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  • Poet? Are you okay what happened on discord? I'm really worried about you did I do something? really I care about you a lot and want to know?
    Hey there poet who just may be sadistic
    I’m here to see if you can type real sick
    It’s in your name as it’s also in mine
    Are you cruel when you rhyme and shine?

    Ooo I’d like to know, hope you give it a go
    Destroy me but know I’m not a massive M
    I just want some of your poetic mayhem
    • Love
    Reactions: Ferociousfeind
    Flowiest D
    Flowiest D
    Comedic timing trumps all, sorry for your loss sir
    Go have a ball
    Or did you mean his first post?
    In which he boasts
    His admiration for your moxy
    To rhyme a letter with a word not boxy
    (I don't know, few things rhyme with "moxy" which describe "mayhem" perfectly.)

    But let us cast that aside.
    And let's not try to hide,
    Our mutual love of prose,
    Of which none should dare to oppose.
    Flowiest D
    Flowiest D
    I hate to bother the sadist with post after post
    So one last one before I go ghost
    I refer to the comment “half time,” then he went for snacks
    Indeed he didn’t rhyme as well as your attacks
    And your prose and such is on good tracks

    But again it was his timing,
    between your posts undermining
    No matter how good you flow, mechs trophy is shining.
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