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Multiple Settings Magical Girls VS Soviet Russia!

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Action, Anime, Historical, Magical, Super Powers


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Magical Girls!



Soviet Russia!


The year is 2099! Not one trace of the American Dream can be found on planet Earth. The Magical Girls that destroyed the capitalist swine now are being hunted by Mother Russia. The Magical Girls are far too powerful to have a society of equality. Now out of hope, and with numbers dwindling, a strike team has been sent back in time to stop the Commies at the source. Now emerging in 1943 in the city of Stalingrad, they must eliminate the Russian menace. This will not be without testing their own humanity. Will they ally with the fascist German Empire? Or will they pave a path of destruction all throughout Europe, destroying both Commie and Fascist alike.

Now, as if they were not in already enough trouble, the Magical Girls are being hunted by time-traveling KGB operatives. These operatives are part of the "Anti-Frill" team that specialize in destroying Magical Girls, because they are Magical Girls themselves. The key difference between these two is that one fights with magic, friendship, and rainbows; while the others fight with blood, sweat, and bullets. Among all the death, destruction, and mayhem maybe these two polarized factions might come to understand no-one is looking out for their best interests. How does a Magical Girl Empire sound?

Good right?

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