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Fandom Ravenhurst University of Magic (Harry Potter RP OPEN)


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I, Amelia C. Ravenhurst am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted as a student to immerse yourself in the magical arts at Ravenhurst University, the world's very first international institute of further magical education. Your credentials impressed us greatly and we look forward to meeting you at the Welcome Ball.

As the location of the university is and shall remain a closely guarded secret until the Grand Opening; this ball shall be held in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which as you may or may not know was my personal alma mater.

The ball shall take place on August 24th at 8pm British time, and the dress code is formal, however males are not required to wear traditional wizarding dress robes and may wear standard muggle formal wear.

Please do not dispose of the wax ceil with which this letter was enclosed, for it is a portkey that will transport you to Hogwarts at the designated time of 7:30pm British time.

We look forward to meeting you,

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Amelia C. Ravenhurst, Dean of Ravenhurst University of the Magical Arts, Order of Merlin, Second Class

Ravenhurst University of Magic was founded by Dean Amelia C. Ravenhurst and is located in Germany, in the centre of Europe. This year will be the year of its opening and a select group of talented young students will be invited to join the ranks of the first alumni. Ravenhurst University needs the best of the best. In short, Ravenhurst needs you!

Students can hail from anywhere in the world and come from a variety of schools, from Hogwarts to Beauxbatons and everywhere in between.

Join extracurricular groups, make lifelong friends and perfect your craft in whichever subject inspires you. Ms Ravenhurst awaits your application.

Good luck!

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Hi there! Thank you for checking out my interest check. This RP is a reboot of something I originally created way back in 2015 and has had at least one reboot already!

I really love Harry Potter but wondered why their were no wizarding universities, so I created my own. This will be a slow and very casual RP with minimal plot and not much demand for your time. It's just supposed to be a chilled out thing where characters interact and form friendships. However, because having many characters can be rather time consuming as a GM to organise, I will keep the group relatively small at a limit of 10 players.

If any story does emerge, it will be completely organic, and you as players are at liberty to plot amongst yourselves as long as there is a green light from me :)

There is quite a bit of lore that I have made up, but most of it is just extra things that make the world come to life. If this gets interest you will find out more about classes and such.
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Advanced Potion Making and Alchemy

Magizoology and Veterinary Magic

Advanced Herbology

Magical Medicine Studies

Further Arithmancy

History of Magic

Advanced Charms and Transfiguration

Auror Training Program

Magical Games and Sports (includes sports journalism)

Performing Arts

Ancient Runes

Muggle Relations

Wizarding Literature

Astronomy and Divination

Magical Law Enforcement and Politics

Reserved Characters
Each player can have up to 4 characters maximum and slots are NOT first come first serve. If you want to reserve a character slot but don't have a character name yet, feel free to reserve them by the subject you want them to study/teach:
Harriet Ravenhurst PixieDust PixieDust
Amelia Ravenhurst PixieDust PixieDust

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Yes! You can pick two electives for students and of course those are also the classes that professors can teach (History of Magic is reserved though)
Are characters allowed to be Veela, Seer, Animagus, etc?
Character sheet is up!
Curious, what year would this take place? Like the 90s like harry potter, or the modern age or what exactly, because it might effect what I write for the character's backstory.

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