1. SunshineBird


    Hey. I used to play D&D a little like 6 years ago and I would love to get back into it. Would anyone be willing to playing D&D with me online? I would need some help with characters and such, and I wouldn't be able to DM because I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to start lol
  2. kevintheradioguy

    Fantasy Anyone who does NOT want romance to be the core of the game, and would just want some adventure 'round here?

    Craving for some good RP via threads, Skype, or Discord these days, set in some known or general fantasy world (can be based of some existing one, or just a generalised high fantasy/dark fantasy/urban fantasy), I have noticed that most, - if not all, - 1x1 games are set with a romance as the...
  3. DakotaMB

    Fantasy D&D-esque Fantasy Roleplays

    Looking for partners for long term D&D-based roleplays. Not looking for dice rolling or anything, just using the lore. One on one, no romance. I tend to make pretty long posts most of the time, and it'd be cool to find others who do the same. Just like to have in depth characters, settings, and...
  4. EnkoKasumi

    Fantasy Looking to GM a D&D-like roleplay done in sessions on RPN/Skype/Hangouts (Closed)

    Hi everyone. I have done GM'd roleplays on here as 1x1s previously, but I have done session roleplays in real life only, namely D&D. I would love to find from 1 to 3 people (so it can be a 1x1 or a party of 3 where I'm the GM) to organise weekly sessions of a couple of hours where we can do...
  5. Acorrn

    Wanting to get into D&D!

    Hi there! My name's Acorrn/Lein, and I have been itching to get started with D&D for a long time now. Problem is, I don't know anyone in real life who's interested in this kind of stuff, and even among my online friends there's really not much interest for it. Basically, I'm just really looking...
  6. MightBeASithLord

    DnD Campaign over Discord (Interest Check and Character Posting)

    Gentlemen & Ladies! I have a homebrew campaign I'd like to try out, with a few race stuff, some mechanics, and a whole new spell slot level. I don't have many people who're interested in DnD, and those happy few are already invested with a campaign. However, people in RPN would be exactly what...
  7. by K bear

    by K bear

    Newer, more inhumane design of Etienne.
  8. Etienne Ad

    Etienne Ad

    Both images by AshlmetArt
  9. cherbear

    gathering refugees from dead 5e threads

    I noticed there are several 5e interest checks that were abandoned recently, and I figured if we combined all the participants from those threads, we'd end up with like three or four people who are actually motivated enough to start a game and stick around. Reply with whether you want to be a...
  10. kevintheradioguy

    Fantasy Iron Fist

    A need of money often pushes people to do the craziest things. Some mess with the wrong crowd and can't get away from the new debts; some get into thievery, others - in robbery, and the lucky ones (or unlucky ones, depending on an angle you look at it) become mercenaries. For Sophiana, this need...
  11. kevintheradioguy

    Dice Elodia Marshes [character sheets] [set members]

    Please, underline your DCs and Skills of choice! [div style=" text-align: center; font-size: 20px;"] [NAME] [RACE/CLASS (level)/BACKGROUND] [ALIGNMENT] ATTRIBUTES: STR: xx(+x) DEX: xx(+x) CON: xx(+x) INT: xx(+x) WIS: xx(+x) CHA: xx(+x) SAVING THROWS: STR: +x DEX: +x CON: +x INT: +x WIS: +x...
  12. kevintheradioguy

    Dice Iron Fist [character sheets] [set members]

    Please, underline your DCs and Skills of choice!
  13. kevintheradioguy

    [DnD 5ed] Small adventure is waiting for a group (open again!)

    edit [May 03]: Someone had to withdraw because of sudden business, so we're looking for a player or two again! height: 560px; background-color:#293136; padding:10px; margin:auto;center; overflow:auto; [div class=fon] width: 700px; height: 450px...
  14. BlueandGrey

    Looking for someone who knows D&D! OC Map.

    Hello, I've never really had the chance to try a Dungeons and Dragons campaign but it seems thoroughly fun! So I've created this map using Inkarnate Pro and if there is a good GM around that wants to help me create something, just send me a message! : ) Also not sure if this was the right place...
  15. mitchellap2006

    The Quest (Dice) not complicated

    Go to the link for characters and the 4 easy rules... You've decided to stop in the town of Timber-Gale to stop at the nearby tavern for rest you talk to the shop keep for a room and this is where you stay for the night you go down to the bar and talk to nearby adventurers about any gossip...
  16. mitchellap2006

    Fantasy THE Quest Rp (dice) not complictated

    This isn't a hard Rp so basically - whatever you wanna do concerning the quest requires a role but dialogue and trades do not (unless you are bartering or convincing) - please remember your stats - no inappropriate fan fics featuring your furry o.c.'s or some b.s. children are on this site like...
  17. Seraph Darkfire

    Fotíste ti Nýchta: Illuminate the Night

    "There are things beyond this world that we do not fully understand, we can't-" "Silence, this is our only option. The Nýchta is growing, it has already covered the southern islands." "Agreed. The Nýchta is the most pressing concern. We will deal with these "Adventurers" after they have dealt...
  18. S


    We will be doing a DnD rp I’m going to do 5th edition unless someone else has one they prefer.
  19. TheGrimPickler

    The Missing Deans of Teldaria

    Welcome, to the forlorn continent of Teldaria. Formerly known as one of the proudest trading islands in all of Lostram, we've seen better days. About 15 years ago, a Warlock named Shamit decided he'd had enough. He was a decent mage, but never could hold his own in a professional guild. No one...
  20. brandy