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Fantasy Magical and Middle-Aged



It started in Tokyo- because, honestly, where else was it going to start? A giant monster rose out of the sea, and it seemed invincible... right up to the moment when a schoolgirl in a costume blew it to bits with a blast of pink energy. Soon, there were magical girls all over the place. Paris, Sydney, London, L.A. They were the new superstars- fighting evil, finding best friends and true love, and looking darn good doing it. You devoured the fan magazines, watched the Youtube videos endlessly, played dress-up in preparation for the time when you would transform into a guardian of justice for real...

And it never happened. You were stuck in an ordinary life.

That was twenty-five years ago. Now, it seems that fate is about to give you a second shot. But can a bunch of women jaded by life really recover that innocence and optimism, or are they just doomed to failure?

Hi there! As you may have guessed, this RP is meant to be a spoof of classic magical girl shows like Sailor Moon, with middle aged ladies getting the stereotypical costumes, transformations, the whole nine yards. I'll give you the rules now- cs sheets and a discord will follow if there's enough interest.

1. Follow all site rules. Duh.
2. Keep fighting OOC to a minimum.
3. I am GM, my word is law. I'm very lenient- in 10 years of doing this, I've had to kick another player exactly once. That said, if I tell you to knock it off, I expect you to.​
What's the age rating for this, so I can figure out my character's personality and appearance? Like is it PG, TV 14? Rated MA (but no NSFW rp scenes)
i see magical, automatically interested.
Well, looks we've got 4 so far. Do you guys want to wait for more, or should I make the OOC now and anyone who wants to can join later?

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