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Raphael would make it a while I think. He would try to keep everyone alive which is an issue
Ricky killing Clara with kindness is funny
If teachers are counted to be in the games I don't think anyone is surviving Einar or Amity or Cha-Cha. Raphael doesn't fight fair but all of them have auror experience right? They could kill him easily since he doesn't think his actions through. That and wanting to save everyone will be his downfall
oooh i keep forgetting einar has that axe. tbh i dont think anyone is beating einar. hes like a war veteran. then again cha-cha has killed before so hmm

okay remember how we were joking about in pjo they do the whole 'capture the flag' thing? who would be team captains and who would they pick for their teams 👀
Vasu fancies himself a good leader, but he's not... Anyway, if he were team captain he'd for sure choose Auri the Lioness for his team.
shes a powerhouse all on her own for sure. i think if it were for fun and not an actual competition for the tournament that clara would pick theo or odinson
Ricky will pick one of the twins. Cosmo is his best friend and he loves Clara
If Raphael can't pick Cosmo or Gavy he will pick Kiara
bruh ricky would have a terrible time working with clara. shes bossy af when she has a plan that she knows will work and since she doesnt like him she probably gives him really stupid or useless things to do just so she doesnt have to see him lol

raphael picking any of those three is crazy, even crazier if they all end up on the same team. they probably dont plan anything in advance and still get really far without having to consider 'hey was this a good idea?'. cosmo's a little strategic and thinks long term but he thinks it through while already doing something else so like... not a lot of his brain is being used

i think capture the flag would be more intense than a quidditch game because of how much freedom there is in winning/not super strict rules. the whole thing probably starts from vasu and cosmo getting into some argument and them deciding to settle it with capture the flag. i dont even know who would work with vasu (who has a big attitude and isnt a good leader) and cosmo (who is a good leader but takes these games way too seriously; hes like those guys that are way into sports minus the violent part) so everyone on their teams probably feels like theyre going to lose lol
What I'm hearing is capture the flag has become the muggle equivalent of dodge ball xD
Ooooooh boy! Auri would get SO into capture the flag! Full lioness mode unleashed! Also she is all about strategy and competition so this is right up her alley!

Gavy would be an absolute WILDCARD!

I am trying to figure out how Naomi would be...hmmmmm....

Einar enters the arena and BOSS MUSIC BEGINS!
einar is that guy fr. i dont think anyone could take him

i think naomi and sasha would be a cool duo!
i think sasha would love naomi. they are two soft but capable girlies. sasha needs someone normal to be around after dealing with everyone else's crazy lol. lisandro and lanre can join them for some peace and quiet
I would love if Sasha made some new friends. She needs a nudge in the right direction to become more outgoing and Naomi looks so sweet
Hello all - I survived my bar exam (barely) but unfortunately my grandpa passed away the morning of the second day of the exam :( my family didn't tell me until the next day because they didn't want me to be distracted during the exam. I'm headed out of town for the funeral next week, but I will try and get a post up for Theo in the mean time
oh no!! im sorry for your loss wander, thats so sad and difficult. if you ever want to vent or talk my dms are always open
pearjuice pearjuice thankyou very much!

Aviator Aviator I'll have it up as soon as possible, I have some things going on so I won't be able to get it up tonight, but I'll try for late tomorrow, thankyou very much for the patience.

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