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  1. That will be a good thing, Peros wouldn't want to experience Ryder's scene with Vetra where the attempt of making beef could turn ugly if eaten.

    True. But it's gonna take some convincing of Peros or thorough checking before he tastes the cooking. Safer to know before testing another's food. ^^ He's a Merc who likes to frequent Omega after all, such precautions are second nature to him.
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  2. Fair enough. Nero would second check any food that someone else cooked for her, especially her subordinates. Never know when one of them could be a sneaky traitor.

    Anyway I am off to bed. Night all
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  3. Damn it. Souvlaki's post was at least short enough about going into the mess hall that Ansgar could (and is, in my post) inside the kitchen. Was planning on getting it done before Saru or anyone else talked about the mess hall in more detail.

    I've also realised I have no idea what sort of size or quality this mess hall and kitchen is. I may be going a bit luxurious.

    I think I need to just scrap my entire post and start again. Fuck. Nearly done, too.
  4. Okay I think I can work this. @Saru once I post, could you edit the end of your post, just to acknowledge that Ansgar is in the kitchen? It shouldn't change your post too much, really.
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  6. That's a serious help, Saru. You're a champion, thanks.

    Also, there's the post. Tell me if you have issues with it, I'll change. Least I can do.
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  7. No probs. Glad to be of help mate

    Ok cool. I'll check it out now and see how I can edit my post. @Fezzes
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  8. Post edited to include Ansgar @Fezzes it actually helps my post honestly. Let's Peros be more opportunity advantageous while undergoing operation flapjack.
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  9. Man I miss all the posts lol
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  10. Just a heads up @Saru I won't be able to post till later tonight. Good news is I have tomorrow off
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  11. Uh guys, how do you color your text?
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  12. like this m8

    In the top right next to the underline there is a drop. Click on it and you get all the color options
  13. You can also put barkets around color=color you want then around /color
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  14. That is way too much work, but this is also a way.
  15. @Saru at home now. Decided not to go to the parade so I'll be able to post for a few hours before practice
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  16. No probs. We are still fresh in the meeting and intro scene (haven't seen the Rp thread yet.) but imagine we haven't gone too far past.

    Alright cool. Either or both is fine, whichever is possible for you. Also have seen the Camelot Rp is ready for a second Taliesin post too, I should have reply up today.
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  17. Any ideas on how you want the first meeting to go?
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  18. Actually quick question, are you the only one in the room or is the Commander with you?
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  19. Only Gwyn. Nero is out in the mess hall area with Peros, Fez's character and Talis
  20. Ah, fair enough. Well, any ideas you have in particular for how you want this to go?
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  21. Actually not really which is why i asked you I figure Gwyns just going to be awkward and nervous unless they talk about metallurgy
  22. Well I don't have any particular problems with that. She could ask to see the sword and we could go from there.
  23. Sweet! I'll be pretty busy for the next few hours so I probs cant reply but after that I cant wait to get into it.
  24. Excuse you, Ansgar has a name.
  25. Angsar u pleb

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