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Realistic or Modern ~ Forever Young: A Youth Club RP | OOC ~

Oooh the club should go to a St Patrick’s Day parade. Idk if they’re as big in Newcastle as they are where I am in Birmingham though lol. It’s huge here
Lost_One Lost_One

Meaning Casey is all into Karate and Japanese stuff and Cam is actually Japanese. Like : "this white boy really out here using honorifics and doing Karate smh..."
Random thing I just remembered to add:
Ok so since their parents don’t approve, Cam doesn’t have a binder or anything, so everyone misgenders them (as a girl). I just felt like this would be more realistic, is it ok?
It’s also impressive that Casey has proficiency in foreign languages too cause back then you’d have to go to a library and hope they had a decent book or possibly cassette tape teaching the language you wanted and it would mostly be French or German or something xD (totally not talking from experience lmao)

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