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Extinction of the dinosaurs. Everything else is "because a human felt angry" or "because a human felt happy". Them Dino's going audios was a freak of nature I tell's ya.

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Not really an event but I'm super interested in ancient history. Mostly "history before Jesus" and the sort. If I could travel back in time as an observer I would've play around in those time periods A LOT.


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The Second Punic War, it was one of the largest and deadliest conflict for it's time and for the longest time, the only conflict to involve over a million soldiers. It effectively determined the whole of western civilization depending which side has won, one would wonder how different the world today would be if the Carthaginians won or if the war never broke out at all.


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The Taiping Rebellion

A Chinese man reads Christian missionary texts and has a vision that he is the brother of Jesus. He ends up starting a rebellion that nearly topples the ruling Qing Dynasty and occupies Nanjing as his capital. Millions of people die in this extremely bloody, but fascinating religious war. His brand of Christianity was vastly different than traditional Western Christianity. Really interesting stuff. One of the best books on the matter is probably God's Chinese Son by Jonathan D Spence.


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More importantly- why does super Mario always go down those pipes?

Is it cause he likes the music down there or cause when he is down there and he farts it makes a funny echo noise and travels back up the pipes to poison all the turtles?


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That has nothing to do with the question I asked yesterday, but thanks anyway, Flowiest. That's certainly a useful question.

Random question of the day:

What's the longest game of Monopoly you've ever played on a board?


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It was well around 3.5 - 4 hours. Which is lightweight compared to other people who have several days clocked in. Maniacs.


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I've only played very short games with my mom, lasting around maybe 20-30 minutes on average due to both of us not understanding how half the rules went. Side note, though; I never got to do a single round on a regular Monopoly board. The only version of the game I ever played was the one with the Spongebob branding.


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Maybe two hours? I only played that game once and it was a long time ago.


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Basically the whole game.
But I remember, shortly after beginning the game-
There's this guy caged behind bars made of flesh and bone (for those who don't know Agony- "gore and guts and fire" is the best possible way to describe it and I did not enjoy this game-)
However, this guy just stands there staring at me and the second I pass him he starts screaming at me about how I destroyed his life and whatnot.
Then he burned alive out of nothing.
I was... Mildly confused X'D


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Random question of the day:

What's the biggest argument you've ever seen between a customer and an employee at an establishment (such as a restaurant, store, etc.)?


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Not sure if it counts but I used to work for the customer service for a lottery. Not gonna lie, it was quite predatory and unethical but it paid very well, so hey, whatcha gonna do? The worst customer that ever call us got very upset with one of my collegues because he tried to keep her playing for another month (as we were instructed to do) and got hit with racial slurs and other insults. He hang up (again, as we were instructed to do). He picked up a new call and guess who it was? So the whole process started over again


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When I worked as a clerk at a grocery store I legit had a customer yell at me for 10 minutes for not scanning a coupon that was expired.

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I was working as a waitress and we had this one old couple who was absolutely terrible. The old man slammed his plate down when I gave him his food and said I got it wrong, practically yelled it. I got so nervous and my anxiety flared up that I had to go into the back and ask my manager to take the table. She gave it to another waitress who ended up screaming at the couple after we redid their order 3 times. Her exact words were "MICHELLE COME TAKE THIS BITCH'S ORDER!" And she threw her waitress pan and walked out the door. My manager Michelle said they had to fire her because we can't yell like that at customers even if they're ridiculous.


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No. Worst disciplinary action taken against me was a "Behavior Modification Assignment" in middle school where I forgot to spit out my gum for science class. I never chewed gum and simply forgot. I cried.


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Yes, for public intoxication/ disorderly conduct. It was my 21st birthday & I got a little toooo drunk.

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