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Fandom *Quirk Analysis Arc* My Hero Academia: Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!! (Remake number what? 100?)

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Great Old One
Wally, Andrei, Aaron

Interaction: @Probably George

Location: Free States​

Blood seeped from Beard, Funny and Dinner’s necks, and from the hole in Blue’s chest, which was quickly staining his name sake scarf. Andrei’s quirk was to produce cell buds that would grow into clones. This meant they had improved cell growth. They had regeneration, although only slightly. Dinner woke up, and felt his neck. He realised he wouldn’t be talking for a while. The others weren’t so lucky. Beard and Funny’s necks were too roughly cut, and Blue simply had too much to heal.

Beard gurgled blood and saw his life flash before his eyes. It all started when Andrei was six. His parents often had to leave him alone for long periods of time. Once when they were gone for a very long time, they came home to find their lonely child had become children. Neither were sure which was the original. His parents, not being able to cope with another mouth to feed put one up for adoption. Andrei had always wondered which was the original, and what happened to the one left behind.

More recent memories flushed his mind, and he remembered something he had forgotten and suppressed. ‘Ah… I forgot… They were my progenitor’s wife and child...

Wally reached out for the candy dispenser. It had fallen out of his pocket when he fell. If this wasn’t an emergency, he didn’t know what was. He held it above his mouth and dispensed a pill of Red Sugar. His mouth filled with overwhelming sweetness, then everything went… Soft. Simple. Uncomplicated. He stood up, and rushed over to Beard’s corpse. He felt fast. Really fast. He picked up the knife Kyta had dropped, before picking up Blue’s red scarf, and wrapping it around his face. “Once you take a life you forfeit your own was it?” He thought back to the collection of hero figures he used to have. There was definitely one of Primer. “I can’t believe I ever looked up to you.” He said looking down at Kyta’s limp form.

STOP IT!” Someone yelled from further down the corridor.

Wally looked up at the shouter, and for the first time in a long while saw Aaron.

Captain Lycanroc

Professional Online Funny-man

Location: Free State (Student group)
Interaction: @Kitsune2202


Xander saw the looming wall of violet smoke, approaching slowly but surely, suddenly a student ran from out of it, heaving and coughing, they uttered "D-Don't breathe it...!" Before a dart hit them in the neck and they began to shake on the ground.

"W-What the hell is this.. What kinda mmessed up freak would do this to a bunchah kids?!"

As if on queue to answer the question, the shadowy figure of Professor Violet stepped forward in a long stride, cutting through the mist, the clack of his dress shoes tapped in a horrifying rhythm with the screams and cries. Stopping about ten yard from Xander, Violet flipped out a note book and read aloud to him.

"Rosemary, leave this to me, its personal."

He said as he fully exited the cloak of gas

"Xander P. Malker, Age: 16. Sex: Male. Weight: a hulking 7'01. Quirk: Division. Address: 1359 Anderwood AV NW, neighbor to the young Aaron Sky."

He shut the book and looked to the terrified face of Xander, it wasn't caused by the Hysteria Gas, but the fact that this stranger new everything about him, including where he lived.

"W-Who the hell are?! Ya look like a doctor but ain't no freak like you got a medical license!!"

He sputtered back, sweat pouring down his brow as he looked the finely dressed man up and down.

"You are only half correct, Mr. Malker. A retired psychiatrist, I once did have a medical license, but it was unceremoniously taken from me... A true shame, I was quite adept at finding the route of peoples fears and doubts, although... Exposure therapy isnt the right fit for everyone, I begged to differ but they wouldn't have it..."

Prof. Violet monologued to Xander, frozen in fear as he continued looking the man up and down, his eyes watering up
"This... This cant be happening....!"

Xander exclaimed as he stood shaking in place, looking Violet dead in the face as he talked, hanging on every word.

"But that's all in the past now, far behind me, I seldom ever think of it now, but: some people have trouble copying with things long in the past... The loss of a loved one can echo throughout ones soul and mind for years... Cant it... Mr. Malker?"

He purple haze began to slowly drift forward once more, Xander didn't seem to notice as he sunk to the ground shaking and tears rolling down his face.

"Whether filled with friends, money, God, Power, or simply repressed to the back of your head... The hole from the wound never truly disappears. It merely is filled in poorly with a substitute for the original. Indeed, the deep sorrow one must feel with the lost of a loved one.. I'm sure it's a difficult cross to bear. Especially if its a loved one as close.. As an Older brother.."

The words slammed Xander like a semitruck, he fell to his knees and placed his hands on his head as his vision blurred from tears, he shook and cried softly as Prof. Violet walked toward him slowly, reading from the same note book.

"Leo T. Malker. Aged: 7. Sex: Male. Height: 4'01. Quirk: Unknown. Status: Deceased. Cause of death: punctured lung, Chemically Induced Heart attack."

He shut the book, pocketing it once more and stood about a foot away from Xander, looking down at his 'Loose end'

"By your state, I assume you know this already... But just to unearth the rest of that repressed memory... The face of your brother's killer, Xander: is identical to mine."

Violet sqauted down next to the shaking form of Xander and whispered in his ear, like a doctor telling a patient their diagonosis.

"It was me, Xander, I killed your brother that night, and the look on your face was identical to the one you're making now, a helpless child... Balled up with nowhere to hide a run, stuck between his death and a wall. Like a caged mouse wearing a facade of death to drive off it's attackers"

Xander cried louder as the form of the demon from his past loomed over him, like a dark cloud covering the sun, the Violet fumes wrapped themselves in a spiral around the two.

"And now I'm going to kill you two, Xander. I'm going to kill you the same way I killed your brother, first, I'll stab you through the space between your Forth and fifth rib, puncturing your lung, then I'll send the Hysteria up your nose and to your lungs in mass, the sure amount will most certinally cause you a heart attack."

Violet pulled a scalpel from his suit pocket, polishing it on a handkerchief as he did he talked non shaltanly to Xander.

"I'll allow you a moment to pray to whatever God or Divine Providence you believe in. I myself have never believed in a religious figure of any kind, but I shall respect your values in these few last moments of your life."

Xander stopped his shaking and crying for a moment... Thinking to himself if he'd really give this monster the satisfaction of watching him plea to the divine for mercy from his killer. When a thought popped into his head... And idea, or perhaps a memory from his child hood, a jovial game: a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest.

Xander's special trick that won him the game every time, Xander concentrated hard on dividing his lungs, taking time so that they'd be just close enough to the size of a regular lung as possible, after a moment he finished, Sucking in a massive breath and filling the lungs, he waited for the murderer to close in, and when he did a fist shot up and struck Violet across the jaw, just barely as the man leaped backward, he frowned angrily and sent the mass of Hysteria gas to cover the boy.

"A shame he fought back, his death would have been less painful that way, but I supoose is attempt was commendable, he nerely broke my jaw with that single punch, I cant image he-"

Prof. Violet was cut off by a chunk of concreit shooting from the smoke a lodging into his chest, letting out a cough and some blood, the Professor stumbled backward slightly, Gripping his side.

As Xander walked from the smoke, his arms divided into six, the bat in one hand dragging across the ground and a hand full of jagged rock in another, a terrible grimace on his face as he approached.

Reaching for the tranquilizer in his pocket his hand was slammed by the bat and the bones shattered, letting out a pained grunt the Professor leapt backward into the smoke behind him. Motioning a group of villains forward, from where he stood all he heard was the metallic impact of the bat agaist them and their yells from being struck...

"Rosemary... Gah.... I believe the is your queue to take the stage, my dear. Ah- feel free to end this one's life."

The professor grunted, on the other side of the smoke wall Xander berserkly beat the goons within an inch of their lives, only stopping the assault on one to move to the next, gasping in air from the small open areas his swings made.

After swinging open a wide area he shouted into the purple fog

"My brother told me to never stope to the level of a bully, even if they're bullying you, never kneel that low. So I ain't gonna kneel to yer' level an' kill ya's! BUT I'M GONNA MAKE YOU WISH I DID KILL YOU AND SHATTER EVERY BONE IN YOU BODY ONE BY ONE, YOU BASTARD!!!"

Xander unleashed a roar like a Viking, preparing to pillage before sucking in another massive breath abd launching into the smoke.


Rosemary Rockefeller
: Free State (student group)
Interaction: @Captain Lycanroc
Everything felt like it happened in slow motion to Rose, and despite that it still felt like it was happening too fast. She'd only peeked out of the smoke to see who it was that apparently Prof. Violet had some personal vendetta with, but she instantly regretted it. He just admitted to killing this kids brother. Wait I thought they were just capturing the students not killing them!? How could Rose kill someone right now? The look on Zander's face before the gas even hit was enough to chip away at the facade that she'd been holding onto like a child with their favorite bear for her own protection. Every action by both of them struck a chord with her and she wasn't sure what to do. She was relieved when Violet said she didn't have to do anything, but now she was shell shocked that he was saying she needed to finish this and possibly kill him.

She'd backed into the gas herself once the onslaught started at full force. Her eyes were wide as he spoke and she clutched her whip tightly hearing the student roar. It was so painful to hear. This wasn't her battle, this should've been between them and them alone this had nothing to do with her or the plan. However it was clear Violet was a much higher up villain and she couldn't afford to disappoint him. "I got it." She replied with a nod at Prof. Violet before swallowing her morals and fear to step forth from the gas and look at her opponent. She prayed he'd just go down with ease, but she was scared. Even if she managed to restrain him or capture him without killing him, would the professor still kill him anyways? Could she lose weather on purpose or because this man was easily twice her size and strength and not get in trouble for it? So long as she puts up a good fight that should be enough right? This is her first battle and even the professor didn't win and had to withdraw. That was it, she'd give a good fight, and keep her distance.

"Come on let's not make this more difficult then it has to be." She spoke calmly, but inside she was pleading with him. She didn't want to do this, she didn't want to be here. Due to his size it would take a few nicks from her whips tips in order to bring him down, so while he was still bashing away at the others she aimed for his ankles and lashed out her whip to tie around them and pulled tying to get him off his feet and off her comrades. They didn't deserve to be thrown in the middle of this and beaten to a pulp either. "Get out of here and finish the plan, I'll take this one on." She shouted at the others. They couldn't afford to waste too much time here.

Probably George

Голова дерьма
605457Just as Kyta was about to go cold, he heard Wally's footsteps piercing his ears. At first, he was ecstatic to the point of tears. The joy was immediately destroyed once he heard the voice. 'I can't believe I ever looked up at you.' All the sudden, Kyta pitied the kid. "Anyone can be a stargazer. It takes intuition to be amongst them." He mumbled out. Kyta wanted to turn to the kid, but didn't have the strength to lift his head up. Shortly after his reply, he heard a familiar voice.

Aaron? 'Well now-' he thought 'That was quick. Knew there was a hero somewhere in there. Now hatch little chick, show em what you got.' What disappointed him the most was the fact that Kyta wouldn't be able to see this kid kick ass. He was confident that he'd be able to check the tapes once he got his eyesight back.



U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
2af0d4612b85b41c1b3c2a819968ffc7.jpgMako Glass
Free State Halls
Mention: @Probably George @pbtenchi

Why did everything have to taste so good?

Mako had run into far more criminals in the halls than she'd anticipated. Of course, her particular quirk allowed her to more or less swallow whatever was fired at her and tore apart clubs and knives like they were nothing. But despite being able to circumvent a large number of weapons and growing more and more used to wielding Stitcher's Stun Gun... that wasn't enough. There were far too many, and so she'd resorted to using her Quirk more... proactively.

Arms and legs, she had to aim for those exclusively. As long as she kept it down to minor lacerations and flicked off whatever blood threatened to seep into her jaws, then she wouldn't have to taste them inside her. But hoping to avoid that tempting taste was foolish, and so she moved faster, hoping to keep herself distracted by the overwhelming flavor surging through her taste buds. It was humiliating having to ignore the ungodly shivers that every taste of blood sent coursing through her veins, their weapons, the ammunition, and the baddies wielding them all tasted far too good for Mako's liking. As long as she kept fighting, kept moving and kept thinking then she wouldn't be able to savor just how good everything tasted.

But the ache in her stomach continued to deny her attempts to focus, writhing and biting with every touch of ambrosia she tasted. It wasn't like training when she'd accidentally nick one of her classmates and have to settle down a bit, there was no telling what could happen if she paused. And so Mako continued leaving a trail of wounded criminals through the halls of Free State wherever she went, desperately hoping to find someone soon. If she did, then they could at least offer some cover or order for her to focus on.

It was just as her jaws carved their way down the leg of a woman with a massive bone growing from her head, she reared back whilst grasping the new wounds. Raising her arm to defend herself only for it to be slashed as well before Mako tackled to the ground and forced her stun gun against her throat. Mako breathed heavily, eyes struggling to focus as the woman's body was sent into convulsions. By the time she went limp, Mako realized something was dripping on the woman's vest. Mako reached to her eyes first, only to brush a hand against her mask and grow wide-eyed at the heavy amounts of drool now seeping through the fabric.

Mako stumbled back off of the woman whilst wiping at her mask in some futile effort to clean herself up, but another painful jab from her stomach forced her to wrap her arms around her belly instead. Mako groaned, but continued moving past the freshest set of fallen goons, trying to keep track of the various noises echoing through the halls. It wasn't easy, the sounds of battle were everywhere and the horrid sounds of her own heavy breathing mixed with the pounding sound of her heart in her ears.

But then she heard a familiar voice cry out from around the corner up ahead, and soon she stumbled towards it eager to have anything else to focus on rather than her excessively un-cute appearance.
Pushing herself to the corner, Mako gripped it hard to keep her balance. With her drool leaking in more fierce amounts, she pushed down her shame and glanced around the corner whilst trying to locate the source of that yell. She didn't have to look far, down the corridor stood Aaron. Between them was someone Mako didn't recognize wearing a bloody scarf around their face.

There were several bodies just lying around on the floor, but some didn't seem dead yet. Many of them looked extremely;y similar to one another, save for one at the scarf guy's feet. Mako was able to identify it as Primer immediately, wounded on the ground with a stomach wound. Her eyes moved from the wound to the blade in the scarf guy's hand, and Mako did her best to steady her breathing as she pulled back, recognizing that Aaron seemed to be in a precarious position. Whoever he was facing down had Primer on the ropes, and Mako wasn't exactly sure if she'd be able to get to him before he tried anything.

Luckily, the worry which sprouted from seeing Kyta down and out like that had driven back the euphoria Mako had been trapped in for the past few moments. She had time to think, and she didn't need long to recognize the specific scenario she'd found herself in. As long as she didn't play her hand too early, then she might be able to help out both Aarron and Kyta. To do this, she pocketed her stun gun before pressing both hands to her moist mask and steadying her breathing, listening closely to the sounds in the corridor.

Probably George

Голова дерьма
605484 Max slowly crept through the room, listening to every little noise the students made. Eyesight wasn't that imortant when a coughing student was inviting him. Being polite, Max obliged to come on over. "Lemme help you out there~" Max whispered to Ferryn shortly before grabbing her face and quickly spreading crystals across it.



One Thousand Club
Séitheach "Shay" MacLeod

Shay watched as Hagane disappeared through the door with a crackle of electricity that rattled the air. Ushering the people away from the entrance, many could see that the nurse was wrought with worry for the ones left outside behind his mask of calm. Nevertheless, he decided to stay behind and hold down the fort.

As he finished bandaging a young man's torso, Shay stood up, walked over to his desk, and returned with but one thing—a halberd, its steel blade gleaming in the artificial light.

It's true that Shay was a nurse, and a reliable one at that, but he was also a hero. Healing and hurting were two sides of the same coin, and there was no one who understood that quite as well as he did. He smiled, warm and bright, and a sense of comfort in spite of their horrible situation swept through the room.

@Captain Lycanroc


Hero Wannabe

Age: 15

Height: 5' 1"/155cm

Quirk: Perfect Storm

Code by Idea <3
Ferryn Evans

The crystals latched onto Ferryn's face, leaving her unable to breath or see. She screamed, helplessly, though she wondered if only she could hear her muffled terror. Her mind raced, trying to figure out what she could use right now to save herself, and she lashed out, groping blindly with her arms. She thought instantly of her lightning, but hesitated, never having used it on a human being before. She had promised herself she'd never use it until she knew how to exactly calculate a voltage that would stun, but not kill, and use it properly every time.

But then it occurred to her... she was dying. This villain was trying to kill her, and if Ferryn was only playing defence... she would die. She grabbed the arm latched to her face and sent electricity into it. It was tentative, not a very high voltage, as even now she was trying not to kill whoever attacked her.... yet. Her heartbeat pounded in her head, waiting for results. Please work... please...

Location: Music room

Mentions: @Kitsune2202 @Captain Lycanroc

Interacts: @Probably George



Two Thousand Club
Clementine Citrine
@Captain Lycanroc
Location: Free State food court, Free State

It would be a lie if Clementine said she hadn't expected an exciting and fast-paced experience at the school, something new every day and never knowing what to expect...but this was well beyond that, at first she thought it was a surprise test exercise though the sheer chaos around the school really did dispel that notion fairly quickly though not before a few fairly rude and cheap shots from them. Fast forward through hallways scuffles and she now was doing her best to hold a line in front of a makeshift barricade and many of the support and general studies students behind, firsts up within a boxing stance throwing jabs and weaving between the swarms of attackers.

Really robots were a far simpler case, people were something entirely different, she had no idea which had a durability quirk meaning she really needed to pull her punches less she seriously injures someone....even if it was a villain she wasn't about to be one of those brutal vigilantes that left people half-dead or worse. The consequence of this was several hits, cuts, burns and worse covering her form panting heavily as they were slowly wearing her down, sure the food courts food helped keep the energy up but she was really having a hard time finding the opening to do so. Spinning around at the sound of a shout she was about to respond only to get blindsided by another before throwing him away across the room and back through the hallway to slide away. "RUDE! XANDER WERE OVER IN THE FOOD COURT!......" she would really need some backup or even one of the teachers, she couldn't really be expected to handle all of this could she? where were they even coming from?.

In the end, it really didn't matter she guessed, she just had to hold out and protect what was behind her, sure she was scared at the moment with all this coming at her but for the life of her she couldn't turn around, I mean if the person protecting you looks terrified what's that going to do for those their protecting?. So take another deep breath and stuffing her mouth as the moment lets her she dives back in to push people back, grabbing one of the attackers that was more resembling a pufferfish of sorts without the spikes and swinging them through the others.



New Member
Boon Harrison

Location: Free State

Near Characters: @PlusUltra

Boon had been spending a good deal of his time in the horticulture club room making sure that all of the plants were receiving proper care. He was walking about the room with the few other club members and watering the flowers and pruning some of the branches of the fruit bearing plants. Boon stopped at one of his favorite flowers, The Blue Giant Hyssop, and took a moment to breath in its scent. "Ah...such a wonderful day, I can't imagine anything bringing my mood down right now."
Then almost as soon as the last sound left his mouth he heard a rumble through the building and turned quickly directed his face toward the door. Just then a large man charged through the wall knocking down and running over his favorite flowers making his way toward the other students in the room and Boon was horrified by the very sight of his flowers falling and being crushed on the ground. A hum could be heard coming from the inside of his body as he said, "How dare you desecrate my precious garden..." and then he erupted into what looked like a cloud of wasps and hornets.
The sound of buzzing was almost deafening due to the sheer number of insect wings swarming about as it swarmed the large man who had charged into the room. The insects reformed into Boon's body on the other side of the man and he delivered a harsh kick with the point of his shoe into what would be the mans kidney. The man grabbed his side with one of his hands and stumbled backwards as Boon opened his mouth and another swarm erupted toward him littering him with stings until he backed up into the wall. Boon lifted an arm and sprayed the man with a generous coating of honey and wax leaving him stuck against the way.
"Did you know it takes about 1,000 bee stings to kill an average adult...from the outside! Luckily you only have 78 stings as of now but maybe another 921 will teach you to Bee-have!" Boon opened his mouth let out more bees directly into the mans face.

Before leaving the room Boon made sure that the other students who were inside made it out of the room and he started down the hallway shifting into his swarm form that filled up the width and height of the hall and the sound was practically making the windows shake it was so loud. A group of several goons came towards the sound and fired down the hallway at him. The bullets passed through the swarm and he rushed toward them making the sound intensify and the goons tried to run away but as they turned their backs Boon reformed. Once again he lifted his arm coating the goons in a generous coating of wax and shifting back into the swarm before continuing down the hall. The swarm rushed down the hallways in almost a spiral like flight pattern and was still filling the air with rumbling buzz of the wasps and hornets as it made its way toward the food court.
The swarm burst into the food court spread out across the large room, the wasps were focusing on the faces of the villains who were invading the school and doing their best to push them back away from the rest of the students. Boon then noticed a quite...robust girl fighting off the goons and looking like she was holding her own well but she may be overwhelmed. He collected himself together next to her and drove his heel into one of the goons that was running toward them and knocked him away, watching him slide across the floor. He then put a strip of honey on the floor in front of them as some of the goons already standing there struggled to continue moving. Boon turned to the girl giving her a thumbs up and smiling, "You are doing a great job." He said hoping to encourage her for holding out on her own. "If you need to rest or collect yourself I'll do my best to hold them off!"​
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Captain Lycanroc

Professional Online Funny-man
Location: Free State|Outside Nurse's office
Interaction: @Xcelgamer @pbtenchi @Meraki


Hagane was running low on energy- extremely low, But Bushido wore the brave frown of a samurai as he faced the skull faced man who set the two ablaze in front of Aiden and Jacki, he couldn't let anything happen to his students, Aiden's confidence had clearly been drained by the terrifying display.

"Step away from them, Villainous scum! You'll taste my blade be for you lay a hand on- GRAAAH!!!"

He stumbled back with a dagger in his shoulder, one of his blades quickly cleaved down the attack as Bushido fell into the walk, coughing slightly as he did as the hum of electricity left him and his armor and katana ceased to float and clattered around him with a loud and metallic crash.

Bushido groaned as he propped himself agaist the wall, looking to the door of the office, where he could hear the muffled voice of Shay consulting patents inside the infirmary. Giving a small pained smirk he propped himself up on his guanteted hand and grabbed one of his katana

"I'm not dying yet, not to something like this. Jacki, I know I told you to stay away from giant threats like this... But we dont have much of a choice: Keep him busy and away from me while I charge my power. Aiden, Keep her safe and guarded, I know you'll do well. To be honest, you two are probably my best bet for keeping me guarded while I charged, thank you for coming to my aid."

He than slammed the blade of the katana into a electrical socket and his armor and eyes glowed blue while shooting off electricity as he began to recharge his field


Lux Saber
: Free state Music room
Mention: @Captain Lycanroc @LostFairy
Interaction: @Probably George
Lux didn't know what to do. She heard someone coughing, and then it was stopped by what might be muffled...something? She didn't know if it was Ferryn in danger, or Darius in danger, or if one of them managed to flip the script on the intruder. Perhaps she was just going to have to take the risk since two out of the three options weren't in their favor. The problem was if she sang, even with her mouth covered she would get some of this dust in her lungs. She rushed closer to where the commotion was getting very close to Max she started to sing in a soft whisper trying to prevent as much dust from entering her lungs as possible. She approached him from behind as his attention was on Ferryn, "Let go, don't attack. Just lay down, and stay down." She wasn't sure if her words would affect Ferryn too since she wasn't sure if she could even hear her. She hoped not since she was trying not to be louder then a whisper for MAx to hear, but it was worth the shot regardless making sure this guy would stop doing whatever he was doing that was hurting her. She started coughing at the end, but she pushed through the pain to keep singing until she was sure he was on the ground. Hopefully then Ferryn could get away or maybe Darius could do something. She hated that since they were caught off guard all she could do is keep him at bay, and he had probably one of the worst quirks for her to go against since it hurt her throat, and made it difficult to just target him. Her hypnotic singing would affect all who heard it.Sadly she had to push through the pain and keep singing or the hypnosis would break. Though under these conditions, it would break soon regardless because she would inevitably pass out from the strain if someone doesn't help.

Probably George

Голова дерьма
606140For a moment, Max forgot he was dealing with kids working to be pro heroes, so when the girl he was trying to take shocked him, it caught him off guard. The zap was enough to make him release his grip. Max was seconds away from stabbing the girl in retaliation but was interrupted by a beautiful, soothing voice singing to him. He could feel the song reaching down to his core. Max was a slave to the melody, obeying it's every command as he dropped the crystal dagger to the ground and slowly following suit.

@Kitsune2202 @LostFairy

Captain Lycanroc

Professional Online Funny-man
Location: Music room
Interaction: @Probably George @LostFairy @Kitsune2202


Darius couldn't see where the girls and the Crystal abomination had gone, the room was covered in a sheet of floating crystal. He would have called out to them but... Ya know.

Seeing as using his music to attack might hurt Lux or Ferryn, he decided a more tactical play would be needed, Darius tied his handkerchief around his mouth to guard from the crystal dust, and took out a clarinet from his suit jacket's pocket

He sucked in a painful cutting breath through his handkerchief, nerely coughing as he did, and began to play a quiet wispy song on the wind based instrument, he'd have to do this well and fast for it to have effect before having to take in a new breath.

As he played softly and the pitch rose and fell like a sleeping bears chest, a gust of wind flowed from around him, whipping up paper and dust from the floor, as well as thw crystal dust surrounding them, after a moment and a singlw extra painful breath the room had very little fragments left in it, as he swept it put a window.

He dashed over to Ferryn, dragging her back a bit from the man and looked her up and down to make sure she was alright, her eyes were slightly red from nearly being suffocated and there was a couple marks on her face as well as some crystal, he wiped them off her and smiled and sighed with relief, quickly hugging her tightly.

Darius didn't intrude on Lux's performance with the same treatment, that could ruin the whole plan, Darius wouldn't admit it, but deep down he was a huger, his formal buissness like attire may make it seem otherwise.

"Thank goodness their alright, I don't know what I would have done with myself if they were badly hurt... Luckily, Lux seems to have quietly sung the beast to sleep, how brave of her to get that close."

He watched as Lux slowly lulled the man onto the ground, just the way her body moved as she sung was calming, he luckily wasnt close enough to hear her voice so he resisted the urge to up and nose dive into the ground. But watched patiently from a distance


Great Old One
Wally, Andrei, Arron

Interaction: @Probably George @GrieveWriter

Location: Free States​

Wally’s eyes widened as he saw Aaron. Images flashed through his head of his mother and his crumbling home. Why did he get to be a hero? He looked down at the scarf, it had ‘Keep warm, in body and heart. From Molly’ sown into it. None of these heroes were worthy. Anger flashed through him. He clenched the knife tightly in his hand and got ready to stab Kyta.

Aaron burst forward blindly, hoping to somehow takeout the masked assailant and save Kyta. What happened next wasn’t the epic fight some might imagine. It was equivalent to clubbing a baby seal. Aaron wasn’t a fighter, not even close, and probably never would be. Wally knew Aaron’s quirk well. If you grappled him, he couldn’t make a burst where he was held, since he needed air to reach that spot. Wally grabbed Aaron arm, and with the sort of strength, the body locks away to prevent breaking itself, swung him around and around, and into the wall with a crunch. It was then he noticed his arm was limp. It was clearly broken. But it didn’t hurt. It felt good. Real good. Was this an effect of the Red Sugar? He tightened the muscles in his arm, and it pulled itself back into arm-like shape, although it was somewhat floppy.

Aaron pulled himself up from the ground, sitting up against the wall. He cursed his fragile hollow bones. Wally raised the knife, and Aaron rolled out of the way and tried to burst away across the floor to get some distance. Wally followed after at nearly the same speed, waving the knife around like an amateur. Aaron kicked the knife out of his hand, and Wally went to punch him, but Aaron rolled again, and Wally punched the ground with a shattering noise. Two floppy arms. What fun. The pain felt… good.

Wally went over to pick up his knife and Aaron backed away. This was seriously freaking him out. Wally rushed him, and Aaron went for his last-ditch ace. The last time he did this he was 6 and it broke his arm. He swallowed nervously and used a burst to propel his arm forward, and then another burst in Wally’s face. Wally staggered back. The scarf fell from his face, and Aaron froze, unable to process what was going on. It was then that Dinner, who Aaron had walked towards without realizing, grabbed his leg. Wally took the opportunity and plunged the knife into Aaron’s chest.

Aaron sunk to the floor, and Wally stabbed him again.


Lux saber
: Free state (Music room)
Interaction: @LostFairy @Captain Lycanroc @Probably George

As Lux heard the music start to play she mentally sighed with relief. As the room began to swirl with wind, and things started to fly around, she did find it hard to stay focused on her tune to keep the villain under her trance. Once all the dust was out the window she uncovered her mouth allowing her to take in more clean air now. She still had a coughing fit due to the particles she had let in, but at least by this time the guy was already on the ground, so she could use the couple seconds of break to clear her throat. Also as the dust cleared she noticed the dagger on the ground right next to the man. She quickly kicked it far away so he couldn't reach it. She didn't want to just grab it because she didn't know what it could do. She could only assume it was the weapon he was about to use on Ferryn, and she was suddenly very grateful for the timing of everything not letting that happen. She didn't like how close of a call that was and seeing her friend in danger. Well hearing it, since she never actually saw Ferryn...which is arguably worse.

Once she sang the final note after the dust was completely cleared and Max was laying completely motionless in a daze on the ground, she dropped to her knees in exhaustion holding her throat in pain. She took this second to try and clear her throat a bit. She probably should've backed away from Max as she did this. She didn't foresee him being able to snap back and retaliate too quickly, but that's a naive way to think. Also the pain in her throat from the cutting dust that did enter her lungs, mixed with the strain from her quirk, was taking priority in her thoughts and instincts. She looked up to see Darius had Ferryn, and this was the first time she actually let herself look at her friend since that start of the chaos. From this distance she seemed like she was going to be fine and wasn't too injured, 'thank goodness'.

Since she could now see her target she could focus her power onto him, rather then endangering the others too. That was the reason she'd only sang for him to lay down and not attack, rather then to just go to sleep in case it was one of her friends, she didn't want to endanger them in the hazardous dust, by knocking them unconscious and letting them breathe all that in. Once she took those few seconds to cough trying to clear her lungs a bit, she opened her mouth to sing again. She knew she didn't have much time and wouldn't have the luxury of completely getting it all out, but just enough for it to burn less so she could finish out the job without passing out. This time she'd knock him out so they could get away from whoever this was, or capture him, whichever the others deemed fitting.


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit

@Kitsune2202 @Captain Lycanroc @PlusUltra
Today... was a good day to be bad.

That was the only thing Meric thought as he watched the various cameras, watched the assault go pretty much exactly how he pictured it to. Things were going well in some places and worst in other places, but the footage. That was the only thing which really mattered, because the footage would be going towards his next commercial campaign. Whether the Coalition of Chaos (Name Pending)'s plan to abduct students went through or not, the fact that he'd gotten them to such fighting form would be all the proof he needed to potential buyers that he knew his craft.

Honestly, what villain wouldn't want the guy who helped assemble some of the baddest baddies on the market? And that was before he even considered the weapons types! He hated relying on the tropes of old, but in this situation he'd pretty much already won... for him at least. There was just one problem with his little ploy.

"Andy...Andy?" He turned back from the screens to Andy, who was still orchestrating a good chunk of attacker movements using their make-shift operating table.

"-then tear a way into the the hall on your right, Max needs some backup. Student's got some kind of siren thing going on so either go loud or deaf, pick your poison." Andy spoke into a little radio without looking up.


"-Gotta see if you can help the doc, he ain't lookin' too good right now... Girl's good but this dude she's aiming for might give her some trouble-"

"Andy!" Meric bit, causing his loyal bodyguard to finally lower the radio

"Yes... sir?" Andy sighed "Kind of doing something here-"

"Think the editor's gonna have a hard time dumbing down the screams?"


"Kids screaming bloody-murder only appeals to a minority of our particular clientele." Meric turned back to the screens "Even if they's trying to be heroes, half of these runts are just barely-legal. The types that terrorize kids always get the worst rep even amongst other crooks, sickos and murderers, so we're gonna have to dumb it down for a more pleasant cinematic experience."

Andy just continued going over tactics and giving orders, letting Meric ramble "Seems its gonna take more than just a few guys to distract Stitcher, maybe start a fire on the floor below him. That'll probably cut off escape routes of teams Y, Q, and F but we can work around that-"

"I mean just look at this!" he gestured to a certain camera displaying a certain boy "That kid's supposed to be the figurehead of the Assembly of Anarchy (Name Pending), that means we need him to be as marketable to the villainous masses as possible. But look at this, what is this?"

Andy didn't answer, and Meric didn't seem to care "What do you mean she's beefing up from pigging out??? Well use the League's stuff, didn't they share some with most of the groups? Which one of you was supposed to be packing?"

"First half of this attack he's useless, now he's kicking tail. Got some good stuff of that thing with Primer, definitely a money shot" Meric snickered before waving towards a feed showing Aaron "But now that he's absolutely tearing this other kid apart, might sour the mood for some of our loyal viewers. You might not get this, Andy, but to sell a figurehead they need a little something called mass appeal. Most people don't realize how easy it is to lose that. Like look, Look!"

Andy still wasn't listening, about to give an order when Meric rushed over and dragged his head up to look at the screen "He's gonna end up killin' that kid, Andy!" Meric shook his head "One thing to go against the League's plan but it's another thing to ruin his credibility on his first gig. Red Sugar, might've been a bit much for the poor sap. Gimme that radio."

"What!?" Andy gasped before holding the radio away from Meric's grasp "Sir, who cares what he does!?! We's supposed to be giving updates and sending back up to the big names!"

"And I'm trying to protect the sanctity of an investment," Meric countered with another chuckle "Now gimme that radio so I can tell him to reign it in a bit and-"

"Stop it."


Mako Glass
Free State Halls
Interaction: @Probably George @pbtenchi

Mako had made her move he instant Aaron had made his, putting most of her energy into having faith in Aaron. Not in the fact that he'd be able to beat scarf guy, but in the fact that he can be pretty darn distracting when he needed to be. It was basically the same as in the forest a week ago, the moment the opponent's attention was fully on someone else, just do as the flying boys do. So while Aaron was doing his best to bring down Scarf Guy, Mako s did her best to adapt to become one with the shadows, slowly making her way over to Kyta and ever so carefully pulling him back. She didn't say a word, merely tried her best to move in ways that wouldn't upset his stomach wound.

"Teach?" she whispered to him "Hold on, just gotta move you aside a bit so ya don't get absolutely murdered."

The part where her plan went awry, however, came when Aaron lost far sooner than she would've expected. Things hadn't been going good at all since the start of the fight, but the moment scarf guy's namesake was torn to the floor Aaron froze and got halted by one of the clone, doppelganger, quadruplet guys. Then things went ugly, real ugly. Ugly enough for Mako to set down Kyta as gently as possible while standing tall and calling out.

"Stop it." she called out while letting her jaws move quickly to get between her and the two "Ugh, totally screwed up my plan there, scarf guy."

The more she talked, the more saliva dripped liberally from her mask, and with a deep breath she wrapped her arms around her stomach and glanced back to Kyta for a moment before breaking into a jog.

"Guess we're doin' this early so," she scoffed in shame before reaching towards him and Aaron with her jaws "have at you, I guess."


Hero Wannabe

Age: 15

Height: 5' 1"/155cm

Quirk: Perfect Storm-- (Weather emitter)

Code by Idea <3
Ferryn Evans

Ferryn felt like she was hearing and seeing things from inside a fishbowl, and she remained kneeling on the floor, arms wrapped around herself as she took deep gulps of air. Breathing hurt severely, and you could tell that by her face. The girl coughed, reaching her hand up to her mouth, and when she put it back down, there was a small amount of blood on it. Not enough to be overly concerned, but it's generally not good news when you cough up blood. Something was bleeding in either her airway or her lungs, but it was okay for now.

Ferryn rose shakily to her feet, crystal fragments falling from her clothes. She looked all around the room and then from Lux to Darius, to the purple monster thing on the floor, trying to shake off the fishbowl feeling.

"I-is he d-d-down, th-then?" Ferryn asked quietly, and then looked at Lux and Darius.

"A-are you b-both ok-okay?"

Location: Music room

Mentions: @Probably George

Interacts: @Kitsune2202 @Captain Lycanroc


Probably George

Голова дерьма
606674Max was screaming internally at himself. The fact that a couple of kids managed to down him filled Max with rage. At first, he planned to retaliated and mutilate the second the girl's spell broke, but he remembered the bosses orders. Kill the teachers, not the kids. Max would have to go on the defensive. While he couldn't move, Max could still terraform. Without even a muscle twitching, the crystal layer on Max's skin started to thicken. The plan was to encase himself and await his rescue.

Along the hallway was a... gorilla? It happened to be one of the villains who had an ape-like mutation quirk. He'd gotten word from Andy that Max was in danger. "Go loud, got it." He replied, breaking into the room while continuously howling. He saw a large crystal structure that he assumed to be Max. After quickly grabbing him, the ape immediately ran out and got back on the radio. "I got Max, not sure what the damage is, so we're going to route C."

@LostFairy @GrieveWriter @Kitsune2202 @Captain Lycanroc


Great Old One
North, Aden
Interaction: @Captain Lycanroc, @Xcelgamer @Meraki
Location: Free States​

Bushido was relying on him. What was he doing? He could do this. He knew he was awesome; he was in the motherfucking Big 3. Aden’s hair gradually got brighter, although not quite as bright as before. He knew he was at about fifty percent right now. He stood up tall, preparing to fight.

That’s a bad idea. My attacks must be dodged not blocked. These students can’t protect you Bushido. Also, we’ve done research. Jacki. Aden. You two are both physical types, my best matchup. I suggest you surrender. I take no pleasure in killing children.” North spoke calmly, before making a deep grunt as his entire form became engulfed in inky black flame.

Aden kicked the wall, breaking it into chunks, and sending one of said chunks flying at North. North simply raised his arm and the chunk shattered against his outstretched hand. "I'm still accepting surrenders."


Different timezone, who dis
Jacki Fleitcher
Interaction: North, Aiden (@pbtenchi)
Location: Free State

Jacki lightly twisted her head as she chuckled "Yeah, you got it Bushido, that's kind of what I was planning to do either way" Jacki said as Adien stood up beside her and punched at a wall "You know Mr. Black Fire, surrender isn't much of an option for a hero in a situation like this" Jacki said as she picked up a couple of the rubble and chucking them quickly at North "So in other words thanks but no thanks." Jacki said as she blinked and her eyes turned into a reticle as she watched North and dodged out of the way of any of his fire blasts "Tch you know old fart, this actually a great way to learn how to fight guys like you, so I have to thank you for attacking, are sure you just weren't paid by Free State to give the Hero course students unprecedented practice" Jacki continued to taunt "So Adien, we can for sure beat this guy we just gotta be smart about yeah?" Jacki said as she jumped off of Aiden and landed behind North and nearly punched him but stopped just before touching the flames "Hmm, so the flames are all over his body, so both of us are at a severe disadvantage" Jacki thought to herself before she inhaled sharply "However, his body is not actually flames so you've got to hurt yourself if your a physical attacker, ok, Jacki this is what a should do, so let's do this." Jacki thought to herself as she ran away before coming back sprinting at North, jumping and launched a punch at where his head would be, her hand now alight "ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH" Jacki screamed out in pain before she clenched the opposite arm ready to keep on fighting as her hand was still on fire "So, is that the worst your flames get? Bushido's electricity at it's lowest is still worse" Jacki said with cockiness in her voice


Lux Saber
: Free state Music Room
Interaction: @Captain Lycanroc @LostFairy
Mention: @Probably George

Before Lux could do anything more a giant...gorilla? Gorilla-man? Whatever he was, came crashing into the room so loudly she had to cover her ears to try and drown some of it out. In that loudness he scooped up the man who had attacked them and dipped out the room. So much for capturing him, and maybe getting any information. Lux finally stood up dusting herself off a bit and walked over to Ferryn and Darius, "I think we need to go help the others since clearly that crystal guy isn't the only one in the school." She looked towards Darius, "Is there a wireless microphone around here, or even a megaphone I could use?" It was the easiest way in her mind to knock out as many of these baddies as they can with the least amount of damage. Sure that would mean her peers would be too, but Darius and Ferryn could just wake them up once the villains had been restrained in some way, and Lux was moving onto the next chunk. She wasn't sure how much she still had in her, but since she didn't have to make herself loud to be heard in those things, hopefully she could do at least one or two more area's before she'd need to rest for a while. Honestly she should probably rest now, but she wasn't about to just sit and wait around while the school was being attacked and her friends were in danger.

Captain Lycanroc

Professional Online Funny-man
Location: Music room
Interaction: @LostFairy @Kitsune2202


Darius adjusted his glasses after thw massive gorrila burst through the room and swept away the crystal man. He frowned, knowing that a massive hole in the wall didn't make for a very acoustic environment.

Turning to Lux he nodded quickly and dashed to a closet and grabbed a microphone and a speaker, handing them off to her.

Darius took his suit jacket off and replaced it with a new black and crimson jacket, it was tailor made by a close friend of his in the support course: slightly armored but moveable enough that he could play whilst dodging around, but the biggest advantage to the suit was it had built in speakers on the shoulders and chest, as well as inputs on the back of it.

He grabbed the electric guitar and plugged it into the back of his suit, slinging it around his shoulder.

Location: Food court
Interaction: @Kitsune2202
Mention: @PlusUltra


Xander smashed a villain through a table, breaking it to splinters, one jumped on his back, he merely divided his legs, jumped up high, abd landed on top of them before rolling off their body to be ready for challengers.

When suddenly his legs were nicked by some kind of blade, looking to the side with fury he saw a small, pink haired girl wearing a gas mask, she seemed to be afraid of him... good.

Xander's face darkened into his Menacing Stance™ and he stumped forward with a loud slam from his boot, a goon tried to rush him but was grabbed by two divided arms and sent sprawling into a wall.

"Hey, Kid... Ya seem ah little young for this... Don't ya' think...?"

He continued his approach of booming footsteps that seemed to crack the ground beneath him.

"Lil small too... I could crush ya with my thumb! Hmph.. Whatever, if the pup wants to play with the big dogs... SO BE IT!!! GRRRYAAAH!"

He dashed toward her angrily


Rosemary Rockefeller
Location: Free state (Food court)
Interaction: @Captain Lycanroc
One nick down...probably quite a few more to go, though with how angry the boy seemed to be...for good reason, the poison might spread faster then the others due to his adrenaline pushing it around. She rolled her eyes at his comment, "Pff, says the one in school to do this too? We're two sides of the same coin, so save your hypocritical statements for someone else." She snapped. Ugh and there it was one of the reasons she didn't like heroes. All on their high horses. Of all the things he could comment on, that is her being in the wrong, he chooses that. He chooses to narrow in on her age, which can't be much different from his, and her size. How absolutely childish and immature. And these were their future heroes ladies and gents. Stereotypical lug-nuks who thing being the biggest makes you better or the most powerful.

She tried to stay calm and not get pissed off as he approached her still talking, and trying to remember he's just a big ball of anger right now because of the professor. When he started dashing her instincts and training kicked in as she used her gymnastics and acrobatic skills to avoid him. She back-flipped onto a table then jump over him landing on another. As she was in the air she used the opportunity to slash at him again with her whip trying to get as many poisonous nicks in as she could. He was fast, but she was indeed quicker and more nimble then him, and with a distance weapon like a whip she was at the advantage. She could do this hopping around business all day keeping him at a distance, and she still had a couple grenades on her and her claws if things got too close for comfort. After all even if he grabber her whip to pull her in it would just expose him to more of her poison in it. He was so angry she wondered if he'd stopped to think what her quirk might be. Dangerous plan to just charge at the unknown like that, and sadly this was probably going to cost him.

"Ever heard the bigger they are the harder they fall?" she smirked. She couldn't deny that her own adrenaline was racing right now, and their was a bit of enjoyment on her part for all this. Combat wasn't something she ever though would get her going. She wasn't sure if she liked it more then inventing, but in the heat of this moment, she was kinda...having fun.

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