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It's the 1990s - the era of boy bands, radical hairstyles, giant mobile phones, Walkmans and so much more~!

For teenagers living in the British city of Newcastle, there really wasn't much to do when school was over for the day, or at weekends.

That all changed, however, when Byker Grove Youth Club opened. The tower building and surrounding grounds became their playground where they could do whatever they wanted, watched over by the staff, headed by Geoff the Youth Leader, complete with his trademark moustache.

There was so much to do! Learning new skills, playing sports, hanging out with your friends and so much more. Plus, with so many teens messing around at the Grove, friendships were formed, life lessons were learned and romances were found and lost.

Welcome to Byker Grove Youth Club. Hope you enjoy your stay!

The Welcome Party (& The Not-So Welcome Party?)

Byker Grove Youth Club is planning a party to welcome the new members, organised by the teens themselves.

However, Luke has the bright idea to hatch a scheme to have an underground private party after-hours in the Grove's off-limits cellar without Youth Leader Geoff's consent or knowledge, using a parents dinner as a distraction.

What could possibly go wrong?

At least they have the music sorted out - 90s cheese, complete with Newcastle's very own PJ and Duncan! (Playlist here)​
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