys the books, the most heart wrenching scenes they saw in between pages, and yet so many more people. It has elevated GRRM into a higher status, one where even those that have never seen an episode of the show let alone read the book can recognize his name. It's main problem is that it has limits, as every adaptation does. It can miss complexity shown in writing, or rush things that didn't need to be rushed. The books themselves are an amazing read, introducing this new and exciting world. Yet, they can drag on to the uninitiated, and simply lose your interest at which point the page skipping begins.

Do you have any other projects in the works that you would like to share?
We do have something cooking up that may include caped crusaders and the like. But, for now, we shall keep that under wraps until a further date. ;)

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Trivia Time!

The answer to last month's trivia is Arcanine!

"What does the word "shamrock" mean in Gaelic?"

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@Kiyoko Tomoe asks
Rows/Columns or Invisible Tables and why?
@Alteras says
The day that I stare at a squished table that's only able to display one letter at a time on my phone is the day I know I have failed.
@Cicada3301 asks
Maze Runner or Halo?
@Alteras says
Halo. Never read Maze Runner.
@Nano asks
How many plushies does it take to bait a Fyuri?
@Alteras says
Depends on the plushie. If we're talking about pikachu-level cuteness, probably around 2-3. Of course, sometimes its better to just use the promise of a plushie to bait her out.
@Fyuri asks
When the heck did you change your avatar? Also which twin is it?
@Alteras says
Jan 14, 2019, 10:30pm PST
Alisale. The girl
I loved it so much when I saw it in my feed that I instantly hunted down the originals.
Credits to Pigeon666 Rotten banquet
@AnimeGenork asks
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Also, why isn't he just a carpenter?
@Alteras says
Sometimes the Woodchuck just doesn't want to be forced into a role all because of his namesake. Maybe he wants to do something else, something that he actually enjoys, something that might actually impact his life instead of chucking wood. Because, in his heart, he knows that no matter how much wood he chucks, he knows, no one will know.
@glucose guardian asks
Hey hey since when were you such a mark stan
@Alteras says
I'll be honest, mark and johnny are the only two that I recognize in that whole entire group. Partly because johnny is almost always being a meme, and partly bec mark is usually dying bec of that memelord.



if ever just the same
Tbh I really liked the member of the month feature in the previous newsletters ): Kinda sad it's been taken out tbh. It gave a greater sense of community imo because you get to learn a lot more about someone and their reason for being on RPN / why they RP etc. I hope you guys bring it back soon!


Tbh I really liked the member of the month feature in the previous newsletters ): Kinda sad it's been taken out tbh. It gave a greater sense of community imo because you get to learn a lot more about someone and their reason for being on RPN / why they RP etc. I hope you guys bring it back soon!
It's something that is a topic of discussion regarding the newsletter, and while it occurs we decided to remove the feature for now. We still feature other member's in categories such as discussion, character, etc.

You can always still suggest a user to be considered for the feature as we are still accepting them.
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@Nano asks How many plushies does it take to bait a Fyuri?
@Alteras says
Depends on the plushie. If we're talking about pikachu-level cuteness, probably around 2-3. Of course, sometimes its better to just use the promise of a plushie to bait her out.
Actually, one plush as long as it is a Retsuko one.

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