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One Espresso Depresso
For sure, Serena Lawrence in The Handmaid's Tale. She's incredibly complex, and I switch from feeling sorry for her to absolutely LOVING to tear her to shreds.


and im like trời đất ông bà ơi

Michael Bay, John Derek, and M. Night Shyamalan have each won two.


Chimeric Spirit
I respect and cherish life in all its forms; its just natures way of-

who am I kidding, fuck those tiny annoying flying vampires.


I needed to restore account of a game where I lost my email it was tied to. While support person was checking my info, they noticed I had the same name as their relative. We joked a bit about that lol of course we were not related. But conversation already got a bit informal and we were talking about music and other stuff. My issue was resolved in the end and it was a fun conversation overall.


Chimeric Spirit
I was trying to fix my paypal account, because I couldn't log in. So I called customer support, and got some guy on the other end (let's call him Ted, I don't remember his actual name.) Ted isn't able to help me after like an hour of me making him try like everything in the book, and I can tell he's pretty sick of hearing me bitch about stuff not working.

So I put the phone down and then remember I need to call some other customer support line like for my car or something else completely unrelated. So I'm on hold for another minute or two and then the person picks up and his name is also Ted, and he has the exact same voice. He hears me introduce myself and say what I'm calling about and there's just like this "Oh, great!" in his voice, and in my voice. I left him alone for awhile after that.

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