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Fandom My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia: Next Class! (Always Open) 1-A

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Meta, Super Powers


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Welcome to UA! Where we train and develop the next generation of pro heroes! Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of the late, great "Incinerator of All" Katsuki Bakugo, or be the "Symbol of Peace" like the Great Deku of legend, we have a place for you! No matter your desire or reason for joining, we will make a pro hero out of you!

Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

UA does not discriminate against age, gender, species, race, religion, color, creed, quirk or sexual orientation.

This RP takes place a few years after the previous generation has passed on. There will be new teachers and students alike, as well as new technologies from the future (Nothing Extravagant. New gear, new comms devices, new dorms, etc.)! Please submit a CS and read rules before posting in this thread.

UA Main Building.PNGUA Airborne.jpg
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Year: 2135

The UA headmaster looked out over the students congregating in the courtyard, waiting for the main doors to open. He adjusted the cybernetic eyepiece over his right eye while clutching a cigar between his index and middle fingers. When he was satisfied with the adjustment, he brought said smoking stick to his mouth, drawing in the sweet-smelling haze it emitted. The cherry burned red with the draw, then dimmed when he took the Colombian masterpiece out of his mouth and blew the smoke into the air.

The door behind him opened, and two teachers walked in. The Head Instructor of the School, Hero name Manipulator and the Assistant Head Instructor, Hero name Savannah ( Wandering Spirit Wandering Spirit ). "Ahh. David, Kala. So nize of you to zhoin me," said the German native in his thick accent without turning around. David nodded his head as he walked up beside him. "Headmaster."

"Seems we have quite the crowd today. Over 800 Applicants."

Dreyden Freud, Hero Name Gewehr (Literally translated from German: "Gun") is the Headmaster of UA and a Pro Hero. His achievements include rescuing over 100 children from a schoolhouse slaughter in Berlin in 2087, taking down more than two dozen drug cartels in Latin America from 2101-2120, and saving the Japanese president from assassination in 2122. He was elected as the UA Headmaster in 2128. His age is unknown, as his facial features do not change with time, and he has not divulged this information to anyone except a select few.

IQ: 236
Education: Five Ph.D's ranging from Astrophysics to Criminal Justice
Quirk: Weaponized Cyborg
Quirk Name: Gunner

All the students coming today have been selected to partake in the Practical Entry Exam because they passed a written exam as well as having been recommended by a Pro Hero with an outstanding reputation, regardless of their rank. All the students received flyers that told them where to meet. The flyers also told the student to expect anything.

Narrator End

Gewehr smiled. "Open the doors and start the test."

Manipulator nodded and turned to Kala. "Savannah, please head down and brief the students on the requirements to pass the exam." He nodded at an open window that would allow her to slide down the building and land in front of the doors. "Give 'em a show."
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Himiko Hiroka
Location: Entrance, UA Academy

To say Hiroka's appearance was unique among the gathered students would be somewhat of an understatement, even amongst the more bizarre mutation quirks the bright pastel colors and clothing that appeared several sizes too big did tend to draw the eye, that combined with the mask, two-toned hair and eyes and overall demeanor had her stand out. Her eyes were slowly scanning the environment while gently sniffing the air taking in all the new scents and students that surrounded her in the densely packed courtyard, slipping between each as she moves around. Looking to each with curiosity, she was giving limited care towards personal space before jotting down notes within a worn notebook and a serious of exited muttering before heading onto the next.

It was somewhat of a miracle she had even made it this far, her written exam not receiving the best of scores with the question format resulting in a wide degree of more creative answers rather than the desired ones. Find X? Here it is!, What ended in 2110? 2109!, Where was the quirk registration act signed? At the bottom of the page, suffice to say she just scraped by somehow. She was also under no illusion or oblivious towards the whispers from several of the students who had been aware of her heritage, combined with several rumors already starting that only had partial truths. It was probably for the best that nobody from her previous school managed to get accepted to even try out, though to be honest with how bad things were there. She would not be surprised to see them again somewhere down the line, preferably behind a fast-food counter as opposed to stopping them from crimes, there was not much she could do however as while she did try to help them out, the sheer amount of rejection made it difficult to make any headway, heck some of them might become Villians just to spite her, even if they were convinced that was path she was heading.

Regardless of the doors opening she now had a new focus, skipping forward as she could between the walls of bodies before leapfrogging over some of the denser blockages with the heads becoming stepping stones on her way to the new area.


Madame Locke

C_Y29-kWAAAjxTX.jpg Tugging at the collar of her shirt, Sarae stood. Her appearance drew eyes, sure, but she knew how to get lost in the crowd-not to say she wanted to. Oh, she hated to be lost, but underestimation only worked once and this would have to be the time. Her dark eyes didn't have discernible pupils, but she was looking around, finding threats, figuring out who to beat down before they could do anything to hinder her.

Her purplish hair and the bug-like appearance of the wings and feelers she had was sort of to her advantage-at least nobody was targeting her. She had to think strategically-this wasn't the game the exam had been. She'd plowed through it, scoring as high as she could-close to perfect. She'd heard whispers, laughing. She knew why and she was going to prove some people wrong today.

But for now, she made her way to the edge. She wasn't exactly the tallest and she knew what she needed-something stationary. Boosting herself up, her wings straining to hold her up just enough that she could see. She could hold out for now just to stay just above the crowd.


Into Zanarkand

Desmond watched as students around milled about, many of them with a deep fire lighting their eyes as they tried to get closer and closer to the front. He really didn’t need to though, as tall as he was he could see over most of their heads, and had a fairly good view of things from the middle of the crowd. Today he wore his typical short sleeved green/grey hoodie, jeans and his white converse. Style wasn’t the most important thing to him, but why not try to make a good impression? Looking around he could see a few familiar faces from his old school. Which made sense, he went to a fairly prestigious middle school, one known for getting kids into UA. He decided he wouldn’t say hello, in today’s case yesterday’s friends are today’s enemies. If they got in, he’d be happy to say hello again, but now was time to focus.

Desmond tried to keep himself psyched up, his quirk was naturally good, but it could only do so much, especially since it took a while to build up, so he had to be clever. He watched those around him trying to discern what their quirks might be. Like his dad always said, always keep an eye on your surroundings, details, details, details.... he scratched his head as he realized he had no idea what anyone’s quirks did, and guessing would only hurt him more.... with a sigh he looked back towards the steps, when where they going to let them in? When were they going to get this test? His thoughts beginning to spiral into his predisposed apathy....

As she was being called in by the principal of U.A. she was practically forced to come down here even if she didn’t want to. But since they got along for the most part, she didn’t mind to do some work for him. While whistling, she made her way into the room where they had a nice overview of the students who would be going through their entrance exam now. She had been through it as well, and she had to say that it improved with the years. It seemed like David was also summoned for the exam. Grinning widely, tail wagging behind her happily as she liked this person as well. Wondering if she would have time to fight him again. It was fun as she didn’t need to hold back with him, a nice change of pace she could even call it.

“Headmaster~ Good morning~” She greeted in a carefree way. It was one of her working points but as long as she wasn’t kicked out, everything was fine. Of course, the occasional warning made her change her ways. After all, she liked this school too much to be kicked out like that. Placing her hands on her hips as she listened to the guidelines they were given. It was nothing special. Surviving seemed to be the main keyword this time. It would be difficult for the slower student but even then, if they were smart enough, they could go until the end. But since it was five hours, it wasn’t going to be particularly easy either for anyone that was about to join in.

Eyes widening as she heard that it was going about more than 800 applicants. Seemed like they were about to set a record with this many people. She rubbed her chin as she felt more and more excited about all of this. Even feeling like joining them along the way but she would be punished by the principal probably if she were to do that. Therefore, she tried to keep her enthusiasm at a low point, just to keep herself in check. Her tail however was telling otherwise. Eyes glistening as well as she looked down towards the testing ground. Snapping out of her ‘trance’ by the voice of Dreyden. When she was given the task to tell the students the mission, she couldn’t radiate more than that.

“Aye sir!” She responded standing in the opening of the window saluting towards the others. Letting herself be dropped from the window with her arms wide open. Taking in a deep breath before she tumbled down and made one of her famous superhero landings people loved so much. Crashing to the ground just mere inches away from the students, making some dust flare up for a few seconds before it laid down again. Standing up again as she felt proud of that one. Her demeanor changed in a more serious one however, getting into her actual working mode as she wanted the students to listen to her instructions if they wanted to pass this exam.

“Hi everyone~ As some of you might know I’m Savannah. Today I’ll be your instructor for this exam so listen up!” Her voice boomed loud and clear so nobody could complain that they didn’t hear her. “Today’s exam will be revolving around survival. Villains will be roaming around the testing grounds and you will be their target. You’ll need to stay out of their grip for the entire span of the exam: a total of 5 hours. This means that if you’re unable to move, you’ll be disqualified, so do your uttermost best!” Savannah explained to the rules. “The villains are AI robots which are easily recognized.” After saying that, she held up a picture of one of the robots walking around.

Just as she thought that she was forgetting something, it came back to her: “Also, only 154 students will pass in the end, so those that were able to survive can come to the registration stand afterwards. That’s all.” Savannah’s smile was slightly mischievous. She knew that not everyone could become a hero so it was right for the principal to put this kind of limit on the exam. Those that failed would have the choice to come back another time with renewed motivation or them giving up and do something else. Life wasn’t particularly easy after all. It would be interesting to see them in the testing fields.

The students however were utterly shocked by this piece of information as they thought everyone had a chance on making it through. “Only 154?” Some exclaimed, voice trembling at the sudden realization that this wasn’t going to be a stroll through the park. The muttering almost seemed to echo throughout the small space they were standing. Savannah then went to her place and pulled a gun out of her belt. “Everybody, get ready!” She commanded, holding the gun up in the air. “Go!” Triggering the gun which made a fake gun shot sound, indicating that the exam would commence from that point.

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Into Zanarkand
Desmond smirked. All he had to do was not get caught by some robots huh? It sounded easy enough, but his dad told him before leaving the house this morning, that things were never as cut and dry as they appeared. The robots were probably outfitted specifically to catch them. He couldn’t even begin to imagine the types of gadgets they would have to capture and hold them. He wondered how long they had to be held for to be considered ‘captured’... but quickly shook the thought from his head, because that wasn’t going to happen, not to him!
With a hand to his chest he activated his quirk. Start: 180 lbs. first finish: 130lbs -remove 5 lbs at a rate of 5 lbs per second. He’d start with 50 lbs off himself. That should give him a decent enough speed boost. One, two, three.... and ten! By the time he’d finished shedding weight a good amount of other students had already fled the scene. He’d been too focused on his own quirk activation to notice anyone else’s, but he saw one boy with springs for legs leap an incredible distance into the woods. Not to be outdone Desmond crouched into a sprinters stance, and pushed with all his might as he leapt forward ten paces in one step. 130 pounds was a good starting weight for speed, but he wasn’t sure what he’d find in the woods. If he took off anymore, it’d be hard to maneuver between steps. So he decided to stay at this weight for now.

If survival was the name of the game, he’d either need to run, hide or both. Though first things first, he needed information on what he was dealing with. He entered the woods behind the boy with the springs. He’d caught up to him surprisingly quickly. Leaping up onto the first branch available he jumped from branch to branch above the boy. He didn’t understand why he was staying on the ground, the obviously more dangerous location. He was proven correct but a moment later when a robot emerged from the ground dirt flying everywhere, mechanical wiring and robotic beeps sounding about as the boy with springs cried out. It all happened so fast that Desmond almost lost his footing and fell. Gripping the hard trunk of the tree he watched with wide eyes as the boy was wrapped up in a bear hug by snake like robot arms.

“I have caught you!” The robot voice echoed as a lamp on its head shone red. Desmond thought about trying to help, but he wasn’t sure if the red light meant the kid was already caught... not to mention he had no idea how he would even begin to try to get him free.

“Sorry...” he mumbled under his breath as he jumped away from the scene, hands clenched in a silent frustration.


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Himiko Hiroka
Wandering Spirit Wandering Spirit Letsneverdothisagain2019 Letsneverdothisagain2019 (Open)
Location: Testing Ground, UA Academy

Looking over to the arrival of the teacher with curiosity and excitement through her expression changes the moment the dust clears and the scent of the newcomer reaches her nose. Eyes scrunching slightly she turns away "So...Uncute! Why did it have to be a cat" pouting behind the dog-themed mask having already turned away and walked off to the side and catching the odd word as scans around the students once more. 154 seemed an odd number but raising her fingers and counting it she assumed it must be because they only had limited classes for maybe around 30 students each at most?. Hmm no that isn't right, the Hero course had only A and B...that would mean if all were passing to that course which is what the test was for that would be 77 people per class? that's far too much, and this type of test wouldn't fit a support student or even general studies. When the Math doesn't make sense some part of the equation must be incorrect, hmm so the cat is trying to trick people...should have expected it.

Either way, it's a five-hour test? that would be fun but she really should have brought some more snacks, stone, glass, and metal did not taste that good...huh was that a gunshot? why were people running? Oh well might as well head along once more. As she skipped through the streets she did think about the test a bit more, she should have maybe listened a little more but the kitties howling but it was likely just something to see if you were a hero right? she wasn't one for acting though, so might as well just do what comes to mind first and hope for the best.

The first sight she came across was a robot attacking another participant, oh so these must be the bad guys...well helping other people is common sense so may as well just have some fun. Coming out of nowhere the girl leaps straight up to the neck of the robot, taking a bite out of the neck and chewing the metal before her fingers change color, hands digging into the metal as she pulls back to dislodge the head with a series of sparks and trailing wires, before kicking it off into the distance. "Oh cool! It really is a robot, was worried it might be just a guy in a neat costume for a moment" bouncing off before helping up the boy who had been held in a bear hug only to have her hand batted away "Hmm well good look! Im going to find more robots to play with...later!" giving an enthusiastic wave before sniffing the air.

If she had listened she would likely have had a different mindset to this entire thing, if it was explained again? well, might have also been it wouldn't have made sense. Really a hero running away and hiding from the bad guys? that really just didn't make sense, Heroes showed up, made everyone have hope it was going to get better, and then lived up to that by saving people and stopping them. Either way the girl now just continued her exploration of the area, it was soon becoming apparent it was less of a concern to her about getting caught, and more how many of them bad guys she could take out....really they seemed to be trying to catch people though? well that just meant they were easier to find.

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David looked out as the students entered the testing area. Some waited, looking at other's quirks before entering, while even others pondered something, possibly planning. As the last of them finally cleared the courtyard, he smiled and turned around to go to the judge's bench with a couple other teachers.

A robot dropped from above in front of Himiko ( PlusUltra PlusUltra ) and swiped at her with blinding speed. This one was equipped with superhuman reactionary springs and motors.

Another started chasing Desmond Kapowne Kapowne as he darted through the forest. This android had booster rockets.


Into Zanarkand

Desmond’s heart raced as he realized that a robot was chasing him. He leapt from branch to branch as he tried to sneak peaks backward at his pursuer. It looked just like the other robot, except that it had... rockets?! Desmond’s eyes went wide as he realized a jet packed robot was chasing after him, and gaining. Luckily he had superior maneuverability, so as the robot got within catching distance, he made a sharp right turn onto another branch just in time.

“Alright Desmond, time to get to work, take this thing out!” He said, psyching himself up. He had to think of a plan, and luckily he had just the idea. Through the trees he saw one particularly tall and sturdy looking tree up ahead. If he could get on top of that tree and increase his weight, then perhaps he could pack enough of a punch to wreck this thing!

With a plan formulated Desmond sprinted for the tree. With a hand on his chest again he slowly increased his weight back to normal as he reached the large tree. Start: 130lbs plus 50lbs final 180lbs. Jumping from branch to branch upward he hoped he could increase his right fists weight in time. Enveloping his right hand in his left he started adding weight. Right fist Start 1.2 lbs. adding 50lbs, final 51.2lbs. It took him a bit longer to climb and add weight, not to mention dodging the robot.

However Due to the robots rockets and all the branches blocking it’s path upward, that he was crashing through in order to get to him, the robots speed was hampered just enough for Desmond to finish adding weight in between climbing. Desmond saw a final large branch ahead and decided to go on the offensive, leaping up onto it and posing himself for attack he jumped back down, or rather fell back down, right fist leading. If the robot had been able to make expressions, he wondered if it would have looked surprised as his fist clashed with its face, bursting it open to pieces as it careened behind him to the ground, a broken heap.

Desmond was now free falling behind a busted up robot, he had to think of something fast! Attempting to grab branches that only broke, he saw the ground approaching at breakneck speed. Quickly he broke his concentration on his fist, returning it to its natural weight. With that done he was able to reach it and catch himself. With a loud thud on his gut, he was caught and therefore safe... for now. Out of breath and exhausted from sprinting he wondered how he was going to survive 5 more hours. He’d probably have to take a little more... direct approach, one that had less running.


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Himiko Hiroka
Letsneverdothisagain2019 Letsneverdothisagain2019 (Open)
Location: Testing Ground, UA Academy

The girl had been dancing from between the branches, skipping and swinging more as if a makeshift playground before her head suddenly snaps upwards at a familiar scent, though not before a whirling noise, clang then flashes of steel is impacting her face and sending her bouncing away. While the expectation may have been a fleshy thud, the robots limb instead resounds with a metal clank and spark of metal on metal, the girl rolling before coming to a stop on all fours looking back to the new arrival, a grayish metal fading from her cheek though a graze is still present. Her hood has been flung free with the wild blonde and green ponytails flying behind her as she looks towards the new arrival.

Ok this one was definitely faster than the others but the sound it made did give her a hint or two, that whirling...so it was fast but from its movement, it seemed fast in one direction, needing to wind itself up like a pitcher before one of those hits. Ok, the first time was a sucker punch shame on it, second-time shame on me if it gets another, keeping her gaze on the target she pounces forward once more, shooting forward herself she listens for the wind-up, looking to the angle as she heads indirectly. As she sprints forward at speed the two look ready to collide once more as another swing is going to come in at speed, sure it was faster but if she knew where it was coming from and ready she had a chance.

With a clang, another limb shoots out this time to slam into her midsection almost knocking the wind out of her but she manages to wrap her arms around the limb, redirection the rest of the force away to flip the entire construct over the top of her and into the ground in one smooth motion while striking the leg of the robot at the same time, the ground shaking slightly as dust shoots into the air as a result of the flip. Quickly getting her breath however she does not stop there, but winds herself up and spins with the limb in her grip to tear the limb free which they then proceed to use to smash the remains of the planted robot. Once complete in her little outburst and working through the frustration of the hits she sits atop what's left and raises the hand under the mask and seems to be taking several bites from it, the metal disappearing as she chews through it. There was not many calories in metal but it was something and would help out a little more, she should have maybe brought some useful snacks but hey there are also maybe the trees...but hopefully they can avoid that.
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Madame Locke


Sarae sprinted in, wings melting into her back and feelers into her hair. She strained, new wings appearing-peregrine falcon, built for speed as she swung up into a tree. Taking from the top, she started moving, her hands morphing to claws. Animal attributes from the falcon were ones she wasn't entirely familiar with-she knew it could give out at any moment-but for now she stayed focus, spotting one of the machines.

She dropped into a dive, digging into the machinary, tearing, ripping. She was swung off, crashing into the branches of a tree, but was back up again. Dodge, dodge, jump, tear off the head. If less of the things were roaming it upped her chance.

She had the thing mangled as quickly as she could, her wings melting. She swore, climbing a new tree. What animal now..? It wasn't easy to switch often. @


One Thousand Club
The three candidates ( PlusUltra PlusUltra Kapowne Kapowne Madame Locke Madame Locke ) would see droves of other candidates being dragged away in nets, concrete and slime, among other trapping mechanisms. One or two even had just one limb trapped, but it had caused them to remain in one spot and the robots that caught them stamped their skin with a FAIL in big, red letters. Some who could regenerate skin or mimic other material tried erasing the stamps, but stopped as doing so caused them extreme pain.

As the three continued evading additional faux villains, David put his hand to his ear. "Savannah, please have the stadium monitor change the entire environment to a grassy plain. No trees."
Wandering Spirit Wandering Spirit
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Sarae kept moving. She had to, if she stopped she was screwed. Thankfully, she was good at that if nothing else-as it swung she fell and tumbled back, but was up and had her moth form back in moments. She started moving away. Avoid, avoid, avoid. That was her tactic until she could collect her thoughts and figure it out. Hopefully it worked. She dashed through the trees, her wings giving her just a bit extra speed, a bit extra dodging ability. She had to stay moving. Immobilization meant failure. Failure was NOT happening.


Into Zanarkand

Desmond sat at the top of another tree as he caught his breath. He hoped he would have enough time to relax for a bit before another of those robots showed up. He also needed to strategize. If he planned to keep running around like that, he’d run out of energy before the first hot was up, and there were five! Desmond wondered about his next tactic, maybe something a little more up front and personal? These robots were somewhat large and bulky, so they were probably slow.

Desmond heard rustling and the stumps of another robot and put himself into a battle ready crouch. He waited for a few moments before he realized that the sound wasn’t coming towards him. He jumped from his branch to another to get a better view and saw that a robot was in fact chasing another would be student. A boy like himself, though he looked exhausted and couldn’t outpace the robot by any means. Desmond tightened his fist, he’d let the first boy get caught, and decided he wouldn’t let this one.

Adding weight to his right fist again, he leapt from branch to branch until he was only a short distance above the robot. With a short leap he threw his fifty pound right fist directly into the top of the large round robot. His fist resounding with a loud “thunk” followed by searing pain. Falling behind the robot square on his back, he looked down at his right hand. His knuckles were bloody, but overall the hand was fine. His concentration broken, he looked up to see the robots red eyes eyeing him like a delicious snack. A large hammer fist came barreling down at him, and all he could do was roll to the left so it missed him, but another hammer arm was already careening down at him, he didn’t have enough time to get out of the way! Immediately Desmond wasn’t sure what to do, because this robot was obviously way tougher than the other he had fought. He squint his eyes just before the arm hit, unable to dodge, when he heard a loud “clank” of metal on metal. He opened his eyes to see the same boy from before with his arms up and formed into a giant shield.

“Get up! We gotta beat this thing!” The large boy said, drenched in sweat. Desmond wasted no time to get up. Taking the opportunity to dash into the robot. If he couldn’t beat the thing up, perhaps he could immobilize it?

Desmond slid under the robot, standing up just behind it and placing a firm hand on its back. He did some quick math in his head. This guy was heavy, and likely weighed at least one ton. And if he wanted to immobilize it, he’d had to keep his hand on the robot for..... six minutes?! And that would only roughly double its weight..... that was too difficult. The robot quickly whirred and spun like a top, it’s two arms barely missing Desmond’s skull as he ducked down. ‘Okay, so it spins...’ Desmond thought.

Desmond crawled out of the way of the robot and stood up next to the exhausted boy.
“Look, that punch you did on its head, left a big dent and some wires are exposed. Maybe we can tear them out and it’ll shut down?” The shield boy said, but was the. Interrupted by the spinning robot dashing at the two of them, forcing them to roll out of the way in opposite directions. Desmond rolled up to his feet and quickly eyed the robot for the perceived weakness. Desmond sighed in relief. Sure enough, his initial attack had actually done some damage, and some wires and computer boards were visible.

Desmond watched as the robot began to spin back around towards the shield boy, which gave him an idea!

“Spring board!” Desmond yelled over to the boy who seemed to immediately understand and nodded. Desmond sprint at him, and with a leap, step on his shield and a backwards jump, barely missed the spinning arms and landed on the head of the robot. Desmond plunged his fist into the skull and began tearing any and all wires he could see, while the shield boy began taking hit after hit from the spinning hammer arms. With a single large jerk, and poof of smoke, the robot spun awkwardly one last time then collapsed.
Desmond crashed onto the ground, soot covering his face and chest.

“Whew, that was close...” Desmond huffed as he stood up, wiping soot from his eyes. “I think I’m ready to take a nap....”
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Alice had been narrowly avoiding getting destroyed by a robot and had managed to freeze part of it before a group of other kids had helped destroy it.
She honestly didn't feel like she had been doing much. How Alice had made it this far alone was completely beyond her. Plenty of students had already been captured. She watched in horror as some of them had already been stamped and those who tried removing them screamed in pain. "I really hope that isn't permanent, it looks painful." She had spoke softly. From her position she had been avoiding most of the direct conflict when she had noticed a group of kids already fighting a robot. One of the boys had managed to make the robot collapse after tearing apart the wiring of the robot. He had crashed onto the crown in a dramatic way and she thought she might see if he was okay.
"Are you okay? That was quite the fall."
She said lending a hand to the boy on the ground.
"That was quite a dramatic way to take down that robot. To think we gotta survive 5 full hours of doing this." She said in an angelic tone.
The way he took down that robot must mean he would have quite an interesting quirk. Her own quirk was quite nice but it lacked a bit of power.
She wondered just what his quirk was. Also Savannah had mentioned there would 154 students that would pass and wondered just how many had already failed.

Kapowne Kapowne


Into Zanarkand

Desmond had been so focused on the robot that he’d had no time to check his surroundings, let alone see any other would be students. When the well dressed blonde girl approached, he was caught completly by surprise.

“Wah?! Oh.... uh. Yeah, I’ll be okay.” Desmond replied, scratching the goose egg that was forming on the back of his head. He dusted himself off some more before shrugging at her response again. “Yeah, it’s a long time... but we gotta do what we gotta do. UA isn’t the best for no reason, right?” He chuckled as he surveyed his surroundings.

“I’m Desmond by the way. Nice to meet you both.” He said with a smile to the boy and girl in front of him. Now that he got a good look at the boy, he was somewhat... hefty, not to mention ridiculously tall. Which was saying something considering Desmond wasn’t entirely short himself.

“Names, Kurt. Thanks for the help! You really saved my bacon! but I’m going to head off alone. A large group makes a bigger target... Later!” The tall boy said with a wave as he ran off, quickly disappearing into the trees. Desmond waved back as he took off, then turned around and looked for a good hiding spot in the trees. It’d somewhat worked for him so far, why fix what wasn’t broken.

“I’m gonna hide and rest for a bit in that tree there. Feel free to join me, or don’t. Won’t bother me none.” Desmond said as he placed a hand on his chest, took off some weight and jumped up onto a thick branch in one leap.

SomebodyElse SomebodyElse


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SomebodyElse SomebodyElse Kapowne Kapowne Madame Locke Madame Locke PlusUltra PlusUltra Wandering Spirit Wandering Spirit

However, the landscape did not afford them the opportunity to rest or hide. As the dirty-blonde-haired boy turned away, the ground underneath him moved and shifted, the green, lush grass of the forest replaced with the knee-height, brown grass of the American prairie. All the trees were gone. The city area with tall buildings, the desert with its rock monuments, the ice with its snow dunes and glaciers, all gone.

Only a flat expanse - complete with virtual walls that made it impossible to know where the prairie stopped and the stadium edge started - remained.

There were only 327 students left. Over half of them were snatched up immediately, as their hunters were right next to them and the students unprepared. David's voice rang through the loudspeakers once they were failed.

"Applicants. This is Head Teacher Manipulator. There are 163 of you left. At least 9 will fail. You have a 5 minute break, and then when the testing resumes, you will have ten minutes left. Your task has changed. You must destroy at least two faux villains to pass. Those that already have done so will be removed from the testing area and held at registration. Do well."

Robots rose from the ground next to Desmond and Himiko, a bright green "PASS" highlighted on their chests. They motioned for them to head to an open door at the edge of the testing area.


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Himiko Hiroka
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Location: Testing grounds>Registration, UA Academy

Skipping along Hiroka vanishes upwards through the trees only to land once more on the head of a robot with a student not seeming to realize the fail condition, it was clear from the monitors this entire time she had not yet run or even evaded the dangers but instead run headfirst into each to remove them in her own way. The removal of the trees simply made the hunt all the easier as she charged straight towards one that seemed to be firing a hardening foam type concrete only for it vanish as it reached her behind the mask of the girl. What happened next was unexpected, having consumed the ammunition she then flings out a hand to fire it right back to seal its gun shut just as another volley was being prepared, the built-up pressure resulting in the arm itself detonating and blanketing the machine in the same material that had trapped some of the other students.

A dropkick to the back of a far more studier one later, she bounced backward at the impact having only slightly shifted it forward despite the boot prints within its chassis, the freehand seeming to grab one of her ponytails in an attempt to restrain her only for her expression to change suddenly. Attempts to pull away only had the pain of her hair increase and risk tearing, so instead she grabs onto the arm with her own and proceeds to bicycle kick the chest, unable to reach it in a bite the sound of metal on metal and clawing eventually releasing the grip only to have the machine savaged. "YOU DONT PULL A GIRLS HAIR EVER!". Standing back up after and taking a breath she bites further into a shard that had been left and walks away, her demeanor shifting back once more to a happy one at least until the announcer spoke and she became nervous.

"Erm....wait for only two?" chuckling lightly with sweat as she looks back to the dozen or so heaps of scrap scattered along her path and starting to realize something, these things may have been expensive...was that why there was only two per person?, well I'm sure they won't be too bad right. Going over to the recently destroyed one she attempts to fit an arm back onto the machine along with its head "Yep....only two, see? this one still completely...." the head falls off midsentence "Fiiiiine, so about that registration area?" the green pass seeming to answer her question "Oh cute! it's even green! and fits my coat!.... Hmm wait does this stain? actually no I think it still works" turning around looking to the design while walking from the zone in another cheerful skip.



Into Zanarkand

Desmond sighed in relief as the robot rose out of the ground with a bright green”pass” on it. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face if he tried. He couldn’t wait to tell his parents! And sleep! Oh sleep, how he couldn’t wait to take a nap. He wanted to hurry to whenever. Is registration was so he could relax! He turned to follow the robot, but stopped and turned to the blond girl.
“I don’t think I caught your name, but... good luck, yeah? Hope to see you and that other guy in there!” With another wave he turned back and followed the robot who wasn’t waiting for him. “Hey, Wait!” He called out to the mechanical messenger.

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King Crimson

Ryusei Hikari
At the hallowed grounds of UA Academy, the entrance exam for the new year was just about underway, and with a brief introduction to what awaited the hopeful, heroes-to-be, came news that sent a shock throughout the 800-strong crowd; only a small fraction of the students would be allowed in.
But there stood one amongst them, completely unperturbed by the reveal, arms crossed proudly over her chest, a self-assured grin plastered on her face, her long, brown ponytail flowing behind her like a banner of war, and the sunlight radiating off of her forehead like a brilliant pearl.
"Villains? Robots? Is that all? You might as well swing your doors open, and let me in right now, if you think that'll be enough to stop me!" The girl boasted, passionate, sunset eyes fixed ahead, on the trails that awaited her.
With her finger brandished, and leveled at the immaculate school building, the girl loudly declares, "Get ready UA Academy!"
"Ryusei Hikari, Comin' atcha!!"
...Of course, the building didn't respond, aside from opening it's doors to let in the awaiting students, who similarly ignored her loud boasting, aside from a few confused stares.
Fufufu! I already got past the hard part! She laughed to herself, swaggering into the testing area, her last gateway to a life of heroism and glory, with her head held high.
This is going to be even easier than I thought!
This was going to be a lot harder than she thought.

The revelation struck her just as one of the tank-sized robot's spider-like limbs stabbed itself into the concrete pavement behind her, only missing her by a scant few meters.
She had been "tactically retreating" from it for what had felt like eons, but her mechanized pursuer was unyieldingly persistent, and in the maze of buildings and streets, Hikari was quickly running out of places to run.
At last, her "tactical retreating" seemed to be over, finding herself surrounded by three large, gray walls.
There were no doors to speak of, and no windows to be seen.
A dead end, if there ever was one.

Hikari turned towards the machine that was slowly encroaching upon her, boxing her in with no escape.
A synthetic voice harshly rang out from within the robot's body, "INITIATING CAPTURE." It's beady, red eyes locking on, as it's long, pointed limb rose up into the air.
Hikari's hands instinctively rose up as the monster's arm came sailing towards her, catching it between her hands, her face twisting into strained agony as she struggled valiantly to hold the mighty mass of steel at bay.
With her defeat seemingly assured, Hikari turned her eyes to stare hatefully into the machine's red orbs.
And then, she smiled.
The air began to distort and shimmer around her, and then, like a pilot light, her body started to glow, and then all at once, burst into white-hot fire.
The glow spread from her hands, and into the robot's leg, dying the green metal a bright orange, and then to black, as it melted to slag in her grip.
Shifting her weight, Hikari lifted what remained of the robot's leg over her head and then let it drop to the ground beside her.
Still carried by the weight of it's strike, the robot attempts to right itself upon it's wounded leg, but the beast only finds melted metal there to catch it, causing it to lurch forward, off balance.
Having Lost track of it's target in it's scramble to keep itself upright, it's mechanical head twists to it's side, spotting the girl it had been pursuing, quickly flying towards it, body alight, and tucked into a tight, little ball with her feet aimed it's head.
"RYUSEI...!!!" The girl roared, her body coiled like a spring.
"MAGNUM!!!" The coil unfurled, both of her legs smashing through the automaton's red eye, and sending it's head reeling away, before dropping to the ground, dead and unresponsive.

Falling on hard pavement, Hikari took a minute to catch her breath, before groggily pulling herself back onto her hands and feet, her arms and her legs both sitting like jelly in their sockets, and complaining loudly from the harsh exertion she'd just put them through.
Her eyes anxiously watched the mechanical machine's husk, looking for any sign of movement.
A minute passes, nothing happens.
She won.
"YEEEEEEEAH!!!" She victoriously shouts, bolting up to her feet, and throwing her hands high into the air in celebration, her fatigue seemingly forgotten.
When she shakes herself away from her revelry, and opens her eyes, she finds the city she'd just been standing in gone, replaced with a sprawling, grassy plain.
"...Huh?" Came Hikari's muted response, completely dumbfounded at the turn of events.
Was it over? Did she win? Is she going to be a hero now?
As if on queue, a loud voice echoing through out the arena seems to answer her:
"Applicants. This is Head Teacher Manipulator. There are 163 of you left. At least 9 will fail. You have a 5 minute break, and then when the testing resumes, you will have ten minutes left. Your task has changed. You must destroy at least two faux villains to pass. Those that already have done so will be removed from the testing area and held at registration. Do well."

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When he heard about the objective of the exam and how many students would fail Jack wished he had his brother's quirk as a forcefield would make him a lot harder to capture. Still it wasn't like he considered it a big deal if he failed, he could always try out for another Hero-school after all. When Savannah fired the starting shot he followed the other students to the testing ground. upon noticing all the trees he briefly considered climbing and hiding in one but he didn't want to get caught with nowhere to go so he stuck to the ground. It was pure luck that he managed to avoid capture. Several times a robot noticed him only for another student to be closer.

Once he got his leg caught in concrete but managed to punch himself free just in time, even though his right hand was left bloodied. The robot who caught his leg approached him to officially capture him but Jack went on the offensive. Retracting his left arm as far as he could he swung forward putting all of his body weight behind the punch and managed to just barely punch through the metal. Grabbing and pulling out whatever wires he could he managed to disable the robot mere seconds before it hit him with the FAIL stamp. Unfortunately Jack didn't get much time to celebrate or calm down as the field suddenly changed, all trees, cliffs and who knew what else disappeared and got replaced with a grassy field.

"Applicants. This is Head Teacher Manipulator. There are 163 of you left. At least 9 will fail. You have a 5 minute break, and then when the testing resumes, you will have ten minutes left. Your task has changed. You must destroy at least two faux villains to pass. Those that already have done so will be removed from the testing area and held at registration. Do well."

Jack was surprised that managed to last that long but wondered if the hard part of the test was just getting started. After all everyone would be aiming to take out at least one robot now and who knew how many there were actually left. He also considered just giving up. Being able to claim he made it to the final 163 in U.A's entrance exam would be enough to impress plenty of other hero schools after all, but he didn't want to let his grandparents down by failing on purpose.
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Test Area
"Applicants. This is Head Teacher Manipulator. There are 163 of you left. At least 9 will fail. You have a five-minute break, and then when the testing resumes, you will have ten minutes left. Your task has changed. You must destroy at least two faux villains to pass. Those that already have done so will be removed from the testing area and held at registration. Do well."

Christopher was ready. Despite feeling extremely nervous once the test started, he realized that his lightweight combined with his quirk made it easy for him to quickly evade the robots. However, he also realized that many of the robots weren't as durable as others, remembering how he punched a smaller one back with a sound infused punch, right into a concrete wall.

He definitely should have known better though. After all, it wouldn't make sense for the top hero school in the country to have their applicants tested solely on how good they are at running away. Chris looked around, frowning at the expanse before him currently, Well, I definitely can't use my environment to my advantage again. I'll have to figure something else out.

As the five-minute break continued, Chris spent the time, mentally preparing himself. After all, his family was counting on him to pull through, especially Uncle David, and it'd be disappointing if he was one of the teachers watching everyone, and Chris flubbed up now. Chris would have to find a way to overcome. He just needed one more robot.

Once the test starts back up, Chris immediately starts running. He needed to find a target as soon as possible. Time was ticking.

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David's face turned very very serious after the plains took over. It was everyone for themselves now. Students started turning on each other, stopping them from getting faux villain kills so they could.

The 7 exceptional students that he had his eyes on were indeed no exception.

A girl who controlled miniature tornadoes started attacking Hikari. King Crimson King Crimson

A boy who could turn into precious gems - including diamonds - came after Jack. Venchi1986 Venchi1986

A boy who was more wolf than human leapt at Sarae. Madame Locke Madame Locke

Alice and Christopher found themselves close together, both between a rock and a hard place. Literally. A boy who had metal arms and a girl who controlled the ground were attacking them both. SomebodyElse SomebodyElse Webs Elk Webs Elk

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