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Fantasy MECHS N' MONSTERS - [DnD-Inspired Kaiju X Mecha RP] - (Always Accepting!)

What kind of character are you interested in making?

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"Kaiju Enthusiast"



"Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy."

- Ishirō Honda

"The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control, and not the other way around."

- Dr. Ishirō Serizawa


It is the year 2074 AD.

For nearly two centuries, mankind has had to live with the sudden rise of giant monsters emerging from the depths of the Earth. These ancient beings, known as kaiju, came from the depths of the "Hollow Earth" - an ancient subterranean ecosystem deep within the Earth - to reclaim dominion over the surface realm after a 5,000 year dormancy. For many individuals, they sought peaceful refuge upstairs from the hostile overcrowding eden below; while others sought for violent conquest and domination to establish a new brutal dynasty. Whichever their goals, their arrival had caused a rude awakening for humanity; being thrusted into a new war of terrifyingly titanic proportions.

Forced to act together, humanity was quick to establish the Kaiju Defense Network (KDN), a specialized defense force responsible for protecting humanity against their new enormous neighbors. Originally acting as a branch of the UN to document and contain kaiju, the KDN has evolved to become the primary bulwark of mankind by creating giant mechs and powerful "state-of-the-art" weapons and gear to sport a fair and fighting chance against their enemy. They fought furiously on both fronts, both when defending cities and when going on the offensive in campaigns to quell the kaiju population. Their efforts had saved the lives of countless people and saved over millions in damages over the course of their service.

But as the never-ending war continued, by 2036, the two sides had eventually reached a stalemate in what would be called "The Great War". No matter what either side did, they would find themselves unable to completely eradicate each other. Most kaiju would become disinterested with humanity and strive to live in piece on the most remote of islands and landmasses; while mankind continued to fortify and prepare for the next great offensive. By the time the lines were drawn once more, the cataclysmic devastation and terraforming on Earth done in their wake was immeasurable. Cities would find themselves completely, or partially, flattened while global warming and nuclear fallout forced both the destruction and creation of unique ecosystems around the world. Human factions would begin popping up randomly across the world, usually as secret organizations rivaling the KDN in tech and acting as local defenders of their factions.

During this uneasy peace between the two sides, humanity became interested in learning more about the many secrets and mysteries of the kaiju species, both on a biological and ecological level. The KDN's eventual discovery of the "Hollow Earth" have caused a major spike of interest and they have since been working on establishing research bases to study their subterranean reality. On the other hand, various crime organizations had been collecting and harvesting kaiju blood, bones and organs to be sold on the black market. It's not uncommon for these kaiju to be put on display and sold, either to engage in brutal cage fights or for other illegal purposes. However, some people wanted to see if both sides could truly coexist without the use of violence and hostility and use the knowledge they learn to make this a reality, ranging from passionate activists to stoic and maniac cults.

The kaiju would find solace by their lonesomes, with some veterans of the Great War establishing tribes. They teach the ways of their ancestors to those in their tribe, passing down valuable knowledge and lore in the process. Eventually, some of these tribes would grow to become massive kingdoms encompassing a whole variety of kaiju united under a single ruler. Many would often fight themselves over various reasons, ranging from acquiring territories to ideologies. Yet while many vengeful individuals still intend to cause trouble towards the humans, some kaiju would find common ground with the human activists chanting for their protection. Thus, certain kaiju would take the mantle as guardians of Earth, restoring balance to the damaged world whenever possible. Still, while skirmishes often take place between the two sides, neither were quite yet able or willing to go through another major war and risk eradicating more of their fragile planet... (yet anyways).

And good thing too. For as Earth entered a new uncertain age, they were blissfully unaware that they were being watched by prying eyes from within the cosmic void of space; studying their blue planet with ominous intent while silently making their next move...

  • Hello there!

    If you're interested in an open-world DND-inspired RP within a tokusatsu-fantasy hybrid setting - playing as a pilot manning a giant mech or a kaiju wrecking havoc on humanity - then this might be the RP for you! This RP takes inspiration from various kaiju media ranging from the classic Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman franchises to the western media of Pacific Rim and Monsterverse series, as well as lesser known media such as the video games such as "Dawn of the Monsters" and the manga "Kaiju No. 8" in regards to what is presented in this world. There is plenty of flexibility in terms of creating and building your characters, all within a simple yet detailed character sheet loosely inspired by DND and other RPs here on RPN like "Isekai Hell". If you're familiar with how things run with the latter RP, it's pretty similar here.

    To keep things engaging and interesting, you won't start out with the strongest mech or kaiju; rather you can build a starting character and build upon it as you complete various "missions" and longer Gm-moderated "campaigns" to earn points. Missions can be started by any player wishing to be the host of that RP (so long as it's approved by the GM) and having an available group of other fellow players; comprising typically of KDF-only, Kaiju-only, or mixed-parties (kaiju and KDF) depending on what the plot of said mission is.

    As for what missions you can do? There's a surprising amount of unique missions one can partake in! You can still fit in standard-based DND-like quests into this RP, provided they fit the lore and scale of the RP. You could, for instance:

    - Have a mech squadron team up against a rampaging kaiju(s) in a city
    - Have a Defense Guard troop defend a base against minor kaiju; perhaps having them breach into the base at one point
    - Have two kaiju characters duel on a remote island for territory or leader of a tribe/high-powered.
    - Send a mech squadron to fetch a unique resource in the depths of the Hollow Earth, with an allied kaiju serving as a guide.
    - Have a kaiju come across an ancient "dungeon", prompting an investigation; may be rewarded with an ancient weapon or blessed with a new power by the "gods".
    - Have a mech squadron escort a fleet of battleships and Aircraft Carriers carrying important cargo through kaiju infested waters.
    - Rescue civilians stuck in a burning kaiju-infested building; incorporating stealth-elements if human characters enter the building themselves. A joint mission between giant mechs fighting off kaiju while Defense Guard Soldiers retrieve the targets within.
    - Clean out the aftermath of a kaiju invasion as part of the "Sweepers".
    - Have a team of newly recruited Defense Guard soldiers accomplish the examination test before becoming officially accepted (great for beginners!).
    - Have a massive KDF-Kaiju collaboration to fight off a massive alien invasion force (great as a final boss for a campaign!).
    - And more!

    Once the players finish a "mission" or portion of a "campaign", let Develius Develius or any moderator to grade that RP and assign points to each character based on their performance and accomplishments. Hosts get a 50% increase in points. Anyone failing the RP or rules of the RP will be subject to point penalties, or no points in extreme situations.

    Dice isn't a required method to play the game, although useful in certain aspects. If you'd like to have a more "diced-oriented" game to your "mission" or "campaign", feel fee to utilize it as much as you desire.

    Of course, there's gonna be a few ground rules when moving forward (more to come if/when needed):

    No meta-gaming, auto-hitting, or anything that diminishes the player experience.

    2). I would like at least semi-literate players that can post an average of 2 good paragraphs. By all means we're not asking for you to write a novel, but give a good amount of detail and engagement/entertainment to your posts. No one - two sentence posts. (Due to personal experiences, I'll be barring those that I feel lack these requirements from participating for quality insurances).

    3). When creating characters - whether they're mech or kaiju oriented - avoid making clones of existing kaiju characters (IE: No Godzilla-Clones, MechaGodzilla-clones, Ghidorah-clones, etc). Nothing's wrong with utilizing a bit of inspiration and concepts from certain aspects of those characters, just don't make your characters carbon/near-carbon copies of popular existing characters.

    4). Minimum of 1 post per week, as a means to keep the stories from stalling/ghosting, but feel free to post more id needed. Hosts of RPs need to make sure they can see a mission seen to the end. If you feel like you're unable to commit to that schedule, need additional time for any reason, or need to drop the RP ,do let me or other mods know; everyone knows that life can be hard at times so no hard feelings.

    5). When making a RP, be sure to include in the title [Mechs N' Monsters] to identify its relation to here. IE: [Mechs N' Monsters] Trouble In Tokyo

    Each character may only partake in 1 mission at a time. Once that RP mission is done, or their role is finished in said mission prior to ending, may they partake in another. Longer campaigns can allow for a character to partake in an extra mission or two in certain situations, but not partake in a second campaign unless otherwise specified by the GM/Mods.

    7). This RP will be no stranger to death and depending on what "Mission" or "Campaign" you play, the stakes may be higher than usual. Ultimately, you are primarily in charge of when and how this happens, but nonetheless your character dying and/or suffering critical injuries (IE: lost of limbs) are a possibility. Contact the GM or moderators for more info or if you plan on killing off or drastically harming your character(s).

    8). If you would like to add to the world - whether it be by adding additional factions, significant lore-pieces, locations, etc - please let them go by the GMs and Moderators first for approval.

    9). If you have any further questions or suggestions to add, feel free to ask the GM.

    10). And the most important rule... Have fun!

    (If you'd like to know more information about the lore of "Mechs N Monsters" or want to know what a character sheet may look like, feel free to browse through the tabs for more information and wait for further updates in the future).

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Of Fate
Tentatively interested.

Trying to do a character sheet but tad confused with when it comes to powers. Does each power require so many points i.e. if I wanted flight, extra appendages, and elemental mastery would that cost 2,4,2 points respectively from the 25 points total?


"Kaiju Enthusiast"
I just got into Kaiju No. 8. Would humans have a fighting chance here?
Surprisingly yes; at least against the minor classes. That being said, it certainly won't be easy!

Tentatively interested.

Trying to do a character sheet but tad confused with when it comes to powers. Does each power require so many points i.e. if I wanted flight, extra appendages, and elemental mastery would that cost 2,4,2 points respectively from the 25 points total?

That's my bad. May or may not have forgotten to elaborate just a bit more with the power implication. Originally my idea regarded to the slots being equivalent to the amount of points; so it could fit either three 1 point spells or one two-point spell and a 1 point spell. Each time you complete a mission/campaign portion, you can gain a slot (sorta like a level up). You can use said slot to immediately put down an ability or wait up to get something more powerful

IE: 2 point abilities ake up 2 slots and 1 point takes up 1 slot, and so forth.

- 1 point ability
- 1 point ability
- 1 point ability


- 2 point ability
~ [taken by ^]
- 1 point ability

It's a bit rigid, maybe a bit limiting, but remember this is the beginning of your character and the more you fight and participate, the stronger you'll become. That being said, if people aren't exactly happy with this - I can add another starting slot for better flexibility.

Or maybe better, have 5 slots open; pick any power aside from [5 pointers] and then continue with gaining slot points.

^ Edit: I think this is a way better/flexible system in this instance, so we'll use the 5 slot method.
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"Kaiju Enthusiast"
I have a campaign idea that I'm brainstorming - which features 1 story but with the 2 sided perspective of the kaiju and KDF sides respectively - and I have a pretty good "intro situation" regarding the kaiju side.

I might downgrade it as an intro mission (sorta like a "Mission 0" for the kaiju) and start the campaign afterwards. Same with the KDF probably~


"Kaiju Enthusiast"
We need a chat page. I don't wanna spam this but I wanna xhat with yall some
I'll make a discord server a bit later. Just waiting for a few more eyes, but 6 interested players is already a good number.

And maybe a rugged outdoorsman wanting to actually document Kaiju, with no camera crew because no crew is insane enough to do that
The KDN may help with that - sounds real promising!


Two Thousand Club
My guy's fascination with Kaiju started in childhood when he learned that Kaiju were more intelligent than he thought they were.
Possibly from an encounter from one that surprisingly didn't end badly
Hopefully that isn't lore breaking


The Angel idiot that Writes for no reason
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I'll make a discord server a bit later. Just waiting for a few more eyes, but 6 interested players is already a good number.
i don't have discord mind making an oc thread for the people that don't have discord

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