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Realistic or Modern ~ Forever Young: A Youth Club RP | IC ~ (Open)

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It's the 1990s - the era of boy bands, radical hairstyles, giant mobile phones, Walkmans and so much more~!

For teenagers living in the British city of Newcastle, there really wasn't much to do when school was over for the day, or at weekends.

That all changed, however, when Byker Grove Youth Club opened. The tower building and surrounding grounds became their playground where they could do whatever they wanted, watched over by the staff, headed by Geoff the Youth Leader, complete with his trademark moustache.

There was so much to do! Learning new skills, playing sports, hanging out with your friends and so much more. Plus, with so many teens messing around at the Grove, friendships were formed, life lessons were learned and romances were found and lost.

Welcome to Byker Grove Youth Club. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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Geoff Keegan had barely gotten out of his van when a figure appeared in his view. Sighing, he grabbed the stationery from the passenger seat before heading into the Youth Club, gesturing for the boy to follow. "What is it, Kevin?"

Kevin, one of the youngest members of the Youth Club, was straight out with his question, one which Geoff had been expecting.

"Can we use the attic? You know, for the party? We were thinking of do--"

"Kevin, the attic and the cellar are off-limits, you know that. Brownie points for trying though."

With a shrug, Kevin was called away to a corner of the activities room, where a number of the younger members where huddled around something and chatting animatedly.

As Geoff made his way into the Youth Leader's Office and sank into the chair, he placed the stack of unused stationery onto the desk with a smile. There had been a surge in members joining recently, so some of the older teens had suggested holding a party to welcome them to the Grove. What he hadn't realised was that giving the teens control to plan the party would turn the Grove into even more of a hive of activity than it normally was. They still had to pass their ideas through him for them to actually happen though, so hopefully it wouldn't be total chaos.

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"We'll do it in the cellar!"

A bunch of confused gazes were laid upon him at his statement. Fiddling with the blades of grass situated around where he sat, Luke Wilson simply grinned. Glancing up at the circle of friends sat with him in the field that surrounded the Byker Grove Youth Club building, he leaned in, his voice just louder than a whisper.

"We'll organise a party that Geoff will agree with, all above board. Then, after it happens, we'll have the real party. We'll sneak into the Grove during the evening before Geoff leaves, we'll get the key to the cellar, and then we can have our own private party all night long!"

"Are you mad? We'll never pull it off! Geoff always has a sixth sense when it comes to these things."

Luke let a sly smile pass his lips, directing his next words at Kate, the slightly younger girl sat beside him.

"Well, we'll just have to be extra careful."

Speaking to the circle once again, he rested his chin on his hand, pondering the important issues.

"Anyone got any ideas on how to get Operation Acid House Party to actually work? It's a trial name, by the way. Actual acid house parties are kind of... full-on."

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“We’ll do it in the cellar!”

Harry Granger had been slightly startled by Luke’s sudden outburst. Everyone had been sitting in a relaxed silence for quite a while, and Harry had found himself dozing in the sunlight thinking about how brilliant it would be to have a guitar…

Do what in the cellar? He thought. Was this some sort of secret code amongst the older ones? He was lucky enough as it was just to be sat with Luke and the other older kids.

The boy sat up and looked at Luke with interest as he clarified his thoughts. Of course, the party Geoff wanted them to plan! He still needed to find a way to persuade Cassidy to come along…

"We'll organise a party that Geoff will agree with, all above board. Then, after it happens, we'll have the real party. We'll sneak into the Grove during the evening before Geoff leaves, we'll get the key to the cellar, and then we can have our own private party all night long!"

Harry’s eyes widened with excitement and by the looks of it so did everyone else’s, except Kate, who was, as always, sceptical.

Girls. Always so boring and spoiling the fun.

“Have you been to a real Acid House party?” He said, in awe. He was pretty sure teenagers weren’t supposed to, but Luke Wilson want just any old teen. He was the coolest person Harry knew.

“And anyway, Luke’s right, we only have to be smart about it, really. We could definitely pull it off.” He said this directly to Kate with slight derision. She was always ruining the fun like a boring mum, or like Cassidy.

“Oh!” He exclaimed, suddenly having an idea.
“Parents!” His mind was working at a mile a minute, but his mouth had trouble catching up in order to elaborate. This happened a lot to him. Most people just ignored his suggestions or didn’t catch on to his train of thought, but he hoped someone might.
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When the boy the recently learned as Harry Granger called out “Parents!”, Cam Browne looked up in annoyance.

“really? parents?” they asked. “do they have to come?” they added, stating around them at everyone. they had sat in the back, half listening to the others, half listening to music in their headphones.

“i uh..don’t have the best relationship with mine..” they muttered, staring at the floor. “s-sorry..” they added, though they weren’t sure exactly why. They turned the volume up on their music and tuned everything out, ignoring the others until someone put their hand on their shoulder. “the hell-?” they sputtered, looking over. “who are you?”

Willow saw the girl sitting at the back with headphones in and decided to talk to her. She walked over and put her hand on her shoulder, only to immediately retreat. “sorry! i’m willow!” she said, still ever cheerful. “what’s your name?” she then asked. “C-Cam..” the girl stuttered. Willow sat down next to her. “I’m excited to be here and meet everyone!” she said, smiling at Cam. ”where do you live? how many pets do you have? did you do anything over the summer? what’s your favorite art style?” she asked quickly, interested in making a new friend so soon.

“uh-well..i live a few blocks away..we don’t have any pets..no, not really..anime..” the girl stuttered. “oh cool!” Willow said, making a mental note to ask more later. She got up and walked to the next person to meet. “hello! what’s your name? i’m Willow.” she said, looking down at her next victim.

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Grant Kippler sat somewhere between the back and the front, his usual black Kramer guitar laying across his lap. He listened to everyone silently, taking in everything they had to say and thinking hard about it. When that kid, Harry he thinks his name is, randomly called out "Parents!" Grant literally tuned him out. "Kate has a point. Geoff is crazy smart. He'll probably know what we're up to before we have a chance to execute our plan. Which is why we have to be unexpectedly stealthy. Do it in a way where he won't be able to outthink us."

Grant fiddled with his strings as he thought. Suddenly, his face lit up mischievously. "Wait, I have an idea. Geoff is super supportive of us, so we can use that against him. Me and a few others can approach him about forming our own band and tell him that we want to play a few of our songs for him. While we destroy his hearing temporarily, the others can sneak in and grab the key. He won't hear a thing." Grant played a few chords on his guitar to demonstrate.

As excited as Grant was to fool Geoff, he was feeling a little disappointed in himself. One thing he didn't want to teach his little sister Ashley was how to be a scheming degenerate. Having her here at the forbidden party might influence her negatively, but all he has to do is keep her away from Luke. He's definitely bad news for Ashley. Grant cleared his throat. "If we actually go through with my plan though, we can't tell anyone that it was my idea. Especially, not my sister."

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Casey O'connor had originally been making the slight googly eyes at Grant as he strummed on his guitar, but quickly averted his gaze to look anywhere but Grant's face and dim his overly joyed smile.

Luckily louder presences (such as Harry and Willow) and his position slightly farther from the social gathering allowed him some room to hide his moment of faux pas.

When Luke mentioned an acid house party his eyes widened in disbelief and he looked to Cam to ask silently with his alarmed eyes if Luke really did acid and if he would really be so blatant to mention it out loud like he was now.

His look then changed to something akin to sympathetic/pity as they were interrogated by Willow like they were in custody by the FBI or something.

Casey listened to all the plotting uneasily. He again stared at Grant (this time in surprise and disbelief). *Use his support of them against him?... Destroy Geoff's hearing?... He can't mean to LITERALLY hurt his hearing can he?...*

His critical and inquisitive face analyzing Grant relatively obviously now.

Putting all things aside shook his head to clear it, then gassed himself up to finally make waves in this scene. Casey cleared his throat and stepped closer to everyone to speak.

"I've not wanted to seem a buzzkill so I stayed quiet but these plans are look like bloody Swiss cheese right now" Casey said with his odd accent (A soft Irish accent assimilating, though oddly not touched so much by New Castle).

Casey made shushing motions, eyebrows raised in caution as he wondered whether Harry or someone had caught adult attention with noise.

He went to press his ear to the door to listen for anyone overhearing, waving up and down in more frantic shushing motions.

"For one, if we involve the old prison guards we'd have more chances for leaks" Casey said, having returned to the room center after hearing no-one.

"All it takes is one adult to get suspicious about why they're suddenly being asked to get involved in our business"

"Also Geoff already either knows or suspects we might try something and I DOUBT anyone's picked up much from the school drama club"

"Why risk being found out when the party could just be had somewhere away from the Grove altogether?", Casey offered, hoping they'd see he was making suggestions in place of pure negativity.

Casey glanced first to Grant but quickly turned to Luke, thinking he'd been risking things and staring at him a little much today.

Casey's gaze's intended telegraph being that he was a rebel in his own way, but that he was smart about it.

Casey's whole body and mind prepared for bullying (possibly even physically). His eyes flitting, stance shifting, breathing changing for a fight and hands coming up slightly higher just in case. (Unclenched however, hoping not to accidentally challenge anyone)

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"I've heard stories about them, Harry - all sorts goes on in them! They're mad, but brilliant!"

Luke failed to tell Harry in that moment that anything he had heard or learned about acid house parties was from people who were much older, and could be all lies. However, he couldn't help exaggerating to the younger boy, who always seemed to follow him around like a puppy, gazing up at him with eager eyes. He did have a point though - their parents were going to be as big of an issue as accessing a great location for their party,

So was Geoff, and not surprisingly at all, Grant had a somewhat interesting distraction tactic to suggest. While Luke prided himself on being the person who tended to come up with the crazy schemes, Grant had been here for longer than anyone in the group, so he had respect for the guy.

"Don't worry, none of this gets out to anyone that isn't in the know."

Even so, it was Casey who had to use common sense to dampen the idea immediately. Yes, their ideas were silly, and not well-thought-out, but they were fun to dream up. Luke knew that Casey meant well though.

"You have a point, Casey - we take the party out of the Grove, we take out the need to hide it from Geoff... Does anyone have any suggestions as to where we could hold it? It would have to be somewhere that we could get into after-hours..."

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Harry knew that no one was going to catch on to his train of thought properly, but once he heard the objections of others, he began to see the flaws in his own plan.

After all, many parents wouldn’t come to a welcome party at the Grove. Some kids didn’t even like their parents and, well, he was pretty sure Steven or Jade would get suspicious even if Geoff didn’t. What kids would plan a party just for their parents?

His mind wandered a little when that one girl, Willow he thought her name was, began barraging some kid with questions about themselves. It would have been comical if it hadn’t seemed so cringeworthy and over-the-top. Still, Willow wasn’t awful, just slightly annoying like most girls…

Grant’s suggestion was by far his favourite. An entire band just to lay out a distraction. Harry wished he could join it, but he couldn’t play any instruments, so he stayed quiet, looking rather glum and began to tune out the rest of the conversation. He doubted he would be allowed at this party anyway, probably just the older ones…

Cassidy would be invited if she were a member of the Grove. God knows why, but boys seemed to be drawn to her like moths to a flame. Mum always said Cass had ‘feminine charm’. Mum was always a bit mad though….

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noticing Casey looking at them questioningly, Cam glanced over. "what?" they mouthed, staring at him for a few more seconds before glaring at Willow, who had finally given up and sat down. They looked around at all of the others, all of which seemed to know someone there. Besides Willow, although she barely count, considering she was just going around asking people questions.

”Acid? Seriously Luke, there are children here!” Willow called to Luke, even though he wasn’t far, really only a couple feet. Cam looked up, surprised. “Willow, shut up.” they said under their breath. “I can hear you from here, and i’m across the room” They sighed, then got up, “bathroom” they muttered ,even though they weren’t sure anyone cared.

“I’m serious!” Willow complained, looking to the others for a backup. “someone, help!” she said, watching everyone, even though she wasn’t sure what with. she was so used to getting her way, being a part of a privileged white house, and silently begged someone to back her up.

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Grant looked at Casey while he flawlessly pointed out the flaws in their ideas. Then, he listened to Luke asking for suggestions for other places. He decided not to say anything to that, hoping someone else would come up with a place for the party. Instead, Grant focused on Casey. "You sure know how to take the fun out of everything, bud." He set his guitar down and wrapped his arm around Casey's shoulders, giving his head a noogie. "But, we know you're just watching out for us. Thanks for your bit of common sense."

Grant let Casey go after that and returned to his guitar. Out of habit, he made sure that his guitar was spotless and that no one had touched it while he wasn't looking. Grant wasn't sure what everyone else was talking about, since most of them were having sidebar conversations, but he did notice someone get up and leave the group. He also heard that girl, Willow was it?, saying something he didn't care too much about. Grant rolled his eyes at her words and fiddled with his guitar some more. "Calm down, kid. Luke isn't contaminating these "children's" minds. They probably don't even understand what an acid party is. It's fine."

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Casey blinked in pleased surprise hearing Luke say his name, small smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

Hearing Willow speak to his own concerns he was glad, if not worried her volume would draw attention of unwanted ears.

The subsequent look he gave Willow mirrored what Cam had muttered at her 'Willow, will you be quiet?!', was the communication.

*glad someone else is saying it* he thought as Cam tried to quiet her.

Cam got up to head outside and Casey had seen enough movies to see where this could lead. He was interrupted for a moment by Grant's comment, which made him frown and hunch shoulders slightly.

Grant then placed his arms around his shoulders and roughed up his head, making him nervous. *Grant wouldn't hurt me...would he?*

When it was finished he blushed to match his messed up ginger strands, a smile on his face he was glad could be interpreted as simple brotherly admiration.

Casey was glad the older boy understood him (and the others of course). Ever mindful of scrutiny Casey once again headed over to the door, shaking his head to clear away his impending dreamy thoughts surrounding Grant.

Fumbling some with his hair, Casey straightened it out some and made waves to hush everyone.

"The- gathering won't matter if the entire PTA knows about it with all this barking around" he said, a piercing reddened gaze and matching hair directed at Willow in particular.

He opened the door that Cam just went out of, poking his head out and swiveling it around to see if they had attracted any attention this time.

Retracting his head upon seeing no-one but Cam, he closed the door and retreated closer to room center.

"We'd need somewhere a ways from grumpy neighbors"

"It's always some neighbor calling in the coppers even when it isn't night time" he added, refraining from admitting he only knew all this stuff from watching films.

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Luke could just begin to feel his good mood slipping just a little as he listened to Willow get all dramatic over a joke. He understood that she didn't mean anything bad by it, but it was a bit of a nuisance - no point shouting their plan to the rooftops for Geoff and the others to hear.

More importantly, however, his plan to have the party at the Grove had been shot down (albeit with fairly good reasons behind it). The more he thought about it, the more difficult it was to think of an alternative. It was then - just as he was about to admit defeat - that he had a brainwave.

"If it's better to have the party in one of the warehouses by the docks - I know a guy who can lend me the keys. We'll be so far away from neighbours there...!"

He decided to not mention that the person would be his own father, and that he wouldn't be exactly borrowing the keys. He'd just have to steal the keys and get down to the warehouse without his dad finding out. It was a risky plan, but one that just might work...

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Jade Marsh had barely arrived at the Grove before she noticed Geoff being badgered by one of the youngest members, Kevin, as he hauled a box of stationery from his van.

From what she had heard it was something to do with the party the older kids were planning. She shook her head slightly at the sight and continued on, waving at Geoff and deciding the best thing to do would be to keep an eye on the kids near the field.

Jade had just started making her way to the field when a blonde girl around sixteen approached her.

‘Have you seen Harry Granger? I’m his sister Cassidy and I’ve come to collect him.’

Jade was surprised to find that the girl was related to Harry. They didn’t exactly resemble each other.
‘Oh so you’re the infamous Cassidy. It’s a little early to pick him up. Is everything all right?’


Cassidy really didn’t have time for making small talk with a woman who looked too beautiful to be allowed and she especially didn’t want to explain why she’d been forced to use her precious free time to look after her brother again, but she was smart enough to hide her discomfort as she replied to the youth worker.

‘Oh yeah everything is fine, mum just wants him to get his homework done cause he never does, you see.’ She gave a casual shrug for good measure, though she wasn’t sure the woman believed her.

She followed as the young woman led the way over to a field where a group of teens sat looking like they were talking about things they shouldn’t be. Amongst them sat Harry, near a couple of boys who seemed like the type middle class mothers would tell their little girls to avoid.

Even though Cassidy had avoided the Grove until now, she had to admit it looked fun….

‘Hiya yous lot. What are you all nattering about? The party I reckon,’ Jade smiled round at them all before addressing Harry.

‘Harry, your sister’s here to take you home for the day.’

Harry looked puzzled and putout by the appearance of Cassidy, why was she here so early? And why did she look so pissed off? He knew he could be annoying but something definitely wasn’t right.

‘Ok….well I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow or something. Maybe even Cassie will finally grace the Grove with her unbearable…I mean unmatched presence!’

He waved nonchalantly as Cassidy rolled her eyes with a tiny hint of a smile.

‘You’d be lucky.’ She said. ‘Good to see you all anyway, I suppose.’ She shot everyone a brief yet friendly smile. It was obvious she was distracted.
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Hearing the door open, Cam glanced over. They saw a boy, Casey, they thought his name was, and looked back at the ground ahead of them until they heard the door close, then abruptly turned the corner, almost running into Alyssa.

“Your early..” Cam muttered, looking her up and down. “Trip was okay?” they asked. Alyssa nodded. “Sorry about your parents..” She said. Cam just shook their head. “don’t talk about them.” They said pointedly, glaring at her for a second before shrugging and sitting down.

"You sure no one is going to see us here?" Alyssa asked, which earned her another side-eyed glare. "Right. You already checked." She said. "You don't trust me?" Cam asked, although they already knew that it wasn't the case. "Thanks for coming.." They said, looking at her again. "anything for my best friend." Alyssa responded, smiling.

Willow, defeated, sat back down. "Y'all have no common sense." She said, although she didn't believe it, just wanted to leave them with something before withdrawing from the one-sided argument she created.

"Uhm..bye Harry?" She said, confused, as she watched him be led away by some girl who claimed to be his sister, although they looked nothing alike.

Willow looked to everyone else, confused. "Uhm.." She said, hoping someone would explain, even though she didn't think anyone else would know more than her. Worth a shot, anyway.

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Grant listened to Luke's idea and was about to input his thoughts when the door opened and Jade came in with some girl claiming to be Harry's sister. She was pretty, but looked nothing like Harry in his opinion. Maybe she wasn't his biological sister? Half sister? Either way, guess it doesn't really matter. Grant noticed Willow's confusion and just shrugged since he didn't know much about it. As Harry and his sister left, Grant's gaze turned to Jade. "Yeah, we're just planning stuff. I was thinking about performing for the newcomers. It could help them relax a bit and feel more comfortable around us. Maybe we could play some party games or something."

Grant felt his phone vibrate and checked the message on it. He jumped up from his seat and grabbed his guitar. "Oh no, I forgot to pick up my sister. She's really upset. I've got to go. Fill me in on the details later, Luke." Grant quickly made his way to his car and drove off to pick up his sister, shooting her a quick message.


Ashley crossed her arms and tapped her foot as she waited for her brother. She checked her phone when she got his message. "That brother of mine must really love that club if it keeps making him late. It kind of makes me excited to finally be a part of it. Though, right now it just makes me frustrated. I wish he'd pay attention to the alarms I set up for him. I bet he disabled them." Ashley sighed and shook her head.

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Casey gave Luke a smile of pleased surprise, though some doubt crept in immediately after. *Why didn't he just pose that idea to start?*

When Jade came in with the girl Cassidy his eyebrows raised some in alarm, wondering of they had in fact attracted unwanted attention after all.

Casey quickly relaxed his expression. The boy realizes it was likely she hadn't heard anything. Nevertheless he swiveled his head to look at Willow (whom he blamed for bringing Jade over to them) with a look that said *you bi+c#... look what all your braying about has brought to us*.

When Willow seemingly insisted on having the last word, he covered his mouth to make small choking/coughing sounds. What sounded oddly like 'Plug up' might have been deciphered by her as he face her in false coughing.

Perhaps luckily for Casey, Grant proceeded to spin a surprisingly coherent cover for their plans. Allowed that to take his and everyone's attention.

Casey reddened easily as a fair skinned redhead from the neighboring green island, so light pink dusting was visible on his cheeks as he looked at Grant with clear admiration.

His eyes grew somewhat big in awe of how smooth Grant seemed. Maybe Casey was into bad boys after all...

Casey stared at Grant's retreating form in disappointment of his leaving, plus longing lovey-eyes best left unnoticed. Before anyone could make anything of it Casey straightened up (physically at least) and spoke unsteady.

"Okay so music. Pity the expert just left but we can make do. Luke, you've been here longer than me at least" he began, electing to play on charade of planning the vanilla sanctioned party.

"Any rules we'd need to work around for song selection? I don't know if Geoff agrees with the Beastie boys about the right to party" he said with a mischievous smile, wondering if anyone would catch his reference.

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