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Realistic or Modern ~ Forever Young: A Youth Club RP | OOC ~

I think I pretty much have a starter post planned since the rp is starting with a welcome party.

So excited for all the characters to meet and interact
same, also sorry i didn’t respond sooner i was skateboarding.

story time because i’m bored af:
(you don’t have to read it obviously)
ok so i’m a pretty active person alright? if i say so, i mean like i try to go out skateboarding at least once a day. okay so i went out, came back a few minutes ago, and i wasn’t even out for very long, like maybe 5-10 songs? and yes i measure it using songs not minuites not laps it just makes it easier okay? but somehow some random how I come back and my face is red, i’m dehydrated, and i had the best time of my life. and i never, i mean never, get a red face, it always stays the same. i barely even blush and when i do it’s not noticeable unless your looking hard. and my entire face was red. i’m not even sweating that hard -

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