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*Quirk Analysis Arc* My Hero Academia: Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!! (Remake number what? 100?)

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599482While waiting for the students to finish up, Kyta was a bit startled by one of the girls jumping out of nowhere. "Oh- Jacki!" The girl had spunk, and a pretty well defined aura to her. When she asked about her performance, Kyta had to think for a moment. He wasn't watching her a whole lot, but what he did see, she seemed to have been doing fine. "Yea, good work Jacki! But about that lil megaphone thing, unless I'm invited, don't do that again." The tone was awkwardly saddled between serious and joking. "Now go have a seat, we're waiting on the others."


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Xander sat watching everyone run their final parts of the course when is pleasant spectating was interrupted by the loud sound of Jacki's voice blasting through a megaphone, he flinched and ducked his head a bit at the sharp noise. Blaring a message of challenge to him as well as an invite to some kinda party all in one seemingly endless breath.

Glaring up at the top of the rock climbing wall he grumbled to himself "Guess she got a bone ta' pick with me after earlier today, huh... Hmph, Never really tried my hands at rock climbin' but I could probably pull through... She got sum'n to prove er' what? whatever, If she wants to throw herself at me like that I ain't stoppin er'. Jacki... Hmph, If ya' want this rivalry It's sitting right ere' waitin for ya!"

He smirked and nodded as Jacki walked to Primer, giving a short shout to the cartoonish girl across the way

"Yer on, Jacki! If that runt ah the litter wants to brawl with the big dogs I'm always up for the challenge! Also, I'd totally be up for ah party! Kahaha!"

His threats were in good heart as he patted her on the shoulder a bit roughly, chuckling to himself. As much as Jacki's hyperactive super-confidence slightly annoyed him, Xander had to respect her persistence to overcome challenges and obstacles

"Just name a time n' Place sis! I'm rearing to go whenever you are, Kahaha!!"

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Ferryn watched as her partner skittered up the wall quick as a squirrel running from an unleashed dog, with a gulp she finished strapping in and began the nerve-wracking climb up, carefully and slowly placing her hands and feet on the holds repeating to herself

"S-slow and ste-steady, Slow a-and s-s-steady, F-ferryn."

slowing her shaky breathing as she climbed the pillar carefully, each foot she climbed was a little mini victory to her, eventually picking up the pace with a slight confident smirk on her face. When suddenly Jacki blasted her ears out with a megaphone, Causing the poor little weather girl to almost fall backward, adjusting quickly by thrusting her whole buddy forward and hugging onto the wall

Ferryn's head shot up to looks up in a grumpy frown as Jacki dropped by her, she grunted as the girl greeted her after nearly giving Ferryn a heart-attack, claiming herself down she loosened the full body grip she had to the wall and pulled herself to the top, sitting down and taking a breath to admire the view. she had really climbed far up, huh? Patting herself on the back confidently

"W-well, I guess- guess the o-only way o-off is down- is down there... o-oh boy..."

she took a deep breath before slowly repealing off the wall, but, She had to admit, it was pretty fun floating down to the ground from so up high.

Taking a seat next to her classmates and giving her body a chance to rest from all the physical activity as she watched her fellow students interact and talk, that was tough, but she was glad she finished it.


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Lux smiled at Mako's touch, it wasn't much, but she felt it meant that they were growing closer. Suddenly her fears from this morning of not being able to get along or make friends was gone. She'd actually made quiet a few friends in this short time. She sort of felt silly for being so worried. She should've known that the kids here would've been nothing like at her old school because everyone here was trying to better society in their own ways, and that meant her too. They'd know no matter her quirk's nature or stigma that she was here to do good things with it, so there was no need to worry.

"Yah!" She chimed happily and walked over to where the rest of the class was sitting on the bleachers. She smiled and waved at Ferryn taking a seat near her, "Hey." She hummed happy to be relaxing now. She looked around noticing that most of them were finished. Jacki was on her way back from giving her invitation, and the last two looked almost done. That's when she remembered that the girl from earlier, Clementine? She believed her name was, and Xander did something else. She turned to look at them both, "Oh hey what did you guys wind up doing?" She asked curiously since during the course she didn't really look over at them.

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