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Multiple Settings Fractured Multi-Verse [Currently Closed, Check Back Later!]

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of Sehkmet
Hey everyone! I'm Toacho! This is not my main search thread and this only contains one general plot idea; however, I have a full roleplay search over here where I'll accept applications for other roleplays at any time. Saying that, this is my main craving right now so I may not accept many posts outside of this topic. Hopefully, that won't deter you from checking it out though! You can also find more details about me on that thread. ♡​

Some things about me?
  • I prefer roleplaying as male leads with varied side characters. I prefer my partners to be similar in this aspect, though I may change this depending on how good you are at talking.
  • I post about 1-3 times every couple of days depending on how interested in the roleplay I am as well as how long my posts are. (Long posts = Less frequent.)
  • My preferred post length is pretty varied depending on my partner. For this roleplay, I'd like to have longer posts with somewhere between 8-15 paragraphs each post.
  • I'm a big chatterbox and prefer to always have an idea of where the roleplay will go next.
  • I use both anime and realistic face claims.
  • I love character sheets.
  • I'm a big fan of symbolism in roleplays.
  • I'm down for having romance in a roleplay; however, unless otherwise stated -- I would prefer it to not be the main focus of the roleplay. If you'd rather we keep the roleplay platonic, let me know and I'm totally fine with that too.
  • I have pretty varied characters in general as far as personality goes. Some are timid little cinnamon rolls, some are giant drunken chaotic and smug brats.

What am I looking for?
  • I want someone who is similar to me in the above aspects.
    • Please try to post similar lengths to me and give me something to work with in each post. Try to include dialogue, or maybe small interactions, with every post so that it seems more realistic.
    • I'd like someone who likes to make detailed and dramatic plots.
    • Someone who can be able to roleplay at least 1-3 characters at any given time. I don't mind if one of them is your 'main', I just don't want to be the only person guiding the side characters and the roleplay.
    • Someone who is 15+.

So what's the plot about?
This is where it gets a little complicated but bear with me. So, for this plot, I had the idea of using a sort of multiverse in roleplay where each universe operates alongside each other with no real way to access or even know of the existence of the other multiverses. In each of these universes, some small detail is different about them that has caused a butterfly effect that makes each of them drastically different from each other. One thing always remains the same though; the people in each of the universes.

The multiverse has suddenly fractured, resulting in a select few of the universes to all exist in the same time and space.

Still curious? Well, I have more information below. So, let's take the former explanation and run with it a little so that I can fully explain this all. Feel free to click the spoilers below for a deeper explanation of any aspect. (If you want to alter any aspects or have questions, let me know and we can discuss them. They're all malleable!)

Each universe in the roleplay actually operates in a straight line. It's less of a multiverse and more of a single constantly resetting universe. This universe, once it becomes uninhabitable or is deemed 'Forsaken', then it resets to the moment after the universe was first created. This can be somewhat buggy to do, occasionally resulting in fractured universes that all mesh together in the same point in time. This is the current situation that this roleplay takes place in; the multiverse has fractured, resulting in some of the universes sharing the same timeline.

In the multiverse, there are three beings/gods that reset the multiverse once they deem it Forsaken. The first god measures the amount of time and damage that the universe has endured, then judges whether or not the universe should be reset. The second god reaps the souls of those still alive in the universe, then bringing them to the final god. The final god, the third one, resets the universe to the beginning and puts the souls back into the universe. (Think of it like someone recycling a piece of paper. The first person is the one who decides to throw away the paper. The second is the one who sorts the paper out from the trash. The third is the one who physically turns the paper into new paper.)

This aspect may or may not be touched on further depending on the direction of the roleplay and whether or not we choose to focus more on this aspect or other parts.

As a summary of this part, every person exists in every universe because their soul is always recycled into every universe. However, this does not mean people will act, look, or even vaguely resemble their multiverse counterparts. Usually, they can be connected through some sort of means. Some of these means can be as simple as them and their counterparts sharing the same exact DNA, some can get a little spottier with they both have similar mindsets, some can even be as vague as 'well we both share the same favorite childhood bedtime story.' Out of all these aspects, one area to identify counterparts is the clearest by remembering this detail; if two counterparts exist in the same universe, they will inevitably interact with each other at some point. Consider it almost like a string of fate that connects them.

This aspect may or may not be touched on further depending on the direction of the roleplay and whether or not we choose to focus more on this aspect or other parts.

To put it simply, pretty damn different. If you want one universe's character to be a failed artist who is drowning in student debt and works at a cafe in a slice-of-life setting -- and you want their counterpart to be in some sort of superhero setting and be a superhero capable of telekinesis, go for it. Yes, this does mean each universe can have different aspects as well. The reset and the multiverse is the only thing that must connect them.

Keep in mind, I'm up for changing anything if you ask me to, but I was thinking that the roleplay would begin just before the fracture/leading up to it.

Imagine you have a city. Everyone is just going about their normal business in that city when all of a sudden there is a large explosion and a blinding light. Once the light has cleared, there is a new city off in the horizon that wasn't there before, and by god, it looks mighty similar to this city. That's sort of what happened all across every universe. The world grew in an almost unexplainable way, either doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling with copies of various things just sort of appearing. Some rooms had a copy form right inside them, defying the laws of physics themselves, some cities just had copies appear in the distance, and in some places -- the entire city just sort of mirrored itself right on the edge of the city.

The best answer I can give is it depends. While I respect all fandoms, there are a few that I won't roleplay simply because I don't know it. As a small list of fandoms I'd be comfortable with doing, (And feel free to suggest others as I am familiar with a lot of them even if I am not actively a part of them,) would be SCP, Marvel, Durarara, My Hero Academia, DC, Umbrella Academy, Welcome to Nightvale, Hannibal, Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc. Yes, this does mean that if your character has an arch nemesis/partner that they are commonly associated with, I'd be willing to make one of my characters that person. Just remember, this would not be a roleplay about that fandom, it would just have some aspects and characters from that fandom. So yeah, if you want one of your characters to be Batman or something, knock yourself out, I'll probably make one of mine the Joker.

I'm pretty lenient with most things, but the list of things I refuse to do in the roleplay include; incest, smut, heavy-gore, furries, and anything I am generally not familiar/comfortable being or doing. (I don't mean to offend anyone who likes any of those things, it's just not my thing.) Other than that, expect some strong language from me, small amounts of violence, and maybe an occasional in-character pun or two.

Feel free to suggest others, but my main plots would have to be;
  • MMC (My Main Character) is a scientist who just watched the universe fracture, creating the alternate universe right inside the lab where YMC (Your Main Character) is on the other side of the fractured room, a scientist from a different fractured universe. Together, both scientists will learn to understand that while they are not counterparts/alternates, they are connected in other ways. They must navigate the unsettling connection while also trying to save the world. (We would be deciding the other ways together.)
  • MC'S (My Characters) and YC'S (Your Characters) are rivals/enemies in every universe. The fracture occurs and both groups are able to see just how much they hate each other in every universe; except for one where this hatred has been replaced by love. Alternatively, both groups are able to see just how much they hate each other in every universe; except for two, both of the two universes having both come to love and lose their rivals.
  • We both roleplay as different counterparts to the same soul. Some of our alternates are pleasant, some are not. They're all rather different other than one unsettling fact; every counterpart from the other fractured universes has killed themselves on one specific date in every single universe. MMC (My Main Character) is in a universe that is still a few years away from that date. YMC (Your Main Character) is exactly one year away from that date. Even more unsettling; they have no idea why they would do such a thing. Alternatively, we flip the dynamic. YMC (Your Main Character) is a few years away, MMC (My Main Character) is one year away. Alternatively, both of our characters are the same exact age.
  • We both roleplay as different counterparts to the same soul. Usually, our soul is friendly and kind and sweet. That is, except for one particular counterpart who is very, very, very, much not.
  • Suggest your own! I really want to do the different dimensions concept so I would be willing to hear mostly any ideas.

Is there anything else I should know before I send you a message?
Again, I am looking for a partner who will be able to roleplay with me for long term. If we start messaging and it starts to look like we may not mesh, please don't take it to heart if I say I don't think we'll match. I don't want to waste anyone's time and I would appreciate it if you told me if you ever start to get doubts.

As far as messaging me, I'd prefer people to message over private chat. Feel free to just send me a simple 'Hey, my name is -------, here's some things about me ---, and here's a plot I think would be interesting with this idea ----.' It really doesn't need to be complicated and I'd love to make it easier on everyone with a simple chat before we get to roleplaying. Let me know what you're looking for as far as characters, what you'd like to roleplay, etc. Also, ask any questions you have! I won't be offended if you don't like any of the parts either.

I think that's about it, thanks for taking the time to read this! I really hope I get some messages soon! ♡

I'm looking for someone to do a multiverse M/M roleplay. I'll accept most fandoms, I am advanced-literate/novella style, want to play at least a couple characters, am willing to do romance/platonic, and I'm open to talking more over private chat if you still have questions or want to learn more.
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I’m also a roleplayer who usually roleplays male with a LOT of side characters. Honestly, the more characters there are, the more interesting it is!

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