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Abathur, most definitely Abathur from Starcraft. I love the entire concept of his creature that speeds up and manipulates the evolution of the swarm, how he talks and thinks and so on.



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Because fame is the result of appeal combined with accessibility, and those things can come as a result of traits in which one can have talent, birth or just plain fortune of opportunity.

That said this particular silver platter is so full of poisons as it is anything edible. The task of acquiring fame may be hard, but mantaining it is just as hard- especially mantaining it in any kind of positive light.


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Most of the time, I think its due to attractive physical appearances or they had a family member who was already famous before their own fame began or it could be both.


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I very much like the magazine Quero Saber. It's a portuguese magazine with various bits of science trivia explanations. It's all probably rather simplified, but it's still fun and informative to read, and also serves as a source of inspiration from time to time.


When I was a kid I used to read a magazine about video games. I don't remember the name and I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist anymore. But it was fun to read even though I knew I would never play most of those games because I didn't own respective consoles. But it's probably the only one that I read consistently for a while.


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Surprise, surprise: 'The Bells' from Season 8 of GOT. I'm by far a casual fan, but I don't think I've seen so much fire in my entire life in one episode.


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No answers to yesterday's question. What a shame.

Random question of the day:

Which tv show character do you love to hate?
Stefan Salvatore ( shame on me, I knowww! X'D)
I'm kinda team Damon and, I don't know, Stefan is just... Too good.
He's this perfect goody two shoes guy doing everything right in the end and never really being a douche (okay he did he blood sucker but still he was oh so great in the end).
And there's the way he treats his brother in the beginning. Yeah Damon was an asshole. An enormous one.
Buuuut he did kinda have his reasons?
Dunno, I just don't like Stefan, period.
On the other hand though - discussing the guys with my bestie is always great fun, as she hates Damon xD


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He's not an important character anymore and I don't even keep up with the show, but The Governer from The Walking Dead is a big one. As well as The Beast from The Magicians.

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