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a white butterfly
Random question of the day:

Is there ever such a thing as being too good for this world?
Yes I do think so. But not the actual existence of the universe, but yes for the unfortunates brought into a developed humanity that is cruel and disturbed.

Biblically it says we are all born in sin. No one is necessarily entitled to goodness. But I do believe a baby born into pure abuse and neglect is too good for this world... I believe an earnest naive heart is too good for this world... not the existence of life but the way life seems to veer off on its own and justify the evils of humanity.

Maybe? That could be personal emotional bias. But I would say there are people that are too good for what we have created. But for the world in general, no. Life and morality is what you decide it is and what you make of it. Good and bad expands based off influenced and carved out direction. Perhaps?


Oh boy, this is my type of thread. I love random questions!! It is most certainly illegal to engage in any sort of bodily contact with the family of another until you've been accepted in to their family as one of their own.


a white butterfly
Random question of the day:

Should delusional people be allowed to roam the streets?
Random question of the day:

What is one thing you think is illegal on other planets?
Depends on the definition of delusional and if it’s a classified opinion or diagnosis. If diagnosed no, they are a danger to themselves and others. If just labeled, then that’s someone else’s problem most likely.


The User Formerly Known As Lorkhan
Random question of the day:

What's the biggest case of rich snob you've ever seen?
I wouldn’t call him a snob because he meant well (most of the time), but he cane from a very wealthy family and was just completely disconnected from financial reality compared to most people.

For instance, he didn’t understand why everybody was so worked up about student loans. He asked once “why don’t they just pay tuition up front?”

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