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  • Antoni: letz make salad :)
    Tan: i added a printed shirt 2 ur closet lols
    Jonathan: here is a sunscreen
    Karamo: how u feel bb
    Bobby: I have deconstructed your entire house with my bare hands. I’ve added three rooms and an extra bathroom. I built your kids' treehouse and there are chandeliers everywh-
    this post is only for PLANTS please do not read it if you are not a PLANT

    The WORST pho places are the ones that have lame ass pho puns in the name (pholicious, pho-king amazing, etc.)

    The BEST pho places are the ones that are like “Pho [random number]”
    was everyone's high school GSA just... like That? And you know EXACTLY what i mean too
    oh my god bong joon ho and the entire cast of parasite just ran up to jeff bezos and started beating the shit out of him oh god the cameras aren’t even cutting away it’s just brutal
    the four types of oscar watchers:

    1: if parasite doesn’t win best picture we riot

    2: if we examine joker through a neomarxist lens it’s clear that we, the viewer, are in fact the joker

    3: i want greta gerwig to run me over with a semitruck

    4: ford vs. ferrari was neat :)
    client: i love ur stuff can i have some

    artist: ok, here’s how much it costs

    client: ur stuff sucks anyways

    artist: ok
    Show: *has a gay character whose sexuality is not important to the plot and is treated very casually*

    Ppl: “ugh why did they have to make him gay when it adds nothing to the plot? They’re just trying to get diversity points and they might as well have left it out.”

    Show: *has a gay character whose sexuality is an important aspect of the plot and is discussed often*

    Ppl: “being gay is his only personality trait and they’re trying too hard to shove it down everyone’s throats. Why can’t we have more lowkey gay characters?”
    Me: "Wait, this character is gay?"

    Yes, I am that oblivious.
    Very true, unfortunately. I tend to be more on the second part, though I am of the firm belief that if a character happens to be gay, or they are brazenly that but it is an important aspect, both of them seem like entirely valid reasons for it. But I will have a problem when those things are a major focus while leeching off the story instead of adding to it, or when I'm expected to have to like something just because of "diversity"-
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