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Fantasy Behind the Seal - OOC



Official OOC thread for the Behind the Seal RP.
Let the plotting, scheming and chatting begin!

Official Lore page will be up shortly before the RP kicks off.
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Lore thread is up!
We'll be doing one final bump today and then officially kick everything off tonight!
Hope we're all ready
Lore thread is still a work in progress
Was meant to get it up by noon today but it's been crazy out here 😂😂
But at least you get to see how the organization came about and what the world looks like
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First post is up! We have officially begun.

Public Service Announcements

  • For first posts, anyone can post in any order. However, once everyone has made their first post, we will be continuing that post order for the entire duration of the RP. Please don't do a second post until everyone else has posted.
  • When it's your turn to post, you have 7 days before your turn is skipped. On the fifth day, a reminder will be sent just in case you didn't get the notification or you forgot or life is busy at the moment.
  • If the real world is busy for you, that's fine and we perfectly understand that. Please just inform us, and make a "break" post for your character so that others aren't locked in interaction with your character and unable to do anything until you return.
  • In terms of IC relations, it is a given that everyone knows Bookie and Bookie knows everyone. Any other IC relations will have to be discussed either here or in private messages.
All that being said, I can't wait to read your beautiful posts!

Good hunting,
Also, if there are any fun/interesting/cool ideas you want to explore with your character, feel free to toss them in here and we'll find a way to make it work and see if we can get others involved.
Right now, we're just building character interactions and relationships. We'll go a couple rounds and then we'll get our first plot progression post. If we keep up the current pace I wanna say we can expect a story progression post sometime late next week
Okay friends,
Official order goes
Evie Maiden Of Apples Evie Maiden Of Apples
Graceling Graceling
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Wyll Wyll

As a heads up, my posts will be a little longer since I'll be posting for both Bookie and Dagin
In situations where I have to post as the narrator, that'll be a separate post from regular, so in those situations I'll be posting twice

Loving all the interaction so far, keep it up!
Gotta brew you some coffee for all that hard work :p
Oof I didn't get notified :(

I am well, just got backyard chickens!!! So life has been fun
Maybe 1 more but 3 is already alot for me xD then there's my neighbor that has like 20
Yeah my anxiety would be like: nah. You can't take care of all that.

How've you been though?
adropofdew- adropofdew-
Let me know if you want me to tell you what the code says or if you want to figure it out yourself.
If you decide you want me to tell you, I'll message it to you privately.
Until then, feel free to message me all guesses you have.
Has nothing to do with libraries 😂
Everything you need to Crack the code is in that tiny piece of parchment
IC Codes
adropofdew- adropofdew- Graceling Graceling Aura-Slash Aura-Slash Evie Maiden Of Apples Evie Maiden Of Apples

From time to time, there will be codes sprinkled into Bookie and/or Narrator posts

These codes (with the exception of the one Bookie used for Meera) will contain hints about what's going to be happening in the story and so those who manage to Crack the codes will get a little advantage later on (again, without the exception of the one Bookie just wrote) as they'll know what's coming down the tubes in advance

If they decide to make ot public knowledge, that's fine. If they decide to keep it to themselves. That's also fine. If you have a guess on what the code might mean, private message me and ill let you know of youre correct.

This, once again, doesnt apply to code Bookie sent Meera. That was more to introduce the idea and let you all start preparing for things coming down the tubes.

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