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Realistic or Modern Something Euphoria Inspired?


Anime Mom
Howdy Folks! 😁
I'm Pomtormo.
I'm here with a shiny little group interest check. ✨
Like the title says looking to put together something Euphoria inspired. Teen/young adult gritty drama! I am also willing to do college age kids instead of highschool. I love collaborating so if you're interested throw some ideas my way! (: I also love romance, love triangles, and the like. Not every character needs involved but please be cool with romance if you want to join.

A little bit about me I'm 28 with a husband and a baby! I can usually post several times a day but I definitely understand people are busy so I'm pretty patient but as it's a group I'd prefer atleast one post a day! LGBTQIA+ friendly. I'm fairly literate IC but casual OOC. (I love emojis 🫣💕✨) Post length I usually match my partners energy. I'll put in what y'all it in. I love to torture my characters. Bring on the angst.
Hard rule is I won't RP with anyone under 18 sorry!
Heading to bed in about 20 mins feel free to post here if you have any interest/ideas. I've never really made a search thread like this so if I need to add more/be more detailed let me know! Also feel free to pm me if you don't want to discuss plot/ect. here.

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