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Colosseum Multiverse Fighting Tournament (The Quest for the Zirconium Diamond) IC

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Raptor Shapeshifter
Darth Vader

Vader walked boldly into the arena, the place vividly reminding him of Genonosis, back when he was ... someone else.

There he waited for his opponent, this mysterious Giovanni.

Seconds turned into minutes and still this Giovanni did not show up. After about six minutes, Darth Vader found his patience wearing thin.

After ten, it had completely gone.

He turned toward the warlord Tek and proclaimed,

“It would seem that my opponent has gotten cold feet....”

Trektek Trektek


Aloy stared at Alice, who seemingly was glaring at her "Looks like matches are going to start soon? You going to watch?"

She shook her head, and nodded "See you later, then."

Aloy walked to the Coliseum's audience area and began to sit down to watch the matches starting to begin.

Nenma Takashi Nenma Takashi (Alice)

Rex was happy to have met someone who, at first appearance, seemed like a decent person. As soon as the interaction started, it had ended. The announcement for the matches were starting and he was called to face his opponent. He wanted to ask more from Jak, what his world was like, why he was there, but those would have to wait. What made it worse was that he wouldn't get to see him fight since his battle was going on at the same time. "Well, seems like we're up. Hope to see you afterwards." Rex changed his legs into his Rex Ride then made his way to where his battle was scheduled.

In front of his was Hiryu. The man in front of him reminded him of a more sinister version of Agent Six when he saw him. Yet hearing him speak made him think of Van Kliess, which did concern him. He'd no idea what how the man would fight or what weapons he had. While normally he'd feel confident in his skills, this time he wasn't fighting an EVO, this was something more alien. Rex shook his head at the man's words. He then waved to the crowd around him, he loved having this type of attention on him, the cheering fans, he hoped that they were ready for a show. He pulled his goggles over his eyes. "You must think pretty highly of yourself to have given yourself that title." Rex smiled as he moved into a boxer like position. "Alright then." His arms started to show blue circuitry marks on them. "Hope you have the skills to back up that claim."

Wildfire ended his song and the crowd cheered. They dispersed to go about their lives, but would come back to see him fight and cheer him on. That's where his new fans would help him the most. He smiled, a mix of joy from his playing and that his plan was already coming to ahead. He turned to the demon. "Hmm," he said as he looked over the demon. "Ya know I thought I had you figured out but I was mistaken. Sorry." He floated up until he was at eye level, his body had him seem as if he were reclining on some unseen chair. "You ever feel like doing a practice match, I'd be more than happy to offer up myself as a partner." He then heard the announcement and a smile appeared on his face. "I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to seeing what the competition has to offer." He flew toward the coliseum then phased through the walls. Wildfire saw how crowded it was and decided that the view from the sky would be less of a hassle. This view also let him see all matches at once.


Tis the season of padoru
--Hiryu Kakogawa--
GM: Trektek Trektek
Interaction: mysteryxio mysteryxio

"Of course. I did conquer my world using my own strength after all." Hiryu chuckled, taking note of Rex's glowing arms, he also took that he is, indeed, non-human. "I've earned my title. I will earn that Diamond." He growled as he raised the purple watch he was holding, soon placing it on the left side of his stomach, causing his body to be wrapped in purple darkness before glowing, emitting smoke which transmogrified the so called Overlord's body into something monstrous.

F O U R Z E !
{[Another Fourze]}
It Came From A Dead Space

Half biological, half mechanical. Orange veiny lines adorn its torso, turning into red as it reaches the hips, arms and legs. Its torso is adorned with a white chestplate with tubes holding it in place. His helmet appears reminiscent of a rocket ship, in which Hiryu rubbed his hand along his temple, creating a squeaking noise as he placed his other hand onto its blue buckle.

"Let's rock." Hiryu spoke in a distorted voice, awaiting for the matches to official begin.


Happy Necromancer
The Warlord Tek sat up from his seat up on high and smiled. Clearly this was a man that was prepared for many different types of eventualities and he would not be stopped or hampered from his enjoyment like a combatant deciding to slip away before the very first fight.

"Worry not, Darth Vader, there is a suitable replacement for your fight. I wouldn't want anyone here to go forward without their due."

He claps his hands and a muscular looking man wearing a black luchador mask with tubes around his arms walks out into the arena. He turns his head from side to side, making a cracking noise as he does so before he pushes a button on his neck, causing a purple fluid to fill the tubes. As soon as they are coursing into his veins, the man seems to bulk up even further, becoming larger and tougher.

After unleashing a roar with all the spittle that it involves, the man shouted at almost a loud whisper, "I AM BANE. I WAS FORDGED IN THE PAIN OF THE PIT AND I WILL BREAK YOU AS I HAVE BROKEN ANOTHER MAN THAT WORE ALL BLACK!"

With that, Bane held his arms out to ready a grappling move and waited for Vader to make the first move.

PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss

The Predator looked up and down at Peter Patrelli and snickered before mumbling something in his distorted alien language that just didn't seem to translate. He pointed at the Hero, placing his thumb to his own neck and moving it across in a horizontal fashion. Clearly, this science fiction warrior was intending to kill the man before him. Even though the powerful magics on the arena prevent anyone from dying in it.

Without another word, the Predator pushed a button on his gauntlet and turned invisible. The sand within the arena was momentarily kicked up as the invisible alien moved around.

Frankie Frankie


The crowd was all abuzz as the fighting was about to get under way. Magen, the steel maiden was watching as the other fighters mostly filed into the arena as well in order to watch the fights. Her eyes were drawn to the strange Ape Slayer before she locked eyes on Warlord Tek standing in his special box, watching the matches. She'd get to him and free her father. It was a matter of time and skill.​


The Knife
VR Stand.png

Von Rudloff sat in the stands, rubbing his jaw. He was dressed in his pitchblack uniform, the garb of an officer of the proud German people and their once great leader. The Baron wore it with great pride, unashamed of the red band's symbol on his arm. He was almost a complete contrast to the man next to him, Luke. The monster fighter wore only the bottoms of his white gi and his black belt, the uniform of a karateka, leaving his bare muscular chest exposed which helped to confirm to everyone he was a powerful warrior.

Von Rudloff looked around at the arena he sat within, between the rim of his hat. It was not too his standard's, far too large and ostentatious for what should be a honourable fight between two proud individuals. They sat far up in the stands, the sun blazing on their backs but the two men weren't strangers to the heat. After all they both had come from the desert. He wasn't yet used to being a mere spectator as he had always been a fighter participating in the glorious combat or in his own private box, ruling over the proceedings. Maybe the Baron had subconsciously chosen this spot to sit in, as to seem like he was in control of the events transpiring beneath them, as he was back in his castle.

They had come here to win the Zirconium Diamond so Von Rudloff could lure out Miyagi once again. Or who knows he might have been in the stands already, one of the fighters here working for him to obtain it. It didn't matter, no one could beat Luke. The monster fighter had proven that in the Baron's own tournament and it would be the same again, but this time with a greater audience. So maybe this stadium wasn't so bad after all.

Von Rudloff's paranoia began to creep in as he thought the treacherous snake Miyagi might try to bribe his way to victory again, the Baron's face twisting to a scowl as he began to seethe with rage at the memory of his own loss because of it. But would the man risk losing out on such a prize as the Zirconium Diamond by cheating? Maybe not but he would have to pay close attention to the proceedings as the matches unfolded.


Trying really hard to stay focused

Interactions: (OPEN)

Using the plastic sheet given to him at the front booth, Apeslayer directed the group towards the Coliseum. Arriving at the main entrance, the group paused. According to his sheet, Ape Slayers match wasn't until the second round of fights. That gave them a small window to explore the surrounding town and hopefully uncover some information on the whereabouts of their missing friends. Apeslayer turned to Mala. "See if you can't find any lead that'll tell us where this band of rovers took Arrow and Socrates. And keep an eye on those two, Mala." Ape Slayer was still suspicious of the latest additions to their group and he made no attempt to hide it.

"If there's anything to be found, A.S., I'll find it. You can be sure of it." Whilst Mala, Sandra and Zom searched for clues in town, Ape Slayer would spend his time scouting out the competition as he awaited his turn in the arena. As he made his way into the Coliseum interior, Apeslayer stopped and turned back towards the others.

"And Mala, try not to miss my match. With that sorry display of yours earlier, I think you would benefit greatly from seeing how a real warrior handles himself."

"Just consider yourself lucky, brother, that it's gonna to somebody else and not me in the ring with you."

Apeslayer made his way into the stands, exchanging glances with a steel maiden as he found a seat, and sat down. It was rather ironic, the last time he had been in an arena like this, he had left a trail of simian bodies in his wake trying to escape it. Now, here he was again putting his life on the line for the amusement of others. This time, however, it was different. It was his choice to be here, not the Master's or those traitorous General's. Apeslayer would use the skills they had taught him to achieve victory here and with it would finally come the ape's destruction.

( Trektek Trektek )


Reality Warping Child
Peter Petrelli:

He immediately went into an defensive stance as he saw him seemingly disaappear. But, he knew better. He wasn't gone, as shown by the dust kicking up which couldn't be pure coincidence. He continued to attempt to be observation. It was strange. He felt so much stronger than normal. The moment he saw dust kicking up in another area, he dashed over there surprisingly fast, and delivered an powerful kick in that direction, hoping it would connect.

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Current Mood: Anxious and Worried, but determined.
Current Powers he's had so far: Technically has a crapton right now, but unaware he does have some. So this will be pretty grounded.
Current Rolls: 13 & a 19
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Tis the season of padoru
--Hiryu Kakogawa--
GM: Trektek Trektek
Roll: 8
Interaction: mysteryxio mysteryxio
OST: Sonic Rush Adventure~ Boss


Starting things off, Hiryu pressed on of the buckle's buttons with his left hand, raising it as his forearm glowed orange, a bright orange rocket construct appearing on the arm. He lowered his stance, the rocket revving itself, blowing smoke as its thrusters flared up with a loud vroom.

"Blast off!" Hiryu lunged forward as he threw his rocket arm, letting the thrusters of the rocket carry him as he blasted off towards Rex, intending to ram him towards the wall with his speeding rocket punch.

Kameron Esters-

Fear my godly wrath!

Ideo was alone by himself, practicing his his jabs before his match-up. Despite getting the tablet, he didn't bother looking at it. He wanted his opponent to surprise him. Or at the very least, want to surprise himself. This tournament gig was fine for him. A second shot at another prize to aid in his quest for the top. Wherever that might lead. He couldn't cut it back home, where he almost could've won the Dressrosa Tournament for the FlameFlame Fruit but got blind-sided by that giant, old bastard that knocked him out of bounds in the middle of his fight with the stick spinner. Now the stage has been set up again and this time, he'll win for sure. He just needs to stick with what he knows and work from there. May not sound much like but it's never failed him before. But he needs to get more creative. His fists have the force of a bomb and as fast as a bullet and his third joint can allow him more options in combat. So long as he keeps that in mind, he might just win that diamond yet! With any luck, it's worth the blood....
--Rex Salazar--
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
Roll: 8
As the rocket fist shot toward Rex, he deployed his own Smack Hands to grab onto it. He managed to catch it only a few feet from his face but the force was already pushing him back and he didn't seem to be slowing down. As the edge got closer he managed to stop the push back if only for a few seconds. "So you have some 'arm-maments' too huh?" Rex asked with a smirk at his pun. "Let's see who has the upper hand." He wasn't saying these things to be funny, he was more trying to make Hiryu mad and he found that puns usually did the trick for a lot of opponents. He used what force he had to push the rocket skyward.


Tis the season of padoru
--Hiryu Kakogawa--
GM: Trektek Trektek
Roll: 1
Interaction: mysteryxio mysteryxio
OST: Sonic Rush Adventure~ Boss
Active Modules: Scissors

Redirecting his motion upwards, Hiryu flipped backwards on the air as the rocket hand disappeared, soon activating another switch, his right arm glowing, unveiling a giant pair of scissors on his right forearm.

Scissors, On!

"Let's cut to the chase then." Hiryu retaliated Rex's pun with his own, the scissors promptly snip snapping at the pun as he then swung that arm, intending to slice Rex's own arm. Accordingly, the scissors could potentially slice metal as well.
--Rex Salazar--
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

"Sharp wit you got there" He dodged the scissors easily. Rex started to dance around like a boxer, hands up over his face. When Hiryu came at him for another slash, he made his move. He once more caught the weapon, only this time held onto the arm, one Smack Hand was enough to hold it in place. As he held onto it, Rex threw a few punches into the armor. On the last one he spun his fist as if it were a drill, then threw it, he also released his hold on his arm at the same moment. "Huh guess fist beats scissors."


Senior Member
Trektek Trektek (I guess?)

Katsuki Bakugo

The time has come. Katsuki Bakugo, a bad-tempered superhero who strives for being the best of the best and having a superiority complex, has arrived at Y'Gdrassil Colosseum, a magnificent place that is unknown and exciting to him. The place is much better than the world he originally came from and he is happy with it. He looked around the area with a small smirk on his face, indicating a pleasure to fight someone he wishes, almost.

"This should be fun!" He thought.

Y'Gdrassil Colosseum consists of four points of interest; the Colosseum itself, a Small Town, a Multitude of Shops, and a Tower. To be exact, he chose the Colosseum, since that is where the excitement begins. He always wanted to fight someone after all the things he did at U.A. High School against his rival, Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, whom he usually refers to him as his childhood nickname. This time, it is different. Winning the tournament is his priority to be better than everyone else and nothing will stand in his way of losing that hope.

He was on his way to the Colosseum when he saw someone standing in the middle of the street, in an intoxicated manner. His name is Conker, unknown to him. It is a squirrel who is roughly the same size as him and wears some clothing. He paced around in a staggered motion, causing him to almost trip and fall. Yep, he is indeed intoxicated.

Katsuki is amused and irritated from the sight of it, and he thought of it to be an easy challenge for him, judging from his small stature. He angrily clenched his jaw to represent his superiority complex and to at least frighten the squirrel. He ignited a small sparkle of explosion from his left hand to top it off with it. Then, he said a few words to him.

"Are you my opponent? If so, then come and fight me, bastard! I can take on such a weakling like you!" He exclaimed.

Katsuki seems to have forgotten that the battle should take in the Colosseum instead of taking place out in the street. He can sometimes be prone to forgetting simple things because he only thinks about fighting someone and trying to achieve his ambition. Though, it is less frequent than usual. This may turn out for the worse regarding his first encounter with an opponent besides Izuku.


Raptor Shapeshifter
Darth Vader

"We shall see..."

Was the only response Vader gave the hulking brute when he ignited his crimson lightsaber --- and then using the force to enhance his speed, lunged at Bane with a fury unprecedated, hammering Bane with multiple lightsaber strikes aimed at his chest, torso, and limps. Clearly Vader wanted to end this quickly.

Trektek Trektek



Happy Necromancer
(Apologies for the delays. I was dealing with lots of COVID in my building and things got very hectic. There might be additional delays in the future until this crisis is resolved.)

Predator vs Peter
(roll 1:13. Roll 2: 15)

Clearly the invisible warrior was expecting a man who moved at a much slower pace, and one who was not good at spotting such slight visible cues as an uptake of sand. He was soon proven off guard as the foot of Peter Petrelli found purchase within an invisible target.

Momentarily, The Predator became visible before his invisibility cloak reaffirmed itself. It was clear that the warrior was on the defensive and it wouldn't be so easy as to catch him off guard again.

Frankie Frankie


Conker was wasted. It was his usual state before things. Especially ever since his girlfriend was murdered. He became king, but at what cost? King of a bunch of idiots and morons. Something that he didn't even want. He just wanted to get drunk with the guys down at the pub and come back to his loving and very attractive girlfriend.

He looked up as a strange spiky haired boy was yelling at him. At least, he thought that he was the intended yelling target.

The red squirrel looked down at the sheet and saw a name. He squinted a few times before he spoke up. "Are you....Catsuri Bag to Go?"

GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja
Bane vs Vader
(Roll 1:12)

Vader immediately went in for the kill shots, but Bane was a foe that was used to his enemies attempting such things. With a deftness that most would not expect from a hulking beast of a man, Bane punched down into the ground, pulling up a chunk of it to tank the oncoming lightsaber strikes. Before the sith lord could recover from such a defensive maneuver, he tossed the hunk of ground in the direction of the cybernetic man.

PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss


Tis the season of padoru
--Hiryu Kakogawa--
GM: Trektek Trektek
Roll: 11
Interaction: mysteryxio mysteryxio
OST: Sonic Rush Adventure~ Boss
Active Modules: Scissors

"You're strong...!" Hiryu grunts as he is pushed back by the robotic teen's metal fists, his Scissor Arm reverting back into a normal arm. "Let's end this!" Using both arms, he pressed on the buttons on the buckle, soon smacking its side as he is lifted by white smoke trailing from his back as the rocket arm reformed, followed by the formation of a yellow drill on his right foot.


"Rider Rocket Drill Kick!" He shot himself towards Rex using the Rocket Module, aiming to finish him off with a drilling kick of his own.

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